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SEVERE WEATHER/IMPACT DOORGLASS Decorative Doorglass Doorglass Blinds Grilles Between Glass Clear/Low-E Doorglass

Safe and Secure.

Severe Weather速 Doorglass is certified for use in a range of entrance systems to meet Florida and Texas wind-borne requirements in areas where wind speeds can exceed 150mph. Meets DP+/-65 wind and missile impact code requirements for the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone)

Missile Impact Tested The missile impact test fires an 8-foot long 2"x 4" at 50 feet per second at designated spots. The door must remain intact through 9000 pressure cycles and also pass water infiltration, structural loading, and forced air infiltration tests. Also meets Department of Defense minimum anti-terrorist blast standards.


Strength and Beauty.

New Frame Profile

Add Value

With a classic frame profile, the narrow

Decorative Doorglass, Blinds and Grillles are sealed between

aluminum extrusion adds strength while

impact-resistant laminated glass on the exterior, and tempered

maintaining a pleasing shape. The natural

safety glass on the interior. This glass is thermally sealed to save

contours provide a traditional architectural

energy, and insulated for air and water-tight performance. “

style, while the white powder coat surface provides a polished finish.

Our patented frame design, which is mechanically fastened in the corner to prevent flex, adds strength to the door. The laminated glass construction suppresses noise with a Sound Transmission Class (STC Value) of 36.

Doorglass Blinds Thermally sealed in a dust-free environment, between two glass panels, the blinds tilt a full 180Âş, and are protected with a 20-year warranty.


Proven Performance.

Doorglass blinds significantly reduce solar heat gain while providing light and privacy control. Product warranties are backed by rigorous performance testing. Blinds are tested for 10,000 operating cycles. Doorglass must pass a 25,000 slam cycle test.

Safe and Sound No dangling cords or tilt wands, no dusting, and no swinging blinds. Safe for children and pets. Reduces allergen exposure.

Laminated Glass Western Reflections Severe Weather/Impact Doorglass meets the ASTM 0.125� Glass Panel 0.090 PVB Inner Layer 0.125� Glass Panel

C1172 standard for laminated glass. During the stringent laminated manufacturing process, inherent marks may appear. Slight bubbles, lines or surface imperfections are not considered glass defects. Most clear doorglass options are available in Low-E.


London Patina Caming

Door LON-P 2248 H


Door LON-P 2264 H Sidelite LON-P 0764 H

Saves Energy. Look for Low-E • Proven Energy Saver • Reduce Fabric Fading • Eliminate Drafts and Cold Spots • Reduce Condensation

Doorglass blinds can reduce solar heat gain by up to 77% and reduce heat loss by up to 28%.


Elan Black Chrome Caming

Door ELN-BC 2210 H

Door ELN-BC 2264 H Sidelite ELN-BC 0764 H

Door ELN-BC 2280 H Sidelite ELN-BC 0880 H

Wyngate Wrought Iron

Door WYN 2210 H

Door WYN 2248 H

Door WYN 2264 H Sidelite WYN 0764 H

Door WYN 2280 H Sidelite WYN 0880 H

Transom is not available in Severe Weather/Impact Doorglass.


Fontana Satin Nickel Caming

Door FON-SN 2210 H

Door FON-SN 2264 H Sidelite FON-SN 0764 H

Windsor Patina or Platinum Caming

Door Door WSR-P/WSR PL 2248 H WSR-P/WSR PL 2264 H WSR-P/WSR PL 2064 H Sidelite WSR-P/WSR PL 0764 H

Door WSR-P/WSR PL 2280 H Sidelite WSR-P/WSR PL 0880 H


Reflections Platinum Caming

Door RGC-PL 2248 H

Door RGC-PL 2264 H RGC-PL 2064 H Sidelite RGC-PL 0764 H

Door RGC-PL 2280 H Sidelite RGC-PL 0880 H

Laurel Brass or Platinum Caming

Door LRL-B/LRL-PL 2210 H


Door LRL-B/LRL-PL 2264 H Sidelite LRL-B/LRL-PL 0764 H

Door LRL-B/LRL-PL 2280 H Sidelite LRL-B/LRL-PL 0880 H

Princess Platinum Caming

Door GFD-PL 2264 H Sidelite GFD-PL 0764 H

St. Charles Patina Caming

Door STC-P 2264 H

Door STC-P 2264 H Sidelite STC-P 0764 H


Blinds Raise, Lower & Tilt

Door RLB 2264 H RLB 2064 H Sidelite RLB 0864 H IGB O764 (tilt only)

Door RLB 2236 H

Door RLB 1464 H

Door RLB 1480 H RLB 2280 H RLB 2080 H

Available in Clear and Low-E Glass

Grilles Between Glass Available in 5/8” & 7/8” Grilles

Door 2236 9L

Door 1464 10L

Door 2064 10L 2264 10L

Available in Clear and Low-E Glass


Door 2064 15L 2264 15L Sidelite 0764 5L

Door 1480 12L

Door 2080 18L 2280 18L Sidelite 0880 6L

Door 2080 12L 2280 12L

Clear & Gray Glass


Door 2210 1L


Door 2236 1L

Door 1464 1L 2064 1L 2264 1L Sidelite 0764 1L

Door 1480 1L 2080 1L 2280 1L Sidelite 0880 1L

Door 2236 1L SG

Door 2264 1L SG 2064 1L SG Sidelite 0764 1L SG

Door 2280 1L SG 2080 1L SG Sidelite 0880 1L SG

Available in Clear and Low-E Glass

Grilles Between Glass Prairie Style

Western Reflections Cares Thousands of marine turtles nest in U.S. coastal areas, and state and local ordinances protect hatchling turtles by limiting the brightness of inside-to-outside visible light transmittance. Western Reflections’ Severe Weather/Impact product line Door 2236 9L

Door 2064 9L 2264 9L Sidelite 0764 6L

Door 2280 9L

includes tinted gray glass that meet these code requirements.


Severe Weather Doorglass Specifications Hurricane Zones Wind-Borne Debris Zone —

Approved for Use

• Areas where the basic wind speed is 120 mph or greater. 110 mph and within 1 mile of the coast. • Doors are required to meet ASTM E1886 and E1996 test standards for impact, or be shuttered. • All openings must comply with specific design pressure (DP) ratings in accordance with ASTM E330.

High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) — Approved for Use

• Dade and Broward counties • Doors are required to meet Florida TAS 201 and 203 test standards for impact, or be shuttered. • All openings must comply with specific design pressure (DP) ratings in accordance with TAS202.

Design Pressure Rating: +65.0/–65.0 For design pressure ratings, installation instructions or any product particulars and use limitations, see installation instruction INST 13346.2 at

TEXAS FIRST TIER COASTAL COUNTIES SEAWARD ZONE 130 mph 3-second gust design wind speed

Low Sound Transmission The Sound Transmission Class (STC Value) for Severe Weather Doorglass is 36, and is independent of doorglass size. Third party test reports are available upon request.

INLAND (I) ZONE 120 mph 3-second gust design wind speed INLAND (II) ZONE 110 mph 3-second gust design wind speed

Thermal Performance Thermal performance ratings are determined for a fixed set of conditions and specifications and will vary by door manufacturer. Severe Weather® Doorglass Thermal Values* Door System Door System Configuration with full glass Fiberglass Door - Polyurethane Core Steel Door - Wood Edge - EPS Core Steel Door - Steel Edge - EPS Core

Clear Glass U-Factor SHGC 0.37 0.31 0.35 0.31 0.40 0.31

Low-E Glass U-Factor SHGC 0.35 0.26 0.33 0.26 0.38 0.26

*All values are with full size glass and are representative. Contact Western Reflections for more information.

17130-231 • 210187 (10/10)


261 Commerce Way • Gallatin, TN 37066 1.800.507.8302 Ph 615.451.9700 • Fx 615.230.4301

WR-SW 1210

©Western Reflections 2010


Severe Weather® Doorglass is certified for use in a range of entrance systems to meet Florida and Texas wind-borne requirements in areas w...

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