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The N Spanish Connection Today’s global marketplace of companies, and BMW Motorrad’s place in it, can be surprising. Not only in the sales of BMWs worldwide but where BMW is doing their own shopping…




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estled in the countryside just north of the Mediterranean city of Barcelona is a giant of a factory with the peculiar name of NADSL. It is a manufacturer that sells its products to consumers under the equally peculiar name of SHAD. And although you may not be familiar with their names, chances are, you are familiar with the products made by them. NADSL is the market leader in Europe for manufacturing and design of motorcycle seats and luggage. So what is the connection between Germany’s BMW and this Spanish company? NADSL serves as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to BMW, exclusively supplying such items as top cases and side panniers for the RGS, RS, KR, KR/S, FGS/ST/S/R as well as seats for the new KGT/GTL, SRR, RGS/RT/ GS Adventure and the F/FGS. Across the model line, NADSL is involved with BMW from concept to design, development and manufacturing, which makes them a very important partner. Companies seeking to compete in today’s global market find a working synergy when both parties can benefit from the specialization they provide. NADSL has grown dramatically over the past  years, expanding into over  countries with manufacturing plants also in Brazil and China. Through the use of high-tech equipment such as D computerized design, CNC cutting machinery and robotic foam carousel mixed with robotic heads, they produced a staggering number of products in : over , motorcycle seats and , cases.

What is more important than just numbers to BMW is that through their specialization, the quality control and consistency necessary can be ensured to maintain BMW’s reputation for excellence in the final product. SHAD and NADSL can do that and go beyond by also being an enthusiastic partner in the development of innovative new designs. Concepts such as the sports side cases, where volume can be adjusted via a system of accordion pleats or the hermetic waterproof bag that holds a helmet, were developed by them. Big numbers also support departments such as Research and Development, Quality Control and a new 330,000 sq. ft. Intelligent Warehouse building. The coordination between these departments essentially provides SHAD total control of their products, from design development to distribution. BMW also benefits from their establishment of an exclusive team for the coordination, logistics, purchasing, production, quality, and shipping according to their specific needs. Such collaboration in the development and creation of products recently brought BMW riders the new “triangulation” concept of ergonomics in our F800 and F650GS comfort seats. Not only does the seat have a larger support surface with a well-balanced foam thickness that is

not too soft and not too hard, but the stylized front waist area allows the rider to comfortably reach the ground when standing still. This originated the triangulation formula of hands-feet-rear that slightly tilts the torso forward, sufficient enough for the weight to be distributed between the three points, and for the spinal column to flex more appropriately when riding over bumps in the road. These factors have an impact on both comfort and fatigue. SHAD also brings their quality and expertise to the rider directly by an aftermarket side of the business, retailing a wide line of cases in various sizes, styles and dimensions to fit every need. By means of a dealer network, they supply cases, soft bags, mounting kits, accessories and comfort seats to consumers. So the next time you throw a leg over your German machine, give a moment to appreciate the Spanish connection, along with all the other global contributions that make it all possible.


SHAD HAS LAUNCHED an office in North America to manage

sales, marketing and distribution for the US market and manage relations with distribution partners in both Canada and Mexico. In less than two years, SHAD USA has achieved an important footprint in the US with  reps and over  dealers. One of SHAD’s goals is establishing a close relation with the BMW dealer network in the USA. According to Michael Schuiten, General Manager at SHAD USA, this process is twofold: create awareness among BMW dealers (many are not aware of the close relation between BMW and SHAD), and educate the consumer on the value and quality of SHAD products and their applications for BMW motorcycles. “We are confident that with time BMW dealers and consumers will recognize SHAD products as the top aftermarket luggage accessory for BMW motorcycles,” notes Schuiten confidently. SHAD Products have been reviewed in a variety of industry leading magazines and have received positive press such as a “Top  New Product” award from Powersports Business Magazine both in  and , as well as Top Luggage Accessories by Dealernews magazine in .

“Intelligent” Warehousing

SHAD’S NEW COMPOUND includes an automated system

organizing the distribution of different products via overhead conveyors and computerized orders. The operator simply enters the exact quantity needed via a barcode reader and then the rotary machine returns the rest of the product to its location. The overhead conveyors complete a full journey every minute-and-a-half. This sophisticated equipment simplifies order preparation and controls stocks without any errors, preparing an average of 180 orders per day. The personnel who work there emphasize the speed and convenience of the system, which has been in service now for seven years. FaLL  | BMW MOTORCYCLE MAGAZINE


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BMW Motorcycle - Shad Motorcases  

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Fall 2011 Features: Spanish Connection: SHAD - Luggage and seat OEM

BMW Motorcycle - Shad Motorcases  

BMW Motorcycle Magazine, Fall 2011 Features: Spanish Connection: SHAD - Luggage and seat OEM