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destination weren’t always clear. We’ve realized that we’re on a journey, not a trip. The entire SGC leadership and congregation are invested in this journey, of course, but it was important to establish a smaller group that would give special attention to this transition time, on behalf of SGC’s leadership. This group is the Interim Management Committee, and I’ve had the privilege of chairing this group, which includes Lesley Alexander, Shannon Loewen, Cheryl Chapman, Greg Kay, and Sam Lee. I’ve been grateful for the huge amount of work these folks have undertaken to guide us on the journey. It’s been so encouraging to have Lily Cheng join the staff team for this time, and I hope you’ve been able to welcome her and her family to SGC. A few weeks ago we did a survey to get input from you, the congregation, and the results we got were very positive. We’re using the results as a baseline set of data, and later this year will seek your input again. It’s also been great to see Sam and Greg engage their new roles as Co-Leads. Our hope and prayer is that God is speaking to us and shaping us through this transition time. When I think back to my European experience, what I remember now are the unexpected things that at the time were stressful but eventually became great stories. Maybe that will happen to us at SGC, or is already happening. During this time of journeying, it’s important for us to be honest, loving, clear, and engaged with one another. God speaks to us in the midst of conversation, listening, and silence, and we need to engage in all three. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to talk to Greg or Sam or any member of the Interim Management Committee.


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May 2019 Delve  

May 2019 Delve