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HR TIMES Volume 2 Issue 4 | May 2022 SFU HRSA


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Editor in Chief Victor Le, Anthony Wong, Ashley Chia, Viet Ngyuen , Asmita Birring, Evan Chen Production & Design Editors Fiona Fang, Chenny Cao, Cara Cheng


About Us The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) is a student-run business organization at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business. We provide students with networking opportunities and resources to learn about the various functions of Human Resources and its significance in the workplace. Through the initiatives and events offered by the organization, HRSA strives to increase student awareness and engagement. Founded in 2004, HRSA is regarded as a successful and accomplished student organization, recognized as the only Human Resources business organization at SFU. HR Times is a magazine run for students by HRSA. Founded in 2020 as a new initiative, we hope to support and inform students on the various trends in HR.

President Harman Chhina

VP of Internal Relations Bonnie Lu

VP of Finance & Operations Gurkirn Somal

VP of Marketing Mary Xie

VP of Corporate Relations Anthony Wong

VP of Events Ivy Lu

VP of External Relations Victor Le

VP of Events Shahvir Sarkary

VP of Visual Media Fiona Fang


Editor's Note Welcome! A new school year has started and SFU HRSA is excited to present to you the last issue of Volume 2 of HR Times. This month’s theme - Job security = Workplace Success - focuses on how an organization promotes job security as an assurance that an employee will be able to retain their position in the foreseeable future, with little influence from external factors. Establishing and maintaining employee job security is about the company admitting that it will only be as good as the management structure it has put in place. Because of this, good job security and stability lead to greater workplace success over the long run. It is a privilege working with professionals and students to connect our readers to learn more about the HR industry. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in being a part of our magazine, please reach out to us. On behalf of the entire HRSA family, we appreciate your support and sharing memories for the HR TImes Volume 2 for the past year. We are excited for more amazing contents and initiatives in a few months! Cheers,

Victor Le Vice President of External Relations

Viet Nguyễn External Relations Coordinator

Ashley Chia External Relations Coordinator

Anthony Wong Vice President of Corporate Relations

Asmita Birring Corporate Relations Coordinator

Evan Chen Corporate Relations Coordinator


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Introduction to Theme

Job Security In light of the great resignation, employees and employers alike have had to re-evaluate the importance of job security in the workplace. When managers ensure that their employees feel secure and supported in their jobs, it can allow for a more productive and creative environment that benefits everyone. The purpose of the magazine is to inform students on the various trends in Human Resource Management.


Meet the Professional

Audrey Ng Notch HR Consulting Inc. Owner & Principal HR Consultant

I’m a Chartered Professional in HR (CPHR) and I started my own company, Notch HR Consulting, as an HR Consultant in 2020. I work with small to medium-sized companies in the space of Insurance, Manufacturing and High-Tech specializing in melding excellent employee experience with people and business strategy. Based in Vancouver, I work with companies in both the US and Canada.


Interview from Professional What can employees do to be secured in a job and do they have to do “extra” work to be important to the company? Audrey: Every person has an important role to play within the organization, and it is important for you to find the area where you can bring the most value. For some people, this will be their technical skillset, where they have honed their knowledge and proficiency in such a way that they are difficult to replace. For others people, their soft skills, such as problem-solving, customer service, and accountability sets them apart, and makes them indispensable. As you move through your career, finding the right combination of both will allow you to build job security.

Atrivity. (n.d.). [4 ways to create a compelling employee value proposition].

What can employees expect from management and are there measures in place to help employees (resources/departments, someone to talk to, etc.)? Audrey: In all organizations, and especially as you start your career, your manager should be your primary resource and ally. It is really important to find a manager you feel comfortable with and who you feel has your best interests at heart. Barring that, most organizations have an HR Department, and they will help you navigate difficult situations at work. My suggestion for everyone is to have a professional mentor external from your organization to help provide you with an outside perspective. They are also great in helping you giving career advice without having any ulterior motives.

Do you think there’s anything else you could do in your position to help employees feel more secure? Audrey: In my day-to-day, I work mostly with the management and executive groups. One thing I emphasize is proactive and transparent communication at all levels of an organization, whether it is top-down, bottomup or horizontal communication. People feel valued when they know what's going on in the organization, and the most successful companies I work with are ones where open communication is a priority.


Interview from Professional What are the advantages and disadvantages of job security on employees, such as the impact on efficiency and productivity? Audrey: When someone has the psychological safety of knowing that their job is secure, they don't need to worry about whether they can pay their rent, or put food on the table. This frees up their mind to think about work and being creative in their jobs. It is rare, but there are some people in the workforce who feel they are "untouchable", either because they feel they are too senior to be reprimanded, or they believe their skillset is too unique and hard to replace. In these instances, it is usually a failure of the management team for not properly performance managing their team. This is normally when HR will step in to get things back on track to ensure the work environment continues to be pleasant and productive.

Linkedln. (n.d.). [Transiting to a career in cybersecurity].

With a huge portion of people looking for work right now (switching roles and brand new entries), how does job security play a role in this? Audrey: The great resignation has really changed the way employers are looking at employer retention. They are not only looking at offering higher compensation now, but at what employee programs they can implement to keep employees happy. From a business point of view and especially smaller organizations, offering these types of programs are squeezing revenues, and I have seen some of them have to lay people off or look to hire more junior team members because they just cannot afford to compete with the larger companies and the total compensation packages they are offering. From an employee point of view, job switching has caused unintended consequences. For example, managers play such an important role in your career and having them leave in your tenure can hurt your career. I have talked to a lot of people who have decided to leave their jobs within a few months of starting because their manager had also left and they did not feel as supported by their new manager, or their new manager was moving in a completely different direction for their department. If you are interviewing, I would try to understand what the manager's plans are for staying at an organization.


Mary’s Guide To: Improving Creativity & Finding Inspiration This month’s Guide-To is presented by HRSA’s very own VP of Marketing, Mary Xie. Have you ever dealt with a creative block or felt frustrated with your work? Don’t worry. It is completely normal! Continue reading to learn how you can improve your creativity and find inspiration!

Meet Mary!

Hello everyone! I'm a fourth-year business and psychology joint major student concentrating in marketing at Beedie and the Vice President of Marketing for SFU HRSA. My passion for creativity and research led me to pursue my dream in the marketing field. I'm especially interested in product/brand management and digital marketing. In my free time, I enjoy singing, exploring the city, and learning new things from different fields! Fun Fact: I'm currently on a hunt for the best omakase spot in Vancouver!


Mary’s Guide To: Improving Creativity & Finding Inspiration Step 1: Gain a New Perspective Ideas don't come from nowhere! There will be times when your ideas feel bland and customary. The best way to get a jailbreak from your confined perspectives is to learn something new. I do not mean "new" as in things that align with your goals; learn something completely random from a different field like fashion design, architecture, or marine biology. Explore what core concepts exist in these fields, how these people Meet express their Mary! thoughts, and their process of designing solutions that fit their needs. Having a diverse knowledge base will help you improve your curiosity and pay more attention to the world around you. How do you learn something new? Watch a movie, chat with people from different fields about their interests, find some YouTube videos and Ted Talks... The internet is your friend! Take this image for example (which you probably have already seen), at first glance, you may see a duck or a rabbit. Now that you know it could be either, your curiosity piques and you try to see it from a new perspective to find the other animal. Congratulations, you just gained a new perspective!

The Duck-Rabbit Ambiguous Figure. Media Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs


Step 2: Design your Environment Just like the importance of "setting" in a story, your environment anchors your thoughts, influences your mood, and provides a theme for your creativity. The best way to escape your routine thoughts is to escape routine! Design your environment according to your needs and switch things up. After all, no one said you cannot do work at the beach at 10:00 AM or on the balcony at 7"00 PM. How do you design your environment according to your needs? Easy! Think of this as build-a-bear, but for your workspace. Choose the time, place, lighting, decorations, music, scent, snacks, companions etc. Try out different combinations until you find one that meets your needs!


Step 3: Go for a Mindful Walk Did you know? Exercise improves mental health and creativity! Researchers at the University of Graz found that movement is the main catalyst for being more creative. It helps your body produce more endorphins, improve your blood flow, and increase the size of your hippocampus (a region of the brain that contributes to memory and creativity). However, this doesn't mean that you need to complete a 30-minutes HIIT session every time before you work to feel creative. Try taking a mindful walk around your neighborhood, in the city, by the beach, or in the woods. Make sure to avoid any distractions so that you can pay full attention to your imagination and thoughts. Personally, the ambience of the city at night, a light breeze, and calm music helps me focus on the environment around me and generate new ideas.

Step 4: The Six Hats Technique


If all else fails and you are trying to meet a tight deadline, try this Six Hats technique! This technique will get you to look at the problem from six different perspectives. Black Hat: Use a negative perspective. Which elements of the solution will not work? Blue Hat: Think broadly. What is the best overall solution? Green Hat: Think creatively. What are some alternative ideas? Red Hat: Look at the situation emotionally. What do your feelings tell you? White Hat: Look at the situation objectively. What are the facts? Yellow Hat: Use a positive perspective. Which elements of the solution will work? COOLER INSIGHTS. Social Media Marketing Strategy – Applying De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. fbclid=IwAR0gPgq9n6ZtMm8foPmR2E9aqiHnKObwaUTo0_FRM0cngKwCu1mFwnQzPxQ


Step 5: Take a Break Like I mentioned in Step 1, IDEAS DO NOT COME FROM NOWHERE! This step is probably the most important and most often overlooked. You need to make time for your brain to adopt new perspectives and generate new ideas. Picture your creativity as a progress bar; the time that you take to relax, learn new things, and enjoy hobbies is not time wasted. Everything builds up to that one "AHA!" moment, you just need a little patience that's all. If you are in a stressed state, it will translate to your ideas and work as well. Put on a movie, grab your favourite snacks and food, and stare at the ceiling. Your brain is not a perpetual motion machine so be patient with yourself and keep trying new things to spark inspiration.

Chiara Battaglioni. [The origins of the coffee break].


Meet the HRSA Executives

President Harman Chhina

VP of External Relations Victor Le

VP of Marketing Mary Xie

VP of Corporate Relations Anthony Wong

VP of Internal Relations Bonnie Lu

VP of Visual Media Fiona Fang

VP of Events Ivy Lu

VP of Finance & Operations Gurkirn Somal

VP of Events Shahvir Sarkary


Interview from HRSA Executives VP of External Relations Victor Le

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? I would say my favourite HRSA event this year was HR Connect Café 1 & 2. Being one of our newer initiatives for this year, the CR/ER portfolio had high hopes in making it a success. However, aside from that, having the opportunity to speak with the professionals was really valuable. Not only did I get to speak with the invited individuals at the event but I also had the opportunity to have a coffee chat with every single one of them before hand. By getting that chance to speak with industry professionals about our event and vision was truly amazing and I hope I am able to see the continuation of HR Connect Café!

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? The key to HR is to not just think of HR as being all about focusing on the people of an organization. HR includes all aspects of an organization and helps a company function efficiently every day.


VP of External Relations Victor Le How has HRSA affected you professionally? HRSA has helped me improve my communication and professional skills that allows me to constantly adapt to new situations. Aside from taking BUS 360, HRSA allowed me to put what I learned from that class to action. The club allowed me to practice over and over again until I completely felt like a master in writing emails and networking. HRSA also allowed me to build my network by placing me in a position focused on outreach.

How has HRSA affected you personally? In regards to how HRSA personally affected me, it has really created a positive light for me during the pandemic. With everything online for the majority of my term as an executive for HRSA this year, the team has really recreated the in-person feeling in all of our meetings and events. HRSA executive meetings and coordinator meetings became something that I was looking forward to every week.


VP of Corporate Relations Anthony Wong

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? My favourite HRSA event this year is definitely our new initiative, HR Connect Café 1 & 2. Students at this networking event can learn about and explore HR while gaining insights and connecting with HR professionals in smaller networking rooms. As many students and professionals have told me, this was an amazing networking event and a chance for both to build more meaningful relationships.

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? The human component is still one of the most important aspects of an organization, despite rapid technological advances. HR is constantly evolving as it revolves around people with different perspectives and opportunities every day.

How has HRSA affected you professionally? HRSA was the first student organization in my Beedie career and it has opened many opportunities for me. It was my pleasure to work with and meet so many amazing professionals. Especially in my role, I have the opportunity to connect with external stakeholders such as potential sponsors and speakers for our initiatives.

How has HRSA affected you personally? Definitely lifelong friendships. HRSA has allowed me to meet so many amazing people with a lot of them becoming my friends. Joining HRSA is the best decision I have made in my Beedie journey.


VP of Internal Relations Bonnie Lu

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? HR Connect Café! It was fun being able to meet all the professionals, especially in a smaller setting. Definitely makes you want to ask more questions!

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? Don't be afraid to set boundaries. As students, I feel that we tend to overwork ourselves to show to our managers that we are capable and are dedicated to our job. My main advice is to develop a good work-life balance schedule, so you will have time to do the things you want to do during your personal time.

How has HRSA affected you professionally? It opened up more opportunities for me to learn! I have also had the opportunity to grow my professional network that will benefit me in the future.

How has HRSA affected you personally? I have made a lot of new friends from the club and I love hanging out with the executive team!


VP of Visual Media Fiona Fang

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? My favourite HRSA event this year has to be Spring Soirée because who does not love a networking event where you can make your own avatar? Taking place on an online platform that mimics a real conference venue adds verisimilitude to the event and I felt more connected with the professionals and attendees in comparison to other online events. While moderating the networking sessions, I also gained more knowledge in the HR field just by listening to the questions and answers.

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? People may think that being in HR just means recruiting, but there is much more to it. Just to name a few, employee benefits, workforce restructuring, and managing sudden changes such as COVID-19, are all very interesting areas of the HR field. If you are interested in HR, I would suggest digging deeper into the different branches as well as to search the various potential career paths. Other knowledge and skills such as negotiation are also critical as an HR professional. For anyone that could easily get bored of routine jobs, I believe the learning on the job will keep you engaged.


VP of Visual Media Fiona Fang How has HRSA affected you professionally? Having been in HRSA for a year now, I would say that two things HRSA has affected me with are my time management skills and ability to work under pressure. Being the Vice President of Visual Media, I often encounter times where I had to wait for other teams to gather information so I could start putting the graphics together. Sometimes we received them very last minute, which meant that I would have to adjust my schedule to balance that specific task and other commitments I had at the time. Although this was stressful during the process, at the end I found it to be quite rewarding.

How has HRSA affected you personally? Connection and friendship! Joining HRSA last year is one of the best decisions I have made. I got to work with an amazing team and learn from each other, as well as getting to meet and know more people in the Beedie community!


VP of Marketing Mary Xie

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? My favorite event this year was SSXE! The idea of hosting our annual networking event on a "metaverse" platform is very innovative and engaging. The event theme as well as execution was a great reflection of the current trends in the industry. As last year's SSXE Marketing Coordinator, I am super impressed with how the event turned out and loved watching it come together and establish its unique branding in the Beedie community.

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? Since the pandemic, the job market has become increasingly competitive with many organizations offering more attractive compensations and flexibility. I am excited to see what strategies and trends emerge following the pandemic as well as how the employer-employee relationship may shift. More importantly, the idea of metaverse workspaces can provide a lot of opportunity for HR professionals to increase engagement as well as for employees to collaborate in a creative setting.

How has HRSA affected you professionally? The past two years at HRSA have provided me with a lot of opportunities for me to develop my technical and soft skills such as digital marketing, communication, and leadership. Aside from skills development, the HRSA team is so supportive and encouraging to each other. This club helped me build up my confidence for me to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself in all aspects of my life!

How has HRSA affected you personally? HRSA provided me with a safe space to share my ideas and collaborate with other creative and smart individuals. I have found so many friends within Beedie thanks to my time in the club. The two years at HRSA were definitely the highlight of my Beedie experience.


VP of Events Ivy Lu

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? As someone who has been on the SSXE Organizing Committee for the past two years, Spring Soirée x Envision will always hold a special place in my heart. I was able to connect with so many amazing individuals I would have never met if I wasn't on the SSXE OC.

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? Students who are not concentrating in the field may not think much of HR, however, regardless of your concentration, you will have to go through recruiters before being accepted into your dream company. Which is why taking the opportunity and time to network with the people in the HR industry is important.

How has HRSA affected you professionally? HRSA has allowed me to learn to effectively manage a large team of ten coordinators as well as collaborating with my fellow executive members. As the Vice President of Events, I was exposed to how each and every portfolio worked and picked up on a variety of skills relating to each portfolio along the way.

How has HRSA affected you personally? Being able to bring my vision and ideas of Spring Soirée x Envision to life made my time at HRSA all the more enjoyable. The memories I made with the HRSA members are ones I will look back on with a smile on my face.


VP of Finance & Operations Gurkirn Somal

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? My favourite HRSA event this year was Spring Soiree x Envision 2022! It was great seeing ten months of planning for this event come to life and being a huge hit. I especially appreciated that this event was a place where all the HRSA members created an energized atmosphere for our professionals and attendees. The event was a huge success, and I am glad to have been a part of this journey. Shoutout to the OC for such a great event!

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? Coming from a finance and accounting background, I initially had very little knowledge about the HR field before joining HRSA. However, an important trait I have learned that is beneficial to have in order to thrive in the HR field is being empathetic. Many of the HR professionals that I networked with throughout HRSA embodied this one personality trait, and they mentioned that this allowed them to make the workplace better for their employees which became their favorite part of HR.


VP of Finance & Operations Gurkirn Somal How has HRSA affected you professionally? My experience in HRSA has allowed me to learn more about accounting and finance functions in an organization and further develop my analytical skills. Aside from the hard skills I have gained, I have also been able to brush up my soft skills such as effective leadership skills and learning effective written and verbal communication along the way. Professionally, HRSA has allowed me to gain many skills and traits that are important in the accounting and finance field, and I am excited to see how I can utilize these skills in the future!

How has HRSA affected you personally? A word that comes to my mind when I think of HRSA is "growth". Personally, HRSA has helped me grow in many areas of myself, especially how to step out of my comfort zone. As a person who easily doubted their abilities, HRSA helped me recognize that I will never know if I am good at something unless I try. Additionally, as an introvert, joining HRSA helped me put myself out there and learn how to participate in effective communication in a team. I am grateful for being able to experience HRSA for the last two years, and it has truly been the highlight of my Beedie journey.


VP of Events Shahvir Sarkary

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? Spring Soirée x Envision had to be my favorite! The team put in countless hours in order to throw a one-of-akind event. It was heartwarming hearing all the positive feedback and appreciation about SSXE.

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? HR has the power to project a culture that empowers people to do better and value their team members outside the work they do. Knowing that human capital is the most expensive capital for many companies, the field of HR has a lot of potential to grow!

How has HRSA affected you professionally? I have grown my network and met many professionals that I would have no connection with if it was not for HRSA. I also got to showcase my skills and ability on the clubs platform that helped me reach students with a similar interest as me!

How has HRSA affected you personally? After wrapping up my role as the VP of Events, I can say I have learnt a lot about leadership and what it means to lead with rigour, inclusivity and passion. I will take this experience with me into the future roles that I will pursue!


President Harman Chhina

What was your favourite HRSA event this year and why did you enjoy/value it? HRSA has put out many events this year that I am so proud of, such as Spring Soirée x Envision, two HR Connect Café renditions, and the CPHR Workshop. I personally cannot pick a favourite event as I saw the hard work put in for each event/initiative, and the amount of dedication the team gave to make sure each event was planned and executed amazingly. I enjoyed each one of our events because they all involved a positive atmosphere that radiated great energy. I saw how each event improved from the last which is something I valued as that displayed the growth and development within my team. Each event was unique, involved a lot of networking and connection building, and furthered the mission and vision of HRSA!

Do you have any advice/thoughts about the HR field? As the field of HR is growing, the opportunities are expanding and the possibilities are becoming endless. Working with people is something everyone will go through in their careers, so it is important to learn people management skills and employee relations abilities. My biggest advice for those wanting to enter the HR field is to network, network, and network! That advice is something many people have already heard but it is advice that will always stay relevant. Gaining those HR connections will serve you well. At the end of the day, the HR professionals are the ones who generally handle the recruitment process for their companies, so gaining those HR connections is valuable to everyone regardless of your interests. Put yourself out there, go to networking events, make those connections, and foster that value in your network!


President Harman Chhina How has HRSA affected you professionally? HRSA has affected me professionally by providing me with an abundance of new skills and experiences that I never would have had while just being in the classroom. I have been in this organization for three years, and each year, I got to expose myself to new things. If it was not for HRSA, I do not think I would have landed my first Co-op role! HRSA gave me so many experiences to reflect on as I got to learn new things for every task I completed. Ultimately, HRSA gave me the opportunity to enhance my skills and broaden my experiences that has opened the door to new professional opportunities for me.

How has HRSA affected you personally? HRSA has affected me personally in many ways. As I have been with the organization for a few years, I got to see myself grow as a person, make lifelong connections and friends, and understand what it means to be a leader. HRSA taught me the values of putting myself out of my comfort zone, trying new things that I normally would not do, and understanding that it is okay to make mistakes to enhance your experience. This organization is the main highlight of my undergraduate career at Beedie, and I am so grateful to all the people I have met, learnt from, followed, mentored, and led. HRSA gave me the room to grow and develop into the individual I am today.


SFU HRSA Updates Be sure to tune in for our last episode of HR Secrets Season 2 which is out now! As this is our last issue of HR Times Volume 2, we would love to hear from our readers on what you want to see from us. If you do have the time, please head to the following link to a survey, so we can better cater our initiatives to you: Follow our social media to learn and stay updated about our opportunities and initiatives!



Thanks for Reading! Think People. Think Possibilities.


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