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Seoul Foreign School Magazine, Fall 2021



110 Years of SFS: Reflections and a Look to the Future Documenting our history while innovating for the next generation, an interview with Paul Rader ,04


The British School Celebrates 40 Years It may have started small, but the British School goes from strength to strength

40 Years of the IB Diploma Programme Reflections from young alumni and what our new High School Principal sees for the future


Seoul Foreign School High School Students, 1933

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From the Head of School Dear SFS Community, In this, our 110th year as a school, it is tempting to only spend time celebrating and reflecting on the past: our history, our accomplishments, our legacy. But it is also an important time to celebrate our present and our future - what have we learned as a school, and where do we go from here? What is the way forward for SFS as an educational institution in a post pandemic world? In this issue of The Banner, we celebrate where we’ve been, but also look at what our school is today and where we are headed. What is our strategy as we learn from the pandemic and continue to set the standard for world-class education, inspiring excellence in our students now and beyond the classroom? With all of this in mind, we have developed a document we are calling ‘The Way Forward’; based on the feedback we received from parents, faculty and students, The Way Forward is intended to outline the key strategic initiatives that will guide us as an outstanding educational institution in Korea and the world. We have identified important tenets such as improved community engagement, student feedback, and the allocation of all of our staff and resources. I invite you to learn more about the Way Forward at Thank you, as always, for your commitment to SFS.

Team Published by: Seoul Foreign School External Relations Team Assistant Head of School - External Relations: Dawn M. Stark Editor: Liz Allen Co-Editor: Maura Brookes Designer: Juhie Suh Collaborators: Yoojin Um, Eric De Haan, Angie Won Photographers: Juhie Suh, Derek Mu, David Tung, Yeonwoo Lee Address Seoul Foreign School 39 Yeonhui-ro 22-gil Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu Seoul, South Korea, 03723 Unless otherwise noted, articles may be reprinted without permission - as long as they are not edited or revised - with appropriate credit given to “The Banner, the magazine for Seoul Foreign School.” *All efforts have been made to check details and consistency. Please contact communications@seoulforeign. org with any questions.

Enjoy the Christmas holiday, and God bless, Colm Flanagan Head of School


THE BANNER Seoul Foreign School Magazine, Fall 2021

Cover: View from the SFS Korean Gate built in 2008, overlooking the SFS Campus. Photography: Juhie Suh

The BANNER | From the Head of School

"Celebridot" Mobile by Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten students.

From the Board Chair Dear SFS Community, As I sat down to write this letter, I felt a sense of anticipation and wonder for this academic year as Seoul Foreign School is preparing for many celebrations. This year is our 110th anniversary, and our beloved SFS has been inspiring excellence and building character in young people for more than a century. Our school has survived two World Wars, the Japanese Occupation, and the Korean War. It navigated through the 1960s University students’ demonstrations turmoil, the late 90s financial hardship, and now is steering indeed through the COVID-19 pandemic. The resilience of the school is undoubtedly remarkable, and I can draw a parallel to the Korean people who have demonstrated once again a mature sense of civic duty by getting vaccinated and giving everyone hope for better days ahead. This busy year also marks two more anniversaries. The British School opened its doors to a small group of students 40 years ago in a residential apartment on campus and has flourished into an educational powerhouse. And that same school year, an enterprising group of teachers, passionate about international education, brought the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to SFS. Both of these events forever changed the educational landscape of our school. These historical anniversaries are markers of deep tradition and history, a legacy of outstanding education and innovation. Today, SFS continues to go from strength to strength. As we look forward to the next 110 years, what do Seoul and the world beyond have in store for young people? As innovators at the forefront of world-class international education, we will help set the standard for education here in Korea and abroad. Please join me in commemorating this year of celebration! Sincerely, Dr. Silvia Ratto Kim Chair of the Board of Governors I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13 FALL 2021 | From the Board Chair


Seoul Foreign School, 1925




aul Rader ’04, SFS alumnus and current faculty member, is part of the rich history of SFS. He is a member of a multigenerational expatriate SFS family, and sees Seoul Foreign School as a touchstone not only for himself, but for his grandparents, parents, extended family, and now for his own children. Paul is currently working on the latest chapter of the 100th Anniversary History book, a tome that was updated for the school’s centennial in 2012. This will detail the history of the school for the past decade, and bring the book up to date. We asked Paul about his work on this project. PLEASE DESCRIBE A BIT ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY HISTORY BOOK. The 100th Anniversary History book was compiled for the Centennial Celebrations in 2012. The first chapter was originally published in 1978, and was written by former Headmaster Richard Underwood. The second chapter was published in 2002, and was written by former Middle School Principal, Dr. Jonathan Borden. The Centennial chapter was written in 2012 by former administrator Dr. Esther Myong. These histories have served the purpose to document the history of the school; its challenges, its successes, its celebrations, and its tragedies. In essence, to tell the rich story of an incredible institution whose legacy has in many ways mirrored and been pulled along by the larger story of Korea. What comes through strongly in all three previous histories is the dedication and


commitment of the school to its mission and its commitment to provide a high-quality international education in a Christcentered context. WHAT SPARKED YOUR INTEREST IN TAKING ON THIS PROJECT? My own personal connection to Korea and to SFS is what sparked my interest in taking on this project. My grandparents were missionaries here in Seoul from 1963 until 1985 serving with the Salvation Army. My dad and his sisters all attended SFS during the 60s, 70s, and into the early 80s, and all came back to teach and work at SFS at different points throughout their careers. I attended SFS from 1990 until 2004, and my sisters also both attended and graduated from SFS. As a multi-generational expatriate family, SFS is a place that is a touchstone for all of us. I also think that the history of Korea is very inspirational, and is an incredible testament to the resilience and beauty of the Korean people and Korean culture. Also, as an important connection to Korea’s modern history, I am also very interested in the impact of the Western missionaries (like my grandparents) who came here to do meaningful and impactful humanitarian and service work across the country. The visible reminders of that work are many of the universities, schools, hospitals, and churches throughout the country that are still in operation today. Since 1912, SFS provided a school community for those families, and so in many ways is a part of that history and story.

The BANNER | Feature

Fr. Charles Hunt of the Church of England’s Korea Mission, beloved friend of SFS who gave much time, energy and dramatic skill to coaching and directing the Shakespearean plays which became an SFS tradition in the 1920s and 1930s.


On April 19, 1912, under the leadership of Mrs. Charles S. Deming of the Methodist Mission, an association was formed in Seoul of those interested in starting a school. There were twenty-two charter members, and plans were made for the Seoul Foreign School to begin its work in September.

J.H. Morris, Christian businessman, loyal Mrs. Ethel Van Wagoner Underwood, friend, and generous benefactor of SFS dedicated and beloved Christian educator, from its beginning to his departure from first teacher, and lifelong supporter of Seoul Korea in the mid-1930s. Morris Hall was Foreign School. named for him.


1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919

1. Dorothy Hoggard 2. Mary Moose 3. Ethel Van Wagoner (teacher) 4. Martin Avison 5. Esther Beck 6. Eleanor Millard 7. Nancy Moose 8. Wilfred Twilley 9. Edith Moose 10. Francis Beck 12. Eric Vesey 13. Etta Bowman 14. Raymond Avison 15. Earnest Twilley 16. Edward Avison 17. Ruth Millard 18. John Millard 19. Hugh Miller 20. Alec Twilley 21. Francis Bonwick 22. Ralph Miller 23. Ruth Thomas 24. Marion Morris FALL 2021 | Feature



Plaisant House (first floor of Morris Hall)


1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 10

The BANNER | Feature

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE EVENTS OF THE PAST DECADE YOU’RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT COVERING? The past decade has been an exciting time in the school’s history. If you read the entire history of the school a constant theme is change, and the necessity of adapting to the unique challenges or opportunities of the time. The international school landscape in Korea is very different than it was even just 15 years ago, and the school has had to respond in significant ways by working hard to clarify the overall identity and direction of the school, as well as to maintain and further our reputation as the leading international school in Korea. Another thing isn’t really a specific event, but a ‘change’ that has been happening over the last decade, which is the major shift in the political landscapes around the world and the conversations that are happening around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice. I think it is a very timely and relevant conversation for all international schools, and we have a unique opportunity to address this as an IB school that is Centered in Christ. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU’VE LEARNED THAT SURPRISED YOU? Because I have been here most of the last decade, I don’t think there were any major surprises, although I think that I have definitely learned a lot about the school through this process. For the first five years of my time here, I was in the High School teaching English, and so I think that most of my experiences

would have been filtered through that lens. Being in the role of ‘historian’ has helped me try and see things through a bigger picture lens, so the surprises have come maybe in realizing I didn’t know as much as I thought I did before! DO YOU HAVE ANY PREDICTIONS FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS OF SFS? I think in 2032, we will likely be looking back and commenting on similar themes, although I think that much of that chapter will be commenting and reflecting on how the school handled and emerged from the pandemic. The school is currently working on plans for The Way Forward, and the decisions taken over the next few years to set the course of the school will be important in establishing SFS into the future. One truth is that SFS is not a community that rests on its laurels, so I have no doubt that the school will continue to move forward and focus on school improvement. WHO SHOULD WRITE THE ADDENDUM FOR THE 120TH ANNIVERSARY OF SFS? I think that the addendum should be written by someone who has the past and present knowledge of the school. As crazy as it seems, so much about our school’s history would be totally lost if it weren’t for the people who took the time to write those chapters. I don’t think there are many other international schools that have the kind of history and documentation that we have at SFS, which is pretty special. 19 12

FALL 2021 | Feature



Pied Piper of Hamelin - Father Charles Hunt, Director

1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944

SFS students



The BANNER | Feature


Left: Temporary home of SFS at Yongsan. Below: Science Lab at Yongsan

1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959

School dance at Yongsan

Classroom featured on SFS Handbook

Construction of original SFS buiding in Yeonhui-dong

FALL 2021 | Feature



1962 Flag football team

Leaving for Junior/ Senior Trip - (school entrance through Yonsei)


1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969

Construction of the Korean gate

New High School building, left


1967 The BANNER | Feature



1976 Entrance to Seoul Foreign School

1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979

Getting off the bus in style


Elementary School students, Korea Week


FALL 2021 | Feature



Boys’ Tennis Team - Jack Moon, coach


Far East Basketball Championship

1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987


Barbara Boorman’s Grade 1 class

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown


The BANNER | Feature


Middle School construction

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 Middle School complete

Graduation Ceremony, Class of 1987

Entrance to the High School

1992 FALL 2021 | Feature


SFS swimming pool Fiddler on the Roof





High School service trips to the Philippines and Calcutta, India


The BANNER | Feature


British School faculty and students


New car and bus parking garage







Psalms Student Lead Praise, Worship, and Performance Group


School Administration 2002-2003: Dr. Harlan Lyso, Head of School; Paul Johnston, HS Principal; Langston Rogde, Director of Business Operations; Jonathan Borden, MS Principal; Kerm Gingerich, ES Principal; Garry Arnott, BS Headteacher FALL 2021 | Feature




Construction of the soccer field turf and the Lyso Center for the Performing Arts

High School play The Elephant Man

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

New SFS Korean Gate


The BANNER | Feature


SFS hosts APAC Band Festival


2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

SFS Students, Faculty and Staff gather to pose for 100 picture to commemorate the Centennial Year of SFS

FALL 2021 | Feature

2011 21


Alumni Game

Middle Years musical performance Little Mermaid



2013 2014 2015 2016

Class of 2017

Elementary School students enjoying the open area where the High School building previously stood 22

The BANNER | Feature

The renovated Elementary School Library

The renovated Middle Years Library



2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

Class of 2019 in front of the new High School building

FALL 2021 | Feature


2021-2022 Seoul Foreign School now with a student body of over 1,500 celebrates 40 years of British School, 40 years of IBDP & its 110th Anniversary.

Current British School Principal Andrew Freeman and Assistant Principal John Kett hosting a virtual celebration of the 40th Anniversary on August 25th, 2021, in front of the C Block faculty housing where the British School began in two adjoiniing apartments with 17 students and 2 teachers



by Andrew Freeman

British School Principal

Opposite: Dedication of the new British School building, May 1986


n the year Princess Diana became royalty and ​​“the internet” was first being introduced to the world, the British School at Seoul Foreign School started its journey towards what it is today: a school where values build community and where learning connects students to relevance in the world around them. Back in the Spring of 1981, members of the British Council, the British Businessmen’s Group and the British Women’s Group formed an ad-hoc committee to consider options to provide a British Style education in Korea. One possibility involved linking with an existing non-profit organisation. The committee reached out to Seoul Foreign School, and soon discussions were underway with Head of School Richard Underwood. Things moved quickly from that point and by June 1981 an agreement was signed. On August 25 of that year the British School opened its doors for the first time with two classes, 17 children and two UK-qualified teachers in the first Headteacher Denis Suray and Victoria Sargent. Today, those same doors would 28

lead you into a teacher’s apartment in C-block and that might be a bit of a squeeze with our current population reaching 260 students. Seoul Foreign School British School has had several homes since 1981. Growing quickly during its first year, the school was moved to classrooms in the Gymnasium Block in 1982 and, with growth each year, one class spilled out into a prefabricated hut built where E-block parking currently is located. This hut was quickly removed after a city authority observation helicopter flight discovered it and found it had no planning permission! In 1984, the British School had built a reputation that was strong enough for the school to be recognised as a permanent entity. With permission granted, a new school building was completed in 1986 and opened by the British Ambassador Sir Nicholas Spreckley on May 29, 1986. A stone in our reception area recognises this date. The school continued to grow, reaching 137 students by September 1992. In that same year, the school welcomed a royal

The BANNER | Feature

FALL 2021 | Feature


Opposite top: Ruth Alexander’s 1998-99 Reception Class Opposite bottom: November 4, 1992, Royal visit from Princess Diana to the British School

visit from Princess Diana, who married the same year the school was founded. Recently we caught up with Rosie Jon, a British School student from 1986 to 1993, who welcomed Princess Diana with a bouquet of flowers. You can find out more about Rosie by scanning the QR codes below. TV Interview:

Good Housekeeping article:

Since then, the school has continued to grow and establish itself as a school of choice in Seoul, offering a British-focused education to global learners. Our alumni have settled all over the world, and currently our student body is composed of 27 different nationalities. Long-standing traditions have established themselves, such as the school uniform that has been compulsory since the second year of the school’s existence, Scottish Dancing thanks to Gavin McKay, one of the early adopters and supporters of the British School, and sending our choir around Seoul to sing at different locations and events, a fond remembrance of Rosie’s during her time as a student. We live out our core values 30

of responsibility and respect through service learning, such as the year-long community projects our Key Stage 3 students design and participate in. Following several years of growth through the challenging times of COVID-19, the school population is currently around 260 students. Alongside the English National Curriculum for Maths and English, we have recently introduced innovative frameworks for international learning (IEYC, IPC, IMYC) in all other subjects which add thinking, collaboration, and relevance to a strong learning environment. These are underpinned by six core values that bind the community together and give it its reputation of being ‘like a family’, where everyone puts each other first in a safe environment. That thing that people called “the world internet” in 1981, now helps support learning around global issues, connects us as a community, past and present, and shares our stories with the world. Come and join us, either as part of our physical community or out there in the world internet. 19 12 Twitter - Instagram -

The BANNER | Feature

FALL 2021 | Feature


Principal Dr. Nancy Le Nezet with students in the Biology Lab





he International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) has been a part of the SFS high school experience for 40 years. With a new High School Principal joining SFS this year, we sat down with her to learn a bit more about her vision for the next 40 years of IBDP at SFS. We also asked young alumni to reflect on their IBDP experiences, and how SFS prepared them for the future. Dr. Nancy Le Nezet is the High School Principal at Seoul Foreign School. She took on the role in August of 2021, inheriting a 40-year history of International Baccalaureate education at SFS. A native of France, Nancy has spent more than 24 years abroad, having lived in eight countries. Her career as an educator has spanned classroom teaching, work for the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization, leading IB workshops, and authoring the IB Philosophy textbook, widely used by educators internationally. Nancy’s extensive experience, combined with her passion for education, influenced her strategic vision for the future of the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) at SFS. “The DP is the end goal for students. It helps guide how we educate in the earlier years so students can successfully transition into the DP,” she explains. As the culminating project of the student experience, IBDP gives a clear endpoint for the entire educational program, and dictates


a student’s development in order to reach that endpoint. At SFS, 94% of students participate in and complete the IBDP. An integral part of IBDP is the community service element. “It’s what makes the IB an absolute gem,” she says. The Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project engages students in purposeful activities with significant outcomes, and the focus is self selected. Many students elect to take on projects with a significant element of service to others. These higher goals and aspirations are intended to foster young people who will change the world for the better throughout their lifetimes. An increased focus on developing “the whole person” is part of a strategic effort by Nancy and the DP Coordinator at SFS, Piotr Kocyk, who are actively instilling the ideals of balance and wellness in students. With 40 years of IBDP experience, SFS has a significant advantage in the DP program. “We have an inspiring group of educators who are experts and passionate about what they’re doing,” Nancy explains. “We did the math, and we have 63 years of IB leadership experience in the leadership team alone.” This deep knowledge and skill in oversight helps students to be more organized, explore areas of interest, and get the most out of the IB programme. “In Korea, parents are very supportive of their children’s education. The school and parents become partners in making sure students are successful in their DP studies and go to universities that are the right fit for them.”

The BANNER | Feature

Alumni IBDP Testimonials:

Rose Kim ’17 The IB programme can help students not just get into good universities, but do well at those universities. During my first semester, I noticed that my fellow IB graduates and I had less difficulty managing university coursework than students who were not in the IBDP. (I even made several friends bonding over the “collective hardship” that was the IB programme.) I would tell current students that...they’ll develop skills like task management and critical thinking which are extremely useful. These skills can (and should!) be used in the communities students are a part of now (SFS) and in the future (university, work, etc.). Doing so will not only help these communities grow, but help students become the successful leaders of the future that our society needs.

Michelle Keun ’04 Volunteering at the orphanage as my CAS helped me become who I am. It developed my social skills and allowed me to collaborate with others beyond the classroom. Teaching orphans English was a memorable experience, and I realized that I wanted to help orphans develop their own identities, speak for themselves, and not feel intimidated by kids with parents. This recognition of my advocacy skills still drive my passion to be a teacher today. I recommend all SFS students to participate in CAS, not as an obligation, but as an opportunity!

FALL 2021 | Feature


Geo Sanghyuk Yoo ’20 The most important skill I learned from the IBDP is organization and motivation. Whether it’s in college or in an internship, work ethic is probably the most crucial skill to develop in order to succeed - the IBDP, with its rigorous and demanding curriculum, equips you with exactly this. A good demonstration of this came in my second week of college; in my humanities class, we were required to read 60 pages of multiple classics everyday and had to write 10-page essays on our reading every three weeks. This shocked many of my classmates, but I realized that I already developed the resilience and self-discipline to execute such tasks from already going through multiple IAs, the Extended Essay, and TOK essays, to just name a few. In that sense, IBDP is the perfect training one can get in high school - it not only teaches you valuable knowledge about different subjects, but it also develops skills you need throughout your life.

Emma Sheldrick ’14 Having taken IB Theatre, I really appreciated how the IB programme gives structure to learning in creative fields. This, paired with the curiosity and critical thinking skills I gained through Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and writing the Extended Essay (EE), set the foundation for how I worked through my Theatre degree at university, now in my career in Film and arguably my general world-view. While you’re at school, it may seem daunting having to study so many subjects and achieve certain grades but I would highly encourage students to try to put the thought of grades aside and truly enjoy the chance to engage with so many interesting subjects. You’ll be surprised what things you’re learning now may come back to you in the future.


The BANNER | Feature

Joseph Hong ’17 My initial conception was that video games and IBDP are mutually exclusive, so as I began my first year in Rochester Institute of Technology with a Game Design & Development major, I expected nothing from what I learned in the IB programme. Five years later, as a graduate student who is studying in the same field, I now realize that the skills required to work with a team as a game designer depended on the skills that I learned from the IB programme. I would even question myself if I would be where I am today without the IBDP. Through Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), I explored different creative fields that the six classes didn’t cover, which helped me to discover my new strengths and weaknesses. In addition, through Theory of Knowledge (TOK), I learned how to question the existing knowledge using logic, discussions, and credible sources, which enlightened me to ask myself what makes the game fun and brainstorm game mechanics outside of the box. Last but not least, through the Extended Essay (EE), I experienced breaking down an enormous project into small chunks within a finite time, which helped me to plan priorities and vision Minimum Viable Product (MVP) when creating projects under creative media. Knowing what my limits are, how to think for new creative ideas, and how to deal with big projects, taught me how to be transparent with myself and the situation I am in, which was critical when working in teams. Whether people use these skills to design a game or not, I believe that utilizing them in the future can be a game-changer to everyone. 19 12

FALL 2021 | Feature



The BANNER | Sports

Opposite: Volleyball intersquad game Photo by Derek Mu (Grade 12)

Sports Recap By Paul Rader Director of Sports


espite the challenges caused by the impact of COVID-19 on our sports and activities program, we have continued to grow and work hard to offer students as many opportunities as possible. This has been a defining feature of our school throughout this crisis, and I am proud of everyone at SFS for their efforts and dedication to our community. I am especially proud of the students and coaches that have continued to STAY READY for any opportunity even when things looked hopeless. They have also done an incredible job maintaining our expectations for excellence and character in our sports program. Having all students back on campus each day has helped significantly, and has allowed for more consistency in the schedules and logistics necessary to run our programs. Presently, the main challenge is if and when we will be able to resume interschool competitions, as this is the lifeblood and energy of a sports program. Coaches have been creative, implementing other kinds

of intramural competitive opportunities; however, it isn’t the same as competing for the school. In High School sports, we have more than 125 students participating in a fall sport. The teams have been practicing and running intrasquad competitions in Tennis, Volleyball, and Cross Country. Hearing the Cross Country team training around campus has provided a thrum of energy on campus each day after school. This winter season we are planning to also add Table Tennis to our High School sports offerings for the first time, which is exciting. Over the last three years we have added Wrestling, Track & Field, and Table Tennis, which is fantastic as each captures a different group of athletes in the school. We also now have a ‘commitment based’ sport in each of the seasons: Cross Country in the Fall, Swimming and Wrestling in the Winter, and Track & Field in the Spring, so any student in the High School that wants to be a part of a competitive sport is able to.

FALL 2021 | Sports


Opposite: Fall Sports - Tennis Photo by David Tung (Grade 11)

In Middle Years Sports (MS and KS3), we have more than 300 students (approximately 85%) signed up to participate in the MY KAIAC Sports program, which happens throughout the school year. This fall we have started with Soccer, Badminton, and Cross Country, and it has added so much life and energy to the campus for these students to be playing. The next season will be Table Tennis, followed by Volleyball, Swimming, and Basketball. We have also expanded our MY SELECT Sports program in the Middle School, which are selection based boys and girls teams that will happen throughout the year. The goal was to create competitive groups that will be able to train more frequently and in smaller numbers. These groups are generally coached by the High School JV or Varsity coaches. This year we plan for teams for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and Soccer, and we will look to also add Badminton. We have had this program for Soccer the past few years, and have seen a great benefit to our students, and so this expansion will support our other sports that span from the Middle 40

Years up to the High School. In the Early Years (KS1, KS2, and Grades 1-5), most of our sporting opportunities are found in the SWEP program. The fall SWEP Session has just started at the end of September and is in full swing. It is incredible to see the number of students that are participating across the board in the school. A small example is our new and expanded Tennis offerings through Coach Skip with over 150 students now participating in Tennis programs. In the British School we have revived the FOBISIA U11 and U13 programs. These groups focus on a range of sports and all students participate in all of them. In non-COVID times, these groups would travel to other countries and compete in large tournaments with other schools. Now, we are focusing on training and hopefully later in the school year we can compete against other British schools in Korea. Either way, it is exciting to see this group back in full swing after a couple of years off. 19 12

The BANNER | Sports

FALL 2021 | Sports


Above and below: High School Cross Country Photos by Yeonwoo Lee (Grade 11)


The BANNER | Sports

Top: SWEP Basketball. Bottom: SWEP FOBISIA Soccer FALL 2021 | Sports



The BANNER | School Happenings

Camp SFS 2022 coming soon Camp SFS 2021 Overnight Camp on Campus. FALL 2021



The BANNER | Arts

Opposite: High School production of Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid

The Arts at SFS By John Striffler Director of Arts


erseverance. In a time when so many things have been in a state of transition, our Arts students and teachers have truly persevered. From Zoom classes to online shows and everything in between, our Seoul Foreign School artists have been nothing short of extraordinary. Their graft, determination, and sheer exuberance have been amazing to watch as they continue to bring art to our community. All the world's a stage (or classroom!) and our SFS thespians have been truly inspiring both inside and outside of the classroom. Over the past several months, audiences, both virtual and in person, have been transported across multiple decades and magical places as students from all sections of the school have taken the stage in the Lyso Center and Robb Hall to dazzle with their extraordinary talents. All the while, students in our MYP and DP theatre courses have explored topics including world theatre traditions, improvisation, directing, and social justice and theatre. To begin the 2021-2022 school year, we were transported back to the 1960s where Zoom audiences from around the world were entertained by our High School production of Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid. And in November, Key Stage 2 students walked through the wardrobe and brought us all to Narnia to do battle

with the White Witch in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. While our theatre students wowed audiences both on stage and off, our Visual Arts students created masterpieces across each section of the school. From ceramics and painting, to working with fabrics and fibers, our Visual Artists from Pre-K through Grade 12 learned a variety of artistic techniques to create works of art that were both inspirational and thought-provoking. Beginner Band Day was fortunately able to return to campus this August for our Grade 5 students. In November, our APAC Choir, Orchestra, and Dance students took to the Lyso mainstage for our first ever STAY-pac event and were able to work with guest artists and their ensemble teachers to perform for the SFS community via Zoom. Students in our Grade 4 music classes did an amazing job of celebrating the learning that has taken place in their classroom throughout the first semester. And finally, students from PreK-2 through Grade 12 sounded phenomenal and brought Christmas cheer to the entire school through their Christmas concerts in the month of December. It has been a truly amazing semester for the Arts at SFS and we could not be more proud of our students and teachers. We look forward to all that is to come during the second half of the 2021-2022 school year! 19 12

FALL 2021 | Arts


Top: Elementary School Grade 4 celebration of learning on 'Listen, Explore, Improvise, Compose, and Present' Bottom: Elementary School Grade 5 Beginner Band Day


The BANNER | Arts

Top: Paper Plate Weavings by Elementary School Grade 2 students Bottom: From a series of ceramics art project ‘Coat of Arms’ by British School Year 7 students FALL 2021 | Arts


British School Year 5 and Year 6 play The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


The BANNER | School Happenings

Student Voices


SFS is privileged to serve exceptional students hailing from all corners of the globe. Here’s a small sample of their school accomplishments and experiences, straight from the students themselves! The Banner invites all SFS students to submit their recent achievements and experiences to the editorial team. Please contact for further details.


The SFS mock trial team competed in The Law Association for Crimes Across History (LACAH) mock trial competition. At the conclusion of the competition, Leyna Biggs (Grade 10) was granted the Professional Award and asked to be the Representative for South Korea in the next round of the mock trial competition.


Seoul Foreign School’s High School Academic Quiz Team hosted a virtual KAIAC tournament with 5 schools represented. After a long day, SFS A and KIS A teams went to the championship round. SFS A ultimately got second place in the tournament. Congratulations to SFS A team members Kate Choi (Grade 11), Claire Haigh (Grade 10), Faith Chin (Grade 10), and Alex Kil (Grade 9).

Jaden (JunHyuk) Park (Year 1) was awarded “Special Award of Excellent Performance” in the violin section at the National Student Music Competition organized by Seoul Music Youth Education Committee, held at Sejong University.

FALL 2021 | Student Voices

Jia Park (Grade 2) participated in the Anyang International Music Concours, sponsored by Anyang University and T&B Entertainment. This was Jia’s second time participating in the competition. She proudly won second place in the Elementary School division for her harp performance.


Congratulations to Elsa (Doyi) Kim (Year 3) who received the Grand Prize in the first ‘Chinese Bridge(汉语桥)’ Chinese Proficiency Competition for World Elementary Students in Korea, and the 14th Korean Elementary and Junior High School Chinese Contest. The event was co-sponsored by the Confucius Institute Seoul and the HSK Korean Affairs Bureau. 51

More than 300 Elementary and Junior High School students from all over Korea participated in the preliminaries, and a total of 51 contestants were selected to participate in the finals. Elsa is the winner of the Grand Prize for Elementary School Competition A.


performance saying he plays confidently and expresses pitch accurately.


Allison Koo (Grade 6) and Avery Kim (Grade 6) made remarkable achievements for the 2021 VEX IQ Competition. As members of team 20202F:BeyondCoding, they earned the Think Award for the VEX IQ Korea National Championship which is presented to the team that has developed and effectively used a quality program to solve the game challenge. They also received the Innovate Award as team members of 20202C: BeyondCoding in the 2021 Live Remote VEX Robotics World Championship. The Innovate Award recognizes a team’s ability to implement an efficient robot design process. The judges review the team’s Engineering Notebook and discuss with the team how they are able to produce a quality robot. This award is given by judges to a top contender for the Design Award.


Congratulations to Tovee Choi (Grade 4) who received Gold in the 206th National Online Student Music Competition sponsored by Sanho Music. The judges were complimentary of Tovee’s violin 52

to the team with the highest combined programming skills and driving skills scores. The Excellence Award is the highest award presented in the VEX Robotics competition to the team that exemplifies overall excellence in several categories and qualifies the team to compete at the World Championship this year in Dallas, Texas.


Joonsah Lee (Year 5) participated in the “General Trias” International On-line Music Concours. Joonsah won 2nd place in the viola competition.

VEX IQ LIVE REMOTE SKILLS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Robotics VEX IQ team 3723B members Cayden Chun (Grade 7), James Hong (Year 6), and Ted Lee (Grade 7) received several awards for the 2021 VEX IQ Competition season. They earned Teamwork Finalist and Design Award for the VEX IQ National Championship competition. In the VEX IQ Live Remote Skills World Championship competition, the team received the Excellence Award and Robot Skills Champions Award. The Robot Skills Champion Award is presented The BANNER | Student Voices

After seeing Afghan refugees on the news, Lily Wasmund (Grade 10) and Olivia Wasmund (Grade 8) were inspired to organize a fundraiser for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) which supports Afghan refugees resettling in the USA. Since kite-flying is a popular pastime in Afghanistan, this fundraiser, named Help Afghans Soar Again, invited Middle School and High School students to donate and fold origami kites. Lily and Olivia who raised KRW 1 million to support Afghan refugees.


Tyler Koo (Grade 6) participated in the Universal Harmony Concours hosted by MyContest and held at the Maria Callas Hall. Tyler performed very well, finishing in 2nd place in the cello competition.



Ewan Yang (Grade 2) participated in the Korea Youth Piano Competition. Congratulations to Ewan who won second place in his class. This result will qualify him to compete in the annual scholarship competition at the end of the year.




Several students earned awards in the 2021 International Teenage Design & Art Awards. This competition is hosted by the K-Art International Exchange Association and provides opportunities for Middle and High School students around the world to express their artistic creativity. 1. Student: Erin Min (Grade 11) Award: Special Selection 2. Student: Stephanie Kim (Grade 11) Award: Winning Selection 3. Student: Yoonsuh (Erin) Lee (Grade 11) Award: Winning Selection and Bronze Award 4. Student name: Rachel Cho (Grade 11) Award: Winning Selection, Honorable mention



Engineering and Design Club participated in the 2021 1st Youth Club Hackathon. This competition involved a 2 day online seminar and 3 days of building and racing go-karts at the Songpa-gu Future Education Center Ogeum Hub. Two SFS teams competed: Alfa Romeo who placed first in their race and Squid Game who won the Best Design award. Team A - Alfa Romeo: Kibeck Lee (Grade 12), Hee Jun Kim (Grade 11), Zakariah Kazem (Grade 9), Yeocheol Yun (Grade 11), Andrew Lee (Grade 11). Team B - Squid Game: Michael Chung (Grade 12), Joon Kim (Grade 12), Eugene Chon (Grade 12), Wesley Park (Grade 12), Theodore Srun (Grade 11).


Joanne Lee (Grade 12) was awarded first place within the National History Day competition in the Senior Individual Performance category outperforming competition from across the USA and from NHD winners worldwide. Named as a National Endowment for the FALL 2021 | Student Voices


Humanities Scholar Joanne also receives a full scholarship to attend the National History Academy in the summer of 2022, a prestigious opportunity administered by ‘Journey Through Hallowed Ground’, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting and supporting civic engagement through history education.

to Corporate Korea, Haley outlines why it would behoove Korean corporations to adopt the UN LGBTI Standards in the absence of national laws prohibiting discrimination of LGBTI people.


JSM NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC COMPETITION next phase of the scholarship competition through a rigorous application process.


Joshua Kim (Grade 2) won the “best performance” award in piano at the 575th JSM Korea National Student Music Competition. Joshua was nervous beforehand for his first-ever performance. However, once he got on the stage and performed, he showed no signs of nervousness and beautifully played his music without making any mistakes.


Elizabeth Chung (Grade 12) recently became a published translator with the release of ‘Fly, Hunminjeongeum.’ This English-language book covers the history and science of the Korean alphabet. The author, Jung Yeong Ae, is a children’s book writer who adapted ‘The Road of Hunminjeongeum’ for young adults and also taught Korean literature to Elizabeth in Elementary School. Elizabeth chose to translate this book for her MYP Personal Project and she enjoyed the process so much that she initiated to have it published. Elizabeth has done smaller translating projects for galleries and museums and hopes to have more large-scale translating projects in the future.


Haley Son (Grade 12) contributed a guest article to Columbia University’s RightsViews. In the article, An Alternative Path Forward: Pivoting LGBTI Rights 54

Congratulations to Grade 12 students Joanne Inyoung Lee, Haley Son, and Joshua Yi for being named National Merit Semifinalists by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. About 16,000 students advanced to the Semifinalist stage after taking the PSAT, a qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship, last year. Our students will move on to the The BANNER | Student Voices

Jia Park (Grade 2) received the top prize at the 29th Philharmonic Competition with her performance on the harp. The Haneum Philharmonic Orchestra was established in 2006 and, with this competition, they aim to provide young musicians the opportunity to expand their musical future.


Janice Hur (Grade 11) finished in 2nd place in the Intermediate age division of the American Harp Society 24th National Competition this past summer. The AHS’ Mission is to celebrate legacy, inspire excellence, and empower the next generation of harpists. Janice performed Mozart’s Piano Sonata in F Major, K 332 (personally transcribed for harp), Sarabande et Tocatta by Nino Rota, and Aria on a Classic Style by Marcel Grandjany.


Erin Lee (Grade 11) won the Soprano division of her age group in this contest.


(International Vaccine Institute) at Yongsan Art Hall on Saturday, August 7. Ellie was chosen to play violin with Ms. Lee for the Lee Sang Hee & Little Friends portion of the performance. This yearly charity concert benefits IVI who develop and deliver vaccines to the world’s poorest children.


This past summer, two of our students participated in Carnegie Hall’s American Protégé International Vocal Competition. Erin Lee (Grade 11) competed in the Intermediate Opera Aria division and joined Joonmo Koo (Grade 12) for a vocal duet in the Broadway/Musical Theatre/ Jazz division. The American Protégé International Vocal Competition is designed for singers who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. The competition is open to solo vocalists and vocal groups of all ages, nationalities and countries.


The King’s Peak International Music Competition strives to inspire Classical Musicians by offering competitions, events and educational opportunities as they build their resume and careers. This past summer,

As 2021 National YoungArts Foundation Finalists, Kate Choi (Grade 11, Writing - Play or Script) and Janice Hur (Grade 11, Classical Music - Harp) were invited to National YoungArts Week. The weeklong program offers masterclasses and evaluations. Artists across 10 disciplines participate in classes and workshops with internationally recognized leaders in their field, which include Tony Award, Academy Award and Grammy Award winners. They also will receive a lifetime of creative and professional support, and access to YoungArts Post - a private, online portal for YoungArts artists to connect, share their work and discover new opportunities.


Ellie Park (Grade 5) participated in the 18th Lee Sang Hee Concert with IVI FALL 2021 | Student Voices

Eunice Lee (Grade 4) won the grand prize in the lower grade division of the 20th Shinhan Bank Little Picasso Painting Contest. This contest, held in the summer of 2021, asked competitors to submit digital artwork. The competition was in conjunction with the exhibition “Into the Myth,” running from May 1 to August 29 at the Hangaram Arts Center Museum and celebrating the 140th anniversary of Picasso’s birth. Eunice’s winning artwork, “Zombie Apocalypse”, depicted her greatest fear but she and her unicorn conquered the zombies. 55



teaching of the Latin language and culture. Lily received a score that earned her a magna cum laude award.


Business students at Seoul Foreign School participated in the Youngpro-launched KAESA Marketing Contest. Taking place throughout the month of July, the 4-week business case competition saw students tasked with developing marketing strategies to improve KAESA’s brand presence and market penetration. SFS students Narin Kim (Grade 12), Reina Roh (Grade 12), and Angela Joo (Grade 12) finished in 1st place, earning them cash prizes and an internship opportunity with KAESA. Another team of SFS students also finished admirably in 4th place - Jungwon Choi (Grade 12), Teresa Yoon (Grade 12), and Stefan Ruth (Grade 12). The competition included over 50 teams of high school and university students from around the globe.


Ina Choe (Grade 9) received the Encouragement Prize for her participation in the 2021 International University Dance Competition. Ina has been practicing ballet for six years. Hosted by Korea International Dance Exchange Association in collaboration with Amsterdam University of Arts and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, this competition provides young Korean dancers international exposure and opportunities such as scholarships to wellknown performing arts universities.


Two of our students have won their respective divisions in the AMIS Solo Finals Competition. Arnold Han ’21 won for his Tenor/Bass Voice performance of Mozart - Se vuol ballare and Janice Hur (Grade 11) won for her Harp performance of Rota - Sarabanda e Toccata. Hundreds of students from all over the world enter this competition in each discipline.


Lily Wasmund (Grade 10) participated in the National Latin Exam level IV, sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. The mission of the National Latin Exam is to promote and support the learning and The BANNER | Student Voices

Congratulations to Olivia Wasmund (Grade 8) for being the third-place winner in the Middle School category for the National Center for State Court’s (NCSC) 2021 Civics Education Essay Contest. Olivia’s essay was one of 1,826 entries in this year’s contest. Her essay was selected as a finalist by Texas Chief Justice Nathan Hecht and Colorado Justice Richard Gabriel. Beyond being the third-place winner, Olivia is the first-ever international student winner. 19 12

Left: Ruth Richter as the Guidance Counselor in the High School in 1990’s Right: Ruth in the thrift shop she managed a few months ago

A Reflection from the Richter Family


n the spring of 1974, the then Headmaster of SFS, Richard Underwood, recruited Ron Richter to be the Elementary School Principal. Recently, his wife Ruth shared her reflections on their family’s experience. “We’d sold all our possessions, and were making our way to Seoul for the school year of 1974-1975. Four elementary age children and their parents, all of them wide-eyed with this BIG choice we’d made that would change the rest of our lives, but full of anticipation and excitement. We were never disappointed in the decision to come to Seoul Foreign School and, indeed, we’ve always thought it was the best, smartest, life-changing experience we ever made. We spent six years at SFS, Ron as Elementary School Principal and me, initially a stay-at-home mother, then a volunteer leading into a paid position with Rona Robb, Guidance Counselor, learning the joy … and challenges … of working with High School students. Rona’s commentary about the students

still makes me smile as I recall them. At the end of the six years, we made the difficult decision to return to the U.S. We’d been there less than a year when Ron got the call to return to SFS. We felt we could not do that, having a commitment to the school where we were, but said we would be willing after three years had passed … and so in the summer of 1983, we found ourselves returning to SFS for another 12 year stint of being a part of this wonderful institution. With some additional education, I became the High School Counselor, and was challenged each and every day by the endless stream of fantastic juniors and seniors who came through my office, all of them preparing for great careers and looking for the best advice they could get about the university that would be the best fit for them. We returned to the US in 1995. At a reunion held in Seoul in 1997, I was talking with the Head of SFS, Harlan Lyso, who suggested it would be a good idea to have someone working with the alumni, FALL 2021 | Alumni

someone who knew many of them and was familiar with lots and lots of names of the ones who had come through SFS before I ever got there (through their files kept in the counselor’s office). Harlan was all for it, and so I became the first official Alumni Coordinator, a position I held for about ten years. Both Ron and I served together on the Friends of Seoul Foreign School Board until Ron resigned in 2016. I continued until the summer of 2021, hosting an informal gathering of the Board in Idaho this summer shortly before we decided to sell our home there and move into a retirement community in Winfield, Kansas….which is where we met when we were sixteen years old. In June of 2021, we celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary and each of us turn 80 this year. We both have a head full of memories and stories, and love the opportunity to share them with anyone and everyone who cares to listen. Always, the SFS years are featured in CAPITAL LETTERS in the telling.”


Class Notes 84 The Banner always welcomes your Class Notes and submissions. To submit, please reply to emails or send notes to eric.dehaan@


David K. Bernard authored a book To the End of the Earth - Adventures in Missions which was published in February 2021 by Pentecostal Publishing House. It recounts his years of travel for Christian missions on six continents including to underground churches behind the Iron Curtain in the 1980s. David earned a BA at Rice University in 1978, and a JD from the University of Texas, and became a member of the State Bar of Texas. He soon changed direction, however, becoming a Christian minister and earning a Doctor of Theology from the University of South Africa. He and his wife Connie started New Life Church in Austin, Texas, from which sixteen other churches were started, with total constituents of about 2,000. He also founded two accredited schools in the St. Louis area: Urshan College and Urshan Graduate School of Theology. Beginning 2010, he served full time as the general superintendent (CEO) of the United Pentecostal Church International, which has over 42,000 churches in 198 nations. David and Connie have three children and five grandchildren with more expected. They have a residence and office in the St. Louis area, the location of our church’s international headquarters, but their permanent home is in Austin, Texas.

Stacy S. Kim has recently written three essays connecting her teen years during Korea’s military regimes in the 70s to current family life during COVID-19. They have been published in The Independent and The Washington Post. Please scan the QR codes to view her articles: www.independent.

www.independent. www.washingtonpost. com/outlook/2021/05/07/ korean-culture-teenagerfan/ Pat Chapman ’99 and Sam in Helsingki ’99


Beth Chapman Lloyd gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Bridget Scott Lloyd, on November 5, 2021 in Yokosuka, Japan. Mother and baby are doing fine. Baby Bridget is pictured with her siblings.

Stacy S. Kim '84


Henry H.C. Woo and his wife welcomed Justin into this world this summer. Henry and his wife have lived in Cairo, Egypt, for the past four years.

David Bernard '74



Patrick Chapman and Samuli Ulmanen had an impromptu reunion in Helsinki, Finland, on November 4, 2021. Chapman, who is the Commanding Officer of the USS Arleigh Burke, pulled into port in Helsinki to strengthen partnerships with the Finnish Navy. While there, he met up with Ulmanen for a cup of coffee. They had not seen each other or kept in touch in 22 years. They had a great time catching up, and shared stories about how much SFS impacted their lives through the faculty and Discovery Week, for example.

Little Justin.

Baby Bridget is pictured with her siblings


Elaine Shin has started a sustainable consumer packaged goods brand called Nobrainer. She launched their 100% pure bamboo toilet paper last month. You can find more about the product and brand story at or on her Instagram @yesnobrainer.

Elaine Shin '10 The BANNER | Class Notes


The Class of 2016 had a reunion in New York City for Labor Day weekend 2021. From left to right: Eric Yoon, Justin Kae, Jason Han, Elliott Shim, Eileen Yoon, Miguel Sabado, Nicole Hong, Lauren Chang, Ronald Kim, Sarah Ha, Natalie Cho, Jonathan Han, Tyler Ryoo, Allison Kim, Senna Lim, Sarah Hahm (Not Pictured: Grant Hyun & John Kim)

The Class of 2016 New York reunion


Thomas Taehyung Kim ’11 and Vivian Haeun Kim ’14 had a memorable day at SFS last spring when they had their wedding photos taken on campus prior to their wedding. Thomas shared that the couple met at SFS when he was in his junior year as he helped coach Vivian’s MS volleyball team. He was then in the tech crew for all the High School theatre productions and Vivian played cello in the pit orchestra. They had time to get to know each other and stayed in touch when Thomas went to college. When Thomas visited SFS as an alumnus in 2014, he stumbled upon Vivian in the library. They caught up on each other’s lives and they became a couple soon after. They enjoy finding new restaurants as they are big foodies and love watching movies and TV shows. In recent times, they’ve both been pursuing graduate degrees, with Thomas in Daejeon and Vivian in Seoul, so make the most of their time together on the weekends. Thomas proposed to Vivian on a trip to Jeju Island in March 2021 where he had pre-decorated the hotel they were staying at. As to future plans, Thomas will finish his Ph.D in Chemistry this December and he hopes to land a postdoctoral fellow position in the USA and start his career there. His goal is to work at a pharma/biotech company. Vivian has her Masters degree from SNU in Biology Education and will attain her teaching certificate in the USA with the aim to teach science there. 19 12

Thomas and Vivian in front of the Korean Gate on campus FALL 2021 | Class Notes


Student Alumni Award


he Student Alumni Award has been sponsored by the SFS Alumni Committee for 24 years. A senior is chosen based on having made the most of their time at SFS in preparation for life in the “real world.” Applicants submit a reflective essay about an incident or experience that they will take away from their time at SFS, and how it made an impact on them. They also address how they will be an ambassador for SFS in the future. All essays are reviewed by the Alumni Committee, who also interview each entrant. The award winner receives a $1,000 scholarship and will serve on the alumni committee into the future. Congratulations to Rachel Kahng ’21, who is the winner of this year’s award, and is continuing her studies at Dartmouth University.

SFS Global Connect


FS Global Connect is a private platform connecting alumni and faculty. The robust tool combines many of the features of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn into an online space for SFS alumni. You can look up and email friends via the directory, post and comment on photos, add to the feed, as well as check out all the events for alumni both in person and online. Young alumni may be particularly interested in the flash mentoring program, which allows alumni to network with others in the SFS alumni community. In fact, 58% of registered users are willing to mentor those in the network. Access SFS Global Connect today at or by scanning the QR code.

Seoul Foreign School




years of the British School, 40 years of IBDP & the 110 th anniversary of SFS

The BANNER | Alumni

In Memoriam Daniel Knight, former faculty It is with sadness that we inform the community of the passing of Dr. Daniel (Dan) Knight, who died unexpectedly after a short illness in Egypt on May 11, 2021. Dan was a music teacher at the British School from 20022010. Professionally, Dan was known for his creativity and passion for both music and the students he taught. His humour and enthusiasm made him a well-loved colleague and teacher. Dan left an indelible footprint on the British School music program, which expanded substantially under his leadership. The Key Stage 3 music program was established, along with the British School orchestra. A partnership with Ms. Carpenter and Ms. Jung also saw the establishment of the British School Choir. Under Dan’s leadership, the British School began a tradition of musical theatre. The bar was set high with musicals such as In The Pink, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and in collaboration with Mrs. Edie Moon, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Dan initiated a Christmas choral and readings service at the Anglican Cathedral in Seoul that was shared between the different Key Stages and became a meaningful highlight of the school year.

Dan facilitated many opportunities for our music students to share their talents with others. The choir performed at the World Choir Olympics in Busan, were on national television performing at the Busan APEC world leaders conference in 2005, and had regular Christmas performances at the British Embassy and several large hotels in town. Under Dan’s encouragement, the British School Choir also provided cheer and Christmas concerts for children from the Severance Hospital pediatric cancer ward. As well as performing locally, Dan facilitated opportunities for orchestra and choir students to travel internationally, participating in musical workshops with other international schools. Dan was the initiator of the first FOBISIA music festival in 2005 for British international schools across Asia. It was hosted by SFS and culminated in a magnificent concert at the Lyso Centre with more than 200 performers. Today, this festival continues to be a highlight of the annual FOBISIA calendar. Dan’s light shone brightly and his passing leaves an empty place in the hearts of those who knew him and loved him. Rest in Peace, Dr. Knight.

Noor Mukadam ’12 We are deeply saddened by the terrible loss of Noor Mukadam ’12, who was found murdered in Islamabad on July 20, 2021. Noor was an SFS student while her father was the Pakistani envoy to South Korea in the early 2010s. Her brutal killing is

cause for sorrow and disbelief. We pray for her and her family, and that violence such as this comes to an end around the world.

Sarah Shafer, former faculty Sarah Elizabeth Shafer, 42, died unexpectedly August 19, 2020, en route to a new teaching adventure in Bangkok, Thailand. As an exceptional Pre-K 3 teacher at SFS from 2016-2019, Sarah dedicated herself to fostering within all children the unique interests and abilities that God had gifted them. Under her professional care, Sarah’s students were given amazing opportunities to blossom in all areas and to develop a true joy of learning, respect for the world they live in and the people around them. As a fellow staff member and friend, Sarah was admired for her creativity, her stories, and her sense of humor. Sarah and her beloved son, Theo, were dear friends to many

at SFS. Sarah’s whole-hearted devotion to her role as Theo’s mother was a model for all of the great joy, selfless love and sacrifice that comes from the parent-child relationship. When not teaching, Sarah most often would be seen playing, cuddling and laughing with Theo and friends. Before she passed away, Sarah arranged for Theo to be adopted by friends and fellow international school teachers, should anything ever happen to her. We are grateful that Theo is surrounded by a loving new family who have welcomed him in with open arms, and that he has been legally adopted again. We continue to pray that China’s travel restrictions will allow Theo to join his new adoptive parents and siblings in Beijing soon.

FALL 2021 | Memoriam


Letter from Advancement Dear SFS Community, Thank you for your ongoing generosity and support in driving our mission forward. We are off to a great start to the 20212022 Annual Fund, with 100% participation from the Board of Governors, and more than 68% of our faculty and staff, raising $231,075 (USD) as of November 22, 2021. The Annual Fund is our top fundraising priority. This yearly initiative is vital to the school’s financial wellbeing and allows us to provide the world-class education SFS students deserve. Gifts to the Annual Fund impact every student, every day, and every part of the SFS experience benefits from the generous philanthropic support from the community. Please help support our school to make a meaningful impact and make your gift today. In addition to the daily operations of the school, below are some initiatives and projects planned for this year: Facility Upgrades • Purchase of additional buses • Upgrades to sound system in the Theatre • Design Lab Upgrades

COVID-19 Safety and Precautionary Measures • Upgrades to face recognition temperature measurement terminals • Additional plastic barriers for cafeteria • Campus disinfection

Technology • iPads to support 1:1 program • Upgrades to wireless wifi • Programmable robots

Professional Development • SENIA (Special Education Network and Inclusion Association) conference • 21st Century International conference • Seoul of a Leader • Global citizenship, and a Health and Wellbeing alignment coach for our MYP curriculum. • Individual Professional Development Opportunities

Last spring, in the midst of uncertainty and challenges, the first Annual Fund Parent Challenge was a huge success bringing our community together. We received 120 gifts from families, 62

with a participation rate of 12%, a more than 517% increase than the previous year. We are truly grateful for the support of the community members who have dedicated their personal philanthropy to help us achieve this outstanding achievement. A significant piece of art was gifted by an anonymous donor this past summer to inspire our students. Needling Whisper, Needle Country/ SMS Series in Camouflage /Thou, If you are like me 01-001 (2014-2015) by Kyungah Ham is displayed on the first floor lobby of the High School building. To read more about this piece, see page 63. At the High School Awards Ceremony last June, the first recipient of the Jack R. Moon Biology Scholarship was presented to Eugene Ko ’22. Eugene has a deep concern for the environment, especially the ocean and wildlife, and used the scholarship to volunteer at the Jeju Wildlife Rescue Center this summer. Read more about Eugene and the impact you made to inspire future leaders on page 64. This year is a special year for SFS as we celebrate 40 years of the British School, 40 years of the IB Diploma Programme, and 110 years since the founding of Seoul Foreign School. This legacy not only speaks to our traditions but to our ability to grow and change as an institution. We hope we can bring the community together to celebrate and be a part of this legacy. Please stay tuned for any upcoming celebrations and events in the near future. With much appreciation, Yoojin Um Director of Advancement

The BANNER | Advancement

Kyungah Ham Korean, b.1966 Needling Whisper, Needle Country/ SMS Series in Camouflage /Thou, If you are like me 01-001 2014-2015 North Korean hand embroidery, silk threads on cotton, middlemen, anxiety, censorship, ideology, wooden frame, approx. 2,400 hrs/ 2 persons

Thou, if you are like me 01-001 (2014-2015)


his past summer, we received an anonymous gift of Kyungah Ham’s artwork. It is on display in the High School first floor lobby. We are extremely grateful as a community to receive gifts-in-kind donations. Our donors contribute gifts to the school which will uniquely benefit our students and reflect the passions and interests of the donors themselves. Kyungah Ham created her Embroidery Series with the help of middlemen

traveling between China and North Korea. She asked these middlemen to pass on words and images related to war, terror, capitalism, lyrics from popular songs and global news; to North Korean embroidery artisans for them to sew onto canvas panels and turn into works of art. This work shows lyrics from a popular South Korean song, “If you are like me,” embroidered in both English and Korean onto an abstract background. The strings FALL 2021 | Donor & Impact Stories

of silk trace the lives, time, and emotions shared between the artisans and the artist via this unique means of communication. Without any promise of response, the artist keeps sending her “letters” northward, hoping to shorten the divide between the two Koreas. To learn more about Kyungah Ham’s artwork, please visit the High School library.


Jack R. Moon Biology Scholarship - Eugene Ko ’22 Seoul Foreign School. Recipients may use these funds to assist tuition, summer programs, or research opportunities.


his past summer, the Jack R. Moon Biology Scholarship was awarded for the first time to Eugene Ko, Grade 12. This annual scholarship, established by longtime faculty member Jack R. Moon and funded additionally by community donors, awards $1,000 (USD) to a Grade 11 student who has a passion for Biology and exhibits the mission and values of

Eugene used the scholarship funds to support a volunteer experience at the Jeju National University’s Jeju Wildlife Rescue Center. This experience aligned with the Center’s peak season when birds are breeding and an influx of tourists contributes to increased accidents. For three weeks, Eugene fed and cared for injured baby birds, including swallows, sparrows, woodpeckers, and pigeons. She also had the opportunity to examine minks, deer, rabbits, and cats, and sit in on veterinary surgeries. The scholarship opportunity came along at the perfect time for Eugene. Feeling burned out by the rigors of Grade 11 assessments, she needed to refresh and rethink her passions and goals. Eugene had a long-standing interest in marine science

with the ambitious aim of combating threats to the world’s oceans but when considering the work that would need to be done to achieve her goals, she’d quickly become overwhelmed. “Every time I think about preservation and conservation of nature, it comes to me as a really big and indigestible task it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. But through this experience, I was very close to nature, holding little birds and sadly witnessing the death of animals. It helped me realize that even though it’s referred to as conservation of nature, it’s about taking care of those little lives one by one. It helped me become more intimate with nature and then appreciate and rethink my values and what I want to achieve later in my life.” Expressing deep gratitude to the scholarship donors, Eugene knows their support and this experience will help ensure that she achieves her ultimate goals.

Langston K. Rogde Memorial Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship - Arnold Han ’21


his scholarship has been sponsored by Langston (Former Assistant Head of School - Operations) and Linda (Former Faculty) Rogde to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding talent and abilities in either Performing or Visual Arts and plans to pursue higher education in the fields of Performing or Visual Arts. The recipient of the Langston K. Rogde Memorial Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship this year was Arnold Han ’21. Arnold’s accomplishments in the area of performing arts and academic music have been impressive during his high school career. He has an intellectual curiosity and passion for understanding music in it’s context that will greatly benefit him in his life goals in the profession of being a composer. Arnold has also had a key role in


multiple choirs throughout high school including Moonlight Choir, APAC Choir, and Psalms Choir. He also successfully auditioned for the National Honor Festival Choir and the international Honors Choir, AMIS, three years in a row. Arnold’s commitment to the arts here at SFS has been impressive and inspirational. Arnold has also played a significant role in the theatre department of our school. As a junior, he took on the daunting role of Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables and brought the house down through his performance. Thereafter, he has participated in every theatre performance through his senior year- as actor, as composer, as musical director for The Tempest, as workshop leader for the 4th Grade Theatre Festival, and more. Arnold is extremely gifted but he carries The BANNER | Donor & Impact Stories

his giftedness with humility, grace and kindness. Arnold is a leader, but he is also a team player. Through the time of this pandemic, Arnold chose to create and heal through his music and other performances. Arnold will be pursuing further studies in the field of music composition at the San Francisco Music Conservatory.

June Raphael Chon ’23 Donates Proceeds from YouTube Channel


ith hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel, June Raphael Chon, Grade 11’s, hobby has turned into a business which generates a revenue stream. He has always wanted to use his platform for something positive, something that would benefit his community. Recently, June generously donated $5,000 (USD) of profits to the Annual Fund. “My parents introduced me to the Annual Fund. So I did some research and it seemed like a great way

to make a difference. The Annual Fund is such a good cause. It really helps SFS grow and improves the well-being of everyone at the school.” June’s YouTube channel stemmed from his passion for digital animation and features 2D and 3D skits. At SFS, he studies DP Visual Art and is involved with the Publicity Council which promotes communication across our school community and fosters school spirit through entertainment content. In the

future, he hopes to use his talents as a director, a business manager, or continue his current work as an animator.

International Businessperson of the Future Award - Yoonseo Kim ’21


he International Businessperson of the Future Award is given to a graduating senior who is pursuing a college degree leading to a career involved in the private international business sector. This scholarship was endowed anonymously in honor of Kevin and Ellen O’Donnell. Kevin O’Donnell forged a career in international business and along the way, he brought

the Peace Corps to Korea. Ellen O’Donnell spent her early years in China, the daughter of medical missionaries. She happily moved a family of eight children from Ohio to Korea, to support her husband’s dream. The children attended SFS. Throughout their lives, Kevin and Ellen have been positive role models for values and ethics. It is in their honor that the Seoul Foreign School International Businessperson of the Future Award is presented to the graduating student who best exemplifies a strong set of personal ethics and fairness in dealing with others, who shows a facility for international exchange and who visualizes a career supporting international understanding through private enterprise

and business development. This year’s recipient is Yoonseo Kim. While at SFS, Yoonseo had a great interest in global politics and was the vice president of our school’s WWF branch. She was also the writer and editor for our school paper, a member of Dancers against Cancer, a member of the National Honor Society, Fine Arts Council President and a member of and tutor for PiSaders our school math club. Yoonseo is currently attending the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania. This program is extremely selective taking roughly 50 students per class.

American Journal of Health Promotion Award - Alaina Smith ’22


he American Journal of Health Promotion Award sponsored annually by Michael O’Donnell ’70 is given to an SFS junior who best exemplifies optimal health in physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Alaina Smith was the recipient in 2021.

football. Alaina excels in all of these sports while keeping great efforts into maintaining her outstanding grades. She always has a smile on her face and is ready to engage in new activities despite the heavy academic load that the IBDP programme demands.

Alaina has been very much involved in afterschool sports for the whole academic year and in previous years as well. In the autumn season, she runs every day with a school team and is the cross-country captain. She also plays basketball and

Alaina has a great relationship with her friends, and manages the members of her sports teams effectively. She is a hard-working and dedicated student that exhibits a great respect for all her teachers, but at the same time she is able to FALL 2021 | Donor & Impact Stories

advocate for herself and seeks to maintain a balanced life. She is able to receive and give love, showing compassion towards others. 65

2021 - 2022

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