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Lobbying for the Lanes Tawnya Zwicker leads Oregon operators’ bold reopening campaign By Robert Sax

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August 2020

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Tenpin e Strikes Big with EDGE String

Graham Blackwell ŚŝĞĨŽŵŵĞƌĐŝĂůKĸĐĞƌ Chain: Teenpin >ŽĐĂƟŽŶ͗ United Kingdom Lanes: 1,100+ lanes across 45 bowling centers ƩƌĂĐƟŽŶƐ͗ Bowling, arcade games,  ƚĂďůĞƚĞŶŶŝƐ͕ƐŽŌƉůĂLJ͕ laser games, pool tables plus F&B

Tenpin e is the sec ond l arrg gest bo wling operat or in the UK with 45 c en t ers and o v er 1,100 l anes.

With an un wave ring focus on pro viding a fan tastic family experience, Te npin has bec ome the sec ond larg est te npin bo wling opera t or in the UK with 45 ce n ters and o ve r 1, 100 lanes. Bo wling represen ts about 50% of their re venue on averag e. Along wi th c asual and le ague bo wling , Te npin ce n ters of fer arc ade games, table tennis, soft play, laser games, pool tables plus high-quality food and be ve rag e ser vice t o o ve r five million visit ors e ver y ye ar.

Te enp ’s Challenges enpin g s h with Free-F e Fall a l Mach hines hi Te npin w orked hard t o be c ome the g o-t o pl ace for UK famili e s looking t o have fun. Ye t, in 2014 , Graham Blackw ell, their chie f c ommercial of ficer, was finding it i ncre asingly dif ficult t o delive r an excep tional bo wling expe rie nce. Problem number one : their fre e- fall machines. Chie f among many other issue s, unre liable performance and do wn time was be c oming a source of frustra tion for players. Problem numbe r tw o: finding and re taining expe rie nced techni cians t o ser vice those machi ne s had bec ome a hug e challe ng e. “ We w ere strug gli ng ,” say s Graham, a 30- year bo wling industr y ve teran. “Our guest experience, re ve nue and brand reputa tion w e re all suf fering.” On t op of tha t, main tenance of their free- fall machines had bec ome an e ver more signific an t opera ting expense. Plus, it was challenging t o bring the i r older machines in line with curren t HSE w orkplace sa fe ty regula tions. Some thing had t o be done.


Tenpin e Chooses QubicaAMF F String Pinspotters

“Q ubicaAMF ’s u s e of innovative technoloog y... smar t desig n features and robu st con str uc tion a s c o mp pared to the str ing machine alte r natives... th d idi f t ”

To To-dat e Tenpin Te has repl ac ed o v er 800 o f their 1,100 l anes o f free-ff a all machines with Qubic aAMF F string str pinspo tt ers.

With free- fall machines t opping his list of major headache s, in 2014 Graham began seriously looking a t way s t o solve the problem. He ’d heard of string machines but had no direct expe rie nce with the m. So, in 2015 he embarked on a discipline d in terna tional que st. His g oals: t o experience bo wling on string machines firsthand; t o he ar wha t players though t about them; and t o understand re liability and mai n tenance ne eds.


After bo wling his way across Europe —speaking with ope ra t ors and players alike, Graham felt c on fide n t tha t string pinspotters w ere th e way t o g o. “I did not fi nd pin- fall t o be meaningfully dif feren t,” he say s. “Most cust omers eithe r didn’ t notice or mind tha t the y w ere bo wling on a string machine .” Ene rgized b y these disc o v e ri e s, and a fter testing string machines in one ce n te r, Graham pre sen ted a business c ase and a wider trial plan t o the Tenpin Board of Direct ors. Soon, a fte r researching op tions, Graham chose Qubic aAMF t o be the exclusive string pinspotter supplier for the Te npin chain. Qubic aAMF string machines w e re then installed across six Te npin cen ters of var ying size, performance , technic al c ompe te ncy and league participa tion. Three things bec ame imme di a tely cl e ar: 1. String pinspotte rs delive re d a be tter guest expe rie nce 2. Re venue was up 3. Cen ter manag e rs and e mplo ye es w e re happi e r and less stressed Te npin began installing Qubic aAMF ’s acclaimed TMS string pinspotte r in 2016, the n transitione d t o the re v olutionar y ne w EDGE String in early 2019. To-da te Tenpin has replace d o ve r 800 of the i r 1, 100 lane s of free- fall machine s with Qubic aAMF string pinspotte rs.

Join the EDGE String Revolution! www.qubic q caamf..com//edggestringg


BUSINESS AT LARGE 8 CREATIVE WORKS’ VIRTUAL AMUSEMENT 360 BREAKS RECORD Working within new parameters, Creative Works successfully held its first virtual Amusement 360 Event in June. Over 600 people registered, making it the largest 360 Event ever and one of the largest virtual events in the industry. This 2-day event, first offered in 2011, focused on helping aspiring and existing entertainment center operators. The agenda included a wide range of entertainment topics. The first day covered opening a new entertainment center, financing, attraction selection, facility design, hiring and training staff, and leadership skills to name a few. The second day was devoted to operator interview sessions, hearing it from the experts. Some of the guests were: Michael Browning, Urban Air Adventure Park; Eddie Hamann, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games; Phil Kaplan, GameWorks; Keri Little and Jenny Emley, High Five; Jay Trietley, Alley Cats; and Marc Wiese, Airway Fun Center. The next scheduled 360 Event is set for October. Visit www.amusement360.com for more information.




LAI Games, a premiere game manufacturer and subsidiary of Helix Leisure, has partnered with Firstlease, a financial solutions company and full-service lender, along with multiple U.S. game distributors, on Project: Kickstart. Project: Kickstart is an initiative aimed at helping entertainment locations get access to the latest, high-income producing games as they continue to recover from COVID-19. The program features a lineup of LAI Games’ AMOA Innovator awardwinners, along with the IAAPA 2019 sensation Pearl Fishery, packaged in a variety of flexible and accessible lease deals through Firstlease. The lease options will include variable time frames and no money down, with 90 days deferred payment for qualified customers. John Bugh, LAI senior VP of sales and business development, said, “We want to provide location owners with access to a lineup of top games that encourage customers to get back out and play. COVID-19 brought the industry to its knees, and we’re excited to be part of an opportunity that gives locations of all sizes the ability to put proven revenue-generating games in their locations.” See the full lineup of games, with videos, game descriptions, specifications, pricing, and a list of participating distributors at www.laigames.com/project-kickstart.

Want to play pirate? Virtuix, creator of the Omni Arena virtual reality esports attraction, can make it happen with its new Blackbeard: The Trials of Skull Island game. Up to four players work together as pirates to loot treasure, fight villainous foes, and achieve high scores on the leaderboard. “Blackbeard is Omni Arena’s most kid-friendly game to date,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “It’s also a blast for adults and esports players. We designed the game for high


August 2020

repeat play. It’s easy for everyone to play, but thanks to its variety and depth, it’s hard to master. No two rounds are ever the same.” Blackbeard will be part of Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly esports tournaments. The top teams on Blackbeard’s global leaderboard will win cash prizes from a $100,00 prize pool. Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mdLUNXabg&feature=youtu.be




BUSINESS AT LARGE 8 LASERTRON AND STRIKE & SPARE ON THE MOVE L & S Family Entertainment, LLC’s Strike & Spare in Murfreesboro, TN, will be setting up a new home in town. While bowling will be at the heart of the new location, a big draw will also be provided by LASERTRON and its LED Interactive Arena and LT12 Game System. The LASERTRON arena is designed to fully immerse players into the game experience. The new location boasts 52,450 square feet, which will include bumper cars, roller skating, a virtual reality roller coaster, laser tag, an arcade, a 3D maze, Lazer Frenzy, and a one-on-one race against time called Time Freak. There will also be a full restaurant, party rooms, and dining areas. L & S Family Entertainment operates 14 centers and is based in Hendersonville, TN. LASERTRON has 195 locations currently operating its laser tag equipment.

BOWLING SHIRTS ROCK Clothes have a way of coming back and reinventing themselves, and bowling shirts are no exception. Many iterations have brought bowling shirts to where they are today: classy; bougie; darn right cool. In the 1950s, they started a youth trend. When the youth aged, they took their fanny packs and bowling shirts and toured the world. Charlie Sheen tried to hip it up a bit in Two and a Half Men by resurrecting them.

The 2020 spring fashion scene saw Gucci, Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Dsquared2 sending models down the runway in billowing, tenpin inspired shirts. They’re loose, airy and made from silk. They can be worn buttoned-up with a blazer, chinos, and loafers or open with a white T-shirt. Bowlers have never looked so good.

AN OPEN & SHUT CASE The States of North Carolina and Washington are closed once again Many bowling centers find themselves at the core of the question to open or not to open based on COVID-19 cases. In Washington, Phase 3 reopenings are beginning but bowling center operators and FECs will not be allowed to open until Phase 4. The Phase 3 openings allow for fitness centers and movie theaters to operate at 25% capacity. Even more complicated is the back and forth saga of North Carolina. Here’s a thumbnail sketch: Governor Roy Cooper held up the reopening of centers. BPAA centers challenged the decision and Judge James Gale agreed they should be allowed to reopen. However, at Cooper’s behest, the state Supreme Court stayed the ruling. On Sunday, July 19, attorneys for the centers filed arguments to overturn. Immediately on Monday, a quick replay put the open/close debate back at close.

Correction in the July 2020 cover story featuring Elaine Brumberg and Thunderbird Lanes: The synthetic lanes were installed by US Bowling’s Murrey Lanes. The new furniture is from US Bowling as well. 12


August 2020

PHONE: 863-734-0200 FAX: 863-734-0204 | 1951 LONGLEAF BLVD. LAKE WALES, FL 33859 | WWW.KEGEL.NET


2020 CANCELLED Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USBC has canceled all the remaining national and collegiate bowling events. “These decisions are tough on everyone, but mostly our players, athletes, and members,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “USBC’s mission is to serve our bowlers and canceling the most significant events in the sport certainly is heartbreaking for all involved.” The decision was based on the increasing spread of COVID-19 in several states, along with the changing guidelines and travel restrictions. The cancellations include the previously postponed USBC Open Championships, USBC Women’s Championships, USBC Masters, USBC Senior Masters, USBC Senior Queens, and Super Senior Classic. The 2020-2021 USBC Collegiate season will be postponed until January 2021. USA bowling events and in-person coaching seminars for 2020 have also been postponed. Also, in the light of current conditions, plans for a PWBA event in late 2020 are indefinitely on hold. Plans to resume a traditional schedule, starting with USBC Team USA Trials, will begin in January 2021.

PEOPLEWATCHING Bob Dipipi has been promoted by Betson Enterprises to vice president of purchasing and sales. He has worked in the industry for 28 years and 25 years for Betson. Dipipi will be responsible for all amusement and vending equipment purchasing, factory relationships, and inventory management. He will also continue to help manage the sales organization and work with key accounts. Jonathan Betti, senior VP of sales and business development, said, “We are excited to see his career evolve Bob Dipipi to this level and proud that he’s a member of the Betson family.”

IN REMEMBRANCE As released by Creative Works, 7/28/2020 - Creative production space. Works Founder Jeff Schilling passed away on Sunday after Jeff also believed in empowering operators through courageously battling cancer for almost four years. education to strengthen the industry as a whole. In 2011 he Jeff took inspiration from his entrepreneurial grandfather started the LaserTAG360 program, which today is called and started Creative Works in 1997. Jeff Amusement 360. These events were saw an opportunity to reimagine and designed to bring the industry’s best build a much better game environment. together to educate, inspire, and share He transformed static spaces into epic, the tools for success. As he stated in a movie-style sets where guests could presentation during the 2019 F2FEC become the heroes of their own journey. event, “When you have gratitude and These immersive experiences delivered appreciation, much can be done, much the “WOW Effect,” which would become can be gained, and much can be the Creative Works cornerstone over the shared.” Jeff never hesitated to share. next two decades. He became a mentor to others and Under Jeff’s visionary leadership, the helped foster their personal growth to company expanded its product line to create a lasting impact and force for include many more attractions like indoor good. mini golf, escape rooms, laser mazes, Jeff’s legacy will live on through his virtual reality, and esports. He worked wife Kimberly and the charity the two of with thousands of business owners all them started in his final days. More over the world and became ingrained in Jeff and Kimberly Schilling details about this charity will be the amusement industry. announced in the near future. Creative Works started as an idea at his kitchen table and Armando Lanuti, the president of Creative Works, will turned into an industry powerhouse with more than 60 continue to lead the company and help create memorable employees and almost 50,000 square feet of office and experiences for millions of people around the world, building 14


August 2020




• Your customized logo laser cut.

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• Adjustable screen rotation.

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WATCH READY, SET, GO! In general, films take a long time to put together. There’s first and foremost a cohesive script. Then snagging financial backing…or not. The scratching around for locations. Filming. And, last but not least, post production. If all goes well, fingers crossed, it should take months? Years? To make the challenge even bigger, Rob Nixon and his King Of Hearts film crew jumped into the international 48 Hour Film Project. In the Boston region, his 7-and-a-half-minute short, “Wrong Lanes” came away with best film, best actor, for Nixon, best editor, Nixon and Miles Perry, and best cinematography, Tim Ouillette. Here’s how it works: Teams assemble on Friday night. Each team receives an email with a film genre, a prop, character, and a line of dialogue. They have 48 hours to turn in a complete film, including travel time, writing, shooting, editing, and submitting. For Nixon and his crew, the genre for their “Wrong Lanes” was fish out of water. The prop was a lightbulb, the character was Roger, the judge, and the line of dialogue was “What’s going on?” “Wrong Lanes” takes place entirely in a bowling center. For Nixon, the pandemic allowed him to receive the generosity of Yankee Lanes, in Brunswick, ME. “It was definitely challenging,” Nixon shared. “We wore masks when not shooting and kept six feet [apart] when we could.”





August 2020


SPOTLIGHT: INSPIRATION Aubree Hoster is 18 and is a junior at Schuylkill Valley High School, in Leesport, PA. Like her parents, who met at Berks Lanes in Reading, PA, she loves to bowl and has been a member of the high school bowling team the last three years. All very typical, except she isn’t. Aubree suffers from a rare disease, hereditary spastic paraplegia, causing progressive stiffness in her legs and forces her to use a walker, which is her choice over a wheelchair. In addition, she developed vision problems, possibly brought on by the paraplegia, when in kindergarten, about the same time that she started bowling. With 20/400 vision in her left eye and none in her right eye, she’s legally blind. With a 12-pound ball and her walker by her side, she competes with her classmates. Five years ago, she bagged a 226-pound trophy buck on a ranch in western Pennsylvania, using an iPhone as a scope. During the BCIAA girls bowling tournament in May, the Berks Bowling Coaches Association named Aubree the inaugural recipient of its Inspiration Award. “When I got my award, a lot of people recognized that I can actually do things like other people,” she said. “You can do whatever you set your mind to do.” She’s determined and definitely an inspiration. [credit: Rich Scarcella of readingeagle.com]

As you are opening,, check your stock

Tough ou o times never last but tough people do Robert H. Schuller

CALL A US (919) 799-7707 support@experthosiery upport@experthosiery y.com .


August 2020




Lickety Splitz is lickety good

Bowlway in Elgin, IL, has had 79 good years. Opened in 1941, for the last 30 years the center has been run by the three Grocke brothers: Norm, 76, a pro bowler; Bill, 77; and Greg, 63. However, the 14,000-squarefoot-center is retiring, along with its owners. While the iconic façade will remain, the interior will become a banquet and event space. Here’s to a good run!

Laurel Lanes Entertainment Center in Maple Shade, NJ, has opened a new ice cream parlor, Lickety Splitz. It offers what it describes as “sweet & sinful handcrafted ice cream.” The sinful flavors are all alcohol-infused, including pina colada, caramel apple brandy, and bourbon butter pecan. “Whatever taste you want from drinking a summer cocktail, you can get that in our ice cream,” said Brandi Cuffari, the marketing director for Laurel Lanes. “Just a little bit sweeter and that much better.” According to coowner Keith Johnson, once Laurel Lanes can reopen in full, the vision is for all three businesses, Laurel Lanes, Lickety Splitz, and Splitz Bar & Grill, to become a bustling ecosystem of family activity. Yes, Lickety Splitz also offers kid-friendly, old-fashioned ice cream with 16 percent butter fat!

A Time for Introspection Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. This is especially true during a pandemic when the choice is not yours to stay open. For D.J. Hill, co-owner of Lefty’s Alley & Eats in Lewes, DE, this was no exception. Closed since March, Hill said in retrospect, “It allowed us to get back in creation mode. It’s the best thing that could have happened at this time. It gave us time to reboot and retool. We’ve been busy and had a lot of fun doing it.” Lefty’s offers 16 lanes of bowling, a large arcade room, two floors of laser tag, and a bar and restaurant. Lefty’s has a new chef and new menu, a new general manager, an upgraded patio, Drive-in throwback and is offering a drive-in movie theater. The drive-in launched the reopening June 22 with a sold-out showing of Rocky. The new chef, Paige van den Burg, is a NYC-trained chef with more than 10 years’ experience. She will also oversee Lefty’s new Black Hat Catering operations, as well as menus for VIP and corporate meetings Celebrating reopening and events.



August 2020

ZOOMERS to become FAST TRAX Zoomers Amusement Park in Fort Myers, FL, has been purchased by Pat and Lisa Ciniello, owners of Bowland and Headpins Entertainment Centers in southwest Florida. They are looking to turn the 18-acre property into their FAST TRAX concept, complete with brand new OTL Electric Go-Karts, which will replace the gas-powered karts, and other upgrades to the arcade, kitchen, outdoor bar and party areas. They will also incorporate duck pin bowling. Zoomers, which is owned and operated by Mike and Evie Barnes, has been in operation for eight years. However, it has been closed since March. Currently the property features two outdoor go-kart tracks, mini-golf, 10 mechanical carnival-type rides, bumper boats, and an indoor arcade with more than 80 games. Changes are in the works, and Pat Ciniello said, “I already have my design team looking at ways to modify the current layout. One thing that I really want to see,” he added, “is how we can create more shade and coverings over the outside spaces.” Ciniello expects to re-open as FAST TRAX in early December.







www.SteltronicScoring.com info@steltronicscoring.com






Personal protective equipment for your employees and guests

Floor Stickers

Face Shield

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QUBICAAMFĘźS REOPENING MARKETING KIT Reopening is upon us and QubicaAMF has released a marketing kit for centers to use during the transition. The Welcome Back to Bowling marketing kit includes social posts, monitor ads, email templates, labels, outdoor signage, checklists, and a Venue Reopening Guide outlining operational considerations and best practices for centers. The kit is available for download for free and will continue to be updated: www.qubicaamf.com/support/center-reopening-marketing-kit. In addition, the QubicaAMF technical support team is available to assist centers with free reopening technical support: www.qubicaamf.com/scheduletechsupport. Further, there is the complete QubicaAMF Resource Center: www.qubicaamf.com/support. www.qubicaamf.com

OUTDOOR ATTRACTIONSĘź REVENUE STREAM Facing capacity restrictions due to current events? There are numerous ways to think outside the box and continue to provide a fantastic customer experience and also increase revenue. Party Center Software offers a downloadable guide sharing four ideas for outdoor attractions to increase revenue potential. One of the largest untapped areas for revenue is capitalizing on your own outside space. The guide can also serve as a resource of inspiration and creativity for what your center can do. www.partycentersoftware.com/outdoor-attractions-guide www.partycentersoftware.com

SBA LOAN INFORMATION In response to the coronavirus pandemic, small business owners in all 50 U.S. states, including Washington D.C. and territories, are eligible to apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000, plus a variety of other debt relief programs. Learn more at www.sba.gov. www.sba.gov

GUEST SURVEY REPORT LAI Games, a leader in the interactive entertainment and game industry, conducted a consumer survey in the last week of June to find out what was important to guests as venues reopen. Over 500 respondents answered questions related to their behavior pre and post COVID. The responses give FEC and center owners direct insight into how they can address guest concerns and influence their decisions to revisit amusement venues. www.laigames.com



August 2020

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Spread the Word that you are Keeping it Clean! Reassure your customers that your bowling center is a safe place for fun and entertainment.


Confidently Clean Tee & Downloadable Posters


Hand Sanitizer Wipes Do-It All Germicidal Wipes Medaphene Plus Disinfecting Spray INDIANA FLORIDA TEXAS WASHINGTON NEVADA 260.484.2695 www.classicproducts.com CLA90985





CONSISTENT ONS SCORABILITY CORA TY Y shape hardly changes while in play, the flight r® pins remains consistent and true, even after ds and thousands of lines of use. This means evels remain the same and bowlers can expect the action from day 1!

U.S. DISTRIBUTORS Corp. Classic Products Products Corp. Fort Garland, TX F ort Wayne, Wayne, IN | Garland, Largo, Auburn, WA A Lar go, FL | A uburn, W 1-800-444-0123 classicproducts.com classicpr oducts.com KR Strikeforce Strikeforce M Melrose elrose P Park, ark, IL 1-8001-800-297-8555 297-8555 kr krstrikeforce.com strikeforce.com A Ace ce Mitchell Cuyahoga F Falls, alls, OH 1-8001-800-262-2695 262-2695 Deer P Park, ark, NY 1-800-321-0309 acemitchell.com

Outstanding Outstanding Scorability, Scorabilit bilitty, Long-lasting Long-las ting durability. durabilit bilitty. WWW.TWISTERPINS.COM WWW .TWIS TERPINS . COM

RESOURCE HYGIENE PROTECTION Proprietors across the country are in the midst of re-imagining their centers for a safe environment for their customers during this pandemic. Embed joins the fights to eradicate COVID-19 with a new approach to hygiene protection. It has announced a range of Hygiene Defence products that are stronger than harsh industrial cleaners with the toxic health risks. They kill 99.9% of a broad spectrum of pathogens, including COVID-19 on contact, airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi spores, and mold. These products purify venues from airborne defense to all surface areas. Independently tested, every Embed Hygiene Defence product is formulated with a unique and proprietary mix of 100% Australian natural active ingredients consisting of organic certified biodegradable, steam-distilled essential oils that are tough and long-lasting. Check out the videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8GqTX15tkM www.embedcard.com

CDC Climbing to the top of the ladder for COVID-19 information, the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, better known as the CDC, is a good source for general information. Go to its website, www.cdc.gov, click on Business and Workplaces and find a variety of best practices and categories of information. A person cannot be too informed. www.cdc.gov

CREATIVE WORKS SHARES As businesses start to reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, liability is a topic that should be visited. Creative Works, in its press release, shares a blog article from Kevin Lonzo of Lonzo Law who breaks down some steps that center operators can take to protect themselves from COVID-19 related negligence claims. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do yourself a favor and spend 10 minutes reading this article. It could save you a ton of time and money in the long run.â&#x20AC;? www.thewoweffect.com

BPAA OFFERINGS FOR REOPENING The Bowling University team continues to offer ideas and resources for centers to use to begin the process of reopening. Now is the time to refresh centers and mindsets to create a successful Take Two! This website offers information and best practices for all aspects of center operations: Bowling, Staffing, F&B, Marketing, Resources, and Media. Visit the site: www.bowlinguniversity.net/ondemend. A new feature is Breakfast with Bowling University hosted by Bart Burger. Its latest 15-minute course is COVID-19 Social Distancing & Personal Hygiene. For more information go to: www.bowlinguniversity.net/ondemand. Other COVID-19 resources can be reached by going to www.bpaa.com and click any of the resource tabs. Take special note of the Reopening Products tab which offers Smart Buy offerings, plus other sources for cleaning products and essentials for a successful reopening. www.bowlinguniversity.net 26


August 2020

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n nds


increase ŝŶůĂŶĞƵƟůŝnjĂƟŽŶ

revenue increase on average across the estate




âĊØîîĊ ƁăŢ

decrease in spare parts expenses


decrease in labor cost


decrease in electricity expense

Join the EDGE String Revolution! www.qubicaamf.com/edgestring

savings per lane per year on average across the estate

RESOURCE BPAA REOPENING RESOURCE CENTER Always evolving, the BPAA Reopening Resource Center shares the challenge of operating in the COVID-19 environment. A Zoom meeting, hosted by Bart Burger, has Robert Winkler, director of operations, at Stars and Strikes, a chain of FECs in Georgia and the Carolinas, share and answer questions regarding reopening. Also, there is downloadable resource information to be found through Bowling University on a variety of topics, including rules, USBC Modified Rules, leagues, USBC Leagues FAQs, safeguarding employees, and a reopening preparation checklist. Check out all the available resources online at www.bowlinguniversity.net/opening or email education@bpaa.com. www.bowlinguniversity.net

AMUSEMENT RECOVERY WEBSITE A collection of leaders in the bowling/FEC entertainment industry have come together in the interest of helping operators endure the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and to help create a plan for post-virus success. Amusement Recovery is a website combining informational resources to help small businesses. “We want to help the amazing operators in this industry,” commented Armando Lanti, president of Creative Works. “The contributors who created the website are working together to continually add new, timely content to the website. We want to share new information with business owners as quickly as possible, which is crucial because of how fast the pandemic situation is evolving.” Here are many of the companies and organizations who have contributed to this website: AAMA, Amusement Products, Betson, CenterEdge Software, Concepts Performance Management, Creative Works, Delta Strike, Embed, FEG Group, Hologate, Laser Blast, Laserforce, Mini Melts, Party Center Software, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Player Once Amusement Group, QubicaAMF, Redemption Plus, Shaffer Distributing Company, Sureshot Redemption, and TrainerTainment. Visit amusementrecovery.com to start learning today.


RAISE THE SAILS To help businesses navigate through the pandemic and experience successful reopenings, Hownd® has just published its Raise the Sails Reopening Marketing Guide. The guide features many of Howndʼs proven best practices and immediately actionable recommendations to address a post-pandemic business environment. Recommendations include sales and marketing strategies and tactics; advertising; messaging; how to build revenue and establish new revenue streams; how to pivot promotional offerings; keeping employees engaged; and a variety of other useful ideas. Visit www.hownd.com/RaisetheSails. Hownd has also announced that it is now part of the #OpenWeStand movement created by GoDaddy to support small businesses struggling through COVID-19. Consumers who want to learn more about how they can support their local businesses by purchasing “Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers” can visit www.myhownd.com/BuyNowVisitLater. www.myhownd.com 30


August 2020





August 2020



he COVID-19 shutdown turned life upside down for bowling and FEC operators across the country. Operators have had to learn new skills, from negotiating with landlords and vendors to navigating the CARES Act and PPP loans to planning for an uncertain future. In addition, Oregon’s operators had a crash course in civics, banding together to successfully lobby state government to allow them to reopen sooner than they otherwise might have. It’s an inspiring story of citizens in action. A March 2020 shutdown closed all 59 of Oregon’s centers, according to Tawnya Zwicker, executive director of the Oregon State BPA and proprietor of Silver Creek Lanes in Silverton. As executive director her primary task became gathering information that could help her membership deal with the COVID-19 crisis and getting it to them as quickly as possible. This included materials from the BPAA. “The national BPAA did an amazing job creating www.bowlinguniversity.net. Within days, they had a website up with everything covered [from] marketing materials, to sanitizing procedures to human resources issues: we needed to train our teams yet at the same time consider layoffs because we did not know how long we would be closed,” says Zwicker. “Bowling University also went so far as to cover media preparedness. With such a sensitive issue, it is important that we deliver the right message to the public,” she continued. BPAA’s detailed website, covering practical matters like where to get gloves and masks, etc., is the information proprietors are craving, says Zwicker. She also provided members with information on government loan programs. “The Paycheck Protection Program loans were huge and the SBA’s EIDL loans that provided a $10,000 infusion right away,” says Zwicker. So far only two centers have closed permanently. “If [we] didn’t get that information to our proprietors, we probably would’ve had at least 15 centers close by now.” “We are very fortunate in Oregon. We’ve got 85% membership in OSBPA and they’re very involved,” says Zwicker. Zwicker organized weekly Zoom meetings with close to 50% of OSBPA proprietors participating to share strategy and tactics. Together they reviewed the state’s draft plan for a phased reopening of business. Mariah Smith, co-owner of TenDown Bowling & Entertainment Center in Roseburg, is one of those involved members. “We noticed that bowling wasn’t considered [in the plan] and might be closed indefinitely,” says Smith. “We really started moving into action and created a reopening

business plan for four bowling centers. We felt like the lawmakers maybe didn’t understand our business and that we really did have a distinct capability of meeting the social distancing requirements.” The plan laid out concrete steps that a center’s management would undertake to ensure the sterilization and deep cleaning of the entire facility. It also described revamped and updated operational processes and procedures to best ensure the safety of guests and employees. All recommended procedures were based on a comprehensive review of city, state, and federal operating guidelines for the pandemic. Smith and her colleagues shared the plan freely with other operators, who could customize it to their own situations before sending it to their representatives in government. Then they began lobbying state and local officials to get bowling into the earliest phase possible. This was something most operators had never done before. The initial results were encouraging. “I’ve never written a letter to our County commissioners. I’ve never gotten involved in that way,” says Zwicker. “I was amazed that I got a response within 14 minutes of sending my email. So I made phone calls to proprietors and encouraged them to write letters. It was rewarding to hear they too had received responses to their letters.” They also had a great resource in Roger Nyquist, a long-time OSBPA member and owner of Lakeshore Lanes in Albany. In his other life Nyquist is a commissioner for Linn County and has spent many years in local government. He gave Smith the proprietor group a quick course in lobbying, teaching them how to find out what the governor’s reopening proposal was, how to get updates and how to find out who to contact at local and state levels of government. “I would not have described [operators] as a politically active group prior to this crisis and some good things happened,” says Nyquist. “I gave input and guidance on how to engage the process. From there the members got real involved in it. The effort took on a life of its own. It was neat to watch.” Roger Nyquist More and more proprietors became involved and the word quickly got out in government that they were serious. Their first success was in getting included in phase two of the state reopening plan, allowing them to offer bowling until 10:00 pm daily if they meet other reopening requirements. “Now we’re fighting to get into phase one. Just in case we roll IBI

August 2020


COVER STORY backwards, we want to be able to stay open,” says Zwicker. “We feel we should be in with restaurants and bars [in phase one]. Bars and restaurants can close at midnight instead of 10:00 p.m., which doesn’t really make sense when 50% or more of our business is food and beverage.” Nyquist says the operators succeeded because they were able to prove with facts that they were able to meet social distancing and sanitation requirements at their facilities. “They did a good job reaching out to decision makers making them aware of how they could meet the goals of the state and in a way that was safe and allowed them to continue to operate at some level and keep people employed,” says he says. So far 45 bowling centers and FECs in Oregon have reopened. Operators are really flexing their creative muscles to entice customers back. “We’re doing some fun things to make people feel

Tendown Lanes’ proprietors Bryon and Mariah Smith



August 2020


OSBPA’s 2018 annual meeting is in stark contrast to the Zoom meeting (see image below) held in 2020

OSBPA’s (and the world’s!) new way to hold meetings

[comfortable],” says Mariah Smith. “We printed new shirts for crew that say, ‘Straight Out of Quarantine’ and we had a ‘welcome back’ banner made that looks like a face mask.” Smith also hosted a gathering of classic car owners, part of a city-wide event that has been going on for over 30 years. “The [official] event was canceled this year but there was an unofficial one in our parking lot and it was fun. We did a carry out menu and had staff out in the parking lot delivering to all the cars,” says Smith. It was so successful that she is thinking of continuing car hop service during good weather.

At Lakeshore Lanes, Roger Nyquist brought in a popular local singer, Trevor Tagle, for a live acoustic event. “I had 95 people there. It was as busy as if there was bowling.” The dozen centers that haven’t yet reopened are in the three counties comprising the greater Portland area, where higher population density and greater numbers of coronavirus cases are the obstacles. Tom Burke, coowner of two KingPins FECs there, says they were able to reopen their restaurants and did so for a short while. “We realized that revenue was going to be limited, but to be able to just get some traction and some momentum and be able to open the facility for our guests” was valuable says Burke. However “the revenue that we were experiencing with just having the restaurant and the arcade open was not sufficient for us to sustain staying open,” Burke reports. He remains optimistic about business returning in the future, reporting that 90% of the calls Kingpins currently receives are about when bowling will be available again. “I think that [customer] response will be good once they get a chance to come into our facility and see the steps that we have taken to take care of Tom Burke, co-owner of KingPins our guests,” says Burke. “I think FECs Continued on page 40...



August 2020







COVER STORY ...continued from page 36

that we’ll be able to grow our business at least back to a level that we can keep most of our team working.” The situation remains fluid. OSPBA’s Zwicker acknowledges that reopening is off to a slow start. “I think for the most part, people are still hesitant,”

Zwicker says. “The die-hard bowlers are there for you, but I think we’re finding about 15% of bowlers are just not ready yet.” Those customers that have returned are showing increasing appetites for bowling, food and beverage, arcade play, and video lottery games.

A new sanitizing cart at Tendown Lanes

With many leagues set to start up again in the fall, Zwicker is upbeat about the future, saying, “We made progress in getting 45 of Oregon’s centers open again, and now we have to get the remaining 12 to open and operate well.” Without the concerted lobbying efforts of many operators led by Zwicker, Nyquist, and owners like Smith, they might still be anxiously waiting to reopen. ❖

Robert Sax is a writer and PR consultant in Los Angeles. He grew up in Toronto, Canada, the home of five-pin bowling.

Tendown Lanes creatively worked within Oregon’s reopening guidelines and started offering carhop service 40


August 2020


IT’S A WOMAN’S WORLD Kaylie Richmond blazes a trail as the first woman head mechanic at Chickasha Bowling Center

By Mark Miller


rowing up in the small town of Ninnekah southwest of Oklahoma City, Kaylie Richmond never wanted to do what typical young girls would do. “I was more into the tomboy stuff,” she said. Though she was more inclined to work on mechanical things, she had no concept of what a bowling machine looked like or how one operated. Then she attended a job fair for the soon-to-be reopened Chickasha Bowling Center in 2017. “We were going to hire her as a waitress, but then I figured out she wasn’t going to make it as a waitress,” said proprietor Jim Houser, who was resurrecting the facility that had been closed for several years. “She did impress us with her work ethic. She didn’t walk anywhere — she ran everywhere she went — so we put her in the back and she’s worked out real well.” Today, the 27-year-old Richmond is one of the world’s only female head mechanics. She started about one month before the center reopened and quickly learned that bowling capital equipment was far different than anything she knew. She had to find out everything from scratch, quickly. “I didn’t know the 42


August 2020

terminology or anything,” said Richmond, who played basketball, softball, and ran cross country in high school. “Someone said something about dead wood one time and I didn’t even know what that is. I just wanted to know more about it.” “When I came in I was nothing but a pin-chaser. The machines were breaking,” remembers Richmond. Some days the 16-lane center had only eight working lanes. “We had no mechanic at the time,” Houser said. “The one we

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FEATURE school in Nashville in 2018 to learn the basics of how machines operated. By the 2018-2019 season, things were much smoother with two Brunswick-certified mechanics on staff instead of none. “If anything would break down we could fix it instead of just moving it,” Richmond said. In early 2019, Richmond attended the Brunswick electronics school to learn how to rewire the equipment. In May of that year, Richmond attended a third Brunswick session in order to become certified in all three areas. “Those initial classes gave us the knowledge to keep things running,” Houser said. “Then we had some issues with the electronics so we learned about that. We are in the process or rewriring the entire center.”

had left when we opened and between the two of us we tried to keep things running. It was a nightmare.” It was like the blind leading the blind as Houser also didn’t know much about the sport when he bought the former Playtime Lanes. He was a businessman who had owned a detail shop, power washing facility, and convenience stores since 1994. “Back then I couldn’t tell you what a 7-10 was,” he said. “We had the Brunswick manual and that was it,” said Richmond, who earned a welding certificate at the local vocational technical school and worked for three years at Cimarron Trailer Manufacturing before falling into the bowling center job. “But we did it. It was frustrating at times.” They learned how to troubleshoot, fix, and maintain lanes and the related equipment from the ground up thanks in part to a mechanic who would travel from Ardmore each week to help them. They also attended a Brunswick introductory

Richmond with Chickasha Bowling Center owner Jim Houser 44


August 2020

In preparation for a management position, Richmond is learning every aspect of the business, including food and beverage

Continued on page 48...

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FEATURE ...continued from page 44

Ever since then, it’s all been about getting more experience and wiping away the intimidation of the equipment, with the ultimate focus on safety. “People don’t understand what mechanics do,” Richmond said. “There are 800 moving parts in each machine and they all have to be [synchronized],” Houser said. “It rotates four times for each set of pins. People don’t understand or realize that.” Being able to apply her knowledge has been rewarding for Richmond, even though it can be frustrating at times. “Just learning this has been fun,” she said. “I’m never going to come into work each day and have the same thing happen. “It’s a lot of satisfaction to go back [to the pinsetter] when [there’s] a problem on a lane and now being able to fix it. Before, we’d go back there and scratch our heads. It’s definitely a work in progress. We’ve both learned what the machines do and what they don’t do.” 48


August 2020

After parting ways with his general manager last year, Houser promoted Richmond to co-manager with Jake Kilbourn with whom she’s been learning about cooking, the front counter, and business aspects of the center.“If someone shows me the dedication that they want to run something, I would just as soon give them the opportunity to take over a place like this,” Houser said. “They are the ones putting all the hard work and time in and most people don’t appreciate that.” The 60-year-old Houser would love to turn over the business to Richmond and Kilbourn when he decides to retire. “That’s an opportunity they deserve and not everybody would do that,” he said. Richmond would love the chance to do just that, and become one of the country’s few women owners. In the meantime, she’s continuing in a job she loves and something from which she wants to grow. “Kaylie is the most trained person in the facility including myself,” Houser said. “I have told her those are her children back there. Take care of them.” ❖

Mark Miller is a freelance writer, editor, and public relations specialist from Flower Mound, TX. He's the author of Bowling: America's Greatest Indoor Pastime available at Amazon.com.



th By Patty Hea




August 2020

transports us y a s s e ic h p A photogra autiful centers e b f o n o ti c e to a coll


rt Goetzfried Photos by Robe

owling is over 1,000 years old. Through relics found in Egypt and Germany, we are certain that pharaohs and Germanic tribesmen threw stones at bones, for the latter, possibly exercises for accuracy during times of warfare. Today, Germans are the most enthusiastic when it comes to those balls and pins. There are over 100,000 organized bowlers in 5,000 clubs, pursuing American 10-pin bowling or the European predecessor, Kegeln, a 9-pin game with smaller balls. Photographer Robert Goetzfried set out to shoot some of the more interesting lanes. Click here to be transported to some beautiful and unique lanes. â?&#x2013;



August 2020


SHOWCASE NOTE: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some bowling centers, BECs and FECS have gotten the green light to reopen. This month’s Showcases highlight our devoted advertisers continued support of our industry. They are ready to talk to you about their innovative products. We will get through this together.


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IBI August 2020


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IBI August 2020

We’re working hard to support the industry during these difficult times. We can’t wait until we’re ready to get back to a state of play, but until that happens we’ll continue to do our best to support our partners and customers with ideas and resources to get through this, because at the end of the day we’re all connected.

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IBI August 2020

In the effort to keep bowling on people’s minds and to help re-enforce the public effort to combat the COVID-19 disease, US Design Lab LLC has developed a special bowling oriented logo with simple, one word reminders on what all of us can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Gary Smith shared, “We have set up a store where people can purchase t-shirts and other accessory items to help communicate the effort and to help keep bowling ‘top of mind.’ During this campaign, which will run until we all get through this, we will contribute $2 for each t-shirt and $1 for each accessory item sold to The Bowlers To Veterans Link (BVL).” Here is a link to the store: https://teespring.com/stores/us-design-lab “Let’s all help our vets, our industry, and put a smile on our faces. We are in this together.”


NEW NE W GAMES MES A AVAILABLE VA AIL ABLE (800) 524-2343 524-2343 | sales@betson.com sales@betson.com | www.betson.com www.betson.com


Kegel has announced a partnership with Bowling Buddies, a manufacturer of a patented, single-use bowling shoe cover. The Bowling Buddies shoe cover has a sole with slide-and-grip material, allowing customers to wear their own shoes instead of wearing rental shoes. Kegel will take on the sales and distribution of this disposable shoe cover which has already made a name for itself at centers across the country. Kegel has acquired all the inventory which will be available for immediate sale to centers on www.kegel.net/bowling-buddies. Chris Chartrand, Kegel CEO, noted that amid the growing concern over sanitation due to COVID-19, one concern is the use of shared items like rental shoes and bowling balls. He said, “Bowling centers should not risk losing a single customer over the discomfort of using these items, and we feel it’s important that they give customers this new option.”


Throughout the years, technicians and mechanics have relied on ZOT Pinsetter Parts as a valuable resource for problem-solving products and solutions. Founded in 1964, ZOT is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of unique electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies for centers that are equipped with 82-30, 82-70, 82-90, A, A2, and Jetback pinsetters—products that are frequently the preferred choice of technicians worldwide. ZOT has recently expanded its parts offering to include a line of unique Pinnacle and Dynamic parts. These parts stand alone as solid, proven performers. Check out ZOT’s new website at www.zotbowlingparts.com or call toll free (877) 236-8505. ZOT Bowling Parts, Get Right to the Good Parts!


IBI August 2020


Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance (WBPI) is the only bowling center insurance program offering limited communicable disease coverage. The sad fact is, nearly every center in the country has an insurance policy that does not help them while they are closed by the government in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the community. Our policies do not cover this exact scenario, however, WBPI does offer a limited communicable disease coverage that would pay for your loss of income and cleaning costs should your facility be closed by the public health authority due to contamination by a customer or employee with COVID-19. As businesses begin to reopen, proprietors worry about being re-closed if someone with COVID-19 visits and contaminates the center. Please call or email us to learn more about this coverage and see if your center qualifies through Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance. (800) 200-9998 or WBPIprogram.com.


OpenLane®, the mobile app by Brunswick, makes it possible for your customers to control their experiences from their mobile devices just as they do when booking travel, shopping, or buying a cup of coffee. With OpenLane, guests can sign onto wait lists, track and share their score achievements, and access specials and coupons. They may even edit their names and photos within Sync games, using Brunswick’s patented mobile scoring system integration. OpenLane increases customer loyalty by making it easier and more rewarding to connect with your center. It provides you with one of the most effective marketing tools available today. Visit https://brunswickbowling.com/openlane to learn more.


Astro Carpets wants to assure our valued customers that our manufacturing facilities are currently fully operational, while also doing our part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in all areas possible. During this time, our sales and customer service representatives, as well as designers, will work from home offices and continue to be available by both phone and email. For those who are choosing to use this time to invest in your future, we hope you turn to Astro Carpets to help with your renovation or new build flooring needs. This too shall pass, and together we will come out stronger and better than ever! Contact: Stefanie Mantooth at (800) 542-4189 x 836 or visit astrocarpetmills.com.


To help protect your employees and guests, Redemption Plus has released a line of personal protective equipment including face masks, face shields, floor stickers, acrylic shields, and hand sanitizer. Please consider these items in your reopening plans. Visible protective barriers will help people feel more at ease when visiting your location. All these items are available for purchase through www.redemptionplus.com. Receive 10% off your order by using coupon code SMALLSIGH at checkout. On redemptionplus.com, you will also find our Reopen Toolkit, a collection of resources to help you reopen safely. In the toolkit are downloads, webinar recordings, and a sample reopen marketing plan. Don’t forget, if you need help reopening your redemption area, please call us at (888) 564-7587.



As we, Shaffer Distributing, currently live through the COVID-19 pandemic, we reflect on past experiences that have guided us in becoming the company we have been, are, and will be in the future. Throughout our 91 years serving the amusement game industry, we have weathered 15 different recessions and managed to become a stronger version of ourselves. We look at ways to reshape our organization, not our culture, to insure the long-term success of our operations. We are often asked, “How do you do it?” Well, it’s quite simple. We CARE. We are a family business, and we value our relationships with our employees, customers, and partners that embrace a positive and proactive attitude, every day. We are here for YOU! www.shafferdistributing.com

Kegel has released its new, advanced house ball and multipurpose cleaner, Micro Striker. Micro Striker comes in a tablet form which mixes up fresh into a cleaning solution. It contains active chlorine for powerful cleaning performance. The tablets are sold in 50-packs and each tablet can be used to make a 24ounce bottle. In addition, the bottle includes a special, continuous mist sprayer for each application. Micro Striker tablets can also be used in other containers and spraying devices, including electrostatic sprayers. A starter kit, including two bottles and 50 tablets, is available. For info: www.kegel.net.


IBI August 2020


The COVID-19 public health crisis has fundamentally changed the way people interact with each other and within their communities. As restrictions are lifted and the entertainment industry begins to reopen, social distancing and crowd management guidelines will impose new operational challenges. Brunswick’s 60-minute presentation demonstrates how you can leverage

technology to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, while providing a safe and fun entertainment experience. Learn more at www.brunswickbowling.com/reopen.


TouchDesk III users will be getting an email with a link to information about new software updates available for helping centers cope with the new requirements of operations. According to Glenn Hartshorn at New Center Consulting, one possible requirement already seen in other countries might be contact tracing. This may require the center to be able to provide a report of customers with the dates and times they were at the center. Touch Desk will now make that a standard report in our main report menu function. A hands-free console is another one that might cause some centers problems, but TouchDesk III already has customers who opted to have no consoles, which is made easy by our interactive Desk Software, and we can help our customers eliminate the need for a keypad alto-


Betson Enterprises suggests you get into the swing with Monopoly Roll ‘N Go! Skillfully spin the LED-lit dice to land on properties. Collect the same color family to win a Monopoly Bonus. Monopoly Roll ‘N Go features two attractive 55” LED screens combined with the “MUST SPIN” LED-lit dice, creating the game of the decade – the Roaring 20s are back! For more info: www.betson.com/amusement-products/monopoly-roll-n-go.


gether. Another good feature is our Mobile Touch Desk giving employees the ability to take customers straight to the lane assigned without the need for counter interaction or keypads, a customer service option several of our customers offered pre-COVID. We offer these and other solutions to our nearly 300 customers, giving them a more contactless customer interaction. If you have TouchDesk III or if you need a new system to help you meet new restrictions, give Glenn a call at (248) 375-2751.

Beth Standlee, founder and CEO of TrainerTainment, has focused on reopening in a grand way! As she said in an email, proprietors have a second chance to do all they meant to do. She hosts Peer Talk, a weekly ZOOM meeting to discuss and share ideas, plus other webinars which are helpful in defining core values; new processes; staffing from managers to sales reps to the front line; practice parties; and safety and sanitation procedures. TrainerTainment, Growing People & Businesses, is a coaching company dedicated to guiding centers to the new and better normal. Learn how TrainerTainment can help you. Go to: www.TrainerTainment.net.


IBI August 2020


BEST DARN DEAL ON THE MIDWAY!!!!! For your average sized center, I can bring 2,000 open bowlers over 5 months. I have dozens of topnotch references.




August 2020

Kevin Malick since 1991 Bigk2u@yahoo.com |(863) 602-4850 Leave an email address for more info




August 2020


CLASSIFIEDS EQUIPMENT FOR SALE INFECTED with the REMODEL BUG as you FALL into League Season? ENTERTAINING the idea of a face-lift? Got you covered: A2s, parts, lanes, scoring, seating, and, of course, masks. knotritellc@gmail.com. FOR SALE: 10 pin drilling machine with vacuum system, measuring ball, scale, etc. Call Vic at (780) 454-1110. NEW & USED Pro Shop Equipment. Jayhawk Bowling Supply. (800) 255-6436 or jayhawkbowling.com. REPAIR & EXCHANGE. Call for details (248) 375-2751.


CENTERS FOR SALE ILLINOIS: 24-lane, recently remodeled center w/ new parking lot. 40,000 s/f on 1.67 acres. Qubica scoring and POS system. Strong leagues w/ 900+ bowlers, also pool leagues. Sports bar & grill, pro shop, video gaming, & banquet hall w/ lots of room to convert. Owner retiring. Call (847) 613-5020 for price & info. NEBRASKA: 32-lane center, land & building. Features Brunswick A2 pinsetters, Brunswick Pro Anvilane lanes, Brunswick 2000 ball returns. Also, large lounge seating to 250; party room seating up to 80; game room, café with established catering service. Center caters in-house and to other locations year-round. For more information, call Don Mehring, Action Holdings Real Estate, office (308) 384-3777 or cell (308) 380-0444.

EQUIPMENT WANTED LANE MACHINES WANTED. We will purchase your KEGEL-built machine, any age or condition. Call (608) 764-1464.

EDUCATION & TRAINING PRO SHOP TRAINING. Classes always forming. Jayhawk Bowling Supply (800) 255-6436 or jayhawkbowling.com.

SERVICES AVAILABLE Drill Bit Sharpening and Measuring Ball Repair. Jayhawk Bowling Supply. (800) 255-6436 or jayhawkbowling.com.


(818) 789-2695 LOCKER KEYS FAST! All Keys done by code # Locks and Master Keys E-mail: huff@inreach.com TOLL FREE


AMF and some BRUNSWICK PC board repair/exchange. 6-month warranty, fast turnaround. Call or write: WB8YJF Service 5586 Babbitt Road, New Albany, Ohio 43054 Toll Free: 888-902-BOWL (2695) Ph./Fax: (614) 855-3022 (Jon) E-mail: wb8yjf@sbcglobal.net Visit us on the WEB! http://home.earthlink.net/~wb8yjf/



August 2020


WWW.TEXTBOWLING.COM PROPRIETORS WITH AMF 82-70 S.S. & M.P. MACHINES Save $$ on P.C. Boards Exchange & Repair!

MIKE BARRETT Call for Price List

Tel: (714) 871-7843 • Fax: (714) 522-0576





Danny & Daryl Tucker Tucker Bowling Equipment Co. 609 N.E. 3rd St. Tulia, Texas 79088 Call (806) 995-4018 Fax (806) 995-4767

Bowling Parts, Inc. P.O. Box 801 Tulia, Texas 79088 Call (806) 995-3635 Email - daryl@tuckerbowling.com



(818) 789-2695


August 2020




Trying to keep the fun alive, here’s a glance back at August 2015. Lead the way Fred and Barney!

Yabba Dabba Doo!


hile bowling was reaching its apex in the ‘60s, primetime television was introduced to a cartoon sitcom, The Flintstones, which took the popularity of bowling and ran with it. Fred Flintstone and his next door neighbor Barney Rubble did what just about every family in America did in the 1960s— bowl. The Flintstones ran on ABC television from 1960 to 1966 and is considered the second greatest TV cartoon right behind The Simpsons.

While the show ended, Fred and Barney’s bowling spun off into video games. This 1999 ad introduces Cartoon Network’s “The Flintstones’ Bedrock Bowling” video game. Everybody likes cartoons and everybody likes bowling. ❖ – Patty Heath



August 2020




PHONE: 863-734-0200 FAX: 863-734-0204 | 1951 LONGLEAF BLVD. LAKE WALES, FL 33859 | WWW.KEGEL.NET

F Te ree R ch nic eop al eni Su ng pp ort

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED US tŚŝůĞƚŚŝŶŐƐŵĂLJďĞĐŚĂŶŐŝŶŐĂůůĂƌŽƵŶĚƵƐ͕ǁĞĂƌĞƐƟůůŚĞƌĞ for you when you need us. Our technical support team is available ƚŽĂƐƐŝƐƚLJŽƵĂƐLJŽƵƚƌĂŶƐŝƟŽŶƚŽƌĞŽƉĞŶ͘ /ĨLJŽƵǁŽƵůĚůŝŬĞƚŽƐĐŚĞĚƵůĞĂĨƌĞĞĐĂůů͕ĂƐŬƋƵĞƐƟŽŶƐŽƌŐĞƚĂƐƐŝƐƚĂŶĐĞ during your reopening, contact us at ŚƩƉƐ͗ͬͬǁǁǁ͘ƋƵďŝĐĂĂŵĨ͘ĐŽŵͬƐĐŚĞĚƵůĞƚĞĐŚƐƵƉƉŽƌƚ ĚĚŝƟŽŶĂůůLJ͕ǁĞĞŶĐŽƵƌĂŐĞLJŽƵƚŽƌĞǀŝĞǁŽƵƌReopening Checklist for best ƉƌĂĐƟĐĞƐŽŶŚŽǁƚŽƚƵƌŶLJŽƵƌĞƋƵŝƉŵĞŶƚďĂĐŬŽŶ͘ We are just as eager to get back to bowling as you are. When you are ready to open your doors, we will be available to help you make that happen.

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International Bowling Industry August 2020  

The best magazine devoted to bowling centers, bowling alleys, and family entertainment centers.

International Bowling Industry August 2020  

The best magazine devoted to bowling centers, bowling alleys, and family entertainment centers.

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