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August 1, 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 31

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PREZISTA® (darunavir) is a prescription medicine. It is one treatment option in the class of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) medicines known as protease inhibitors. PREZISTA® is always taken with and at the same time as ritonavir (Norvir ®), in combination with other HIV medicines for the treatment of HIV infection in adults. PREZISTA® should also be taken with food. • The use of other medicines active against HIV in combination with PREZISTA®/ritonavir (Norvir ®) may increase your ability to fight HIV. Your healthcare professional will work with you to find the right combination of HIV medicines • It is important that you remain under the care of your healthcare professional during treatment with PREZISTA® PREZISTA® does not cure HIV infection or AIDS and you may continue to experience illnesses associated with HIV-1 infection, including opportunistic infections. You should remain under the care of a doctor when using PREZISTA.® Please read Important Safety Information below, and talk to your healthcare professional to learn if PREZISTA® is right for you.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION What is the most important information I should know about PREZISTA®? • PREZISTA® can interact with other medicines and cause serious side effects. See “Who should not take PREZISTA®?” • PREZISTA® may cause liver problems. Some people taking PREZISTA,® together with Norvir ® (ritonavir), have developed liver problems which may be life-threatening. Your healthcare professional should do blood tests before and during your combination treatment with PREZISTA.® If you have chronic hepatitis B or C infection, your healthcare professional should


check your blood tests more often because you have an increased chance of developing liver problems • Tell your healthcare professional if you have any of these signs and symptoms of liver problems: dark (tea-colored) urine, yellowing of your skin or whites of your eyes, pale-colored stools (bowel movements), nausea, vomiting, pain or tenderness on your right side below your ribs, or loss of appetite • PREZISTA® may cause a severe or life-threatening skin reaction or rash. Sometimes these skin reactions and skin rashes can become severe and require treatment in a hospital. You should call your healthcare professional immediately if you develop a rash. However, stop taking PREZISTA® and ritonavir combination treatment and call your healthcare professional immediately if you develop any skin changes with these symptoms: fever, tiredness, muscle or joint pain, blisters or skin lesions, mouth sores or ulcers, red or inflamed eyes, like “pink eye.” Rash occurred more often in patients taking PREZISTA® and raltegravir together than with either drug separately, but was generally mild Who should not take PREZISTA®? • Do not take PREZISTA® if you are taking the following medicines: alfuzosin (Uroxatral®), dihydroergotamine (D.H.E.45,® Embolex,® Migranal®), ergonovine, ergotamine (Cafergot,® Ergomar ®), methylergonovine, cisapride (Propulsid®), pimozide (Orap®), oral midazolam, triazolam (Halcion®), the herbal supplement St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), lovastatin (Mevacor,® Altoprev,® Advicor ®), simvastatin (Zocor,® Simcor,® Vytorin®), rifampin (Rifadin,® Rifater,® Rifamate,® Rimactane®), sildenafil (Revatio®) when used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, indinavir (Crixivan®), lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra®), saquinavir (Invirase®), boceprevir (Victrelis™), or telaprevir (Incivek™) • Before taking PREZISTA,® tell your healthcare professional if you are taking sildenafil (Viagra,® Revatio®), vardenafil (Levitra,® Staxyn®), August 1, 2012 •

There is no other person in the world who is exactly like you. And no HIV treatments are exactly alike, either. That’s why you should ask your healthcare professional about PREZISTA® (darunavir). Once-Daily PREZISTA® taken with ritonavir and in combination with other HIV medications can help lower your viral load and keep your HIV under control over the long term. In a clinical study* of almost 4 years (192 weeks), 7 out of 10 adults who had never taken HIV medications before maintained undetectable† viral loads with PREZISTA® plus ritonavir and Truvada.®

Please read the Important Safety Information and Patient Information below and on adjacent pages. Find out if the PREZISTA® EXPERIENCE is right for you. Ask your healthcare professional and learn more at *A randomized open label Phase 3 trial comparing PREZISTA®/ritonavir 800/100 mg once daily (n=343) vs. Kaletra®/ ritonavir 800/200 mg/day (n=346). †Undetectable was defined as a viral load of less than 50 copies per mL. Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP © Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP 2012 06/12 28PRZ12036A


This is not a complete list of medicines. Be sure to tell your healthcare professional about all the medicines you are taking or plan to take, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. What should I tell my doctor before I take PREZISTA®?

• Changes in body fat have been seen in some patients taking HIV medicines, including PREZISTA.® The cause and long-term health effects of these conditions are not known at this time • Changes in your immune system can happen when you start taking HIV medicines. Your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections that have been hidden • The most common side effects related to taking PREZISTA® include diarrhea, nausea, rash, headache, stomach pain, and vomiting. This is not a complete list of all possible side effects. If you experience these or other side effects, talk to your healthcare professional. Do not stop taking PREZISTA® or any other medicines without first talking to your healthcare professional

• Before taking PREZISTA,® tell your healthcare professional if you have any medical conditions, including liver problems (including hepatitis B or C), allergy to sulfa medicines, diabetes, or hemophilia

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

• Tell your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding

Please refer to the ritonavir (Norvir ®) Product Information (PI and PPI) for additional information on precautionary measures.

— The effects of PREZISTA® on pregnant women or their unborn babies are not known. You and your healthcare professional will need to decide if taking PREZISTA® is right for you

Please read accompanying Patient Information for PREZISTA® and discuss any questions you have with your doctor.


tadalafil (Cialis,® Adcirca®), atorvastatin (Lipitor ®), rosuvastatin (Crestor ®), pravastatin (Pravachol®), or colchicine (Colcrys,® Col-Probenecid®). Tell your healthcare professional if you are taking estrogen-based contraceptives (birth control). PREZISTA® might reduce the effectiveness of estrogen-based contraceptives. You must take additional precautions for birth control, such as condoms

— Do not breastfeed. It is not known if PREZISTA® can be passed to your baby in your breast milk and whether it could harm your baby. Also, mothers with HIV should not breastfeed because HIV can be passed to your baby in the breast milk What are the possible side effects of PREZISTA®? • High blood sugar, diabetes or worsening of diabetes, and increased bleeding in people with hemophilia have been reported in patients taking protease inhibitor medicines, including PREZISTA®

August 1, 2012 •

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IMPORTANT PATIENT INFORMATION PREZISTA (pre-ZIS-ta) (darunavir) Oral Suspension PREZISTA (pre-ZIS-ta) (darunavir) Tablets Read this Patient Information before you start taking PREZISTA and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking to your healthcare provider about your medical condition or your treatment. Also read the Patient Information leaflet for NORVIR® (ritonavir). What is the most important information I should know about PREZISTA? • PREZISTA can interact with other medicines and cause serious side effects. It is important to know the medicines that should not be taken with PREZISTA. See the section “Who should not take PREZISTA?” • PREZISTA may cause liver problems. Some people taking PREZISTA in combination with NORVIR® (ritonavir) have developed liver problems which may be life-threatening. Your healthcare provider should do blood tests before and during your combination treatment with PREZISTA. If you have chronic hepatitis B or C infection, your healthcare provider should check your blood tests more often because you have an increased chance of developing liver problems. • Tell your healthcare provider if you have any of the below signs and symptoms of liver problems. • Dark (tea colored) urine • yellowing of your skin or whites of your eyes • pale colored stools (bowel movements) • nausea • vomiting • pain or tenderness on your right side below your ribs • loss of appetite PREZISTA may cause severe or life-threatening skin reactions or rash. Sometimes these skin reactions and skin rashes can become severe and require treatment in a hospital. You should call your healthcare provider immediately if you develop a rash. However, stop taking PREZISTA and ritonavir combination treatment and call your healthcare provider immediately if you develop any skin changes with symptoms below: • fever • tiredness • muscle or joint pain • blisters or skin lesions • mouth sores or ulcers • red or inflamed eyes, like “pink eye” (conjunctivitis) Rash occurred more often in patients taking PREZISTA and raltegravir together than with either drug separately, but was generally mild. See “What are the possible side effects of PREZISTA?” for more information about side effects.


What is PREZISTA? PREZISTA is a prescription anti-HIV medicine used with ritonavir and other anti-HIV medicines to treat adults with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) infection. PREZISTA is a type of anti-HIV medicine called a protease inhibitor. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). When used with other HIV medicines, PREZISTA may help to reduce the amount of HIV in your blood (called “viral load”). PREZISTA may also help to increase the number of white blood cells called CD4 (T) cell which help fight off other infections. Reducing the amount of HIV and increasing the CD4 (T) cell count may improve your immune system. This may reduce your risk of death or infections that can happen when your immune system is weak (opportunistic infections). PREZISTA does not cure HIV infection or AIDS and you may continue to experience illnesses associated with HIV-1 infection, including opportunistic infections. You should remain under the care of a doctor when using PREZISTA. Avoid doing things that can spread HIV-1 infection. • Do not share needles or other injection equipment. • Do not share personal items that can have blood or body fluids on them, like toothbrushes and razor blades. • Do not have any kind of sex without protection. Always practice safe sex by using a latex or polyurethane condom to lower the chance of sexual contact with semen, vaginal secretions, or blood. Ask your healthcare provider if you have any questions on how to prevent passing HIV to other people. Who should not take PREZISTA? Do not take PREZISTA with any of the following medicines: • alfuzosin (Uroxatral®) • dihydroergotamine (D.H.E. 45®, Embolex®, Migranal®), ergonovine, ergotamine (Cafergot®, Ergomar®) methylergonovine • cisapride • pimozide (Orap®) • oral midazolam, triazolam (Halcion®) • the herbal supplement St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) • the cholesterol lowering medicines lovastatin (Mevacor®, Altoprev®, Advicor®) or simvastatin (Zocor®, Simcor®, Vytorin®) • rifampin (Rifadin®, Rifater®, Rifamate®, Rimactane®) • sildenafil (Revatio®) only when used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Serious problems can happen if you take any of these medicines with PREZISTA. What should I tell my doctor before I take PREZISTA? PREZISTA may not be right for you. Before taking PREZISTA, tell your healthcare provider if you: • have liver problems, including hepatitis B or hepatitis C • are allergic to sulfa medicines • have high blood sugar (diabetes)

• h ave hemophilia • are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It is not known if PREZISTA will harm your unborn baby. Pregnancy Registry: You and your healthcare provider will need to decide if taking PREZISTA is right for you. If you take PREZISTA while you are pregnant, talk to your healthcare provider about how you can be included in the Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry. The purpose of the registry is follow the health of you and your baby. • are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. Do not breastfeed. We do not know if PREZISTA can be passed to your baby in your breast milk and whether it could harm your baby. Also, mothers with HIV-1 should not breastfeed because HIV-1 can be passed to the baby in the breast milk. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Using PREZISTA and certain other medicines may affect each other causing serious side effects. PREZISTA may affect the way other medicines work and other medicines may affect how PREZISTA works. Especially tell your healthcare provider if you take: • medicine to treat HIV • estrogen-based contraceptives (birth control). PREZISTA might reduce the effectiveness of estrogen-based contraceptives. You must take additional precautions for birth control such as a condom. • medicine for your heart such as bepridil, lidocaine (Xylocaine Viscous®), quinidine (Nuedexta®), amiodarone (Pacerone®, Cardarone®), digoxin (Lanoxin®), flecainide (Tambocor®), propafenone (Rythmol®) • warfarin (Coumadin®, Jantoven®) • medicine for seizures such as carbamazepine (Carbatrol ®, Equetro ®, Tegretol ®, Epitol ®), phenobarbital, phenytoin (Dilantin®, Phenytek®) • medicine for depression such as trazadone and desipramine (Norpramin®) • clarithromycin (Prevpac®, Biaxin®) • medicine for fungal infections such as ketoconazole (Nizoral®), itraconazole (Sporanox®, Onmel®), voriconazole (VFend®) • colchicine (Colcrys®, Col-Probenecid®) • rifabutin (Mycobutin®) • medicine used to treat blood pressure, a heart attack, heart failure, or to lower pressure in the eye such as metoprolol (Lopressor®, Toprol-XL®), timolol (Cosopt®, Betimol®, Timoptic®, Isatolol®, Combigan®) • midazolam administered by injection • medicine for heart disease such as felodipine (Plendil®), nifedipine (Procardia®, Adalat CC®, Afeditab CR®), nicardipine (Cardene®) • steroids such as dexamethasone, fluticasone (Advair Diskus®, Veramyst®, Flovent®, Flonase®) • bosentan (Tracleer®) • medicine to treat chronic hepatitis C such as boceprevir (VictrelisTM), telaprevir (IncivekTM) • medicine for cholesterol such as pravastatin (Pravachol®), atorvastatin (Lipitor®), rosuvastatin (Crestor®)

August 1, 2012 •

IMPORTANT PATIENT INFORMATION • m edicine to prevent organ transplant failure such as cyclosporine (Gengraf®, Sandimmune®, Neoral®), tacrolimus (Prograf®), sirolimus (Rapamune®) • salmeterol (Advair®, Serevent®) • medicine for narcotic withdrawal such as methadone (Methadose®, Dolophine Hydrochloride), buprenorphine (Butrans®, Buprenex®, Subutex®), buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone®) • medicine to treat schizophrenia such as risperidone (Risperdal®), thioridazine • medicine to treat erectile dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension such as sildenafil (Viagra®, Revatio®), Staxyn ®), tadalafil vardenafil (Levitra ®, (Cialis®, Adcirca®) • medicine to treat anxiety, depression or panic disorder such as sertraline (Zoloft®), paroxetine (Paxil®) This is not a complete list of medicines that you should tell your healthcare provider that you are taking. Ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you are not sure if your medicine is one that is listed above. Know the medicines you take. Keep a list of them to show your doctor or pharmacist when you get a new medicine. Do not start any new medicines while you are taking PREZISTA without first talking with your healthcare provider. How should I take PREZISTA? • Take PREZISTA every day exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider. • You must take ritonavir (NORVIR®) at the same time as PREZISTA. • Do not change your dose of PREZISTA or stop treatment without talking to your healthcare provider first. • Take PREZISTA and ritonavir (NORVIR®) with food. • Swallow PREZISTA tablets whole with a drink. If you have difficulty swallowing PREZISTA tablets, PREZISTA oral suspension is also available. Your health care provider will help determine whether PREZISTA tablets or oral suspension is right for you. • PREZISTA oral suspension should be given with the supplied oral dosing syringe. Shake the suspension well before each usage. • If you take too much PREZISTA, call your healthcare provider or go to the nearest hospital emergency room right away. What should I do if I miss a dose? People who take PREZISTA one time a day: • If you miss a dose of PREZISTA by less than 12 hours, take your missed dose of PREZISTA right away. Then take your next dose of PREZISTA at your regularly scheduled time. • If you miss a dose of PREZISTA by more than 12 hours, wait and then take the next dose of PREZISTA at your regularly scheduled time. People who take PREZISTA two times a day • If you miss a dose of PREZISTA by less than 6 hours, take your missed dose of PREZISTA right away. Then take your next dose of PREZISTA at your regularly scheduled time.

August 1, 2012 •

• I f you miss a dose of PREZISTA by more than 6 hours, wait and then take the next dose of PREZISTA at your regularly scheduled time. If a dose of PREZISTA is skipped, do not double the next dose. Do not take more or less than your prescribed dose of PREZISTA at any one time. What are the possible side effects of PREZISTA? PREZISTA can cause side effects including: • See “What is the most important information I should know about PREZISTA?” • Diabetes and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Some people who take protease inhibitors including PREZISTA can get high blood sugar, develop diabetes, or your diabetes can get worse. Tell your healthcare provider if you notice an increase in thirst or urinate often while taking PREZISTA. • Changes in body fat. These changes can happen in people who take antiretroviral therapy. The changes may include an increased amount of fat in the upper back and neck (“buffalo hump”), breast, and around the back, chest, and stomach area. Loss of fat from the legs, arms, and face may also happen. The exact cause and long-term health effects of these conditions are not known. • Changes in your immune system (Immune Reconstitution Syndrome) can happen when you start taking HIV medicines. Your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections that have been hidden in your body for a long time. Call your healthcare provider right away if you start having new symptoms after starting your HIV medicine. • Increased bleeding for hemophiliacs. Some people with hemophilia have increased bleeding with protease inhibitors including PREZISTA. The most common side effects of PREZISTA include: • diarrhea • nausea • rash • headache • abdominal pain • vomiting Tell your healthcare provider if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away. These are not all of the possible side effects of PREZISTA. For more information, ask your health care provider. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. How should I store PREZISTA? • Store PREZISTA oral suspension and tablets at room temperature [77°F (25°C)]. • Do not refrigerate or freeze PREZISTA oral suspension. • Keep PREZISTA away from high heat. • PREZISTA oral suspension should be stored in the original container.

Keep PREZISTA and all medicines out of the reach of children. General information about PREZISTA Medicines are sometimes prescribed for purposes other than those listed in a Patient Information leaflet. Do not use PREZISTA for a condition for which it was not prescribed. Do not give PREZISTA to other people even if they have the same condition you have. It may harm them. This leaflet summarizes the most important information about PREZISTA. If you would like more information, talk to your healthcare provider. You can ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for information about PREZISTA that is written for health professionals. For more information, call 1-800-526-7736. What are the ingredients in PREZISTA? Active ingredient: darunavir Inactive ingredients: PREZISTA Oral Suspension: hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, methylparaben sodium, citric acid monohydrate, sucralose, masking flavor, strawberry cream flavor, hydrochloric acid (for pH adjustment), purified water. PREZISTA 75 mg and 150 mg Tablets: colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose. The film coating contains: OPADRY® White (polyethylene glycol 3350, polyvinyl alcohol-partially hydrolyzed, talc, titanium dioxide). PREZISTA 400 mg and 600 mg Tablets: colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose. The film coating contains: OPADRY® Orange (FD&C Yellow No. 6, polyethylene glycol 3350, polyvinyl alcohol-partially hydrolyzed, talc, titanium dioxide). This Patient Information has been approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Manufactured by: PREZISTA Oral Suspension Janssen Pharmaceutica, N.V. Beerse, Belgium PREZISTA Tablets Janssen Ortho LLC, Gurabo, PR 00778 Manufactured for: Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP, Titusville NJ 08560 NORVIR® is a registered trademark of its respective owner. PREZISTA® is a registered trademark of Janssen Pharmaceuticals © Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2006 Revised: May 2012


WEBbites What You Missed at Would You Starve To Get Equal Rights? LGBT community centers in Michigan are taking extreme measures to reform the state’s anti-gay laws by going on a massive, 100-day hunger strike. According to Instinct Magazine, all of Michigan’s LGBT community centers are taking part in the protest, which started on July 30. Currently, Michigan has some of the most anti-gay laws in the country.The state prohibits gay marriage and even civil unions.

August 1, 2012 • Volume 3 • Issue 31

By Sergio N. Candido

rights group have started an online petition to pressure Sirleaf to honor her previous pledge opposing tougher laws on homosexuality, or give back the Nobel Peace Prize she won last year for her work in campaigning for women’s rights in Liberia. If the law is passed, entering into a samesex marriage would become a bailable offence. Those convicted would have to spend a short amount of time in prison or pay a fine.

Gay Liberian Activists to President: Veto Bill or Lose Nobel Prize Liberian President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is about to cause a major stir if she signs a ban that would criminalize gay marriage in the African nation. The Gay Star News reports that an African gay


By Karl Hampe

Nebraska Lesbian Says She Was Carved, Lit on Fire Charlie Rogers told police last week that she had been attacked by three masked men who broke into her home, bound her, carved homophobic slurs into her skin, dumped gasoline on her and lit a match. But no matter how horrific the incident, investigators told The Lincoln Journal-Star on July 25 that they had no suspects and “hadn’t ruled out the possibility” that Rogers herself had staged the attack. That sparked a rumor that the whole thing was a hoax.

Norm Kent Publisher

So Rogers decided to go on television. “The idea that people think it’s a lie is so hurtful. It’s understandable,” she told Omaha’s ABC 7. “Intellectually I understand that people have a hard time wrapping their heads around

Pier Angelo Guidugli

Chief Executive Officer Online Website Director. . . . Dennis Jozefowicz Online News Director . . . . . Sergio N. Candido


Pastor Says Gay Marriage Brought ‘Noah’s Ark’ Flood

What if we told you that App Lets the great flood that mobilized Transgenders Noah to build an ark was all Find Safe the gays’ fault? That’s what Restrooms Aaron Fruh, a right-wing pastor from an Alabama For transgender people church claims. Fruh spoke deciding whether to enter out against gay marriage a public restroom that on American Family Radio, has either a figure with a challenging listeners to skirt on or another one Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberian President “find any society in human with straight pants can be history that ever tried that a dangerous choice: they experiment [of same-sex marriage] and lived to tell could be humiliated, harassed, or possibly arrested.A new about it, they’ve all been destroyed,” according to Right iPhone app promises to make things easier—and safer— Wing Watch. He said the “society just prior to the flood for the t-community. It’s called the TransQuat.The app uses of Noah” was the only one prior to the present to offer your phone’s current GPS location to find the closest same-sex marriage, and went on to say, “God knew that gender neutral bathroom.The app also lets users add and the people on the earth were going to destroy themselves share new locations if they find one that’s not on the map through same-sex marriage, and so that’s why he brought to build out the number of options available.TransQuat is the flood.” powered by safe2pee, a nationwide directory of genderneutral bathrooms. There are currently close to 4,000 neutral restrooms listed on the app across the United States, Canada and the U.K.You can download TranSquat from the Apple App Store.

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Charlie Rogers, Alleged hate crime victim

International Travel Editor. . Joey Amato Business Editor . . . . . . . . . . Richard Gary

what happened, as do I. But I’m a person, with feelings, with concerns...and it’s just feels like a punch in the stomach, like a betrayal.

Christian School Rejects Student Because of Gay Parents Hope Christian School, a religious institution in Albuquerque, New Mexico has denied a 3-year-old admittance because he has two gay fathers, KOAT-TV reports. “Same gender couples are inconsistent with scriptural lifestyle and biblical teachings,” read a letter from the school to the boy’s parents. The letter also states that since the school is private, it is exempt from “excessive government interference in matters of religion.” Nevertheless, the school is slated to receive more than $60,000 in federal tax dollars this school year, so it’s partially a public school.

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August 1, 2012 •

August 1, 2012 •



August 1, 2012 •

August 1, 2012 •



August 1, 2012 •

Florida Lt. Governor Apologizes for Lesbian Remarks Jennifer Carroll issued a letter saying her comment two weeks ago was “wrong and inexcusable”

By Sergio N. Candido


Carroll’s comment also motivated ennifer Carroll, the most powerful black lesbian artist Doria woman in Florida politics, finally gave in Atlanta-based and issued a written apology on Thursday, Roberts to start the Twitter hashtag which July 26, after a week of mounting pressure #ThisIsWhatALesbianLooksLike, from LGBT activists regarding a heterosexist became a trending hashtag in the days following the inflammatory comments. comment she made. Earlier this week, the organization started “It is wrong and inexcusable to make a comment that hurts people, and that was an online petition drive to pressure the not my intention,’’ Carroll wrote in a letter. Republican politician to issue an apology. “As a Christian, my faith guides me to love Before they reached their goal of 500 and respect all people. The false charges that signatures, Smith received a call from Carroll have been lodged against me are no excuse herself. This is what Smith recounted in a for what I have said that may have been hurtful to members of your organization and statement issued yesterday night by Equality Florida: to other Floridians. “I just got off the phone with Lt. Governor “Please know that I am committed to Jennifer Carroll. Her treating every person with the Chief of Staff faxed her utmost courtesy, respect and written apology and the dignity and I hope you will Lt. Governor called to accept my heartfelt apology,’’ personally apologize she continued. for the words she used The controversy started in refuting allegations with an accusation. A staffer brought by former staffer. working under Carroll opened In addition, she expressed her boss’ door and found the her appreciation for politician in a compromising the opportunity to position with her travel aide, communicate her who was allegedly in between commitment to treating Carroll’s legs. Jennifer Carroll, Fla Lt. everyone with respect and When the lieutenant Governor dignity. governor addressed the “The Lt. Governor situation on television on July 14, she defended herself voicing the now- invited Equality Florida to reach out to her infamous quote: “Black women that look like office if she could be of assistance and I me don’t engage in relationships like that,” offered our organization as a resource as well,” she wrote. Carroll told a Tampa station. And added: “On behalf of Equality The apology comes in big part thanks to an effort spearheaded by Equality Florida, Florida, I want to thank Lt. Governor Carroll a local LGBT rights organization. Equality for taking responsibility for her words and Florida’s Executive Director Nadine Smith for responding to the harm those words wrote a letter voicing how harmful Carroll’s inflicted Apologies by elected leaders for public mistakes are rare and it is to the Lt. words had been to the lesbian community. (Read Smith’s column “Dear Lt. Gov. Governor’s credit that she has taken this Jennifer Carroll: Yes, you do look like a step.” lesbian” at

Jennifer Carroll’s July 26 Full Apology In a letter addressed to Nadine Smith of Equality Florida: Dear Nadine, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest apologies to anyone I may have offended with my recent comment. It is wrong and inexcusable to make a comment that hurt people, and that was not my intention. As a Christian, my faith guides me to love and respect all people. The false charges that have been lodged against me are no excuse for what

I have said that may have been hurtful to member of your organization and to other Floridins. Please know that I am committed to treating every person with the utmost courtesy, respect and dignity and I hope you will accept my heartfelt apology. Sincerely, [signed] Jennifer Carroll, Lieutenant Governor

August 1, 2012 •


BUSTED! Middle School Principal Arrested on Child Sex Charges By Jason Parsley


he principal of Polo Park Middle School in Wellington was arrested Thursday night when he attempted to meet what he thought was a 15-year-old boy in Boynton Beach — in reality it was an undercover police officer waiting to arrest him. According to the probable cause affidavit, Scott Blake, 47, first met the undercover detective on July 18 via a “social network.” The detective’s profile stated he was 25-yearsold, but when Blake questioned his youthful appearance, the detective said he was 15 years old. During subsequent conversations, the Palm Beach Gardens resident said he was concerned about meeting someone so young and made statements like, “Too bad you aren’t


legal. Lol,” and, “Yeah but unfortunately that isn’t what the law says lol.” Eventually though, Blake gave the detective his cellphone number, an email address and his Facebook page. They continued to communicate via two “social networks” and through text messaging. On July 26, they finally decided to meet in person, but even then Blake was still hesitant. “During the chat Scott was afraid that he would get arrested and wanted to be sure I was not law enforcement and that I was actually a child,” the report reads. Blake then suggested that he drive by the detective “to know that I was really a kid.” Blake has been charged with one count each of computer pornography-child exploitation and traveling to meet a minor to commit an

unlawful sex act. Bond was set at $500,000 Friday morning. The judge also ordered that Blake be placed under house arrest, have no contact with children, no Internet access and no Internet-capable cellphone. His previous jobs include being the Principal of Panther Run Elementary School and Assistant Principal of Jupiter High School. On Friday Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent E. Wayne Gent released this statement: “While we cannot comment on ongoing investigations, these allegations are very troubling and disappointing to us. The safety of our children is our paramount concern. The employee has been removed from his position and is being reassigned to a non-student contact status pending the outcome of the

Scott Blake, Former PBC Middle School Principal

case. At that time, the appropriate actions will be taken. In the meantime, we plan for a smooth opening and operation of the school.” Visit to read the probable cause affidavit.

August 1, 2012 •


August 1, 2012 •

BATHSMagAd2012.indd 1

7/27/12 11:44 A


Join Public Chat on LGBT & Religion Anti-gay pastorism subject in public forum on inclusion By Gideon Grudo


cott Galvin wasn’t happy to see what a local PBS-subsidiary did in mid-June alongside an anti-gay pastor — and now he’s inviting the public to partake in a discussion about the LGBT population’s relationship with religion. It all went down because a strip club wanted to start construction in North Miami. Galvin, one of the city’s commissioners, welcomed the business, but the city first had to vote to reverse a previous statute — one that forbade alcohol sales and nudity in the same place. WPBT, a North Miami PBSsubsidiary, opposed the reversal since the strip club was planned to go next door. Looking for grassroots help, the station turned to pastor Jack Hakimian. Galvin

accused Hakimian of being antigay and condemned the station for aligning with him and paying for leaflets that the pastor endorsed and sent out to the community. The statute was reversed, and both WPBT and Hakimian were all over the news. These days, Hakimian’s contract with a local high school where his church preaches hangs in the balance. Galvin decided he wanted to host a public forum where speakers would explain religion’s take on LGBT and how it should be versus how it is. His first call went to Rabbi Jori Lang, a friend of twenty years to the openly gay commissioner. I didn’t want to host this at a community center,” Galvin said. “[Lang] was immediately willing to host it.”

So the two set out to invite others, like Lisa Braun from Safe Schools South Florida and representatives from SAVE Dade and the Sunshine Cathedral, all of whom agreed to show. “I want to have a conversation about why the soft cell of the discrimination can be hurtful,” Galvin said. “There is obviously a difference between the fire and brimstone and the soft cell, but the soft cell can be just as damaging. I want the GLBT community to know there are religious figures who are inclusive and are tolerant. Not all of them are the pastor Jacks of the world.” Rabbi Lang said that he was happy to host the forum at Temple Beth Moshe and actually preferred seeing it there than someplace else.

“The forum is not meant to attack Pastor Jack. It’s meant to include him,” Lang said. “A synagogue is the appropriate place because there’s no room for exclusion. It’s our facility, it’s funded by anybody outside.” Lang said that it’s Hakimian’s preaching at a taxpayer-funded local high school which irks him if only for who’s paying for these anti-gay sentiments. “If he was preaching anything in his church, whether about Jews or homosexuals, that’s fine,” Lang said. “But to be excluded when part of my monies are going to that makes me have an objection.” The public is invited and the forum is free of charge. An invitation went out to Hakimian and other speakers. SFGN will keep track of the panel as it unfolds and provide live coverage of the forum.

Scott Galvin, North Miami Commissioner

WANT TO GO: Where:

Temple Beth Moshe 2555 NE 121 St. North Miami, FL 33181


Wednesday, August 8, 7 p.m.

How much: Free

502 East Sunrise Blvd. • Fort Lauderdale 954-525-6662 •

Always remember what goes around comes around. Thank you. Come for my go around. —Sincerely M 14

August 1, 2012 •

AUGUST 4, 2012 m p 3 @ s t r d, a e t k a s o s t u bud o s g k o d o y Co nch hot diggit otdogs.

lad h a s d e o t t s a a t po e d fire ro a m e om h e on. m c o a s b e w h t a i n’s sw h n o a J e b f e d h C ke a b e l b u do Monas 15 year anniversary or 5479 days or 12 i

78 thousand hours or 4,680,000 minutes

Mona and Lisa. August 1, 2012 •

or millions and millions of seconds. Too many fu***ing numbers to print.


Making Classrooms Safe Educators can help LGBT youth, they just have to try


By Gideon Grudo

what it would have been like to have no one to go to. “For our young people, often, the answer to being supported is not there.” This is “Addressing the Challenges of LGBTQ Youth: Needs, Issues, Resiliency,” a workshop for educators about

the workshop, cut down to only three hours. Aided by 91 slides, she ran the crowd through the issues that youth face and ways that adults can help. Often, the simplest answer is to just be there for a student and make sure he or she knows you’re there. As for the issues facing the youth, there are plenty. But it’s the consequences of these issues that are the most perverse. LGBT youth, for example, is four times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual youth. About half of transgender youth reportedly said they’d thought about killing Students, Former Students and adults ran July 26’s LGBT Youth Seminar. Left themselves and a to Right: Mara Londono, Hector Castaneda, De Palazzo, Andrew Frosch, quarter reported LisaLa Monica they’d tried, according old. De Palazzo is asking them to dealing with and helping to national studies. About remember who was the person students. Palazzo is president 60 percent of LGBT youth to whom they would turn to of Perspectives Unlimited, a feel unsafe at school, and the in times of need. Palazzo asks consultancy group that focuses girls are twice as likely to get them to jot that person’s name on LGBT issues, among other pregnant as straight girls. and role down. things. Along with Perspectives Those pregnancies happen Everyone’s back in the session Unlimited, the July 26 workshop because the girls feel they have now, and asked to say aloud was presented with Safe Schools to prove themselves. From an what they wrote down. One South Florida and the Stonewall anonymous testimonial of a person names a grandmother. National Museum and Archives, Broward LGBT student: Another person names a close which sits next door to ArtServe, “I almost got into a fight when friend. Another person names a where the workshop took another student called me a P.E. teacher. place. About 25 people listened lesbian — to somehow ‘prove’ “Often, there’s no one to talk to,” intently to Palazzo as she ran myself. I dated guys— anyone Palazzo says. She asks the group through a specialized version of who asked — just so people Photo by dani justice

bout twenty people shut their eyes. They’re sitting four to a table in a large hall in ArtServe. They’re thinking about earlier days, when they were 13 years

would not know. So, I felt like an outcast for who I was, and at the same time, I felt guilty for being who I wasn’t.” When Palazzo was almost done with the seminar, she invited to the stage three LGBT youth to share their stories. Hector Castaneda, now 19, was 15-years-old when he was sitting in a Broward class, listening to a classmate confess that homosexuality was wrong and wasn’t compatible with the bible. “I felt humiliated. For the first time, I felt targeted. I felt alone,” Castaneda told the audience. The teacher in this never interrupted the outspoken boy or challenged the spewing of prejudice. “Every person has the strength inside of them to say, ‘You know, you’re wrong. You’re being disrespectful.’” A few minutes into the bigoted droll, Castaneda remembers a girl bursting out crying and running out of the classroom. Maria Londono, now 18, was a 15-year-old when she came out to her mother. She knew something was awry when her mom, who had picked her up at school that day, was exceptionally cold and not very talkative. “She walks into my room that night and lays on my bed. She asks me, ‘Are you a lesbian?’ I said, ‘No.’ She asked me again. I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ She asked me a

third time. I said, ‘Yes, I am, you got a problem with it?’” Londono said. And at this point, as she recalled, she saw her mother absorb the confession and in a fraction of a second fly through several emotions before lunging out toward her and raising her fists. “She began punching me, aiming for my face.” The situation hit Londono hard, she said, continuing to speak on the stage in front of the audience about her mother, tears swelling up in her eyes. Castaneda held her hand in his while she spoke. She’s keeping it together on the stage, but in her anecdote, she fell apart about a week after the encounter with her mother. “’Gay people are disgusting,’” Londono quoted a classmate spouting off about homosexuality, going off on LGBT people in a classroom full of students and a teacher who listened to the boy intently, not saying a word. Londono’s the girl that left Castaneda’s classroom three years ago, a then 15-year-old Castaneda following her out to comfort her. “How does my mom act this way and this other person act this way the same week?” Londono half-asked the crowd. “It’s horrible having someone tell you you’re a sin.” The third panelist was now 24-year-old Andrew Frosch, who’s been with Safe Schools South Florida for five years. Next to him was an empty seat. When the panel was finished. Frosch stood up and told the audience that the empty seat represented people who’ve been silenced through suicide, or who are silent by not being themselves. “I want to acknowledge these people because their lives matter,” he said, pulling out a piece of paper and reading off names and ages. Castaneda had his own paper, and read names and ages, too. Londono read a list, as well. The woman who trains the panelists for appearing before an audience, which is important mainly because these panelists aren’t always 18 years old, is Lisa La Monica, a dedicated guidance counselor. “Never assume you’ve done enough,” she told the crowd at the panel’s end. “Keep speaking, keep stepping up, keep reaching out.”

What you can do as an educator There are 260,000 students in Broward County. National statistics shows that eight to 13 percent may be LGBT. Here’s what Safe Schools South Florida suggests you keep in mind to be as supportive as possible to a potential LGBT youth.


nHave something gay-related visible in your office or classroom. nMake no assumptions about sexuality. nDo not advise youth to come out to parents, family and friends, as they need to come out at their own safe pace. nGuarantee confidentiality with students. nChallenge anti-gay remarks or

actions. nSupport, normalize and validate students’ feelings about their sexuality. nCombat heterosexism in your classroom. nProvide role models. nEnsure that the library collection includes works which portray diverse individuals and families.

nAddress the needs of any targeted gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students — for safety and for support. nBe prepared by reading LGBTQ issues in education. nWork to make the daily educational experience of all students safe and equitable, regardless of sexual orientation. Continued on page 17

August 1, 2012 •

Continued from page 16

What’s it like to be an LGBT youth in Broward County A March 2012 survey looked at LGBT students and asked them a series of questions about their experiences. Here’s what was found: How often do you hear homophobic remarks from other students? Frequently, 50% Often, 30% How often do you hear homophobic remarks from teacher or school staff? Rarely or never, 58% Sometimes, 37% Often, 5% When you hear homophobic remarks, how often has a teacher/staff been present? Rarely or never, 26% Sometimes, 49% Often, 20% How often does a teacher/staff intervene when homophobic remarks are made? Rarely or never, 45% Sometimes, 33% Often, 18% Frequently, 4% In the past month, how many times have you skipped class because you felt uncomfortable or unsafe in class? O times, 60% 1 times, 13% 2 or 3 times, 16% 4 or 5 times, 10%

Have you ever engaged in selfharm? Yes, 60% No, 40% If you engaged in self-harm, did you seek help? Did not seek help when self-harmed, 30% Dis seek help, 42% Are you out to your parent/s, guardian/s? No answer, 22% Yes, both, 60% Yes, one, 18% No, 22% Is it accepted by your parent/ guardian? Yes, very much, 34% Yes, it’s satisfactory, 36% Yes, minimally supported, 19% Not at all supported, 10% Have you ever left your house, stayed at someone’s or been told to leave your home due to tension because of your orientation, gender identity or expression? Yes, 22% No, 78% If you asked for help at school related to LGBTQ needs, were you ever given pamphlets, palm cards, etc. that had outreach/ support info on them? Yes, 19% No, 23%

August 1, 2012 •



Judy Shepard


aul Holland, owner of Zoo Two Clothing Company in Wilton Manors, committed suicide last week. The case is still being investigated. His roommate Kevin Murphy, 55, found him Wednesday morning in his bed unresponsive. A note was left saying he was committing suicide because he “could not take it anymore.” It was signed Paul Holland and dated July 24, 2012. Two days before the suicide, Holland, 56, shut down his store Zoo Two and was most likely going to have to claim bankruptcy. He was also recently arrested on a DWI charge. Friends and Family took to Facebook to express their grief: Peggy Holland: “What a sad day today is i love you paul you were the only surviving brother i had n now you left me n the world r i p brother i ll miss you dearly n love you forever you you passed away on my oldest sons birthday


joey he s 37 today you will be sadly missed love you forever your sister Peggy.” Brenda Swaggerty: “Another sad day, Paul you will be missed by many, R.i.p and look over your sisters!!” Robin Holland Alourdas: Paul you will never be gone you are with me throughout eternity we shall meet again R.I.P. MY LOVING, CARING BROTHER...I MISS AND LOVE YOU DEEPLY Jamie Lyn: Life is not about extravagance, materialism, or money. Its about loving the people that matter most, because you never know if you will see them tomorrow. This is becoming so routine lately, sad to see another go...R.I.P Uncle Paul.. Holland’s sister Peggy said they don’t have any money to bury her brother and is asking for the community’s support. Call Greg Bowman at 954-708-4863 for more information.


Paul Holland

passing, I’ve been thinking about the concept of true ‘legacy.’ Judy used her passion, stubbornness, compassion and determination to touch the lives of so many in our community,” said Deputy Director of the Pride Center Kristofer Fegenbush. “She gave and gave and gave. How many local school children had a better back-to-school or holiday celebration because of the troops that Judy rallied to donate items? She was a character. She made me laugh. She challenged and inspired me. Our community won’t be the same without her.” Submitted Photo

ong-term Pride Center at Equality Park volunteer and community advocate Judy Shepherd passed away last week, surrounded by loved ones. Judy’s passion, leadership and dedication spearheaded the Center’s annual backpack and toy-drives for local schoolchildren. She also belonged to Women in Network, the Stonewall Library and other community groups. A celebration of her life will occur on Wednesday, August 22 at 7 p.m. at the Pride Center. 2040 N Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 “Since Judy Shepherd’s

Photo Courtesy of Pompano Bill


August 1, 2012 •

Neel Amin, MD

Tom Macek, MD



Dr. Amin and Dr. Macek are double board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Both physicians are fellowship trained in Pain Medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, the birthplace and leading program of modern pain management in the United States.

Treatment For: • back pain • neck pain • joint disease • HIV neuropathy • diabetic neuropathy • headaches • shingles • cancer pain

Procedures Offered: • epidural steroid injections • joint injections • spinal cord stimulation • physical and massage therapy • back braces • Botox (cosmetic and therapeutic) • radio frequency ablation

Medicare and private insurances accepted. Imperial Point Medical Arts Pavilion 6333 N Federal Highway, Suite 250 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

August 1, 2012 •

T: (954) 678-1074 F: (954) 938-2127


Jewish Gay&Lesbian

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August 1, 2012 • 3/5/2012 1:55:55 PM

August 1, 2012 •


By Gideon Grudo


tefan Bringas opened the tinted front door of a West Palm Beach Chick-fil-A and stepped outside into the 89-degree weather. It was 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 28, and a little over a dozen protesters were outside. They stood next to the marquee that asked patrons to try CFA’s new desserts. Some held rainbow flags. Others held signs, with marker-written messages like “Got Rights? I Don’t” and “My $$$$$$ Won’t Support Your Hate.” But Bringas wasn’t there to stop the protesters — the executive director of the store just wanted to offer them free water and lemonade. “We want to protect you guys’ ability to protest,” he told an SFGN reporter. After letting the protesters know they could freely use the store’s restrooms, too, he bid them a good day and headed back inside. Sixteen people showed up to the protest that Eric

The controversy came down hard when CFA’s COO Dan Cathy said publicly that he and his company oppose gay marriage. When asked about opposition to CFA’s support of the traditional marriage, Cathy told the Baptist Press on July 16 that he’s “guilty as charged,” adding that CFA is “very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unity. We are a family-owned business, a familyled business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.” He finished up by emphasizing that the company is “very much committed” to “do anything [CFA] possibly can to strengthen families.” But the really juicy anti-gay remarks came almost a week after, on air. “We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,” Cathy said during a radio interview. “And I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude that thinks we have the audacity to redefine what marriage is all about.” Since then, it’s been a journalistic hodge podge of stories from all different angles (Check out our timeline of the fiasco online at From mayors snuffing out potential new CFA locations to famous toy companies pulling their contracts with the company, it’s been a field day on the Internet. Even Twitter got in on the action, with celebrities and politicians tweeting their discontent with the Atlanta based chicken franchise. Nancy Pelosi tweeted she preferred KFC. Perez Hilton tweeted that the restaurant gives patrons diarrhea. Then there was a counterattack. Pastor Rick Warren tweeted, “Political Correctness is the #NewMcCarthyism. Dare to say what the Bible says &be bullied back into conformity #Chick-fil-A.” Pastor Billy Graham tweeted a link to a press release that stated he planned on eating more chicken and supporting the restaurant by visiting it. Mayors in Chicago and Washington, D.C. told CFA not to bother opening shop in their cities. A petition on www.change. org is asking people to demand an apology and resignation from Dan Cathy. It goes on and on. But Dan Cathy isn’t the only reason people are mad. CFA’s charitable arm, WinShape, has made contributions that total about $1.7 million to anti-gay groups in 2009 and $1.9 million to

“No matter how much we protest, they’re not going to change their beliefs.” Harazi organized. He was diagnosed with HIV last summer and decided thenceforth to become an LGBT activist. When friends on Facebook egged him on to run this protest, he agreed to do it. And even though only sixteen people came, he felt it was a success. On one hand, a black woman approached him during the protest to tell him he had no rights. But another woman stopped her car and asked the group what it was all about — she had no idea. “It wasn’t the turnout I was hoping for,” Harazi said. “Afterwards, I felt like it didn’t go well, but a friend told me that if just one person read about it, it worked. That’s true.” And if people haven’t read about this protest, chances are they at least know about the dramatic coverage that has been awarded to CFA recently.

similar groups in 2010. Since 2003, these anti-gay contributions total about $5 million, according to Equality Matters. This move, according to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), cost it dearly in approval rates in the past few months. CFA’s donations went to organizations like the Marriage & Family Legacy Fund and Exodus International (to see the list of organizations that got CFA cash, see the sidebar). As for CFA, the company has stayed resilient and stood firm by Dan Cathy’s remarks. Most local stores have tried to stay out of the mess, not commenting on it or not making a display either way. A Chicago owner, however, sounded off to the Sun-Times after Mayor Rahm Emanuel supported a measure to keep CFA from opening a new restaurant in his city. Claiming that she hires and serves gays “with honor, dignity and respect,” Lauren Silich told the Sun-Times that her and her husband are “real people.” She invited the mayor to come eat at her restaurant and emphasized that Dan Cathy’s views were just that — Dan Cathy’s views. Unlike the Chicagoan Silich, South Florida CFA owners were much less willing to talk to media. SFGN reached out to the eleven CFA locations closest to its Wilton Manors, Fla. offices. There are 23 total locations in South Florida. Rob Rabenecker, owner of a Wellington CFA, told SFGN that he wouldn’t feel comfortable commenting on an issue that involves the corporate office, even though SFGN’s questions were specific to his store. He then followed up with a stock answer about treating everyone equally, and then offered up some insight. “The corporate office has told its 1,600 independent owner/operators that ‘going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over samesex marriage to the government and political arena.’” Rabenecker’s wife, Chandra Bill-Rabenecker, who quit her job, as a local TV anchor, to help her husband run the Wellington CFA, happens to be on the board of directors of Palm Beach Atlantic University — PBA does not allow homosexual behavior, according to their handbook. Only one other owner responded to SFGN with something other than the phone number and email of the national headquarters. Mauricio Leon owns a CFA in Plantation. Like many others, he wrote in

an email that his “ma food with heart-warmi we treat everyone wit and dignity regardless sexual orientation, or g Asked if he’s conce from many planned p wrote, “My employee family, their wealth is great dining experienc for all of us.” The rest of the own to SFGN or declined the eleven locations, FLORIDA). With petitions buz boycotts being propos group decided to take their dissatisfaction. I (The ‘R’ is reversed). August 3, the idea bei kiss at their local CFA thanks to the compan equality, and the really group’s Facebook page head on out to your loc To counter this eve supporters like former Huckabee and the no Organization for Marri eat at CFA stores around August 1. The idea is to called Chick-fil-A Appr Keeping up with a controversy, Eric Hara the protest in West Pa confident any of the ac “I want peace and that’s not going to ha matter how much we p change their beliefs.” But perhaps Haraz July 27, a day before th took place, Amazon C million to a same-sex in Washington State. Bezos is the first and his money where his rights during the CFA d


CIVIL RIGHTS August 1, 2012 •

ain concern is to serve great ing service, with implies that th the same honor, respect s of their beliefs, race, creed, gender.” erned over loss of business protests and boycotts, Leon es are an extension of my mine; therefore, providing a ce at our restaurant is crucial

ners either failed to respond to comment (for a list of see Chick-fil-A in SOUTH

zzing around the web and sed around the country, one e a more interesting route to It’s called “Kiss MoR Chiks” . It’s coming down Friday, ing to have same-sex couple A stores. The event will give ny for their “support of love, y definition of marriage,” the e reads. “So grab a buddy and cal Chick-fil-A!” ent and others like it, CFA r presidential candidate Mike otoriously anti-gay National iage are asking Americans to d the country on Wednesday, o show solidarity on this coreciation Day. all of the news of the CFA azi — the guy who organized alm Beach on July 28 — isn’t ctivism will make a change. harmony — but in reality, appen,” he told SFGN. “No protest, they’re not going to

Chick-fil-A Funds Anti-Gay Groups

South Florida businessman asks for your help


obbe White has decided to counter the Chick-fil-A Day measure, which is backed by pundits like former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, asking people to eat at Chickfil-A (CFA) on Wednesday, August 1 to show their support. CFA Day is a counter itself for a national push to have same-sex couples kiss at CFA stores on Friday, August 3. White, a married Christian with a child, opens up his “Celebrate Community and Diversity Day Aug. 1st” event by telling readers that “Each of us makes a difference. No one is insignificant.”

He proceeds to link to CFA’s support groups on Facebook, and then pitches what he wants the reader to do. The idea is to support a local business on Wednesday, August 1, and in doing so improving local economy and stimulating growth to “real people,” he wrote. “I strongly feel that God is not being honored in all of this debate,” White said. “So let’s set aside our beliefs, if only for one day.” For more information on the all day event, go to For SFGN’s coverage of the event, go to our site.

SFGN put together a user-friendly, multimedia timeline with all the stories, videos, tweets, photos and characters that make Chick-fil-A the most talked-about topic right now. All in one place, and updated daily. Check it out at

Focus on the Family


ccording to Equality Matters, the company donated almost $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2009. Dan Cathy, CFA’s COO and the foundation for the recent controversy, told Equality Matters in 2011 that he doesn’t have “an agenda against anyone.” Donations are made through the WinShape Foundation, which got almost $8 million from CFA in 2009. And in 2010, WinShape made an almost identical donation to almost identical anti-gay groups. Since 2003, CFA has given about $5 million to anti-gay groups, the most of it coming in the last few years.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes


National Christian Foundation


NCF’s a grant-making foundation and it gives its cash to other anti-gay groups. 2010: $247,500 2009: $240,000

d only major voice who’s put mouth is in defending gay debacle.



According to the MFLF’s executive summary (circa 2011), it was created to be the “implementation and funding arm” for the Marriage Commission, a coalition of groups formed in response to the “downward spiral of marriage and the traditional family in America.” 2010: $1,188,380 2009: $994,199

FCA has ministers that condemn the “impure Here are the groups and lifestyle” of gays. Program how much each one got since Director of FCA’s national 2009… conference described the event as one in which “God freed some people from homosexuality, sexual sins, addictions and even ushered newcomers into His kingdom.” 2010: $480,000 2009: $480,000

zi’s being too cynical. On he West Palm Beach protest CEO Jeff Bezos donated $2.5 marriage defense campaign

SE —

Marriage and Family Legacy Fund

New Mexico Christian Foundation


Straight ally Dan Alexander [R] kisses Richmond Schmidt in front of Chick-Fil-A to show his support of the LGBT community and gay marriage.

Chick-fil-A swallows a bad batch of publicity over anti-gay remarks, South Florida not immune

August 1, 2012 •

It’s a grant-making foundation and it gives its cash to other anti-gay groups. It’s a locale-specific version of the National Christian Foundation (above). 2010: $54,000


Claiming that homosexuality can demonize children, FOF has been labeled an antigay group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 2009: $12,500 Eagle Forum


The group opposes the Supreme Court’s decision to decriminalize homosexuality in 203. It’s propagated that courts have a “gay agenda” in schools. 2009: $5,000 Georgia Family Council


The council argued for Prop 8 and criticized Apple when it removed an app that promoted marriage equality as a threat to children. The council’s president is adamantly and vocally opposed to marriage rights, too, arguing that they will undermine traditional marriage. 2010: $2,500 Exodus International


Perhaps one of the most famous anti-gay groups, Exodus was an aggressive promoter of “ex-gay” therapy until recently. It deems homosexuality perverse and a form of sexual brokenness. 2010: $1,000 2009: $1,000 Family Research Council


Along with Focus on the Family (above), FRC has been deemed anti-gay by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The council’s president has claimed that pedophilia is a homosexual problem. 2010: $1,000 2009: $1,000

Continued on page 24 23

Continued from page 23

Pro-Cluck vs. Anti-Cluck By Sergio N. Candido


t wasn’t so much the millions of dollars that Chick-fil-A donated to religious, anti-gay hate groups that sparked the controversy that’s divided the country into two, it was just three words—and perhaps the way they were uttered—by company president Dan Cathy confirming that Chick-fil-A was “guilty as charged” for supporting what he considers traditional family values. On the weeks following that statement, many politicians and celebrities came forward to voice their opinion on the matter; here are some of the most prominent characters…

For Chick-fil-A Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, July 23

The former presidential candidate started a Facebook event page with one goal: “Let’s affirm a business that operates on Christian principles and whose executives are willing to take a stand for the Godly values we espouse by simply showing up and eating at Chick fil-A on Wednesday, August 1.”

Candidate for Republican Presidential Nomination Rick Santorum, July 25

Failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum joined the Chickfil-A culture war, tweeting from inside a restaurant. “With two of my boys, Enjoying chick-in-strips and an awesome peach shake at Chick-fil-A. See you here next Wednesday!” he tweeted.

Southwest Tea Party, July 25

Using phrases like “fag scum” and “sodomy based marriage,” the Southwest Tea Party took to Twitter to show their support for Chick-fil-A and its president, Dan Cathy. “@ChickfilA you know what to do, so I pray to god that we will one day take back our country from these fags and dykes who want to destroy it,” read one of their tweets.

Hockey Player Tim Thomas, July 26

NHL Player Tim Thomas said “I stand with Chick-fil-A.” He argues that “Chick-fil-A is privately owned” and tells his followers that company president Dan Cathy made comments that “some have alleged are anti-gay.”

Former Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, July 27

“Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business,” wrote the conservative politician along with a photo posted on her Facebook page that shows her and her husband with thumbs up and holding two bags of friend chicken.


Michelle Annicchiarico (L) came to the protest to support her openly gay son Marc Annicchiarico while Kit Marlowe [R] attended to support the organizer of the event, Eric Harazi.


Against Chick-fil-A Actor Ed Helms, July 18 The “Hangover” and “Office” star was among the first celebrities to condemn the company for their beliefs. In a tweet, Helms announced he was off Chick-fil-A for good. “Chick-fil-A doesn’t like gay people? So lame. Hate to think what they do to the gay chickens! Lost a loyal fan,” he tweeted. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, July 20 Menino has vowed to block Chick-fil-A from taking its Southern-fried fast-food empire to Boston. “You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion,” he said. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Joe Moreno, July 25 Alderman Joe Moreno says he won’t allow Chick-fil-A to open a restaurant in his Northwest Side ward because of the company’s anti-gay worldview, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is offering his support. “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values. They disrespect our fellow neighbors and residents. This would be a bad investment, since it would be empty,” Mayor Emanuel said. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, July 26 One tweet from Mayor Ed Lee left very clear the stance of San Francisco on the Chick-fil-A controversy. “Closest #ChickFilA to San Francisco is 40 miles away & I strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer,” he tweeted. Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, July 27 Mayor Vincent Gray joined the mayors of Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco by announcing the Chick-fil-A chain is not welcome in his city. “Given my longstanding strong support for LGBT rights & marriage equality, I would not support #hatechicken,” he tweeted. August 1, 2012 •


2012 National Gay Men’s Health Summit in D.C. By Sean McShee


August 1, 2012 •

Photo courtesy of

ust before the XIX International AIDS Conference, an estimated 150 activists gathered in Washington D.C. for the 2012 National Gay Men’s Health Summit. Unlike speakers at most professional conferences, speakers at the summit regularly issued disclaimers that they were not speaking for their organizations. These disclaimers reflected the speaker’s dual roles as both health professionals and members of their The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were a presence in DC, here “target population.” represented by Sister Eden Ass (aka Brad Vanderbilt), moderating a session on peer-based community health promotion. The Gay Men’s Health Summits grew out of shame issues. frustration with that dual role, the singular focus on AIDS, and its Exemplifying this asset based approach to associated moralistic tinge. As many people health, two groups presented workshops: the still experience this frustration, the summit FUK!T campaign and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The D.C. based FUK!T campaign uses that as a springboard for discussion. Despite this frustration, but reflecting has developed a sex positive campaign to reality on the ground, about one third of reduce risk of STIs and are willing to help all workshops focused on HIV prevention, other people developing a similar program. treatment, stigma, or inclusion. Some of these Visit for more information. workshops focused on an asset based and As this year marks the 30th anniversary of sex positive style of prevention. In an asset the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s first based approach, the health prevention effort safe sex pamphlet, Play Fair!, the sisters will emphasizes, and works with, the strengths be issuing a revised and updated version of of the target community. Despite popular this “classic”. The local SPI convent should misconceptions, health assets do exist distribute it in this area. within the communities of gay/bi and other This health summit expressed its basic ideas men who have sex with men. These assets in eight core issues and six core principles. include an acceptance of open relationships, Unfortunately, these issues and principles a preference for explicit sexual language read as if they were written by a committee over euphemisms, and the ability to choose of researchers and bureaucrats. While these from a wide variety of sexual behaviors with issues and principles may match someone’s varying levels of risk. While some people checklist, they do not read easily, but are might be surprised to see “acceptance of important enough that they should inspire. open relationships” listed among health These summits have occurred about every assets, this acceptance allows those people two years for over ten years, striving to with minimal interest in, or capability for, expand health for gay/bi and other MSM monogamy to live honestly. An honest open beyond the focus on AIDS and towards relationship has fewer risks than a dishonest something more holistic. As one speaker “monogamous” relationship. Emphasizing said, “Health is about more than access to health assets may be particularly important pharmaceuticals.” for those communities that need to combat


1-855-pet-team (954-297-5336) LIC # 11000106488


August 1, 2012 •

August 1, 2012 •


High Speed Thrills and Spills Roller Derby Skates to Town


everal times a week, Laura Garro undergoes a remarkable transformation. By day, the mild-mannered, 28-year-old Sunrise resident is an administrator for a petroleum tank repair shop, but once she laces up her skates and straps on her helmet, she leaves the office behind and assumes her alter ego, Carniverous Licks. “Licks,” as she is known, is not a superhero, but a formidable competitor on South Florida’s roller derby circuit. Garro, a founding member of the local Gold Coast Roller Grrls team, puts her skills to the



test on a weekly basis against the likes of Annihilating Annie, Holy Rolla, Bear Lee Human and Shred-Her, and this weekend, the girls will take the floor at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale for the Sunshine State Smackdown, a three-day tournament. The sport of roller derby got its start in 1935, when Leo Seltzer, the owner of cinemas and a promoter of dance marathons, got the idea for a roller skating race. A couple of years later, at a race in Miami, a local newspaper writer suggested that the potential of large collisions and physical contact might make


the sport more marketable. Within a few years, roller derby was televised, at a time when few American households had televisions. Licks points out in the early days, the outcomes of the matches were often predetermined. And, of course, who can forget the cheesy ‘70s obsession with roller derby that briefly left a mark on American pop culture. “It used to be staged, like professional wrestling,” she explains, but roller derby has evolved into a full-contact sport that now boasts more than 1000 leagues worldwide. Most importantly, “it requires strategy on top of physical strength, or (players) are going to go flying.” Basically, two teams of five skaters each are circling the track at any given time. One player, designated the “jammer” scores points by lapping each of the skaters on the opposing team, “blockers.” “It’s almost impossible to watch everyone,” she says. “A lot of people get addicted to it. It’s an obsession.” Modern roller derby is filled with spills and thrills as the skaters race dizzyingly around the track. “Black eyes, broken noses….they’re a badge of honor. We play through injuries just like (football players). It’s brutal, it’s a full contact sport,” Lists insists knowingly. Licks was living in Virginia when she was introduced to the sport. After moving to South Florida, she helped found the Roller Grrls with the support of skaters around the country.


By J.W Arnold

While the Roller Grrls are a relatively small league with 40 skaters supported by 20 to 25 referees and volunteers, it is strong and boasts some skaters as young as 21 and as old as 45. “We have mothers, daughters and grandmothers,” explains Licks. “There really is no single demographic.” But, she also admits that roller derby has long been popular with the lesbian community. Licks is openly gay and so are many other skaters. “Oh, it’s huge with lesbians, but it’s not softball. Being a bad girl is good,” she says with a sly chuckle. “Most have never (played) a sport in their lives. We’ll work them out and teach them to skate. It’s simple….just skate fast and turn left.” The Roller Grrls have even recruited a men’s team that will make their debut against the girls at the War Memorial Auditorium. She says, “We embrace our male skaters. At Stonewall (Street Festival) they came with us. At the PrideFest event at the War Memorial, they came with us. We want them to come skate.”

Roller Derby at a Glance Founded: 1935 by Leo Seltzer Fun Fact: Roller derby first broadcast on television in 1948 in New York City – long before television viewership was widespread. Basics: Two teams of five members simultaneously skate counterclockwise on an oval, flat circuit track. The bout is played in two periods of 30 minutes. Point scoring occurs during “jams,” plays that last 2 minutes, as a designated skater laps opposing players. Positions: Jammer (star on helmet) – Scores points by lapping opposing team members. Blocker – Assists the team’s jammer in progress through the pack or hinders the opposing


team’s jammer by preventing her from passing. Pivot (stripe on helmet) – Blocker who may be designated as a jammer during the course of a jam; establishes the team’s strategy during play. Scoring: The jammer scores by passing opposition team members during a jam. Blocking: Several types of direct blocking are penalized, including swinging an elbow; using forearms to grab, touch or hold; and purposely dropping to the ground in front of an opponent. Penalties: General penalties are similar to those in other sports, including false starts, too many skaters on the track at once, frequent out-of-bounds skating and players without helmets.

August 1, 2012 •

August 1, 2012 •


P e r s o n a l I n j u ry • f r e e c o n s u ltat I o n

Jeffrey Seth Selzer, eSQ. • Scott A. WeiSS, eSQ. IsLANd CItY CENtEr ACross From stork’s 2550 Northeast 15th aveNue • WiltoN MaNors, Florida 33305

Let us review your present documents at no charge!

954-567-4444 Become a client for life • Last Will and Testament • Living Will • Health Care Power of Attorney with HIPAA Release • Durable Financial Power of Attorney



The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

Affordable Estate Planning Packages From Your Neighborhood Law Firm Personal Injury • no fees/costs If no recoVery


August 1, 2012 •


(trapezius), located between the neck and shoulders. The Shoulder Press is, without question, the best exercise to develop the front and middle delts as well as the traps. TIP: If you turn your palms in (facing each other), rather than out when performing a Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press, you will increase the demand on your anterior deltoids and triceps and improve your overall pushing strength. Avoid this exercise, however, if you are experiencing any shoulder pain! My recommendation is to restrict overhead pressing exercises such as the Shoulder Press to just one per workout and instead utilize Cable or Dumbbell Flyes, Lateral Raises, Shrugs and other exercises to avoid putting too much stress on the shoulder joints. Here are two of my favorite exercises to help build big, strong shoulders. Ask a personal 1) It’s the best defense we have to preventing trainer at your gym or training facility to painful, often debilitating injuries to the recommend others. shoulder joint including dislocation or, worse, a torn rotator cuff; and SIDE-LYING LATERAL RAISE: Lie 2) The shoulder muscles assist in most on your left side on an incline bench with a exercises for your chest, back and arms; dumbbell in your right hand and your palm consequently weak shoulders mean those facing your thigh. Without bending your elbow, muscle groups won’t reach their full potential. raise your arm until it’s in line with your The deltoid (musculus deltoideus) plays a shoulder as your rotate your palm outward. critical role in building strong shoulder muscles. This is the large triangular muscle covering CUBAN PRESS: Hold a pair of dumbbells the shoulder joint which allows movement, at right angles above your shoulders, palms extension and rotation of the arm. It’s made facing forward. Rotate your arms down so up of three sections – the front, middle and that your palms face the floor. Return to the rear deltoid. Also critical to improving your starting position and lift your arms above your shoulder strength is working the upper traps head. Repeat from the beginning.

Fitness Guy By Peter Jackson, CPT Need bigger shoulders? Here are some tips

Q: I’ve been working out for six months and have seen a big improvement in my chest and arms, but my shoulders are still narrow and puny. What can I do? A: Big, broad shoulders complement your arms, chest and back and punctuate a welldeveloped upper body. While appearances are important, there are two reasons why strengthening the shoulder muscles is so important:


TIP OF THE WEEK Make your own protein bars Here’s a great recipe for healthy, easyto-make protein bars which you can take to the office to consume for your mid-morning or mid-morning snack or keep on hand for when cravings start. INGREDIENTS 1 cup uncooked oats 6 scoops protein power 5 tbsp natural peanut butter ½ cup water 2 tbsp flaxseed 1 cup nonfat dry milk powder INSTRUCTIONS Combine dry ingredients in a mediumsize bowl. Add peanut better and stir. Add water and vanilla and mix until dough becomes sticky. Spread in an 8x8 inch baking dish sprayed with non-stick cooking oil. Refrigerate for two hours. Calories: 197 Protein: 21g Carbs: 13.7g Fat: 7.2g Total prep time: 10 minutes Servings: 9



SEATED DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS (with palms in) position them, with a palms-in grip, at shoulder level.

nDrive the weights up and overhead,

extending your arms fully.

nGently lock your elbows and pause

for a few seconds before returning to the starting position in a controlled manner. Use a spotter or trainer if you are using heavy weights.

August 1, 2012 •

Michael Humpleby demonstrates the Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press (Palms In).

Photography by

nGrab a pair of dumbbells and

Peter Jackson is nationally-syndicated fitness columnist and the owner of Push Fitness, a private, full-service personal training gym in Oakland Park which offers cutting-edge fitness programs for individuals, couples and small groups. Peter welcomes your questions at or visit him online at www. and


Elli Murray and Jeffrey Bruce in The Best Man


August 1, 2012 •

By Brian Swinford

Have an event you want to list? If so send me an email at through August 5. Visit

* denotes new listing

Theater Broward County Sister Rolls the Dice

Late Nite Catechism: Sister Rolls the Dice is the latest class in the sinfully funny Catechism series. The convent needs a new roof, so the order has decided that Sister (with her extensive gambling experience running the Church Bingo for the last 25 years) will organize a Las Vegas night! Sister will tackle topics ranging from Magicians and Show Girls to live animal acts and the dangers of drive-through marriage chapels. At the Broward Center on August 4 & 5. Shows times vary. Visit


*Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project

From Aug. 4 to Nov. 4, the Arsht Center is convening community organizations, in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, in a county-wide calendar of performances, activities, education programs and public forums. This program will be a three-month, county-wide human rights collaboration that will focus attention on the work that is being done in Miami-Dade County toward the protection of human rights against bigotry and hate. Visit

Broadway in Miami 2012-13

Baby Girl

Baby GirL centers on Ashley, described as a spirited daydreamer, who is alienated by her adoptive family when she comes out as a lesbian. Ashley then embarks on a journey to find love and a place to call home. Baby GirL runs through August 5, at Empire Stage, 1140 North Flagler Dr. Fort Lauderdale. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m. Call 954-678-1496. For tickets, visit: www. or www.

Palm Beach County

Late Night Catechism will be playing at the Broward Center on August 4&5.

Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

When CB’s dog dies from rabies, he questions the existence of an afterlife. His best friend is too burnt out to provide any coherent speculation; his sister has gone goth; his exgirlfriend has recently been institutionalized; and his other friends are too inebriated to give him any sort of solace. But a chance meeting with an artistic kid, the target of this group’s bullying, offers CB a peace of mind and sets in motion a friendship that will push teen angst to the very limits. Drug use, suicide, eating disorders, teen violence, rebellion and sexual identity collide and careen this dark comedy toward an ending that’s both haunting and hopeful. At FAU’s Theatre Studio One theatre on August 2 to 4 at 7 p.m. Visit FAUevents. com

Peter Pan Starring Cathy Rigby

Tony Award nominee Cathy Rigby takes flight in an all-new production of Peter Pan. Discover the Magic all over again of this two-time EmmyAward-winning and two-time TonyAwardnominated production of Peter Pan starting August 1 at 7 p.m. at the Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall. Visit

The Fantasticks

The Fantasticks is the world’s longest running musical and is about captivating love story about a boy, a girl, two fathers and a wall, the narrator, El Gallo, creates a world of moonlight and magic, then pain and disillusionment, until the boy and girl find their way back to each other. The score, which includes “Try to Remember,” is as timeless as the story itself!

This season Ziff Ballet Opera House on Oct. 9 to May 12 will hold the Broadway In Miami spectacle. Experience the return of the world’s greatest musical spectacle - Les Misérables - in its lavish new 25th anniversary production, along with the Miami premieres of Broadway’s biggest fun-filled hits - including the highstepping Mary Poppins, the outlandishly colorful Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the awesomely cool Rock of Ages, and - the 2010 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical - Memphis, a triumph of explosive dancing and powerhouse songs. Visit

Community Calendar Broward County *Artisan Food Fair

As part of the August Family Day on Aragon the Coral Gables Museum will be hosting an Artisan Food Fest. Come out and pick up some of the best artisan foods South Florida has to offer on August 11at the Coral Gables Museum from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit

Saturday Nite Alive

Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park Presents SATURDAY NITE ALIVE: Showcasing the best of Fort Lauderdale Beach for 11 fun filled Saturday nights: through August 11. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful setting next to the white sands and blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Visit

Associates & Inspiration: The CoBrA Movement and the Arts of Africa and New Guinea

This lively and thought-provoking installation juxtaposes paintings, sculptures and works on paper by artists of the CoBrA movement. Masks, totems, and carvings created by the South Pacific island of New Guinea and the continent of Africa are also on display. Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale through September 01. Visit

August 1, 2012 •


To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. GLBX Business Advantage Referral Group

GLBX Business Advantage Referral Group will be held at the chamber offices on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 8 to 9 a.m. The leads group is looking for additional members. If you are interested joining, please contact Ken Stollar at to see if your category is open and to attend as a guest. Visit php?src=gendocs&ref=GLBX_home&category=GLBX

Tundra Gay Night

Tundra restaurant will be holding a gay mixer night every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Come for the great food, drinks, and people. When you come to Tundra for the gay night try a great martini from there dozens of specialty drinks. Visit

Corporate Challenge of Florida

Opening ceremony begins August 2012. Corporate Challenge of Florida is bringing the spirit of the Olympics to Broward County. Offering many different sporting events throughout Broward. The largest sporting event in South Florida will have the opportunity to show unity, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Each company’s registration fees will support the American Heart Association, breast cancer research, Make a Wish Foundation and more local charitable South Florida organizations. Visit

Wild Inspirational Gatherings

WIG is a new and exciting weekly event that will inspire and empower you to celebrate life. Imagine a gay revival mixing spirituality, disco meditation, drag divas, WIG’s Gayngster Choir and a fabulous message from Rev. Jamie! WIG seeks to empower gay youth, adults and our allies with positive energy, a fun environment and a gay spirit. Doors open at 7:30, curtain up at 8. Tickets: $10 suggested donation, VIP booth seating $30. 754-444-1WIG (1944)

meet new friends, play board games and a Queer Themed Movie at 7 p.m. Email

Latinos Salud’s programs

Multiple programs and groups for bi/gay Latino guys. Latinos Salud’s SOMOS program is for guys 18 to 30. All proceeds will benefit Latinos Salud in our efforts to educate on HIV Prevention and testing. Every Thursday night at 7 p.m. join the Core Group, and help plan alternative activities. Also offers Popular Opinion Leader group for guys ages 25 to 44 and a Life Coaching program for guys ages 18 to 44. Come by Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for free one-on-one life coaching with certified CRCS coaches. Located at 2330 Wilton Drive. Call 954533-8681 or visit

Man2Man Discussion

Man2Man Discussion Group meets at the Pride Center on Mondays from 7 until 8:30 p.m. Any subject may be discussed. Members regularly reassemble afterwards for ‘repast’ at The Courtyard, PeterPan Diner. Visit

Meditation After Work

On Mondays from 6-6:30 p.m. there will be Guided meditation w/ western Buddhist teacher Gui Passow. Looking for a way to rest and re-charge before starting your evening? Come in for a free guided meditation to clear your mind at the end of the day. This class is free at Drolma Buddhist Center. Call 954-537-9191 or visit

Buddhist Meditation Classes

All the happiness there is in the world arises from wishing others to be happy. By abandoning self-centered thoughts and replacing them with the belief that others are important, we will overcome our suffering and find true happiness inside our own hearts. $10/class or $30/series includes vegetarian food after class. Call The Drolma Buddhist Center at 954-537-9191.

Queer Youth Nights

LGBTQ & allied youth 13-21 are welcome any time after 6 p.m. at the SunServe building on Wilton Drive for a great place to

Intimate Partner Abuse Group

SunServe is offering a new weekly support group for LGBT people that are experiencing abuse in their intimate relationships, or have just left an abusive intimate relationship. Abuse includes: name calling, put downs, slurs, humiliation, isolation, being kept from friends and family, economic deprivation, threats, intimidation, violence, sexual coercion, and sexual violence. Call 954-764-5150 extension 104.

Dream Car Classic

Every Sunday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pre-1980s classic cars, modern classics and custom cars from 1981-2012 will be showcased. $10 car registration from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (Show Car Entrance: 20th Avenue & Tyler Street). People’s Choice Award - 2 Classes; Top Ten Vehicles Award. Call 954214-2457

Living Healthy Fusion in Wilton Manors will be having a free workshop on healthy choices, and healthy living on Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This workshop provides interactive learning, practice and mastery techniques for a healthier and more active life, and positive changes for quality of life. Call 954-630-1655

Life Coaching

Tuesday Night Eatin’ Meeting will be held at The Alternative MC Clubhouse at 4322 NE 5th Ave in Oakland Park. Fun, food, and fellowship. There will be hamburgers, hotdogs, all the fixins, cold drinks, desserts, and snacks. Meeting begins at 8 p.m. and ends at 9 p.m. Visit

Gay Men’s HIV+ Long Time Survivors’ Group

A support group that gives men who have been HIV+ for a long time (5 yrs +) the opportunity to give and receive support around topics of interest and issues for concern that are raised by the members. Meets on 1st and 3rd Thursday at SunServe 2312 Wilton Drive from 6:30 – 8 p.m. No cost. Donations welcome.

Gay Male Empowerment

Topic discussions include issues and concerns about being a gay man in South Florida. Meets Thursdays at the Pride Center from 7 - 8:30 p.m. Call 954-353-9155 or email


Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tues. of the month at the Sunshine Cathedral at 1480 SW 9th Avenue to support the parents of LGBTQ youth in Broward. No charge. Visit pflagfortlauderdale

Latinos Salud’s Life Coaching program is for Latino gay/bi guys ages 18-44. Come by Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for free one-on-one life coaching with certified CRCS coaches. Set your goals, and meet action steps to make them come true. Stop in for more info at 2330 Wilton Drive or call 954-765-6239. Visit

SunServe Therapy Groups

Sex & Love Anonymous

Gay men’s group discussion. Different subject every week. Dr. David Fawcett, a gay therapist, who has been in private practice in Fort Lauderdale for the last ten years, leads the event. No charge. Starts at 7 p.m. Call 954-630-1655.

S.L.A.A. believes that sex and love addiction is a progressive illness which cannot be cured but which, like many illnesses, can be arrested. It may take several forms -- including, but not limited to, a compulsive need for sex, extreme dependency on one or many people, or a chronic pre-occupation with romance, intrigue, or fantasy. Meets at The Pride Center at Equality Park in Bldg A, Room 200 Fridays 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visit

Survivor Support

A Survivor Support Group is being held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the 211 Community Center, 250 NE 33rd Street, in Oakland Park. The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention (FISP) is sponsoring this free support group and is open to all family members and friends of those who have died by suicide. Call 954-384-0344 to register. Meets from 7-8:30 p.m. Visit

Eating Disorder Support

Meets Friday evenings from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. At Sun Serve’s Wilton Manors location at 2123 Wilton Drive, second floor. A “drop-in” psycho-educational support group. Free. No registration required. Donations welcome. Call 954-764-5150

Sunday Jazz Brunch

Provided for the LGBT community at SunServe on a regular basis. Groups require an intake interview. Call the Intake Coordinator at 954-764-5150 to learn which therapy groups have openings. Visit

Fusion Wilton Manors - Connections

Women4Women Support

A safe and loving place to explore all the concerns and topics raised by group members. This open drop-in meeting is held Wednesdays at 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the New Sun Serve Building at 2312 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Call 954-764-5150

Man2Man Discussion

Man-2-Man talk is an informal discussion group of gay men, with all age ranges and backgrounds welcomed. Bldg A, Room 206. Visit

Palm Beach County Lake Worth Bike Night

The Lake Worth bike night is fun, and it’s for a cause. Join loads of people in downtown Lake Worth every Thursday from 7 p.m.-10 p.m.. The event is free and open to bikers and non-bikers. Visit

First Sunday of every month. An ideal way to relax and enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s scenic Riverwalk. Live, outdoor concert series bringing the area’s best local jazz artists. Listen to the soulful sounds on four different stages. Well-behaved, leashed pets welcome. Plenty of room for chairs, blankets and picnic baskets.


Young Adult GLBT

New Alternatives

PFLAG is a monthly support, coming out and rap groups for families of & for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender people. Meeting in Palm Beach County is at 6:30 on the third Wednesday of the month. Call or email Carol at 561-716-9464

A social group open to all LGBT people ages 18-35. Meets Fridays at the Pride Center in Wilton Manors from 7:15-9 p.m. Meeting starts with a discussion on current events followed by introductions and then a group activity. Visit PrideCenterFlorida. org/contact-us

Social group with regular outings and social mixers for LGBTQ ages 18 to 30. This meeting will take place at The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Palm Beach County. Email or Visit

Boardwalk Friday Fest

Support group is dedicated for lesbians who are recovering from alcoholism. Meeting happens every Monday at 7 p.m. at Lambda North Clubhouse. Visit

Come out to Hollywood Beach Theatre East of A1A at Johnson St and the ocean. Admission: Free every Friday of every month. Live jazz, blues, pop and everything in between along Hollywood’s signature 2.5 mile boardwalk. Charming oceanfront cafes and restaurants serve up delicious innovative cuisine while you enjoy the best array of live music and tropical ocean breezes. Visit or call 954-924-2980


Sober Sisters AA

PBC Gender Support

All ages support group dedicated for transgender individuals. This meeting happens the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. These meeting will take place at The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Palm Beach County. Visit

Most Toastmasters meetings are comprised of about 20 people who meet weekly for an hour or so. Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian. Toastmasters meet at the GLCC/Pride Center Monday at 7:15 p.m. Call Ted Verdone at 954-566-2074 or email: Tedverdone@comc​

Good Orderly AA

Safe “T”

Seniors vs. Crime

Safe “T” is a support group for gender variant adults. Meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m. at Sunserve’s Wilton Manors location at 2312 Wilton Drive, second floor. A “drop-in” psycho-educational support group. Free. No registration required. Donations welcome. Call 954-764-5150.


Tuesday Night Eatin Meeting

These meetings now take place at Lambda North at 18 S. J Street, and geared toward recovering alcoholics. Every Tues. and Thurs. at 7 p.m. and on Sat. at 5:30 p.m. These meetings will help recovering alcoholics cope with the stress of everyday life without the use of alcohol. Email Seniors vs. Crime is a free service that provides help to seniors who have been victimized by businesses or service providers and need assistance. This event will take place at Mae Volen Senior Center at 1515 W. Palmetto Park Road. By appointment only so call 561-736-3820 or 561-395-8920.

August 1, 2012 •

To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost.


By J.W. Arnold 954 Glow Features Prizewinning South African Film


he Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival’s monthly film series, 954 Glow, at the Gateway Theater continues on Aug. 8 at 8 p.m. with “Skoonheid” (“Beauty”), the first Afrikaans film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival and winner of the gay film prize. The South African film details the double life of Francois, a 40-something Afrikaner, successful businessman and father, who falls for Christian, the son of a friend. Like so many films in this genre, Francois must reconcile his awakened homosexuality with a deeply engrained culture and belief system. It should provide a fascinating look at the challenges of coming out in a very different society. Tickets are $9 for members, $11 for non-members at

Strike Up the Band


t’s time to dig that old clarinet or trumpet out of the closet because the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, the region’s LGBT and allies concert band, is starting up rehearsals for the fall concert. Rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m., beginning Aug. 8 in the band room of St. Mark’s Episcopal School, 1750 E. Oakland Park Blvd. in Oakland Park. Instrumentalists of all abilities over the age of 18 are invited

to join the band, which is one of the leaders in the lesbian and gay band movement and performs three concerts each year at the Broward Center.Visit

Yoga On The Waterfront

Lake Pavilion at 101 S. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL / Yoga On The Waterfront in downtown West Palm Beach on Wednesday Evenings at 5:45 p.m. Residents $40 per 8 week session, Non-Residents $50 per 8 week session, Drop-ins $10 per class. To register, please call 561-804-4902.

YOGA Among the Orchids

It’s time for Yoga Among the Orchids at the American Orchid Society, 16700 AOS Lane, Delray Beach. Relax and replenish the flower inside with an hour of breathing exercises, toning, and yoga poses under a canopy of lush orchids. Classes are Wed. at 9 a.m. Cost is $20 and RSVP is suggested. Call 561404-2011. Visit

Jazz on the Palm

Comedy Club Hosts Fundraiser


aughter can help heal wounds and on Thursday, Aug. 2, the Fort Lauderdale Comedy Club will donate the proceeds from its weekly open mic night to Caleb Medley, one of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings and an aspiring stand-up comic. Medley was a regular performer at local Denver comedy clubs before he was critically wounded in the “Dark Night” attack. Medley’s wife and unborn baby survived, but Medley lost an eye, suffered brain damage and is in a medically induced coma. “Like everyone, we were horrified by the news of the shootings,” said Pete O’Neil, manager of Fort Lauderdale Comedy Club. “But, when we learned that Caleb was a comedian, we knew there had to be a way to use laughter to heal his wounds and help his family meet the soaring hospital bills.” Donations to Caleb Medley’s medical fund will be accepted. There is no cover for Open Mic Night at “The Fort” and sales of $3 beer special will also benefit Medley. Doors open at 8 p.m. Reservations are recommended by calling 954-530-2069 or going to

Jazz on the Palm - Downtown West Palm Beach WaterfronGather with friends and family to enjoy the diverse vibrant sounds of jazz under the stars every 3rd Friday of month at the new Downtown West Palm Beach waterfront concert series. Free and open to the public. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs. From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Visit Wpbgo. com/2010/06/jazz-on-the-palm

Sunday on the Waterfront

Sunday on the Waterfront is a free concert series, which takes place the third Sunday of most months in the beautiful downtown West Palm Beach waterfront area. Bring blankets, chairs, and coolers or purchase treats at the concert. Free parking in all city lots and at city meters. 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. May through October. Visit


This group is a black gay men’s discussion group that is held at the Compass in West Palm Beach. Every Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. this group will be directed toward issues for and about black men. Visit


“Skoonheid”, Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

August 1, 2012 •




he minute you see a nun on the stage, it’s a stereotype,” warns actress and comedian Maripat Donovan. “It’s the habit.” Audiences at the Broward Center won’t be getting another

Maripat Donovan, Late Night Catechism

creator of

Nunsense or Sister Act or even The Flying Nun, Sister Petril, when they take their seats in the Amaturo Theatre for Late Night


Catholics Hit the Jackpot with ‘Late Night Catechism’ Catechism: Las Vegas Sister Rolls the Dice! on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, the show—the sixth in a series—is a tongue-in-cheek look at Catholic culture. “Nuns are often portrayed as people who are ignorant to the world, when the reality is nuns not only take care of themselves, they take care of all of us,” explains Donovan. “They educate children, they’re presidents of universities and heads of hospitals. Nuns are responsible for building so much in our country.” Donovan, who has been performing since she was 15 years old, staged her first show more than two decades ago, and claimed the record for the longest running one-woman OffBroadway show. She would also argue that the Late Night Catechism series is more than theater, but an interactive experience as the sole character, “Sister,” converses with the audience and even is

pressed to answer some pretty challenging theological questions. Donovan, as well as the actresses who have donned their habits to play Sister (Kim Richards will be performing in Fort Lauderdale), must have strong religious backgrounds because audiences “can tell if you’re faking. They will try to pump you for information.” Although, she’s also quick to point out that it’s against the law to discriminate against actresses who aren’t Catholic. “It just helps.” In this sequel, Sister is holding a casino night to raise money for the parish. She demonstrates some Vegas style magic tricks and even deals a few hands of blackjack in the second act. Other “Catechism” productions have explored themes such as Christmas and Easter and the sacraments of Marriage, Penance and even Last Rites. Growing up in heavily Catholic Chicago certainly prepared

Late Night Catechism: Las Vegas Sister Rolls the Dice!

Donovan to write and perform the role of Sister, but she only briefly considered becoming a nun. “All Catholic girls consider being nuns,” she says, with a pause, “when they’re seven. They’re like superheroes. They have these outfits, maybe fly, you don’t know. Maybe they’re angels, they’re kind of mysterious…. when I was a girl, you couldn’t be a fireman or a policeman, so what did you do?” Donovan decided she would rather have a boyfriend and eventually marry, but that didn’t diminish her appreciation for the nuns who influenced her childhood years. “Sister is definitely me, if I had become a nun,” she says. Over the years, audiences for “Late Night Catechism” have mirrored traditional theater demographics, what Donovan calls “women ages 35 to death…. and sometimes they’ll drag their husbands with them.”

Starring: Kim Richards nSaturday, August 4, 2 and 8 p.m.; Sunday, August 5, 4 p.m. nAmaturo Theatre, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale nTickets: $35 at or 954462-0222 But Late Night Catechism is not the show for someone who has personal issues with the church, she warns. “If you are one of those people, we’re not there to bash the Catholic Church or make fun of religion,” she says. “It’s not a cloying thing about God or Jesus. We’re talking about being Catholic as a cultural experience. There is some doctrine that Sister teaches.” Instead, audiences celebrate their common identity and faith, along with plenty of laughs with Sister.

August 1, 2012 •

August 1, 2012 •


To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. Paths is a social/discussion group held at Compass in Lake Worth. This men’s group takes place every Monday from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Paths men’s group will be discussing relationships, coming out, safer sex issues and more. Visit


Yoga with Deborah will change your life. Bring a mat and get ready to stretch the stress away every Tuesday at The GLCC in Palm Beach from 6 to 7 p.m. This yoga experience will uplift and transform your life. $6 Entry Fee. You must bring your own mat. Visit

Living Buddhism

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. Compass in Lake Worth will be holding a discussion group for overcoming obstacles and obtaining happiness. This group is great for getting internal enlightenment. Release your inner stress, and become free. Visit


*Miami Spice Grill Masters

Every year Miami gets a little hotter and spicier as some of it’s top restaurants participate in the mouth-watering restaurant promotion known as Miami Spice. Kick off will be Sunday, Aug. 5, with the Miami Spice Grill Masters, a culinary showdown between local restaurants. Hosted by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau together with the producers of the DWNTWN Miami Food & Wine at Brickell and the Cattlemen’s BBQ Competition. Visit

*Sam Adams Beer Tasting Experience

Miami Beach Community Health Center’s “Making Memories” will assist those interested in creating an AIDS Quilt panel as a way to pay tribute to a life lost to AIDS. Workshops are held the fourth Saturday of every month through October. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Workshops are free. Visit or 305-5388835 or 1-800-393-1290

Lambda Dade Clubhouse

A meeting place for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender communities and friends in recovery. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Al-Anon, Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), Debtors Anonymous (DA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA), meetings. (305) 573-9608. 212 NE 24th Street. Miami. Visit

nightlife Broward County 321-Slammer

Bathhouse. 321 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33311. Slammer sex club the best place to cruise for the hottest gay men. Thursday’s is leather night, Friday and Saturday night live DJs. Monday & Tuesday -- $9 entry fee

Atomic Boom

2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 630-3556 Best Sound & Light Show in Broward County. Mondays “porn bingo” with Desiree Dubois. $3 Margaritas, $1 Draft

Come out Aug 2, for a complimentary Sam Adams Beer Tasting. From 6-9 p.m. to Finnegan’s River in Brickell. Admission is Free. Bring your friends and Family. We will be sampling until supplies last. Visit

Bill’s Filling Station

AIDS Quilt Panel Workshops



2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-5978. Large bar/ nightclub, amazing drink specials in Wilton Manors! Wednesday’s after 9 p.m. $10 Miller Lite Beer Bust 1721 N. Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311. (954) 463-6969. A Cute Little Hangout in Fort Lauderdale.

Pool-room/game room on one side and a bar/strip club on the other. Mondays $3 Well & Dom, after 9 p.m. $3 U-Call-It Shots

The Club Fort Lauderdale

Bathhouse. 110 NW 5th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL, (954) 525-3344 Good. Clean. Fun. 1/2 price rooms...Tuesday Nights and 1/2 price Lockers. Thursdays Nights. Always busy.

Clubhouse II

Bathhouse. 2650 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 566-6750. A Private Club for Bi/Gay men. “bear and cub” Thursday $4 Off For Bear & Cub. Tuesday leather night - $ wear any type of leather.

Corner Pub Bar

1915 N. Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311, (954) 564-7335. Redefining what a bar should be. Thursday’s margarita madness $4, Monday’s “Underwear Night. 2 for 1” until 9:30 p.m.

Cubby Hole

823 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 7289001. The Cubby Hole is one of Fort Lauderdale’s most unique and popular Neighborhood bar for men. Underwear Wednesday’s. “Boxers n’ Briefs” get 2 for 1 drinks 9 p.m. to close

1116 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 5225931. Monday Dragon with TP Lords, Daisy D. and DJ Rob Sky Some of the hottest guys around with great happy hour drink specials. Bring all your friends to this sexy Bar.

The Manor

2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 626 0082 - Come Dine, Dance, Drink, Mingle and of course Relax. 2 for 1 happy hour Tues-Friday 3 to 9 p.m. Indoor/Outdoor Dining. Dance the night away Thursday through Sunday. Live music Wed., Fri., Sat., Sun. Visit

Matty’s on the Drive

2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 564-1799. Matty’s is one of the few bars in Wilton Manors that’s just that –a bar. Wild Wednesday’s $.75 Drinks, 13 Drinks for less than $10. 5 p.m.


502 E. Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 5256662. The eclectic décor and a friendly staff makes. Mona’s a great place to have fun in Fort Lauderdale. Thursday’s College Boy’s Night 8 p.m. Enjoy College Boy’s Choice 2 for 1

Monkey Business

2935 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 537-7076. Voted the “Friendliest” Gay Bar in Fort Lauderdale. Monday’s $1.99 Drinks and $.50 wings open to close

2740 North Andrews Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311. (954) 5147819. The Monkey Business Bar is a Small Outdoor Bar Among The Shops Just off Marina Blvd. No Frills But Comfortable and a Great Place to Stop and Meet Good People. Happy Hour 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Dudes Bar

Naked Grape Wine Bar

The Depot Cabana Bar and Grill

3270 NE 33rd St Fort Lauderdale FL 954-568-7777. Sexy hot men starting to shake the booty daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. On Sundays enjoy karaoke with Peter Petrucci. Great drink specials every Monday with $1 well drinks from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Georgie’s Alibi

New Moon

2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 565-2526. Fort Lauderdale’s best & longest happy hour. Wednesdays $2 Domestics & $1 Schnapps after 9 p.m.


2039 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305. (954) 563-5631. A Casual, Hip, Fun Experience and if You Have a Taste for Deliciously Unique Wines, You Need to Make This Your Next Stop! Happy Hour All Night on Thursday 2440 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 563-7660. Your neighborhood lesbian bar in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and just minutes from Fort. Lauderdale Beach. Wednesday All the fun, half the price 2-4-1 All Day, All Night

August 1, 2012 •

August 1, 2012 •


To Submit Listings Email: Brian at Fax: 954-530-7943. Please include a brief description, address, phone number, date, time and cost. PJ’s Corner Pocket

924 North Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 533-0257. One of The Most Diverse Bars in Fort Lauderdale. $2 Drinks Every Wednesday, Spades Every Thursday


1508 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 763-8219. South Florida’s Leading Levi, Leather and Uniform Bar/Club. Every night is Bear Night. Bear Happy. Hour Every Thursday. Caged Hunks Sat Night

Rosie’s Bar and Grill

2449 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, (954) 567-1320. Wilton Manor’s Best Burger in Town. Try the Fat Elvis. Happy Hour 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Scandals Country Western Bar

Oakland Park, FL 3334, (954) 567-2432. Scandals Gay and Lesbian Country Western. Dance Bar in Wilton Manors. Tuesdays Pool League, and Free Dance Lessons

2301 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, Florida, 33145, (305) 443-7657. All the sweetness you’ll need in one club. Every Thursday “drag wars” with TP Lords. $5 house drinks & $4 Domestic beers all night.


950 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown Miami, Florida 33132,(305) 350-9084. One of the best night clubs In Miami. Every Saturday the hottest DJ’s from the top performers. Drink Special Every Saturday


Miami 62 NE 14 Street Downtown Miami Florida (305) 640-8749. Open Wed. through Sun. The hottest men in the universe strip shows nightly from 6 p.m. sexy from wall to wall. Free entrance. Free parking. Free VIP rooms. Featuring the Hottest Male Dancers and The Best VIP ROOMS and always $5 Drinks. Full Lineup at ed at Score

727 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. (305) 561-5521. Score is located in the heart of South Beach in the thriving and infamous promenade, Lincoln Road. Bigger Saturday’s sexy male dolls.

Sidelines Sports Bar

2031 Wilton Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, (954) 563-8001. Sidelines Sports Bar and Billiards is a unique, friendly, and accepting place to relax with a cold beer, great drinks and Martinis. Happy Hour M-F 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Swinging Richards

Smarty Pants

3038 North Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, (954) 5611724. Great Local Hangout in Fort Lauderdale with Great Drink Specials. Saturday’s Free Breakfast to Order – 8 a.m.

The Stable

205 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL 33334, (954) 565-4506 A neighborhood bar with a different theme every night, from drag shows and bingos, to bears and underwear.


2829 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, (954) 587-2500. Your Dance Destination Till Dawn. Open Late for You To Devour The Night. Open 7 nights a week till 4 a.m.

Palm Beach County The Cottage (Tea-Dance Sundays)

522 Lucerne Ave, Lake Worth, Fl, 33414. (561) 586-0080 Great Service, Great Food, Full Stocked Bar, Great Professional Tea-Dance every Sunday

Fort Dix

6205 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 Directions, (561) 533-5355. Mostly local crowd looking to mingle and relax. Place rocks with a Fabulous DJ on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday T-Dance.

H.G. Rooster

823 BELVEDERE ROAD, WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA 33405, (561)-832-9119. H.G. Roosters is West Palms oldest gay club. Sunday’s Complimentary BBQ 5 p.m., Hot Male Dancers 6 p.m., Karaoke 11 p.m.

Mara (Thurs-Sat)

1132 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth FL $3 Drinks. No Cover. Open till 5 a.m. Ladies night on Thursdays and Karaoke on Fridays.

The Mad Hatter

1532 North Dixie Hwy ,Lake Worth, FL 33460. (561) 547-8860. Cheap drinks, friendly bartenders, and free pool Sunday-Thursday. Stop by and relax at this no-attitude haunt.

The Bar Lake Worth

2211 North Dixie Highway Lake Worth. (561) 370-3954 Men and women share this mostly-locals space as a calm and friendly watering hole. The bar often features live music which can be a nice break from thumping bass.

17450 Biscayne Blvd, N Miami Beach, Fl 33160 954-357-2532 Tuesdays-Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Come and enjoy fully nude guys dancing to the best music in South Florida.


1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Fl, 33139. (305) 538-9478. Never a Cover…Always a Groove. Resident star DJ Mika spins tribal. Every Saturday TWIST is full of the hottest men in Miami. Muscle boy dancers taking it off in the Bungalow Bar.

Key West 801 Bar

801 Duval St., Key West, Florida,(305) 294-4737. Cabaret shows upstairs with nightly performances by famed performers Sushi, Kylie, RV Beaumont, Margo, and others. Happy hour specials daily from 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.

The Bourbon St. Pub

724 Duval St. (305) 296-1992. Key West’s premier video bar with LIVE DJ’S nightly. A taste of N’Awlins in the heart of Old Town – Enjoy Key West’s hottest music videos on the large screen while the boys entertain on the bar. No Cover.

La Te Da

1125 Duval St. 305-296-6706 Fun Gay-Friendly atmosphere. Cabaret entertainment during season including Randy Roberts and Chris Peterson. Enjoy great live music Tuesday thru Sunday with Lenore Troia. Cover charge may apply. Great outside bar if you just want to enjoy a cocktail and chat while people watching on Duval Street.

Club Aqua

711 Duval St.,Key West, Florida,(305) 294-0555. Monday’s Dueling Bartenders. Your Bartender’s sing, shake, and stir their way through happy hour 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


705 Duval St. , Key West, Florida,(305) 292-8500. Key West All-Male Strip Club. Daily Happy Hour from 3-8 p.m. And a piano sing-a-long every Wednesday night.

Pearl’s Patio Bar

525 United Street, Key West, FL(305) 293-9805 ext. 156. Pearl’s Patio is a great place to enjoy a drink and relax. Happy Hour – every weekday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday’s are Extended Happy Hour 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Tag Bar

25 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483 954-801-3247. Delray Beach’s only gay bar. Mon - Sun: 4 p.m. - 2 a.m. Awesome Drink Specials.

Miami-Dade Club Space

34 NE 11th St ,Miami ,Florida, 33132,(305) 350-1956 Space Miami Voted Best U.S Club IDMA 2011. The go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast in the nation, the club is proudly marching on into its second decade of operation.

Club Sugar


August 1, 2012 •

Bartenders, Boxers and Briefs

Tuesday’s Angels Holds Annual Underwear Auction

August 1, 2012 •

Men in underwear trotted about on July 23 at another annual installment of an underwear auction. New Graf: the event was MCd by Nikki Adams, Miss Kitty, Russel from Stable, Toni Barone and Tom Wolfe. And it all went down at Bill’s in Fort Lauderdale. If you missed the show, SFGN’s got you covered. Here are some of the hottest shots:


To place an ad, call Sales Manager


or fill out form online at


Grand Touring, 6-speed retractable hard top. Copper red, tan leather interior. 24,850 miles. Great condition. Fun to drive. $17,500. 954-601-6498. -------------------------------------------------

Now Hiring Sales Associates

LARGE CONDO ON GOLFCOURSE/LAKE Furnished or unfurn. condo in PALM AIRE 3BR/3B private lg balcony Close to I-95 Beautiful-security-pool-barbacuegolf NEW washer/dryer refrig dishwash and AC. $1,500/ Mo. Call 954-261-8259 -------------------------------------------------

WWW.GAYSTREETKIDSCHARITY.ORG Gay to gay mentoring of gay kids. Check us out! Help fulfill their dreams IRS approved 501(c)3 tax deductible. Are you willing to help us help them? -------------------------------------------------


Serving the gay community for 15 years! Broward service only. Lic # CAC 057837 Call 954-392-1301

ACCOMMODATIONS PERFECT VACATION RENTALS - LOW SUMMER RATES From $75/Night & $425/Week Beautiful Studio, 1 & 2 BR Apts. with Full Kitchens. Clothing optional heated pool, laundry, parking. Close to Gay Dania & Nude Haulover Beaches. Incl. Cable, Tel. & Wi-Fi Internet. Pets Always Welcome Call (954) 927-0090 or visit


Fort Lauderdale Location Only! 2829 N. Federal Highway, Ft. Lauderldae, FL

(954) 564-7733

Apply Online Today! SOUTH FLORIDA GAY NEWS IS HIRING If you are retail and customer focused, computer literate and proficient, web knowledgeable, have outside or Inside sales experience…then you’re hired! Advertising Sales Representative. Call on clients, guide their advertising campaigns and make a good living. Fax your resume to 954-530-7943 or email -------------------------------------------------------------------------PART-TIME DELIVERY DRIVER Nights/weekends. Must have own car and insurance with good driving record. Restaurant/ prep experience preferred and familiar with Wilton Manors. Humpys Pizza 954-566-2722


CLEANING SERVICES ONE CALL DOES IT ALL-BY HOUSE Serving 21 Year’s - We Clean: Carpet’s, Air Ducts, Upholstery, Tile & Grout, Terrazzo, Mexican, Leather, Strip & Wax, House Cleaning, Emergency Water Damage Service. Call: Tim (954)515-7615

COMPUTER/TECH FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE, AT YOUR PLACE or ours! New PC’s and Laptops • Virus Removal.Hardware Repairs • Telephone Systems.PCLauderdale • 279 E Oakland Park Blvd. 954.636.3322. --------------------------------------------------------------------------COMPUTER/NETWORK SUPPORT FOR HOME OR OFFICE. Personable and Reliable Computer Network Support.Professional with over 15 years of Enterprise Level Experience. Affordable Rates. Contact Peter at (954) 816-4126 Or peter@


BARTENDERS WANTED TWIST the popular gay bar and club in South Beach seeks bartenders to join our team. We look for bartenders with experience working in high volume situations that are fun, friendly and outgoing people with a positive attitude. Candidates should be responsible, accurate and honest, team players that can work late nights and weekends. Interested persons can send or email resume or apply in person Mon–Fri from 2pm to 6pm. TWIST,1057 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 / / valentino@ -------------------------------------------------------------------------PIANO PLAYER/SINGER WANTED. For Miami’s only true piano bar. Magnum Lounge. Please call 305-757-3368 to set up an audition. -------------------------------------------------------------------------SCORE. Now Hiring Dancers, No House Fees, No experience needed, great personality a must. To Apply Call 786.312.0246 -------------------------------------------------------------------------JOHNNY’S MIAMI - MUSCLE WANTED $500 Sign On Bonus to Qualified 5 Star Models. No Experience Needed. Great Attitude and Personality a Must! Our Dancers make over $1500 a Week! Apply Online! email pic to Apply In Person any day after 6pm. 62 NE 14th Street, Downtown Miami. - Facebook. com/johnnysmiami -------------------------------------------------------------------------CLUB AQUA MIAMI HELP WANTED Club Aqua Miami is looking for Counter and Housekeeping Staff! Basic maintenance is a plus. Customer service and fluency in Spanish/English required. Fill in your application online 2991 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145 305-448-2214

SELZER & WEISS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Last Will & Testament, Living Will. Health Care Power of Attorney (POA) w/HIPAA release, Durable Financial POA, for $399.00. PERSONAL INJURY: Free consult, if no recovery, no fee or cost to you. 954-567-4444. -------------------------------------------------------------------------SHAWN C. NEWMAN, PA Helping you protect what matters to you. Estate Planning, Domestic Agreements, Wills & Trusts, Estate Administration, Probate Administration, Wealth Preservation, Powers of Attorney. Free initial consultation. Available weekends and evenings by appointment. Call 954-563-9160 710 NE 26th Street, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 -------------------------------------------------------------------------DAVID L. JACOVITZ - ATTORNEY AT LAW Revocable Living Trusts, Last Will & Testament, Durable Financial & Medical Powers of Attorney, Cohabitation Agreements, Living Wills. Advising the South Florida LGBT Community for 19 years. Call 954-630-8847 -------------------------------------------------------------------------RAY & KOLNER LAW Immigration, Deportation, Family Petitions, Asylum, Sexual Orientation, Divorces, Adoptions, Criminal, Sex Offenses. Call 305-377-9000 -------------------------------------------------------------------------GREGORY W. KABEL, ESQ. We can’t marry, but many of the rights of marriage may be achieved through contract. Let me help. Wills & Trusts, Estate Planning, Probate, Domestic Agreements, Business Formation & Transactions, Real Estate. 2312 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Call 954-761-7770 -------------------------------------------------------------------------KENT & CORMICAN, PA Sometimes the road of life brings trouble…We are here for when that happens. Criminal & Constitutional Law. Call 954763-1900


-------------------------------------------------------------------------AFFORDABLE, AWESOME MASSAGE BY JIM Offering Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Lomi Lomi Massage; All in a very comfortable, relaxed and Private Massage Studio conveniently located on the SE corner of Oakland Park Blvd and Federal Highway. Nationally Certified & Licensed. Call Jim Libonati at 954-600-5843. info@ #MM22293 SPECIAL: First Time Client Rates -------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAIYA - TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE & MORE… The Luxury You Deserve! 954-732-1473 MA56806 --------------------------------------------------------------------------


LICENSED MASSAGE - PALM BEACH THE BRITISH POUND John Maroussas LMT Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Swedish, Salt or Sugar Scrubs. Private Studio w/ Shower. Wilton Manors Location near Bill’s Lic#MA51123 954-999-2240 -------------------------------------------------------------------------EXP. MATURE MALE WPB MASSEUR In calls only. Private studio setting by Belvedere/SR7 in quiet area. Highly skilled, intuitive therapeutic bodywork by friendly LMT. Affordable rates but cash only. Early to late, 7 days. Call 561-254-8065 for appointment or walk-in OK. Relieve stress and tension with Magic Hands Pro Massage. (FL MA51008)

INSURANCE & FINANCIAL HEALTH AND LIFE INSURANCE Solutions Insurance Services – More Than Choices…Solutions. Health, Dental, Life, Medicare, Travel and Supplemental. Guaranteed issue coverage available. Let us compare what you paying today and see if we can save you money. Guaranteed Issue products available. We can help. If you think you can’t get insurance, call us. www.solutionsinsserv. com 954-839-6375.

MOVERS ALWAYSS MOVING know what you’re paying before you move! Licensed & Insured MC/ Visa/ Discover Accepted Family owned 20 years. Complete moving Services. Flat Rate& Free Estimates Call 305-650-9080

LEGAL SERVICES CREDITORS CALLING? Call Us! The Law Offices of GeorgeCastrataro, PA. Serving Clients With Integrity and Compassion 954-573-1444 -------------------------------------------------------------------------PROUDLY SERVING THE SOUTH FLORIDA GLBTX COMM. since 1993. Law office’s of Robin L. Bodiford, PA specializes in Bankruptcy, Probate, Wills&Trust. Call 954-630-2707 --------------------------------------------------------------------------


-------------------------------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS MASSAGE Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports. $59 Swedish Hour. Call or Text Chris Tunkus 954-258-8779 1322 NE 4th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL


August 1, 2012 •

CONDO FOR RENT. 1BD/1BA with parking space. Gated building on Biscayne Bay. Washer/Dryer. $660/Mo. 786-5473566


BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS Michael McClure, Realtor 954-873-9976


PERSONAL TRAINING PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER Call/text Nick for rates @ 954-496-2174 Your gym + my training = New body! Gyms: Gables Wilton Park, Wilton Station, Island City Lofts, Wilton Tower, etc.


START TODAY! 954-530-4304

BEST TRAINERS. BEST FACILITY. BEST RATES! PIANO LESSONS PIANO AND VOICE LESSONS Young, gay professional offering lessons Serving the Ft. La, Miami, SOBE area! In Your Home or my Studio. Let’s have FUN making music! Call Jonathan 646-418-4043 -------------------------------------------------------------------------PIANO LESSONS Learn from an experienced teacher who holds the M.M. Degree in Piano Performance. All ages and levels welcome. Learn to play classical, jazz, blues, rock or gospel. Call Edwin C. Neimann 954-826-9555

PLUMBER BUTLER PLUMBING, INC. Residential & Commercial, Licensed & Insured, Palm Beach 561-613-7338, Broward 954-999-3315, Miami-Dade 786-999-2152 24/7 – 365days, “Just tell your friends the BUTLER did it!”

REAL ESTATE SERVICES COLDWELL BANKER - In a tough market, you want a tough Realtor. In this market you need Andy Weiser. Call 954-560-9667 -------------------------------------------------------------------------RAINBOW REALTY Wondering what your home is worth? I offer a FREE online market analysis and more at www. Call Keith Blackburn 305-798-5455 -------------------------------------------------------------------------CASTELLI REAL ESTATE SERVICES Main Office 954-563-9889 2227 Wilton Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 -------------------------------------------------------------------------ATLANTIC PROPERTIES The Dale Russell Network, 2039 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-608-6919 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE AREA 1BD/1BA $725/Mo. or $185/week. All tile, eat-in-kitchen & large effic $650/Mo. or $165/week. elec included w/ a 12 month lease. For more details call 954-467-2501 -------------------------------------------------------------------------3/2 REMODELED HUGE YARD $1,300/MO. Stainless appliances, granite, private fenced fully landscaped yard w/ pergola deck. Just south of Wilton Manors in South Middle River. Must see to appreciate. Call 954-599-6216 -------------------------------------------------------------------------LAKE RIDGE 1BD/1BA VILLA. 1BD/1BA Villa w/ FL RM, Nonsmoker, on lesbian owned property w/ clothing optional pool. Near Wilton Manors, Gateway, Galleria & Beaches. HW FLRs, Tile BA, Private Gated Carport. Wtr & Trash Included. Trop paradise $1,100/Mo. + dep. Call 954-809-9754 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ONE ROOM COTTAGE - MIDDLE RIVER TERRACE Tile, central AC, full kitchen, private fenced yard and deck, laundry room. Cable, electric and Wi-Fi included. Pets OK. First and Security. Available 8/1. $695/Mo. Alan - cell/text 954-234-5770 ------------------------------------------------------------------------FURNISHED EFFICIENCY STUDIO - NORTH MIDDLE RIVER Private entrance, off-street parking, kitchenette. Premium cable, Wi-Fi and all utilities included. Looking for responsible, mature, non-smoker. Approved pet OK. Avail. immediately! $575/Mo. 954-523-6159

ROOMMATES - BROWARD WILTON MANORS BEAUTIFUL 3 BED POOL HOME Gay Male, professional, dog friendly, $600/mo. Utilities included. Call Gary 954-268-6547 or ------------------------------------------------------------------------ROOMMATE TO SHARE 3BD/1BA WILTON MANORS HOME GWM seeks roommate - non-smoking (outside ok), no pets, can work on dep, all the regular stuff included, $500/month. Send a little info about you. Call 954-566-1675. 5 min walk to Boardwalk Bar and Monkey Business. 10 min walk to Wilton Drive. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

SHARE A 2BD/1BA HOME. Nice Single Guy has room for rent in his 2/1 non-smoking home. Room is furnished/unfurnished. Price includes all utilities, sat TV, WiFi, W/D, off-street parking and house privileges. Private yard. I’m semi-retired homebody with occasional clients, so looking for someone who is neat and considerate. Perfect for FA or student. Near I95 and Oakland or Commercial; near bus routes. About 5 min drive to Wilton Drive. $500/Mo. Asking job & other references, first and deposit. No drugs, no drunks, and no drama. Call 954-298-8117 ------------------------------------------------------------------------DANIA BEACH. Furnished garden room. Private entrance. $600/Mo. Charming home with lanai. Lush tropical setting. Safe and quiet neighborhood. Includes utilities, DirecTV, W/D. Non-smoker/no drugs. Call Ron 954-965-9060 or 315857-7759. ----------------------------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS - 2BD/2BA. Seeking clean, responsible and employed person. Spacious room & closet with private bath and entrance. Central A/C, W/D. Quiet area. $675 includes utilities, cable and WiFi. $500 sec. dep. Call Lex 954-591-2158


2BD/2BA WILTON MANORS New Central A/C, New SS Appliances, 1,250sqft, remodeled, W/D connection, $1,400/Mo. Pets OK. 754-300-9994 ------------------------------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS JANETTA VILLAS HOUSE 3BD/2BA House, Completely updated, granite tops, tile/ carpet, landscaped fenced yard w/ lawn-chairs, waterfront w/ priv. dock. $2,200/Mo. w/ 1 Mo. Dep. Call 954-821-0500 -------------------------------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS HOUSE WITH POOL TO RENT House for rent 2/2 POOL with patio RENOVATED ! clean ! NICE! study Marble floors , modern kitchen granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. includes washer and dryer 2 modern bathrooms quiet street in Wilton manors avail 1 JULY $1700/ month call 954 309 2815 811 NW 29 court -------------------------------------------------------------------------CLASSIC FLORIDA HOME WITH 3 LARGE BEDROOMS, 2 FULL BATHS With Equipped Kitchen, Florida Room and Rear Deck with Fully Fenced Yard. You won’t believe the size of the 2 car garage w/work bench. Tons of storage! Central A/C, Marble Fireplace, W/D, Circular Driveway. Quiet street in great neighborhood. Priced lower than similar sized homes. Small pets welcome! Call Denis at 954-805-8891 or Bill at 954-226-8315. -------------------------------------------------------------------------WILTON MANORS 2/2 RENTAL HOUSE Great house quiet street, near the bowling alley, not far from the Drive. 2 bed 2 bath, porch and carport. Michael 954-270-9597

RENT/LEASE - OAKLAND PARK BRIGHT EFFICIENCY EAST OAKLAND PARK Furnished or unfurnished, minutes to Wilton Drive, Private Entrance, 4 large windows, non-smoker, no-pets, $650/Mo. + 1 Mo. Sec. Utilities included. Call 954-561-7174 -------------------------------------------------------------------------OAKLAND PARK - MINUTES TO WILTON DRIVE VERY nicely updated 2/1, private courtyard, central ac, quiet, easy access to Wilton Manors or I-95, great neighbors, laundry on premise, ONE assigned parking space. $900 first/security. Call 954-655-2299 for appt to see. -------------------------------------------------------------------------BEDROOM W/ PRIVATE BATH IN OAKLAND FOREST One-level/high ceilings 2 Bed/2Bath villa w/ living-dining room, kitchen w/ bar counter, private fenced patio overlooking a lake. Villa located in gay friendly gated community w/ pool, tennis court/gym. $550, $200.00/deposit includes cable, internet, electricity, washer & dryer, central air. Call (954) 295-3269, (se habla Español) Chris ( -------------------------------------------------------------------------HUGE TOWNHOUSE - 3BD/2.5BA. New construction. Oversize 2 car garage, 12 ft. ceilings, 3BD/2.5BA with balconies in every bedroom. Granite, Stainless Steel Appl, W/D, Jacuzzi in master bath. 1 mile to Wilton Drive, 2 miles to beach. Small Pets welcome. Last one to go. $1800/Mo. Call 754-204-7400.

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August 1, 2012 •

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Make Love, Not Nuggets

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