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 Kosta Karakashyan as he appears in his film “Waiting For Color.” Credit: Miles Rixon.


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Bulgarian Choreographer Captures Gay Chechnya Refugee Experience

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osta Karakashyan is a talented artist in Novaya Gazette, a Russian newspaper. devoted to social justice and LGBT He swiftly moves around an empty city loft rights. space as whispers of violence eerily recite The New York choreographer the persecution in Chechnya. is fighting for the vulnerable in The short film (6:25) got LGBT the hostile region of the Russian its first film festival entry at Federation. He intends to win over University in Atlanta Refugees from Emory hearts and minds through film. and will air on a television Chechnya Karakashyan produced station in Germany next “Waiting For Color” – a month. have told documentary dance film about “It’s been getting a lot Karakashyan of different coverage that the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Chechnya. LGBT refugees from I’m really excited about,” the film Chechnya have told Karakashyan Karakashyan said. “captures the film “captures their experience The film is a direct, albeit completely.” artistic, response to last their “That was so reaffirming to me,” year’s “gay purge” by the experience Karakashyan said in a telephone Chechnya government, interview last week from New led by President Ramzan completely.” York. Kadyrov. The Russian state is Karakashyan performs ballet to the accused of abducting, torturing and killing words of Chechnyan refugees as described hundreds of gay men. Chechnya is a largely in government police reports and articles Islamic country and Kadyrov maintains MEMBER

strong relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Mishko Miloan, a journalist who has reported in Russia. Broken down into three scenes – surveillance, torture and contemplation, “Waiting For Color” is a shockingly dramatic expression. It was shot and edited by Kevin Chiu with Jude Icarus providing sound and music. Voice actors Venya Gushchin and Ksenia Voronkova read the chilling accounts. Photography by Miles Rixon and sound mixing by Andro Mathewson should also be noted. “Waiting For Color” recently announced a partnership with LGBT World Beside, an international group advocating for peace. Karakashyan said there is much work to be done. “It’s overwhelming where to start dismantling it,” Karakashyan said when asked about the global crusade. “We have to reduce the amount of violence and take it from there.”


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European Court: Russia’s Ban On LGBT Rallies Violates Rights

In New Interview, Shawn Mendes Opens Up About Gay Rumors

Harvey Milk Was Assassinated 40 Years Ago

School Blocks Chick-fil-A , Cites Anti-LGBTQ Values

Study Says Bi Women and Lesbians are Poorest Financially

6. Drag Race’ Judge Announces Breakup from Longtime Partner 7. Straight Porn Star Talks About Becoming a Gay Internet Icon Photo credit: Facebook.

8. NH Teen Arrested In Connection With Threats To Gay Bars 9. Williams Institute Releases Estimate Of Trans Population 10. The Right’s Phony Fretting Over ‘Identity Politics’

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LGBTQIA bites Bisexual


Teen boy allegedly assaulted for being bisexual

An English teen was brutally attacked by two boys, allegedly for being a “greedy bisexual,” and they got off with a fine. The unnamed victim and his mother are disappointed in the justice system, saying the two boys practically got away with the crime, according to CoventryLive. “Right up until two days before the court date we were told they were going to be done for hate crime and that at least one of them should have got a


1 1 .28.2018

prison sentence,” the boy’s mom told CoventryLive. The boy is also displeased with how his case was handled, saying the authorities didn’t do their job. “I feel let down, I feel like no-one did their jobs properly because, if they did, one of them would be in jail,” he told CoventryLive. “They attacked me because I am bisexual, what happened has changed my life, it has made me constantly look over my back.”


By Cameren Boatner


Tasmania to add gender optional to birth certificates

Tasmania is expected to become the first state in Australia to have gender optional on birth certificates, a move that will make the state more intersexinclusive. The bill was part of nine amendments to the government’s marriage bill, according to ABC, all of which passed with the deciding vote of Liberal Speaker Sue Hickey. But the decision is still meeting opposition from the Liberal Government. “Tasmanian parents will be disgusted that the Labor and Greens parties are

doing social experiments on their kids and taking their sex off their birth certificates,” government minister Michael Ferguson said. However, Hickey believes the opposition is due to the “extreme right” of her party. “People have to realise the Liberal Party has a very strong, right-wing Christian element, and I would hope that I can give hope to people with Liberal values that you can be a Liberal without necessarily being extreme right,” she said.




Twitter updates terms of service to protect against transphobia

Twitter has added greater protection to its terms of service for trans people. To protect against deadnaming and misgendering, among other abuses, Twitter banned “targeting individuals with repeated slurs, tropes or other content that intends to dehumanise, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category.” If a user deliberately misgenders of deadnames someone, they can be reported and banned from Twitter.

Advocates including Mermaids, a gender-diverse charity, and Paris Lees, an author, have been commending Twitter on the pro-trans move. “About time! Twitter should be a safe space for everyone,” Lees tweeted. Twitter’s new terms also take into consideration research that marginalized groups including women, people of color, and LGBT people have been targeted with more abuse online than other groups.

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news international

By Cameren Boatner

Around the World

Exploring LGBT News Events Across the Globe



Taiwan citizens vote against gay marriage

Kenyan LGBT organization staff arrested for ‘recruiting youth’

Taiwan was the first place in Asia to legalize gay marriage, but seven million citizens voted on a referendum against it. A conservative referendum to specify marriage as between a man and a woman in Taiwan’s Civil Code passed despite Taiwan legalizing gay marriage last May. The government gave two years to put it into action, but conservative opposition has gotten in the way. “The regression of gender equality … deals the most severe blow to Taiwan’s democratic values, Jennifer Lu, a spokeswoman for Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan told Reuters. Despite the referendum’s grim outlook for same-sex marriage, the government said it will not impact the court’s original decision to legalize gay marriage. With

less than a year to bring gay marriage in, they are facing even more of a challenge with the conservative referendums.

Members of the Mombasa, Kenya community tipped off police about an LGBT organization supposedly “recruiting youth in the area to join the gay community.” Police were able to arrest two members of the organization’s staff and interrogate them because homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, according to Nairobi News. Men convicted of having gay sex could be sentenced to up to 14 years in prison. “We received complaints from members of the public about the activities of the organization,” Makupa Police Station told Nairobi News. “We raided and nabbed some of its staff for questioning.” They were let go after four hours. Meanwhile, in Bristol, gay rugby player

Kenneth Macharia is facing deportation back to Kenya. If he’s deported, Macharia would have to conceal his sexual identity, he said.



Auckland Pride bans police in uniform from marching at the parade

Bermuda rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional

As a result of members of the gay community feeling unsafe around uniformed police, New Zealand’s largest gay pride parade has banned them from attending. The decision has sparked heated debate and some sponsors have withdrawn from the next parade in February 2019, according to the South China Morning Post. Vodafone, one of the sponsors, withdrew, saying they would stand with any excluded group, including the police. The Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust also condemned the decision. “It appears to be driven by a small and vociferous minority in the community, and is contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of the rainbow community,”


Taipei City. Credit: Taiwan Scenery Gallery, Flickr.

1 1 .28.2018

Police officers in downtown Auckland.

The Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust said. However, Auckland Pride said it is committed “to creating a space for our rainbow communities to feel safe celebrating their gender and sexual identity.”

Bermuda’s top court reversed the government’s ban on gay marriage as it was deemed unconstitutional after an appeal from the attorney general. The lawyers that challenged the ban said the ruling was meant to appease a powerful religious lobby, according to Reuters. While the ruling has been denied by the top court, it can still go to the Privy Council in London. But, according to Reuters, those appeals are rare. Now, after months of a pause on gay marriage, same-sex unions can resume. “Love won again, and today love was reaffirmed,” Winston Godwin, a prominent equal marriage rights activist told Reuters. “My marriage doesn’t impact anyone else’s.”

However, the government still has to decide whether to appeal the decision made by the top court.

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NEWS key west

Key West Gears Up to


‘Bare It All’ John Porter


Description: Welcome to Bone Island! Kick off happy hour hosted by founder Dean Townsend. Start the weekend of fun with cocktails and complimentary appetizers. More info:

A weekend in for gay naturists on ‘Bone Island’



1 1.28.2018

Party In The Flesh

Friday Nov. 30 Where: Equator Resort 822 Fleming Street When:

ey West, or Bone Island as it’s also known as, gives a whole new meaning to its nickname when “Bone Island: Bare It All” welcomes droves of naturists to the Island during the eleventh iteration of this biannual festival of natural body positivity, kicking off Nov. 28.

The famed gay guesthouses of Key West fill up with naturists seeking a weekend of connection with other clothing-free connoisseurs. Attendees flock to the many parties and events planned throughout the weekend with the kick off “Greet The Meat” cocktail hour hosted at LGBT traveler favorite Island House Key West, ushering in the fun on Thursday, Nov. 29. Founded by Dean Townsend, a Montreal ex-pat who has called Key West home since 2002, Bare It All began eleven years ago as a way to bring together naturists for a weekend of uninhibited fun in the sun. Over the years since its first weekend, the naturist festival has garnered a following of like-minded people seeking a tropical paradise where you can leave your clothes and inhibitions behind to freely enjoy the skin you’re in. The Island becomes your naked oyster during these five days of clothing-free sun, pools, parties, beaches and even shopping. One lucky attendee will even walk away with $500 in cash and prizes as patrons “bare it all” in the “Undress to Impress: Mr. Naked Key West 2018” competition hosted at Bourbon Street Pub.

Greet The Meat

Thursday Nov. 29 Where: Island House Key West 1129 Fleming Street When:

Lalit Bhojane and Amit Pophale at the Island House Key West. Photo via Island House Key West Gay Hotel & Resort, Facebook.

Description: A frisky afternoon in the pool at the superb Equator Resort. Pizza, drinks, silly pool games and a live DJ will keep you entertained all afternoon. More info: What:

The Black Party

When: Where:

Friday Nov. 30 801 Bourbon Bar

Description: Let your freak flag fly at Key West’s leather and levi bar as they welcome Bone Island patrons for an evening of dark and kinky fun. More info:

Out Naked But In Touch


Saturday Dec. 1 In TOUCH with you 706 Duval Street



Description: Enjoy a special private shopping event au natural and a 25 percent discount on the entire store just for Bone Island pass holders! (Clothing optional) More info:

Hot Naked Sunday


When: Where:

Visit for more info.

Sunday Dec. 2 Island House For Men

Description: Gather your strength after all those parties at this recovery pool party offering a fun afternoon floating in the pool and enjoying brunch in the café. Island House’s hot naked hosts have some treats ready for you. More info:

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Miami and Fort Lauderdale Have Highest Rate of New HIV Infections in Country Johnny Diaz Sun Sentinel

Editor’s note: This article previously appeared in a summer edition of the Sun Sentinel, but SFGN republishes it today as a World AIDS Day reminder that our community is still dealing with HIV at an alarming and unacceptable rate. The author, Johnny Diaz, a Sun Sentinel reporter, is a member of SFGN’s OUT50.


n a new story, Science Magazine mobile clinic traveling in Miami in the next highlights how Miami and Fort few months to offer testing and PrEP, a Lauderdale lead the country with the preventive HIV pill that is also known as prehighest rates of new HIV diagnoses per exposure prophylaxis. capita. Approved by the Food and Drug The magazine used 2016 numbers from Administration in 2012, the blue pill is a report by the Centers for recommended for people at Disease Control which found high risk of infection, such as South Florida that the infection rate per capita those having sex with an HIVin Miami was 47 per 100,000 positive partner, men having has long been while Fort Lauderdale was 41 sex with men, or intravenous per 100,000. Those figures were drug users. known for its double those of other big cities South Florida groups such high infection including New York City and as Care Resource and Latinos Los Angeles. Salud, a Wilton Manors-based rate, with South Florida has long been nonprofit aimed at providing Miami-Dade known for its high infection support and resources for rate, with Miami-Dade and Latino gay men, also provide and Broward Broward counties leading the education and testing at its counties leading clinics in Miami-Dade and at nation in new HIV infections. Among the efforts to reduce nightclubs and gyms. the nation. the spread of HIV are public “The CDC recommends that awareness campaigns including everyone between the age of provocative billboards and bus ads and social 13 and 64 get tested for HIV at least once events by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s as part of their routine health care,” said Southern Bureau in Fort Lauderdale. Trudy Love, a Broward Health outreach The story explored some coordinator. “People with high-risk factors, of the newer efforts that are being done to such as multiple sex partners, low condom prevent HIV and AIDS. One example was usage and illicit drug use, should be tested how the University of Miami will have a more often.”


1 1.28.2018

NEWS health

Can HIV Drugs Also Treat Alzheimer’s? Nick Adkins


lzheimer’s may soon be treated with HIV drugs. “Immediate clinical evaluation of HIV antiretroviral therapies in people with Alzheimer’s disease [is warranted],” say the authors of a recent study. That study, published in Nature, on Alzheimer’s disease provides new details of how the disease may originate. It goes on to propose that HIV drugs could immediately be repurposed to treat Alzheimer’s, The San Diego Tribune reported. The article points out elderly HIV patients, who have been treated with HIV drugs for decades, almost never get Alzheimer’s. “Let’s say this only works 25 percent of the time, that’s still 1.5 million patients in the United States, not to speak of their families,” said Jerold Chun, lead author of the study. Doctors could use the HIV drugs on Alzheimer’s patients as an “off-label” use, Chun said. But that would require careful ethical consideration.

11.28.2018 •


NEWS national

Trump Admin Tries to Circumvent Lower Courts on

Trans Military Ban Lisa Keen

Keen News Service


he Trump administration has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to vacate a national injunction that is currently blocking the president’s proposed ban on transgender people in the military. The Trump administration tried this “One is that they are leapfrogging the procedural move in September in one of four appeals process in filing a cert petition before lawsuits challenging the trans ban; but its judgment from the appeals courts. The other earlier request was more complicated than is that they are angling to try to get the court just ending the injunction, and the Trump to review the constitutionality of the ban – administration eventually withdrew it. on the merits. Both are extraordinary and In response to the Trump administration not supported by precedent. But time will petition Nov. 23, the Supreme Court gave tell, of course, what the Court decides to do.” attorneys for the parties challenging the And the court, added Levi, “can do ban until Dec. 24 to file briefs regarding whatever it wants.” the injunction request. The Trump The timing of the Trump administration administration will be given a chance request puts it up against another to reply to that brief. So, it will likely be extraordinary moment in the history of January or later before the Supreme Court the Supreme Court and the White House. either grants or denies the administration’s Two days before the administration filed its request to review its arguments to vacate the petition with the Supreme Court, President injunction. Trump derided the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court In his Nov. 23 petition to the high court, of Appeals (where two of the four trans ban Solicitor General Noel Francisco argued that cases are pending) as a “disgrace.” He was waiting for the normal judicial process to run angry that a district judge in the Ninth Circuit its course would jeopardize had blocked his executive the “readiness, good order and order to severely restrict the discipline, sound leadership, ability of immigrants to apply and unit cohesion” which for asylum. In an extremely are “essential to military rare move, Chief Justice John effectiveness and lethality.” Roberts responded, rebuffing The Trump administration Trump’s suggestion that a petition asks the Supreme federal judge appointed by Court to intervene now in President Obama was biased three of four lawsuits where against Trump when he a district court has put an issued a temporary national injunction in place. It also injunction against Trump’s asks the court to rule on the asylum plan. “overall dispute.” Roberts told Associated - Jennifer Levi Jennifer Levi, director of Press, “We do not have Director of the the transgender project for Obama judges or Trump Transgender Project for LGBTQ GLAD LGBTQ Gay and Lesbian judges, Bush judges or Clinton Advocates and Defenders judges. What we have is (GLAD), says the issue before an extraordinary group of the court is on the injunction but the court dedicated judges doing their level best to do could take up the trans ban itself. equal right to those appearing before them. “There are a number of things that make The independent judiciary is something we the request extraordinary,” Levi explaiend. should all be thankful for.”

“Time will tell, of course, what the Court decides to do.”


1 1.28.2018

NEWS national Because a public statement with such gender dysphoria to dress consistent with political implications from the Chief Justice their identified gender at birth. is such a rare event, Roberts’ comment was GLAD, which along with the National widely publicized and discussed. President Center for Lesbian Rights, is representing Trump then attempted a response on plaintiffs in two of the lawsuits, says Twitter, saying, “Sorry Chief Justice John that vacating the injunction alone would Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama “dramatically upend the lives and families judges,’ and they have a much different point of thousands of trans service members and of view than the people who enlistees, and disrupt the are charged with the safety of military as a whole.” our country.” Lambda Legal, which is With the trans ban leading one of the Ninth injunction, three out of Circuit lawsuits, called the four lawsuits have been Trump petition to the Supreme granted a national injunction Court “wildly premature and pending judicial review of inappropriate.” the constitutionality of the “It seems the Trump ban. Those three are from Los administration can’t wait to Angeles (Stockman v. Trump), discriminate,” said Lambda from Washington State attorney Peter Renn. “There (Karnoski v. Trump), and from is no valid reason to jump the District of Columbia (Doe the line now and seek U.S. v. Trump). Supreme Court review before The latter case is one the appellate courts have that prompted the Trump even ruled on the preliminary administration’s first issues before them.” request for Supreme Court Of the three cases cited intervention. In September, in Trump’s petition, all have a judge for the federal cleared the district court - Peter Renn district court in Washington, phase on the issue of an Lambda attorney D.C., ruled that a revised injunction against the policy. policy banning transgender But but only one has reached people was “essentially the same” as the the three-judge appeals panel phase on the original policy Trump announced in 2017. injunction issue and that panel has not yet She refused to vacate the initial national issued its opinion. No court has yet to hear injunction. arguments on the constitutionality of the The Trump petition suggests all four proposed ban itself. cases could be consolidated on a review of Sarah McBride, a national spokesperson the constitutionality of the proposed ban. for the Human Rights Campaign which is The fourth case is from Maryland (Stone v. a plaintiff in one of the four lawsuits, said Trump). she believes Trump officials are trying All were filed soon after President Trump to circumvent normal judicial procedure announced in 2017 that he intended to ban “because they know that every day that trans people from the military. He later transgender people continue to enlist and “revised” the wording of the proposal to ban, serve with distinction is another day that with few exceptions, anyone with a history of the courts and the public see this irrational gender dysphoria and require those without policy for what it is.”

“It seems the Trump administration can’t wait to discriminate.”

A protest in Washington, D.C. Photo credit: Ted Eytan, Flickr.

11.28.2018 •


NEWS national

Never Forget

Arianna Lint speaks at Arianna Center and SAVE’s Transgender Day of Remembrance at CIC in Miami. To see more photos from the event, visit SFGN on Facebook. Photo credit: Carina Mask.

Last week’s Trans Day of Remembrance commemorated those that have been murdered Carina Mask


wenty-two. That’s the number of transgender women that have been killed this year. These women were shot or violently killed. Disproportionately, they are women of color. There are many issues related to reporting crimes of violence against transgender people like the fact that local police still continuously misgender victims in police reports. This year’s Transgender Day of possibly be renamed SAVE Shalala because Remembrance commemoration on Nov. 20 without their efforts, Shalala wouldn’t have at the CIC in Miami with Arianna Center, been elected. SAVE and Human Rights Watch was a Shalala began speaking about Sylvia poignant reminder about the violence Ray Rivera of the Stonewall Riots, the civil towards the transgender community and rights pioneer, the activist, and founding how excessive it truly is. member of the Gay Liberation Front and Many of these events Gay Activists Alliance. “It was my first encounter start with a candlelight vigil, with a trans woman, it was a church services, or reading long conversation,” Shalala a list of names of the lives said pausing. “That was who were lost since Nov. 20 probably 40 years ago, I had a of the previous year. Arianna conversation with her [Sylvia Lint of the Arianna Center Rivera] and I remember and Translatina Coaltion [the] conversation and all of South Florida decided the pain, and especially to have a different type of today as we remember all memorial this year — she of those that we have lost invited all of her sisters, her in this country. As long as warriors as she calls them, to our leaders in Washington give impassioned speeches or Florida embolden white and to share their stories. supremacy, transphobia, Lint welcomed everyone, and gender discrimination and then introduced - Lala Zannell of any kind, they are not Congresswoman Elect Donna Lead Organizer of the friends of the LGBTQ Shalala. new York City Anticommunity.” “There [have] been 369 violence project When Shalala finished, killings of transgender people Lint introduced Lala Zannell across the world, 22 just in the United States alone [in 2018],” Lint said. and invited her to the podium to speak “We need as much support as possible, about how important it is to have allies, and what being an ally truly means. especially with this administration.” Lala Zannell, the lead organizer at the Shalala started off joking that SAVE used to be known as SAVE Dade, but should New York City Anti-Violence project who

“When you see a trans person walk in... you better treat them like Beyonce, because you don’t know what it took to get here, and you don’t know if I make it home.”


1 1.28.2018

also oversees their Rapid Incident Response team which responds to incidents of hate violence, sexual violence or intimate partner violence impacting the LGBTQ and HIV positive community, spoke passionately about how disproportionately violence is affecting the transgender and gender non conforming people of color. “Have you ever seen a trans woman before? Oh, then you should already know that’s cause for celebration,” Zannell said. “When you see a trans person walk in through that door, you better treat them like Beyonce, because you don’t know what it took to get here, and you don’t know if I make it home.” Zannell also spoke about what it means to be an ally to the trans community. “Being an ally means, you show up, not for a badge, not for some tax [break], it means you show up. You’re not looking for praise, you’re there because it’s the right thing to

do,” Zannell said pausing for a moment, then continued, “I am a privileged black transwoman, I am blessed to have a job, I am blessed to have a salary, and benefits and roof over my head, I feel affirmed, but I ain’t forgot about when I had to work the highways and byways and hit that track and going into that car just praying that I make it out of that car alive, praying that I didn’t get arrested, praying that I didn’t get beaten and killed.” Zannell continued to speak with that same fervor and vigor for the entire speech. She also spoke about how to get involved in the local trans community, simply by reaching out to trans organizations such as Arianna Center, or TransInclusive, and TransSocial, and how ally-ship can be as simple as just showing up, providing a safe ride, helping with finding employment, giving clothes, giving food, or even providing a safe space.

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NEWS national

Fact-checking Trump’s

Family Separation Claims Marshall Cohen CNN


ushing back against an explosive “60 Minutes” report about his immigration policies, President Donald Trump revived false claims that downplay his controversial practice of separating immigrant families at the southern border.

The episode of “60 Minutes” highlighted the saga of more than 2,600 children who were separated from their parents after illegally entering the U.S. this year. The report revealed that the policy began earlier than acknowledged and detailed an internal probe at the Department of Homeland Security that found major problems with the plan’s implementation, including that computer systems erased data meant to link children to their parents, complicating efforts to reunite families later on. The centerpiece of Trump’s pushback, which he tweeted Sunday night after the show, is that he “had the exact same policy as the Obama Administration,” regarding family separation. He repeated this on Monday, telling reporters on the South Lawn of the White House, “Obama had a separation policy. We all had the same policy ... but people don’t like to talk about that.” Trump also suggested former President George W. Bush followed similar practices. Simply put, this isn’t true at all. Trump and former President Barack Obama did not have “the exact same policy.” In some ways, they had opposite policies. The family separation crisis was triggered last spring when Trump tweaked the status quo he inherited from Obama and ramped up strict enforcement of federal immigration laws that were already on the books. “It certainly wasn’t the exact same policy,”

said Jessica Bolter, a researcher with the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute who has published 200 pages of reports on Trump’s immigration policies. Under past administrations, some bordercrossers were occasionally prosecuted, and were thus separated from their families. Children were separated from parents when authorities had concerns for their well-being or could not confirm that the adult was in fact their legal guardian. Prosecution was more common in cases with more severe crimes, like drug-running. The Trump administration told a federal court that more than 2,600 children were separated from their parents during the crisis this summer. Comparable statistics from previous administrations aren’t available because the blanket practice was not in place and separations were more sporadic, according to immigration experts. “There were some instances of parents being separated from their children” in the past, said David Bier, an immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. “But no administration has institutionalized the practice of family separation on such a scale, as intentionally and as broadly as the Trump administration attempted over the summer.” The main difference between Trump and Obama, as both experts noted, centers on how they handled immigrants caught near

The Trump administration told a federal court that

more than 2,600 children

were separated from their parents during the crisis this summer.


1 1.28.2018

Photo credit: Ed Lavandera / CNN.

the U.S.-Mexico border. Under Obama, the Justice Department was given broad discretion on who should face criminal charges, and federal prosecutors rarely went after families. But in April, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Justice Department would prosecute 100 percent of illegal border-crossers in a policy known as “zero-tolerance.” Adults went to jails and awaited criminal proceedings. Children were sent to detention centers run by the Department of Health and Human Services, and some were eventually placed in foster care. This specific change “led to the inevitable separation of parents and children,” Bolter said. The internal DHS report mentioned in the “60 Minutes” segment concluded that the agency struggled to accurately maintain complete and reliable data on children that got separated. “This wasn’t a common practice in the

past, so records were not well-kept,” Bier said. “That’s the best evidence that we have that this practice was not something in regular occurrence.” In a carefully crafted statement attacking “60 Minutes,” DHS spokeswoman Katie Waldman didn’t go as far as Trump did in his tweets. She accurately noted that past administrations separated some families, but never claimed that Trump and Obama followed identical policies. “Most significantly, 60 Minutes continued to ignore the reality that at least the last two Administrations had held children separately from illegal alien adults in cases where it was necessary for the welfare of the child or to prosecute a federal crime,” Waldman said. The difference is in the syntax. Waldman is stating the fact that families were separated under Obama and Bush. That’s true. Some families were torn apart. But there was no blanket policy of separation, and the number was significantly lower, according to experts Bolton and Bier.

11.28.2018 •



Guest Column

The End of the

AIDS Epidemic is (Almost) in Reach Elizabeth Radin CNN


ernard Haufiku has every reason to beam. The Namibian Minister of Health is in Amsterdam to announce that despite his country’s vast deserts, ethnic and linguistic diversity, variable roads and modest rural health facilities, Namibia is the latest nation to bring a devastating AIDS epidemic under control. This week, roughly 15,000 scientists, activists, policymakers and even a few celebrities have converged on Amsterdam for the 22nd International AIDS Conference. This year’s scientific findings include remarkably good news: nearly 22 million people are now on lifesaving treatment and new HIV infections are decreasing in several of the hardest hit countries, including Namibia. But it’s not time to celebrate yet. In a report released this week, UNAIDS acknowledges the progress achieved but also notes that the response is lagging in some regions. As a result, the worldwide decrease in new HIV infections is not on track to meet 2020 targets. At the same time, the United States, the largest donor to the AIDS response, is in the midst of a political swing towards isolationism. For the past two years, the Trump administration has proposed unprecedented $1 billion cuts to the U.S. AIDS response program, PEPFAR. Congress rejected these cuts and maintained flat funding for PEPFAR, but the threat persists. If the U.S. steps back from its leadership role in this effort, it will put the world at risk for a dangerous resurgence just when the end of the epidemic is within reach. As Haufiku said, Namibia’s rate of new HIV infections has declined by 50% compared to the 2012 UNAIDS estimate. The decrease in new infections is largely driven by the dramatic scale-up of HIV treatment funded by PEPFAR and other partners, including The Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. By suppressing the amount of virus circulating in the body of a person living with HIV, this treatment prevents not only sickness and death, but also HIV transmission. UNAIDS projects that if 73% of people living with HIV are on effective treatment that limits the amount of virus in their body by 2020, and that level is maintained for ten years, we would see the end of the AIDS epidemic as a global health threat by 2030. Namibia has exceeded this target with 77% of adults living with HIV virally suppressed. South Africa, the country with the largest number

of people living with HIV, and Swaziland, the country with the highest HIV prevalence, have both announced a 44% decrease in new HIV infections over the last 5 years. Swaziland has also achieved the 73% goal for viral suppression. These figures make the global AIDS response one of the most effective humanitarian interventions of all time. For 15 years, the U.S. has played an admirable leadership role through PEPFAR. Of the 22 million people on treatment worldwide, PEPFAR supports over 14 million. That’s 14 million people who would be dead or dying otherwise. PEPFAR’s yearly budget of approximately $6 billion represents a generous commitment from the American people that has set the bar for other countries. However, when compared to other line items in the U.S. budget, such as $686 billion in military spending, PEPFAR also represents excellent value for money in terms of humanitarian impact and soft power. While an end to the epidemic is coming into view, the battle is not yet won, and near victory could turn to renewed tragedy. Despite improvement in the overall population, HIV is still spreading rapidly among young people, especially young women. At the same time, populations key to the epidemic — such as gay and bisexual men and people who inject drugs — also face a high risk of infection and uneven access to services. In order to expand treatment to nearly 37 million people living with HIV and reduce new infections to zero, we need to increase financial support and intensify programming. Instead, we face a funding crisis. The UNAIDS report

Of the 22 million people on treatment worldwide, PEPFAR supports over 14 million.


1 1.28.2018

notes that there is a 20% shortfall against the funding they project is required to meet the 2020 targets for epidemic control, and it could get worse. Continued U.S. commitment to the AIDS response is critical for multiple reasons. With the U.S. contributing eight times as much as the second leading donor, the United Kingdom, even a small percentage change in U.S. support would be deeply felt. Additionally, if the U.S. were to decrease funding significantly for the AIDS response, other countries may follow suit in a domino effect that could lead to a deadly resurgence of HIV around the world. Already, analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation has found that eight of the 14 countries that provide international funding for AIDS decreased their support last year. These 8 countries include Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. This may reflect the influence of inwardlooking politics on development assistance overall. It may also reflect the resource pressures of the migration and refugee crises in Europe. The evidence is clear: it is possible to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS at large scale — even in low-resource contexts. We have the technologies and approaches to do it. We just need the political will to deliver on the promise of an AIDS-free generation. Elizabeth Radin is the technical director for the Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Program at ICAP at Columbia University. The program receives technical and financial support from PEPFAR (the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The views expressed in this commentary are her own.


Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon By Andy Marlette

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Publisher's Editorial


HIV Not a ‘Tragic’ Diagnosis AnyMore

Norm Kent

Once upon a time, a long time ago, it was



his week we commemorate those people that have lost their lives to HIV, and those still living with the disease.

The commemoration of HIV is held on Dec. 1 every year. It is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate the lives of those who we have lost. This week, two names come to my mind. First, Freddie Mercury, and second, Magic Johnson. Elton John.


1 1.28.2018

Last month, Hollywood celebrated Mercury’s memory with the release in theaters worldwide of a movie about his life – “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The film was named after one of the more magical songs Mercury recorded and performed. Freddie Mercury was only 45 years old when he passed away from an AIDS related illness Nov. 24, 1991. He only publicly

acknowledged his disease the day before he died. Just like that, he was gone. In his honor, band members of Queen created an HIV foundation in his name. It has raised millions of dollars for citizens of 57 countries, often finding parents for children left alone as orphans if they lose their parents to the epidemic. It was only a week before Freddie Mercury’s pronouncement that NBA star Magic Johnson revealed to the world he had HIV. Just like that, everyone thought he would be gone too. Today, however, Magic Johnson is alive and well, still a star, and very much an entrepreneur. An AIDS spokesperson to this day, he is also a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Not a bad life. Magic started a foundation under his own name as well. It presently serves more than 250,000 individuals each year through direct and collaborative programs that enhance the lives of economically challenged people and empower underserved communities. One of the reasons we celebrate World AIDS Day is to remind ourselves that living with AIDS has always been a struggle. It has always needed more funding and support than our government ever provided. In many countries throughout the world, that is still the case. In America, once, a long time ago, our government not only fought AIDS, it fought people with AIDS. Once, there was a time when an HIV diagnosis meant not only a death sentence, but defined you as a second-

class citizen who “got what they deserved.” Once, the disease was not enough. You had to fight who you were. Once, there were no foundations, no treatment plans, no programs, counseling groups or group resources. Once, a man with HIV lived as an outcast, a social reprobate. It was so wrong we will never ever be able to make it right. Yes, once an HIV diagnosis led newspapers to call your life “TRAGIC.” Look at the Sporting News on the page next to my column from Nov. 18, 1991. That is the world then. No one would dare publish such a headline today. Living with HIV does not alter who you are or what you might become. Like diabetes or any other illness, you live with it, and engage it with medication and lifestyle adjustments. Once, that was not so. If you want to fully appreciate what an HIV diagnosis meant decades ago, read the book or see the HBO film, “And the Band Played On.” It is an early account of the AIDS epidemic in the U.S., written by the late Randy Shilts. He won the Stonewall Book Award for it. Before he too died of an AIDS related illness in 1994, Randy Shilts, at age 42, also authored a biography of Harvey Milk, “The Mayor of Castro Sheet,” and a treatise on discrimination of gays in the military, “Conduct Unbecoming.” He was the best of his genre. SFGN publishes HIV-related supplement “the Spirit,” every year. It reminds us that HIV is still prevalent and persistent in South Florida. But it is no longer a “tragic”

One of the reasons we celebrate World AIDS Day is to remind ourselves that living with AIDS has always been a struggle.


Publisher's Editorial

diagnosis. There are meds available and controls accessible which allow you to live a healthy, productive life. This issue of SFGN’s bimonthly high glossy magazine, the Mirror, is on the stands this week, and features Freddie Mercury. Our last issue profiled Sir Elton John, whose farewell concert tour came to South Florida venues this past weekend. This newspaper and our magazine will continue to illuminate the lives and showcase the virtues of those who go head to head with HIV. We will also let you know the vices of those who do not. From Elton John to Freddie Mercury, from Care Resource to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, our gay universe has fought globally against HIV. The time will come when we celebrate a cure instead of commemorating a loss. That day will come. Last month, in New York City, the Elton John Foundation held its annual gala, featuring Sheryl Crow. In one night, the charity raised $3.9 million to support HIV/ AIDS prevention, treatment, and advocacy programs across the globe. In the past quarter of a century, John’s foundation has raised over $400 million. We each need to do our part, whether it is acting as a caregiver to a patient or riding in a bike to Key West. Just last week, the HIV SMART Ride in South Florida raised over $1 million. Amazing. HIV has cut an unforgiving swathe across gay America, but our region has become the rule rather than the exception. Individually, we need to do better. South Florida is still the epicenter of the virus in the U.S. That’s a title we don’t need. More than 35 million people have died from AIDS related complications and illnesses, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in history. No matter what we do, more is required. Little things matter, so this year’s theme for World AIDS Day, which is marking its 30th anniversary, is “Know Your Status.” Get tested. You can’t get treated if you don’t get tested. In the meantime, on your way to a testing center, say a prayer for those no longer here, and fight like hell for those who still are.

Norm Kent, the Publisher of SFGN, is the former executive director of AIDS Project Florida, and served on the Board of Directors of Center 1, Broward County’s oldest and then largest HIV advocacy program.

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Feature pets

waiting for love

After his owners got divorced, no one wanted two year old Sparky (ID 598297) in the end. This fellow is sweet and enjoys the companionship of other felines. He might be a little shy at first, but once he gets to know you he’ll be your forever friend. Sparky likes people of all ages and he enjoys playing with all types of cat toys. Thanks to a generous cat lover, Sparky’s adoption fee has been sponsored – he just needs someone with a big heart to adopt him. Could it be you?


The adoption fee for dogs over 6 months is $100 and felines over 6 months are $30. When you adopt from the Humane Society of Broward County the dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, receive preliminary vaccinations, cats are feline leukemia tested, and dogs over 7 months are tested for heartworm. They also receive a flea/tick preventative, a 10-day limited health care plan from VCA Animal Hospitals, 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance and a bag of Purina ONE pet food. The HSBC opens daily at 10:30 and is located at 2070 Griffin Road, a block west of I-95. For more details call 954-989-3977 ext. 6. To see who else is looking for a home visit



M A 2



We know Insurance, because We Insure Florida.






VED! We MO 3415 Galt Ocean Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


1 1.28.2018

November 2018 • • Vol. 8 Issue 1


More AIDS stories online!

S pirit

SFGN’s HIV/AIDS News Source

Walk Palm Beach Hopes to Raise

$20,000 On World AIDS Day The money will be used for those living with HIV Sophie Siegel


ierrette J. Cazeau knows first hand what it feels like to be singled out. In 1990 she marched on the Brooklyn Bridge to protest the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on blood donations from Haitians. According to media reports during those days, the FDA’s discriminatory ban singled out Haitians in the U.S. because “scientists said then they had found high numbers of AIDS cases transmitted by heterosexual contact among Haitians.” Today Cazeau is the president and founder of Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated “to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs

[and] to respond rapidly to emergency situations with… diseases such as Cholera, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB.” On Dec. 1 HCRFF will host Walk Palm Beach, a 3-mile walk in Riviera Beach. Its goal is to raise “$20,000 to assist individuals living with HIV throughout Palm Beach County that lack access to transportation for their medical appointments.” Cazeau said because of what happened in the 1980s Haitians in the U.S. have been stigmatized for decades as having HIV. “Haitians that are HIV positive are ashamed to tell their families that they are HIV positive,” Cazeau said. The first Haitian blood ban was limited to those Haitians

that came to the U.S. after 1977. It went into effect in the mid-80s but in the beginning of 1990 the 1977 time limit was eliminated. That change was what prompted the Brooklyn Bridge march that Cazeau took part in. The ban was finally lifted at the end of 1990. Even today that stigma can still be felt. Earlier this year Politico Magazine theorized that President Trump’s comments calling Haiti and other nations “shithole countries” while also saying all Haitians “have AIDS,” dates back to those early days of the AIDS panic. In 1983 the Centers for Disease Control identified four risk groups, which become known as the Four-H Club and included homosexuals, hemophiliacs, heroin users and Haitians. According to the above mentioned Politico article “doctors were seeing cases in other nationalities at the time, but reported only on the Haitians because they did not see them as having the same privacy rights—because they were poor, black refugees.” While Haiti is a “main focus” of HCRFF, Cazeau also said it’s a foundation to not “only serve Haiti, not only serve Haitians, but all [who live with HIV].” The deadline to register for the event is Nov. 30 – fees vary based on age groups. There will food trucks as well as face painting for any kids attending. There will also be free health screenings. Sponsors for the event include AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Palm Beach Food Bank, Florida Health, Ian the Barber and the cities of Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach.

Visit for more info.

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S pirit

SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

Where To Turn Local organizations who push for your health and education SFGN Staff South Florida continues to be ground zero for new HIV infections, despite stepped-up efforts to control the spread of the virus. MiamiDade and Broward counties continue to rank at the top of the list for the highest number of new HIV cases per capita in the U.S. For people living with HIV, there are many resources available. Check them out below.

The Pride Center at Equality Park 2040 N. Dixie Highway Wilton Manors 954-463-9005

The Pride Center is a major site for HIV testing and prevention, education and counseling. It also offers holistic and comprehensive support programs for persons living with HIV/AIDS, including the nationally acclaimed PALS Project.

Latinos Salud A representative from The Pride Center at United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale doing HIV testing and HIV/STD counseling. Photo via Facebook.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) 110 SE 6th Street, Suite 1960 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-522-3132

AHF is now one of the largest non-profit providers of specialized HIV/AIDS medical care in the United States and has emerged as an essential safety net provider for disenfranchised populations. AHF remains committed to serving indigent populations disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, including people of color, men who have sex with men (MSM), transgendered individuals, drug users, people with a history of incarceration, and other vulnerable populations.



1 1.28.2018

2330 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors 954-765-6239

Located in the heart of the LGBT community, Latinos Salud provides innovative HIV prevention and community building programs, HIV rapid testing, linkage services for people living with HIV/AIDS, and community outreach. Latinos Salud serves Latino guys of all ages, all local guys living with HIV (not just Latino) and their partners, and anyone who identifies as transgender. All of these services are free to the community.

Compass 201 N. Dixie Hwy. Lake Worth 561-586-2337

Compass aims to diminish stereotypes by challenging long-standing misconceptions about the character of the LGBT community. They accomplish this by emboldening youth, promoting pride in the community, and acting as an educator, advocate, health service provider, and focal point for community organizing. As good neighbors, effective partners, and respected participants in our civic responsibilities, Compass promotes awareness of the caring nature of our diverse community.

Get Tested

Care Resource 3510 Biscayne Blvd. Miami 305-576-1234 871 West Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 954-567-7141 1701 Meridian Avenue, Suite 400 Miami Beach, FL 33139 305-673-3555

For 30 years, Care Resource has provided HIV/AIDS research, prevention, care and treatment services to individuals in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and has become South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization. Persons living with HIV/AIDS have had access at a “one-stop” location to primary medical care, oral health care, research studies, information and referrals, medical case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling, counseling and testing, health screenings and support services.

Poverello Center 2056 North Dixie Highway Wilton Manors 954-561-3663

The mission of The Poverello Center is to provide life-saving food and basic living essentials with the highest degree of understanding, respect and love for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, who are residents of Broward County and meet the specified qualifications for services. Poverello also has 10,000 square feet of space dedicated to a thrift store, which serves as a way to help them raise funds.

Broward House 1726 SE 3rd Ave. Fort Lauderdale 954-522-4749

Broward House is South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS Community Service organization with 15 locations throughout Broward County. They provide services up to and including medical care, substance abuse and mental house counseling and, in some cases, housing to over 6,000 Florida residents yearly. Some of their other services include 15 Assisted Living/Residential Facilities; Substance Abuse Treatment and Facilities; Medical Services; Mental Health Therapy; Case Management and Linkage Services; Medicaid PAC Waiver Services; ARTAS - Strength Based Brief Intervention; AIDS Insurance Continuation Program; HIV Testing and Counseling; MPowerment - 18 - 30 MSM Outreach Program; Independent and Safe Housing Locations; and Tenant Based Voucher Program (HOPWA).

Above: Testing outside of Out of the Closet during Wilton Manors Pride. Photo via Facebook. 11.28.2018 •



S pirit

SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

PrEP: Group Uses Gay Dating Apps to

Combat HIV

John Byrne. Photo courtesy of Prevention305.

Damon Scott

Marco Torrealba. Photo courtesy of Prevention305.


ew cases of HIV in the Miami area are the highest in the nation and the Latino population is one of the most

“If you’ve had a false-positive, you know it can take a week to get the confirmation back,” Byrne said. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m that one in a million person, because I was taking PrEP.’ I thought, ‘No one needs to go through this.’” The drug was solidly top of mind for Byrne and he didn’t think enough was being done to get the word out about it. PrEP reduces the risk of HIV transmission by more than 90 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). For drug users the risk is lowered by more than 70 percent.

at risk. An effort has evolved to bring those numbers down through education and access to the HIV prevention drug PrEP in some unconventional ways. Prevention305 has trained “peer navigators” to reach Latinos, primarily – many of whom are immigrants and/or don’t speak much if any English. The navigators use popular gay dating apps like Grindr and Tinder to introduce them to the drug. Miami resident John Byrne What is it? started Prevention305 a few - John Byrne years ago and serves as its PrEP stands for preFounder of executive director. He’s also exposure prophylaxis. The Prevention305 the founder and controlling CDC says you’re considered partner of Raw Story Media very high risk if you’re a gay and AlterNet Media – part of a group of or bisexual man who has anal sex without a LGBT-owned news sites in the U.S. condom. It also considers as very high risk It was a rare false-positive HIV test those who are HIV-negative, but are in an that spurred Byrne toward starting the ongoing sexual relationship with someone nonprofit. who is HIV-positive.

"I thought, ʻNo one needs to go through this.ʼ¨


1 1.28.2018

PrEP is a combination of two HIV medicines sold under the name Truvada. When used correctly, the CDC says PrEP can stop HIV from taking hold and spreading. Critics though point out that PrEP does not prevent other STIs such as syphilis.

From posters to peers Byrne’s early push for outreach consisted of a grassroots effort of making posters for health centers and fitness clubs – the “Swallow This” graphic that shows a blue PrEP pill on a man’s outstretched tongue. He had the poster done in both English and Spanish. “I slowly realized as a white person in Miami what I was running up against,” Byrne said. “The translation of the poster in Spanish didn’t work. I realized I couldn’t do this on my own.” On a whim he began doing PrEP education on Grindr. He created a profile with PrEP information and the line: “Contact me if you want info on how to get PrEP.” “I was blown away by the response,” Byrne said. “There was a demand. Some had heard about it, but didn’t know where to go.”

For a year he went to conferences, made connections and wrote grants (he got one each from Gilead Sciences and AIDS United). Byrne, 37, then hired a digitally savvy gay Venezuelan man to be his program director – Marco Torrealba. Torrealba, 34, was tasked by Byrne this year to hire peer navigators and train them in customer service, marketing and technology to make the dating app connections with Latinos about PrEP. “People don’t have access because a lot of the information is in English,” Torrealba, who moved to South Florida three and a half years ago, said. “This is why Latinos are not having access to PrEP, the lack of information. When you are an immigrant, you can be in a bubble. Sometimes you get nervous.” Torrealba said his training methods are heavy on the use of empathy and innovation. “In order to reach and communicate with a different culture you have to be very empathetic,” he said. “Those who are arriving or those who don’t speak English or fear for any political situation will not go inside [a health clinic]. The best way to do it is to have a [peer navigator] right there.”

Miami-Dade Torrealba (left) with ‘peer navigators’ handing out information at the 2018 Stonewall Pride festivities in Wilton Manors. Photo courtesy of Prevention305.

and Present:

World AIDS Day Vigil & Remembrance Walk

Join our Community Sat., December 1st, 2018

His peer navigators create profiles on reduced from months to weeks. In most cases, the sites and spread the word about PrEP. the drug is available for free, either through Torrealba said the format takes some of the insurance or if a client makes less than initial nervousness away and he stresses $58,000 a year and doesn’t have insurance. that they are not creating fake or misleading Anyone can sign up on their website profiles. All his peer navigators are younger to book an appointment and to go over and are people of color. options. “Once they say hi to the person; how are “Clients know they aren’t alone in this you today; I am fine, [then they say] I want to process. Peer navigators are with clients tell you I am here to offer PrEP,” during the appointment if Torrealba said. “People say they have questions or are yes or no. Peer navigators are nervous,” Torrealba said. trained and have to be aware to be straight with the message. By the numbers That person will block you and report your profile otherwise.” In less than six months, Byrne and Torrealba have Prevention305 has reached found an audience with almost 300 people and has Instagram as well, hiring about 100 taking PrEP. Instagram influencers, both “While it may not sound because it’s effective and like a lot, there’s only about - Marco because not everyone uses gay 1,500 people on PrEP in all of Torrealba dating sites or apps, he said. Miami-Dade, so I think our program director “People go to Instagram early success is a big number,” to see if you’re for real, see a Byrne said. face, see a video, see who is Byrne said to look for Prevention305 at working at Prevention305,” Torrealba said. events and festivals around South Florida and said he’s also working toward opening 305 advantages a mobile PrEP clinic in collaboration with the University of Miami’s Miller School of Prevention305 is able to help a client Medicine at The Gaythering hotel, sauna and receive the drug more quickly with wait times bar in Miami Beach.

"Clients know they aren't alone in this process.¨

Hagen Park 2020 Wilton Drive Gather: 6:30 pm Walk Step-off: 7:00 pm Ending with a vigil at 2040 N Dixie Hwy - Wilton Manors, FL

For more • Prevention305’s website in English and Spanish is at and

• Complete CDC information on PrEP is available at 11.28.2018 •



S pirit


SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

MSM Wellness Confab Comes to Fort Lauderdale

Damon Scott


he second incarnation of a wellness disease. It’s all related,” Reyes said. conference designed for men who have Reyes has been at the Urban League for sex with men (MSM) is coming to Fort five years. He’s worked for nonprofits and Lauderdale. at-risk communities for much of his young While the conference isn’t scheduled career, including at UrbanPromise Miami until the first month of 2019, organizers and in New York City doing HIV prevention hope people will save the date and make work. a commitment to attend. While the free “This conference is important for me, conference is open to anyone, organizers are personally, as a gay man, and for Urban clear about the demographic they seek to League,” he said. engage with. The Broward County HIV Prevention “We’re being intentional and trying to Planning Council is the main organization cover a broader spectrum of health issues heading up the event. Reyes is the community facing men who have sex with men,” said co-chair of its MSM advisory group. Mark Reyes, one of the key organizers. The advisory group brings together Reyes expects about 200 leaders and decision-makers GBT and other men who have to mobilize organizations sex with men to attend, mostly and allies who serve the from Broward County and MSM community in Broward surrounding communities. County. The group addresses The conference first took place the various factors that bring in 2015, a two-day format, about HIV infection in the when more than 200 came. MSM community – what is Topics to be covered at often called an epidemic in the 2019 Men’s Health and Broward County. Wellness Conference include Reyes said members of HIV and non-HIV-related the advisory group include health issues such as sexual staff from leading AIDS health, physical fitness and Service Organizations - Mark Reyes mental health. “It’s about how (ASOs), LGBT organizations, Key organizer to be healthy men and make government agencies and better decisions,” Reyes said. allied organizations, as well Reyes, the senior director of as non-affiliated community community relations and administration at members. the Urban League of Broward County, said Conference attendees can expect a lineup the disparity of those who have HIV among of presenters, workshops and plenaries. men who have sex with men is out of whack Reyes said he expects to provide a compared to other populations – it’s a big spectrum of local and national leaders to part of the driving force of the conference. present at the conference. Reyes hopes to move attendees toward There will be three plenary sessions positive actions that would improve their and three interactive break out workshop health outcomes. sessions. Continental breakfast and lunch “We want to mobilize the MSM will be provided. community,” he said. “Black and Latino The one-day conference takes place Jan. 26 communities and others are being impacted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Fort Lauderdale by HIV, access to health care and insurance, Marriott North, located at 6650 North issues with housing or full employment, and Andrews Avenue.

"It's about how to be healthy men and make better decisions.¨

There are still vendor and sponsorship opportunities for those who are interested. Online registration for the free event will be available soon. Contact Reyes at mreyes@ or 954625-2598 for more information or to pre-register.


1 1.28.2018

11.28.2018 •



S pirit

SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

The Eyes of History An illustrated look at the historical impact of the aids crisis, yesterday



1 1.28.2018

and now

The Eyes of History


11.28.2018 •



S pirit

SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

up off your Get Tested nobutt,buts.andgetgo right now! SFGN has compiled a list of testing sites in South Florida. We’ve broken it down by county, with cities in alphabetical order. Tear it out, cut it up, highlight it, or whatever else. Just have it handy and use it. Knowing is the first step.

broward County Wilton Manors

Broward Health Comprehensive Care Center 1101 NW 1st St. 954-467-0880

Midway Specialty Care Center 2500 NE 15th Ave. 954-530-8357

AHF Broward Wellness Center 750 SE 3rd Ave. 954-767-0273

Pride Center at Equality Park 2040 N Dixie Hwy. 954-463-9005

Compassionate Hearts Serving Hands 2300 NW 22nd St. 954-733-6476

Latinos Salud 2330 Wilton Drive 954-765-6239

Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center 1401 S Federal Hwy. 954-728-8080

Project Link of South Florida 2929 NE 6th Ave. 954-604-7163 Broward House Client Services Center 2800 N Andrews Ave. 954-568-7373

Fort Lauderdale Sunrise Out of the Closet Thrift Store 1785 E Sunrise Blvd. 954-462-9442 Covenant House Florida 733 Breakers Ave. 954-561-5559 Care Resource 871 W Oakland Park Blvd. 954-567-7141 AHF Healthcare Center at One River Plaza 305 S Andrews Ave. 954-767-0887


1 1.28.2018

Fort Lauderdale Health Center 2421 SW 6th Ave. 954-467-4700

Oakland Park AIDS Healthcare Foundation 1164 E Oakland Park Blvd. 954-561-6900

Plantation Broward House Clinic 4101 NW 3rd Ct. 754-701-6911

Pompano Beach Annie L Weaver Health Center 2011 NW 3rd Ave. 954-786-5901 Broward Health Annie L Weaver Health Center 2011 NW 3rd Ave Pompano Beach 954-786-5901



a testing location


Broward Community & Family Health Centers 6015 Washington St. 954-266-2999

Palm beach County Lake Worth Compass 201 N Dixie Hwy. 561-533-9699

West Palm Beach FoundCare 2330 S Congress Ave. 561-472-2466 Families First Palm Beach County 3333 Forest Hill Blvd. 561-721-2887

Boynton Beach Caridad Center 8645 W Boynton Beach Blvd. 561-737-6336 Genesis Community Health 2815 S Seacrest Blvd. 561-735-6553

GO get tested!

a route there


Community Health Center 2100 W 45th St. 561-840-8681


Mangonia Park Drug Abuse Treatment Association 1720 E Tiffany Drive 561-844-3556

Delray Beach AIDS Healthcare Foundation 2605 W Atlantic Ave. 561-279-0991

Palm Beach Gardens Kevin McGee HIV AIDS Drop in Center 4857 Northlake Blvd. 561-775-5900

North Palm Beach North Palm Beach Office 840 N US Hwy 1 561-776-8300

miami-dade County Miami Beach Stanley C Meyers Center 710 Alton Rd. 305-538-8835 Latinos Salud 925 Arthur Godfrey Rd. 305-397-8967 Beverly Press Center 1221 71st St. 305-538-8835

Get Tested

KNOW YOUR STATUS World AIDS Day 2018 Theme

Miami AHF Wellness Center 2900 Biscayne Blvd. 305-764-3773 WestCare, The Village South 3180 Biscayne Blvd. 305-573-3784 Miami-Dade Primary Care Center 3801 Biscayne Blvd. 305-576-1234 Borinquen Health Care Center 3601 Federal Hwy. 305-576-6611 Camillus House 336 NW 5th St. 305-577-4840 Jefferson Reaves Sr. Health Center 1009 NW 5th Ave. 786-466-4083 South AIDS Network 1611 NW 12th Ave. 305-585-5241 University of Miami School of Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics 1601 NW 12th Ave Miami 305-243-2174 Center for Haitian Studies 8260 NE 2nd Ave. 305-757-9555

Union Positiva 1870 W Flagler St. 305-644-0667 Little Havana Primary Care Center 1901 SW 1st St. 305-203-5230 AHF The Kinder Healthcare Clinic 3661 S Miami Ave. 786-497-4000

Miami Gardens Jackson Health System North Dade Health Center 16555 NW 25th Ave. 786-466-1500

Miramar Community Access Center 8910 Miramar Pkwy 954-534-9113

North Miami Comprehensive Health Center 671 NW 119 St. 305-688-0811

North Miami Beach Pharmco Pharmacy LLC 901 N Miami Beach Blvd. 305-919-7399 AHF Jackson North 100 NW 170th St. 305-405-0045

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S pirit


Author and Retired Diplomat Talks Africa, Travel, and HIV Denise Royal

PrEP PrEP has has become become oneone of our of our ur most most powerful tools tools in the in the fight fight ht PrEPpowerful has become one of our PrEP has become of our most powerful toolsone in the fight against against HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS. most powerful tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

against HIV/AIDS. We are Wededicated are dedicated health health care care providers providers ers We are dedicated health care providers for Infectious for Infectious Diseases, HIV, Hepatitis HIV, Hepatitis C, C, C, We areDiseases, dedicated health care providers for Infectious Diseases, HIV, Hepatitis C, Chronic Chronic illnesses, illnesses, and HRT. and HRT. for Infectious Diseases, HIV, Hepatitis C, Chronic andHRT. HRT. Chronicillnesses, illnesses, and

Howard Howard A. A.A.A. Howard Howard Grossman, MD Grossman, MD Grossman, Grossman, MD MD





2500 954-530-8357 NE 15th Ave | Wilton Manors, FL 33305

954-530-8357 954-530-8357 2500 NE 15th Ave | Wilton Manors, FL 33305

3305 25002500 NE 15th NE Ave 15th Ave | Wilton | Wilton Manors, Manors, FL 33305 FL 33305 36

1 1.28.2018

Michael Varga meets with President Bill Clinton.


ichael Varga is a playwright, actor, author, and retired diplomat who’s worked all around the world. Varga served in Chad, hotspots throughout the Middle East, and in Canada. He is also a long-time HIV survivor. Doctors did not expect Varga to live past the spring of 1997. But he’s still here and telling his incredible story. On Thursday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m., Stonewall National Museum & Archives will present a reading and talk with Varga, “Diplomatic Detours.” His essay of the same name was published in the March/April issue of Plus Magazine and details his life as a

long-term survivor of HIV. Varga will talk about his time in the Peace Corps, his life as a diplomat, and his work that has taken him around the world. He’ll also talk about figuring out a work/ life balance while dealing with HIV. His Peace Corps novel, “Under Chad’s Spell,” will be available for purchase. AIDS Healthcare Foundation sponsors the event. Stonewall National Museum – Wilton Manors is located at 2157 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. Stonewall Museum is free of charge. There is a suggested donation of $5 for the event.

Doctors did not expect Varga to live past the spring of 1997.

For more information, visit



Talk to your healthcare provider about PrEP. PrEP: It’s simple. One pill per day greatly reduces your chances of contracting HIV. Together, we partner with clinics in your area to provide PrEP services.

(954) 568-7373 X7373

(305) 571-9601

(844) 922-2777

To find the nearest clinic in your area visit:

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S pirit

World AIDS Day

SFGN's HIV/AIDS News Source

World AIDS Day Turns 30 Here’s a sampling of events around South Florida commemorating the annual global health day Denise Royal

Photo via @GeorgeHouseTrst, Twitter.


orld AIDS Day marks its 30th anniversary on Saturday. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first-ever global health day. Every year, World AIDS Day events take place across South Florida to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV. This year’s theme is “Know Your Status.” There are several opportunities to get tested and find out. HIV/AIDS disproportionately impacts the South. Florida is no exception. According to the Florida Department of Health, 116,944 persons were living with an HIV diagnosis in Florida at the end of last year. Nearly 5,000 people received an HIV diagnosis in Florida in 2017, and more than 2,000 received an AIDS diagnosis in Florida in 2017.

A few of the events happening in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties:

Wednesday, Nov. 28 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Ribbons for the Children Art Contest

– The World AIDS Museum hosts talented, young local artists who will honor World AIDS Day through artistic interpretation. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The World AIDS Museum is located at 1201 NE 26th Street, #111, Wilton Manors.

Thursday, Nov. 29 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Resource Fair - World AIDS Day is one of LGBTQA Initiative’s signature events at Florida International University. This year’s Resource Fair consists of free HIV testing, free lunch, and features a moment of remembrance by the bay area to remember those lost to HIV/AIDS. It takes place Florida International University - Biscayne Bay Campus: Wolfe University Center Panther Square. 3000 Northeast 151st Street, Miami, FL 33181.

Saturday, Dec. 1st Broward 6:30 p.m. World AIDS Day Vigil and Remembrance Walk - The Community is invited to come together for a vigil and walk


1 1.28.2018

in Wilton Manors. Broward House hosts this annual event. It begins at Hagen Park and participants walk down Wilton Drive united in memory, healing, and love. The candlelit walk will culminate at The Pride Center for a few words of respectful remembrance, support, and continued vigilance.

Miami 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. AIDS Walk and Mini Health Fair Community Health of South Florida holds its first-ever AIDS Walk along with a mini health fair. The Doris Ison Health Center is at 10300 SW 216th Street, Miami, FL 33190.

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Transformation Conference - On World AIDS Day, the Southeast AIDS Education and Training Center will be hosting its 2018 Practice Transformation Conference. Primary care professionals, specialty care providers, nurses, case managers, and community advocates will review proven strategies in HIV care and prevention, discuss updates in HIV care policies and analyze collaborative care strategies. The conference takes place at the Grand Beach Hotel, 9449 Collins Ave., Surfside.

7 p.m. to Midnight Art Show - AIDS Healthcare Foundation hosts an original art show displaying pieces of work from artists spanning from various Latin

countries. Artistic performances, and special guest appearances will include Justin Quiles, Coastcity and the host of the evening will be Jessica Carrillo. AIDS Healthcare Foundation commemorates World AIDS Day every year to remind the global community that the fight to end HIV is far from over. The show takes place at the Perez Art Museum, 1103 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL.

Palm Beach County 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. World AIDS Day Observance - The mayor of Lake Worth will give a proclamation to commemorate the event. The Voices of Pride chorus will perform followed by a few words by Rev. Chris Freeman. A candlelight vigil will then be held after the opening of the 30 Block Display of The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. This display will be open to the public from Dec. 1 through Dec. 13. The observance happens at Compass Community Center, 201 N Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL.

Sunday, Dec. 2 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. World AIDS Day at The Pride Center Co-hosted by Church of the Holy SpiritSong, the event features fellowship, food, giveaways, and free HIV testing. The Pride Center is located at 2040 N Dixie Hwy., Wilton Manors.

4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. State of The Kiki Address - The Kiki Project is hosting "A Party with a Purpose." The party will be held at Stonewall Museum 2157 Wilton Drive and the attire is Wakanda African.

Monday, Dec. 3 6 p.m. Paseo del Edredon (Quilt Tour) - Tour of The Names Project Memorial Quilt in Spanish. This free event includes light snacks. Attendees are urged to register in advance at Paseodeledredon. The tour takes place at Compass, 201 N Dixie Hwy. in Lake Worth.

Wednesday, Dec. 5

5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Tea on HIV - This event features an

in-depth educational session on the history of HIV/AIDS, methods of transmission, and how to reduce transmission in the youth age group (12 to 18 years old). The tea is spilled at Compass, 201 N Dixie Hwy. in Lake Worth.

6 p.m. WAD Community Education Series (CES) – This event will recognize World AIDS Day and show the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Guest Speaker will be Ed Sparan, Advocate/ PrEP Linkage Specialist of the Pride Center at Equality Park. Dinner will be served. Register at The dinner will take place at Compass, 201 N Dixie Hwy.

The Florida Department of Health in Broward County partnered with Care Resource to launch an HIV treatment program in 2017 called Test and Treat. The goals of Test and Treat are to increase access to medication for those newly diagnosed with HIV or returning to care, and link newly diagnosed patients to care immediately. Increasing data shows there is a medical benefit when HIV treatment is initiated immediately, particularly during the early stage of the infection. “Starting medicine immediately lowers the amount of virus in the blood. This is important for the health of the individual and decreases transmission of the virus. When people with HIV start treatment and become undetectable, their chance of transmitting the virus becomes virtually zero. People without insurance or with inadequate coverage can also receive a 30-day supply of medication the same day.” – Steven Santiago, MD, Chief Medical Officer

BENEFITS Fast access to medical care. Fast access to supportive services. Lower risk of serious infections. Very low risk of transmission.

SAME-DAY, EARLY TREATMENT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. For information on accessing the Test and Treat program, Contact: 305-576-1234, ext. 158. Care Resource offers free, confidential HIV counseling and rapid testing to everyone. In addition to offering services at our offices, we also offer counseling and testing through mobile units at several community locations.

11.28.2018 •


FAITH & PRIDE spirituality

SPIRITUAL LISTINGS Divine Mercy Chapel 2749 NE 10th Ave Wilton Manors, FL 33334 954-567-1930 - Service Time: Mass, Sunday 10:30am


St. Nicholas Episcopal Church 1111 E. Sample Road, Pompano Beach (954)942-5887 - Service Times: Sundays 8:00AM & 10:30AM (9:30AM only from Memorial Day through Labor Day) United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale 2501 NE 30th Street, Ft. Lauderdale (954)563-4271 - Service Times: Thursdays 10:30AM (Elliot Hall) & Sundays 10:30AM (Sanctuary)

Christ Lutheran Church 1955 East Oakland Park Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306

Sunday Service @ 10am Fellowship after Service



1 1.28.2018

Congregation Etz Chaim 2038 N. Dixie Hwy (Pride Center Building B), Wilton Manors 954-564-9232 - Friday Night Shabbat Service 8p.m. Holy Angels Catholic Community 2917 NE 6th Avenue Wilton Manors, FL 33334 954-633-2987 - Sunday Mass at 11AM Christ Lutheran Church 1955 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale. 33306 (954) 564-7673 - Worship: Sunday 10:00am

FAITH & PRIDE spirituality

Looking back while

moving forward Rabbi Noah Kitty

Aaron’ s

Low Cost Cremation & Funeral Exceptionally High Quality at Low Prices Complete Direct Cremation


Graveside Burial


Includes Basic Casket

We Operate Our Own Off-Site Crematory

2201 Wilton Drive | Wilton Manors

Purim Group.


he most horrific violence against a Jewish community in the U.S. occurred on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018. On that day, a violent man took his violent beliefs and intentionally murdered eleven Jews as they gathered for prayers in a synagogue. Four police officers and two others were wounded in the attack. Our shock at the violence was followed by the question of who will stand with us now. This question was answered wonderfully, graciously, and powerfully by the great number of people, some friends and others strangers, who came out in a glorious gesture of support at the many vigils that were held that week and at the regular Shabbat services on the following weekend. We’ve learned that the best response to hate is to ask, “How can we be better present for each other?” and to invite others to contribute their ideas to this noble inquiry. In this way we can develop more effective techniques with which to respond to hate, grow connections with allies, and expand our mastery of fearlessness. The more we are targeted by haters due to our faith and identity as Jewish and LGBTQ, the more attached we become to them and thus the more we are inspired to celebrate them. We will never be silent in the face of hate. The upcoming Hanukkah holiday wonderfully captures this sentiment, as it commemorates the struggle of our people under Greek rule who were denied

permission to practice their faith. The actual holiday is a commemoration of the rededication of the Second Temple in 139 BCE, which had been desecrated by the invading soldiers. But Hanukkah is much more than a remembrance of a military victory; our sages attached this pronouncement from the prophet Zachariah to remind us what is important, “Not by might nor by power, but by My spirit, says the God of Hosts.” In this way Hanukkah is understood as a festival that celebrates the victory of the human spirit and the universal desire for peace. We will be celebrating this delightful holiday on Sunday, Dec. 9, complete with latkes, donuts, games and prizes. We will once again re-dedicate ourselves to having joy and delight in our faith and our identity.

833.227.6671 *DeathCertificatesAdditional


Harley and Rabbi Noah.

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lifestyle food


Rick Karlin

Where to eat after midnight?


s a child I was (and still am) mesmerized by the paintings of Edward Hopper. I am especially drawn to the ones where people are sitting in restaurants; “Automat” and “Chop Suey” being prime examples.

The Floridian.

I certainly have expensive taste, “Chop Suey” just sold for $92 million (that’s some pricey take-out). Maybe it was an early indicator of my career writing about the food service industry. Another one of my favorite paintings is “Nighthawks,” which depicts a couple sitting in a diner late at night. As a child I would stare at it during my family’s annual visit to Chicago’s Art Institute, where it has been on display for more than 70 years. I was fascinated by the sophisticated couple having a late-night cup of coffee. Were they lovers saying good night before going back to their spouses? Or, perhaps on a first date, lingering over coffee after dancing at the Mocambo, hesitant for the evening to end? Jewel thieves planning a heist? And what about the blond counter boy? Would he take me in his arms, his hair still smelling of fryer grease, and teach me how to kiss? As you can tell, I had a rich fantasy life. In my mind, “Nighthawks” was set in New York, the “city that never sleeps” while I was stuck in Chicago, “the city that needed a nap.” The painting represented the epitome of sophistication and I longed for the day I could sit on a counter stool and smoke a cigarette and sip coffee alongside my handsome lover. As I grew up, I got to experience that late-night activity more than once. You can no longer smoke in diners (no great loss to me, as I no longer smoke) and here in Fort Lauderdale, 24-hour diners are few. Peter Pan is no longer open 24 hours, so you’ve got two choices if you want to recreate the “Nighthawks” scene.

Lester’s Diner

250 W. State Rd. 84, Fort Lauderdale 954-525-5641

The Floridian

1410 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale 954-463-4041 Since 1937, dining at The Floridian has been a tradition among generations of Fort Lauderdale residents and visitors. Pet friendly and with free WiFi, The Floridian serves up classic diner favorites 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a casual, friendly environment. With more than 30 different sandwiches, a variety of hamburgers, hot dogs and even five kinds of meat loaf, the menu is extensive, providing something for everyone. House-made soups are always a good bet, as is breakfast fare (served around the clock). Vegetarian and healthy options are also available. Tables on the patio overlook busy Las Olas, while the ones indoors are surrounded by walls lined with celebrity photographs that are nostalgic reminders of old Hollywood. If you’re looking for trendy, this ain’t the place (the blog’s most recent posting is about the ALS ice bucket challenge), but for a place steeped in history (with carpeting nearly as old as time), The Floridian can’t be beat.


1 1.28.2018

Lester’s Diner has been a staple in South Florida since the opening of the first restaurant in Fort Lauderdale in 1967. Set in 50s-themed décor, the family-owned and operated chain is a classic American eatery with a home-town vibe where you can enjoy a casual dining experience. Whether you are in the mood for a juicy steak, breakfast food, or a classic diner sandwich, Lester’s has something for you. The pastry case is overflowing with goodies for those with a sweet tooth. There are additional locations in Margate, Sunrise, and Pompano Beach, all of which seemed to be lit for interrogating a prisoner rather than ambiance.

Hungry for more?


Rick Karlin is SFGN’s food editor. Visit to read his previous reviews. Have a culinary tip to share? Email Rick at

lifestyle photos

the white party 2018 On Nov. 24, the annual benefit for care resource was held at vizcaya museum and gardens. J.R. Davis Kimberly Davis performing.

Michael Schneider and Russell Sassani.

Ozzie Munoz and Alex Barros, sponsors with Gilead.

Kemberly Davis’ performance with Vizcaya Museum in the background.

To see many more photos, visit South Florida Gay News on Facebook. 11.28.2018 •



F O R T H E W E E K O F n o v e m b er 2 9 - D e c e m b er 4 , 2 0 1 8 • W W W . S F G N . C O M J.W. Arnold

Home for the Holidays



concert The South Florida Symphony, under the direction of Maestra Sebrina María Alfonso, opens its 2017-18 season with a program of orchestral masterworks by Barber, Beethoven and Dvořák on Wednesday, Nov. 29 at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale, tonight at Key West High School and Sunday, Dec. 1 at the Spanish River Worship Center in Boca Raton. Tickets and more information at



comedy Internet sensation Randy Rainbow— yes, that’s his real name—will poke fun at President Donald Trump and the other politicians tonight and Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. at the Parker Playhouse, 707 N.E. 8th St. in Fort Lauderdale. He’ll play new videos punctuated by live song, dance and hilarious commentary. VIP tickets include a meet-and-greet afterwards. Tickets start at $27 at





The West Boca Theatre Co. presents “At Home,” starring Michael McKeever, Patti Gardner, Gretchen Porro and Jordon Armstrong, Nov. 29 - Dec. 16 at the Levis Jewish Community Center, 9801 Donna Klein Ave. in Boca Raton. The latest drama from the award-winning gay playwright Dan Clancy invites the audience into the compelling lives of the Reddington family over a period of 50 years. Andy Rogow directs the world premiere production. Tickets start at $30 at Photo Credit: Andy Rogow.


12/1 SUN

12/2 MON

12/3 TUE






President Bill Clinton and bestselling mystery writer James Patterson discuss their new novel, “The President is Missing,” tonight at 8 p.m. at the Arsht Center in Miami. The duo will offer candid insights into their unique collaboration and research, as well as the timely and alarming issues their novel raises about our world today. Full-priced tickets include an autographed copy. Tickets start at $50 at

Sally Struthers (Gloria in “All in the Family”) stars as the devilish orphanage headmistress Miss Hannigan in the musical “Annie,” opening this weekend and running through Dec. 23 at the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum, 7901 N. Federal Hwy. in Boca Raton. Composer Charles Strouse’s tuneful score includes “Tomorrow” and “Easy Street,” accompanied by a live orchestra. Tickets are $75 – 85 at

Welcome to Downton Abbey. If you were a fan of the soapy Masterpiece series about British aristocracy, then you simply can’t miss “Downton Abbey the Exhibition,” on display through April at CityPlace, 575 S. Rosemary in West Palm Beach. See the original costumes, sets and props, along with multimedia presentations and interactive encounters with the residents. Tickets are $35 at

The Symphony of the Americas, under the baton of Maestro James Brooks-Bruzzese, performs the stirring music to clips from many of the most beloved holiday movies, including “The Polar Express,” “Home Alone,” “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and more, tonight at 7:45 p.m. at the Broward Center in Fort Lauderdale. The program will be repeated on Sunday, Dec. 9. Tickets start at $50 at


1 1.28.2018



December16 -SUNDAY-





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A&E theater Logo TV creator and Outlandish producer Matt Farber. Photo Credit: Matt Farber.

Logo TV Creator Reminisces About Career, New Ventures J.W. Arnold


ong before he founded the LGBT TV network Logo, Matt Farber dreamed of getting into the entertainment business. He was obsessed with music, television and pop culture. And, like most young LGBT people, he knew he was different, but struggled with his sexual orientation. “I had a tough time accepting it and fought it until I was 29,” he recalled. “Growing up a suburban Jew, there were cultural expectations of me. It was the ‘70s and ‘80s and that was a different time.” Farber eventually left New York to study finance and accounting at the University of Pennsylvania’s elite Wharton School of Business, but he never quite outgrew his love of music. After graduating, he knew he would have to make a difficult choice. “I was still obsessed with music, so I was simultaneously interviewing at investment banks and knocking on the doors of record companies, looking for opportunities. On some level, I knew I was gay and Wall Street didn’t feel like a safe path at the time,” he said. His first job in the industry was marketing director at a local Philadelphia radio station, the first of a whirlwind nine jobs in seven years. Eventually, Farber landed his dream gig as the head of music programming for MTV, responsible for the music videos and VJs. As a teen, he had spent every spare minute watching the groundbreaking cable network that was now transforming from music videos to a youth lifestyle format. The self-described workaholic spent the next seven years as an “intrapreneur,” charged with developing and operating complementary businesses that could sustain MTV’s music brand, including the launch of MTV2, and an MTV radio network. Eventually, Farber moved to the West Coast with his then-husband. He served as the CEO of a music industry dot com when the idea for

Logo finally hit him. He decided to incubate it inside Viacom, the parent company of MTV, where he had worked for eight years. He spent the next three years as a consultant developing the business and creative plan while tirelessly pitching it to senior management. “There were so many times that the plug was about to be pulled because it was deemed too risky or corporate politics got in the way. If it were today, I don’t think I’d have the persistence and tenacity I did at the time,” Farber said. Farber stepped aside shortly before launch when he realized it would be hard to be a “nanny” for something he felt he birthed, especially when he questioned the direction the new parents at Viacom suggested. “My name is forever attached to Logo as founder, so I want it to be successful,” he said resolutely. After nearly a decade as a media consultant, Farber is again producing entertainment, this time as the founder of the Outlandish performance series. A sold-out season in Fort Lauderdale two years ago led Farber to expand his series to Palm Springs for the first time last year and Provincetown this summer. Outlandish returns next January with eight shows, including the South Florida debut by Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”) and returning fan favorites Coco Peru, Pam Ann and Leslie Jordan (“Sordid Lives”). He’s also managing several acts including Miss Richfield 1981, sexy cirque troupe AirOTic and the cabaret duo Lee Squared, a Liberace and Peggy Lee tribute act. “It’s hard for me to turn off, but a little bit of healthy anxiety keeps me motivated and on my toes. I think I’ve gone from being a type A+ to an A-,” Farber chuckled. When he’s home in South Florida, he enjoys spending time with his husband, serving on the board of the Pride Center and running with the Frontrunners—at least until the next show.

For more information and tickets for the 2019 Outlandish performance series at the Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, go to


1 1.28.2018

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre Production of


NOV 27  DEC 16, 2018 SPONSORED BY:


1001 East Indiantown Road, Jupiter, FL33477


MUSIC GO BEHIND THE SCENES Every week, SFGN brings you an inside look on what’s hitting the stage near you. From interviews with producers to exclusive peeks at new performances, we’re here to make sure you’re ready for every show.























11.28.2018 •



Queerly Digital LGBT cinema on DVD/Blu-Ray, a monthly column

David-Elijah Nahmod

Tales Of The City 20th Anniversary Edition

elcome to Queerly Digital, a monthly column for cinema lovers from across the LGBT spectrum. All titles are available on DVD, Blu-Ray, or both. This column will as the months progress, be sure to include titles which honor all LGBT experiences.



ales of the City” (1993) is considered to be one Carolina, was a young, closeted gay man when he moved of the finest miniseries ever produced. Based to San Francisco to take a job with the Associated Press. on a novel (the first in a series of nine) by gay He immediately became enchanted by the City By The author Armistead Maupin, “Tales” harkens back to a San Bay. It was OK to be gay there, even in the early 70s. In Francisco which no longer exists. San Francisco people could be whoever they wanted to be. It’s 1976 and Mary Ann Singleton (a delightful Laura Many came to the city to reinvent themselves, to take on Linney), a naive young woman from Ohio, is vacationing new identities, as Mrs. Madrigal and Dorothea had done. in San Francisco. On the spur of the moment she decides It was in this San Francisco that Maupin came out to stay permanently. She quickly moves in to 28 Barbary in 1974. That same year he began “Tales Of The City” as Lane, an apartment complex run by Mrs. Madrigal a serial in The Pacific Sun, moving his stories to the San (Olympia Dukakis), a friendly, middle-aged pothead who Francisco Chronicle when the Sun folded. The column is very secretive about her past—she admits that there proved to be so popular that it was eventually published never was a Mr. Madrigal. as a novel, with many sequels following. The “Tales Of Barbary Lane residents include Michael “Mouse” The City” miniseries, which first aired in 1993 and Tolliver (Marcus D’Amico), a good looking has just been rereleased on DVD for its 25th if aimless young gay man who dreams of anniversary, is based on Maupin’s earliest finding true love. Mouse’s roommate stories. San Francisco in is Mona (Chloe Webb), an equally The series is as charming as aimless bisexual woman who decides Maupin’s prose. The various 1976 was a city of to move in with her ex-girlfriend storylines, some based on people free love, a place where Dorothea (Cynda Williams), a that Maupin actually knew, are a people could let their gorgeous Black fashion model who delightful look back upon a time is also secretive about her past. when San Francisco was a haven for “freak flag” fly. “Tales Of Mary Ann goes to work for Edward people who didn’t fit in elsewhere. The City” captures the Halcyon (Donald Moffat), a wealthy San Francisco in 1976 was a city of ad executive trapped in a loveless free love, a place where people could era beautifully. marriage to his wife Frannie (Nina Foch). let their “freak flag” fly. “Tales Of The Edward finds the love he needs from Mrs. City” captures the era beautifully. Madrigal. Meanwhile, Beauchamp (Thomas Dukakis is superb as Mrs. Madrigal, who Gibson), Edward’s sleaze bag of a son-in-law, considers herself a mother hen to her flock, the seduces both Mary Ann and Jon. (William Campbell, who, tenants of 28 Barbary Lane. In every scene she’s in, with unbeknownst to Beauchamp, is his long suffering wife’s every gesture she makes, it’s clear that Mrs, Madrigal is gynecologist.) Jon is also Mouse’s ex-boyfriend. hiding something. Dukakis plays this alluring woman These are but some of the characters who populate with an almost sensual air of mystery, taking charge of the the world which Maupin created. Over the course of six screen every second she’s on. 50 minute episodes, we see them fall in and out of love, D’Amico is also quite good as Mouse, one of the largest become involved in each other’s lives, and reveal their of the series’ several LGBT characters. Mouse is so cute, deepest secrets—the secrets revealed by Mrs. Madrigal so sweet, and so unsure of what do to with his life that it and Dorothea towards the end of the series are doozies! becomes impossible not to love him. Mouse also serves as “Tales of The City” is Maupin’s valentine to the city a sobering reminder of the double life many LGBT people he’s called home since 1971. Maupin, raised in North had to lead forty years ago. Out, loud and proud to his


1 1.28.2018

friends in the city, Mouse scurries back into the closet when his parents come to town for a four-day visit. “Tales Of The City” was shot on location in San Francisco. The cinematography underscores the exquisite beauty of the city – the hills, the views of the bay, and those grand old Victorian mansions, many of which have since been razed to make room for condos as the current tech boom continues to overtake the city. For longtime San Franciscans the series will make them yearn for what was. For people who’ve never been there, “Tales Of The City” will make them want to pack their bags and move. It’s a shame that what they’re looking for is long gone.

Tuesday december 4, 2018 7:45 pm • sunday december 9, 2018 3:00 pm maTinee

Holiday Music & Movies

SelectionS from: The Polar Express • White Christmas The Grinch Who Stole Christmas • and more!

SOTA_SFGN-Dec2018_10x5.25.indd 1

Tickets: 954-462-0222 954-335-7002

11/19/18 5:40 PM 11.28.2018 • 49

A&E theater Betty Buckley stars in the touring production of “Hello, Dolly!” coming to the Kravis Center in December. Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes.

Review: A Tale of Two Dollys at Arsht Center J.W. Arnold


ne of the hottest tickets on Broadway two seasons ago was Jerry Zaks’ Tony Award-winning revival of “Hello, Dolly,” starring Bette Midler. I was fortunate to catch a matinee one summer Sunday. To say that production was stunning is an understatement. Of course, Midler was the main draw for theater aficionados and tourists alike—receiving thunderous applause upon her entrance that lasted minutes—but the A-list cast also included Tony winners David Hyde Pierce and Gavin Creel. Santo Loquasto’s costumes were stunning and his sets transported audiences to turn-of-the-century New York. Warren Carlyle’s choreography was dazzling, especially during the Harmonia Gardens dinner scene. And, of course Jerry Herman’s score remained as tuneful as ever. So, when a national tour was announced with Tony Winner Betty Buckley (“Cats”) in the starring role, I wondered if that production would deliver the same magic that had thrilled tens of thousands for 500 performances. (Sometimes touring productions are dramatically scaled back for logistical or budgetary reasons.) Last week at the Arsht Center, that question was answered with a resounding, “Yes!” In virtually every way, the touring production did deliver that Broadway experience—the costumes, the sets, a full pit orchestra with brass and strings (a rarity these days) and heartfelt and energetic performances.

But, there was a big difference. Betty Buckley is no Bette Midler. Instead, the Broadway vet took the role and made it her own, just as Carol Channing, Mary Martin, Barbra Streisand, Pearl Bailey, Bernadette Peters and a long list of actresses have also done since the show’s 1964 debut. Beyond equally impressive musical performances, Midler’s “Dolly” was bawdy and bold while Buckley’s “Dolly” is vulnerable and sentimental, reminiscent of her iconic performance as Grizabella in “Cats.” From time to time, a quiver cracked in the 71-year-old Buckley’s voice, punctuating Dolly’s insecurities, especially as she bids adieu to her departed husband “Before the Parade Passes By.” The most memorable moment in the performance was unplanned. Buckley tripped on her shoelace and stopped, “Sorry, people....this has never happened before...are you enjoying the show?” All while bent over trying to tie her shoe through her layers of clothing. Her impromptu announcement was confident and perfectly delivered, earning more applause from the audience. The biggest ovation, however, erupted for the show’s title number, when Buckley emerged at the top of the staircase in a breathtaking red lace and rhinestone bedazzled gown, wearing a dramatic feathered headdress. That was truly a memorable moment in a production that equaled its Broadway counterpart in every way.

South Florida audiences will have another chance to see Betty Buckley in “Hello, Dolly!” when the show comes to the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Dec. 11 – 16. Tickets start at $28 at


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Theater Tucker Berardi



Barefoot in the Park

November 17 to December 2 at the Lake Worth Playhouse, 713 Lake Ave, Lake Worth. Newleyweds are turned matchmaker when the groom’s mother comes to visit the couple’s new apartment after a six-day honeymoon. In setting up a mother-in-law and neighbor, the couple learn a few things about their own relationship. Tickets $29 to $75. Visit lakeworthplayhouse. org.

Buyer and Cellar

November 3 to December 2 at the Wilton Theater Factory Mainstage, 2304 Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors. “Buyer and Cellar” is an outrageous comedy about the price of fame, the cost of things, and the oddest of odd jobs. Tickets $38. Visit

Friday Night Sound Waves Music Series

Fridays from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Hub, Las Olas Boulevard and A1A in Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy live, outdoor music spanning genres and tributes every Friday evening through November. Free. Visit

November 28 - December 5 broward county Buyer and Cellar

November 3 to December 2 at the Wilton Theater Factory Mainstage, 2304 Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors. “Buyer and Cellar” is an outrageous comedy about the price of fame, the cost of things, and the oddest of odd jobs. Tickets $38. Visit

Friday Night Sound Waves Music Series

Fridays from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Hub, Las Olas Boulevard and A1A in Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy live, outdoor music spanning genres and tributes every Friday evening through November. Free. Visit

palm beach county Barefoot in the Park

November 17 to December 2 at the Lake Worth Playhouse, 713 Lake Ave, Lake Worth. Newleyweds are turned matchmaker when the groom’s mother comes to visit the couple’s new apartment after a six-day honeymoon. In setting up a mother-in-law and neighbor, the couple learn a few things about their own relationship. Tickets $29 to $75. Visit

Madrigal Dinner

Saturday, December 15 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, 100 NE Mizner Blvd, Boca Raton.Cocktails, dinner and a show! Eat a holiday feast in ye-olde dress.

The Madrigal Dinner on Saturday, Dec. 15 at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, will feature cocktails, dinner and a show. Photo courtesy of FAU.

Following dinner, a concert of seasonal and madrigal music will entertain guests. Guests are encouraged to dress in renaissance costume. Tickets are $100. Visit fauf.fau,edu/ madrigal

Free Friday Concerts

Fridays at 7:30 p.m. at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts, 51 N. Swinton Ave. in Delray Beach. Enjoy live music from the comfort of your picnic blanket or lawn chair every week, for free! Returns in October. Call 561-243-7922 or visit

miami-dade county Outdoor Music Series

Third Thursdays at the Perez Art Museum Miami, 101 W. Flagler St. in Miami. Come out for live music from DJs and musicians by the bay. Drink specials available. Free with museum admission. Call 305-375-3000 or visit

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services

The Big Show

Fridays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. at Just the Funny Theater, 3119 Coral Way in Miami. A collection of comedy mixing the likes of improvisation and sketches. Tickets $12. Call 305-693-8669 or visit

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Representing the “best of the best” in LGBT media, with over a million readers weekly in print and online. 212-242-6863

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November 28 December 5

Tucker Berardi

Top Picks Focus Celebration

November 25 - December 1 in downtown Lake Worth. Experience a week of multidisciplinary art displayed throughout the streets of Downtown Lake Worth to West Village. There will be live music, gallery openings, lectures and more. For more info, visit

*’The Ties That Bind’ PhotoFest 2018

Friday, November 30 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Box Gallery, 811 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach. See photos in a series that explore bonds not only physical, but metaphorical ties that constrain existence. Visit www.

Zoo Lights Miami

November 23 to December 29 at 7 p.m. the Miami Zoo, 12400 SW 152 St, Miami. Zoo Miami will open at night for a special holiday event with one million bright, animal shaped lights and dazzling tree lights. Tickets $15 to $37. Visit

Broward Support Services PFLAG

Tuesdays in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs and Southwest Ranches. A support group for parents of LGBT youth 13 to 21. Free. Visit for dates and locations.

SunServe Youth Group

Tuesdays and Thursdays in Fort Lauderdale, Southwest Ranches, Coral Springs and Hollywood. A support group and night of fun for LGBT youth 13 to 21. Free. Visit for dates and times.

Survivor Support

First and third Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Broward Health Imperial Point Hospital cafeteria, 6401 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Find support from counselors and peers who have lost loved ones to suicide. Call the Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention at 954-384-0344 or visit

broward county *12th Annual Men of Style Galleria

Thursday, November 29 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, 1650 Harrison Street, Hollywood. This special evening of food, fashion and fun will recognize 12 of Broward’s leading men as honorees, each representing a participating charity. John is a Board member of the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. Tickets $75 to $150, Visit

*GLLN Holiday Party

Thursday, December 6 at XES, 2309 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors. Enjoy food, drinks and friends at this holiday networking event! Tickets cost $20,

*Art of Wine & Food Series

Thursday, December 6 at 6 p.m. at the NSU art Museum, One East Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. A pairing of small bites and


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wine while touring the museum — a great way to expand all palettes. Tickets $40. Visit

Film Series - The Divine Order

Tuesday, December 4 at 7:30 p.m. at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, 3385 N.E. 188 Street in Aventura. is Winner of the Audience Award for Best Narrative Film at the Tribeca Film Festival tells the uplifting story of an unassuming and dutiful housewife living in the Swiss countryside as the issue of the women’s right to vote is about to be put before the male voters in 1971. Tickets are $12. Visit

The Men of Hollywood

November 3 to December 7 at the Claudia Castillo ART Studio, 2215 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors. Come see works by featured artist Adolfo Montalvo. Details at

November 28 - December 5 Climate Change Workshop

Wednesday, November 28 at 6 p.m. at the Collins Community Center, 3900 NW 3rd Avenue, Oakland. With the increasing concerns of rising sea levels, extreme weathers, natural disasters and climate change, all community stakeholders are invited to collaborate and unveil potential efficiencies, together. Free to attend. Visit or

Arts and Crafts Wednesday Happy Hour

Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Arts and Crafts Social Club in Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy a two-for-one ‘freestyle’ painting session with hands on assistance as needed. Tickets $20. Visit

palm beach county *‘The Ties That Bind’ PhotoFest 2018

Friday, November 30 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Box Gallery, 811 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach. See photos in a series that explore bonds not only physical, but metaphorical ties that constrain existence. Visit www.

*Mike Cady Experience

Friday, November 30 at 8 p.m. at the Arts Garage, 94 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach. Mike Cady pulls jazz inspiration from Eddie Jefferson to Teddy Harris Jr’s Bebop Society Jazz Orchestra. Visit

Coffee Clatch at Compass

First Monday of each month from 10 a.m. to noon at Compass, 201 N. Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth. A social group focusing on the mature LGBT+ community in Palm Beach County, providing a relaxed environment for meeting friends, discussing interesting topics, and engaging in community projects. Free to attend, email fir details.

Focus Celebration

November 25 - December 1 in downtown Lake Worth. Experience a week of multidisciplinary art displayed throughout the streets of Downtown Lake Worth to West Village. There will be live music, gallery openings, lectures and more. For more info, visit

Hard Bodies: Contemporary Japanese Sculpture

September 29 to March 31 at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Organized

by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the thirty works by sixteen artists comprise the first-ever comprehensive exhibition of contemporary Japanese lacquer sculpture. They have all been drawn from the Clark Collections at Mia, the only collection in the world to feature this extraordinary new form. Tickets $9 to $15. Visit

Family Nights with Food Truck Invasion

Zoo Lights Miami

November 23 to December 29 at 7 p.m. the Miami Zoo, 12400 SW 152 St, Miami. Zoo Miami will open at night for a special holiday event with one million bright, animal shaped lights and dazzling tree lights. Tickets $15 to $37. Visit

Arsht Center Farmers Market

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Sunset Cove Amphitheater, 8802 Boynton Beach Blvd, Boynton Beach. The event features rotating entertainment activities and a large collection of Food Trucks on site! Admission is free.

Mondays from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Parker and Vann Thomson Plaza for the Arts, 1300 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. Purchase fresh food from local farmers, including fruits, vegetables, meats, prepared foods, as well as chefs, live music, and cooking demonstrations. Tickets $45 to $75. Free. Visit

miami-dade county

key west

*Dinner & Dancing in Dowtown

December 31 from 7:30 p.m. to midnight at the Miami Theater Center, 9806 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores. Bring in the new year with some bubbly and hors d’oeuvres, followed by a five course meal and wine pairing. When the night nears midnight, get ready for dancing, music, the ball drop and more! Tickets $175. Visit

Aqua Idol

Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Aqua Key West, 711 Duval St. in Key West. Support your local artists and vote for your favorite! Benefits Waterfront Playhouse. Call 305294-0555 or visit

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The Criminal Defense law CenTer of souTh floriDa

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Russell Cormican

Attorney at Law 12 SE 7th St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Norman Elliott Kent

Attorney at Law 2520 N. Dixie Hwy Wilton Manors, FL 33305

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Law office of george castrataro 707 NE 3rd Ave #300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 954.573.1444

law office of Gregory Kabel 1 East Broward Blvd #700, Fort Lauderdale, 33301 954.761.7770

Law office of Robin bodiford 2550 N Federal Hwy #20, Fort Lauderdale, FL 954.630.2707

law office of Shawn Newman 710 NE 26th St, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954.563.9160

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Trantalis & Associates attorneys Dean J. Trantalis, Esq. 2301 Wilton Drive Suite C1-A, Wilton Manors, 33035 954.566.2226


a/c repair


Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida 2040 North Dixie Hwy, #218, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 954-763-2266

7:0 0P M

Ft Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus PO Box 9772, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33310-9772 954-832-0060


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custom alarm contractors, Inc.

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Kalis-McIntee Funeral & Cremation Center

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American Pain Experts 6333 N. Federal Hwy, Ste. 250, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 954-678-1074

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accomodation wanted


LOOKING FOR Quiet Private Home/Apartment Single Gay Male, 70+, Looking For a 2 bedroom 1 bath. Close proximity to Wilton Manors or surrounding area. A/C, private entrance/cottage style home. Small Dog. I have excellent references. Call Doug 954.261.9073 or Email

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO? Learn from an experienced teacher. All levels and ages welcome. Learn to play classical, popular, jazz, or show tunes. Visit or call 954-826-9555 for more information.

HEADLIGHT RESTORATION - Headlights dull, cloudy or yellow? We make them clear again! Mobile Service. Call Joe for FREE ESTIMATE 954-494-0366

COOL POOLS- RELIABLE POOL SERVICE Professional pool service.Covering Wilton Manors, Lighthouse Point, and eastside of Pompano Beach. 15 years experience. Licensed and insured.Free estimates. Call 954-235-0775.


caregiver wanted Caregiver Needed for Elderly Gay Man - I'm an elderly gay man living with Parkinson looking for a friendly up beat individual to help me out with my daily activities. Requirements: Valid Drivers License • Flexible to work 10-16hr per week • Prepare meals • Laundry/House keeping • Assist with exercise - Ideal person must be strong to help with wheelchair transfers. Apply by letter outlining qualifications to taras1952@


HARRY’S ELECTRIC RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL - Additions, renovations, service upgrades, breaker panels,FPL undergrounds, code violations, A/C wiring, ceiling fans, recessed, security & landscaping, lighting, pools, pumps, Jacuzzis, water heaters, FREE PHONE ESTIMATES 954-522-3357 Lic & Ins. www.

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rental - miami Water Front Miami Shores Town House - 2 bed 2.5 bath. New renovation marble and wood flooring.... more than immaculate. Pool/tennis courts. $2,500 per month..2 occupant limit. Call Bobbie at 786-514-5075

rentals wilton manors Mike the rental guy - NE Lauderdale/Wilton Manors/Oakland Park - 1/1 from $1090, 2/1 from $1250. Victoria Park - 1/1 from $1150, cable included. Credit & income Requirements - Pets okay with restrictions. Call for Details. Mike 561-703-5533 or


4390 Northlake Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens FL 33410 Voice: 561-622-5678 Text: 561-352-7808

employment wanted

SPECIAL HIRE NEEDED - Earn $45,000 per year. Experienced, self-motivated professional salesman needed. Work competitively in a highly flexible and relaxed LGBT-friendly environment. Fax resume to 954-530-7943.

employment positions wanted

Caregiver AVAILABLE - Serving our gay community for over 10 years. Respectful and caring. Excellent letters of recommendation. Antonio 954-599-3265


HUSBAND FOR RENT - Is he procrastinating home repairs? He says he will do it tomorrow?? After the football game?? We fit right in - in the house or the yard, small or big jobs: tile, dry wall, paint, plumbing, roof leaks, broken furniture, irrigation, fences, and more! It doesn't cost to hassle us to see the work - so why wait? Neat, clean work for a reasonable price. Call Haim at 954-398-3676,

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