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The Jaguar XF has won over 80 international awards, including the WhatCar?


Executive Car of the Year award for four consecutive years. Yet Jaguar’s


engineers and designers have not rested on their laurels. From the dramatic new front end with its swept-back headlamps to the new 2.2 litre Diesel

30,950* ON THE ROAD.

engine, the 2012 XF range is our best yet. To experience the new XF for yourself, contact us today for a test drive. » WWW.HATFIELDS.SHREWSBURY.JAGUAR.CO.UK 0870 904 9810


FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR JAGUAR XF RANGE: MPG (L/100KM): URBAN 15.1 (18.7) – 42.8 (6.6) EXTRA URBAN 32.4 (8.7) – 58.9 (4.8). COMBINED 22.5 (12.5) – 52.3 (5.4). CO2 EMISSIONS 292 – 149 G/KM *On the road price is the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price plus Car Tax, First Registration Fee and Delivery Pack.




The Team Michael Tinkler Editor micha≤ Oliver Heath Designer Jenny Langelaan Account Manager

Aftermanymonthsofplanning,welcome to the first issue of Severn magazine. IhopeyouenjoythisnewmagazineproducedspecificallyforreadersinShrewsbury withamixtureofwhat’son,articlesbywell-knownlocalsandusefuladviceona widerangeoftopics. We’velotsmorefeaturesplannedforthecomingmonthsincludingrestaurant reviewsandinterviewswithlocalpersonalities,sowehopethereissomethingfor everyone.Pleasegetintouchifyouhaveaninterestingstorytotell. Copiesareavailablethroughoutthetownanditisalsodelivered to around 10,000 homes in the area byaprofessionaldistributionteam. Ihaveagreatteamworkingforme.Ourexperiencegainedfrommanyyears workinginpublishinghashelpeduslaunchthislocalmagazine.Wearepassionate aboutmagazinesandShrewsburysoincombiningthetwo,wehopewehave producedamagazinewhichisrelevantforthepeopleofShrewsbury. Thankstoallthepeoplethathavesupportedourfirstissuebotheditoriallyand asadvertisers– wecouldn’thavedoneitwithoutyou.A big thank you!

Contents Our Town Crier MP Corner Buzzing Hive Brass Ta∞s Photogra¬ing the Weir Ki∞ Start Ludlovian Condiment Jamie at Home Ruµ Cut Lovin’ the Hair A Creative Profile Vintage Fashion Rent-a-Fli∞ Wayne’s World Shrewsbury Big Curry Lights of Love Hooked on Fishing

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p.s.Don’tforget– ifyou’vegotaninterestinglocalstory,getintouchwithusand youmayseeitinafutureeditionofSevern magazine.

Cover image: Steve Morris Pleasemention‘Severn magazine’whenrespondingtoadvertisements. Tel: 07522258776|Fax: 01952403054|Web:

Jamie at Home Page 24

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u‡ O ∑

Town Crier…

tanding at a mere 7ft 2ins in his size 16 shœs, Martin can tower above ju◊ about everyone in Shrewsbury. This hirsute giant has been the Town Crier for Shrewsbury for the pa◊ 26 years and can often be seen leading groups of scho∫ ch∏dren on one of his “Terrible Tudor Tours” or guiding touri◊s around the town on a general tour, he could even be seen leading a group on one of his “Haunted Shrewsbury” evening tours looking for some of our ∆irπed residents. During his 26 years as crier Martin


has visπed H∫land, B≤gium, Germany,

America and Canada representing Shrewsbury in major international and World Town Crier Championships as w≤l as extensive trav≤ around England and in all the comp≥πions he has taken part in he has never been √aced outside the top 10, a record he is ju◊ly proud of. But Town Crying is not his a±ual job. Martin is a full time carer for his wife, Sue, who is confined to a whe≤chair. Their day normally ◊arts at 06.30 in the morning wπh a full hour of ¬ysio on Sue to g≥ her joints free and a±ive before facing the day ahead, then, π’s eπher appointments for Sue who is chairman of various disab∏πy groups in

Shrewsbury or Martin is oµ to gre≥ his party of ch∏dren or adults. Martin has wrπten 2 books about his town – “Haunted Shrewsbury” which has ◊ories of around 70 of Shrewsbury’s gho◊s and “Crime & Punishment in Shrewsbury” which t≤ls the hi◊ory of punishment through the ages and r≤ates ◊ories of some of the b≥ter known f≤ons who have ended their lives eπher at the end of a rope or tran∆orted to far oµ lands. So, as w≤l as being the Town Crier and fam∏y carer and author, Martin is also a keen woodturner but above all he is ju◊ mad about the hi◊ory of the town and soaks the knowledge up like a ∆onge! Martin w∏l be passsing on some of his local knowledge to Severn Magazine readers in a regular monthly article about the hi◊ory of Shrewsbury. ∞

Martin Wood~Shrewsbury Town Crier t: 07718 951902 e:




Daniel your mp Som≥imes, as has been the case recently, happenings at We◊min◊er can be riv≥ing. At other times they do not so read∏y attra± our attention but there are 650 Members of Parliament at work in the Palace of We◊min◊er representing peo√e in their con◊πuencies. Dani≤ Kawczynski, our local MP, w∏l be providing a regular update for Severn Magazine:

have had the priv∏ege of being have been able to bring the pra±ices the MP for Shrewsbury now for and disci√ine of a private se±or 6 years, as I was fir◊ ≤e±ed in business to my work as an MP. May 2005. It has been an incredible It also allowed me to realise the value experience in representing our of private se±or enterprise, and beautiful town and πs surrounding that for Government to do πs job countryside, during which time I have properly, π r≤ies on businesses and learnt an incredible enterprise in the amount about the private se±or. My Business is the town and πs peo√e. favourπe expression workhorse that Before I was is that business is the pulls the social ≤e±ed, I ◊udied up workhorse that pulls welfare cart in Scotland at the the social w≤fare cart. Universπy of Sterling where I read Since the formation of the Coalition Business Studies wπh French. Upon Government, I have been appointed graduating from universπy, I began as a Parliamentary Private Secr≥ary working in the private se±or for a at the Department for Environment, period of about 10 years, eventually Food and Rural Aµairs. The job enta∏s working up to a position as an Account me maintaining and ◊rengthening Manager wπh an international the link b≥ween the Mini◊ers and t≤ecommunications business. This Secr≥ary of State, and the Members was a very valuable time for me, as I of Parliament. Like any Member of






Parliament, I was abs∫ut≤y d≤ighted to have received my fir◊ o∂cial role serving the Government; however I was e∆ecially √eased that π is wπh a Department so crucial to the agricultural life of Shrewsbury and Shropshire. When at home in Shrewsbury, I enjoy spending time with my 5 year ∫d daughter Alexis, as w≤l as gardening and growing my own veg≥ables. ∞

Daniel Kawczynski MP Unit 1 Benbow Business Park, Harlescott Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 3FA t: 0044 (0)1743 466477 e:


Part of AllFloors 2 u


Price examples at discounted rates We move your furniture We then remove stubborn stains


and treat high traffic areas by

m o ro

hand with specially formulated

2 3

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Pre-treat carpets with detergents Fully machine wet vacuum deep

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Replace furniture

Please call for your free no obligation quote

01743 871013 07760 793233




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Shrewsbury’ s hidden gem ≤come to the fir◊ insight into the Hive Music and Media Centre, where our aim is to highlight all of the excπing opportunπies which are taking √ace right on your door◊ep. Our w≤l-e◊ablished arts venue oµers a programme of creative a±ivπies for all ages as diverse as drama and film, through to wre◊ling,



Alyson Lanning, Director of the Hive


toddler groups and language classes! Formerly B≤mont Arts Centre, the Hive has dev≤oped over the la◊ 3 years to become one of Shropshire’s leading arts venues, ho◊ing a popular programme of regular events and a±ivπies for all ages, com√emented by outreach work across the communπy working wπh a number of local and regional partners. Severn readers might not be aware that the Hive is a regi◊ered charπy, working wπh the primary aim of providing young peo√e across Shropshire wπh opportunπies to dev≤op new life sk∏ls, have fun and be creative. However, the Hive dœs nΩ sim√y cater for only the young peo√e of Shropshire, oµering a varied s≤e±ion of cultural a±ivπies for adults too. The Hive is the home of great monthly entertainment including varied concerts which continually see world-class musicians take to the ◊age. Emerging local talent is

given the chance to perform at the venues popular open mic nights and EDW Wre◊ling provides som≥hing a lπtle diµerent. Throughout forthcoming edπions of Severn, we w∏l introduce you to each of the groups which call the Hive their home, showcase our creative proje±s and demon◊rate ju◊ how much the Centre has to oµer the peo√e of Shrewsbury. We are busier than ever at the Hive wπh a±ivπies and events for all ages and intere◊s – there really is som≥hing for everyone! ∞

Habib Malik-Mansell~Marketing Assistant Hive Music And Media Centre 5 Belmont, SY1 1TE T: 0044 (0)1743 234970 E: w:

What’s On at

the Hive




Saturday 8th Jazz Laura C∫lins Quart≥: Doors 7:30pm, ◊arts 8pm, ti∞≥s £10.00, under 16s free

Tuesday 25th Workshop Autumn Animations for ages 8-13: 10am unt∏ 3:30pm, √aces £17.50

Thursday 27th Workshop Winter Wo∫lies for ages 8-13: 10am unt∏ 3:30pm, √aces £17.50

Friday 14th Film Shrewsbury F∏m Soci≥y, Frozen River: Doors 7:30pm, ◊arts 8pm, £5.00 on the door

Wednesday 26th Workshop Lantern-making for ages 8-13: 10am unt∏ 3:30pm, √aces £17.50

Thursday 27th Gig Open Mic: Doors 7:30pm, entry £2.00

Sunday 16th Folk Heidi TalbΩ and Boo Hewerdine: Doors 7:15pm, ◊arts 7:45pm, ti∞≥s £14.00

Wednesday 26th Gig Live At The Hive: Halloween Special with M.A.D.I.S.O.N, Pre-Sleep Monologue, Andy O'Brien, Nuclear Weasels and Nu Era: Doors 7:15pm, entry £3.00

Friday 4th November Film Shrewsbury F∏m Soci≥y, Red Sorghum: Doors 7:30pm, ◊arts 8pm, £5.00 on the door




Brighter Times Ahead for


Despite the tough economic climate that everyone has experienced for the last few years, there are plans in the pipeline that will give hope and confidence to the people of Shropshire with regards to the development of the County Town. arious plans to redev≤op many aspe±s of Shrewsbury have been outlined to bring new life into those parts of the Town that are currently ◊ruggling and to regenerate areas in need of redev≤opment. Shropshire Counc∏ has indicated that π is keen to see the Town maximise πs ass≥s and to become a real centre for tourism along wπh supporting the commercial needs of local and national businesses sπuated in and around the County. Potential schemes in the pip≤ine include the redev≤opment and transformation of the Town Centre Shopping Centres to combine the Riverside, Pride H∏l and Darwin Centre into one central Shopping Centre wπh new access over the River Severn to Frankw≤l Car Park. This new Shopping Centre, which is planned for compl≥ion in 2013, w∏l transform the shopping experience wπhin Shrewsbury and w∏l give the Town a real ass≥ to draw in visπors from around the country. Combined wπh this there are future plans to redev≤op the We◊ End around Rowley’s House and Barker Stre≥, further dev≤opment around the new Theatre and enhancements to Abbey Foregate. Recent headlines have again highlighted the shortage of new homes being bu∏t in the country and Shrewsbury is no exception to this. Proposals to increase new homes being bu∏t in and around the County Town w∏l be good news for local property dev≤opers and business owners who are seeking to r≥ain and bu∏d upon their business in the County. Proposed proje±s like the regeneration of the Flax M∏l in Dπherington wπh various proposals, including a mixed use dev≤opment w∏l sub◊antially improve the area surrounding Flax M∏l which w∏l really make the mo◊ of an ass≥ which is considered by some to be the fir◊ iron frame bu∏ding in the world. Further phased dev≤opment of the Shrewsbury Business Park is planned which w∏l encourage more businesses into the area which w∏l hopefully lead to more employment opportunπies. There are also plans to provide more housing to the we◊ of the Town around Oxon area and provide more fac∏πies. Wπh the proposed redev≤opment and con◊ru±ion of new business premises and new homes in and around the County Town there is a lot to be excπed about for the future. ∞


Dwight Bond is a Director with Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth based Andrews Law Solicitors

Dwight will be a regular contributor to our Brass Ta∞s business pages.

Commercial and Property Law Specialists w:

≥ 10




11 ≤


Photographing the


…for the front cover of our Launch Issue By Shrewsbury Photographer Steve Morris he Weir in Shrewsbury is a dangerous √ace, those ◊rong currents can be l≥hal. You can see and hear the power of the river as π surges down the ◊eep man made ≈ope to continue πs path to the sea. Indeed, recent talk of using π to generate ≤e±ricπy is te◊imony to the ◊rength of πs flow. Con◊u±ed in the early part of the 19th century the Weir was designed to contr∫ the flow of water through the town and prevent the river lev≤ from falling too low.


Planning foreground interest There are numerous ¬otos of the Weir on the Intern≥ and the idea was to try som≥hing a bπ diµerent. Being a big fan of ¬otogra¬er Jœ Cornish, π would be intere◊ing to see what the water would look like if π was blurred using a long shutter ∆eed. Jœ is known for moody coa◊al shots where the sea is given an eerie m∏ky qualπy wh∏◊ the land ◊ays in sharp focus. To do these shots the camera mu◊ be on a tripod and the shutter mu◊ be open for several seconds. ≥ 12


‘Blue hour’ shot of the Welsh Bridge giving the water a beautiful blue sheen

To use a long shutter ∆eed you almo◊ 76 m≥res, and two cant∏evers have to reduce the light g≥ting into support the gently curving mid ∆an the lens. This can mean covering π se±ion. Further away ◊∏l is a vari≥y wπh a dark f∏ter or shooting after of bu∏dings wπh ≤egant chimneys, the sun gœs down, at dusk. There is making a superb ba∞drop. In a±ual a period of time known as the ‘blue fa±, both the bridge and the bu∏dings hour’ ju◊ after the sun dips over are quπe some di◊ance from the the horizon – π’s a Weir. The final decision There is a period was to use a zoom lens magical time to take ¬otos when the sky of time known as to try and compress gœs a deep blue. di◊ance b≥ween the blue hour the The added advantage the Weir and the scene of ¬otogra¬ing a scene at dusk is behind, otherwise the bridge and other that lights appear in the windows of bu∏dings would appear too small, the surrounding bu∏dings, and wπh a adding lπtle to the composπion. narrow aperture ◊re≥ lights can be transformed into magical ◊ar shapes. Taking the shot Another useful consequence of blue In July you’ve got to waπ unt∏ hour ¬otogra¬y is that the water after 9pm for the blue hour to arrive, often refle±s the deep blue tones of but π was worth π. The shutter was the sky, looking less muddy! open for a full 25 seconds for the ¬oto to expose wπh suµicient light Background interest and the texture of the water turned Beyond the Weir is the Ca◊le out to be mo◊ intere◊ing. Walk Footbridge. Bu∏t in 1951, this Dark horizontal lines appeared along ≈ender and ≤egant ◊ru±ure ∆ans the ≈opes and at the bottom the

water tumbled into a pale gho◊ly soup, in sharp contra◊ to the dark concr≥e bank. This is the beauty of ¬otogra¬y – you can √an all you like, but you never know what you’re going to g≥ unt∏ you g≥ home! ∞

Steve Morris ~Photographer w: w:


13 ≤


Turners furniture are the exclusive Wallis and Gambier suppliers for Shropshire. We stock Oak, Pine & Painted furniture mostly available in store and ready to go . With over a 100 displays in our showroom ready to browse at discounted prices you can be assured that all of our furniture is of the highest standard.

Arrow Point Retail Park Brixton Way, Shrewsbury SY1 3GB

01743 466 405 Visit our new clearance centre now open at 57 Ennerdale road, Shrewsbury

≼ 14



David Angus (former Seating Specialist at, amongst others, Keep Able of Radbrook and Oswestry Hospital) leads the team at Sovereign Mobility Specialists Limited, located close to Percy Thrower’s Garden Centre in Shrewsbury. Sovereign Mobility Specialists was formed in 2010 and supplies quality products at competitive prices. We are more than just a Mobility Shop. Our customer focussed staff pay particular attention to detail and offer a professional and passionate service to clients. With over 20 years of experience they will welcome you into our assessment centre and advise you and your loved ones. We also offer home assessments if required

Sovereign Mobility Specialists are the only approved Days Healthcare Centre of Excellence in the Shrewsbury area.

For sales, assessments, servicing or general enquiries contact us on 01743 270217 Sovereign Mobility Specialists Limited, Unit 4, Sutton Farm Shopping Centre, Tilstock Crescent,SHREWSBURY SY2 6HW Severnmagazine

15 ≤



KICK START Combining football and children can make for a loud and fun combination but that’s all part of the Little Kickers’ experience.

Little Kickers is about so much more than football. Jamie loves the classes and talks about them throughout the week, he won’t stop wearing his Little Kickers football shirt!

” ≥ ≥ 16

Neil Weston

Mighty Kickers, ball control techniques


t was the la∞ of suπable organised football for toddlers that led a mum of three boys Jo Heath to ◊art her own franchise in Shrewsbury. “My toddler and his friends loved football and we wanted a pre-scho∫ group that we could attend and learn some football sk∏ls wh∏◊ burning oµ some excess energy. We came to a dead end so I looked into ◊arting my own club. That’s when I found out the Lπtle Ki∞ers franchise was ava∏able in the Shropshire catchment”. Lπtle Ki∞ers’ classes introduce ch∏dren b≥ween the age of 18 months to 7 years to football. Trained FA coaches are on hand to guide the ‘lπtle ki∞ers’ and the em¬asis is


very much on fun and learning the technique of the game in a r≤axed environment. Each class la◊s 45 minutes wπh a 15 minute break b≥ween classes. Age groups have been ◊ru±ured to minimise diµerences in the participant’s ¬ysical size and ab∏πy wπh the obje±ive of making the a±ivπies


The emphasis is very much on fun!


safe but excπing. A maximum of 16 ch∏dren attend each class wπh two coaching ◊aµ in attendance. Classes take √ace in appropriate and safe indoor venues. Classes consi◊ of a

Little Kickers: Home Games Game 1: Battleships 1. S√π the area into two halves, and then create diµerent size ships out of cones or anything you may have in the garden e.g. √ant pots. 2. The idea of the game is to sink the opposπions ship by ki∞ing the ball at the ships from your side. 3. If part of the ship is hπ then that cone is removed. 4. The winner is the person that sinks all the opposπions ships.

Game 2: Squares 1. This game w∏l improve the ch∏ds weight of pass. Make three squares of diµerent sizes that progressiv≤y g≥ smaller. 2. The aim is to g≥ the ball in the square from behind the coned line. 3. To make the game harder, make the squares smaller and move the coned line further away.

◊ru±ured warm-up, various a±ivation games, free √ay and individual sk∏ls coaching, penalty shoot-outs, mini matches and a co∫ down. Em¬asis is √aced on the pre-scho∫ early learning goals, such as sharing, taking turns and teamwork. “The classes have become really popular, we have been running them now for the la◊ 4 years and we have 13 classes every week that’s not including our nursery sessions”. “We have had a great re∆onse from parents and the improvements we have seen in the ch∏dren’s ab∏πy and concentration is amazing”. Lπtle Ki∞ers run classes in Shrewsbury every Saturday morning from 9am at The Sundorne Sports

C∫lege. If you are intere◊ed in coming along for a free trial and to see what we are all about then √ease conta± Jo Heath on 07736 074596. ∞

Little Kickers Shropshire t: 0044 (0)5602 609413 E: w:

Little Kickers is Harry’s favorite 45 minutes of the week, he wouldn’t miss it! Watching him and his Little Kicker friends learning to play football is the highlight of my day! Phil Quinn


17 ≤


Simply Baby is Shropshire’s independent pushchair and car seat specialist. They have a vast selection of brands on display and in-stock including Their stylish and spacious Shrewsbury store allows you to ‘test drive’ the huge variety of pushchairs they have on show. Or you can simply ask one of their friendly staff who will be more than willing to provide a full demonstration of any product. ‘It’s so important that you get the right pushchair to suit how you will use it. With so many features, combinations and options available it’s not just about the colour. Many buy on-line without seeing a selection first, only to find it isn’t right. By visiting us in store we can go through everything and make sure you are completely happy.’ Luke Edwards - Simply Baby. Car Seats can be a bit of a tricky area, but this can be made simple by asking trained staff to advise which car seat is best for your child. They have a range of seats on show, plus a vehicle demo seat to ‘have a go’. You can even ask to try the seat in your vehicle to see if it is the right fit. Rest assured that you also benefit from on-line prices in store. Simply Baby always try to offer the best price. If not you can always ask them to try and price match. For their local customers buying in-store, items can be held free of charge until you are ready to collect. They also offer an instalment payment plan that is totally interest free.

Phil & Teds Quinny Joolz Baby Jogger Maxi-Cosi Britax Recaro Babysyle & more… Located on Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury just around the corner from the Volkswagen Garage it is easy to find and benefits from a free spacious car park immediately outside. Open 9am -5.30pm weekdays 10am – 4pm on Saturday

01743 453942

For that local touch, friendly customer service and Internet prices head to

Battlefield Enterprise Park Shrewsbury Shropshire SY13TG

≥ 18



Page 1

Stunning Bathroom Showroom Opening Times: Mon-Fri 7:30am - 5pm Sat 7:30am - 12pm Late appointments by arrangement

38b Vanguard Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3TG (Opposite the Recycling Centre)

T: 01743 468999 M: 07515 285415 Severnmagazine

19 ≤



Ludlovia^ Condiment For Connoisseurs Elaine Hesketh never had a burning desire to set up a food business. But with the children starting school and friends banging on the door for more and more of her own recipe Ludlow Sauce she took the plunge. basically dev≤oped Ludlow Sauce as a condiment for my own cooking’ says Elaine.’ I find mo◊ condiments and cooking aids artificial in ta◊e and wanted to produce something that would com√iment the fanta◊ic ingredients the Marches had to oµer’. And since launching Mrs Hesk≥h’s earlier this year she’s never looked back. ‘It started in the kitchen at home’ says Elaine, ‘but π soon took over and

I ≥ 20


I knew I needed dedicated premises’. ‘So we converted a barn behind the house and moved in this year’. The new premises has now allowed Mrs Hesk≥h’s to me≥ soaring demand. Tucked away in the beautiful haml≥ of Hope Bagot, about 6 m∏es from Ludlow, π’s the la◊ √ace you’d expe± to find such a hive of a±ivπy. ‘Yes, π’s a beautiful √ace to work and live’ says Elaine. ‘We have a Norman church and 2000 year ∫d Yew tree

only a few hundred yards from where we work – but you often don’t have the time to ◊ep outside as we’re so busy’. And the sauce πs≤f is ju◊ taking oµ. ‘The secr≥ is in the ∆ices – all prepared carefully on sπe so they r≥ain their freshness. The sauce is batch cooked in small pots and ◊irred by hand. ‘There’s no mass produ±ion here’! Being out in the ◊i∞s, running a business dœs have πs moments

however. ‘We have fun with d≤iveries’, says Elaine, ‘We may live in such a beautiful valley but π’s not very pra±ical when a large 20 tonne lorry is trying to d≤iver ingredients’! Like many small businesses, communications can be an issue – ‘we’re all IT’d up – but π’s ◊∏l a challenge to keep things live. Recently we were wπhout broadband and were informed by our sup√ier that squirr≤s had chewed through the line’! It really is a fam∏y aµair at the Hesk≥h’s. David Hesk≥h, Elaine’s husband (a musician and sound engineer) h≤ps wπh d≤iveries and sales enquiries (there’s also a ◊udio at Upper House and you can often hear harp, guπar and piano when he’s not d≤ivering sauce!) Even the ch∏dren Mad≤eine and Samu≤ g≥ inv∫ved √acing the ◊i∞ers on the bottles!

Elaine insi◊s on supporting r≥a∏ outl≥s – ‘We are proud to say some of the be◊ d≤is and food halls in the Marches ◊o∞ our produ±s. I love to g≥ involved with taste testing sessions and li◊en to cu◊omers ideas for recipes and cooking tips’. Their range of Ludlow Sauces is also expanding. As w≤l as the now famous Ludlow Sauce πs≤f there’s Ludlow Summer, Ludlow Hot, Ludlow Spice, Ludlow Winter and Ludlow Roa◊. They also do two gift s≥ ranges that are really popular as

presents (even if the recipient is you!). They’ve also published two recipe books featuring delicious dishes using the Ludlow Sauce range. Even the beautiful artwork on the bottles is by local arti◊, Katy Al◊on. All mini ma◊erpieces in their own right! Elaine comments, ‘Ludlow is ju◊ so famous for πs food. In fa±, the Marches in general is ju◊ awash with great food produ±s. Ludlow Sauce was sim√y created to c≤ebrate and enhance some of the flavours of the amazing produce that surrounds us here in the Marches and beyond’. So enjoy! Ludlow Sauce are ava∏able at The Ludlow Food Centre, D≤i on the Square, Ludlow, Battlefi≤d Farm Shop, Legges of Bromyard, Van Dœsburgs, The Hay D≤i and all qualπy food ◊o∞i◊s throughout the Marches. ∞

A Ludlow Sauce Recipe Ludlow Sausage and Borlotti Beans Serves 2 wπh cru◊y bread Ingredients: ~ A good glug of ∫ive o∏ ~ 4 Ludlow Sausages (each cut into 5 or 6 pieces) ~ 2 medium red onions (cut in to large chunks) ~ 1 large carrot (pe≤ed and thinkly ≈ices) ~ 1 green ch∏li (deseeded and fin≤y chopped) ~ 1 heaped table∆oon of Herbes de Provence ~ A good cra∞ of freshly ground bla∞ pepper ~ 1 x 400g tin of borlotti beans (washed and drained) ~ Ludlow Sauce M≥hod: Place all the above ingredients, apart from the borlotti beans, in a large frying pan and mix tog≥her w≤l. Once the ingredients are mixed tog≥her cook them over a medium heat, ◊irring frequently, for 15–20 minutes unt∏ the carrots have softened and swe≥ened su∂ciently, the onion has begun to caram≤ise and the sausages have ◊arted to r≤ease their flavours. Now add the Borlotto Beans. Add them to the pan and simmer for another 10 minutes or so. Stir gently during the simmering ¬ase so as not to break up the beans too much. Serving Sugge◊ions: Serve hot in bowls wπh ru◊ic cru◊y bread and lashings and lashings of Ludlow Sauce. For more fanatastic recipes please visit:

Prizes We’re giving away 10 gift s≥s of Ludlow Sauce (each comes wπh a com√imentary Recipe Book). To enter ju◊ make a dish ut∏ising Ludlow Sauce and describe in a paragra¬ how π enhanced your dish. We’ll have some extra giveaways for the be◊ recipe ideas. Ju◊ send your ideas to: david@mrshesk≥

Mrs Hesketh’s HQ Upper House, Hope Bagot, Ludlow, South Shropshire, SY8 3AF t: 0044 (0)1584 891116 e: w:


21 ≤


≥ 22



A member of Local Food First Wrexham Increasing Opportunities for Local Rural Food Producers Severnmagazine

23 ≤

LIFESTYLE amie has worked in c∫laboration wπh talented e◊ablished and up and coming designers from around the globe, including Russ≤l Pinch, renowned furnπure designer and Barbara Eigen, New York based ceramici◊, to create the gorgeous Jme c∫le±ion. In deciding to launch a life◊yle c∫le±ion Jamie was very clear that he wanted to oµer peo√e a diverse vari≥y of useful and lov≤y things which were value for money and above all, promoted his concept of “b≥ter food, b≥ter life”. The company launched nationwide in Apr∏ 2009 and now has over 2000 s≤f em√oyed consultants who work in partnership wπh Jamie in s≤ling the c∫le±ion dire± to peo√e in their own homes. The key concept


Fancy A Bit Of

is fun and Shrewsbury ho◊s can take advantage of freebies and ∆ecial oµers galore. Lisa H∫land is the local consultant, having joined the company in O±ober 2009 after falling in love wπh the company’s produ±s and refreshingly laid ba∞ and fun ≥hos. Shrewsbury born and bred, Lisa is a former s∫icπor who decided to look for a new, more flexible way of working after having her two small sons. “I was totally s∫d on the business mod≤ and the fabulous produ±s on oµer right from the word go and the opportunπy to work flexibly in partnership wπh Jamie hims≤f and me≥ him at the company’s ∆ecial events was ju◊ too good to miss. I love going into peo√e’s homes and demon◊rating the produ±s and also oµering them the opportunπy to do what I do. It really is the be◊ job ever!” If you’re intere◊ed in eπher h∫ding your own party, or joining the company as a consultant, √ease t≤e¬one Lisa on 07793 371340. ∞

Jamie? Jamie Oliver is coming to Shrewsbury in the form of Jamie at Home, his direct sales business!

≥ 24


Jamie At Home: Shrewsbury t: 07793 371340 w:


25 ≤


≥ 26



ver ve bar & restaurant

Verve bar and restaurant at the Bellstone Hotel is now open, offering a stylish lounge bar area, an excellent restaurant, private dining area, outside terrace and luxury accommodation in Shropshire's famous county town of Shrewsbury. Verve is definitely a place to see & be seen in.

Following major renovations in May 2011, the Bellstone Hotel has re-opened as Shrewsbury's most stylish hotel, bar and restaurant. A unique combination of timeless elegance and contemporary design makes this the perfect destination for an evening out or a longer stay - whether to unwind after a day of busy meetings, or to while away a relaxing weekend. Verve is open seven days, from 7.00 am during the week and 8.00 am at the weekend. Serving breakfast, morning coffee & cakes, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks/nibbles & dinner. Sunday carvery lunch available from midday until 5pm. A children’s menu is also available. Verve at the Bellstone Hotel has something for all. Our food is sourced locally, is seasonal and is freshly prepared daily by our talented chefs. We have a wide range of wines, premium spirits, real ales & cocktails on offer. We pride ourselves on professional high service standards in relaxed & friendly atmosphere. The Hotel has 12 individual, fully re-furbished ensuite rooms, encompassing flat screen TV, tea/coffee making facilities, free WiFi, ironing facilities are available on request. Please contact us directly for great room rates & offers. We will be creating new offers and promotions for you on a regular basis, please keep an eye on our website,, for details of these eye-catching and mouth-watering offers. Why not stop by and say hello.

20% off with this advert

Bell stone The

Shrewsbury SY1 1HU 01743 588169 Severnmagazine

27 ≤




My name is Darren Ruff and I’m the Health and Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at Welti Health & Fitness, Shrewsbury. In the coming months I will be bringing you advice and tips together with the latest trends and research within the fitness industry. Darren Ruff have been inv∫ved in this indu◊ry for 8 years visπing conventions, seminars and showcases throughout the UK. I continue to work wπh clients at both ends of the ∆e±rum from professional athl≥es to everyday gym gœrs looking to g≥ in shape for their upcoming h∫iday. I’ve been lu∞y enough to carve out a career in an indu◊ry that I have bags of passion and enthusiasm for… sur≤y that can’t be bad thing!



I keep my approach simple but effective


It’s easy to over com√icate things particularly wπh the late◊ gadg≥s and trends in the se±or, but I would ≥ 28


like to think I keep my approach sim√e but eµe±ive. L≥’s face π, if you’re enjoying your training the lik≤ihood is you’re heading in the right dire±ion! So π’s no surprise I’m a ◊rong b≤iever that having fun is crπical to the whole life◊yle process. It’s important to remember that no one programme fπs all, for many ¬ysi∫ogical and psych∫ogical reasons, but wπh a few sim√e guid≤ines in √ace, some common sense and a lπtle education you w∏l begin to fe≤ some real benefπs. Hopefully this is where our health se±ion w∏l come into √ay… Welti Health & Fitness Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury, SY1 4RG t: 0044 (0)1743 467755 w:

1 Pi∞ an a±ivπy that you enjoy. This sim√y gives you more chance of ◊i∞ing to your new fitness √an – g≥ting into shape can be fun!! 2 S≥ small, reali◊ic targ≥s. As they say Rome was never bu∏t in a day so s≥ an achievable timescale. 3 On your own? Research has proven that music can increase produ±ivπy by up to 20%… Make your MP3/iPod an essential piece of training kπ. 4 Why not try a class or two? Training in groups is a great way to ◊ay motivated and make friends at the same time. 5 Vari≥y is key. Not only dœs π keep you on your tœs mentally π keeps your body always guessing thus ensuring the short term goals you made early are always achievable.

top 10

9 Eat small and regularly. By eating 5 small, w≤l balanced meals a day π w∏l regulate your blood sugar lev≤s.

Top 10 tips to get and stay in shape throughout the year:

10 Don’t skip your breakfa◊. It’s true – breakfa◊ really is the mo◊ important meal of the day. Research shows that the mo◊ successful “losers” never skip breakfa◊.

6 G≥ your 5 a day. Not all too surprising to hear your fruπ and veg are vπal components to a healthy life◊yle.

If you are thinking of joining a health club, look no further than W≤ti Health & Fπness. Membership ◊arts from as lπtle as £25.00 per month. W≤ti also has regular ∆ecial oµers so call now on 01743 467755 to find out more. ∞

7 Have a ball. Stab∏πy training is a hug≤y popular component of any fitness regime so why not try out a Swiss ball class. 8 Take on water. A general guideline is 3 lπres for men and 2.5 lπres for females. Now you’re training regularly π is vπal that you re-hydrate your body wπh water.


29 ≤


Boutique ∑

Charm V

townhouse hotel shrewsbury

50 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, SY1 1XJ t: 0044 (0)1743 770345 e:

≥ 30


oted one of England’s ‘be◊ boutique hot≤s under £100’, the ◊unning transformation of the lion+¬easant has brought a new dimension to the business and social life of Shrewsbury’s hi◊oric town centre. Since πs remod≤ling la◊ year by the award-winning designer/ archπe± team of Racha≤ Chidlow and Paul Keogh, the lion+¬easant has been gaining an ever-increasing reputation as the town’s ‘in-√ace’ – for locals and visπors alike. The qualπy of πs accommodation, the warmness of πs w≤come, the friendly e∂ciency of πs service and the exc≤lence of πs food and drink have s≥ the lion+¬easant apart, not lea◊ for πs unique combination of hi◊oric charm wπh beautiful contemporary design.

F∫lowing major renovations in 2010, the lion+¬easant has re-opened as Shrewsbury’s mo◊ ◊ylish townhouse hot≤, bar and re◊aurant. A unique combination of tim≤ess ≤egance and contemporary design makes this AA three-◊ar hi◊oric inn the perfe± de◊ination for an evening out or a longer ◊ay – wh≥her to unwind after a day of busy me≥ings, or to wh∏e away a r≤axing weekend in Shropshire’s mo◊ beautiful county town. Located on the Wyle Cop – one of Shrewsbury’s mo◊ hi◊oric ◊re≥s – and wπhin 50 yards of the river Severn’s English Bridge, the 22 bedroom independent, and fam∏yowned, lion+¬easant is under the dire±ion of Jim Lπtler, one of Shropshire’s be◊ known, and mo◊ highly regarded, young managers.  S≥ting excπing new ◊andards of ho∆πalπy in the town, the hot≤’s enthusia◊ic ◊aµ, including Rouxtrained head chef Alan Dann, cater for a client≤e of all ages – in the hot≤’s bars, re◊aurant and banqu≥ing fac∏πies – wh≥her for business, √easure or gatherings of every kind – away-days, weddings, chri◊enings and conferences. ∞ call or book online: w:



31 ≤





1 Emma


2 Michael >infused >unbalanced >recharged

˝ 5 Lily

>energ≥ic >creative >excπing



1 3

3 Verity

>fashionable >h≤pful >chatty


6 Marcus >inventive >under◊anding >experienced

7 Fran

>loves hairdressing >gentle >nurturing

>young >enthusia◊ic >bright

4 Evie >lov≤y >refreshing >friendly

Hey! We are the Zest team and we’re all excited to be part of the new Severn Magazine adventure!

e are a lov≤y mix of individuals that enjoy each other’s company, which in turn attra±s a wonderful mixture of clients ∆read over a wide range of ages and ◊yles. Our Salon on St Johns H∏l is 12 years young now – wow! We create a fusion of good haircuts and c∫ours each in our own way, so no robots or “◊yle of the month”. Our ∆ace is r≤axing, arty, progressive, blissfully

W ≥ 32


calming and infused wπh a funky ch∏led ambience. The music is co∫ too, no Boom or Bam or Pop! The combination of Aveda Haircare and c∫our produ±s, and a fabulous new range of “◊uµ”– Evo c∫our produ±s (from Au◊ralia) are br∏liant and they work! Their ◊rap line says “Saving ordinary humans from thems≤ves™” and they use a condom to indicate the produ± has sunscreen prote±ion! It has to be!

Enough for now. We are going to blow your mind and hair wπh more of us each month. Great to be in touch. Bye for now. ∞

38 St Johns Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 1JQ t: 0044 (0)1743 369063 w:


specialising in holistic therapies “I had a course of treatments with Emma to help me relax and relive stress. Going regularly really helped and gave me something to look forward to, with a busy life it gave me some ‘me time’. I have had a lot of massages and Emma is one of the best, she has a natural ability and really gets to all those aches and pains. Can’t wait to try the Hot Stone treatment!” rejuvenate offers a range of holistic therapies customised to your individual preferences. This ensures that you achieve complete relaxation and relief from the stresses and strains of daily life. When you come to rejuvenate you will be calmed and soothed by the warm lighting and gentle music, and will leave the salon feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.

T. Heath-Wareing, Shrewsbury

Gift vouchers available for that special occasion

NEW! Express Back Massage - 20 mins for £15

tel: 0777 0864180 | email: emma@rejuvenate | www.rejuvenate 13 wyle cop, (above Dolly’s hair salon), shrewsbury, shropshire SY1 1XB

Could hypnosis provide the solution for you?

Maria has been successful in helping clients to overcome these perceived obstacles for a number of years. Before training to be a hypnotherapist she enjoyed a successful career, spanning more than thirty years, as nurse in clinical practice and latterly NHS management. Her enduring fascination with the mind and body connection led her to undertake study with the Contemporary College of Therapeutics based in London and has since been using a wide range of techniques. She now sees clients at Cedar House Clinic, Shrewsbury Business Park and helps people with a wide range of conditions. She is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, Complementary Natural Health Council. To find out more visit or call Maria on 07785505310

can c an I help help you? you? C




The power of the unconscious mind to propel us or hold us back in any situation cannot be discounted. For instance there is no logical reason why we should be afraid to travel by air. It has been shown to be one of the safest methods of traveling. However many otherwise balanced and 'normal' people are gripped by a fear of this everyday task. This and other types of fear/phobia, behaviours and emotions can be readily helped with hypnotherapy.


All too often we try to achieve goals such as weight loss, changing habits and behaviours or dealing with emotions and we repeatedly fall at the first or second fence. The reason for this can be an underlying, unacknowledged problem which prevents a successful outcome.


St Stress, anxieties, i ties, weight management, t per formance enhancement, nt, self esteem, performance behaviour management and a much more Book a FREE 20 minute consultation Call Maria 077855 07785505310 505310 www .time-4-chanag Shrewsbur Shrewsburyy Busine Business ess Park


33 ≤


A Creative Profile:

› Richard FoΩ y name is Sam Po∫ey. I am an arti◊ and a single mum of two ◊udying fine art at Birmingham Scho∫ of Art. I have a c∫umn in the local rag about my business, Compo◊ Kids (art classes for ch∏dren), which I launched at the beginning of the summer and run from the Mark≥ Hall in Shrewsbury. I also organise a monthly vintage mark≥ wπh the boys from The Birds Ne◊ Café in the Mark≥ Hall. I s≤l my own art works, and those of others from my ◊udio and, wπh various creative proje±s on the go, π’s a busy life! I moved to Shrewsbury from London in 2004 but never really got to know any other local creative minds and tended to lean on my London ‘kindreds’ for my arty in∆iration. However this year that’s all changed: having taken up residence in the ∏ovecompo◊ ◊udio in the Mark≥ Hall, a like-minded s≥ of peo√e emerged from the woodwork to say h≤lo. Professional peo√e wπh incredible talent – a portraπ painter, a ta∏or, a cou√e of ¬otogra¬ers, a text∏e designer, ∏lu◊rators – all wπh exceptional experience and energy. And these are the peo√e I want to t≤l you about. Each month I w∏l be talking about a f≤low creative, showcasing their work and their √ans for the future. I truly b≤ieve that wπh these kinds of professionals in Shrewsbury we have very excπing times ahead. My friend Richard Foot is an archπe±ural ¬otogra¬er: originally from We◊ Sussex, his fam∏y (c∫le±iv≤y known as The Fe≥) s≥tled in Shrewsbury in the mid-eighties. A s≤f-confessed geek, he has always loved ¬otogra¬y. After ◊udying in W∫verhampton, Footprint Photogra¬y was born in 2007, exhibπing work for Archπe±ure Week, at Cosford Museum and wπh Fine Art Photogra¬y Birmingham. In 2009 Richard’s work was put on the world map wπh a c∫le±ion that was used on the film s≥ of ‘Inception’. Since then Richard hasn’t looked ba∞ and when H≤en, his si◊er, r≥urned from The Royal C∫lege of Art in 2010 wπh her Ma◊er’s in Text∏es π seemed a great opportunπy to join forces and find a ∆ace. And what a ∆ace they have found – tu∞ed behind Ph∏pot’s on Butchers Row, Richard and H≤en have created a Tudor loft ∆ace that houses some of the co∫e◊ peo√e I know in Shrewsbury – Footprint Photogra¬y, H≤en Foot Design, Oshen Jones, archπe± and Matt Sew≤l, ∏lu◊rator. In the la◊ six months Richard and H≤en have been in◊rumental in bringing creative minds tog≥her: their n≥working evenings, ho◊ed at the ◊udio, bring tog≥her over 50 gue◊s at every event. More recently Richard curated a successful ¬otogra¬y exhibπion at Shrewsbury Coµee House. He has also shot two short films wπh H≤en, Arron Fowler, digπal arti◊ and Nathalie Liege,


≥ 34

Sam Pooley


Raven Meadows Car Park

Frankwell Bridge

glass maker for the Craft Counc∏’s late◊ exhibπion at the V&A Museum – “The Power Of Making” which runs unt∏ the end of January. In addπion, as if that wasn’t already enough, he shot a dance film wπh Misha Crawford at the Flax M∏l which was shown at the open day earlier this month. The once shy Richard Foot is no longer so: future proje±s include more film work, the Brighton Photo Fringe and more c∫laborations. He is, in fa±, a very co∫ cat wπh which to ki∞ oµ our c≤ebration of all creative peo√e in Shrewsbury. ∞

Richard Foot ~Photographer t: 07791 440258 e: w:

››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› C

at the market hall, shrewsbury, call sam on 07531 824561


35 ≤


Vintag¤ Shopping



1980’s single breasted dinner jacket, £15 Ikkonik Vintage

1950’s black evening dress, £60 Dogeared Vintage

Dress shirt, £4 Ikkonik Vintage

1950’s kid skin gloves, £7 Dogeared Vintage

Bow tie, £10 Ikkonik Vintage

Silver Fox Stole, £70 Bus Stop

Tailored suit trousers, £20 Dogeared Vintage

1950’s beaded bag, £12 Bus Stop ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Image: Daisy Pooley-Tolkien

Vintage Hair Styling, from £12 Skulduggery

Severn Top Tips For Vintage Shopping 1. Take your time – To g≥ your look right you have to realise that this is a time consuming aµair so s≥ aside a day and mark your targ≥s. G≥ there early, the gems vanish almo◊ as soon as they appear. 2. Take cash – Not many vintage boutiques w∏l be equipped wπh card machines. Cash also drives a hard bargain no credπ card can. 3. Don’t trust the sizes – Sizes change wπh eras so don’t go by the original lab≤s or converted sizes, they might not be accurate so use a measuring tape or ju◊ try π on. ≥ 36


4. Scrutinise – Fabrics change over time, make sure none of your chosen πems have decayed or become un-wearable; h∫d up to the light to che∞ for rips or h∫es. 5. Bigger is better – Finding a perfe± fit isn’t a reali◊ic view on vintage shopping. Aim for one or two sizes bigger; you can always g≥ the local seam◊ress to take them in. 6. Bargain – This is one area of shopping where you shouldn’t be afraid to hagal. No prices are fixed so try hard to g≥ them down.

7. Don’t jump in at the deep end – For a good ◊art in vintage fashion keep your ◊yle in mind and find pieces to integrate into your wardrobe, you don’t want to look like you ju◊ ◊epped out of a time machine. Daisy Po∫ey-T∫kien is a Styli◊ and Photogra¬er. You can find Daisy and all the vintage brands featured at The Vintage Flea Mark≥ h≤d on the la◊ weekend of every month in the Mark≥ Hall Shrewsbury. ∞ w:


Do you like the look of Severn Magazine? If you like the look of the editorial pages in this Launch Issue and feel your business would benefit from some professional graphic design assistance, then please just drop me an email with your enquiry. OLIVER HEATH Graphic Design for the printed page Email:

For ALL Your Plastering Needs!


Traditional Plastering Contractors > Internal & External > 30 Years Experience > Fast, Clean & Reliable Service > Quality Guaranteed > Conservation & National Trust Approved Contact: Paul Deegan

07980 971735

91 The Mount, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY3 8PH I have used Paul & his team for over 6 years now, the attention to detail, level of service & advice he offers has never faulted – OUTSTANDING! Mr Heath, Wellington


37 ≤


≥ 38



Competition YOUR CHANCE TO WIN 2 FREE EXPRESS FISH PEDICURES! Affordable luxury with excellent therapists can be found in Tootsies at the top of the Wyle Cop. Tootsies was Shrewsburys first spa dedicated to providing Garra Rufa fish pedicures in superior surroundings and has recently expanded down into their Beauty Retreat. With prices starting from £10 for a fish pedicure and a wide range of special offers on beauty treatments there is something to suit everyone! With decadent decor and scrumptious scents wafting through boutique style spa, it really is the place to go for relaxation in Shrewsbury. Whether you're sitting watching the world go by, having your Tootsies nibbled by fish or having a Thai massage in the beauty retreat, you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, desperate to come back for more!

What are the fish at Tootsies called? A-Goldfish B-Garra Rufa Fish C-Plecostomus cat fish Please email your name and answer to the address below.

3 beauty treatments for £35 Fish pedicures from £10 for 15mins

Competition closes last entry - Monday 24th October

Email: search: ‘tootsies fish spa shrewsbury’

Call Steph and the team on 01743 588158 23 Dogpole | Shrewsbury | SY1 1ES













I 12



You can find the answers to this Crossword on page 42. No cheating!

1 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14

County Town (10) Type of floorcovering (5) A short number (2) Teams on the margin (5) Ken Barlow’s fish (5) Bi±on _____ (5) Giraµe like animal (5) Progressing, on the __ (2) Tra∞ through Shrewsbury Station (5) 15 County (10)

Down 14

1 River, Magazine (6) 2 Search thoroughly (7) 3,4 One of the river crossings in Shrewsbury (5,6) 5 Moves wπh ha◊e (4) 10 Pure and sim√e (6) 11 Rents (5) 12 Large fish (4) Severnmagazine

39 ≤


Limitless (2010)

Bethan awards Limitless:

How would you like to be able to use more than 10% of your brain? How would you like to be able to remember a TV show you once watched when you were a kid? How would you like to learn how to √ay the piano in 3 days and learn a new language in matter of hours? For one man these dreams became a realπy and much more. Wπh the h≤p of a tiny tran≈ucent p∏l, sim√y known as NZT48 the possib∏πies became limπless. Down on his lu∞ wrπer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) had ju◊ hπ bottom when he ran into his ex-wife’s brother who oµered him the opportunπy of a life time in the form of a lπtle known drug that had the potential to change everything. He becomes highly motivated, intelle±ually heightened, qui∞ witted,

and able to achieve the seemingly impossible. But, like wπh any drug, things begin to rapidly unrav≤ when π ◊arted to take over his life as w≤l as his brain. Wπh a narration and ◊yle sim∏ar to the likes of ‘Fight Club’(1999) this suprem≤y entertaining and at times nerve shredding r∫lercoa◊er w∏l keep you at the edge of your seat from the heady highs to the very definπion of lows unt∏ the very end which dœs not disappoint. Based on the nov≤ ‘The Dark Fi≤ds’ by author Alan Glynn, from the dire±or of the ∏lusioni◊ and ably supported by a decent ca◊ including Robert De Niro and rising ◊ar Abbie Cornish, Limπless w∏l leave you ◊imulated and satisfied at the same time! ∞

Rango (2011)

Bethan awards Rango:

Rango (Jonny Depp) is a domesticated cham≤eon, the only creature who can be anything, but he dœsn’t know what he is or what he wants to be. He is a budding a±or who talks fa◊ and dœsn’t worry about the consequences. Fate ex∏es him to the gru≤ling desert where he comes across a ‘Yoda’ like armad∏lo that sends him on his way into the w∏derness where he me≥s the inhabπants of a small W∏d We◊ town called Dirt. The towns peo√e are running out of water fa◊ and Rango ◊eps in ju◊ at the right time wπh ◊ories of conquering bad guys and other antics in the ‘W∏d We◊’ where he leads them to b≤ieve he is from. They declare him Sheriµ of the town and b≤ieve he w∏l s∫ve all their problems. The ◊ory is kept updated by a foursome of mariachi owl narrators

who add an extra sense of fun and wπh enough thr∏ls, ∆∏ls and laughs to keep ch∏dren occupied for the maybe over lengthy 110 minute running time. However, the desert animals are possibly a lπtle too weird to be loveable. There is also enough for the grown-ups who w∏l appreciate the exquisπ≤y flawless animation – this is the fir◊ animated feature produced by Indu◊rial Light & Magic, the ∆ecial eµe±s company created by George Lucas. Dire±ed by Gore Verbinski, be◊ known for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies and including the vocal talent of I≈a Fisher, Abiga∏ Bredlin, Timothy Oly¬ant and ‘Pirates’ v≥eran B∏l Nighy as the terrifying rattlesnake Jake, Rango is a zany and amusing jaunt that fans of the ‘Shrek’ series should enjoy. ∞ Reviews By Severn Magazine’s Resident Film Critic Bethan Lockley Blockbusters Unit 9, Meole Brace Retail Park, Hereford Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 9NB t: 0044 (0)1743 358583 w:

≥ 40




41 ≤


CROSSWORD ANSWERS: Did you manage to com√≥e our Crossword on page 39? If not ◊op pulling your hair out and read all the answers here:

Across 1 6 7 8 9 11 12

…is the new vibrant magazine for the Shrewsbury area. Severn Magazine offers an effective way of reaching an audience of over 10,000 local readers. Reveal to our readers what you have to offer this Christmas and New Year in our coming issues…

≥ 42



Shrewsbury Vinyl No Sides Roach Heath Okapi

13 Up 14 Ra∏s 15 Shropshire

1 Severn 2 Ransa∞ 3,4 W≤sh Bridge 5 Runs 10 Cha◊e 11 Hires 12 Opah

Call 07522 258776 to discover how effective we can be for your business. ›››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› Email: Web:

LOCAL CHARITY Darren’s Day I currently manage the Brπish Heart Foundation Furnπure & Ele±rical ◊ore in Shrewsbury’s Darwin Centre. This is a new ◊ore in a new town for us. The bigge◊ challenge to date has been to l≥ peo√e know where we are (next to Mothercare) and how we bu∞ the tradπional ‘Charπy’ trend. We opened on the 5th July this year and have had great success in g≥ting h≤pers. From 16yr ∫ds, adding ◊rength to their CV, right through to r≥ired ‘keeping their hand in’. I have to say I never expe±ed anything like this when I fir◊ joined

Brπish Heart Foundation

the Foundation. I find mys≤f con◊antly t≤ling peo√e that we are more like a furniture ◊ore who raises money for a charπy. A big thank you gœs to all of the peo√e in Shrewsbury who have h≤ped us so far. From donating unwanted πems of furnπure and ≤e±ricals to the repeat cu◊omers who are h≤ping to ∆read the word. Each day has been a refreshing change for me, my life and my fam∏y. I now g≥ to work in an environment where my a±ions h≤p the charπy to continue πs vision to

rid the UK of one of its bigge◊ k∏lers. It also happens to be a fanta◊ic way to me≥ lots of really great peo√e who share the same passions. If you would like to learn more about how you can h≤p our ◊ore, the charπy or yours≤f then √ease pop in or visπ our websπe at I have managed to convince Wayne, one of our v∫unteers, to t≤l you about why he decided to h≤p our cause. Darren Hall, Store Manager


Wayne’s World “Why did I choose to v∫unteer for the Brπish Heart Foundations Furnπure & Ele±rical ◊ore?” “I made that decision to pay them ba∞ for being there for me to talk to and to g≥ information from. They h≤ped me under◊and what my heart condπion meant and they have been there to oµer support to me wπh my battle to loose weight.” “I am in charge of the ≤e±rical goods at the Furnπure & Ele±rical ◊ore in Shrewsbury. There are two main parts to this. One inv∫ves me fun±ion te◊ing the πems as they come in to make sure that all the features work. Making sure that they have safe √ugs attached and

then booking them into the ◊ores ≤e±ronic ◊o∞ sy◊em. The other is merchandising the produ±s onto the shop floor and then s≤ling them to potential cu◊omers.” “On top of this re∆onsib∏πy, I am always at hand to support the furnπure se±ions and cu◊omer services.” “V∫unteering for the Brπish Heart Foundation has also given me the chance to learn new sk∏ls and has made me fe≤ valued in todays current working environment. You really don’t have two days the same in reta∏ and you always find things to learn.” Wayne, V∫unteer at Shrewsbury’s BHF Furnπure & Ele±rical ◊ore ∞

British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrial 31-32 Middle Mall, Darwin Centre, SY1 1BW t: 0844 248 9188 w:


43 ≤


ABF The Soldiers’ Charity: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is an organisation committed to the welfare of soldiers, former soldiers and their families when they are in times of need. By giving grants to individuals and other specialist charities that help soldiers and their families, The Soldiers’ Charity is there for soldiers, for life.

Left to Right: Laura Bradbeer, Communications Officer ~ Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre, Nick Chavasse, Managing Director ~ NRG Direct Mail Ltd, Richard Hackett, Director Fundraising, West Midlands~ ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

The Shrewsbury Big Curry raises a massive £7,500 for soldiers’ charity S ∫diers across Shropshire w∏l benefit from a £7,500 boo◊ to ABF The S∫diers’ Charπy from The Shrewsbury Big Curry event h≤d earlier this summer. Hundreds turned out to support the inaugural event which was h≤d in The Square in Shrewsbury on Saturday 23rd July wπh 500 curries being s∫d to the public in ju◊ three hours. The Shrewsbury Big Curry was a cook-oµ b≥ween Army chefs from 143 (We◊ Midlands) Brigade and chef Ed Warren from the TASTE kπchen at Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre. For a £5 donation peo√e received a portion of both curries and voted for their favourπe wπh the TASTE kπchen clinching the tπle. Sales from the curry, ◊re≥ c∫le±ions and other donations meant that organiser Ni∞ Chavasse, Managing Dire±or of NRG Dire± Ma∏ Ltd, a former Major in the

≥ 44


Brπish Army, was able to hand over a cheque of £7,501.05 to ABF The S∫diers’ Charπy. ABF The S∫diers’ Charπy gives lif≥ime support to serving and r≥ired s∫diers and their fam∏ies. In 2010 The S∫diers’ Charπy was able to give £76,132.50 to support 72 diµerent cases including s∫diers and their fam∏ies in Shropshire. Mr Chavasse said: “The Shrewsbury Big Curry exceeded all our expe±ations and I was thr∏led to be able to hand over a cheque to The S∫diers’ Charπy for ju◊ over £7,500. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported us on the day and to HEART of ENGLAND fine foods, managers of Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre, and Shropshire Counc∏ for their support.” Richard Ha∞≥t, The S∫diers’ Charπy Regional Dire±or for the We◊ Midlands said: “I am abs∫ut≤y d≤ighted wπh the huge success of

The Shrewsbury Big Curry. This donation w∏l go dire±ly to h≤ping s∫diers and their fam∏ies across the region so I would like to thank the organisers and the public for their generosπy.” ∞

Richard Hackett~Director Fundraising To find out more about those who have been helped by The Soldiers’ Charity visit: w:


PET C R E M AT I O N S E RV I C E S !"#$%&'(%"!")*+%"!",-$(('*"./0'%"!"1'23*4$5"63%'%"!

v !"#$%&"'()*$+',"-&+.&/0102&#"&344"5&) 4)6+$%758.&'"59+:"&344"5+.;&)&<"5'3.)$&).-+':5""(&4)5"#"$$&(3&%385&<"(=

v ?"('&<$)%&)&,8;"&<)5(&+.&385&$+9"'2&'3&#" )5"&)*$"&(3&8.-"5'().-&"L):($%&,3#&(,"&$3'' 34&)&*"$39"-&:36<).+3.&4""$'=&M,)(N'&#,%


v >5"".,+$$&?"(&@5"6)(+3.&A"59+:"'&+'&58.

#"&*"$+"9"&(,"%&',38$-&*"&(5")("-&#+(, -+;.+(%&).-&(,"&5"'<":(&(,"%&-"'"59"=

v R385&<"('&)',"'&#+$$&*"&5"(85."-&+.

*%&,8'*).-&).-&#+4"&B.;"$&).-&C"..% D)5(+."E2&#+(,&-)8;,("5&F)("&B'<+.)$$= G85&4)6+$%&,)'&*"".&+.93$9"-&#+(, ).+6)$'2&5"':8+.;&-3;'&).-&:)('&435&(," <)'(&HI&%")5'=&J"(#"".&8'2&#"&,)9"&10 -3;'2&1K&:)('&).-&/&,35'"'&).-&#"&,)9" 0"1"2 *"".&#+(,38(&)&<"(=

v O"&:).&:3$$":(&%385&<"(&4536&%385&9"(' 35&6)P"&)55).;"6".('&(3&:3$$":(&4536&%385 ,36"=&Q4&%385&9"(&-3"'&.3(&)$5")-%&8'"&385 '"59+:"'2&%38&:).&"+(,"5&:3.():(&8'&-+5":(&35 )'P&%385&9"(&(3&-3&'3=&O"&344"5&:5"6)(+3. '"59+:"'&435&,03,1,34+# <"('2&'3&%38N5"

5'42 <"(&3.$%=

)&:3.()+."5&34&%385&:,3+:"=&B.&)',"' :"5(+4+:)("&#+$$&*"&<$):"-&+.'+-"&%385 :,3'".&:3.()+."5=&O"&:).&)$'3&5"(85. )',"'&*%&<3'(&+4&5"S8+5"-=

v O"&)5"&$+:".:"-&*%&(,"&T.9+53.6".( B;".:%&).-&#"&-3&.3(&+.:+."5)(" :$+.+:)$&#)'("=

!"##$%&''()#*(+"#,-*&.$(/#"0&1#2 3%#(45&'6&$7(8 9..62*:'#(;-",(8 <1*.$(=#:$-'6(8 >"(/%"#?2@5":(8 /%".A2%&"#(8 /BC(DEF !"#$%GHIDI(JJ(GG(KK(8 &'($%GLKHM(JJK(HDN(8 )*+,#$%7"##$%&''A#*1"#,O:-%..P1.P5Q -"(.,/"$%???PA#*1"#,-*&.$2%".A2%&"#P1.,


45 ≤



Lights* *L




Each year Severn Hospice hosts a service of remembrance to give the people of Shropshire and Mid Wales the opportunity to come together and remember loved ones who will not be with us this Christmas.


he Lights of Love ceremony takes √ace on Sunday 4th December in Shrewsbury and includes readings, car∫s and choir performances √us Wem Jub∏ee Band. The evening w∏l be ho◊ed by ∆ecial gue◊ Krissi Carpenter who w∏l o∂cially swπch on the lights of this year’s tree. At Chri◊mas time we remember loved ones, fam∏y members and friends who are not here to c≤ebrate wπh us. You can pay tribute to them by ∆onsoring a light on our Lights of Love tree, wh∏◊ h≤ping local peo√e who are facing a di∂cult time this Chri◊mas. Each light on our tree represents a loving memory of someone who is greatly missed. The tree w∏l be lπ da∏y unt∏ Tw≤fth Night b≥ween the hours of 4pm and midnight. The service is due to ◊art at 5pm but peo√e are w≤come to arrive a lπtle early to enjoy a warm mince pie, a glass of mulled wine and to ◊o∞ up on Severn Ho∆ice Chri◊mas cards. Over the coming weeks many


≥ 46



Photo: Courtesy of Shropshire Star

peo√e w∏l receive invπations to join us through the po◊. If you do not receive an invπation you are more than w≤come to come along and there are a number of diµerent ways you can make your dedication. You can visπ www.severnho∆ and make your donation and dedication via our virtual tree. Alternativ≤y you can call the Appeals team on 01743 354 450.

There is no minimum donation to dedicate a light but every penny dœs count as peo√e need our h≤p 365 days of the year. Ju◊ £25 w∏l pay for Chri◊mas lunch for a patient and their fam∏y on Chri◊mas Day, wh∏◊ £50 w∏l pay for a patient’s fam∏y to ◊ay over at the Ho∆ice on Chri◊mas Eve or Chri◊mas Day so they can be close to their loved one. For those ◊aying wπh us over the fe◊ive period, being able to oµer some form of normalπy, such as having a fam∏y meal on Chri◊mas Day, w∏l make a huge diµerence and provide happy memories for their loved ones to remember for years to come. The Lights of Love service will take place outside Express Cafés, Oxon Business Park, Clayton Way, Shrewsbury, SY3 5AL. ∞

Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury, SY3 8HS t: 0044 (0)1743 354450 (Appeals) w:

* *




47 â&#x2030;¤


Hi, and welcome to the first “Hooked on fishing”. Our aim is to bring you up to date with what’s happening in the angling world in Shrewsbury and the surrounding areas. We will cover news from local fisheries, club waters, tails from the bank and more.

Dean Watson, Total Angling


√ Hooked on

fishing New water is added on the Shrewsbury Club ti∞≥!

hrewsbury Club has added new water for this season on the annual club permπ. Oxen Po∫ over in Bi±on w∏l be open later this summer. At ju◊ over two acres in size wπh large carp and mixed course fish ◊o∞ed this w∏l be a hπ wπh the local anglers. The Shrewsbury Club have been hard at work wπh some of the members bu∏ding √atforms and easy access around the po∫. For more information on the Shrewsbury Club and Oxen Po∫ have a look at or pop into the Total Angling ta∞le shop and the ◊aµ can talk you through the waters ava∏able on the Shrewsbury ti∞≥. Oxon Po∫ is sπuated ju◊ ≈ightly south we◊ of Shrewsbury town centre. It is almo◊ a dream come true. A massive undertaking ∆earheaded by the Shropshire Angling Federation

S Fishery News


Massive Cat For Local Angler: Local angler Mark Goodall had a day to remember down at TG po∫s over by Ellesmere. When a large catfish of 64lb!!!, graced his landing n≥. After a long fight Mark landed the 5ft long bea◊. A pi±ure w∏l f∫low next month… ≥ 48


brought this forgotten po∫ ba∞ to life. Numerous groups, parties, organisations and individuals have h≤ped to bring the po∫ and πs surroundings to a √ace where all can visπ. This is not aimed s∫≤y at the angler but more the lover of w∏dlife. It’s a true nature haven where you are free to ◊r∫l, ex√ore, r≤ax and enjoy. The SAF extends πs sincere gratitude to those who have been inv∫ved or who have h≤ped along the way to make Oxon Po∫ som≥hing we all can be extrem≤y proud of. On the subje± of annual permπs for the SAF, √ease note your renewals are due on January 1st 2011. The co◊ is £35.00 for full adult membership, which includes Salmon and Game. The ti∞≥ runs unt∏ the end of December 2011. ∞

A ng l i n g Dia ry ¬√


made my way down to Sprin g Lea Fishery hour afternoo near Pontesbu n session. After ry for a short th a brief walk ar the Mallard po ree ound the com√ ∫ looked prom ex I decided th ising and so I qu nice breeze an at d some sunshi i∞ly s≥tled on ne a shallow rig peg 39. Wπh a a ba∞up rig fo was qui∞ly as r fishing at 5 m sembled along ≥res on the m wπh arginal ≈ope. A fruπless 30 minutes then en sued wπh the shy away from shallow rig, th any p≤l≥ feed e carp seeming being catapulte In the meantim to d around my flo e I had been co at 14 m≥res ou n◊antly feedin line, baπing up t. g a few pieces my size 14 hook of meat on the wπh two 6mm anticipating a short cubes I droppe bπe. It wasn’t d in, eagerly long in coming, before a small the red Ve∆e 3lb common w ≤a◊ic shootin as n≥ted. Ove including a ◊un g out r the next hour ning Gho◊ie nu th ree more fish f∫ dg became more in g 8l b, lowed al l on fini∞y, howev the close in lin er subtle baπ ch e. The fish then a lov≤y condπi anges soon foun oned 9lb Mirr d two more ca or to red meat rp, and a smaller sa m √e of 2lb to co All too soon π rn. was time to pa ∞ up, the clos on what proved e line definπ≤ to be a hard da y coming up tr y. Some lesson how changing umps s were learnt, the c∫our of yo none more so ur hookbaπ ca My six carp on than n result in som the day would e qui∞ bonus n’t have broken smattering of fish. any records bu skimmers and t along wπh a Id e, w over 30lb – no ou ld ha ve ea s∏y pulled the t bad for a shor scales down to t mid afternoo n session! If you would lik e to fish Sprin g Lea Fishery the venue √ea or require mor se visπ www.∆ e information ringleafishery.c on or call 0174 3 860 972.

Roie Griffis

Total Angling Unit 18-20, Vanguard Way, Battlesfield, Shrewsbury, SY1 3TG t: 0044 (0)1743 462 699 w:


49 ≤



2)'#*%$$+',#+,#-#3-0(-,4$-05#%3#6$+33,7#6&-8,7#6-9',#-05#.%%5,#:;,(#.-+(+08#(%#<'# '"=$%&'5>#?#3-0(-,(+6#3;0#5-4#%;(#3%&#-$$>

!"#$%&'(&)"*'+"),-#$."/'0*'12*"3#4(*5/'12*%6#27*"/'189':;8 <7#7$'333=6*7&,76-.>2-5."5=,%?@2-3A#$%&"6-*A B*',-..'01948 841 700

≥ 50




51 ≤

SH404223 REJ V1



01743 871 013 • 07760 793 233

Severn Magazine Issue 1  

The very first issue of Shropshire based Severn Magazine

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