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The Team Michael Tinkler Editor/Account Manager micha≤ Oliver Heath Designer

Happy New Year! Welcome to the third edition of Severn magazine. We continue to focus on local articles of interest to readers in the Shrewsbury and surrounding area and hope you find them informative and entertaining.   This edition includes regular features: Steve Morris on Photography and Town Crier Martin Wood continues his articles about some of the fascinating places in Shrewsbury.  We have articles about local charities too – the Hospital League of Friends and Trident Reach. We also look ahead to the family events being planned as part of the Darwin Festival in Shrewsbury during February. There is also a chance to win a pair of cinema tickets to The Old Market Hall. We’re thrilled about the reaction to Severn magazine and whilst this edition is at the printers, we’ll be planning the next one with even more local stories and features so please look out for your next issue. You can also read your latest issue on the Severn magazine website: Don’t forget we welcome any editorial suggestions, if you have something you feel maybe of interest to our readers then please get in touch.

Michael’s Morsels Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Grope Lane Rule of Thirds Brass Ta∞s Frankw≤l Regeneration Employment Advice Re◊oring the Canal Darwin Fe◊ival Buzzing Hive Moscow State Circus Classic Cinema at OMH Ruµ Cut, Happy New You! Students brand Central League of Friends Trident Reach Beef W≤lington Recipe A Creative Profile

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Prolific local artist Linda Edwards, pg 46

Michael Tinkler

Cover image: Steve Morris Please mention ‘Severn magazine’ when responding to advertisements. Tel: 07522 258776 | Fax: 01952 403 054 | Web:

Severn magazine is published by Darwin Publishing Limited, 12 Little Meadow Close, Admaston, TF5 0DN. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form without the written permission of the copyright owner. The editorial opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of Darwin Publishing Limited, its employees, agents or advertisers. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, Severn magazine cannot accept responsibility for any errors in articles or advertisements.







A Hearty Amount Raised A raµle draw was held at Brπish Heart Foundation Furnπure & Ele±rical Store in Darwin Shopping Centre. The total amount raised for the BHF was £1,192.00. The draw took √ace at the ◊ore, next to Mothercare, on Thursday 22nd December at 4.00pm. The Brπish Heart Foundation is always looking for v∫unteers and donations of furnπure to raise funds so if you want to get inv∫ved please pop in the store and ask for Darren the Store Manager.

From left: Ant, Hannah, Town Crier Martin, Elaine, Store Manager Darren and Wayne

‘mumpreneur’ A Shropshire ‘mumpreneur’ is on the rise after launching cookery sessions for young◊ers in Mark≥ Hall Shrewsbury. Mother-of-three Katie W≤lington opened Katie’s Kπchen for Kids in O±ober and is already cooking up a ◊orm wπh parents who can r≤ax and enjoy a cup of coµee and a ≈ice of cake wh∏e their ch∏dren create culinary ma◊erpieces in a safe environment. katiew≤ Katie Wellington and her enthusiastic youngsters


Success for Elaine Timmis from Moor Farm Shop


Memories Champion Breeding!

More than £400 has been raised by this year’s Tree of Memories at the Mark≥ Hall Shrewsbury. In r≥urn for a charπy donation, members of the public were invπed to wrπe a message to a friend, r≤ative, loved one, or even a p≥, pa◊ and present, and attach π to a bauble which was √aced on the tree over the fe◊ive period. A total of £407 was raised for this year’s nominated charπy, the Lingen Davies Cancer Appeal. Peo√e who √aced a bauble on the tree are invπed to c∫le± π for a keepsake in the New Year from the sπe management o∂ce at the mark≥.

A tremendous display of Hereford cattle was shown at the Hereford Cattle Society's Annual Christmas Calf Show, at the Shrewsbury Livestock Market – the largest single display of Herefords in Europe! Elaine Timmis from Moor Farm Shop commented; “We are all absolutely delighted with our recent successes. We took 10 calves to the show and were thrilled to come away with the Reserve Supreme Champion and five other firsts! Our herd dates back to 1919 and we have been breeding Hereford cattle since 1981 – we are dedicated to delivering the finest quality meat to our customers.”







Photo: Courtesy of Steve Morris

By Shrewsbury Town Crier Martin Wood

eading away from the Square are two major shutts, Gull≥ Passage and Grope Lane. Fir◊ of all a que◊ion, what’s the diµerence b≥ween a shutt and a passage? Answer, nothing. Before the Vi±orian times these small lanes were known as shutts but because of the thinking of our great Vi±orians this name was deemed to be too di◊a◊eful, so they renamed them passages. During the middle ages a ◊ream led from the pond in the Square down Grope Lane, Shrewsbury to the river and the name for then began π’s many changes unt∏ such a ◊ream was ‘G∫ate’ and at we come to todays owners. the sπe near to were π conne±s Leading in the opposπe dire±ion wπh Mard∫ Head used to ◊and the from the Square is Grope lane. Why Gull≥ Inn. So did the pub take π’s is π called Grope Lane? Yep, you’ve name from the shutt or the shutt take guessed!! Loads of towns in the π’s name from the pub, you decide. Country had a Grope Lane but mo◊ The Gull≥ Inn is now known as of them have changed the name The H∫e in the Wall but The Gull≥ to Green Lane or Grape Lane but we was here in 1528 and over the next in Shrewsbury r≥ain our original cou√e of hundred years was the name, Hooray!! All the Grope Lanes headquarters of numerous trav≤ling mentioned were used mainly for one √ayers groups, and also the Mayor trade, pro◊πution and π was big and Counc∏lors m≥ there at times. business in the medieval days of In the 1600’s they even had a tennis course. At the bottom of the Lane we court! In the mid 1700’s a serious fire now have the Co◊a Coµee shop but de◊royed many bu∏dings in the area in the 1780’s the bu∏ding was known of Mard∫ Head, and The Gull≥ was one of the bu∏dings sever≤y damaged, as The Globe public house before changing π’s name to The Cross Keys π was s∫d some 6 years later and


around 1820 and then entering into many name changes from around 1910. Next time you walk up Grope Lane ju◊ pause for a wh∏e and look at the bu∏ders marks on the timbers of the ∫d Cross Keys. All the timber houses bu∏t in town were originally put tog≥her in the fore◊ where the timber was f≤led to make sure π would all fit, once the carpenter was happy he would mark each timber to t≤l his workers where each one had to go. Mo◊ of the time these marks are on the inside but as this was an inn do you think the carpenter was paid in ale on a ‘drink as you go’ basis? It’s a bπ confusing because there was another Cross Keys Inn dire±ly opposπe, where Starbu∞s now ◊ands, and this was here b≥ween 1780 and 1820, ◊range or what? Halfway up Grope Lane, where the rubbish bin now ◊ands, used to be St. Martins Chap≤ and π is b≤ieved that under this chap≤ was one of the three Plague pπs that we had in the town. Around 2,000 of the 9,500 Shrewsbury f∫k who succumbed to the Bla∞ Death are thought to be buried in the pπ but sadly all traces of the chap≤ are long gone. There are some lov≤y individual shops in Grope Lane that are w≤l worth a visπ but take heart, none are trading in you know what! ∞

Martin Wood~Shrewsbury Town Crier t: 07718 951902 e:






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David Angus (former Seating Specialist at, amongst others, Keep Able of Radbrook and Oswestry Hospital) leads the team at Sovereign Mobility Specialists Limited, located close to Percy Thrower’s Garden Centre in Shrewsbury. Sovereign Mobility Specialists was formed in 2010 and supplies quality products at competitive prices. We are more than just a Mobility Shop. Our customer focussed staff pay particular attention to detail and offer a professional and passionate service to clients. With over 20 years of experience they will welcome you into our assessment centre and advise you and your loved ones. We also offer home assessments if required

Sovereign Mobility Specialists are the only approved Days Healthcare Centre of Excellence in the Shrewsbury area.

For sales, assessments, servicing or general enquiries contact us on 01743 270217 Sovereign Mobility Specialists Limited, Unit 4, Sutton Farm Shopping Centre, Tilstock Crescent,SHREWSBURY SY2 6HW Severnmagazine



Rule of

THIRDS For b≥ter ¬otogra¬ical composπions By Shrewsbury Photographer Steve Morris o you grab the camera and take a qui∞ snap of baby taking his/her fir◊ ◊eps. Of course baby gœs in the middle of the frame – that’s where your camera focuses right? For some reason the ¬oto dœsn’t look that great even if π is only a keepsake to remember the moment by. This is because images wπh the subje± √aced sma∞ in the middle look dull and unintere◊ing. Painters have known this for years, ever since the days when Greek arti◊s fir◊ discovered the concept and wrote about π. Subje±s ju◊ look so much b≥ter when they’re oµ centre. It’s rather a sim√e rule that can be ap√ied eas∏y to both portraπs of peo√e and landscapes. It’s called the Rule of Thirds. Basically, if you divide a scene into thirds – horizontally and/or vertically – then you have a way of making a composπion much more intere◊ing. There are many ways of using the rule. For exam√e when taking portraπs, √ace your subje±s where the vertical lines are, or where the lines interse±. A single person ◊anding in a fi≤d, for exam√e, can be √aced where the left or right hand line is but not in the centre. If your camera has a focus point in the centre of the frame, you w∏l need to lo∞ on the focus by pressing the


≥ 10


shutter button half-way down and then move the camera to √ace the subje± oµ-centre before taking the shot. The ¬oto of an evening fisherman, taken in Calais, looks good because the subje± is posπioned on the left hand vertical. His foot◊eps in the sand leading from the corner of the ¬oto also look good but what ruins this shot is the horizon roughly in

Evening fisherman, Calais

the centre of pi±ure. Because the second fishing rod was so high π was impossible to crop out the sky and make the horizon two thirds of the way up the pi±ure. If you’re shooting landscapes you can √ace the sky in the top horizontal third, obje±s like mountains or the sea in the middle third and nearby land in the bottom third. This is not an exa± science and the components only need to be √aced roughly in the corre± √ace. Shrewsbury skyline In the exam√e (top right) an early morning Shrewsbury skyline was shot wπh a y≤low filter and underexposed to produce a s∏hou≥te.

Shrewsbury skyline taken from the Quarry

Horizontally, the clouds are in the top third, the sky in the middle third and the bla∞ s∏hou≥te in the bottom third. Vertically, the dangling leaves and the Clo∞ Tower are almo◊ on the left hand line and the ◊ee√e of St Chads is on the right hand line. Notice there is nothing in the very centre of the composπion. Images are not normally as com√ex as this one but the rule ap√ies ju◊ as w≤l.

shot however, the camera was t∏ted, √acing the thirds on the diagonal. Amazingly, π ◊∏l works nic≤y as a composπion even though the head is quπe central in the frame. It’s always fun to experiment. ∞

Steve Morris ~Photographer w: w:

An experimental composition

Breaking the rules Peo√e often say that ‘rules are there to be broken’. This is very true. A good exam√e is this cat portraπ which was taken wπh a very large aperture so that only the cat’s face was in focus. The light, near part of the rug was therefore blurred in the bottom third as was the dark furnπure in the di◊ant top third. Before taking the Severnmagazine

11 ≤


HOME truths

The housing shortage across the Country w∏l not have escaped the attention of mo◊ peo√e and we w∏l all be aware of the pressures that the economy is putting on the housing mark≥… hen you look at the d≥a∏, the ◊ati◊ics are more hard hπting. House bu∏ding lev≤s are now lower than at any time since the 1920s! The Home Truths 2011 report also shows the average home co◊ing over 9 times average incomes and that our region has some of the highe◊ multi√es in the Country. If you live in Ludlow and earn an average wage you w∏l need 14 times your annual salary to be able to aµord to buy a home which co◊s £60,000 above the national average at £239,000! Wπh the number of new homes bu∏t by private dev≤opers falling by 45% during the downturn, and the co◊ of renting increasing, the need for aµordable housing is higher than ever. One of the s∫utions to this issue has to be a focus on providing aµordable housing to fir◊ time buyers and young fam∏ies which w∏l g≥ them onto the property ladder. This w∏l then ◊art to add a fresh layer of buyers into the second tier of housing and ease the pressure further on up the ladder. New Government schemes such as G≥ Brπain Bu∏ding and Fir◊Buy can h≤p. Fir◊Buy allows fir◊ time buyers to buy an equπy share in a property, typically 80% which reduces the amount of mortgage needed for your fir◊ home. If you are looking to buy your fir◊ home, take a look at the f∫lowing websπe which has some useful information: www.orbπ ∞


Dwight Bond, Specialist Property Solicitor, Andrews Law

Commercial and Property Law Specialists w:

≥ 12



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CONTEMPORARY LIFE FOR OLD ANTIQUES CENTRE The former antiques centre at the heart of Shrewsbury’s riverside in Frankwell will be embarking on a new chapter of its historic life, thanks to a revamp from a local Shropshire entrepreneur and businessman.

ad Zaman, owner of the Station Hot≤ in W≤lington, hopes his √ans for the long disused warehouse w∏l create a thriving night∆ot for the town, wπh a com√ex of bars, re◊aurants and boutique shops providing the perfe± accompaniment to Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn. Sπuated in a prominent posπion alongside the river and a short walk from the main town, the dev≤opment w∏l make the mo◊ of the beautiful surroundings – the benefit of Frankw≤l’s adjacent car park w∏l be


good news for local traders, who may be looking for new business premises. Discussing his ambπious √ans for the bu∏ding, Kad said “At the end of the day, we are going to enhance Frankw≤l and Shrewsbury. It’s a good opportunπy to regenerate the bu∏ding and our proposals w∏l hopefully create a number of jobs, as w≤l as boo◊ the night-time economy”. In∆iration for the scheme has come from sim∏ar proje±s in Manche◊er, where there are lots of successful canal-side bars, re◊aurants and clubs.

Mr Zaman has showcased his pro∆e±ive ideas for the bu∏ding online and peo√e are encouraged to visπ the websπe to find out more, www.frankw≤ Businesses and ◊art-up companies who are intere◊ed in becoming inv∫ved wπh the proje± or perhaps would like to find out more about the unπs ava∏able, are also w≤come to g≥ in touch via the websπe. ∞

The Maltings ~Frankwell Quay e: w: Artist’s impression of the regenerated building


15 ≤


Stunning Bathroom Showroom Opening Times: Mon-Fri 7:30am - 5pm Sat 7:30am - 12pm Late appointments by arrangement

38b Vanguard Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3TG (Opposite the Recycling Centre)

T: 01743 468999 M: 07515 285415 ≼ 16



Em√oyment issues in recent years and the amount of legi≈ation surrounding the work√ace has increased massiv≤y, making π harder than ever for both em√oyees and em√oyers to know exa±ly where they ◊and in legal terms.

Local firm offers

top employment advice B∏l Lam√ugh Consultant S∫icπor and em√oyment ∆eciali◊ shares with Severn Magazine his 5 top tips that em√oyers should be aware of:

1 Ensure that all your em√oyees have been issued wπh up-to-date contra±s of em√oyment or have received Statements of their Terms and Condπions of Em√oyment (including tim≤y Notice of any Changes to their Terms and Condπions);

2 Diarise regular and tim≤y Staµ Appraisals (particularly on your new em√oyees wπh less than one year’s continuous service); 3 Review your Disci√inary, Grievance and Performance Procedures to ensure that they are up to date and com√y wπh ACAS Statutory Code of Pra±ice;

4 Regularly review and update (where necessary) your Staµ Handbook to ensure that π includes all r≤evant p∫icies and procedures including those r≤ating to: a. Equal Opportunπies; b. Anti-discrimination, harassment and bullying; c. Whi◊leblowing; d. Health and Saf≥y at work; e. Sub◊ance misuse; f. Stress; g. Intern≥ access including social media sπes (ie Twπter, Facebook); h. Day to day work issues, such as dress codes, si∞ness absence procedures, h∫iday rules including any close-down days ◊ipulated to be taken as h∫iday, Data Prote±ion, use of mob∏e ¬ones at work ≥c: i. Maternπy and Paternπy leave; j. Compassionate leave; k. Flexible/Home working; l. R≥irement.

5 Review and Update Forms r≤ating to e.g. expense claims, si∞ness certification, h∫iday reque◊s and flexible working. If you are concerned about any of the points π is essential that you review wπh your s∫icπor. ∞

25 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, sy1 1da t: 0044 (0)1743 248545 e: w:


17 ≤


Restoring the flow of our ›››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››






››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› Many peo√e in Shrewsbury, both locals and visπing touri◊s, are continually surprised to learn that our town used to be home to a bu◊ling canal which supported thriving indu◊ry. A group of dedicated and passionate enthusia◊s are now d≥ermined to see the former Shrewsbury and Newport canal route re◊ored for future generations. he flourishing Shrewsbury and Newport Canals Tru◊ was formed in 2000 wπh the principal obje±ive of re-opening the canals which used to serve Newport and Shrewsbury. Consi◊ing of many members and v∫unteers, the tru◊ aims to prote±, conserve and improve the route of the canals for the benefit of the communπy. The ultimate goal is to bring a navigable waterway to Shrewsbury which is conne±ed wπh the national canal n≥work. In an area which is now known as T≤ford, a series of canals were fir◊ bu∏t by budding indu◊rial entrepreneurs to serve the growing number of The Canal Tavern and pub sign coalfi≤ds and ironworks throughout the region. In 1795, Thomas T≤ford took over as engineer of the partially Ra∏way companies began to purchase con◊ru±ed Shrewsbury Canal, which canals across the country from eventually opened 2 years later. private operators, closing the Wπh a total length of 17 m∏es, canals and in mo◊ cases, using 11 lo∞s and even a tunn≤ 970 yards the former canals as a ready-made long at Berwi∞ near Shrewsbury, the route in which to lay tra∞s. Shrewsbury Canal The Shrewsbury would have been a Canal was o∂cially Shrewsbury has the ◊unning sight in abandoned in 1944, potential to become the height of πs when maintenance one of the uk’s popularπy. Providing of the waters and leading canal towns an e∂cient and safe associated land ceased, means of tran∆ortation of goods, though peo√e ◊∏l managed to use canals oµered traders a much b≥ter the canal up unt∏ the early 1950s. m≥hod of moving materials around Wh∏◊ the canal has ∆ent the region in comparison to tradπional approximat≤y 60 years hidden away horse and cart. among◊ Shrewsbury’s rapid Canals such as the Shrewsbury dev≤opment, the Shrewsbury and and Newport routes benefitted from Newport Canals Tru◊ is on a mission significant inve◊ment and would to see what mu◊ sur≤y be one of have enjoyed a pro∆erous life in their our town’s shining jew≤s, brought prime. However, the birth of the ra∏way ba∞ into the heart of the town. ◊arted to bring the gradual decline It w∏l be a long-term proje± and of Brπain’s n≥work of waterways. there w∏l be many challenges that lie



≥ 18



ahead, but the group strongly b≤ieves that Shrewsbury has the potential to become one of the UK’s leading canal-towns. Severn Magazine w∏l be f∫lowing various ◊ages of the proje± as π progresses – in the meantime, anyone intere◊ed in finding out more about the canal or how to become inv∫ved wπh the proje±, is encouraged to visπ the websπe: ∞

Shrewsbury and Newport Canals Trust w:

Photo: John Bentley

Interesting facts about Shrewsbury’s canal: The canal was opened in 1796 and ended at a terminus ju◊ north of Shrewsbury Ca◊le. The original owners were the Shrewsbury Canal Company at fir◊ – but ownership passed to various ra∏way companies over the years. Co◊ing ju◊ under £65,000 to bu∏d, the canal proved to be pro∆erous in the town for some time. However, π was o∂cially abandoned in 1944, although peo√e continued to use the route up unt∏ the early 1950s. Coal, lime◊one, iron and general goods were tran∆orted into the town via the canal and barges were charged 2p per ton upon entering Shrewsbury. This 2p charge was wid≤y considered to be far too expensive though and thus the price was reduced to 1p per ton. Non≥h≤ess, the co◊ rose again wπhin several years!

The Canal ran past Shrewsbury Maltings

The nearby Canal Tavern was bu∏t in 1820-21 and provided a much-loved re◊ing √ace for trav≤ling boatmen as w≤l as the locals. The pub also oµered ◊abling for up to 5 horses. Records from 1901 show that the Tavern was ◊∏l an alehouse which was owned by Mr Robert Po∫e of St Mary’s Stre≥ – and that the premises incurred business rates of £22.15s.0d.

Photos: Tony Clayton

Routes behind the Canal Tavern

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Big bad bold

Nick Baker

he Shrewsbury Darwin Fe◊ival has been organised by the Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊ and w∏l be taking √ace across the county town b≥ween the 11th and 19th of February. There w∏l be a wh∫e ho◊ of intere◊ing things including many talks, experiments, walks and shows, ideal for fam∏ies to ex√ore tog≥her. A ∆ecial highlight w∏l be a tour of Darwin’s garden in Shrewsbury in the company of w≤l-known TV naturali◊ Ni∞ Baker. Leading scienti◊s w∏l d≤iver informal and engaging discussions in the intimate surroundings of Shrewsbury Coµee House; √us the fe◊ival w∏l give ch∏dren the unique opportunπy to handle real


≥ 20


BANGS, SMELLS, IDEAS, If you are looking to try som≥hing new and excπing, wh∏◊ learning about one of Shrewsbury’s mo◊ c≤ebrated icons, then the Shrewsbury Darwin Fe◊ival may oµer ju◊ what you need! Promising to in∆ire, ◊imulate and entertain the minds of all ages next month, the fe◊ival guide s≥s out an imaginative series of events. dinosaur bones and ancient foss∏s. Sara B≤lis, Peo√e and W∏dlife O∂cer at Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊, who has arranged the programme of events, said “The fe◊ival captures the ∆irπ of Darwin’s curiosπy and excπement about the world. We are bringing tog≥her scienti◊s, arti◊s, authors, film-makers and w∏dlife experts to ex√ore ideas in a really excπing and approachable way.” In addπion to the tour of Darwin’s garden, Ni∞ Baker w∏l give a ∆eech to c≤ebrate the 50th anniversary of Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊, he will be talking about the early influences that shaped him and the ways in

The Animal Man

which a new generation of naturali◊s can be in∆ired. The events are being ◊aged by a vari≥y of organisations across the communπy including Shrewsbury’s Museum on the Move, Enginuπy, the Fi≤d Studies Counc∏, National Tru◊ and Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊. D≥a∏ed events guides are now ava∏able from local shops, touri◊ information centres and of course the Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊’s visπor centre in Abbey Foregate. ∞


Darwin Festival ∞∞



FUN PHYSICS WITH ENGINUITY Monday 13th February Science Intera±ive experiments wπh the Enginuπy team, an ex√osive day out! Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊ Workshops: 10:00am unt∏ 12:00pm and 1:00pm unt∏ 3:00pm, £3.00 per person THE ANIMAL MAN Wednesday 15th February Animals Me≥, handle and fall in love wπh some truly beautiful animals! Learn about adaptation ev∫ution and Shrewsbury’s mo◊ famous son, Charles Darwin. Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊ 9:30am unt∏ 10:30am, 11:00am unt∏ 12:00pm, 1:00pm unt∏ 2:00pm, 2:30pm unt∏ 3:30pm £3.00 per person

Plus e or lots m lso at a s T event IFE TRUS L s D e L I u n W THE d other ve e h t an s acros n tow

Sara Bellis ~People and Wildlife Officer Shropshire Wildlife Trust, 193 Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, sy2 6ah t: 0044 (0)1743 284280 w:

Darwin’s Garden

THE DINOSAUR, THE DODO AND THE DORMOUSE Friday 17th February Multi-Sensory Exhibition Join award-winning Museum on the Move for an intera±ive, multi-sensory exhibπion that uses ∆ecimens and obje±s from museum c∫le±ions to ex√ore the process of extin±ion. Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊ 10:00am unt∏ 4:00pm, drop-in for free MAKE A FOSSIL Friday 17th February Fossil Making Make your own √a◊er ca◊ of foss∏s wπh Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊’s very own ge∫ogi◊! Shropshire W∏dlife Tru◊ Times 10:00am unt∏ 12:00pm and 1:30pm unt∏ 3:30pm, £3.00 per person Severnmagazine

21 ≤


Simply Baby is Shropshire’s independent pushchair and car seat specialist. They have a vast selection of brands on display and in-stock including Their stylish and spacious Shrewsbury store allows you to ‘test drive’ the huge variety of pushchairs they have on show. Or you can simply ask one of their friendly staff who will be more than willing to provide a full demonstration of any product. ‘It’s so important that you get the right pushchair to suit how you will use it. With so many features, combinations and options available it’s not just about the colour. Many buy on-line without seeing a selection first, only to find it isn’t right. By visiting us in store we can go through everything and make sure you are completely happy.’ Luke Edwards - Simply Baby. Car Seats can be a bit of a tricky area, but this can be made simple by asking trained staff to advise which car seat is best for your child. They have a range of seats on show, plus a vehicle demo seat to ‘have a go’. You can even ask to try the seat in your vehicle to see if it is the right fit. Rest assured that you also benefit from on-line prices in store. Simply Baby always try to offer the best price. If not you can always ask them to try and price match. For their local customers buying in-store, items can be held free of charge until you are ready to collect. They also offer an instalment payment plan that is totally interest free.

Phil & Teds Quinny Joolz Baby Jogger Maxi-Cosi Britax Recaro Babysyle & more… Located on Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury just around the corner from the Volkswagen Garage it is easy to find and benefits from a free spacious car park immediately outside. Open 9am -5.30pm weekdays 10am – 4pm on Saturday

01743 453942

For that local touch, friendly customer service and Internet prices head to

Battlefield Enterprise Park Shrewsbury Shropshire SY13TG

≥ 22




23 ≤


Welcome to the third insight into the Hive Music and Media Centre, where our aim is to highlight all of the exciting opportunities which are taking place right on your doorstep, at our well-established arts venue.

Street Art Exhibition

Andy Cutting

Open mic sessions


u∏ding on a successful 2011 we F∫lowing on from the success of are certainly looking forward the summer open mic nights, an to a new year at the Hive increased number of open mic events are s≥ to take √ace which w∏l and another posπive 12 months of provide further opportunπies for local c≤ebration, creative fun and enjoymusicians to showcase their musical ment for all. The Hive is now busier than ever and our growing reputation talent. The renowned Art Themen as a vibrant venue for arts and culture launches the Shrewsbury Jazz N≥work concerts this month and the N≥work has ◊ead∏y increased throughout w∏l also ho◊ a ∆ecial the la◊ year. Legendary Ruth concert wπh the Jim A particular highlight of the ∆ring programme Moody will launch Mullen Reunion Quart≥ February – a show that is the continuation of the 2012 line-up in really is not to be missed! the monthly f∫k concerts However, music is not the only which are d≤ivered in partnership wπh the team behind the Shrewsbury a±ivπy which the Hive has to oµer this season. The centre w∏l be F∫k Fe◊ival. Numerous world-class w≤coming the r≥urn of regular events a±s w∏l be taking to the Hive’s ◊age and a±ivπies, including Shrewsbury wπh Jim Moray, Martin Simpson life drawing, toddler groups, Shropshire and Andy Cutting ju◊ some of the Youth Theatre, the Shrewsbury F∏m internationally acclaimed names s≥ Soci≥y and EDW Wre◊ling √us to perform. Legendary Ruth Moody many more. We are also looking w∏l launch the 2012 line-up wπh her forward to ho◊ing ch∏drens theatre concert on January 15th.


≥ 24


Ruth Moody

Music Time

IN STORE FOR ALL shows in association wπh Shrewsbury Bookfe◊ and a screening of Be≥le Queen Conquers Tokyo as part of the forthcoming Shrewsbury Darwin Fe◊ival c≤ebrations. The Hive’s work wπh young peo√e across the county is s≥ to continue, wπh the excπing launch of several new proje±s, including Youthful Landscapes in South Shropshire. The Hive Music and Media Centre is dedicated to providing opportunπies for young peo√e to learn, have fun, dev≤op new life sk∏ls and ex√ore their potential through creativπy. Our ∆ring brochure is now ava∏able and peo√e are encouraged to drop by the centre in person to pick up a copy and discover everything which is going on at the Hive. Alternativ≤y, the ∆ring brochure can also be viewed online by visπing: ∞

What’s On ∞∞∞∞ at

the Hive


January Friday 13th January Film Shrewsbury F∏m Soci≥y, True Grπ: Doors 7:30pm, ◊arts 8:00pm, £5.00 on the door Saturday 14th January Jazz Shrewsbury Jazz N≥work, Art Themen: Doors 7:30pm, ◊arts 8:00pm, tick≥s £10.00, under 16s free Sunday 15th January Folk Shrewsbury F∫k Fe◊ival, Ruth Moody: Doors 7:15pm, ◊arts 7:45pm, tick≥s £12.00

Friday 27th January Film Shrewsbury F∏m Soci≥y, A Separation: Doors 7:30pm, ◊arts 8:00pm, £5.00 on the door Friday 3rd February Event ~Wrestling EDW Wre◊ling: Doors 7:00pm, b≤l-time 7:30pm, adults £4.50 and ch∏dren £3.50 on the door

Habib Malik-Mansell~Marketing Assistant 5 Belmont, SY1 1TE T: 0044 (0)1743 234970 E: w:


25 ≤


MONKHOUSE GRANARY Meeting your business needs • Meeting facility for 2 to 50 guests • Adaptable family business, catering for each event individually • Homecooked freshly prepared food • IT equipment on site, including wireless broadband • Complimentary parking adjacent to facility • Unique location close to Shrewsbury with easy access to M54

Monkhouse Broadoak Shrewsbury Shropshire SY4 3HP E: T: 01939 290388 F: 01939 290388 W:

Meetings ≥ 26







2)'#*%$$+',#+,#-#3-0(-,4$-05#%3#6$+33,7#6&-8,7#6-9',#-05#.%%5,#:;,(#.-+(+08#(%#<'# '"=$%&'5>#?#3-0(-,(+6#3;0#5-4#%;(#3%&#-$$>

!"#$%&'(&)"*'+"),-#$."/'0*'12*"3#4(*5/'12*%6#27*"/'189':;8 <7#7$'333=6*7&,76-.>2-5."5=,%?@2-3A#$%&"6-*A B*',-..'01948 841 700


27 ≤


The Moscow State Circus will be bringing its latest and most spectacular show to Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn later this month with the sensational Babushkin Sekret set to wow audiences.

Moscow State Circus rolls into Town he newly devised show her fam∏y jew≤lery had been hidden combines the be◊ ≤ements in one of tw≤ve chairs from the of both contemporary and fam∏y’s dining room. The chairs, classical circus, bringing tog≥her along wπh all other property, had a mammoth ca◊ of Russia’s mo◊ been expropriated by the governtalented arti◊es including those ment after the Russian Rev∫ution. wid≤y considered to be among◊ Valerik and his sideki∞ become the greate◊ circus pertreasure hunters and s≥ the greatest formers on the earth. out to find each and every circus performers Based on the classic one of the tw≤ve chairs. on the earth satirical nov≤ ‘Tw≤ve Throughout the show, the Chairs’ by Sovi≥ authors Ilf and h∏arious clowning of Valerik and P≥rov, the ◊ory of the tw≤ve Valik is combined wπh breathtaking chairs has in∆ired many films and circus a±s such as the beautiful live comedy shows over the years Yana Alieva on a rev∫ving aerial such as Keep Your Seats Please chand≤ier, the acrobatic wonders by Ealing Studios, which ◊arred of the Whirlwind Rubsovsm troupe George Formby in 1936. and juggling Sherbakovs on the The original tale s≥ in 1927 reverse pyramid of St P≥ersburg. Russia focuses on Valerik, a former Craig Reeves, Mark≥ing O∂cer member of nob∏πy who works as a at Theatre Severn t∫d us “F∫lowing desk clerk. That is unt∏ his grandon from the thr∏ling visπ by the mother reveals on her deathbed that Chinese State Circus in 2010, our audiences can expe± another show full of ∆e±acle and we are very priv∏eged to w≤come this hug≤y talented company to Shropshire”. The Moscow State Circus w∏l be performing at Theatre Severn on Monday 30th January and ti∞≥s are priced from £11.00, and ava∏able from the Box O∂ce. ∞


≥ 28



What’s On at

Theatre Severn



∞∞∞∞ Balletboyz

THE CLASSIC ROCK SHOW 22nd January 8:00pm ~ Auditorium Music Featuring the songs of The Eagles, Led Zepp≤in, Fle≥wood Mac, Dire Straπs, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Who and more. £24.50 – £29.50 BALLETBOYZ 25th January 7:30pm ~ Auditorium Dance One of the mo◊ original and innovative forces in modern dance, blending ∆e±acular dance both energ≥ic and graceful, wπh ◊unning music and film. £16.50, Under 18: £12.00 THE SOLDIERS 26th January 7:30pm ~ Auditorium Music The fir◊ group of serving s∫diers to hπ the Brπish pop charts, their two top ten albums have h≤ped raise over half a m∏lion pounds for army charπies. £22.50 THE KNICKER LADY 27 th January 7:30pm ~ The Walker Theatre Comedy/Drama Rosemary Hawthorne’s br∏liant one woman show combines drama, satire and broad comedy to t≤l the fascinating ◊ory of women’s lives over the la◊ 250 years. £12.00, Concessions: £10.00

HUGH CORNWELL 28th January 7:30pm ~ The Walker Theatre Music Formerly of The Stranglers, Hugh Cornw≤l has ≥ched hims≤f into the UK’s musical psyche wπh songs such as Peaches, No More Herœs, and G∫den Brown. £18.00

Hugh Cornwell

The Soldiers

SEVERN JESTERS 29th January 8:00pm ~ The Walker Theatre Comedy Discover your new favourπe ◊andup at Theatre Severn’s popular monthly comedy club as four fringe comedians perform. £8.00 THE MOSCOW STATE CIRCUS 30th January 7:30pm ~ Auditorium Entertainment The Moscow State Circus brings πs late◊ and mo◊ ∆e±acular show to Theatre Severn in January wπh the sensational Babushkin Sekr≥ – featuring a mammoth ca◊ of Russia’s mo◊ talented arti◊es and some of the greate◊ circus performers on earth. From £11.00

The Knicker Lady

Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury, SY3 8FT t: Box Office: 0044 (0)01743 281281 e: w:


29 ≤


“When it came to cushions I couldn’t find anything I liked so I found some fabric from the US and now I import lots of designs and make cushions, aprons, bunting and pinnies. The designs are quite vintage looking which is what I like, but the colours are vibrant and fresh which I couldn’t find here.” !!& !" ! $

& &!



$! !

! " & " !


! $! $ (

! !! &



" !


& "!& '

! ! * "" $ ! !! ! " & " #

! !



# "! "

& "




! "

"! " "

!!& ! !" $ " !



≥ 30



$ !

“The furniture is very ‘make do and mend’ the big white cupboard started out as a 1970’s school cupboard - I put some panelling in the doors, added a cornice to the top and used a paint finish. The brass light fitting was sprayed silver then black to give a pewter effect.”




" $

) #



! " ! # ! ! & ! ! & "! ! " ! ! $ !! & ! $ "&

$! !

! "



! %


& $ # ! ! !! &$

! !

! !


& !!


* $



31 ≤


What’s On at

Old Market Hall

THE DEBT 28th December – 5th January Film (15) Dire±or: John Madden (2010) TYRANNOSAUR 3rd January – 5th January Film (18) Dire±or: Paddy Considine (2011) TOSCA 5th January Opera/Film Dire±or: Antonio Pappano (2011) THE AWAKENING 6th January – 12th January Film (15) Dire±or: Nick Murphy (2011)

Johnny Depp in Rum Diary

See in the New Year with

THE HELP 13th January – 19th January Film (12a) Dire±or: Tate Taylor (2011)


THE RUM DIARY 13th January – 19th January Film (15) Dire±or: Bruce Robinson (2011)

The much anticipated film adaptation of War Horse and The Iron Lady, a biopic of former Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher, lead an appealing range of films coming to Shrewsbury’s Old Market Hall this season.

THE IRON LADY 20th January – 26th January Film (12a) Dire±or: Phyllida Lloyd (2011) WAR HORSE 27th January – 9th February Film (pg-13) Dire±or: Steven Spielberg (2011) SMOKEY JOE’S CAFÉ 29th January Film (u) Dire±or: Don Roy King (2002)

≥ 32


ew Year also brings the debut the extraordinary journey of a horse em√oyed on the battlefi≤ds during feature from award-winning the Fir◊ World War. actor Paddy Considine and January commences wπh The Debt, Johnny Depp’s portrayal of author ◊arring H≤en Mirren as a r≥ired Hunter S. Thompson. The comp≤ling ◊ory of the woman Mossad agent, f∫lowed by Paddy Considine’s Tyrannosaur. B∏led who smashed through the barriers as a gripping and aµe±ing drama, of gender and class to become Tyrannosaur features two ◊unning a force in a male-dominated world, central performances The Iron Lady is led by a ◊andout a standout performance from P≥er Mullan (NEDS) and Olivia performance from Meryl Streep C∫man (Peep Show) from Meryl and f∫lows the ◊ory Streep and oµers of Jose¬ and Hannah, a v∫at∏e audiences a surprising and intimate alcoh∫ic and charπy shop worker portraπ of the former Brπish Prime re∆e±iv≤y, as they seek salvation in Mini◊er. Already a hπ √ay in the each other. We◊ End, War Horse brings Micha≤ The month continues wπh ch∏ling Morpurgo’s ch∏drens nov≤ to the big Brπish gho◊ ◊ory The Awakening screen for the fir◊ time and f∫lows





Helen Mirren in The Debt

Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady

and the r≥urn of The H≤p, wπh Bruce Robinson’s The Rum Diary adding further vari≥y, based on the lo◊ autobiogra¬ical nov≤ by Hunter S. Thompson. Brochures wπh full d≥a∏s of January’s films can be pi∞ed up from The Old Mark≥ Hall, Theatre Severn



and a number of other locations across Shrewsbury town centre. The full programme is also ava∏able to view online, where you can also choose and book ti∞≥s. Ti∞≥s can be booked through the Box O∂ce at Theatre Severn or the Old Mark≥ Hall in the Square, Shrewsbury Town Centre. ∞

Jeremy Irvine in War Horse

Old Market Hall The Square, Shrewsbury, Shropshire t: Box Office: 0044 (0)01743 281281 e: w:


Win a Pair of Tickets to see a film at the Old Market Hall! Que◊ion: Which author dœs Johnny Depp portray in The Rum Diary? Email answers to:, closing date Friday 13th January 2012. ∞ Please ensure your entry email contains your preferred contact details. Tickets subject to availability. Cannot be redeemed against films marked FREE LIST SUSPENDED.


33 ≤


Happy New Year

o… do you want to ti∞ “look great for that summer h∫iday” oµ your New Years res∫utions li◊? If so f∫low these very sim√e guid≤ines to h≤p dire± you to the body you’ve always wanted.


Banish the belly fat; We all know how dangerous a growing waistline can be to our health. It’s a common talking point in every gym throughout the year. However, over the Chri◊mas period the average person can gain up to 5lbs, therefore shifting further em¬asis on tightening up your tum come January. The tip; Do Intervals to h≤p shift that gut and improve your oxygen debt. A ◊udy from Canada found that exercisers who did 30-minute workouts that included short, hard eµorts lo◊ three times as much fat in 15 weeks as their peers who performed ◊eady-paced workouts for 45 minutes. Be realistic; We earlier e◊ablished the reasons why health clubs are always pa∞ed in January, but π’s un-reali◊ic goals that cause these fluxes of peo√e to end the fitness que◊ by February. The tip; Think short-term rather than long, pi∞ a maximum of 2 or 3 reali◊ic areas you wish to improve during a period of 6 weeks and then assess your progress.

e: t: 0044 (0)1743 467755 w:

≥ 34


Get functional; Over the la◊ few years Fun±ional Training (workouts

that mimic every day movements) have been popular in gyms up and down the country and this trend shows no sign of dying out in 2012. The tip; Do workouts that mimic life. By training in this manor you can recruπ more muscles that are needed to work tog≥her in all √anes of movement. This w∏l lead you to bu∏d a greater, leaner, muscle mass base which aids in increasing your m≥ab∫ic rate in order to e∂ciently burn calories throughout the day… pr≥ty produ±ive, hey! It’s also more natural to ut∏ise your body in the way π’s designed to be worked, think about π, how many times do you bench press those shopping bags in the day? ∞

The“turning over a new leaf”approach is something we all do, and improving our physical fitness and appearance is usually high on our agenda, so it’s no wonder health clubs are packedout over January.

YOU! Darren Ruff



35 ≤


≥ 36



The familiar site of the imposing Baptist Church in Claremont

≥ ≥

‘Brainstorming’, Sixth Form College students at work

Building works nearing completion

entral is now nearing com√≥ion thanks to local firm Morris’s work and aims to become a future heartbeat of the county town, a vibrant focal point of a±ivπy for the communπy and visπors, which w∏l w≤come peo√e of all ages through the door. Jude James and Steve Barnw≤l, the two peo√e who have overseen the excπing revamp, approached the Sixth Form C∫lege wπh a challenge of making the centre appealing and engaging to young peo√e. Four gra¬ic design ◊udents were s≤e±ed by tutors for their creative flair, promising ambπion and desire to enter the gra¬ics indu◊ry wπh some professional experience. For Matthew, Maria, Ellie and Mπch≤l, π was time to g≥ creative and reach for the drawing pad and penc∏s, in the mission to design the centre’s o∂cial logo.


New Centre Taps Into

Students Talent Four talented gra¬ic design ◊udents from the town’s Sixth Form C∫lege have been g≥ting their te≥h into a real life brief after being given the opportunπy to brand Shrewsbury’s newe◊ communπy centre, the redev≤oped Bapti◊ Church in Claremont. The four a∆iring designers, who have worked on the proje± outside of c∫lege, have received creative support and guidance from the team at Starfish on St Johns H∏l. Head of Creative Andy Walton oµered con◊ru±ive feedba∞ at a review me≥ing saying “The qualπy of work is great! There are some good ideas here and π’s clear that you’ve put a lot of thought into the proje±”. Jude Jones of the Bapti◊ Church said “Having already e◊ablished a r≤ationship wπh the c∫lege, we’ve been thr∏led wπh the way the ◊udents have embraced our aims and vision”. Speaking about his inv∫vement Matthew, aged 18 added “I’ve found the experience really posπive and π’s been good to work wπh a small group of f≤low ◊udents on som≥hing local in the communπy”.

All four ◊udents have dev≤oped their own individual logos and the final logo w∏l form the basis of the centre’s mark≥ing materials and branding. Central w∏l be ready to open πs doors from Ea◊er 2012 onwards – watch this ∆ace! ∞

Jude James ~Central, Shrewsbury Baptist Church e: w:


37 ≤


Four of our young volunteers from left: Luke Symmonds, Peter Lloyd, Georgina Adams and Joe Partridge

The Shrewsbury League was formed in 1966, opening the fir◊ shop in south ho∆πal in 1971; takings on the fir◊ day were £28.00. There are now four shops in the RSH, they are the Friends front line, manned by over 200 v∫unteers along wπh a few paid h≤pers. ››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››

The History of the

League of Friends Royal Shrewsbury Ho∆πal


Chairman Jayne Mott presenting volunteer Mrs Dot Harrison with a bouquet of flowers and a long service medal for 40 years service.

very day v∫unteers take a da∏y tr∫ley service around the wards s≤ling new∆apers, confe±ionary and to∏≥ries. This is mo◊ w≤come not ju◊ by patients but ho∆πal ◊aµ alike. Some patients may not have any visπors, and to see two sm∏ing faces visπing them wπh a tr∫ley of goodies is mo◊ w≤coming. The League of Friends of the RSH

E ≥ 38


donates around £1m∏lion to the ho∆πal every year; this has all been possible because of the kindness and generosπy of the peo√e of Shropshire and Mid-Wales. From generous donations and legacies from peo√e who have made provisions in their w∏l. All the money raised is used to provide funding to buy much needed, life saving equipment which w∏l be a la◊ing gift for future generations to come. In 2006 the Shrewsbury League was presented wπh a Queens Award for V∫untary Service for out◊anding achievements and commπment to h≤ping others. Only a hundred of these awards are given out each year so the League of Friends f≤t very honored. The Executive Commπtee is made up of eighteen members consi◊ing of Chairman Mrs Jayne Mott, Vice Chairman Iain G∏mour and our Treasurer Mr Tony Barker. Fundraising Chairman Mrs Nich∫a Da√ing, Vice Chairman Mrs Sally Davies √us 25 fundraising commπtee members, all giving their time fre≤y to work tir≤es≈y throughout the year organising events and h≤ping to raise extra money to boo◊ the funds. All the flower di∆lays that you see brightening up the RSH are provided by v∫unteers who me≥ up four times

a year to arrange the flowers and d≤iver them to the wards. What of the League of Friends of the RSH team’s future? Susan Hurdiss, Organising secr≥ary said, “The Friends of the RSH show us today the wonderful exam√e of the ∆irπ that led to the formation of the National League of Ho∆πal Friends in 1949, dedicated v∫unteers eager to h≤p a ho∆πal wπh which they fe≤ a ◊rong personal conne±ion. Only time w∏l t≤l if a new generation of v∫unteers w∏l grow up to fe≤ a sim∏ar indebtedness to and fondness for the Royal Shrewsbury Ho∆πal that has made the Friends such a very ∆ecial group. Wπh more and more young peo√e giving their time as v∫unteers in our shops and also h≤ping to raise extra funds wπh fundraising events I personally have every confidence that the League of Friends of the RSH w∏l go from ◊rength to ◊rength.” ∞

League of Friends Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Organising Secretary, Susan Hurdiss t: 0044 (0)1743 261007 e:


specialising in holistic therapies “I had a course of treatments with Emma to help me relax and relive stress. Going regularly really helped and gave me something to look forward to, with a busy life it gave me some ‘me time’. I have had a lot of massages and Emma is one of the best, she has a natural ability and really gets to all those aches and pains. Can’t wait to try the Hot Stone treatment!” rejuvenate offers a range of holistic therapies customised to your individual preferences. This ensures that you achieve complete relaxation and relief from the stresses and strains of daily life. When you come to rejuvenate you will be calmed and soothed by the warm lighting and gentle music, and will leave the salon feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.

T. Heath-Wareing, Shrewsbury

Gift vouchers available for that special occasion

NEW! Express Back Massage - 20 mins for £15

tel: 0777 0864180 | email: emma@rejuvenate | www.rejuvenate 13 wyle cop, (above Dolly’s hair salon), shrewsbury, shropshire SY1 1XB

Could hypnosis provide the solution for you?

Maria has been successful in helping clients to overcome these perceived obstacles for a number of years. Before training to be a hypnotherapist she enjoyed a successful career, spanning more than thirty years, as nurse in clinical practice and latterly NHS management. Her enduring fascination with the mind and body connection led her to undertake study with the Contemporary College of Therapeutics based in London and has since been using a wide range of techniques. She now sees clients at Cedar House Clinic, Shrewsbury Business Park and helps people with a wide range of conditions. She is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, Complementary Natural Health Council. To find out more visit or call Maria on 07785505310

can c an I help help you? you? C




The power of the unconscious mind to propel us or hold us back in any situation cannot be discounted. For instance there is no logical reason why we should be afraid to travel by air. It has been shown to be one of the safest methods of traveling. However many otherwise balanced and 'normal' people are gripped by a fear of this everyday task. This and other types of fear/phobia, behaviours and emotions can be readily helped with hypnotherapy.


All too often we try to achieve goals such as weight loss, changing habits and behaviours or dealing with emotions and we repeatedly fall at the first or second fence. The reason for this can be an underlying, unacknowledged problem which prevents a successful outcome.


St Stress, anxieties, i ties, weight management, t per formance enhancemen nt, self esteem, performance enhancement, behaviour management and much more Book a FREE 20 minute consultation Call Maria 077855 07785505310 505310 www Shrewsbur Shrewsburyy Busine Business ess Park


39 ≤


≥ 40



Reach for the

future ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Trident Reach the People Charity supports vulnerable people in and around Shropshire, helping them to live independent and fulfilling lives. ‘A Reach support worker helps a service user with his gardening.

h∏e many peo√e are The charπy also has six flats in concerned about national Shrewsbury for peo√e wπh mental cuts to public se±or health issues, which oµer 24-hour services, Trident Reach provides support in case residents become ta∏ored support to me≥ individuals’ di◊ressed or unw≤l. needs which can be funded from This highly successful proje± users’ own personal budg≥ or the h≤ps peo√e who may have been in dire± payments they ho∆πal and need extra Reach is one of the support before being able receive for their care. leading social Trident Reach, to live on their own. investment charities One man was in ho∆πal launched two years in the region ago, currently supports or rehab∏πation for eight 98 peo√e wπh mental health issues years before moving to one of the or learning disab∏πies wπhin the flats – a year later, he was w≤l enough communπy in the Shrewsbury area – to move into his own rented house. and another 25 peo√e across the re◊ In addπion, Trident Reach runs of Shropshire. a short-◊ay support house in the This floating communπy support Shrewsbury area for peo√e wπh service inv∫ves Trident Reach’s mental health issues who are in experienced support workers h≤ping di◊ress or crisis. Experienced ◊aµ peo√e wπh everyday a±ivπies h≤p them through their crisis such as shopping, budg≥ing, leisure unt∏ they are ready to go home, pursuπs and educational or v∫untary thereby avoiding the need for them work √acements. to go to ho∆πal.


Elli Langw≤l, Trident Reach’s Team Coordinator for Shropshire’s Communπy Floating Support Services, said: “Wh≥her you need assi◊ance wπh an everyday a±ivπy, r≤ationship bu∏ding, managing lev≤s of ◊ress, depression or anxi≥y, Reach can oµer h≤p and support. We can work wπh you to ta∏or a package of support to suπ you.” If you would like to know more about Trident Reach the Peo√e Charπy and π’s services, conta± the charπy’s head o∂ce on 0121 633 2194. ∞

Trident Reach the People Charity t: 0044 (0)121 633 2194 w:


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FIT FOR A DUKE! Michael Jordan Head Chef

Simply the Bes§


ellington Silverto^ °tyle

You w∏l need: ~ 16oz beef fill≥ – preferably from the Berwi∞ Organic Longhorn Herd! ~ 200g fi≤d mushrooms ~ 100g √ain flour ~ 200g m∏k ~ 2 free range eggs – one for the batter, one for the egg-wash ~ 1 pa∞≥ ready-r∫led puff pa◊ry ~ 1 ∆rig fresh thyme ~ 2 cloves garlic ~ 3 ≈ices Parma ham ~ Veg o∏ for frying ~ Salt and pepper for seasoning ~ 2 tbl ∆oons wh∫egrain mu◊ard

Michael Jordan ~Head Chef The Silverton The Old Dairy, 9-10 Frankwell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, sy3 8jy t: 0044 (0)1743 248000 e: w:

≥ 42


M≥hod: 1. Make Pancakes To do this mix 100 grams of √ain flour and 200 grams of m∏k tog≥her and beat in one egg. Pour this mixture into a hot frying pan wπh a lπtle o∏ and cook for a minute or so, turning over when the bottom is ◊arting to brown. Once both sides are nic≤y browned remove this from the heat and s≥ to one side. 2. Mushroom Dux≤le Fry the mushrooms in a pan wπhout o∏, add a ∆rig of thyme and two crushed cloves of garlic. Once the moi◊ure has ◊arted to come out of the mushrooms, blπz them in a food processor unt∏ they form a pa◊e. Once this is done, √ace the pancake on a clean work surface and ∆read out the Mushroom Dux≤le over π. On top of this lay two pieces of Parma ham. 3. Seal the F∏l≥ Season the fill≥ wπh √enty of salt and pepper and seal each side in a very hot pan, then leave π to re◊ and co∫ down. Once π is co∫ enough to handle, brush the fill≥ wπh wh∫egrain mu◊ard and √ace on top of the Parma ham, mushrooms and pancake. Next r∫l the meat into the pancake and then r∫l that into the puff pa◊ry, sealing the edges and brushing the wh∫e thing wπh egg-wash. Put into a pre-heated oven at around 200ºc, gas mark 4, for around 20 minutes or unt∏ g∫den. 4. Serving Suggestions Serve wπh seasonal veg≥ables and perhaps a fondant potato, or some classic roa◊ potatœs (they’re be◊ when grown in Shropshire!). ∞


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at the market hall, shrewsbury, call sam on 07531 824561

â&#x2030;Ľ 44



PET C R E M AT I O N S E RV I C E S !"#$%&'(%"!")*+%"!",-$(('*"./0'%"!"1'23*4$5"63%'%"!

v !"#$%&"'()*$+',"-&+.&/0102&#"&344"5&) 4)6+$%758.&'"59+:"&344"5+.;&)&<"5'3.)$&).-+':5""(&4)5"#"$$&(3&%385&<"(=

v ?"('&<$)%&)&,8;"&<)5(&+.&385&$+9"'2&'3&#" )5"&)*$"&(3&8.-"5'().-&"L):($%&,3#&(,"&$3'' 34&)&*"$39"-&:36<).+3.&4""$'=&M,)(N'&#,%


v >5"".,+$$&?"(&@5"6)(+3.&A"59+:"'&+'&58.

#"&*"$+"9"&(,"%&',38$-&*"&(5")("-&#+(, -+;.+(%&).-&(,"&5"'<":(&(,"%&-"'"59"=

v R385&<"('&)',"'&#+$$&*"&5"(85."-&+.

*%&,8'*).-&).-&#+4"&B.;"$&).-&C"..% D)5(+."E2&#+(,&-)8;,("5&F)("&B'<+.)$$= G85&4)6+$%&,)'&*"".&+.93$9"-&#+(, ).+6)$'2&5"':8+.;&-3;'&).-&:)('&435&(," <)'(&HI&%")5'=&J"(#"".&8'2&#"&,)9"&10 -3;'2&1K&:)('&).-&/&,35'"'&).-&#"&,)9" 0"1"2 *"".&#+(,38(&)&<"(=

v O"&:).&:3$$":(&%385&<"(&4536&%385&9"(' 35&6)P"&)55).;"6".('&(3&:3$$":(&4536&%385 ,36"=&Q4&%385&9"(&-3"'&.3(&)$5")-%&8'"&385 '"59+:"'2&%38&:).&"+(,"5&:3.():(&8'&-+5":(&35 )'P&%385&9"(&(3&-3&'3=&O"&344"5&:5"6)(+3. '"59+:"'&435&,03,1,34+# <"('2&'3&%38N5"

5'42 <"(&3.$%=

)&:3.()+."5&34&%385&:,3+:"=&B.&)',"' :"5(+4+:)("&#+$$&*"&<$):"-&+.'+-"&%385 :,3'".&:3.()+."5=&O"&:).&)$'3&5"(85. )',"'&*%&<3'(&+4&5"S8+5"-=

v O"&)5"&$+:".:"-&*%&(,"&T.9+53.6".( B;".:%&).-&#"&-3&.3(&+.:+."5)(" :$+.+:)$&#)'("=

!"##$%&''()#*(+"#,-*&.$(/#"0&1#2 3%#(45&'6&$7(8 9..62*:'#(;-",(8 <1*.$(=#:$-'6(8 >"(/%"#?2@5":(8 /%".A2%&"#(8 /BC(DEF !"#$%GHIDI(JJ(GG(KK(8 &'($%GLKHM(JJK(HDN(8 )*+,#$%7"##$%&''A#*1"#,O:-%..P1.P5Q -"(.,/"$%???PA#*1"#,-*&.$2%".A2%&"#P1.,


45 ≤


By Sam Pooley

A Creative Profile:

› Linda Edwards

Linda Edwards

inda Edwards is a world famous the north ea◊ of England, lived a ∏lu◊rator resident in our very long time in Cambridge wπh ∆≤ls own town. She is glamorous, in Germany and Kenya before mode◊, exudes co∫ and whenever s≥tling in Shropshire 20 years ago. I see her she has a sm∏e on her face. Linda ◊arted her career as an She lives in a town house, walls ∏lu◊rator aged 35, a single mum of laden wπh paintings two and has never looked Her most recent and books, her ◊udio ba∞. She combines works are inspired overlooks the beautiful tradπional m≥hods of by our beloved Quarry; A whπe ∆ace painting and drawing wπh Shropshire that gives in∆iration digπal techniques and lots for her many creations. Illu◊rated of vibrant c∫our. books, ¬oto albums, cards, aprons, Her mo◊ recent works are in∆ired kπchenware, t∏es, mugs and prints – by our b≤oved Shropshire; ‘Life can the li◊ gœs on.  be swe≥ on the sunny side of the The s≤f-taught arti◊ was born ◊re≥’ depi±s various famous ◊re≥s in Zimbabwe, grew up in Sto∞ton in in Shrewsbury from Butcher Row to


≥ 46


Grope Lane and ‘π all ◊arted here in 1850 in Shropshire’ is a c∫laboration wπh Shropshire Museum to commemorate the original Olympic Games in Much Wenlo∞. You can see her work in various shops about town and if you are lu∞y you may be able to g≥ a look in at one of her bi-annual open ◊udio days – w≤l worth π to see Linda’s beautiful home. How lu∞y we are to have such a pr∫ific arti◊ in residence, e∆ecially one who c≤ebrates where we live. ∞ Linda Edwards ~Illustrator t: 0044 (0)7767 828639 w:



01743 271773

9 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UT


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d e k a o S Get This summer at the National Watersports Centre

Five day Summer Youth Activities Sailing, windsurfing or try your hand at loads of different activities on our Adventure week

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss out Book today! Also week and weekend courses in: Sailing Windsurfing Kayaking Powerboating Crusing Shorebased Theory

â&#x2030;Ľ 48


01248 670964 Plas Menai National Watersports Centre, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 1UE


Fly fishing lessons on an exclusive private river in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales. Buy a gift voucher online: or call:

01143 600 590


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≥ 50




The Jaguar XF has won over 80 international awards, including the WhatCar?


Executive Car of the Year award for four consecutive years. Yet Jaguar’s


engineers and designers have not rested on their laurels. From the dramatic new front end with its swept-back headlamps to the new 2.2 litre Diesel

30,950* ON THE ROAD.

engine, the 2012 XF range is our best yet. To experience the new XF for yourself, contact us today for a test drive. » WWW.HATFIELDS.SHREWSBURY.JAGUAR.CO.UK 0870 904 9810


FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR JAGUAR XF RANGE: MPG (L/100KM): URBAN 15.1 (18.7) – 42.8 (6.6) EXTRA URBAN 32.4 (8.7) – 58.9 (4.8). COMBINED 22.5 (12.5) – 52.3 (5.4). CO2 EMISSIONS 292 – 149 G/KM *On the road price is the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price plus Car Tax, First Registration Fee and Delivery Pack.


51 ≤


The Corbet Arms Uffington Book A Table • Hotel Bookings • Function Enquiries &# -/ #1 /+0 '0 1/ "'1'-, * $ +'*6 -4,#" .2 ," /#01 2/ ,1 4'1& &-1#* !!-+-" 1'-, -2.*#" 1-%#1&#/ 4'1& -2/ '+./#00'3# $2,!1'-, /--+ -210'"# 1#// !# -4*',% %/##, ," /'3#/ ,) % /"#, 4# /# 02/# 6-2 ** $'," 1&'0 1&# .#/$#!1 *-! 1'-, 4& 1#3#/ 6-2/ ,##"0 # /# *-! 1#" ', 1&# 0+ ** 3'** %# -$ $$',%1-, (201 -210'"# &/#40 2/6 &/-.0&'/# 2/ %/-2,"0 !) -, 1- 1&# 012,,',% '3#/ #3#/, ," 4# -4, $2** $'0&',% /'%&10 # /# -.#, 1 +'"" 6 2,1'* .+ $-/ -2/ " 61'+# ," #3#,',% +#,20 --" '0 3 '* *# ** " 6 2,1'* .+


2/ $2,!1'-, /--+ 0# 10 2. 1.#-.*# ," 4# ! , ! 1#/ $-/ -3#/ .#-.*# 4&#, 2$$#1 '0 -/"#/#"

We do functions for: Weddings Anniversaries Birthday Parties Wakes Retirement Parties Business Meetings

Come and talk to us about your requirements View our Function Room & Private Bar

Open Every Day

# & 3# #"/--+0 -$ 3 /'-20 0'7#0 3 '* *# --+0 ! , # --)#" -, /--+ -,*6 -/ #" ," /# )$ 01 0'0 2/ $ +'*6 /--+ 0*##.0 ," - 010 )'1!&#, ," "',',% /# '"# * $-/ 0#*$ ! 1#/',% /# ) # ! , 0#1 2. , #51/ #" ," !-1 ', 1&# $ +'*6 /--+ 4&'!& 4'** 1&#, 0*##.

&# -/ #1 /+0

** ,61'+# $1#/ + 4&#/# -2/ $/'#,"*6 01 $$ 4'** # & ..6 1- /#0#/3# 6-2/ 1 *#

+ 1'**


.+ 2," 6

/#0& --)#" $--" * 01 -/"#/0 .+ '1# '1#0 2,!& ',,#/ 2," 6 - 010 $1#/,--, 1# 0 !-$$## 0

$$',%1-, &/#40 2/6 &/-.0&'/#

Telephone: (01743) 709232 Fax: (01743) 562232 Email:

Severn Magazine Issue 3  

Shrewsbury life style magazine.

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