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What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down on the Road Driving can be a fun and exciting adventure (when you are on a road trip) or a boring part of every day (while you drive to work or school) but either way, staying safe on the road is extremely important. As you drive, keep your safety in mind, and keep a cool head. One of the scariest things that can happen is for a car to break down on the road. If you find your car to be acting strangely, it may be a good idea to move over to the shoulder before the trouble gets any worse. But as you get to the side, keep these safety tips in mind:

Pull off the Road and Make Yourself Visible First, you should try to find a place on the shoulder where the road is straight both in front of and behind you. This will ensure that your vehicle is easily visible. If your car breaks down completely before you can get to the shoulder (especially if you are on a busy road or highway) you should stay in the vehicle. You should also turn on the interior lights and hazards so that you are more easily visible. Remember that highway control will probably be around shortly, so keep calm and wait for their arrival. It is often a good idea to fasten a piece of white cloth to your drivers window to indicate that you are experiencing a difficulty.

Call for Help It is a good idea to use your phone to call your auto club or highway control. That way, you can ensure that you get the help you need as quickly as possible. If you need to work on your vehicle, only do it if you are at a safe distance. Working on your car near traffic is just asking for trouble. If it is night time you may want to only use your interior light and not turn on your hazards since they may seem to indicate that your vehicle is still moving. The interior light will illuminate your car without implying that you are in motion.

Keep warning lights in your vehicle and in an emergency use them to safely illuminate your car. This will make your car more visible and decrease the likelihood of your getting hit. If you have a flat tire, you should only change it if you are on the shoulder. Remember also that driving on a flat tire can ruin your tire, so drive as little as possible. It may be a good idea to call for a tow if you cannot get to the side of the road to fix your tire. So, if you find yourself stranded in a broken down car, with your Seattle auto insurance, make sure that you do your best to stay safe. With the help of your insurance, you will be able to get out of the situation easily, if you stay calm and approach the situation intelligently. Stay informed, and make the best decisions for your car on the road today. Photo Credit: hqcelo , DragonTash

What to do if your car breaks down on the road  

Here are some things you aught to keep in mind for if your car breaks down on the road.

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