SETC News – November/December 2021

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Getting a Job Through SETC: Reilly Lincavicks When COVID hit, the role that Reilly Lincavicks (she/her) had just gotten with RWS Entertainment Group through the 2020 SETC Professional Auditions was put on hold indefinitely. This past summer, she was excited when the “hold” lifted and RWS awarded her a role at Idlewild & Soakzone, a theme park in Pennsylvania. ‘In addition to my love of performance, I also have a passion for arts administration! I expect to graduate from Shenandoah University with my MS in arts leadership and management in the spring of 2022.’ - Reilly Lincavicks

What was it like to be back at work, performing in a theme park? I got to perform in five shows a day, singing and dancing with Daniel Tiger! There is something extremely special about making someone’s day better through art and music. At a theme park, you get to see that impact firsthand, which is the most special gift! I believe art heals the world and makes it a better place. That is why my personal hashtag is #arthealsbaby.

Where was your first professional theatre job? Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke, VA. I was a 2018 apprentice, playing Wendla in Spring Awakening and Woman #2 in the tour of A Year with Frog and Toad. It was such a special experience!

What type of shows do you like to do most? While I enjoy any opportunity I get to perform and share art, I especially love doing shows the children get to enjoy. It is such a privilege to give the gift of art to the next generation of children and performers.

How has SETC helped you in your career? I have auditioned twice with SETC, once in 2019 and once in 2020. Both opportunities were integral to my success as an artist breaking into the industry! I accepted an offer with Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre my first year. After multiple offers the second year, I accepted the position with RWS Entertainment Group that I mentioned above. SETC was a valuable and exclusive opportunity to perform for a large group of employers at one time. This element of convenience allowed me to spend more time focusing on my art and my confidence. Additionally, SETC helped me to establish connections with professionals in the industry. I am still in contact with those professionals today! More info:

November / December 2021