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Vol. 2 / ISSUE 11

Meritfest: Around the world with Dr. Who! Pompeii, and toilet paper By Cat McNeece Merit Academy Student toga races. Enjoy European

Barbara Watts

Simpy Basketball Youth Basketball Camp at Springville Parade 2011

Basketball legend teaches “Simply Basketball” to kids in Springville By Barbara Watts Springville Arts

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Watts came to Utah in 1972 as a high school All-American from Menlo Atherton, California. Widely recruited by colleges and universities, he chose to be the first freshman ever to start on the varsity team for the Weber State Wild Cats and never looked back. He became the first four-year letterman at Weber State,

while earning his Bachelors degree of Science and was inducted into the Weber State Athletic Hall of Fame in 2003. In 1974-76, Watts played in the Big Sky tournaments and was chosen most valuable player in’76. While playing semi-pro-

Woodstuff For Do It Yourself Landscaping

By Debbie Hopes Woodstuff

respectable reputation in the state of Utah. Providing For any do-it-yourself exceptional customer service landscaper, Woodstuff the is what we offer each answer. Woodstuff is geared customer. We provide a lot to help homeowners do their of one- on-one time with our landscaping themselves and customers. “We have many provides everything they who bring in their plans and may need to beautify their we are here to offer suggesyard. Family-owned and tions and help in every way,” operated for 27 years, see WOODSTUFF, page 3 see WATTS, page 3 Woodstuff has earned a

Utah Valley Roller Derby Donates to Tabitha’s Way By Ashley Miller aka RavenMad Roller Derby Publicity

derby teams color. Dressed in black and white with their matching socks Six pm the doors opened they seemed pretty intimidateveryone piled into the Hive ing, Daughters of Anarchy for Shamrock Smack-Down. the newest team for Happy Bag pipes played in the Valley Derby Darlins were background the excitement excited to tear up the track grew as everyone took to for the first time as a team. their seats. There were people Rollin’ Rebellion returned with homemade signs and to the track dressed in their favorite after a very

99665 76106


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close loss to Sirens of Steel in the 2013 season opener. With nerves high they were not going to let that loss take them over. They were out to show themselves and the fans they would push harder and skate faster for that win. D.O.A and the Rebels took to the track. The first half see DERBY, page 5 Rachel McBride & Danielle Mahoney

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The Bill of Rights

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Hard Work Award

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Big Bones BBQ Review

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Springville Birthdays

NOW OPEN IN SPANISH FORK! 934 E. 800 N. Spanish Fork (801) 804-7547

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11 - 8 Fri-Sat: 11 - 9 Closed Sunday

Ron Horton (Sh00ter)

Remember to Serve Daily those people around you. Two hearts altered.


In June Springville kids from kindergarten to 6th grade will again be having a lot of fun at the Cherry Creek Elementary Gym as they learn the fundamentals of basketball under the care of Jimmy Watts. Jimmy is a legend in the

world of basketball. According to Dick Hunsaker, Head Basketball Coach at Utah Valley University, “Jimmy Watts is one of the greatest collegiate basketball players in the history of the state of Utah.” “Jimmy has a great love for the game of basketball and enjoys sharing his knowledge with our youth.”

chocolate tasting, rocket launching, Henna tattoos, life in Deaftopia, live entertainment and many more hands-on, multi-sensory activities. Merit invites everyone in the community to come and see what Merit is all about! Meritfest will be held on Friday April 19th 5:30-8:30. Proceeds benefit the school and Kenya Keys a non-profit for African Education and the school marquis project. Save the date because Meritfest is one event you don’t want to miss!

Enter the Tardis and travel around the world with Dr. Who as Merit presents their fourth annual Meritfest. Meritfest is a night for family, friends, and the community to come together and enjoy Merit’s talents and hard work. Everyone at Merit gets involved and helps make this event fun for all ages. This year you can interact with and discover the many cultures of the world. Come and experience the Book of the Dead: an experience in Egypt, Volcanic eruptions in




! E E R F



Vol. 2 ISSUE 11




AMENDMENT I AMENDMENT VI Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses AMENDMENT II against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the the Assistance of Counsel for his defence. people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. AMENDMENT VII In Suits at common law, where the value in AMENDMENT III controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the No Soldier shall, in time of peace be right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no quartered in any house, without the consent fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reof the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a examined in any Court of the United States, manner to be prescribed by law. than according to the rules of the common law. AMENDMENT IV The right of the people to be secure in AMENDMENT VIII their persons, houses, papers, and effects, Excessive bail shall not be required, nor against unreasonable searches and seizures, excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall punishments inflicted. issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly AMENDMENT IX describing the place to be searched, and the The enumeration in the Constitution, of persons or things to be seized. certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. AMENDMENT V No person shall be held to answer for a AMENDMENT X capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless The powers not delegated to the United on a presentment or indictment of a Grand States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it Jury, except in cases arising in the land or to the States, are reserved to the States naval forces, or in the Militia, when in respectively, or to the people actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for NOTE the same offence to be twice put in jeopOn March 4th, 1789 Congress expressed a Find more online and at: ardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or in any criminal case to be a witness against abuse of its powers, that further declaratory 1200 Towne Centre Blvd #2060 • Provo himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or and restrictive clauses should be added. The (801) 319-7219 property, without due process of law; nor amendments known as the “Bill of Rights” shall private property be taken for public Serve Daily would like to thank Jon McNaughton for promoting were ratified Dec. 15, 1791. use, without just compensation.

JON THE EMPOWERED MAN Liberty & Freedom and providing this artwork for print.

We believe that we are free and that the Supreme Law of the Land is that of The Constitution of The United States of America. We believe that if any law conflicts with the Supreme Law of the Land that the conflicting law is and should be void and null. For, we believe that for true liberty to exist, man must be free to choose for himself what he would do. We ask you to read The Bill of Rights this month, even cut it out and hang in on your fridge or wall. We ask you to do the things that are necessary to create and maintain true liberty for everyone. We ask you to ponder deeply about various proposals and laws that come are way, new laws continue to bind us

down and restrict. We don’t need to keep adding new laws; we need to return to virtues and just principles. We need to instill integrity, honesty, love, patience, and service in our own lives and those around us. Until next time, do a random act of service for someone, lift another up, and increase the happiness in your life. Small things lead to great things. Thanks.


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April/May 2013



program coordinator for West High School, nationally recognized, Partnership fessional ball for the Utah Program with Utah Valley Prospectors, Watts received University, providing a Masters Degree in Social academic counseling and Work at the University of tutoring for the students at Utah. He then played three West High in Salt Lake City. years professional ball in The list of achievements SouthAmerica returning to goes on, but Watts is no work many years in the elitist, his purpose with administration department at ‘Simply Basketball’ is to the Utah State Prison. Most provide a happy experience recently he served as the learning the fundamentals of Continued from front page.

WOODSTUFF Continued from front page.

said owner Debbie Hopes. Woodstuff offers a large variety of merchandise to choose from for any look. We offer landscaping materials such as 3 different sizes of Decorative Natural Bark (Shredded, Small and Medium Chips) and in the Colored Mulch we have Dark Chocolate, Honey Brown, and Red .We offer 21 different styles and sizes of Decorative Rock. We also carry Certified Play Ground Wood Chips, Garden Mix, Soil Amendments, To Soil for gardens,

basketball for every child. “Playing sports, feeling the competitive drive, winning and losing, these experiences build self-esteem and character,” says Coach Watts. More information about the June clinics can be found on the Springville Parks andRecreation site at www. Eight clinics in June $65.00 with T-shirt included.. (801) 489-2730

Ginny’s Genealogical Gems By Ginny Ackerson UGA Board Member

Shortly after the funeral of your recently deceased relative, you are invited to help to clear and pack up their house. There are many boxes of papers along with the furniture, household goods, clothing and linens to sort through. How do you know what papers are important, what papers should be and flowerbeds, Play Sand Woodstuff strives to offer for sand boxes, Stepping our customers the best prod- archived and which papers Stones, Tree Rings, Landuct and price available, and you should just throw out? There are many articles with scape Fabric and staples for provides product in bulk, helpful tips on sorting, keeping weeds out, Natural which is a lot cheaper. We Patio Stones, Boulders, and will do everything to assist preserving and honoring the Lawn Edging. Woodstuff you with your landscaping, papers of our loved ones. The Society of American also offers specialty if we don’t have it we will Archivists makes some of merchandise such as Wood try and get it for you. the following suggestions on Birdhouses, Wishing Wells, Customers can stop by at their website: (http://www. Wood Swings, Metal Plant 955 South 1950 West Holders and much more. Springville, Utah on the They are proud to offer their East Frontage Road, off of donating-familyrecs.asp) Among the types of matericustomers the option of exit 260, just south of having their products Wal-Mart. You can also call als in personal and family delivered anywhere in the at 801-489-4777 from 8 am papers of interest to restate of Utah within one to to 6 pm Monday thru Friday searchers are letters, memoirs, reminiscences, diatwo days and can handle and 8 am to 5 pm on ries, scrapbooks and photo any size order. One may Saturday. albums, professional papers also pick it up yourself and See the ad on page 12. such as diplomas, military we will load your truck. records, and achievement certificates, previously After a week-long battle over compiled genealogical which student body team is the brightest, Seth Daybell, Chris Taylor, information, speeches, presentations and lectures, and Spencer Duncan were able to defeat last year’s reigning champions business records, legal (Jordan Gage, Ethan Trunnell, Forest documents including birth, marriage, divorce decrees Markham, and Kyle Gashler). and death certificates, Jordan Gage said, “The main passports and deeds, reason why we were able to beat them was because we had such good Christmas letters, birth

Springville High

team communication; we would discuss each question, every time, before we buzzed in the answer.” Although the team played one participant short and felt that they were somewhat weak in math, their overwhelming strength and synergy in history, trivia, and music proved victorious over a very tough team to beat.


Serve Daily would like to thank Rich Harris of Spanish Fork Community Network for providing various pictures. We operate with a mindset that there is no competition between businesses, we are all here for a given purpose and to lift each other. For information about advertising in Serve Daily, give Been Served, Pay Forward a call at (801) 477-6845. Remember to Serve Daily!

• • MEGA CROSSWORD PUZZLE • • Across 1. After-bath powder 5. Big loser’s nickname? 9. Fools 14. “I had no ___!” 15. Had on 16. Lyric poem 17. Litter member 18. Auspices 19. Asian shorthorned goat antelope 20. Place of residence 23. Leaf apertures 24. Getting on in years 27. Absorbed, as a cost 28. French door part 30. Charlotte-toRaleigh dir. 31. “When it’s ___” (old riddle answer) 34. One with a thick skin 37. Using the soft palate 39. Appear 40. Tartan trousers

41. It may be pulled (2 wds) 44. “___ quam videri” (North Carolina’s motto) 45. 1969 Peace Prize grp. 46. Moving vehicles 47. Abbr. after a comma 49. Public building for lectures 51. Tombstone inscription 55. Containing symbolic representation 58. Student getting one-on-one help 60. “Once ___ a time...” 61. Radar image 62. At attention 63. “How ___!” 64. Shoestring 65. Catalogs 66. A Swiss army knife has lots of them 67. Nestling falcons


announcements, wedding invitations, funeral cards or programs, photographs (please label them as they are useless otherwise), films, videos and audio tapes (labeled), and church records such as blessing certificates, priesthood ordinations, mission calls and journals. One of the foremost genealogical archivists is Denise May Levenick, author of How to Archive Family Keepsakes, who has had many articles published most recently including “13 Tips From How to Archive Family Keepsakes” in the Winter 2013 edition of Crossroads Magazine published by the Utah Genealogical Association. The tips include naming the collection, doing no harm to the items in restoration attempts, maintaining the original order, following a “keep, skim or throw away” protocol, preserving items in archival quality containers,

preserving the heirloom originals, going paperless with digital copies in conjunction with printing less, using specific scanning procedures, planning for research success, using a checklist for your archiving goals, and having a sourcing cheat sheet. How you choose to organize these precious items determines whether they are a blessing or just another box of junk. Ms. Levenick will be the keynote speaker at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 19th in Woods Cross High School for the UGA South Davis Family History Fair. Her subject will be “Treasures in the Attic: Every Keepsake Has a Story”. This wonderful talk is free to the public. For more information on both her presentation and the many classes available on family history research at the conference please go to http://www.ugagenealogy. com/aem.php?eid=7

Hunters in Wheelchairs By Kenneth Vaughn Webmaster and Board Leader avid outdoorsChairbound Hunters Utah Chapter a three years old 501(c)(3) organization started by a Grandfather and Grandson team helps persons in wheelchairs and Wounded Warriors to have hunting experiences using all volunteers. They have supported a wide range of persons which were paraplegic, quadriplegic and even Wounded Warriors to hunt pheasants, turkeys, deer and elk. Their website is available at: and the grandson Ken, a paraplegic at age 14 due to a 4-wheeler accident, now age 26 is their

man. They currently are raising capital funds to purchase an Action Tracker Chair/Stander which is an all-terrain electric vehicle to improve the ability to get into the outdoors. Their goal is $16,000.00 and presently the group is at 42 % of the goal and hoping to buy the unit for group usage before the 2013 hunting season starts. Anyone willing to help can go to their website and use Pay Pal at the bottom of the

first page to make donations. Any amount of donation will help achieve their goal to purchase this unique patented machine from Action Trackchair to help the disabled to be enabled. [A two dollar donation by 8,000 people solves the problem. Simple things]

Kranky Franks says Thanks

includes 2 awe inspiring By Taffy Dangerfield diagnosis. He had spinal fluid leaking into his brain, daughters-in-law) friends Kranky Franks Owner with the pressure building so from Arizona, who worked

trainee during training period 10. Defeat 1. Flags 11. Heavy doorway 2. Scorched 3. Slow, musically curtains 4. Sailboat with twin 12. Tokyo, formerly 13. Clinch, with hulls 5. Suffer from op- “up” 21. Dracula, at times pressive heat 22. Like old record6. Collection of ings Christ’s sayings 25. “The ___ of 7. Western blue Kilimanjaro,” short flag, e.g. story 8. Coordinate 26. “Siddhartha” 9. Discharge of author Down

28. Ancient Scotland inhabitants 29. A chip, maybe 31. Be of use 32. Peanut butter and ___ 33. Sets apart for a special purpose 35. Chemistry Nobelist Otto 36. Having potential to be constructed 38. Small streams 42. Charades, e.g. 43. Complains 48. ___-tac-toe

50. Bumper sticker word 51. Chip away at 52. Put to rest, as fears 53. Fold of skin 54. Exaggerated publicity (pl.) 56. Expert 57. Sonata, e.g. 58. ___ el Amarna, Egypt 59. Altdorf is its capital

We thought as March moved into April that we had lost a month. Everything has moved so fast since we took John (owner of Kranky Franks—Springville) to the hospital on March 6, 2013. His recovery seems a miracle to us and he is healing quickly and his thoughts and movements have quickly become better. John had little to no balance and his thought processes were also close to nil when he had his first

To advertise call (801) 477-6845 or Email • Online at &

that it was almost impossible to function. When the doctor found that it would be impossible to reopen the fluids pathway (by removing the obstruction), a drain and shunt were placed inside his skull. This will remain the path for the circulation of his spinal fluid from now on. The spinal fluid was tested and there were no cancerous cells, for which we are extremely thankful. We would like to thank our wonderful children (this

alongside them, all of Springville and others who have been faithful customers or heard about this life changing event via news, social networking, messaging or word of mouth. Thank you to the individuals and businesses who donated. We have been overwhelmed with the love shown to us. The hand of God has been upon us and you all have been another miracle in our lives. We love you all. We hope to see you in May.

©2013 Been Served, Pay Forward

Christmas, and her greatest accomplishment, “Behold the Son of Man Cometh”, a celebration of Easter. Meant to be performed by a choir, the Cantata, as she refers to it, contains 12 songs about the last part Christ’s life and his resurrection. It has been performed in Virginia by the Mormon choir there, and was presented at the Tabernacle in St George, Utah with chorus and orchestra. It was also performed in Springville by the Kolob 12th ward choir. Some of Melba’s songs are funny and reflect her sense of humor. “Tangled Roots” tells about searching your ancestry for royalty and only finding rascals! “When You Find Me”, her latest song, is about a relative waiting to be found. She sent Family Member Melba & Leo Perry this song to President By Ginny Ackerson she was divinely blessed Monson and received Springville Resident with the songs, for she had recognition for it. She has no formal musical training. also been nominated to be Melba Colvin Perry is a She began to publish these Springville’s Artist in native of Southern California songs and recorded a tape: Residence. where she grew to woman“Families Are Forever” with This song and many hood. She married her Trios West. Most of her others will be performed by sweetheart, Leo N. Perry, songs come with an LDS vocalists and musicians on during WWII and they theme, for she’s been an Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 moved to Utah, where he active member of the Church at the Springville Museum became a newspaper reporter of Jesus Christ of Latter Day of Art, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm for the Deseret News. Melba Saints all of her life. Melba in the Grand Gallery. The and Leo had six children, has written more than 28 concert is open to the public, and many of the songs numbers and most of them and Sister Perry will be Melba began to write were have been arranged by her present to meet and greet about the family. She loved sister Nancy Schwartz Reid, guests. Books of all her to sing, and during the night a concert pianist, and Brian music are being compiled, in musical inspiration struck Jensen. case you’d like to share her and she would get up and She wrote songs about songs with your own family. write it down. She felt like families, mothers, children,

Sunday Concert Series On April 21st the featured artist will be the UVU Chamber Choir under the direction of Dr. Reed Criddle. The Chamber Choir is the premier choral ensemble at UVU. Comprised of 32 students from all majors, they perform Sudoku on Page 10

pieces from the renaissance to modern, with a focus on unaccompanied repertoire. The choir has established annual traditions of touring and commissioning new works. In 2011 and 2012, they toured San Francisco and Washington DC. In the

Local Cartoonists Share Talent Are you a cartoonist? Would you like to share your skills and be published? Contact Chris at (801) 477-6845

Creative Caption Contest

Submit your captions to Gift Certificate provided to winner

Prior Cartoon


Current Cartoon

spring of 2013, the choir will be traveling to China. The ensemble also recently released a CD, The Sound of Light, which includes the world premier of Mountain Spirit by 2011 Pulitzer Prize winner, Zhou Long.

SPRINGVILLE ART CITY DAYS celebration is filled with fun for the entire family on June 1-8. Voted “Best Of Utah County” by Daily Herald readers in 2011 and 2012. Art City Days has a myriad of activities and events for all ages, and most are free to the public. There are concerts, amazing fireworks, parades, children’s art festival, car show and much more! Bring your family and friends to enjoy the many activities. For vendor booths call (801) 491-7880 and parade information (801) 489-2730. Carnival/vendors will be back in Downtown Springville!

Come Enjoy Magleby’s Award Winning Breakfast Endless French Toast With In-House Syrup Saturdays, 8AM to 2 PM

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Offer valid only at Springville location: 198 S. Main Street Springville, UT 84663 (801) 374-6249 ©2013 Been Served, Pay Forward

Vol. 2 ISSUE 11

JED & KIRBY by Tristan Davis

Special Concert in May


ROOMIES by William King


“Captain, our scanners read that the planet is composed of two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun..” - Anonymous

Email your caption to Will at the email address provided above!

Recycling Locally. Where?

By Lisa Willey Springville Resident

A few simple and free ways to recycling in in Springville and South County. Springville City is currently evaluating their recycle services, and until they decide on something, here are some ways individuals can be a little greener springville-recycle/ 1. Set up a basic simple recycle station in your home or garage. A few labeled cardboard boxes or bins will work great (paper, metal, plastic, etc.) 2. Save and drop off

plastic grocery bags at the grocery store on my next visit (and hopefully remember to use green bags too). 3. Save my junk mail, newspapers, and paper in a brown grocery bag, then when it’s full take the full bag (made of paper) to a collection bin in a grade school parking lot (e.g. Art City Elementary, Brookside Elementary); I think the proceeds help the PTA. There is a also a recycle bin in Spanish Fork by Tabitha’s Way. 4. Where can one recycle cardboard, bottles, and metal cans locally? 5. Once a month or so as I drive from Springville to Provo, load up my alumi-

num, metal, plastic and cardboard and take to Western Metals http://www. locations-directory I might get a dollar or two for my metals, and can drop off the plastic and cardboard in their donation bins as well. 6. Have you heard of There’s a group in Springville. “It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers. Membership is free.

Please email and let us know where to recycle cardboard, bottles, and metal cans in South County. Shall we care for this beautiful Earth?

To advertise call (801) 477-6845 or Email • Online at &


April/May 2013



Do you have something that isn’t yours? Do you want to find the rightful owner? Let us help!

Upcoming Games at 784 East Chappel Drive April 20 (5pm), May 4, June 1, June 22, July 6 Game Time is typically 7 pm. Check the Facebook page for details. 784 East Chappel Drive, Spanish Fork Ron Horton (Sh00ter)

Janene Oakey (Gambit), Jamie Simpson (Bratty Cakes), & Kaiti Penrod


RavenMad took lead jammer and scored points for her Continued from front page. team the Rebels. As the D.O.A dominated the score game was coming to an end board. Hit after hit, jam after the Rebels were closing the jam, D.O.A pounded the gap. Venus Von Jett took the Rebels. At this point the track and brought it to 181 Rebels were getting a little Rebels to 174 D.O.A. Then frustrated, but they kept their Honey Gunns got lead cool about them. jammer with only 1:26 left There were lots of cut on the clock. She had a tracks and no pack incipower jam, lap after lap she dence. With great jams by secured the lead. When the Barbie Q and a power jam whistle blew she had brought by lil’Misfit. For the first the score to 194 Rebels to time jamming in a bout 174 D.O.A. The Rebels ran

onto the track to dog pile her. Both teams worked hard to score every point they made. There were great hits and falls, this is what derby is! Come out and see for yourself what it’s made of. Maybe the next time it will be you out there. HVDD donated proceeds from this bout to Tabithas Way. Serve Daily thanks HVDD for serving! You can find HVDD on Facebook for more info.

Do you recognize this beautiful woman? Copies Plus Printing has many photos, certificates, legal documents, etc with no way to know who they belong to. Over the last few months (or even years) customers have left their originals and we aren’t able to track them down. If you are missing any of these items, stop in and check to see if we have them. Call (801) 489-3456.


Own something you just don’t need anymore? Want to sell it to a local? Let us help.

Jennifer Tatton

Colton, Dave, Jennifer, Brittany, & Torrence Tatton at the Holi Festival

Family Enjoys Holi Festival By Jennifer Tatton South County Resident



Would you like to share a special event? For only $30 we provide you space for a picture and up to 250 words! Anniversaries, Awards, Births, Graduations, Obituaries, Religious, & Weddings!

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My Family and I attended the Holi Festival of Colors for the first time this year. The festival is held in Spanish Fork, Utah and celebrates Spring. I have wanted to attend for a couple of years now, but the timing was never right. We attended the festival on Easter Sunday. I was hoping to avoid the HUGE crowds that attend on Saturday. We arrived early, at 11:15. The festival started at 11:00 and had a good amount of people there already, but we had no problem parking and walking to the temple, nor did we have any issues with traffic when we left a couple of hours later. Here are some helpful hints if you want to attend the Festival of Colors. ARRIVE EARLY. It was so nice to be able to find a parking spot within close

To advertise call (801) 477-6845 or Email • Online at &

walking distance to the Temple. When we left at 1 or so, parking was scarce, and traffic was terrible. WEAR CLOTHES THAT CAN BE THROWN AWAY. The color seemed to come out of our darker clothing, like jeans and blue shorts. The white t-shirts were history. Keep that in mind when attending. I noticed on the website it said there was a place just for observing, but when you walk into the gates, the color throwing begins, so I’m not sure how you would ever stay clean unless you wear a garbage bag or saran wrap around your clothing. There was a man that walked in with an off white suit? I’m not sure what he was thinking but he may as well have been wearing a bullseye. BRING A BANDANA OR MASK. This will help shield your nose and mouth when the color throwing ceremonies take place. If

you have asthma, stand to the outer edge of the circle or stand clear of it all together. It’s like a giant chalk cloud when everyone is throwing it in the air at once. WEAR SUNGLASSES OR GOGGLES. These will help protect your eyes when people throw color. There are a few people that throw color towards your face, just a warning. BRING CASH. The bags of color were $10 for 5 different colors. Meals were around $6. They did have an ATM on the property, but just come prepared. Things were priced very reasonably on the temple grounds. ONLY BUY COLORS FROM INSIDE THE TEMPLE GROUNDS. This is how they make their money, and these colors are safe to be used. We all had a great time! We are planning on going back next year.

©2013 Been Served, Pay Forward



Vol. 2 ISSUE 11

A Winning Chef Prepares Only the Most Delicious Barbecue

Without being disrespectful, this food makes me feel sorry for vegetarians.”

-Hal Black -Mapleton resident

934 East 800 North Spanish Fork, UT (801) 804-7547

breathe.” Another meat choice was also a favorite for all of us. “The pulled pork doesn’t taste like somebody cooked a pork roast and poured barbecue sauce on it,” Kaye Nelson Dianna said. Big Bones BBQ serves various kinds of mouth-watering meats. “He took the time to cook By Kaye Nelson Lee and his wife Rachel it. it slow,” Riley added. “It’s Restaurant Reviewer brought out rib tips, a rack of Hal’s wife Dianna was magnificent.” ribs, smoked brisket, pulled pleased with the texture of Hal wanted to keep Helping us figure out pork and barbecue chicken. the meats, noting how tender eating. “It would be nice to what to order wasn’t an issue Our eyes grew large. they were. Hal said in terms be a cow and have four for Lee Banks, owner of Big “I need to bring my of tenderness, denture stomachs,” he lamented. Bones BBQ. He said, “sit grandson here,” said Hal wearers won’t have any “Without being down, I’ll just bring you Black of Mapleton. After a problems at all. disrespectful, this food food.” Granted, I was few more bites he said, “I Everything on the menu is makes me feel sorry for reviewing his restaurant but need to bring my whole homemade except the vegetarians.” I think he’d probably do that family here.” ketchup. Another bonus: I got sauce on my notes. for just about anyone who Riley Nelson loves brisket Lee’s sauces are all sugar It’s hard to eat succulent ribs couldn’t decide which and is pretty particular about free – he uses agave. Lest dripping with sauce and stop tantalizing foods to choose. how it is supposed to look you turn up your nose, try to write. Just seeing sauce on Trust him. and taste. them, you won’t be sorry. my notes makes me want to Lee knows his meat. And “The thick end is full of Riley continued to down go back. Yes, they were he spends the right amount fat,” Riley said. That’s a various meats, not minding perfect – fall-off-the-bones of time on it to make it mark of excellence in his the splotches of grease on tender. perfect. He starts at 4:30 book. “And the smokeline is his mouth. Sides at a barbecue joint a.m., loading the smokers well penetrated – it has “The brisket is nice and are sometimes lacking. Lee’s out back of his restaurant so maintained its moisture.” If wet – you can easily dry out are not. that by the time you show up you are a brisket fanatic, meat,” he noted. “He got up Crazy Taters are kind of for lunch or dinner, your you’ll know these are huge early to get this going. But like funeral potatoes but meat selections are perfect. pluses in brisket world. If he also has the sense to pull better and less predictable. Did I use that word already? you aren’t, well, just accept the meat off the fire and let it “These are the wildest

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Rachel and Lee Banks own Big Bones BBQ and serve up some of the best barbecue in the valley.

Kaye Nelson

Hours of Operation Mon-Thur 11 am - 8 pm Fri-Sat 11 am - 9 pm

potatoes I’ve ever had,” Hal said. “They don’t remind me of anything I’ve ever had before – they are refreshingly different.” Other sides are as tasty and interesting as the Crazy Taters. Lee’s sugar fries are crispy with a sprinkling of salt AND sugar – reminded us of kettle corn. Many barbecue places have so-so cole slaw. His is so so good. Lee’s cooking is award winning – he won the “Most Unique Food and Beverage” award at a competition at Young Living Farm a few years ago. He modestly

brags he’s catered for every ward from Mona to Spanish Fork. Lucky folks. Go get lucky – visit Lee at Big Bones Barbecue. You’ll want to take the whole family. Visit bigbonesbarbecue. com for pricing. Kaye Nelson, Restaurant Reviewer, grew up in Springville and is a true Red Devil. She knows good food and pays attention when restaurants entice customers with something out of the ordinary.

“Girl Talk” & Art at Springville Senior Center Lenore Vincent & Afton Alleman ,sisters for many moons. Love to paint at the Springville Senior Citizen Center for “Girl Talk” and to hone their painting skills. Come join us on Monday’s from 1 pm to 4 pm at The Springville Senior Citizen Center at 65 East 200 South, call (801) 4898738 for more information. There is plenty of fun to be had for all seniors at the local centers.

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April/May 2013



Hard Work Award D

iscount Glass in Springville was randomly selected by Serve Daily to select a hard working employee. Discount Glass seleted Pedro Monje as the Serve Daily Hard Worker. Thanks to Johnson Tire and Jaxies for donating gift certificates to be awarded to Pedro along with an award. Discount Glass loves that Pedro is a meticulous hard working individual. He loves to crack jokes and has a Rich Harris, Museum Editions Tim Shanto, American Family Insurance April Business of the Month great sense of humor. He is fun to be around. Pedro has almost 15 years of experience installing On Thursday April 4 the Spanish Fork/Salem Chamber of Commerce members gathered windshields. He learned how at American Family Insurance to congratulate Tim Shanto and the American Family to install windshields in Insurance staff for obtaining the Business of the Month award. Congratulations. For your Chicago in 1999. insurance needs contact (801) 794-0933 or go visit the office at 701 North Main Street in He loves to work on all Spanish Fork. cars and loves the challenge that it provides. Pedro worked for a few On March 27, F. Keith invites you to join them for information you have. years in Chicago and then in Davis shared his story about the last two lectures on April Come May 22, we will be 2007 was hired by Jeff at being a soldier in the 16th 24th and May 22nd from 7 pleased to share with you Discount Glass in SpringField Artillery Observation to 8:30 pm at the Springville about the history of the ville. It’s a small crew of Batttalion. His battalion Museum of Art located at Performing Arts in Springthree that operate discount went ashore at Utah Beach 126 East 400 South Spring- ville. Come learn about your glass, Pedro, Jeff, and Teresa and was on the front lines ville. town both past and present. is the secretary. during the whole time of his On April 24th, Floyd If you have any questions He married the love of service. He was also at the Miner, Board Member, will about the lecture series his life 2004, Yara, and is liberation of the Nazi share information on the please contact Helen raising 3 children (Leonardo, concentration camp. He history of water supply in Beardall at (801) 489-6989 Yaret, Emiliano) here in shared his point of view as Springville. Other data or Daryl Tucker at (801) Springville. He loves the to why “freedom is not free”. about water supply will be 427-9318. quiet laid back lifestyle as The Historical Society shared. Please join and share compared to the busy life in Chicago. He loves to play with his Inspiration Participating Charity: B.A.C.A. kids and doing activities with them. Some activities April 27th he enjoys are bicycling,

American Family Insurance

Springville Historical Society

Payson City Banquet Hall 439 W Utah Ave.

Racin’ for Greyson 5k

Entertainment 6:30 pm

April13th Check in 8 am Race Starts 9 am Cost: $20 Location: Exchange Park 900 N. 750 W. Provo

Fashion Show 8:30 pm 5kforgreyson

Vendor Booths Noon - 5 pm

Jody Portillo, owner of a boutique called Uptown Maiden located on Main Street in Payson, is putting together a charity fashion show and could really use some help. Call (801) 658-5177 to become a vendor or purchase dinner/fashion show tickets.

Brookside Accounting A Home Based Business Specializing In Bookkeeping and Payroll

801-687-2836 642 E 400 S Springville, UT 84663




alu 9V

Expires: 6/30/13

BOGO FREE Small Frozen Yogurt


Dinner 5:30 pm

Support Locals


dozers, and more. Find Discount Glass at 816 North Main Street Springville and call Teresa at (801) 489-9500 to schedule your free estimate. Also find an ad for Discount Glass on page 2.

Remember to do random acts of kindness for those people around you on a daily basis. This is happiness.


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going on walks, playing soccer and watching Real SLC. Pedro would like to thank Jeff for providing him a quality job and is full of appreciation. Thanks Jeff and Teresa! Did you know that Discount Glass does work on antique cars? Well they do, Jeff, the owner, loves to help restore antique classic cars. Pedro can help you out with heavy equipment glass replacement for your tractors, backhoes, forklifts,

IFA 250 Arrowhead Trail • Spanish Fork (801) 798-7418


Vitamins Supplements Essential Oils Fresh Sandwiches Sports Nutrition

File Photo

Pedro Monje accepts Hard Work Award

*Any ONE item in the store! *Not valid on Chemicals, Twine, Fertalizer, and limited other items. One coupon per customer. Expires: Expires 6/30/13 4/30/13

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Vol. 2 ISSUE 11 What Rhymes with...

List 10 words that rhyme with “fox.”

Joke s and R i dd l e s










Q: What do porcupines say upon kissing?


A: Ouch!

Q: What is smarter than

Some answers: blocks, box, clocks, docks, flocks, locks, ox, pox, rocks, socks

a talking bear?


A: A spelling bee.

Coral Lee Findlay

Fact or Fiction? – Fact or Fiction? – Fact or Fiction?

Acting-Up Makes Learning Fun

Wildlife Safety Challenge

Students and faculty at Foothills Elementary in Salem, Utah enjoyed an assembly from A.R.T.S., Inc. (Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students). The Acting-Up Theater Company

performed the show “ActAdemics”. It was a fun, energetic, and very educational performance. The performing group used theater puppetry, and audience participation to

demonstrate how dance, drama, and music can be integrated with math, reading, and science every day. Submitted by Coral Lee Findlay. Seniors on a Tuesday or Wednesday come down to the Payson Senior Center between 10 and 2 to hone your carving skills.

Camping out can be great fun, as long as you play it safe with wildlife. Here are some questions about wildlife safety. How many can you answer correctly?

1) You should learn as much as you can about the wildlife where you will be camping out. Fact or Fiction? 2) You should keep your distance from wildlife. Fact or Fiction? 3) You should help any lost baby animals find their mother. Fact or Fiction?

4) You should care for any injured animals. Fact or Fiction? 5) You should feed any hungry animals. Fact or Fiction?

6) You should carry a lot of food with you on hikes. Fact or Fiction? 7) You should run away from animals that look like they are about to attack you. Fact or Fiction? 8) You should get medical help for wildlife bites right away. Fact or Fiction? 9) You should treat serious wildlife scratches yourself. Fact or Fiction?

10) You should remind your parents to slow down when driving in areas known to have wildlife. Fact or Fiction? Answers: 1) Fact, 2) Fact, 3) Fiction, the mother could be near and attack you in defense of her baby—if you don’t see the mother and really think the baby is lost, you should call for help, 4) Fiction, an injured animal might think you are trying to hurt it and attack you—you should leave the animal be and call for help, 5) Fiction, you should never feed animals, 6) Fiction, you should carry only the food you need and keep it contained—the smell of food could bring a hungry animal to you, 7) Fiction, running will result in a chase—back away slowly and leave a path for the animal to get away, 8) Fact, 9) Fiction, an animal that appears healthy might not be—you should have a doctor look at any serious wildlife scratches and injuries, 10) Fact

The Acting-Up Theater Company along with students Isabelle Holsman, Natassja Nebeker, Brock Iverson, Gavin Henrie, Samir Alvarez

Name That Animal

Depending upon where you are camping, you might see a lot of wildlife. Fill in the blanks to name some of the animals you might come across. 1

B __ __ R


M __ __ S E

2 4 5 6 7

R __ B B __ T S K __ N __ D __ __ R

S N __ K __

R A __ __ O O N

Answers: 1) Bear, 2) Rabbit, 3) Moose, 4) Skunk, 5) Deer, 6) Snake, 7) Raccoon

Presents Carved from the Heart By Bill Jones Payson Wood Carver

and asked if he was having trouble. Bill replied that he was and that he was looking Bill Jones is an 82 year at Dremel tools to figure out old retired, jack of all trades. what would be best to put He has done so many things. hair on a bear. He was the planning and The gentleman replied zoning administrator for the pick this little round tool that city of Mapleton and retired is in a cone shape, and you in 1972. use the edge of the cone and He started carving in a twisting motion to put the 2003. The first piece he hair on the bear. He then attempted to carve was a invited Bill to attend the small bear. After he had it Payson Senior Citizen evaluated, he learned that he Center for a woodcarving needed more training. While class on Tuesdays. A few looking for a tool at the months later Bill accepted Sunroc in Springville, a the invitation and found the gentleman approached him class to be interesting and

My 8-year-old son, Skyler, has really been into Captain America this year (October 2012). I feel as though his interest couldn’t come at a better time,being the big election coming up. I love how kids always see hope in all things. My son strongly believes that Captain America will come to our rescue,being it economic turmoil or just fighting bad guys. And who’s to say even us adults could use a little reminder that we are all in this together...the good and the bad.

enjoyed the knowledge provided by Mr. Johnson. Later, Bill took a class from Mrs. Goddard from Florida. She designed the pattern for the bears that he is presently carving. The bear on the left took 80 hours to complete and the bear on the right is at 50 hours. These are special gifts to his children. It’s his belief that as a retired person you first need to keep your mind and body active. For Bill, carving provides the necessary functions to keep him active for the next day.

Submitted by: Amy Fairbanks

Toward Any Any Tax Tax Prep Prep FREE $25 Toward

W/Free __ _ _ _ _Initial _ _ _ Bankruptcy _ _ _ _ _ _ _Consultation ________

“Yes U Can”

Budget Bankruptcy

801-379-0300 Dane Hines Atty.

SE HABLA ESPANOL 210 W. 200 N. #206 PROVO, UTAH 84601

Expires: 5/31/13

Federal Debt Relief Agent Ch 7 & 13

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Be Responsible

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, sometimes too big. Finding a new home for a pet can be hard, especially for an exotic pet like a snake. Not everyone likes snakes, which may explain why some pet owners have chosen to leave their Burmese pythons in the wild in the Florida Everglades. Burmese pythons come from Asia. They do not belong in the Florida Everglades, but more and more of them are being found there. Some escaped there during the hurricanes. Some were left there by pet owners. Burmese pythons eat a lot, and because of that, there are fewer raccoons, possums and rabbits in the Everglades, making for less food for other animals. The pythons are also eating larger animals, like alligators, deer and panthers. Burmese pythons are a big problem in the Everglades, and to stop them from wiping out some animal species and moving into other areas of Florida, wildlife officials now have programs in place that make it harder for pet owners to get a Burmese python. There are also programs to remove the snakes from the area.

t To Do Lis gether

Get recipes to


Copies 2. Get recipe book to Main, Plus Pr inting (7 17 N. Springville or online at ) copiespluspr 3.

Get 20% OFF my recipe bOOk !

includes printing, off retail pricing and 20% off discount is g. design or typesettin binding and graphic Expires 5/31/13

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April/May 2013

Sleep Wisdom or Baad Sleep

By Trudy Peck Parenting 911


othergoose does not claim to be any sort of expert in the area of sleep disorders, nor is it possible in this small space to make note of all of their forms, causes and effects. But I have been reminded recently of how important teaching children good sleep habits can be. So, when you are tempted to give up trying to help your young ones sleep when they’re supposed to and not when they’re not, consider these thoughts. When I asked my teenagers what they wanted to do for spring break, the first response was, “Sleep!” Growing children never seem to get enough time catching Zzzs. To these young people, sleeping all day, even all week, seems like a dream come true. But what happens when this is really possible? When sleeping all day every day is an actual reality? Picture a mother whose children are all in school, able to get up and get there on their own. The older children look out for the

younger ones, getting them off to school while Mom finishes out her sleep. Or consider a dad between jobs who has such an accumulated sleep debt that he feels he can never catch up. They sleep away the day, barely able to function when their family needs them. Then when the kids go to bed at night, insomnia kicks in and Mom or Dad spends the night frittering away the time doing mindless, fruitless things until sleep actually arrives because they are too tired to do anything constructive. And then when they do find employment, they struggle keeping a job because it requires them to actually get up every day on a regular basis. Not only does unregulated sleep make family life insecure, but sleeping more than is needful or at odd hours, can be a cause of depression, affecting the emotional well being of the entire family. Unhealthy sleep patterns in adults, especially those with children depending on them, do not paint a pretty picture. Bad sleeping does not begin at graduation. When you feel the urge to be your child’s friend instead of parent by letting him stay up and watch one more episode, when you don’t think it’s that big of a deal to ignore when your child is turning out the light, when you fail to teach healthy sleep choices, look


down the road a few years to where this pattern can lead. Your child may be the one to grow up to be the unproductive, deadbeat father, the emotionally absent mother. Your grandchildren could be the ones to look out for themselves and their younger siblings while mom and dad are in dreamland. Your own kin might be the ones with disrupted lives because of the inability to provide for the family because of Baaad Sleep. But if we instill in our children early on the understanding that good sleep habits will help them deal with what life will throw at them later, if we teach them how to exercise a little self control now, if we teach them to say “No” to their urges to stay up past a reasonable hour, we are giving our children an invaluable gift. If I took the time to search the internet, I’m sure I could find sleep studies all over the place citing how people who go to bed and get up early are more productive, more successful, more healthy and happy. But I just know, because of my own choices and the choices of others, that my family is better off because my mom and dad made me go to bed. They taught me to use the night for sleeping and the day for living. And I am so grateful for that! Thank you, THANK YOU Mom and Dad!


Marketing mistakes by homesellers

home. Often sellers do not show their home at its full potential. First impressions are crucial when marketing your home. Most prospective buyers will mentally deduct from the price of your home more than the required repairs would cost. 3. Listing for the wrong reasons. Many sellers select the wrong listing agent for the wrong reasons. They often By Bill Brown choose an agent that suggests Real Estate Today the highest purchase price. A There are common mistakes home that is overpriced will that sellers make in the not sell. Holding on to an marketing of their homes. Try unwanted home can cost you to avoid these problems if you more that a quick sale at a can. Doing so will help you lower price. Chose someone expedite your sale. These with a strong marketing plan, problem areas are: one who would know how and 1. Emotional Pricing. to whom your property will be Many sellers base their price marketed. Chose a company on emotional attachment to with a proven track record for their home, or how much they selling homes, not just listing have invested. Often this will them. lead to over-pricing. It is very 4. Staying in the dark. important to price your home Many sellers don’t fully accurately to ensure that it will understand their legal rights sell within the desired time. and obligations. This is 2. Not showcasing your extremely important. Real

estate laws are very complex and the contracts are legally binding. If there is anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask questions from someone who has the answers, or can get the answers. 5. Signing in stone. Never sign a listing contract that leaves you with no way out. If your agent is not performing as promised, you should have the option to fire them. Ask them if they have a performance guarantee. You want your agent to work hard for you. Be cautious in dealing with agents. Ask for referrals. By doing a little homework and asking pertinent questions, your frustrations in marketing your home will be minimized. Avoiding these common mistakes will make for a more pleasant and worry-free experience in the sale of your most precious asset. Until next month keep smiling.

#278: Bromate and Conspiring Men

By Dawn Van Nosdol

Well, yes – sort of. Some commercial bakers Ready or Not like using the bromated flour I learn something new because it yields a stronger every day. Today I learned and more elastic dough which about bromated flour. I wasn’t makes a consistently wonderlooking to learn about fully springy bread (hence the bromated flour, but my wonderful results that I kept curiosity got the better of me. having). Theoretically the Lately I have been buying potential hazard is supposed to flour that I really like. I buy it dissipate when it is cooked, in 50 pound bags and poundbut a potentially harmful per-pound it is cheaper than residue could still be left the 25 pound bags of the flour behind. There are several that I usually buy. What a countries in the world that deal! I also like how well it have banned bromate, but the works with my bread recipe. United States isn’t one of My bread suddenly seemed them. lighter and yet stronger. I was Many commercial bakers in love with this flour – that is have switched from using until I got curious. bromated flour to using On the front of the bag it ascorbic acid which produces stated that the flour had been much of the same results, but enriched, fortified and without the potentially bromated. I had seen the CARCINOGENIC side enriched and fortified before, effects. If you decide to keep but bromated? This is where using the bromated flour just my curiosity got the better of keep in mind that if the dough me and so while I was waiting is not completely cooked or if for my bread to raise I it is eaten raw (e.g. eating raw Googled© “bromate”. Maybe cookie dough or raw bread the ‘bromate’ was the reason dough) it can potentially cause that my bread was turning out cancer. (I don’t know which so well. type of cancer, but does it Come to find out it was, but really matter?) all of the wonderful results If you do have bromated came with a bit of a price flour you don’t have to throw – and the price wasn’t it away because if the dough is monetary. I discovered that completely cooked then there flour that is enriched with is no harm and all of the potassium bromate is a bromate will have dissipated. potential carcinogen. Carcino- Theoretically. gen? Really? Flour that Why do “they” do this to potentially causes cancer? us? The Center for Science in

the Public Interest has lobbied the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the use of potassium bromate, but so far it hasn’t happened. Some states require flour to be clearly labeled if it is bromated, but outside of the FDA or public interest groups that understand the science and dangers behind these additives, who else knows what bromated means? Okay, maybe you did, but I certainly didn’t and if I hadn’t been curious then I still would be naively eating raw cookie dough and serving my family POTENTIALLY CARCINOGENIC BREAD! My favorite verse in the Word of Wisdom, in Doctrine and Covenants 89, is in verse 4 which says, “Behold, verily, thus saith the Lord unto you: In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days,” – and would those men be conspiring for higher profits? I feel that feeding the public bromated flour just because the end result looks prettier and is springier – even though it could cause CANCER, is irresponsible and is done by design to make a profit at our expense. Shame on them. I wonder how many other things I need to be curious about? Find more at

Tuesday, June 11 the Springville Senior Center has an activity at 3:30 pm. It is $69/$89 for Ticket, Dinner, & Trasnportation to Texas Roadhouse and Jersey Boys at the Capitol Theater. (801) 489-8738

Springville Celebrates Birthday’s Jim Clarke & Jessica Knight provided the entertainment as a duo playing the banjo, mandolin, and guitar. Call Jim at (801) 794-0116 to schedule a performance today. Jay and Betty Stewart come down on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do aerobics and walking on the treadmill. One day each month they celebrate everyone’s birthday and they put up beautiful decorations and have live entertainment. There are many trips and activities that the center does, for example, on Friday the 28th, the center hosted an egg drop. Jay and Betty, would like to say to the community, “Carpe Diem”! Anna Mae & Rex Wardle have been coming to the senior center for 20 years. They invite people to come join in the quilting fun from 9 am to Noon, Mon-Fri. There are other fun things to do at the center, for example: card games, billiards, ceramics, Tai Chi and more. The Wardle’s invite the community to come and get

acquainted. Once or twice a year there is a fun trip. This year is a trip to Nevada and California on September23-30. Call (801) 489-8738 to find out more information. “Bunco, Bingo, Quilting, Field Trips, lots of entertainment, if you search it out you can find a few people with a sense of humor”, said an anonymous diner. Art and Marge Richardson, of Springville, are a part of the “Wild Table”, front and center. On the Wild Table, there is a home builder, a historian, a long-haul trucker, and mining engineer. A conglomerate of friends that have a sense of humor and enjoy shooting the breeze for hours a time. March birthdays celebrated: Janet Thompson, LaWona Charles, Billi Herrmann, Louise Knapp, Mary Fran Draisker, Elliot Goldman, Kathryn Peterson, Audrey Andrus, Lea Olsen, Lorraine Eshelman, Renate Bundy, Conda Sorensen, Austin Christensen, Karen

Lee, Betty Robinson, Marjean Giraud, Floyd Stewart, Charlotte Hartman, ReVoe Jackson, RoseAnn Ritchie, Patricia Ivie, Joyce Hall, Dan Garrison, Stan Thatcher, Opal Spencer, SharLee Spencer, Jo Dorough, Jim Burrell, Pat Gee, and Betsy Baird. April birthdays to be celebtrated are: Fawn Christensen, Shari Kone, Donna Price, Anna Mae Downey, Barbara Harris, Al Mosher, Marjorie Mullaly, Linda Hester, John Moore, Gordon Nielson, Catharine Overson, Gary Pyne, Don Harvey, Marian Jacobson, Gene Averett, harold Collings, Phillip Moyes, Bonnie Buchanan, Donald Hester, Doug Andrus, Vivian Schramm, Thelma Chapman, Hazel Hulse, Weldon Gray, Josephine Rowan, and David Mullaly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOSE AND ALL OTHERS THAT CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS IN MARCH, APRIL, AND MAY! Find our App and use it on your smartphone.

We are going to start a SERVICE CLASSIFIED ADS SECTION. In this section, ads will be free. However, to get a free ad, one must provide their hobby/talent/skill with no strings attached, for at least one hour/week. I’ll start. I’ll donate 1 hour for card/coin magic tricks to schools, senior citizen centers, & retirement homes. (801) 477-6845 to schedule or list.

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Vol. 2 ISSUE 11

Promoting Humility What are our youth up to at school? By Jesse Fisher Thoughts on Zion

Before we explore something both Babylon and Zion have in common, let’s take a closer look at two conclusions we came to in a previous column: “Pride is the steppingstone to Babylon” and “Humility is the steppingstone to Zion”. How can pride lead to Babylon and humility to Zion? Imagine wearing a pair of glasses. The left lens is the pride lens, the right, humility. The lens through which we view our neighbors directly determines whether we are moving towards Babylon or Zion. The pride lens is the belief that we need to be betterthan (or even less-than) others. We seek to prove our value to an often long-dead “stressor” parent or to ourselves. We do that by belittling others. We imagine reasons why we are better than they are; we have more money, nicer clothes, houses, or cars, we went to college, or we have important callings in the ward or stake. These all tempt us to see ourselves as superior to others, thus giving evidence of our worth. Unfortunately, habitually viewing others through the lens of pride leads us to act in ways that draws us towards a corrupt and violent society. History is replete

with examples of groups that were mocked and derided by others, and then condemned and persecuted. Once these attitudes become expressed in new laws, the government becomes as corrupt as the hearts of the people. This opens the gate to wholesale plundering, pogroms and gas chambers, accompanied by the tyranny of those who think they know better than “the masses” – Babylon at its best. In sharp contrast, we can view our neighbors and family members through the lens of humility – enlightened by the truth that “all men are created equal”. Seeing others as being of equal and infinite worth as ourselves makes it impossible for us to condemn and persecute them. In fact, it is only by looking through the lens of humility that we can keep the second great commandment of loving our neighbor as ourselves. Using the lens of humility makes cooperation, compassion, kindness, patience and peace possible. We simply cannot be of one heart and one mind unless we habitually view others with humility. I invite you to download a graphical representation of the Two Lenses and study the supporting verses found there. See © 2013 by Jesse Fisher

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Mt. Loafer

Art City

In the sixth grade at Mt. Loafer Elementary, the students celebrated Pi Day! March 14, 2013 marks the annual Pi Day, 3.14! Mrs. VanLeeuwan and Mrs. Gwynn centered the whole day around fun activities using 3.14. The students found the circumference of a circle, made a circle, made circles from rectangles, and finally, the best part of the day was eating real pie! Pictured here ready for pie, is Maddie Shuler, Evelyn Bushman, Rebecca Cromar, Mrs. VanLeeuwan, Mrs. Gwynn, and Hunter Riding. Submitted by Larraine Nelson

Art City Elementary School, Springville—the Third grade classes had a “Moms, Muffins, and Math Morning,” on Friday March 22, 2013. Moms came in and the students showed their moms how they could do math while enjoying a muffin. Moms were wowed by the activities and games their children were engaged in. Enen Miss Murdock’s mom, Janine Murdock, took time away from Springville Jr. High to be a “Mom”. Thank you, moms for taking time out of your busy mornings to come and do math with us. Submitted by Julia Murray


Maple Mountain

Mapleton Fourth Graders are flying through their multiplication facts this year. They can remember all the multiples for numbers 2 through 9, by singing to familiar tunes such as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Yankee Doodle.” On the Morning of the PTA meeting when the class was practicing for their performance, Mrs. Katie Barth’s class came to visit Mrs. Snyder’s First Grade Class. They performed their songs for the first graders to show what they had been learning! Students enjoyed the performance and afterwars Mrs. Barth’s class performed all eight songs for the PTA!! Facundo Curi has been Pictured here are the Fourth Grade students with Mrs. Barth. selected as a prep of the week Submitted by: Ginnie Snyder representing the boys soccer Life is about giving to those in need. Not by force team. Facundo is the leading scorer on the undefeated soccer of law, but by freedom of choice. team. His play has helped the Golden Eagles achieve a state number 2 ranking while also being near the top of the region soccer standings. Congratulations Facundo and good luck the rest of the season.


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Taylor Reynolds has been selected as a prep of the week representing the lady eagles softball team. According to Coach Lewis, “Taylor is a great team leader who also plays great defense. Her bat has also helped the lady eagles stay in the hunt for another region title.” Submitted by Tyler Lewis, copy by Dave Boyack

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April/May 2013


MERIT ACADEMY See for sports schedules and other school information.

State Winners of Inspirations Art Program

Savannah Ius

ence and opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. However, the cost of the conference is more than my parents and I can contribute, so I am asking for your help. On April 26th, Merit Academy is hosting a fundraiser called “An Evening In Tuscany.’” A full three course Italian meal will be provided and professional performers from around the valley will provide excellent entertainment. It will make a great date night or fun night in general. For more information, call (801)-3764612 and ask for Cora.

Merit’s Orchestra Goes to State on April 27th

By Sequoia like Tone, Intonation, Knippenberg Bowing, Rhythmic AccuMerit Academy Student racy, and Expression. The Merit Academy’s orchestra recently went to compete in Regionals against four other schools on March 5th and got invited to go to State for doing so well. The competition was a music festival where schools from Region 16 compete. They played in front of judges who rated them on things

highest rating was Superior. The 20-person Merit orchestra got a Superior and will be playing one song at State. The soloists who are going to compete are Seth Manesee, Jordan Nelson, and Soren Peterson. The competition will be held Sat. April 27th at Lone Peak High School.

By Tristan Time and time again I Anderson have failed, and every single Living up to your dream failure led to a lower self Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, that’s what life is for, to fulfill your dreams. Have you ever tried setting a goal, but you couldn’t stick to it? I know I have, and it doesn’t make you feel very positive about yourself.

1440 W. Center - 84663 If you are interested in 801.491.7600 writing articles, contact Home of the Knights! Chris (801) 477-6845.

Merit Academy

“An Evening in Tuscany” Hi! My name is Savannah Ius, and I am a student at Merit Academy. I have been nominated as a National Youth Correspondent to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference this summer. This amazing opportunity will be held at George Mason University (US News and World Report ranked #1 school to watch). I was selected because of my excellent academic record and sincere interest in journalism and media. I am extremely excited about this student leadership experi-


confidence level. I felt as if I wasn’t good enough, but I realized that I hadn’t been committed. I may have been interested in my goal, but I was not committed! I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer, and since


Fire Training for A.S.K. Courtney Garcia’s 1st place Photo

Courtney Garcia

By Courtney Garcia and Jenilyn Shiles took 2nd Merit Academy Student place.

built in computer that shows By Sequoia fire on the screen) and Knippenberg Merit Academy Student students had the chance to In ASK class this past month for our CERT training we learned how to put out fires the size of a garbage can. We had the unique opportunity to have Brian Watson come into our ASK class with a fire simulator from US Synthetic. Brian Watson has worked with US Synthetic’s First Responders for over 16 years. Brian brought in a fire simulator (which is a screen with a

All of those students from Merit Academy moved on to the state level competition and in Visual Arts (6-8) Ellie Tobiasson took 1st place. In Visual Arts (9-12) Arielle Lupo took 2nd place. In 3-D Art (9-12), McKay Muhlestein took 2nd place. In Musical Composition (9-12) Hunter Gifford took 2nd place. In Photography (9-12), Courtney Garcia took 1st place. And in Literary Composition (9-12), Blythe Gifford took 1st place. Congratulations to these This year, Merit’s Interact talented students! Club will be hosting a Star Wars themed 5k Run on Saturday, May the 4th at 8:00 a.m. It will be held at then I have fully committed here to help you, but they myself to that dream. I’ve can’t if you don’t give them Merit Academy, located at 1440 West Center Street in taken any chance I have had a chance. Springville. The cost for the to write; Journalism or not, it (Tristan is a young man race is $20 and all the doesn’t matter. I have interested in journalism) decided to take as many writing classes as I can. I ask for feed back on the things I write, and I continued writing even if something doesn’t go quite how I wanted it to. I’m not done, I may have completed many goals, but I have dreamed bigger and I have many people who encourage me to live up to my dreams. You can do this too! Don’t give up on yourself, if you believe you can; you will with hard work! Failure is the key to success; so unlock that door! Take pride in yourself and show your talents to others. People are The school winners of the Inspirations Art contest at Merit Academy moved on to the regional competition in February. In Literary Composition (9-12), Blythe Gifford took 1st place. Hunter Gifford took 1st place in both Musical Composition (9-12) and in Digital Art (9-12). In Visual Arts (6-8) Ellie Tobiasson took 1st place and Courtney Baulin took 2nd place. In Visual Arts (9-12) Arielle Lupo took 2nd place. In Photography (9-12) Courtney Garcia took 1st place

put out the fire with a laser fire extinguisher. The laser fire extinguishers use the principle of L.E.D. technologies, which simulate what it would take to put out a real fire. It was really fun and a great opportunity to see what it’s like to put out a fire without actually having to start fires and use up fire extinguishers to do so. We are grateful to US Synthetic for allowing us the chance to get this valuable training!

“May the 4th Be with You”

proceeds will go to building a classroom for Merit’s sister school in Mtulu, Africa. Former 5k Runs that Merit has hosted helped build new latrines in Mtulu. This year, the goal is to raise enough money to build a classroom for the children.



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Vol. 2 ISSUE 11

Hey Kid Run on May 18th By Carolina Herrin Hey Kid Run Promoter

Hey Kid Run, takes place in Spanish Fork on May 18th at 9 am. The 2 Mile course is It’s a nice, warm, Saturon the Spanish Fork River day morning and you’re up, Trail, a safe and well getting your child out of bed maintained trail. The start and ready to go run a kids and finish lines are right next only race. Yes, that’s right. to the main pavilion and Your child is going running! tennis courts, at the Spanish You’ve always known that Fork Sports Park (295 West getting kids outside and Volunteer Drive). Maureen Clark active is obviously a good The Musettes December 2011 Registration for the run is thing. Especially now days, only $20 and can easily be in which we live in a society, done online, until May 15th where childhood obesity is at www.heykidrun.regtix. By Maureen Clark women’s choral group that Commission. at an all-time high and com If you are the procrastiThe Musettes has been existence for over We meet at 6PM each studies suggest too much nating type, registration for sixty years. At the present Wednesday for one to one television time may contrib- the run can also be done on The Musettes will present time we have two conducand half hours from Septem- ute to behavior problems, packet pickup day, May 17th their Annual Spring concert tors, Linda Cluff and Marsha ber to May. Election of poor grades, and even at 7pm at the Spanish Fork at 7 PM Sunday April 28th Clark. Our accompanist is officers is every year in May. depression later in life. Sports Park, or on the day of at the Center Street Chapel Jackie Snelson. The MuAnyone who loves to sing The “Hey Kid Run” is the the race, starting at 7:30 am. 355 East Center Street, settes perform two concerts and would like to join us perfect remedy for getting Registration during packet Springville, Utah. Admission a year, one in December and and has a little experience of the kids outside, active and pickup and on day of the is free. The name of the one in the Spring. We choral performance is away from the television and race is $25. Not only is this program for this concert is, practice each week at the welcome to check out our video games. This age an affordable race to have “No one like you”. Some of Wheeler Mortuary in musetteschorus. appropriate run, is a 2 Mile your child participate in, but the pieces that will be Mapleton and each member The present Race, put together for kids part of the proceeds from performed are “One Small of the group purchases her president is Lynda Golding. and teens, ages 6-18 years Hey Kid Run, go towards Voice”, “Unforgettable”, music and for each concert You could contact her or old. There is also a 100 helping different UFC South “For Good” from Wicked memorizes the numbers to anyone who is a member of Meter Dash, for kids Soccer Teams in Spanish and a small group singing be performed. Each year we the group. younger than 6 years old. Fork. “Getting to Know You”. apply for and receive a grant The Musettes is a from the Springville Arts

In Concert: The Musettes

Nebo High Schools Make a Difference

High, taught Landon as a By Shalee Hiskey Communications Intern student at Spanish Fork High What do Maple Mountain High and Spanish Fork High have in common? They both have an enthusiastic pep band guest leader, Landon Johnson. Basketball fans can’t find a more passionate conductor at a BYU or UVU basketball game. Landon Johnson shares his passion by feeling the beat of the music. Dave Boyack, Athletic Director at Maple Mountain

School and explained that all of the students loved Landon and took care of him. One student in particular, named Ben Locke, reached out to Landon and made him feel a part of the student body. Dave said, “Ben really took Landon under his wing.” Landon’s interest of band did not diminish when he moved into Maple Mountain boundaries, and he became good friends with Natalie Hansen, the band leader at


C h o s e a ny 3 f o r o n l y


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the time. Natalie always let him help her lead the pep band during the games. Landon continues to return every year to support Maple Mountain High and Spanish Fork High games. Jason Buhler, the current band leader at Maple Mountain High, exclaims, “I love watching Landon do what he loves!” This has been such an incredible opportunity to see students from two different high schools be so welcoming. Landon enjoys conducting so much that he shows up to the game an hour early to find out if the pep band will be performing. Dave Boyack replied, “Landon is one of those kids you like to have around.” This is evident as both Maple Mountain and Spanish Fork High Schools welcome Landon and allow him to do what he loves.

Every registered runner will receive a race t-shirt, along with a goody bag filled with coupons, flyers and items from local businesses in the area. Some of the goodies in the race bag will include: Drawstring bag and stickers from Gold’s Gym, coupon to TinyVille, a free Wendy’s frosty, free child size Lani’s Shave Ice, a water bottle, courtesy of Cascade Family Dental, Little Ceasars coupons, Xango products, Big O Tire’s key chain flashlights and much more. Prizes and Food will be handed out throughout the race and at the end of the race. To see all of the sponsors supporting Hey Kid Run and to make sure you stay up to date with all of the news and information for the race “like” Hey Kid Run on Facebook. Don’t have your child miss out on this great and fun opportunity, by sleeping in. Get them up and running!

Central Utah Veterans Home Fundraisers On April 19th at 6 pm - 8 pm at the Payson City Center a $15 Benefit Dinner will be served and cooked on site by Sizzler. On April 20th, the first annual Central Utah Veterans Home Golf Tournament will be held at 0900 hours at the Gladstan Golf Course in Payson. Entry is $100 per person and includes green fees, cart, lunch, and prizes. Contact Gary Schwartz for more information (801) 420-3959. Proceeds go to the new Central Utah Veterans Home in Payson.

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Serve Daily Issue II.XI April 2013  

The 11th issue of Serve Daily. Thanks to the companies that make this possible.

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