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DIGITALLY SIGNED TESTIMONIAL / REVIEW Services: Vieira's Trading for a Living & Wealthy Investors

I have been using Vieira's coaching in the stock market for years. My greatest profit ever is Intuitive Surgical which I sold at $560 making close to $25 million. Vieira called every single major move on this great investment. A few years ago, he called the crash $350 to $98 as well as the famous rally to $580. He was a believer when everyone else was a detractor. He convinced me to hold onto to my investment when everyone else in Wall Street were telling me the opposite, downgrading Intuitive Surgical in 2010. Goldman was one of them.Two years later, he said to sell, when everyone else wanted shares of this company! I don't know about the future, but shares of Intuitive Surgical have not seen a new high since then. How do you explain it? In the past four months I made about $5 million of which $1.5 short JC Penney and $740,000 short Sina into November earnings. The fat slice came from selling short Apple after he called a strong reversal near $700.

DocuSign Envelope ID: 6503723E-867D-413E-AB48-B733A3F2E2E1

I sold Apple between $689 to $695. It is my second largest profit ever also thanks to him. I did not blink when he used the word collapse! I went short the stock a bit late around $677, watching it unmercifully plunging to $500 a few months later. Wall Street was shocked! Not me! I've got used to this "miraculous" trade calls a long time ago. The past week sold Research in Motion at $14 ahead of earnings as Vieira suggested. The price plunged more than 20% the day after earnings report. How did he know? I have had this same question for years. I saw Green Mountain Coffee and Crocs plunging 40% overnight on his calls. Don't forget he was the only one calling RIM crash $140 to $10. Thanks to Vieira closed my short on Green Mountain Coffee near $18, the bottom so far. Don't believe me? Ask others. Watch him making the call on video. I have seen him reversing the most difficult trends, calling market tops and bottoms like no other. I have learned that what one reads on books about trading is useless. What you hear on the media about great stock traders is a big lie. Believe me, no free lunches in financial markets. There is always a game behind the curtains. Often their interest is selling books, interviews and all kind of schemes screwing investors in the end. I could write a book about his unbelievable calls on Netflix, Sina and Apple for the past years. And US Steel, what a great story!

It's impossible to offer a fair review of Vieira's service unless you have been inside for years. The service has always been extraordinary,

DocuSign Envelope ID: 6503723E-867D-413E-AB48-B733A3F2E2E1

but today it is one hundred times better. Light years ahead of anything else in stock market trading and coaching. He records everything on video. Why wasting valuable time and money arguing? His calls are there for anyone to view, to judge and to criticise. I learned that my performance depends on me. I make my own decisions. But, I also have a few criticisms. Your opinion is worthless. Impossible to argue about stocks. At least, he is always there for you. I have never found anyone in this position willing to talk about stocks at 4am in the morning for years! I have seen movies and read books about men in our history who are vulgar compared to him. The client who said Vieira is beyond Steve Jobs actually said it all. Steve was my reference until I met Vieira. Privacy is a very important asset to me. After a long debate for months, I am giving my permission to publish this review and to record it on tape using someone's else voice if Vieira decides to do so. I am well-known in the industry. Credits should be given to those who have proven to deserve it. I have not done anything but to be a good listener. (translated from Russian)



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