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The Governor Hotel

a hotel of local elegance 03 MAY 2012

step inside WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO TRANSFORM AN OLD HOTEL INTO A LANDMARK DESTINATION? We are here to reintroduce you, travelers, and the city of Portland back to The Governor Hotel. Within these walls is a level of opulence not often seen in our city. The experience is like being transported to a different time and place. It is our job to help you see. To see the coffered ceilings, thick mouldings, stained glass and gilded mirrors. To see Italian Renaissance and Chippendale Chinese. It's our intention to emphasize this ornamentation, and to provide a consistent level of detail throughout the hotel. In the hopes of creating a cohesive and memorable guest experience, we wish to unify these two buildings and the varied period motifs. To create a global aesthetic of elegance. Despite the rich history and overall grandness of The Governor, there are some critical spaces within the hotel that could greatly benefit from design intervention. These locations are the Entrance, Lobby, Reception, Salon, Passage, Elevators & Corridors, Guestrooms and Amenity Spaces. These are the spaces that guests interact with, obtain value from, and remember the most. They are also the areas that typically define the hotel experience and give a hotel its identity and distinction.

The heart of the problem is that these key spaces currently lack a sense of continuity with the dramatic historic spaces within the hotel;. Their execution is lackluster in comparison with their adjoining spaces. In addition, the remarkably lavish features of the hotel are often underemphasized due to poor lighting. At the request of Dupree Scovell, the SERA Hospitality Design Team has identified some key strategies for tackling these issues. The basic idea is to create an impression. We hope to shape this experience by: 1) creating visual continuity between rooms, 2) increasing the drama of the spaces, and 3) providing strong wayfinding clues for guests as they travel throughout the building. This hotel could be shaped in many ways. To begin, we provide you with an initial list of design solutions, arranged in order of their greatest design impact, guest experience, and overall value. We hope that it paints of picture of what The Governor can be. A hotel of quiet elegance, and a beacon in Portland, Oregon.

 The Governor Hotel

Clockwise from top: Clyde Common, Stumptown, Bluehour, Olympic Provisions, Woodsman Tavern

hello portland HOW IS ELEGANCE TRANSLATED IN A CLASSY, YET CASUAL CITY? Quality over quantity Curated experience Creative collaborations Heritage aesthetic Refined minimalism Abundant, native woods Richer, darker hues Modern, brighter accents Bespoke, crafted details

 The Governor Hotel

Town & Country: Douglas Fir, Burnside Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Moss


Telling the story of Portland through local icons, characters, and artifacts. Sampling color from moody skies, moss covered trees, and vividly painted infrastructure. Inspiring guests with authentic details.

 The Governor Hotel

A taste of local art.


Working with local artists and local arts organizations to create a sophisticated destination for both locals and guests. Art direction can illustrate a reverence for landscape, our quirky sense of humor, and a character rich, handmade ethos.

 The Governor Hotel

The first opportunity to make a memorable impression.


STRATEGIES Create a focal point at entry, by adding a colored glass canopy that spans the three bays at entrance doors. Develop dramatic signage to attract attention from the streetscape. Signage should be included at SW Alder, with a focus at SW 11th Ave. Utilize mezzanine (edge of floor slab, window coverings) to articulate the facade. Focus travel through central door with new walk-off mat in signature color. Increase electric lighting to create more definition at the hotel entry. Include additional topiaries in new pots. Consider cafe seating outside coffee.  The Governor Hotel

Setting the stage.


STRATEGIES Add lighting to accentuate the gorgeous coffered ceiling. Replace column, panel and trim colors, to brighten the room and contrast the ceiling. Locate a linear runner to direct circulation through the center aisle of the lobby. Remove two sections of the stairs leading to the salon to create a focused entry and accommodate more seating. Utilize signature color to establish identity and assist in wayfinding.

 The Governor Hotel

Accentuate beautiful details.


STRATEGIES Locate in arrival hall for effective wayfinding. Develop focal point in beautiful lighting and rich drapery, above and behind the reception desk. Mirrored brass reception desk reflects the beautiful ceiling overhead. Drapery reinforces signature color.

 The Governor Hotel

Reimagine the business center as a stately salon.


STRATEGIES Bringing life to a barren room, focusing on color, comfort, nobility and nature. Improved ceiling design adds brightness and texture to room. A dark, glossy palette with large, glowing fireplace plus casual seating will invite lingering. Utilize signature color to reinforce identity and assist in wayfinding.

 The Governor Hotel

Create an attraction that connects the guest suites.

passage ENTICING GUESTS TO EXPLORE THE GOVERNOR STRATEGIES Direct the movement in the connector between the 11th Ave lobby and the historic Governor guest suites. Minimize niches and back of house doors to enforce clarity in the direction of travel. Add richness and detail to match the elegance of historic spaces. Replace existing flooring to complement lobby tile. Revise ceiling design. Develop design element that entices guests to journey between buildings. Utilize color to reinforce identity and assist in wayfinding.

 The Governor Hotel

Create an anchor that reinforces the hotel identity.


STRATEGIES Create a dramatic vignette to punctuate each elevator lobby. Add richness and detail to match the elegance of historic spaces. Repaint doors to reinforce hotel identity.

 The Governor Hotel

Enhancing the architecture with inspiring colors.


STRATEGIES Investigate the potential for an upscale tenant adjacent to the Lobby, replacing the current Starbucks location. Move Fitness Center to create a leasable Alder Street storefront. Relocate Fitness Center to the Vault Room, in order to activate an interesting and under-utilized space. Relocate Fitness Center to a renovated basement. Renovate Pool to create a spa, enhancing the hotel amenities.

 The Governor Hotel

Adding character to reinforce the hotel as a boutique accommodation.


STRATEGIES Add richness and detail to the match the elegance of historic spaces. Incorporate antique accessories with contemporary art to create a refined, yet fresh guest experience. Create an aesthetic that balances formal sophistication with the comfortable, casualness of Portland

 The Governor Hotel

The Governor Hotel