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Jack Splitt I S L I K E A N Y O T H E R T E E N A G E R . H E W A T C H E S S P O N G E B O B.

HE L I K E S H I S H A I R TO G R O W P A S T H I S E A R S. W H E N H IS M O T H E R, S TAC E Y L I N N, A S K S HIM A QUESTION, HE DOESN’T GIVE HER A STRAIGHT ANSWER. HE INSTEAD RESPONDS WITH A RATHER D I S A R M I N G S M I L E , O N E T H AT B E A M S W I T H A N AL AR M I N G LY B OY I S H C H A R M. “Are you sure? Is that a yes?” she asks. He blinks. No, no, he was just kidding. Jack’s smile widens. Stacey Linn laughs.


when Jack’s muscles uncontrollably contract, causing his limbs to lock up in uncomfortable positions. Jack didn’t always take cannabis oil for his cerebral

Jack was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral

palsy. Prior to cannabis treatments, he relied on an ar-

palsy. Unlike most teens his age, he spends his days

ray of pharmaceuticals to control his muscle spasms.

in a wheelchair. Although he cannot speak, he and

Because his symptoms could be incredibly severe, his

his mother developed their own code between one

doctors often prescribed medications to him off-label—

another. Through eye movements and facial expres-

meaning those drugs weren’t designed for his symp-

sions, he can communicate with her.

toms, but because nothing else worked, they decided to

And unsurprisingly, at 15 years old, Jack is quite the

give these other drugs a try. The compounding toxicity

kidder. The past couple of years have been a roller

of his conventional meds took their toll on his liver,

coaster ride for this mother and son duo. Jack is one of

and Stacey Linn’s memories of her son before canna-

Colorado’s underage medical marijuana patients. One

bis were of a lethargic child, swollen in the face and

symptom of his condition is dystonia, which occurs

hazy-eyed from a cloud of tranquilizers.

AUGU ST 2016

Sensi Magazine-Denver/Boulder (August 2016)  
Sensi Magazine-Denver/Boulder (August 2016)