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GREEN NOURISHMENT Changing Las Vegas to Las Vegans for plant-based diets. Las Vegas’s culinary choices once thrived on steak and eggs

The website and socials communicate a comprehensive

but now locals and tourists embrace veganism. Plant-based

guide to vegan life, and her mission is to make being vegan

menus and offerings dominate the epicurean delights on and

in Las Vegas more accessible to tourists and locals. She

off the Strip.

holds events to spotlight places with vegan menus and part-

While many might define vegan as merely abstaining from ingesting any animal products, there are distinctions.


ners with national organizations. Edelman also writes about being vegan for several outlets.

People who do not consume any animal products including

“I started as a vegetarian in 2012. I was living in Thailand

eggs and dairy follow a vegan dietary plan. Vegetarians

doing elephant rescue work, and I witnessed a truck full of

combine a plant-based diet with the addition of eggs, dairy,

pigs driven to slaughter. I have never touched meat after

and sometimes even fish.

that,” she explains. “After working with the elephants in the

HuffPost reported that “in 2018, plant-based foods will

sanctuary and seeing the way animals are treated, I did re-

become the new organic. That’s according to restaurant

search. I decided to live my life as kind as possible and try

consultancy group Baum + Whiteman in New York, who

to harm as little as possible. I feel that living the vegan life-

named ‘plant-based’ the food trend of 2018.”

style is good for animals and the environment.”

Founder of Vegans, Baby (VEGANSBABY.COM), Diana Edel-

After living abroad for four years, Edelman became veg-

man started her company in 2016 embracing this lifestyle.

an after moving back to the US. Living in Las Vegas off and

Profile for Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine - Las Vegas (June 2018)  

Sensi Magazine - Las Vegas (June 2018)

Sensi Magazine - Las Vegas (June 2018)  

Sensi Magazine - Las Vegas (June 2018)