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Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck

Samantha Orthlieb

Senses Of the Soul Oracle Deck

Copyright Š 2020 Senses of the Soul All right reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this card deck, booklet or artwork may be reproduced in any form by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the publisher. Senses of the SoulTM is a registered trademark of Samantha Orthlieb Published by Senses of the Soul Box/booklet cover design, illustrations and booklet layout by Lavanya D. Balasubramanian. Written and edited by Samantha Orthlieb and Bryanne Manveiler. The authors do not directly or indirectly dispense or prescribe medical advice or the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems. The contents of this card deck and booklet are not intended to replace the advice of your primary healthcare provider. Please consult your medical or health practitioner.

Contents Introduction 9 Chakra Anatomy Diagram 12 Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck 13 Soulful Spreads 14

Chakra One i Earth Mother 18 1 Blue Lupin 22 2 Dandelion 24 3 Orchid (Trichoceros parviflorus) 26 4 Polyanthus 28 I Shaman 30 5 Ayahuasca 34 6 Burdock 36 7 Moss 38 8 Plantain 40 Chakra Two ii Sovereign 9 Calendula 10 Fuchsia 11 Sagebrush II Mystic

42 46 48 50 52

12 Black Spruce 13 Echinacea 14 Oleander 15 Valerian

56 58 60 62

Chakra Three iii Warrior 16 Marshmallow 17 Peppermint 18 Scotch Broom 19 Sunflower III Spiritual Warrior 20 Barberry 21 Ginger 22 Goldenrod 23 Monkshood 24 Mountain Pride 25 Tomato

64 68 70 72 74 76 80 82 84 86 88 90

Chakra Four iv Lover 26 Borage 27 Fireweed 28 Hawthorn 29 Salal IV Magical Child

92 96 98 100 102 104

30 Buttercup 31 Elderberry 32 Honeysuckle 33 Rose Hip 34 Zinnia

108 110 112 114 116

Chakra Five v Prophet 35 Bluebell 36 Red Clover V Muse 37 Hops 38 Iris 39 Mullein 40 Passion Flower

118 122 124 126 130 132 134 136

Chakra Six vi Sage 41 Fairy Bell 42 Ox-Eye Daisy 43 Viburnum 44 Yarrow VI Alchemist 45 Chaga 46 Reishi 47 San Pedro Cactus

138 142 144 146 148 150 154 156 158

48 Wormwood


Chakra Seven vii Guru 162 49 Lavender 166 50 Orchid (Lycaste longipetala) 168 51 Orchid (Sobralia dichotoma) 170 VII Priest/Priestess 172 52 Cilantro 176 53 Lotus 178 54 Pink Mandevilla 180 55 Spotted Coralroot Orchid 182 56 Yellow Dock 184 Chakra Eight VIII Enchanter/Enchantress 57 Dwarf Korean Lilac 58 Mugwort 59 Sweet Gale 60 Woody Nightshade

186 190 192 194 196

Chakra Eleven XI Sorcerer/Sorceress 61 Fennel 62 Ginger 63 Mugwort

198 202 204 206

64 Yarrow


Star Cards 65 Blue Star 66 Gold Star 67 Silver Star 68 White Star

210 212 214 216

Co-creative Contributors 218 Related Products 220 Notes 221 References 227

Introduction This deck was created to help soulful individuals explore the question “how deeply do you want to live your life?” It is an extension of my book, Opening the Senses of The Soul: Healing into Wholeness with Nature’s Vibrational Medicine (2011) with an expansion of the evolving spiritual archetypes and the affiliated botanicals discussed there. The accelerating pace of life on Earth has intensified the human ascension process, leaving many of us feeling lost and overwhelmed. These cards carry the psychospiritual medicine offered by our sacred plant allies and the wise counsel of the archetypal energies situated within each of our chakras or energy centres. The Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck and guidebook has been created to support you to access your inner guidance. Botanical wisdom and archetypal energy can be accessed in a variety of ways, including via our focused intention. 9

Each card offers you enlightenment that will direct your Higher Self to what is needing your attention at this moment, and includes specific practice suggestions for connecting with the illuminative energy of the card more mindfully. It is my hope that these cards help you to know you are not alone on your life journey, and to also listen to and trust in the universal energies that support you to shape your destiny for the greater good. Yours on the Sacred Journey, Samantha Orthlieb


Acknowledgements Immense gratitude to the beautiful goddesses Bryanne and Lavanya; we laughed, cried and were shaped by many life trials and spiritual challenges while creating this Oracle card deck. Our trip to Scotland is a treasured memory. Thank you for your incredible talent, insight and dedication to this soulful project. To my soul daughter Sydney; thank you for believing in me. A galaxy of love to my friends and family, in particular my supportive parents, who remain steadfast and loyal through all my soulful adventures and creations. Samantha


Chakra 12 (White Star) Chakra 11 (Silver Star) Chakra 10 (Gold Star) Chakra 9 (Blue Star) Chakra 8 (Rainbow) Chakra 7 (Crown) Chakra 6 (Third Eye) Chakra 5 (Throat) Chakra 4 (Heart) Chakra 3 (Solar Plexus) Chakra 2 (Sacral) Chakra 1 (Root)


Senses of the Soul Oracle Deck Using the Deck Before beginning to work with your cards, we recommend clearing your deck before each use, perhaps by smudging, using a crystal, leaving in the moonlight, or setting an intention for clearing. Store your cards in a sacred space. There are 84 cards in this deck. The guidebook is arranged according to chakra, with each chakra section containing the various botanicals related to that particular chakra, as well as the two dominant archetypes for that chakra: the positive, which aids your earthly journey, and the evolving, which guides you on your spiritual journey. Cards within a chakra category can be used synergistically. The botanical cards include a brief background on the plant, a description of its psychospiritual significance, and a section on how to 13

2 • Dandelion Taraxacum officinale


Grounding • Purpose • Life Force • Safety Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Dandelion is a courageous plant and will grow where no other plant dares to live. It roots itself deeply into the ground while its leaves lay flat on the earth, creating a solid foundation for Dandelion’s stem and flower to rise tall toward the sky. Preferring temperate climates, it grows abundantly in open green spaces. Its status as a weed doesn’t hold true for herbalists, who value it as a liver cleanser and digestive tonic.2 24

Psychospiritual Meaning Dandelion gives us resilience and determination to overcome fear and feelings of powerlessness by connecting us with our earthly purpose; in other words, Dandelion transforms the physical survival energy of the Root Chakra into the spiritual rootedness of the soul. If you have chosen Dandelion, it is time to move out of fear and step into your power and purpose. Dandelion supports you in creating a strong foundation to release fear and tap into courage as you align more closely with your purpose. Heal with Dandelion Ask yourself: Where am I not stepping into my power? How is fear holding me back? Release emotions that might be obstructing you by breathing, dancing, drumming, putting your hands in soil, or any other activity that helps you to ground and align your energy with Earth energy. Sip Dandelion Root tea, spend time with Dandelions outside, or meditate on an image of Dandelion to invite the energy of Dandelion to work with you.






Empowerment Self Esteem • Self Worth • Confidence


The Warrior archetype represents a balanced third chakra, which provides one with a sense of personal empowerment through quiet strength and inner will, along with the ability to bend as needed in the face of adversity. The Warrior represents the “core strength” of our inner power, supporting one to make choices in service of the highest good.

Psychospiritual Meaning Healthy power, self esteem, and self worth are all derived from a combination of the masculine traits of loyalty and service for the greater good, and the feminine traits of preserving and protecting one’s sense of self. You may be experiencing imbalance in this area, either by withdrawing from your own power or by trying to obtain power from external sources. In either case, the Warrior is inviting you to step into your authentic power to further your soul’s evolution. The balanced polarities of the masculine and feminine allow flexibility and a willingness to learn and live one’s authentic power. When we have a sense of empowerment, we can live our purpose here on Earth without disempowering others in the process. Shadow Manifestation When the Warrior appears upside-down, its shadow 65


the Drudge/Servant archetype is trying to get your attention. It could be that you are caught up trying to find power outside of yourself, via the pursuit of money, control, prestige, and superficial beauty. True power does not come at the expense of someone else through control or manipulation—rather, it is found within by knowing your inner strength and believing in yourself and in what is true for you. You must be willing to relinquish your quest for distorted and external forms of power and be willing to act in accordance with your own truth. Healing with the Warrior It is important to know that a strong third chakra requires a balanced first and second chakra, similar to a tree that needs strong roots in order for it to be strong, yet flexible. Living in accordance with your individual truth will deliver a sense of peace and bring healing to the physical body, so consider reflecting on how you may be out of alignment with what is true for you. Remember that what is true for you may not be true for another, and that living in your power does not mean imposing your truth on another. As you step forward in your truth, activate your navel centre by pulling up and in at the umbilicus; this subtle physical action will give 66

you direct access to your truth and the confidence you need to live it. You can also work with the Warrior via the digestive system; a subtle cleanse or digestive tonic can help you to “digest� your experiences and unblock and release thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that keep you from your power. See Peppermint, Sunflower, Marshmallow, and Scotch Broom for botanical support.

VII • Priest/ess


Expansiveness Spiritual Altruism • Mystical Expansion • Esoteric Knowledge • Inner Divinity


The evolving archetype for the seventh chakra is the

Priest/Priestess. This archetype awakens one’s desire for wisdom, knowledge, and the unknown—from the practical to the most esoteric and mystical. The Priest and Priestess temper the ego’s need for control and logic, and obliterate its fear of surrender. They are comfortable with the impermanent and inconsistent nature of life, and embrace the weaving, labyrinth-like path of life’s journey. Psychospiritual Meaning If you have been hesitating to take the next step in a relationship, project, or other situation, the Priest/ Priestess archetype is telling you to trust Spiritual Will to guide you. Your fear of the unknown is based on how you conceptualize the unknown, and not the unknown itself. With the help of the Priest/Priestess archetype, you can descend into the depths of your unconscious, as well as explore other dimensions of reality—but first, you must accept the invitation and command the inner authority needed to align yourself with your own truth and higher purpose. There is illumination waiting for you that will inspire you to new heights and growth on your soulful journey. Shadow Manifestation The appearance of the False Prophet is signalling a 173


lack of integrity in the situation you are inquiring about. There may be a manipulation of the truth, or a self righteous person or doctrine involved that is trying to compensate for a deep-seated fear of the unknown. Be discerning. Wisdom that is detoured by jadedness, tediousness, unconcern, and indifference is a call for you to open up to new truths and perspectives beyond your reality, and question what you take in as the truth. Healing with the Priest/Priestess The Priest and Priestess lend themselves well to curious exploration and questioning, and can be cultivated by self reflective processes whereby so-called reality is deconstructed and turned on its head. Whenever you notice yourself clinging rigidly to one path or truth, the Priest/Priestess encourage you to ask, “What other truths or perspectives might there be in this situation?� Pay attention to initiations designed to challenge your conviction of what you think you know and who you think you are. Ultimately, what is true for you will come from within and will be experienced as a deep visceral sense of reality. See Cilantro, Yellow Dock, Lotus, Pink Mandevilla Vine, and Spotted Coral Root Orchid for botanical support. 174

58 • Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris


Spiritual Integration • Psychic Awareness • Multi-dimensional Consciousness I integrate multi-dimensional experience into daily reality.

Mugwort is named after the goddess Artemis,

who is considered the goddess of the moon.88 Mugwort is the most magical, sacred and potent of the Artemisia family, and is often mistaken for its relative Wormwood; Mugwort grows taller, however, reaching heights of 1.5 metres and its green leaves have a silvery, downy underside.89 As a medicinal plant, Mugwort stimulates and regulates the flow of blood and life energy, including 192

menstruation; it’s a known liver tonic, digestive stimulant, an aid for indigestion, and an anti-parasitic.90 Psychospiritual Meaning Mugwort is associated with the Rainbow Chakra and invites us to travel with her from the material world into the fifth dimension and beyond by “integrating psychic and dream experiences with daily life to create multidimensional consciousness”.91 You may be experiencing enhanced intuitive or psychic abilities, but without a solid physical self to anchor these experiences you are prone to feeling unbalanced, “flighty” or overwhelmed. Mugwort can help you integrate this new elevated consciousness into your solid physical form and daily reality. Heal with Mugwort Mugwort essence can support you as you develop your psychic abilities and/or receive knowledge from otherworldly sources. Practice tuning in often to your vital signs: find your heartbeat, listen to the sound of your breath, and feel your feet connecting on solid ground. Find ways to integrate the experiences you have, such as painting or writing about them, or sharing with like-minded people.


65 • Blue Star


Divine Karmic Freedom

The fact that you have drawn a Star Card means you must pay special attention to the spiritual aspect of your reading, particularly as it pertains to the ninth chakra. The Bigger Picture is at work.

Spiritual Lens “Who am I? I am an out-picturing of the Divine. I am God in human form. We are here to experience any aspect of Divinity that we wish.” – Neale Donald Walsch You have been handed the keys to Cosmic Consciousness! Connection to the ninth chakra or the Blue Star supports integration of the earthly self 210

with our Divine Self, and assists in the manifestation of desires and abundance. The Blue Star connects us to other realms and dimensions so that we can unlock new talents and abilities that are contained in our soul’s blueprint. When we experience unity consciousness and wholeness in ourselves, we can shapeshift our earthly perspective to a spiritually expansive one so that we can navigate any earthly trial. Your earthly soul is calling to you to meet your spiritual nature and open you to your true Divine Self. In transcending our earthly identity, we come to understand that we are neither feminine nor masculine when we are in spiritual form. Because the Blue Star supports multi-dimensional shifting and the ability to contact other cosmic beings such as angels, guides and Ascended Masters, our connection with the Blue Star also heightens our senses to receive the information that surrounds us, thus creating action that comes from a deeply wise and intuitive place. The Blue Star card is telling you it’s time to unmute your dampened earthly sensory system, particularly your intuitive power, so that those senses can bring you to a new level of inner knowing. You have access to everything you need to take your next steps! Additional Meanings: Divination, Shapeshifting, Esoteric Arts, Soul Wisdom 211

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senses of the soul

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