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Volume 4, Issue 3


Embracing ageing May 2016

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“You are lucky to grow old”


108 best wishes to Mrs Hansen


AT 74-years-old media legend Ita Buttrose is loud and clear on this point. "If you are lucky, you get to be old," she said. "My brother was dead at 62, he would have loved to get old.” Story page 4

Dr Gillman with his good medicine


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2 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Adding life to years not years to life

In this edition

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DESPITE statistics (ABS 2012) showing the number of Australians living to 100 and beyond, is about 235 per cent higher than two decades ago, I agree with 74-year-old Ita Buttrose’ sentiments: “You are lucky to get old.” A study by centenarian expert John McCormack from La Trobe University, Melbourne, also dispels the stereotype that older people are frail, decrepit and totally dependent. In his study of more 130 centenarians, more than 60 per cent said they were happy and satisfied with

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life. That said, it’s a pleasure to have Maren Hansen as page 3 girl. Although, I do not personally know Mrs Hansen, I thought her face portrayed a certain gentle and happy acceptance of life. As former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser once famously said: “Life

wasn’t meant to be easy.” But through medical improvements and better education choices, it has become better for many and we are living longer to prove it. Luck also has its place in the ageing equation. John McCormack’s study showed that most were non-smokers and those who did smoke gave up at an early age. Most worked in physical jobs when they were younger, all were in a healthy weight range and more than half still lived in the community, rather than in a nursing home.

All those surveyed had lost loved ones during their lives, often including their partners and their own children, but they had become experts at handling loss. Finally some words of wisdom from Mr McCormack “We do not just want to add years to life,” he said “We want to add life to years.” Here, here, I say and happy birthday to Mrs Hansen. Source:http://www. australiangeographic.

Food Festival is also victory celebration

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THE now annual Felton Food Festival is a celebration of all that is good in the Felton Valley and a reminder of all that could have been lost. Such a story holds poignancy for many farming communities in Australia engaged in their own battles with coal and gas companies. Prior to the Felton victory, no community group in Queensland had ever stopped a coal mine. The Felton district is 30km south-west of Toowoomba, well-known for its fertile black soils.

GOOD TUCKER: Des Hoyle and Ron Wykes take time out for a yarn at the Felton Food Festival. PHOTOS: CONTRIBUTE

Loraine and Ian Bailey enjoying themselves at the Felton Food Festival.




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Seniors 3

Monday, May 9, 2016

Toowoomba woman turns 108 AGE FACTS - WHY WE’RE LIVING LONGER

Number of people living beyond 100 on the rise


Updates from the Toowoomba Region

their married life. After Mr Hansen died at the age of 82, Mrs Hansen moved to Toowoomba where she lived with her sister for a

number of years. She became a resident at Salem in 2010, at the age of 102.

CBD Shuttle Bus Service

The Free CBD Shuttle Bus service has been extended until March 2017. The service is available to the wider general public to use. Hours of operation are Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) 9:30am-2:30pm. The service cannot be booked and will run on a 30 to 45 minute loop. Updated designated stop locations are: 1. Toowoomba City Library 2. Duggan Street and Lamb Lane – loading zone 3. Grand Central Shopping Centre rooftop carpark taxi rank- near the Coles travelator 4. Ruthven and Russell Street Taxi Rank 5. The Bus Station Facility located on Neil Street, Platform 4, Stop 4a 6. Toowoomba Post Office (Margaret Street – the taxi rank outside Fitzy’s Hotel) 7. Empire Theatre – taxi rank just north of the Neil Street crossing.

First Coat Street Art and Music Festival

Toowoomba’s walls and laneways will transform into art murals during the third annual First Coat Street Art and Music Festival from May 20-29, 2016.

Council’s Advisory Committees

There will be no Regional Youth Advisory Committee or Regional Access and Disability Advisory Committee meetings until further notice from the new Council.

For bookings for all events call 131 872 or visit


To report illegal graffiti and for removal and prevention tips call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or TRC on 131 872. Free graffiti removal kits can be collected from Council Customer Service Centres.

Council Cabs

Council is trialling a cab service to help older people and those with a disability travel to their local shopping centre. The cab picks you up from your home and takes you to your local shopping centre once a week. The service will need to be pre booked by calling 1300 811 394 before noon on the day before your trip. You will travel in a shared taxi. It then takes you home at a set time a few hours later. It costs $2 per person, per trip (which is $4 there and back). Council subsidises the rest of the cost of the fare.

Community Drought Support

Drought-breaking rain might be off the radar but some financial relief is at hand for community groups across the Toowoomba region through the Community Drought Support grant program. Funding for eligible groups has been provided by the Queensland Government’s Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability in an arrangement with Toowoomba Regional Council and other drought-affected Councils. Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio said applications must be lodged with Council by May 13. For more information please call Council on 131 872. TRC_0516_SN

She’s always been a very positive person and very independent which is why she’s lived as long as she has I think.


TOOWOOMBA’S Maren Hansen will celebrate an amazing milestone on Tuesday, May 3, when she blows out the candles on her 108th birthday cake. Mrs Hansen is a resident at Salem Lutheran Rest Home in Toowoomba and will be joined by staff, residents and members of her large extended family for a celebratory morning tea. She has three children, 15 grandchildren, 37 great grandchildren and 11 great, great grandchildren. Her eldest child Elsi Wieck, 80, said her mother remained in great health and high spirits. “She’s always been a very positive person and very independent which is why she’s lived as long as she has I think,” Mrs Wieck said. “Whenever people have asked her in the past what her secret to long life is, she’s said it’s because she never eats cake but I’m not so sure about that because she used to bake beautiful cakes, including the most beautiful sponge cakes I’ve ever tasted.” Mrs Hansen was born in Denmark and emigrated to Australia in 1936. She married her Danish-born husband Emil a year later. She and her husband owned and operated dairy farms on Queensland’s Darling Downs most of

The Number Of Australians living beyond the age of 100 is higher than ever before. The latest demographics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveal more than 4250 centenarians (people aged 100 years or older) and super-centenarians (people aged 110 years or older) are currently living in Australia. This number is about 235 per cent higher than two decades ago, although the national total population grew by just 31 per cent during that time. As of 2012, Australia has one of the highest rates of centenarians per capita, behind Japan, France, the US, Canada and the UK. According to centenarian expert John McCormack from La Trobe University, Melbourne, there are plenty of good reasons. We’ve got a good health system, we’ve got good clean water, and we control a lot of infections that once led to premature death, John says. Over the past decade, John has surveyed 130 centenarians and super-centenarians to learn more about healthy ageing and to discover the secrets of longevity. The general conclusion is that there’s no single magic bullet, he says, more a combination of factors, such as having a good diet and not taking too many risks. About three-quarters of Australian’s centenarians are female, while more than half were born abroad. Of the people John interviewed, most weren’t smokers and those who did smoke gave up at an early age. Most worked in physical occupations when they were younger, all were in a healthy weight range and more than half still lived in the community, rather than in a nursing home. “We have this stereotype that older people are frail, decrepit and totally dependent,” says John. But that’s not the case. More than 60 per cent said they were happy and satisfied with life. All the centenarians surveyed had lost loved ones during their lives, often including their partners and their own children. John says the ability to deal with loss is an important part of reaching a very old age. As more and more people reach old age each year, John says it is important that we speak to today’s centenarians to learn about healthy ageing. How to live longer: 1. Avoid smoking; 2. Eat a balanced diet; 3. Work in a physical occupation; 4. Maintain a healthy weight range; 5. Remain positive about life. source: 2012/11/australian-centenarians

4 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Ita keeps on speaking out Gail Forrer

ITA Buttrose is loud and clear on this point. “If you are lucky, you get to be old,” she said. “My brother was dead at 62, he would have loved to get old.” In 1988, this doyenne of media received an Order of Australia for service in the health care areas particularly in HIV/AIDS education. In 2013 she was named Australian Senior of the Year for work in dementia. The award also gave her a platform to talk about age discrimination. Today her ambition is to make Australia an “Alzheimer-friendly” country, bust out ageing myths and see that mature-age people are treated fairly in the workplace. But she believes change must come from the top. “It’s all about

leadership, we need enlightened leaders, management, trailblazers to show the way” she said. “Look at Bob Hawke, John Howard – we need more people like them to speak up.” The 74-year-old television personality and Alzheimers Association advocate said she saw examples of ageism every day, but remembered clearly the first examples. “When I had ITA magazine, we would talk to potential advertisers and say our magazine was geared towards women over 40 and 50-years-old. “At the mention of that age, their eyes would glaze over. “It wasn’t until the babyboomers reached 50, that people realised this age group was fit, active and contributing.” She said there was definitely age discrimination in the

workplace and advised employers to take off their blinkers. “In Sydney, I see signs asking for waiters, baristas, people in the service industry. “If there’s a shortfall in the service industry, why not take on older people. “It’s a myth that older people take more sick leave or have less commitment or can’t adapt. Older people can learn and adapt as well as anyone.” Ita believes that the key to good health is through preventative measures. “Regular exercise, eat properly, participate socially.” Her health advice also extends to fall prevention. She warned of the prevalence of falls and noted a number of celebrities who had recently sustained injuries from falls. “Look at Molly Meldrum and just recently

FORWARD THINKING: Ita Buttrose believes change must come from the top. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

weights a couple of times a week. “But I have a terrible dilemma at the moment,” she confessed. It turned out to be a freezer full of delicious ice-cream samples, she was finding hard to resist. “I love ice-cream,” she laughed. In her role as an advocate for Alzheimers, she notes that brain health is as important as body health. “There is a misconception,” she said. “That dementia is a normal part of ageing, it’s not, it often comes with ageing, but it is a chronic disease.” She said with dementia

sufferers we needed to be kind and recognise the person inside. Her own journey with the disease started with her father’s diagnosis and learning to live with him and make him comfortable. For years now, she has been speaking to groups about this devastating disease and encouraging government to better their health policies and nursing services. Ita intends to keep fighting for change and she invites you to join the battle. “Kick down that door,” “And say that you demand respect, work and employment.”

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Kerri-Anne’s husband John Kennerley.” She said among other things, local councils needed to ensure adequate street lighting and solid paving. “If brick paving becomes unstuck, it can be a hazard,” she said. She said her personal public speaking appearances held their own safety problems. “To get to many of the stages, there are steps without railings,” she said. Ita said she was at the point where she would ask if railings were there - or if not to have them installed. Again exercise, is an important preventative, particularly exercises that enhance your balance. She mostly practises what she preaches: “But I’m not perfect,” she declares. “I have an hour’s walk every day and longer if I can, I work out with light

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Seniors 5

Monday, May 9, 2016

Village Life 55-57 Drayton Road, Toowoomba Independent Lifestyle Living

This is a gated strata titled retirement village with public transport and the “Tower Shopping Village” a short walk away. Unit 44 is self contained, featuring master bedroom with ensuite and built in robe. The kitchenette is complete with refrigerator and microwave. The living area opens to a front veranda, only a step to the public car park. A quantity of furniture stays with the unit.

“TRIED and true” seemed to be the approach taken by voters at the recent local government elections with all seven sitting Toowoomba Regional Councillors returned to office. Local media personality, James O’Shea, businessman and former councillor Joe Ramia together with optometrist, Megan O’Hara Sullivan clinched the remaining Council spots on offer. Speaking at the recent Declaration of Office ceremony at the Toowoomba City Library forecourt, Mayor, Paul Antonio, reflected upon the achievements of past Councils and what lay ahead. “The people of this region have endorsed the work and direction of this Council by voting all of the previous Councillors back into office…It is my ambition that this term of

COUNCILLOR RESPONSIBILITIES: • Cr Carol Taylor – Infrastructure Committee chair • Cr Nancy Sommerfield - Water and Waste Committee chair; • Cr Chris Tait - Planning and Development Committee chair; • Cr Geoff McDonald - Environment and Community Committee chair; • Cr Mike Williams – Finance and Business Strategy Committee chair; • Cr James O’Shea – Infrastructure Committee portfolio leader • Cr Bill Cahill – Water and Waste Committee portfolio leader • Cr Anne Glasheen – Planning and Development portfolio leader • Cr Joe Ramia – Environment and Community portfolio leader • Cr Megan O’Hara Sullivan – Finance and Business Strategy portfolio leader Council will build on the momentum of the previous four years, remain open for business, but importantly, engage with our communities about the legacy we are leaving for future generations”. Residents of the

Toowoomba Region can find out more about their councillors and contact them via the following link on the TRC website : about-council/councillors -meetings/introducingcouncillors

Visit your local art gallery TOOWOOMBA Regional Art Gallery was established in 1937, making it the oldest public art gallery in regional Queensland. The current facility was opened in March 1994. The gallery houses three permanent collections – The Lionel Lindsay Gallery and Library, The Fred & Lucy Gould Collection and the Toowoomba City Collection. Many of the pieces in these

collections are listed in the online collections database. In addition to the permanent collections, we work with the local community and touring organisations to mount an exhibition program that demonstrates the vitality and challenge of artistic expression in its many forms. View the Exhibitions and Events section below

for what’s on at the gallery. To complement its exhibition program, the gallery facilitates a range of education and public programs including lectures, forums, workshops and demonstrations. Call the council for more information. Call 131 872 and ask for Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

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The village has dining and a recreation area. On request you can have a midday meal at the centre at your cost.

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TRIED AND TRUE: Newly elected Toowoomba Regional Council.

6 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Seeing is believing... The Toowoomba bypass brings a increased economic activity TO say that the Toowoomba Bypass has been a long time coming, is something of an understatement. Long-term residents of Toowoomba have heard talk, rumour and gossip about the project for near on twenty years; “Seeing is believing” being a popular refrain. But in December, 2015, talk became reality when the first lumps of soil were finally turned. So, a few months down the track, what is happening and what does it all mean for the residents of Toowoomba and surrounds? The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC), as it is more rightly known, has the potential to bring a number of benefits to the region. Amongst these are increased employment – up to 1800 direct and indirect jobs during construction and maintenance of the project. Increased

economic activity in the region to the tune of $2.4 million dollars is also expected over the next 30 years as this safer, faster transport route facilitates growth in freight movement. Finally, but equally importantly, enhanced liveability for the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley areas is expected to be a by-product of the project with the diversion of up to 80 per cent of the super-heavy commercial vehicles that have been blighting local roads in recent times. Boasting the largest funding commitment by the Australian Government to a single road project in Queensland history, the Range Crossing will ultimately link the Warrego Highway at Helidon Spa to the Gore Highway at Athol. The 41 km project will require quite a few engineering feats, not least of which is the 30 metre deep cutting at the top of the Range to allow

IT’S COMING: The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing has the potential to bring a number of benefits to the region. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

for the safe passage of heavy vehicles, including over-dimensional vehicles and those carrying dangerous goods. An 800 metre viaduct will also be built over the existing

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Queensland Rail line as part of the development. But the real question on everybody’s lips is when will it be ready? Early works are anticipated to continue during the first

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half of 2016 with major construction kicking off later in the year. Completion of the entire project is forecast for late 2018, provided the weather gods send their

blessings... With expectations high, this is one project worth watching… SOURCE : Key figures courtesy of Main Roads spokesperson

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Seniors 7

Monday, May 9, 2016

How to be age friendly: Seniors tell

Affordable rentals for over 50’s providing independent lifestyle living pro

If you have answered YES to these questions call Leanne on 07 3869 6696

More than 9000 people gave their viewpoint

At an Oxford Crest Village – Living is Easy


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IN early 2016, the Queensland Government asked Queenslanders how our state could become more age-friendly. From more than 9000 responses, we heard that older people need access to transport, appropriate housing and employment opportunities. The government also heard that, as a community, we need to challenge the way we think about ageing. You said: ■ Employment of people should be skill based, not age based; ■ Treat older citizens as “people” not “the elderly”; ■ We need to break down the ageist attitude within our community; ■ Improve seniors’ understanding of computer technology through training and education; ■ Older people have



Minister for Seniors Coralee O'Rourke PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

wisdom that can be drawn on and used to great advantage; ■ Transport is essential for connectedness of seniors to their broader community and services; ■ Provide more seating in public areas with shade to enjoy the outdoors; ■ We need affordable housing close to transport and community services; ■ Establish mentor programs in all facets of education and

Communities around Queensland, Australia and the world are embracing the age-friendly approach and making practical changes to be more inclusive of people of all ages. We would like: ■ Intergenerational programs to increase understanding and connections between students and older people. ■ Shops to have magnifying glasses on shelves to allow easier reading of product labels. ■ Employers to have programs for older workers that offer physical activity courses, flex-time and retirement advice. ■ Transport systems to have flexible routes, age-awareness training for drivers and buddy programs.

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8 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016


• • NATIONAL SURVEY: Many baby boomers face considerable age-related barriers in the workplace. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

55+ workers have ticks in all the boxes

s to c k r o o l f



Investigations reveal discrimination







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A NEW study released by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency (ASIA) reveals age discrimination in the workplace is rife, with close to half of baby boomer respondents claiming they’ve been turned down for a job past the age of 40 because of their age. The study is part of The Australian Seniors Series and is the second instalment of an ongoing national survey to investigate the shifting attitudes and concerns affecting Australia’s over-50 population. General manager of Marketing and ASIA spokesperson Simon Hovell said, “This in-depth research not only revealed the challenges this generation must tackle within their place of work, but the problems our ageing population face in trying to make a career change or re-enter the workforce. In fact, three in five of those over 50 said that they faced substantial obstacles in their attempts.” Many baby boomers face considerable age-related barriers in the workplace, with more than two in five respondents admitting they have felt stuck in an employment rut because a career change, opportunities or promotions are unlikely due to their age. Delving further into these challenges, close to half of baby boomers said

it took longer than six months to find a new job when making a new career move or returning to work. A startling one in six said it took them five years or more to find a job. In addition, almost 60 per cent of baby boomers who are considering early retirement said this decision would be influenced by not enjoying work and feeling that it is not worth trying to reskill at this stage in life.

Many baby boomers face considerable age-related barriers in the workplace... “Interestingly, amid organisations’ anxieties on the cost implications for healthcare with an ageing workforce, baby boomers are in fact three times less likely than Gen Y to use up all their sick leave each year. In addition, baby boomers typically take three days sick leave on average per year, which doubles for Gen Y’s at an average of six days,” said Mr Hovell. .The research also deflates perceived issues with hiring older workers in a modern workplace, including lack of adaptability and traditional skill sets. A sizeable 77 per cent of

baby boomers adapt well to technological innovations, and 73 per cent are actively seeking training opportunities. “Considering the baby boomer generation witnessed and participated in some of the largest social and political upheavals in Australian history during the 1960s and 1970s, including the Women’s Movement and the Vietnam War, this myth seems even more dubious. Baby boomers grew up not only seeing change, but driving it,” said Mr Hovell. Looking at comparative skill sets and values between baby boomers and Gen Y, the former proves stronger in almost all surveyed talents, while the latter felt more technically savvy by a moderate margin (10 per cent compared to 27 percent, respectively). “The findings point to what many organisations, academics and economists have known all along – baby boomers are a real asset to the workplace,” said Mr Hovell. The full report and supporting data is available on the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency website: http://www.seniors. ageism-in-the-aussieworkplace-are-wemissing-out

Seniors 9

Monday, May 9, 2016

What is a senior move manager?

Retiree pet care

Make the right move and use one

up their own children and for the care of their aging parents) is the driving force behind the growing demand for senior move managers. Why do people use a senior move manager? When older adults decide to downsize the family home and move to a smaller residence or make a transition to a retirement home it’s common not to have moved in 30, 40 or even 50 years. The thought of the organisation, project management and physical activity related to such a big pack and move is overwhelming for the entire family. Calling on a senior move manager who has the multi-faceted skills and time to empathetically arrange a move is an excellent solution for families with work commitments, who are geographically dispersed, living interstate or overseas and simply can’t be there to help with the moving process.

HELP WITH MOVING: Leah Steinberg and Clarissa Brandt..

What does a senior move manager do? First and foremost a senior move manager takes the stress out of transition and moving. By understanding the unique needs of each client a senior move manager creates a personalised plan to plan, perform and position a move with absolute care, making a new home feel like home. The list of assistance that a senior move manager can provide is exhaustive, just some of the tasks they may undertake include:


• On Site Managers • No Lock In Contracts • No Bond • No Exit Fees • Fortnightly Rent Payment • Rent Assistance Available from Centrelink (for eligible people) • Modern 1 bedroom unit with ensuite • Your own Private Courtyard

Call John or Janice Humphreys

Ph: (07) 3893 2172 51 New Lindum Road, Wynnum West QLD 4178

Toowoomba Multi-Service Centre “Making Your Goals Ours”

• Secure Gated Complex • Fully furnished or bring your own furniture • Weekly Linen Service included • Some organised activities • All meals supplied, home cooked on the premises • Public Transport at the Entrance • Close to shopping centres & doctors etc.

Don’t Let Incontinence Isolate You

Centre-based Respite

Overnight Respite

In-Home Respite Carer Support

Personal Care


Is incontinence stopping you from living a full and active live? Talk to Dr Michael Gillman and his expert associates about the latest therapies designed to help you reclaim your lifestyle.

Open 24 hours 7 days/week the Toowoomba Multi-Service Centre is supporting Older Australians live a socially engaging and physically active life.

Social Support 6134459ae

Live Independently With:

■ Declutter and downsize ■ Organise waste and donations ■ Find storage and movers ■ Arrange cleaning and maintenance ■ Co-ordinate styling and real estate ■ Help with settling in and unpacking Contact Care to Move ■ 07 3810 8619 ■ support@careto ■ www.caretomove.

Recreational Activities Dementia Advice 6208008ah

THE saying “necessity is the mother of invention” means, roughly, that the chief motive behind the newest ideas, or services, is a need. Queensland’s senior move managers are delivering a new service for a growing market. Currently 14% of Queensland’s population is aged 65 years or older. In the next 40 years or so the number of seniors is anticipated to increase by about 24% or 1.8 million people. This increase is approximately equivalent to the current population of Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan combined. Such a dramatic change to our demographics means lifestyles, services and family expectations and responsibilities will change. For some, it’s happening already. The rise of the “sandwich generation” (a generation of people, typically in their 30s or 40s, working full time, responsible both for bringing

THE best thing about retirement is having all the free time and doing fun things. As many people say life begins at retirement, when you can invest time in hobbies that you couldn’t do before. One of the latest hobbies that is becoming extremely popular among retirees across Australia is pet sitting (when pets are cared for in local homes for travelling pet owners). Five reasons why pet sitting is the perfect past time if you can’t commit to owning a pet full time: 1- Extra income – By becoming a pet sitter, you can earn up to $1000 a month depending on the services you provide to travelling pet owners in the comfort of your own home. 2- Companionship – A pet can be a great companion for those whose kids have moved away or have lost their spouse. They can be the perfect cure to loneliness, and also entertain the grandkids. 3 – Stress Buster – Pets can help relieve stress and also be of great help for people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Research has also proved that interaction with pets can stimulate the appetite among people who might not eat regularly. 4- Fitness buddy – Exercise is an integral part of our lives, playing with a pet makes seniors more active. 5- Bodyguard – Dogs are often considered the best for guarding a house, even a small dog can deter a robber with barking. Best of all you’re the boss, and can choose the hours or days you’re available, and pick the pets you want to look after. Deb Morrison is the CEO of online pet sitting website,

St AnDrew’S wAr MeMorIAL HoSpItAL

457 Wickham Tce, Spring Hill

1300 GETDRY (1300 438 379)

To find out more, call 07 4635 2966 • email: web:

10 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Aged Care

I’m seen for who I am. Our residents’ health and care is our reason for being, that’s why we put the person first in everything we do.

Personalising care at Bupa Rangeville Bupa Rangeville 1300 302 350 280 Mackenzie Street, Rangeville, QLD 4350

Seniors 11

Monday, May 9, 2016

Keep your heart, blood vessels in good shape

• Australian owned & made • Apricot & Almond based • Absorbs quickly • Hydrates skin • Light, non-greasy • Compatible all skin types • Safe for all ages • Protects against elements • No petrochemicals • No fragrances or colours • No animal content or


HELLO readers, to enable us to respond to your request for publication of more Community Notices, we ask that you keep your notices short and to the point (100 word maximum). Club Notices deadline for the next issue is June 1, 2016. Enquires to Nicky or Chris via email communitynotes@ *Please note the Seniors Newspaper now comes out on the second Monday of the month.


AT THE April meeting of the NSA members and supporters enjoyed a most interesting talk on the ‘new’ Albany War Museum WA. Carmel O’Sullivan was the guest speaker and several members thought they would just have to take a trip to the west to see it for themselves. Thank you Carmel. Our May meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 10 at 7pm at the Irish Club Hotel. All Nashos are most welcome. Dinner is available from 6pm. At this meeting arrangements will be made for our Annual luncheon held to honour

widows of deceased National Servicemen. This luncheon will held on Sunday June 12 at the Irish Club Hotel at noon. We encourage all Nashos to attend to show their respect for their late members and friends. Please let the secretary know by June 1 if you are attending this luncheon, phone 4633 2564. Social lunches are held on the 3rd Friday of each month at the City Golf Club at noon, the next one is Friday May 20. We were very pleased to welcome a ‘younger’ Nasho to our social lunch in April. All Nashos, wives and widows are very welcome at these social lunches and it is a great opportunity to meet other National Servicemen of both the 1st scheme beginning in 1951 and the 2nd scheme which finished in 1972. Congratulations must go to one of our members, Keith Shepherd, on his achievements in the wood working section at the recent Toowoomba Royal Show.


THE Warwick Branch is holding its next General Meeting on Monday May 9 at 2pm at Williams Hall.

Our Zone 109 Conference for National Seniors will be held on May 23. Our guest speakers will be Michael O'Neil, CEO of National Seniors Australia, Tracy Dobie Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor, Cameron Haidley, of Haidley's Panoramic Coaches, and a representative from the Warwick Tourist Information Centre. On Wednesday June 15 there will be a coach trip to Nobby to Sister Kenny Museum, craft shop and entertainment by Gary Fogarty and lunch at Rudd's Pub. Bookings open at Suncorp from May 9 to June 7. Departing 9.30am from SDRC administration building, Fitzroy Street. For more information please phone President on 4661 3136.


BEAUTIFUL and creative Floral Designs will be on show when The Floral Art Society of Queensland Inc. holds its Annual Show on May 28 and 29. This year’s show is based around the theme of ‘Playtime’ and will feature


Vegesorb Australia Pty Ltd Ph 07 3885 2882

Are you raising Grandchildren?

Do you need information?

Call us! 1300 135 500

Also ask about Time for Grandparents, a program providing time out for eligible grandparents, activities for grandchildren, grandfamily camps and support with school camps.


GETTING READY: Ian Walker, Graeme Flemming and Robert Janetzki putting the finishing touches to the display at the Toowoomba Royal Show. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

HEART disease is far too common in Queensland. We all know of or have heard about someone dying from a heart attack and sometimes we wonder how this could have happened? So what can we do to try and prevent early onset of heart and blood vessel damage? So here is my checklist for reducing the risk: If you smoke, then quit. Get you blood pressure checked. High blood pressure does not usually cause any symptoms and so the only way to know if yours is elevated is to get it measured. Get your blood sugar level tested. Impaired glucose tolerance is a precursor for diabetes and again does not have any obvious symptoms. Get your blood lipid or fat levels tested and make sure you know what your “good” and “bad” cholesterol levels are. Be physically active and maintain a healthy dietCut down on refined carbohydrates (sugars), saturated fats, salt and alcohol. Aim to do 3 – 5 hours of moderate intensity physical activity or 1.5 – 2.5 hours of vigorous intensity physical activity each week. It is recommended to have these health checks from the age of 45 or from the age of 35 if you are from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background. www.drmichaelgillman. com


• Alternative to petrochemical


Pensioners go crazy for new hearing aid. AT LAST. The hearing aid that thousands have wanted is now available. Celebrate 100 is a totally invisible hearing aid when worn. It offers pensioners the opportunity to defy hearing loss by compensating for your individual hearing loss, in many situations. Nobody can see it because it fits snugly and comfortably in your ear canal and uses the ear’s natural acoustics for natural sound quality. Everything works automatically. There are no controls to worry about

so there’s no need to keep fiddling about and adjusting settings. You can start enjoying life again as you concentrate on hearing, rather than thinking about your hearing aid. Celebrate 100 continuously analyses incoming sounds and adapts to each individual situation so you always get the best hearing possible. Even in background noise. When speech and conversation sounds are detected, the sound is automatically increased at different frequencies so you hear and understand it clearly, not just loudly.

You get all the benefits you want in a digital hearing aid without the obvious sign that you are using one, as it’s completely invisible in most ears. For more information about Celebrate 100 and Government subsidies for pensioners:

Call 1300 309 182 for your FREE* Hearing Check up, or visit HearingLife at

Please post me free & without obligation, full details of the Celebrate 100 available through HearingLife: Tick if Pensioner Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Surname Address Postcode Phone No. (incase we need to confirm your address)

Please send coupon today to: HearingLife, PO Box 1036, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012. Adults only. Conditions apply to clients under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. For HearingLife’s Privacy Policy please see *


12 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Seniors 13

Monday, May 9, 2016 FROM PAGE 11

an auditorium full of spectacular displays of Floral Design. The show will include Floral Design demonstrations throughout the weekend and ‘Ready, Steady Snip’ competitions each day. Children will also have the opportunity to get involved by making their own floral arrangement for free. The show will be held at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha Auditorium on May 28-29 from 9.30am-3.30pm, with refreshments available. Admission is $4 for Adults and free for school aged children. For further information please contact Heather Prior on 0412 735 483 or visit the website www.floralartsociety


KINGSTHORPE QCWA are hosting a fun fundraiser with an antiques display by Bruce Weedon. Also there will be musical entertainment by Les Weedon on button and piano accordion. Join us at Kingsthorpe War Memorial Hall on Thursday May 19 at 9.30am for a delicious morning tea. Admission is $8 and includes morning tea and a lucky door. Multi draw raffles at $2 per ticket. Bring along your antique items for ‘Show and Tell’ and have a chat with Bruce. For enquiries, phone Marie on 4630 0159, Del on 4630 0048 or Betty on 4637 0229.


THE ex Chinchilla reunion held on April 10 was a time for much catching up for friends who used to

OLD TIMES: Judy Flett and Frances Anderson at the ex Chinchilla reunion. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

live in Chinchilla. This reunion has been held each April since 2004 so it is something everyone enjoys and looks forward to. There were a number of people who had not been before to one of these reunions, some of whom had not seen each other for a number of years. We were pleased to have a couple, Peter and Margaret Cameron, drive up from Brisbane to join in the reunion.


VETERAN pedal steel guitar player Jim Priebe, from Dalby, displayed why he is one of the leading exponents in the country as he had the crowd in attendance wanting more when he appeared as special guest artist on Sunday April 10. "Priebs"

mixed his style of music and also played a tribute to the late legend of country music, Merle Haggard, who passed away on his 79th birthday on April 6. Supporting "Priebs" were members of Garden City CMA, showing the depth of talent the Club has on hand. Garden City CMA is always looking for new members, young and older. You don’t have to play an instrument or have the vocals of a Golden Guitar winner at Tamworth. The mateship and fun you get in return from being a member is rewarding enough. For more info phone Dell on 4635 6429 (ah). It could be the call that changes your life. Garden City was scheduled to hold their next social on Sunday June 19 in Hume Street, thinking that the June 12 CONTINUED ON PAGE 15

Plan to fund your own retirement Paul Clitheroe’s Making Money

WORKING Australians have almost one-tenth of their salary added to their super each year through employer contributions. Yet many people aren’t embracing the benefits of super to grow a retirement nest egg. A recent study by MLC found two out of five Australians don’t think they will be able to fund their own retirement, and expect to rely on government support in their senior years. One in five people are pinning their hopes on a big inheritance to ensure their financial security. At present, 53% of Australia’s retirees rely on the government as a source of income, and

Karinya now has a limited number of vacancies available. With the highest standard of care and a welcoming community, you’ll soon feel right at home. • Home-style fresh cooking on site and first-rate facilities • Enviable group activities and entertainment • Vibrant and friendly environment • Central Laidley, easy access to services • Private rooms with ensuite or companionship share rooms

For more information on Karinya or Carinity’s communities in Ipswich and Brisbane, please visit or call 3550 3747.

given our ageing population it’s hard to see how this level of support can be sustained. This is why we are continually being urged to build a pot of retirement savings ourselves, and superannuation provides an ideal way. Super is lightly taxed when we’re in the work force, and you can withdraw your super tax-free from age 60. That makes super far more tax-friendly than investments held outside super - and much more of a sure thing than an inheritance. As we head towards the end of the financial year, it’s worth looking at ways to grow your nest egg. In some cases, it could mean more money in your hand today.

If you’re a PAYG worker, consider speaking with the boss about adding to your super through salary sacrifice. If you’re self-employed, making contributions to super can provide a valuable tax deduction. If your spouse is a low income earner (less than $13,800 annually) or not working, you may be able to claim a $540 tax offset when you make a contribution of up to $3000 to his or her super fund. Paul Clitheroe is a founding director of financial planning firm ipac, Chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and chief commentator for Money Magazine.

e e bl at la iv ai Pr av s ite su

Aged care living in lovely Laidley

26 Samuel Street, Laidley Q 4341

A BEAUTY: Floral Art Society of Qld President Heather Prior with one of her Floral Designs. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

14 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Voted Australia’s No.1 Retirement Destination

New Homes Now Selling off the Plan, get in Quick to Save At Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa you will find extensive world class facilities, loads of free activities, sense of community, peace of mind security and new found friendships. Homes are modern and upmarket to match this unique location right in the heart of the Noosa Shire which is considered a hot spot for retirees.

At Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa You’ll Find • • • • • • • • •

Ten Pin Bowling Alleys Undercover Lawn Bowls Green with Clubhouse Tennis Courts with a Grand Stand Luxurious Cinema Art & Craft Room Relaxing Lounges both Inside and Out Commercial Kitchen Bistro Dining Room

• • • • • • • • •

Café Area Bar Dance Floor Stage Library with Computers and Free Internet Billiard Tables Games Area and Darts Outdoor Tropical Resort Style Swimming Pool Outdoor BBQ and Entertainment Areas

19 Trading Post Road, Cooroy QLD 4563 Phone: 1800 885 851 Email:

• • • • • • • • •

Outdoor Spa Free Wifi in Clubhouse Lounge Gym, Sauna and Spa Heated Indoor Swimming Pool Fitness Centre Community Garden Workshop Undercover Caravan Wash Point Golf Simulator Room

No Entry or Exit Fees Multi Award Winning Over 55s and Lifestyle Resort Communities

Seniors 15

Monday, May 9, 2016 FROM PAGE 13

weekend would be a public holiday weekend, but that has been moved to October and June 12 is now a normal weekend. The June Social is planned for Sunday June 12 and will be held at the Oakey Cultural Centre, not at Hume Street with a 12 noon start.


STRONG Crowds enjoyed a trip back in time at the Laidley Heritage Festival, held recently. Visitors and locals flocked to venues across Laidley for the two-day event. For the first time, horse and carriage rides were on offer and they proved to be a great hit, with hundreds enjoying the experience. With crowds from as far afield as Springfield, Ipswich and Toowoomba, the event is undoubtedly growing in popularity each year. At the Laidley Pioneer Village, activities like sheep shearing, milking demonstrations, vintage car rides and the animal farm kept everyone happily occupied.


Districts Bromeliad Society had a display of Bromeliads, Cacti and Succulents at the recent Toowoomba Royal Show. There were 21 Bromeliad Genus represented, with several species, and in some of the more popular species several plants to help show the variation of form and colour. Members were present for the 3 days to answer questions on the growing of bromeliads in the Downs District. Many thanks to the Floriculture section of the Toowoomba Show who welcomed and encouraged us. We are making plans to return next year as it was a great opportunity to talk to many bromeliad enthusiasts. Our highlight of the year will be our Spring Show and Sale on the first weekend of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. As we have about 50 members, the public will be spoilt for choice of plants to add to their collection. We will have our annual Show of Bromeliads, Cacti and Succulents which will give people the awareness of the great variety of plants that grow in our region. The club meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Sacred Heart Primary School Hall, Wilsonton, from 1.30pm-4pm. We have a popular vote

competition, plants for sale and regular guest speakers. Visitors always welcome. Enquiries to Robert or Sue, 4643 7438 or www.bromeliads


MEETS for morning tea on the first Thursday of each month and goes on an outing on the third Thursday held at Regents on the Lake, 87A Perth St commencing at 9.30am and cost $12. Next bus trip will be Thursday May 19. After morning tea at Yowie Park, Kilcoy, we will visit Woongooroo Estate Winery for wine tasting, lunch, bush poetry and a singalong. Bus leaves Peters Coaches depot at 12 Kimberley Crt, Torrington at 7.30am with additional pick ups at Clifford Gardens and the Range Shopping Centre. Cost is $65 incl morning tea and lunch. Back in Toowoomba by 5.30pm approx. Thursday June 2 guest speaker lawyer Kim Raine, from The Advocacy and Support Centre (TASC). For more info or bookings phone June on 4635 9796 or Yvonne on 4638 5252.

Peace of mind at a great price

BACK IN TIME: Laidley Heritage Festival was enjoyed by all.


LOCAL choir Ars Cantorum is presenting a sacred music concert, "Cantate Domino" from the 1700’s to present day, at St James Church Toowoomba on Friday June 3, starting at 6.30pm with a light supper to follow. Guest artists are wellknown soprano Cassie Midgley and tenor Phillip Prendergast. Admission adults $20, concession/students

$15. For enquiries phone 0412 327 616.


JOIN us on for our 2016 Expo, Saturday June 4, 9am to 5 pm and Sunday June 5, 9am to 4pm at the Founders Pavilion, Toowoomba Showgrounds, Clive Berghofer Events Centre Glenvale Road,


Toowoomba. Lots of layouts in all the popular scales, various other hobbies, Historical Societies, Trade stands and refreshments plus Kids Korner & Kraft Korner for the Ladies. Entry Adults $12 Pension/Tertiary$10 Subject to Suitable ID unaccompanied children $4. Accompanied Pre-school and School age children FREE. Info: Ph 4638 1408, Website

Our travel insurance covers a range of pre-existing medical conditions Our travel insurance has been specially designed for the over 50s and provides peace of mind and affordable protection for you and your holiday. Cover for a range of pre-existing medical conditions with phone and online medical assessment# No age limit on acceptance Unlimited cover for overseas medical expenses New for old replacement cover for luggage and personal effects* Cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits National Seniors members save an additional 10%^. As a service of National Seniors Australia, the largest, independent not-forprofit membership organisation for the over 50s, you can rest assured that the returns generated from every insurance policy sold are reinvested to help us fight for a fair go for Australians aged over 50.

Call us or visit our website for a competitive quote today.

1300 50 50 99

National Seniors Australia Ltd ABN 89 050 523 003 AR 282736, is an authorised representative of Cerberus Special Risks Pty Limited ABN 81 115 932 173, AFS License No. 308461. This is general advice and you should consider if this product suits your needs. Before you buy, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us before deciding to purchase this product. This insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. *Available on International Premium and Frequent Traveller policies. #Subject to application and approval. Additional premium may be payable. ^10% discount applies to the base premium only and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

16 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Voice for mature-aged

Australians from 18-80+ have a new champion in their corner Advertorial

MATURE-age Australians (from 18 to the 80s +) now have a new champion in their corner for the coming national election battles, in July or later. The Mature Australia Party, registered recently by the Australian Electoral Commission, has its sights on Senate and House of Representatives seats in at least five of the six Australian States. National President Terry Snell (Qld) said the Party was processing endorsement applications from 15 prospective candidates, and expected more to join the bid in coming days and weeks. “We have definite starters in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland – and we’re confident of securing spots in each State. “For the first time, maturees will have their own voice in this election campaign, and the

Parliament, to ensure that they’re given the recognition and support they deserve. They won’t be ignored anymore; we’ll make sure of that.” Queensland Senate candidate Jim Savage (Sunshine Coast) said the Party’s approach of basing its policies on the input, views, and concerns

The people are making their views clear, in no uncertain terms presented by “the people” themselves – not vested interests and power brokers, like other parties – had raised tremendous interest Australia-wide. “The people are making their views clear, in no uncertain terms, and these are the policies and issues we’ll be taking to the people, at the election. “Mature-age people with a range of major

MATURE AUSTRALIA PARTY: The Party has its sights on Senate and House of Representatives seats in at least five of the six Australian States. PHOTO: FILE

concerns, including pensioners, self-funded retirees, people in small businesses, hard-pressed young and middle-age family groups, the elderly, the disadvantaged, and

the disabled...they’ve all been discriminated against, ignored, or taken for granted by governments for far too long. These are the specific interest groups in

our communities that the Mature Australia Party will be giving a voice to. “The reforms we propose will see most other forms of tax eliminated, and a larger

income pool to progressively re-balance the Budget and provide funds for vital infrastructure...neither of which are being achieved now.”

Senio or Citiz izens Day Respite Centre C Keeping you Mobile & Independent

whilst in your own home!

The Centre provides centre-based care for people who are: HACC eligible Frail Aged Younger people with a disability Qld Veterans under 65 years

The centre offers morning tea and a two course lunch as well as programmed activities focused on providing opportunities for social interaction and enjoyment with peers. Activities include board games, card games, bingo, musical activities, gentle exercise, indoor bowls, craft, picnics, outings, information mornings and many more. Transport, including wheel chair friendly is available to guests living within the Toowoomba City region. Referrals may be made through health professionals, Carers, relatives, friends and other service providers. Self-referrals are encouraged. Personal care and mobility assistance are available for those who need it. The Centre operates Monday to Friday Flexible hours can be arranged for Guests and Carers. The cost for CHSP/HACC eligible people is $16 per day, all inclusive.

Mobility Scooters

Wheeled Walkers

High Back Chairs


Electric Wheel Chairs

Hi-Lo Lift Beds & Mattresses

All enquiries are welcome

39 Victoria Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350 6220055aa

Phone: 4639 1915

Email: Web Site:

Manual Wheelchairs

Recline & Lift Chairs

8 Mylne St, Toowoomba - PH: 07 4637 1899 I


Caring for our guests Enhancing their lives Providing respite for their carers

Seniors 17

Monday, May 9, 2016


Book your Obligation free Demonstration today

1300 78 44 38




24 hours - 7 days

Automatic fall detection

A detected fall automatically connects to 24/7 response & monitoring centre

2 way voice communication

Speak & hear directly through the pendant

24/7 response & monitoring

Medical alert button

We are more than just a call centre, we’re a support network available at all times…

Traditional button push for Help as well as fall detection

Stay connected Anywhere / Any place / Any time No lock in contracts Prepaid packages available, for a lifetime of monitoring, at one low cost…

No longer be restricted to "at home" use, safeTwear goes with you - Everywhere - GPS/Satellite Tracking Technology so smart, yet simple to use

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Phone : 1300 78 44 38 Email : Web :

Australia wide coverage


You, your family & friends can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wearing your safeTwear pendant. Plus the added advantage & benefit of being connected within seconds to our professional response/monitoring centre, who will immediately get you the Help you need

Limited Seniors Only Offer! Over 65? Call 1300 78 44 38 You may qualify for a Free safeTwear pendant & KeySafe.

Valued at over $500 While stock lasts.

18 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Healthy superfoods

Five superfoods that are super for your health and happiness Katie Clift

Superfoods, by definition, are nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for your health and wellbeing. A well-balanced diet, rich in superfoods, will ensure you get the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you need to stay feeling energised, healthy and happy. They are readily available, delicious and affordable. Here are my top five tips: 1. Quinoa: This protein-rich grain contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs to repair itself. It is easy to cook, tasty and adaptable. Add half a cup into your favourite salad, stir through a breakfast smoothie or a bowl of oats, or include in protein balls. 2. Broccoli: This leafy vegetable is a perfect staple to add to your diet. Green vegetables like broccoli contain a range of

phytochemicals to help benefit the immune system and reduce inflammation. Steam your broccoli lightly for a healthy addition to any meal or add raw florets to salads. 3. Blueberries: A nutritional powerhouse whether eaten fresh or frozen. Blueberries are very low in kilojoules, but high in all the right nutrients and antioxidants. Just a handful of these delicious berries will leave your body feeling energised. 4. Chickpeas: As part of the legume family, chickpeas are widely used in culinary dishes around the globe. Chickpeas are an excellent source of vitamin B6, folate, fibre, protein, thiamine and potassium. For a gold coin, a can of chickpeas is worth adding to your weekly shopping list. 5. Spinach: Long established as a highly-nutritional food, spinach and silverbeet are particularly high in fibre,

EAT UP: Superfoods are packed with nutrients for optimal well-being.

iron, folate and magnesium. Compared to other vegetables, these leafy greens are also high in vitamin K, which is essential for a healthy circulatory system.

Research shows spinach also contains cancer-fighting properties and boosts brain power. For a nutrient-rich diet, fill you plate with superfoods like

At Burstows, we believe a funeral well done... Honours life Comforts those who mourn And declares to the community that each life is important.

201577BF Ph 1800 803 196 TO OW O O M B A O A K E Y D A L B Y WA RW I C K G AT TO N

wholegrains, lean meats, proteins, low-fat dairy products, fruit and vegetables – all of which are low in sugar, salt and additives. More information about


Cancer Council Queensland and nutrition, visit or call 13 11 20.

Seniors 19

Monday, May 9, 2016


THE INVITATION FOR FREE BREAST SCREENING NOW COVERS WOMEN UP T0 74 The invitation for free breast screening has been expanded to include women aged 70-74. Early detection saves lives. If you’re aged 50-74 you should be screened every two years. If you’re over 75, talk to your GP or health professional to find out if breast screening is right for you. For more information visit the website.

IT’S AN INVITATION THAT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE Authorised by the Queensland Government, George St, Brisbane.


13 20 50

20 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Bowelscan saves lives AUSTRALIANS participating in Rotary’s lifesaving bowel cancer awareness initiative will benefit from the inclusion of faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) in all Rotary branded bowel screening kits in 2016. The tests are available in participating Australian pharmacies or on line at bowelscanqueensland. from the May1. The program will see over 120,000 faecal immunochemical tests (FIT) used as part of the Rotary Bowelscan programs in 2016 across Australia. The FIT is one of the most effective and easiest ways to reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Gastroenterologist, Dr Howard Hope said the national inclusion of the faecal immunochemical tests was an important next step for the already successful program. “Bowel cancer is the second most common newly diagnosed cancer in Australia, but it is treatable if diagnosed

I’d never felt so helpless... Advertorial

TAKE THE TEST: May is bowelscan month. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

early,” Dr Hope said. “Rotary encourages people to take that all important test. The test is based on the latest technology and has a very high sensitivity. This program provides a great service to Australians.” Richmond Manyweathers from Bowelscan says the program will continue to save lives and alleviate suffering. “This Rotary inspired program encourages Australians to pick up a bowel cancer test,” Mr Manyweathers

said. “Last year over 4000 people were referred for additional medical follow up after the test, which shows the impact of this program.” In Queensland, Rotary Clubs and Pharmacies from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast, from Brisbane, to Toowoomba and out to Roma are working together as a community service in 2016, Last year this region saw 1 in 9 clients referred to their Doctor as a direct result of this life saving program.

For two days last June I lay on the floor of my home of 42 years, in horrific pain, unable to pick myself up, unable to call for help, unable to feed myself, unable to make it to the bathroom, unable to determine just how injured I was. Not a single soul knew I was in trouble. I’d never felt so afraid. Never felt so ashamed and I’d never felt so helpless than I did during those 48 hours. I’d always prided myself on being able to take care of myself but I quickly realised just how vulnerable I was. Lucky for me, my story has a happy ending, I was thankfully found and given the care I needed. But the whole episode was traumatising. I didn’t know during the

48 hours I was stranded, that I was going to be found in two days. Although I tried to keep a positive outlook, I had considered the possibility that I might never get up off that floor! Afterwards I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and didn’t like to be left alone. It put enormous strain on my family and we decided I should move to a nursing home. This is a just one of the true stories that inspires EMS to find solutions to keep people in their homes safely for longer. With the safeTcare model, clients are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year! The device is the latest technology and more importantly simple to use. Everyone deserves the

freedom to take charge of their independence and stay in their own home for as long as they safely can. Words like dignity, integrity, pride and care spring to mind. Since the 1990s we have provided solutions to both the security and emergency medical alert services. The security industry has many rules and regulations, the medical alert industry does not. Standards for this industry must be created and as a company, we act accordingly, it is our goal to see this materialise. Paul Joseph, safeTcare Team Captain, Government Licensed Security Advisor – Monitoring Specialist Ph(07) 5634 4047 or email paul.joseph



Dementia proof me…

MAY is BowelsCAn Month A RotARY CoMMunitY seRviCe

Sandra Gilbert Group Care Manager NoosaCare Inc.

• Bowel cancer kills an average of 80 Australians every week • It is 90% curable if detected early

Do simple test in privacy of own home to make sure you are OK…

Every Adult Every Year Or see a Participating Pharmacy from 1 May to 15 June Only $15.00 with results sent to you Contact- 1300 779 694


Do Bowelscan In May Buy a test kit online at…

SADLY I can’t dementia proof you…as no one really knows what causes dementia and there is no cure. There is however some lifestyle choices we can all make on a daily basis to keep our brains active and healthy. Everywhere you turn at present, people are banging on about physical exercise but what about we try some mental exercise? The good news is that brain exercises are often activities we are already

doing or wish we were doing for pleasure. They don’t involve wearing Lycra or large amounts of sweating, they are activities such as: ■ Crosswords or Sudoku in the morning sunshine ■ Taking a dance lesson to do the tango or tap dance without the pressure of ever having to perform ■ Barista course for the perfect coffee ■ Learning French or Spanish for your next overseas venture ■ Painting or pottery classes ■ Join Facebook, track

down lost school friends ■ Volunteer, offer your ear for reading at your local school ■ Listening to the radio or joining a choir ■ How about playing the saxophone or piano for the very first time ■ Reading poetry or why not try writing poetry Recent research suggest that combining mental, social and physical components in leisure activities offers the greatest benefits in terms of reducing dementia risk. So get out there and enjoy.

Seniors 21

Monday, May 9, 2016


Travelling overseas, local or interstate? You will find all the information you need in Seniors’ colourful travel pages.

River cruising luxury

Wall-to-wall comfort as a kaleidoscope of Europe’s charms glides past your panoramic window Ann Rickard

IF EVER there was a holiday designed specifically for us mature folks, it would have to be river cruising. There are many reasons for this, more about them in a minute, but the top one would surely be: no children on board. We love children, most of us seniors are doting grandparents, but we don’t love the little tykes when they are running amok around the decks and lounges on a ship. River cruising is not designed for children, there are no facilities for them, they’d be bored. River cruising suits those of us who enjoy

the ease of being moved smoothly from one place to another, those who love to unpack just the once, who adore being pampered and wined and dined to the brim. Those who love a no-bingo-orextravagant-theatre policy, those who are more the gather-around-the-piano type. Avalon Waterways’ newest river ship, Imagery II, has just been launched on the Rhine, formally christened by “godmother”, New Zealand personality, Judy Bailey. It now awaits your pleasure. You are going to love this spanking new ship with its Suite Ship policy: two entire decks of roomy suites with marble

bathrooms complete with L’Occitane products, and more space than any other ships cruising Europe’s great rivers. What you are going to love beyond all the many loveable details on board Imagery II, is the wall-to-wall windows in your suite, a whole wall that slides back to transform your suite into one large alfresco balcony and – this is luxury without measure – the bed faces the window. Think about that. You wake up each morning in a comfortable wide bed beneath a floaty white doona to lazily watch a kaleidoscope of Europe’s charms glide past your panoramic window.




If you (or better still, your mate) has padded quietly to the elegant lounge at the aft of the ship, where a gleaming coffee machine will dispense any coffee style of your choice, and he brings it back along with a big home-baked cookie to enjoy in bed, well, you are going to be in holiday heaven aren’t you? And your exciting day hasn’t even started yet. The unprecedented growth in river cruising has astonished everyone in the travel industry, even Avalon Waterways’ management who are frantically building more ships to keep up with demand. Avalon Waterways does not let its ships age.

When they are only just past juvenile stage, they are sold or sent off to ship graveyard. Hence, all Avalon’s long sleek river ships are modern and fresh. None more so than Imagery II. The decor is contemporary and restful with tasteful and luxurious object d’art and contemporary art works at every turn. The lounges and dining room are fitted with up-to-the-minute furniture with exquisite fabrics. On the expansive top open-air deck, the sun lounges beckon, and a small spa sits beside a giant deck chess set. The chef even grows his own herbs in pots up on the deck.

You will never be short of something exciting to do on Imagery II as her itinerary stops at some of Europe’s most beautiful cities, towns and villages. And the ship docks right in the heart of things. You have only to walk off to have Avalon’s private buses with local guides waiting a few steps away to whisk you into the heart of Europe’s excitement, history and culture. Comfort is what most of us prioritise for our travels as we age. Followed by ease of getting from A to B. Imagery II provides the lot. The writer was a guest on board Imagery II.

22 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Tree of Knowledge Learning from Barcaldine’s rich sheep history Erle Levey

THERE is one thing Outback Queensland offers apart from its well-known bush hospitality, the country air and big skies of a night … it’s history. Barcaldine Shire mayor Rob Chandler sums it up well when he says “We are Australia’s history ... Australia grew from inside out when it opened up the outback.” There are few better places to understand a chapter in Australia’s history than at the Tree of Knowledge in this town that was built on sheep. And there is no better way to fit into the laid-back way of life than pronouncing the name of the town correctly ... Bar-call-dun. Not Barkle-deen and certainly not Barkle-dine.

The Globe Visitor Information Centre at Barcaldine, formerly the Globe Hotel. PHOTO: ERLE LEVEY

In 1891 the ghost gum directly in front of the railway station witnessed a divisive confrontation that threatened to plunge the nation into civil war as striking shearers stopped non-union labourers arriving by train to fill their jobs. The strike was a bitter campaign fuelled by lowering of shearers’ conditions by sheep station owners.

Now, 125 years later, a dramatic reconstruction of the seven-metre high tree stands outside the station where visitors are welcomed with tourism being an integral part of the Barcaldine Shire’s economy. Celebrations, including a town party and street parade with a special visit from former PM Bob Hawke were held this month on May 1.

HISTORIC SITE: The Tree of Knowledge, Barcaldine.




$11,999 Dbl / Tw Share

Pensioners/Senior Citizens

visit grafton in northern nsw Enjoy a grEat holiday packagE





Dbl / Tw Share

Includes Flights



GRAFTON $549pp Twin Share



Around every turn is yet another ‘postcard picture’. The scenery in Canada is simply stunning with breathtaking snow-capped peaks, ice-fields and calm turquoise lakes. *flights ex Brisbane

“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” touring the British Isles and Europe. This ultimate Winter Wonderland tour promises to fulfill your dreams and tick so many boxes off your ‘Bucket List’.

13 August - 4 September

7 day Alaska Cruise option available


7 December - 3 January

Includes 13 Day Luxury Danube Cruise



$5799 Dbl / Tw Share

5 x nights accom 5 x hot b/fasts & 5 x hot dinners 3 x morning teas 2 x afternoon teas PLUS 4x fabulous scenic bus tours

Phone now for free brochure 1800 622 355 Email: Website: or write to: Hilldrop Motor Inn PO Box 126, Sth Grafton 2460

“Grafton is easily reached via car on the Pacific Highway or, if you travel via coach/rail we provide courtesy transfers”





Includes Flights*

Dbl / Tw Share




‘Across the Top’

One of Australia’s greatest adventure drives is from Cairns to Darwin ‘across the top’ of Australia. Travel in 4x4 luxury with a leg aboard the legendary Gulflander train. Rainforests, gorges, waterfalls and wildlife of the Gulf Country provide a unique Australian outback experience. *flights ex Brisbane

20 - 31 July 2016 4x4 Coach Tour

Tours Connect


$5599 Dbl / Tw Share

Includes Flights*


The Gibb River Road stretches over 600km through the Kimberley. River crossings and tough outback roads make this a trip perfectly suited to our tough 4x4 offroad coach. See Darwin and Derby, Katherine, Kununurra, Lake Argyle, Bell Gorge, Home Valley Sta!on to Broome.

This tour travels from Western Australia’s Kimberley region to the Northern Territory’s Red Centre via the Tanami Track. See the best of the tropics and the dry heart of Australia. From Broome to Bungle Bungles, Wolfe Creek Crater, Alice Springs to Uluru and more!

2 - 13 August 2016 4x4 Coach Tour

16 - 29 August 2016 4x4 Coach Tour

*flights ex Brisbane

*flights ex Brisbane

Call for full Range of Room Rates

Stonestreets Travel have got it covered

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‘Stonestreets Travel Club’

Includes: Underwater World Admission Half Day Eumundi Markets Excursion (Wed. Only) Lic No TAG 1446

Phone: (07) 4687 5555

Quad Share - 2 Bedroom Apartment 3 Nights from $185pp / 5 Nights from $249pp

188 Alexandra Pde, Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast

1800 725 247 | Conditions apply Not valid Saturday nights or school holidays.



Seniors 23

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Hosted Rail, Coach, Air & Cruise Tours AUSTRALIAN FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED ON THE GOLD COAST 11 Days $2,190*

Cowboys, Caves & Castles

*Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $490

• Staying Townsville, Charters Towers, Undara & Cairns • Meals • Charters Towers, Miners Cottage, Ghosts of Gold Tour • Undara Lava Tubes guided tour then a bush breakfast in the Ringers Camp • Savannahlander tour from Mt Surprise – Cairns • Cairns City Sights & Skyrail experience • Daintree River Cruise, Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas Tour • Paronella Park – Castle in the Wilderness • Cassowary Coast • Gorgeous Green Island with glass bottom boat & coral and reef tour • Friendly & helpful tour host

Per person twin share Single supp $340

Tour dates: 6th September 2016

• Bowral Tulip Feasterville • Bradman Museum • 3 Nights Canberra Floriade • Parliament House & War Memorial • Captain Thunderbolts Grave • Armidale & Tenterfield • Fully Hosted Tour date: 17th Sep

8 Days $1048*

*Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $290

Drovers & Stargazers Tour date: 12th July

• Accommodation in Longreach, Blackall & Charleville LAST SEATS AVAILABLE • Meals • Sunset Cruise on the Thomson River, Dinner & waterhole camp dinner with “Smithy’s Outback Spectacular” • Stockman’s Hall of Fame & Stockie’s Show Qantas Museum & Tour of 747 • Winton, Waltzing Matilda, Age of Dinosaurs • Strathmore Station

Grand Adventure Gold Service

11 Days $2,290*

*Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $650

7 Days From $3,920*

*(Senior Pension /CSHC fare, twin share)

• Includes Return Flights from Brisbane, 3 Days Gold Service on The Ghan, • 2 nights Darwin & 2 nights Adelaide • Delicious meals (& Beverages while traveling on The Ghan) • Stay in Darwin with City Sights Darwin Tour • 3 Days on the Ghan with all off train tours, meals & beverages included in Gold Service • Tour Adelaide, visit Handorf • As with all our tours a helpful Tour date: 3rd Oct 2016 fun tour host will travel with group

• Accommodation at 4 star Cairns Queenslander • Meals on tour • Gorgeous Green Island • Paronella Park, Innisfail, Scenic Cassowary Coast • Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree River Cruise • Skyrail, Kuranda, Mareeba to Jaques Coffee Plantation • Helpful fun tour host Tour dates: 13th, 20th June, 25th July, 31st Oct

10 Days $3499*

Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide

Staying on Daydream Island & Airlie Beach

• Bowen, Coffee Plantation • Daydream Island with Full Hot and Cold Buffet Breakfast • Daydream Island, Port of Airlie and wander through the New Marine precinct • Markets & Airlie / Shute Harbour Tour with Lunch at the Whitsunday sailing club Departure date: 2nd September • Crocodile Safari &

Bowral Tulips, Canberra Floriade Escorted Coach Tour 8 Days $2,299* *p/p t/share & Spring in the Highlands

Cairns, Daintree & Cassowary Coast

7 Days $1,029*

Whitsunday Daydreaming

*per person Twin Share ($590.00 single supplement) *Includes return airfares from Brisbane

8 Days From $2,795*

Norfolk Island Show day

*(twin share, Single sup $450)

• Return Airfares • Melbourne through to Adelaide • Geelong, Apollo Bay • 12 Apostils, Warrnambool • Mt Gambier, Victor Harbour • Kangaroo Island & Seal Bay

Selling Fast book your spot Now !!!

• Orientation Tour • Mutiny on the Bounty • Night as a Convict • Breakfast Walk, Wonderland by Night

• Hahndorf, Adelaide Tours • Helpful Host

Best of Coastal Queensland

Tour date: 7th Oct

10 Days $1,599* *Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $320

• Cairns, Skyrail, Kuranda, Port Douglas • Mossman Gorge & Daintree River Cruise

*Plus applicable rail fare Single supp $490

• Convict Settlement Tour • Show Day !!!!!! • Friendly local Host • Unique Show day tour

Indian Pacific Gold & WA Wild Flowers

Tour date: 4th Oct

14 Days $5,490*

*Per person twin share. Single supp $1000

Departure dates: 16th July, 1st Oct.

• Green Island day tour • Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour • 3 Island Tour, Daydream, Hamilton and the Iconic Whitehaven Beach • Rail content can be booked with discounts applied. • Helpful Host

We book and apply your pension card discounted rates for rail content of the tour. * All tours subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Includes travel time.

Tour date: 25th Aug • Gold Class Premium Service on the Indian Pacific for 3 nights with all meals and beverages and many Off Train excursions included • 4 Nights in Perth • Swan River Cruise

Call 07 5529 9322

• 7 Nights Southern Western Australia Wild Flower Tour • Margaret River and Wineries • All Breakfasts, Dinners and most Lunches, Fully Hosted • Experienced Coach Captain E: 6298937ab


24 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

The Eagles are truly one of Rock’s great bands Rock on with The Best of the Eagles

THE Eagles are one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide. With six Grammy Awards, six number one albums and five number one singles, they are one of the most successful bands of all time. The Best of the Eagles is a concert production that will take you on a journey through the band’s staggering catalogue of hits, delivering a captivating show from start to finish that will deliver no less than the synonymous country rock sound Eagles fans have come to expect. Part I – Hotel California Celebrating 40 years since the release of the iconic album Hotel California, part one will see the classic album performed in its entirety. The album featured the hit singles Hotel California, New Kid in Town and Life in the Fast Lane. Hotel California was the fifth studio album from the American rockers and became their biggest studio album selling over 32 million copies worldwide. Hotel California (the single) is considered by many as one of the greatest rock songs of all

FEAST FOR FANS: The Best of the Eagles Show.

time and ranked number 49 on the Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Hear the album cover to cover. Be enthralled as the intricate harmonies and subtle musicianship


is recreated to perfection. Part II – The Greatest Hits The second part of the show will conjure up the Eagles’ rock classics including Take it Easy, Take It to the Limit,

Desperado, Heartache Tonight, Tequila Sunrise, Best of My Love’ and so many more. Timeless songs that are all part of the 20th Century musical landscape.


A show not to be missed by fans of the band young and old alike will be playing Friday, June 3 at the Empire Theatre Toowoomba Phone 1300 655 299

Aspects of Love delight

• Courtesy Bus • Bistro • Bar • Pokies • TAB • Keno • Sportsbet • Members Draw & Promotions

phone 4633 1229

now to reserve your table 561 Boundary St, Toowoomba I


Discover the perfect way to unwind with family & friends in our new facilities Lunch & Dinner - 7 Days a Week

A FUNDRAISING concert with proceeds going to the Toowoomba Hospice. Love will definitely be in the air at the USQ Arts Theatre at the Toowoomba Municipal Band’s Aspects of Love Concert. It is the seventh concert organized by the band to raise funds for the Toowoomba Hospice and has become a favourite with Toowoomba’s music-lovers. Guest artists at this year’s concert will be the Toowoomba Choral Society Youth Choir, Dance Central’s Velocity, well-known vocalist Lisa Skerman and The Accidentals Vocal Ensemble. Well-known selections such as L.O.V.E., My Love is like a red red rose, Crazy little thing called

FUNDRAISER: The band’s seventh concert to raise funds for the Toowoomba Hospice. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

Love, Just the Way you are, I just haven’t met you yet, Seasons of Love, Love changes everything and The Prayer will be featured. This is a concert not to be missed! Performances 2pm Saturday, May 28 and

Sunday, May 29 at the USQ Arts Theatre, Toowoomba. Prices Adults $25, Concession $18, Family (2 adults + 2 under 18s) $65, Students $12 Contact us on 07 4631 1111.

Seniors 25

Monday, May 9, 2016

To advertise, call 1300 136 181 or visit Property

Trades & Services

Auctions - General

To Let - Units / Flats Apartments

Home Maintenance

Guns Militaria Collectables Antique Fair 300 tables & floor space, new & antique guns, ammo, loading gear, militaria, collectables jewellery , coins, books, swords, ivory, garagenalia, furniture. China.

Something for everyone !

9am - 5pm Saturday and 9am -2pm Sunday Adults $10 Seniors $8

Ph 0407 643 776 online

Motoring Caravans & Motor Homes

Tambo Retirement Units The Blackall-Tambo Regional Council has two (2), 2 x bedroom retirement units available for rent in Tambo. These units are located in the ‘Coolibah Village” in Albert Street, Tambo and is ideal for couples or single aged pensioners. All grounds and maintenance of retirement units are all maintained by Council and are close to all amenities and health services in Tambo. All interested people are encouraged to apply. For further information or an application form please contact Mrs Donna Richardson at the Tambo Council Office. Applications close Friday 3 June, 2016.

PO Box 21 BLACKALL Q 4472 Fax (07) 46 578 855


Handyman Tiling Plastering Painting Carpentry

Phone Chris 0418 730 191 Only work valued at $3,300 or less


Alex the hAndymAn • General Property Maintenance and Services • Property Preparation for Sale or Rent • Flat Pack Furniture Assembly • Seniors Discount – No job too small

KL Timms

Chief Executive Officer Phone: (07) 46 216 600 6330437aa

No Call Out Charge...!

Member: Master Builders - Fully Insured

Phone Alex 0407 240 358

Email: QBCC License 1033069

All caravans wanted We come to you All areas, Cash today!



Ph: 0439 774 081

Solar Energy Services

Phone 3812 3553

finda bargain for Sale on finda. finda bargain at

QBCC 47747

Friendly – Prompt – Reliable


CALL: 0407003104 Plumbing Services


28th & 29th May Toowoomba showgrounds

• • • • •

Mowing & Lawn Care

Seniors Special Save $50 off per Kw When you mention this ad

The experts in Solar

1300 18 20 50 Electrical License # QLD: 72258 | NSW: 227562C


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Seniors Card 137 468 or 1800 175 500 (free call outside Brisbane) Centrelink: Retirement 132 300 Disability, Sickness & Carers 132 717 Employment Services 132 850 Seniors Enquiry Line 1300 135 500 Department of Veteran Affairs 133 254 or 1800 555 254 (Regional)

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National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI) 1800 020 110


National Aged Care Information

1800 200 422




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26 Seniors Monday, May 9, 2016

Hmong honey chicken with sesame and lime

TRY IT: Hmong honey chicken with sesame and lime.

HOME COOKING CHRISTINE PERKINS THIS is a beautiful healthy recipe with wonderful succulent chicken pieces. Try and use free range chicken, it’s tastier! The finer you cut the ingredients for the marinade the less you have to pound in the pestle and mortar so it will save you time in the long run. Serves 4 Ingredients: Chicken Marinade 1.5 kilos chicken pieces skin on (you can discard before eating)

½ cup golden shallots peeled and finely diced 2 stalks of lemongrass very finely chopped 2 Tbls ginger or galangal peeled and finely grated 3 Tbls fish sauce 3 Tbls honey 4 kaffir lime leaves 1 large red chilli Garnish 3 kaffir lime leaves very finely shredded 2 tbls honey 2 tbls toasted sesame seeds Method Place chicken in a large bowl. In a pestle and mortar pound the shallots, lemongrass, galangal/ginger, and chilli to a paste. Add the fish sauce,


honey and torn kaffir lime leaves and stir to combine. Pour the marinade over chicken pieces and toss to coat. Refrigerate and allow to marinate for several hour preferably overnight if possible. To cook Pre heat oven to 180c. Pre heat barbecue. Cook chicken on a barbecue grill until golden turning regularly then place in a 180c oven for 20-25 minutes depending on size of chicken pieces until cooked through. Place on a serving platter when cooked drizzle with extra honey, sprinkle sesame seeds and finely shredded kaffir lime leaves.


Holiday in the Hinterland at Clouds of Montville Monday to Thursday

3 nights accommodation for 2 in a self-contained, ground floor studio apartment including fabulous cooked breakfasts served to you each morning...

TOTAL PRICE $355 per couple or

Upgrade to a 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment for an additional $20 per night. King bed, balcony and our iconic views to the coast. 5 night packages also available beginning Sundays.


Chilli jam to spice it up Christine Perkin

IF you’re anything like me, you’ll know that a little bit of chilli can bring to life any meal. It’s not everyone’s favourite food, especially children, but this sweeter alternative to chilli’s traditional hot flavour, could spell a brighter future for this pepper. As we come into Australia’s winter months, it’s a nice idea to make and store some chilli jam for when your family needs a hot kick in the taste-buds. The juxtaposition

Christine Perkin

Morning or Afternoon Tea at the beautiful Secrets By The Lake overlooking Baroon Pocket Dam. So bring your Bowls, bring your Golf Clubs, there’s lots of fun to be had at Clouds. A big fabulous cooked breakfast will set you up for a big day, every day!

07 5442 9174

166 Balmoral Road, Montville 4560 Not available with any other offer Subject to normal availability


between a cold winter’s day and a mouthful of chilli will create the perfect accompaniment of sensations. Ingredients: 75 grams roasted and crushed peanuts 2 tbls Thai roasted chilli paste available in Asian section of your supermarket 1 ½ tbls fish sauce 2 tbls palm sugar or brown sugar ¼ cup sweet chilli sauce ¼ cup water To make coconut chilli jam add 50 grams toasted shredded coconut and

stir. Method Combine all ingredients in small saucepan and bring to a simmer, stir and remove from heat when sugar has dissolved. Bottle leftover jam. The jam will keep for a few months in a sealed container or jar and also makes a nice gift. Use on pan fried salmon as a special treat, char-grilled prawns or chicken. Can also be used with spring rolls, rice paper rolls as a dipping sauce, anything really.

Delicious duck fat potatoes

TOTAL PRICE $415 per couple

Call us Now

HEAT UP: Chilli jam is the perfect accompaniment to winter weather.

624726 6247269ab

THIS recipe is for a special occasion definitely not an everyday food even though you would like it to be. Truffle salt is a delicious addition if you have it. Ingredients: 1 Kg floury sebago potatoes, cut into 3cm chunks

100grams duck fat (purchase from your supermarket in the Poultry section) pink Himalayan salt or truffle salt to taste Method Preheat the oven to 180°C. Par cook potatoes. Drain, then return to the pan and shake over medium heat to dry out and rough up the edges

(this will help them crisp up when roasting). Place the duck fat in a roasting pan, then place in the oven for 5 minutes to heat. Remove from the oven, add potato to duck fat and gently toss to coat. Return to the oven and roast, turning twice, for 45 minutes or until golden and crispy. Sprinkle with salt - serve.

Seniors 27

Monday, May 9, 2016








Across 1 What spiked metal ball is laid to lame cavalry horses or puncture tyres? (7) 4 What powdered seed pod is used as a substitute for chocolate? (5) 7 What is the irregular shape given to one side of a lawn bowl? (4) 8 What spirited Spanish guitar music is accompanied by singing and dancing? (10) 10 What is the submission of an issue of public importance to the direct vote of the electorate? (10) 12 What religious witchcraft is practised in the Caribbean and the southern US? (6) 13 To which genus do onions, garlic and chives belong? (6) 15 What type of scientists study the structure and composition of the earth? (10) 18 What are Oxford and Cambridge universities called when considered together? (8) 19 The famous garden Sissinghurst is in which English county? (4) 20 Tradition says Rome was built on seven what? (5) 21 What was the name of Roy Rogers’ horse? (7)


8 9

10 11 12

13 14 15


17 18





Fill the grid so every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.








8 9


Down 1 What is a trimmed tree trunk tossed in Highland games? (5) 2 A proverb says that a truly wise man never plays what game with a unicorn? (8) 3 What country did Germany invade in September 1939? (6) 4 From a French word for “disguise” what word entered the English language during WWI? (10) 5 What describes the smallest in a litter? (4) 6 What is a flower on a fruit tree? (7) 9 Which branch of physics studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures? (10) 11 Which beat generation poet (Allen __) was later influential in the hippy movement of the 1960s? (8) 12 “Starry, starry night” begins a Don McLean song about which painter? (3,4) 14 What word can precede control, deck and path? (6) 16 In mythology, what lustful, drunken woodland creature chases nymphs? (5) 17 In the Bible, who was murdered by Cain? (4)



Insert the missing letters to make ten words — five reading across the grid and five reading down.

Solve the anagrams. Each solution is a one-word anagram of the letters beside it, and the five solutions are sequential. For example, if the fiveletter solution starts with J, the six-letter solution starts with K, and so on.





13 14


17 19













Note: more than one solution may be possible.





Across: 7. Reveal 8. Zenith 10. Lurched 11. Hippo 12. Eyed 13. Heart 17. Costs 18. Moor 22. Knoll 23. Spartan 24. Wobbly 25. Dry run. Down: 1. Grilled 2. Oversee 3. Paths 4. Zephyrs 5. Lippy 6. Throw 9. Advertise 14. Worldly 15. Couture 16. Pruning 19. Skews 20. Hobby 21. Parry.



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How many words of four letters or more can you make? Each letter must be used only once and all words must contain the centre letter. There is at least one nine-letter word. No words starting with a capital are allowed, no plurals ending in s unless the word is also a verb. TODAY: Good 25 Very Good 30 Excellent 35












Down 1. Interrogated (7) 2. Supervise (7) 3. Tracks (5) 4. Gentle breezes (7) 5. Impudent, verbally (5) 6. Hurl (5) 9. Make known (9) 14. Sophisticated (7) 15. Fashion (7) 16. Cutting back (7) 19. Distorts (5) 20. Pastime (5) 21. Deflect (5)

ACROSS: 1 Caltrop, 4 Carob, 7 Bias, 8 Flamenco, 10 Referendum, 12 Voodoo, 13 Allium, 15 Geologists, 18 Oxbridge, 19 Kent, 20 Hills, 21 Trigger. DOWN: 1 Caber, 2 Leapfrog, 3 Poland, 4 Camouflage, 5 Runt, 6 Blossom, 9 Cryogenics, 11 Ginsberg, 12 Van Gogh, 14 Flight, 16 Satyr, 17 Abel.

Across 7. Disclose (6) 8. Highest point (6) 10. Staggered (7) 11. African animal (5) 12. Looked at (4) 13. Centre (5) 17. Expenses (5) 18. Tie up (4) 22. Small hill (5) 23. Austere (7) 24. Temper tantrum (colloq) (6) 25. Trial before the real thing (3,3)



addle aide aided ailed alien axed axel axle dale dandle dead deal dean deli denial died dine dined dixie DIXIELAND elan eland idea ideal idle idled index indie laddie lade laden landed lane lead lean lend lied lien line lined nailed nixie


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Toowoomba & Darling Downs, May 2016  
Toowoomba & Darling Downs, May 2016