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THIS month we update you on the Benevolent Society’s EveryAGE Counts campaign. For our part in the campaign we bring you a story package created by our Seniors News intern, Channing Courtney-Eman. My challenge for the 22-year-old fashion and marketing student was to come up with a story, pictures and video of the ‘new, mature-aged man’. Channing set out and discovered the talented Brendan Harris and brought in young photographer Nicholas Sterkenburg. All in all this assignment was completed by a small group of people from 20 to 60 years old and certainly EveryAGE counted. The story fits nicely with Movember – while the goal of Australia’s national men’s health month is to raise awareness of men’s cancers, another dimension of good health is feeling the freedom to express yourself and I thought Brendan’s style and outlook demonstrated a strong sense of self and well-being. That’s just what Movember Ambassador, radio and television personality Jonathan Coleman is espousing as he shares his

first hand experience of prostrate cancer and urges men to pursue a healthy lifestyle. At this time in our lives, either for our parents or for ourselves, many of us face questions regarding future living arrangments. To assist in your decision making we have included a special feature and stories in our Living section. Additionally, the Gosford Regional Gallery is exhibiting an autobiographical display of Graeme Balkin’s final works. His beautiful, moving work provoked journalist Alison Houston to write: “Graeme reflects on the emotional turbulence of his diagnosis, while continuing his deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment.” There’s more inside, so grab a cuppa, sit down and enjoy.




Jono calls out cancer

Blokes are encouraged to be involved in their own health Tracey Johnstone JONATHAN (Jono) Coleman jokes that these days his body is less of a temple and more like the ageing Pantheon, since his prostate cancer diagnosis last year. The radio and television luminary, Movember Foundation ambassador and cancer survivor is still full of cheek as he shares his message to Aussie blokes to take time this month to grow a mo, make their health a priority and help raise funds for the global men’s health movement. The chubby, 62-year-old poster-boy is also encouraging women to get behind their men by finding ways to raise funds for prostate health research. With a newly minted mo in place, funnyman Jono is spreading the word for men to have the conversation with their GP. “Don’t be a scaredy cat,” he calls out. “If you are 50, or 45 even, get your PSA checked regularly and if you are worried about something, get your doctor to put his finger up your bottom; it takes 30 seconds to give you a clear mind. “Don’t just sit there and do nothing. Be involved in your own health.” Jono was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June last year. He remembers clearly the Friday afternoon when Professor Phillip Stricker at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital gave him the show-stopping news. As the cancer had already spread to his hip bones, he was put through a series of

chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Wisely Jono had taken note not only of his GP’s advice that from 50 onwards he should get his PSA checked, but also of his family’s health history including his dad’s heart problems. He also went through several full medicals in the UK before getting involved in some of the television shows there. Still, the prostate cancer diagnosis came out of the blue. The cancer growth was caught early, and since May he has been in remission.


Don’t just sit there and do nothing.

It’s comforting for Jono that both his son and daughter are much more aware of their personal health. “The positive side to getting your PSA and blood test done, is that it makes the whole family aware, and friends and family are very important,” Jono said. “Since I did the Studio 10 thing, talked about it (cancer) on Alan Jones’ radio show and did a big story with Women’s Weekly, and that got picked up in the UK, now I am involved in Prostate Health UK.” He heads back to the UK this month for a week of live shows to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the Russ and Jono shows that were on Virgin Radio. Prostate cancer isn’t a death sentence Jono declares, and he is proving it by sticking to his

Need a

LOUD AND CLEAR: Radio personality Jonathon (Jono) Coleman is now in remission and getting behind the Movember campaign. Photo: Hunter Brad incredible television work schedule of hosting Studio 10 five days a week, doing live advertorials, his own segments on Mondays and Fridays, plus a volunteer radio show on Northside Radio FM 99.3, and a weekly Russ and Jono podcast for the UK from November 5. “My attitude is don’t feel sorry for yourself; be positive,” says the man with the glass half full. “I have a ruined temple, but my body is still my temple and I take the piss out of myself and laugh my way through it.” To support Movember, go to au.movember.com.

Jono and Dano on Double J, circa 1980.

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A new style for the Channing Courtney-Eman MENSWEAR has taken on a whole new look this year. Liberated from the stereotypes of the past, mature-aged men are free to explore, design and shape their identity through fashion choices. After previous generations of older men were doomed to a uniform of the ordinary – think navy blue boxers, boardies, singlets, thongs and grey suits – the fresh palette of fashion comes as a bright relief. Fashions have broadened the horizon and today there is appreciation for the male who can dress up – or dress down, according to the day. Brisbane’s Brendan Harris naturally personifies the new older man. He’s a well-travelled businessman with a gregarious personality which makes him the perfect personality to run Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge. In this article, Brendan talks about his upbringing, shares his

COFFEE CODE: Brendan Harris up-front in smart, casual work-mode in Brisbane.

Photos: Nicholas Sterkenburg

tips on looking great and how to live your best life after 50. Brendan’s fashion passion began while growing up as the middle child of the Harris boys in the hinterland of Queensland’s Mt Tamborine. Brendan

But fashion pulled at the thread of his personality and existence – channelling his passion into creating the pocket square business A Pocket Affair. “My pocket squares are rectangular, you wear them individually of


jokingly blames the middle-child syndrome for his bold dress. “I would get the hand-me-downs, so instead I got a job and bought my own clothes,” he tells Seniors News. He went on to travel the world and studied in

Devon, England, where he obtained his hospitality qualifications. Back in Australia, he spent large parts of his career working in the Brisbane hospitality scene and managing community venues for Gold Coast City Council.

course, or double them up to get a maximum, structural textured effect,” he said. But it’s not just Brendan’s pocket squares that make him stand out in the crowd. Ultimately, his style is determined, show-stopping at times and experimental. “I believe in pushing the limits,” he said. “First impressions are so important, any age, young, old, it doesn’t matter, my motto is it’s just as easy to put on a nice shirt as it is a horrible one.” He proves the point when he matches sheer black tops under suit jackets. Silk, he explains, is his favourite fabric. “Silk comes in so many textures and blends, silk wool is absolutely beautiful and the saturation of colour is always good,” he said. A combination of traditional and edgy jewellery is another integral part of his look. His hero pieces feature the daily wearing of a Louis Vuitton flip coin ring. “I usually wear my




older male

wedding band, my engagement ring, and my signet ring plus a nice watch,” he said. Meanwhile, his shoe closet is lined with local brands and designers including his favoured RM Williams boots. In terms of eye wear, Brendan regularly rocks a sleek tortoise shell pair of Tom Ford. Alternatively, Chanel glasses, he notes, are always a good fit. But most importantly, he claims, sunglasses should complement your face and not put them under any stress. On the topic of staples for the average man, Brendan declares every man should have a navy-blue suit in their wardrobe coupled with a cotton stretch white shirt. “A good fitting navy blue suit can take you from the day to the evening, looks great against silver hair of course,” he said. “(And keep) a clean white shirt and one spare that you haven’t touched for that special occasion.” Personal care is another aspect of Brendan’s routine. He keeps up

Louis Vuitton flip coin ring and Breitling watch.


First impressions are so important, at any age, young old. appearances with two weekly barber visits and his job, positioned in the brunt of the bright Australian sun, prompts him to use skin products that cope with the harsh light. “I use the majority of Aesop products, Kiehl’s day and evening oil, sunscreen is a must,” he said. Another must-do for the

well-being of the older gentleman is travel. Brendan stresses that be it local or overseas, going on holiday is an essential part of his lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you can leave the suit at home. Here’s his suitcase for a weekend away to Burleigh Heads. “Tailored shorts, a really nice linen jacket that’s only half-lined, paired with a bright colour,” he muses. “And I’d suggest, at the moment, a really nice cherry red and a nice pair of loafers always with invisible socks.” And it seems men are taking notice of Brendan’s unique and bold style advice. “I have picked up quite a few fellows who want to be styled, it’s a matter of taking them places that I know will fit for them,” he said. Finally, the relaxed fashionista has some simple advice. “Just have fun, fun with your wardrobe and your food.” For story and photo gallery, see the website seniorsnews.com.au.

BRISBANE BEAUTY: Brendan poses against a backdrop of bougainvillea.

Photos: Nicholas Sterkenburg

RM Williams boots with bespoke pants.

Suited up on Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane.

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Change the old ideas of ageing All ages have plenty to offer

CHANGING attitudes to ageing has to happen – that’s a given. But how it happens and when is the challenge being taken up by the social campaign EveryAGE Counts. The anti-ageism campaign, which is the brainchild of the Benevolent Society, but driven by a powerful and diverse coalition of organisations and individuals. A new website, video messaging for social media and a pledge document are the start. “I stand for a world

without ageism where all people of all ages are valued and respected and their contributions are acknowledged. I commit to speak out and take action to ensure older people can participate on equal terms with others in all aspects of life.” EveryAGE Counts will be a long-term campaign. Ten or 15 more years from now its supporters hope its real value is seen and felt. In the short-term though there is a lot of work to be done to change the entrenched overt and covert attitudes of all ages to ageing

CHANGE MAKERS: EveryAGE Counts advocates Professor Bill Metcalf and Christine Logan with Benevolent Society CEO Jo Toohey (centre) at the launch of the EveryAGE Counts ant-ageism campaign. Australians. “We know that unless we can get to the heart of these attitudes and beliefs to expose and redress them for their unfair and outdated assumptions, we will have little success in dismantling the barriers and assuring that all Australians, right across life from birth right through to very old age, can have the opportunity to live their very best of

life,” Benevolent Society CEO Jo Toohey said. “Ageism is stereotyping, discrimination and mistreatment based solely on age.” Adapting to the changing world is part of the challenge. More of us are not only living longer lives, we are also living healthier ones. ]We want to stay engaged with and involved in the world around us.

Also, the younger generations now are expected to be living just as longer lives. So, what EveryAGE Counts achieves in its battle against ageism now will benefit the ageing generations that follow them. Author and social commentator Jane Caro is on the steering committee of the Every Age Counts campaign. Caro says she has a

“sharp eye” for inequality. thanks to her decades of active feminism. “I see it very clearly and I draw a lot of parallels between what has worked for feminism and what we should probably be thinking about doing with ageism,” she says. Losing the stereotypes of yesteryear is part of the change process. For information, go to everyagecounts. org.au.

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CHRISTMAS MAGIC: Children can practise their letter-writing skills with Santa Mail.

BIG Deals for

Photo: Michael Dodge


Letters of love to Santa 6867335ac

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THE magic of Christmas is just around the corner and Australia Post is encouraging young Australians to write and post their letters and wish-lists nice and early to ensure they receive a reply from Santa before the big day. Expecting to deliver more than 150,000 letters to the North Pole this year, Australia Post is also for the first time offering a large print

service for families with children who have low vision. Preparing for the busy festive season ahead, Australia Post spokesperson Michelle Skehan said they are thrilled to be able to offer this new large print service for children and their families. “Christmas is a very special time of year for children of all ages, so we are pleased to be able to

invite more families to get involved and celebrate the festivities,” Ms Skehan said. “Santa Mail is a cherished Christmas tradition in many households.” Santa Mail letters can be placed in any dedicated Santa Mail box or red street post box, with families encouraged to lodge their letters before Friday, December 14.




Just the right balance If you can take the first step, you may find a great new path Alison Houston WHEN Lake Haven’s David Ross speaks of Tai Chi changing his life, it is no cliché. David, 62, now shares his passion with others, teaching up to 10 Tai Chi sessions per week in parks across the Central Coast. He’s a very different man to the one who, after a back injury at 45 in 2001 and two failed spinal operations, found himself powerless to move from the couch due to chronic pain. Unable to work, go out or socialise, David freely admits having slipped into hopelessness and depression. The physical and mental pain continued day after day for three years, with the only mainstream medical answer being pain medication which put him on what he describes as “an emotional roller coaster”. When he saw an

advertisement for Tai Chi in the newspaper, he thought it was worth a try. “By the end of the first hour-long class, I was hooked,” David said. It wasn’t an instant cure-all, but David said as the weeks passed and he started to get used to the moves and able to stretch more, he also found his back pain easing. “Without knowing it, I was building the strength in my legs and starting to build my core strength, which helps the back,” he said. Slowly, he started to gain confidence, energy and rejoin the world socially. “I’ve been doing Tai Chi for over 10 years now and have graduated from a student to an instructor for the Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong,” David said. “I believe everyone over the age of 50 should do Tai Chi.” He said the low-impact exercise and slow rhythmic movements

PARK PEACE: David teaches up to 10 Tai Chi sessions per week in parks across the Central Coast. “re-awakened the body” and were “ideal for people who no longer fancy running on a treadmill or lifting weights”, as well as those recovering from injury or surgery. “It helps to relieve aches and pains, improves flexibility, stability, corrects posture and calms the mind.” For seniors, the improvement Tai Chi could provide in muscle tone, strength, bone density

and particularly balance were vital. “Balance is a very important part of your everyday life,” he said. Deteriorating balance often led to lack of confidence and reluctance to take part in run-of-the-mill activities as simple as doing the shopping, gardening, taking part in meetings, hobbies or sport, or just catching up with friends. David’s was one of 100

NEW LIFE: David Ross had the opportunity to teach Tai Chi at the Great Wall of China ... another life-changing experience. inspiring Seniors stories from throughout the state to be included in Seniors’ Stories Volume 3, published to mark Seniors Week last year.

To inquire about a free trial class at Hamlyn Terrace, Morisett, East Gosford or Davistown, phone David on 0410 050 080.




Fab Fakes adds history as it looks to glory days

And a special anniversary tribute Alison Houston IN a nod to the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, this year’s Fab Fakes exhibition by the Tuggerah Lakes Art Society has an additional element, the Fab Century. The anniversary tribute, curated by TLAS vice-president Gail Brigden, will include six Madaleine Cobb watercolour prints of Light Horsemen, the ceremonial sword, inscribed on the handle by King George, which her father-in-law, Light Horse Colonel Harry J Brigden

carried in Egypt, and a life-size horse statue made entirely of horseshoes, by Yarramalong’s Kenneth Smith. It will also feature an original Dame Nellie Melba Gift Book of Australian Art and Literature dating from 1915, which she created to raise money for the war effort, among a number of century-old art books. Fab Fakes itself is the biggest exhibition of its type in Australia. The “fakes” are recreations of artistic masterpieces, and TLAS

president Rasheeda Flight said some of this year’s emulated artists included Gauguin, Van Gogh, Lautrec, Monet, Renoir and EW Schutze. For copyright reasons artists must have been dead for at least 70 years. Replicating the masters is no easy task, and Rasheeda admits even she is a little “hesitant” and “scared”. “It’s not just copying an artwork, you’re learning from the masters, and you have to be so precise,” she said. TLAS will hold workshops in the coming

AB FAB: Tuggerah Lakes Art Society vice-president and stalwart Gail Brigden with one of her past Fab Fakes, The Lady in Gold by Gustav Klimt, which Sue (right) purchased for her Sydney home. Photo: Contributed year to give more local artists the skills and confidence to take part in the exhibition. Having tried to emulate Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night, some time ago without much success, Rasheeda laughed, “I’m going to be the first one to attend!” “Emulating the masters is recognised across the

world as one of the best ways to learn art, which is why Brian Hasler started the exhibit,” she said. In its heyday, the Fab Fakes exhibit, which began in 1998 but had a hiatus for some years due to lack of venue, attracted several hundred entries from around Australia, and the TLAS hopes it will return to those glory days.

Certainly its $2000 first prize is good incentive for artists to try their hand. The exhibition, which opened at The Art House Wyong on November 14, continues 10am-4pm until Friday, November 30. Info: email Rasheeda at president@tlas.org.au or phone The Art House on 02 4335 1485.

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VITAL ACTION NEEDED TO HOUSE SENIORS AS POPULATION REACHES BOILING POINT CEO of Queensland’s largest social and affordable housing provider, Horizon Housing, is calling for immediate affordable housing action for Australia’s ever-increasing ageing population. – Jason Cubit

What technology did we invest and use? Medspro is a barcode-driven technology that double checks every step along the way to the finished Webster pak that leaves the pharmacy. This gives accuracy and efficiency needed for the benefit of our patients.




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Photo: Paul Vasarhelyi

THE POPULATION PREDICAMENT IT’S Australia’s startling reality; earlier this year our population reached 25 million. An impressive yet eerie milestone for a figure that skipped the queue, arriving 33 years ahead of its original forecast. According to the last census, there are 3.7 million Australians over 65 years old. Within the next 40 years, an outstanding one in four Australians will form part of this demographic – that is approximately 8.7 million Australians over the age of 65. Each year, Anglicare Australia conducts research on the current private rental market to assess if it’s possible for low income earners to afford appropriate accommodation. This year’s Rental Affordability Snapshot revealed, of 67,365

properties listed for rent in March this year, there are only about 833 rental properties in Australia considered affordable and appropriate for single pensioners. This disconcerting number will only decrease as the first houses under the Government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme begin to wind down in December this year. WHO IS MOST AT RISK? OVER our 25 year history, Horizon Housing has identified an increasing trend in demand for housing from older people, particularly older single women unable to support themselves in the private market. Older Australian women are particularly vulnerable to homelessness later-in-life. According to Mission Australia (2017), contributing factors include low superannuation funds available, financial dependence on the pension and domestic and family violence. Couple this with the systemic norm of spending significant time out of the workforce to raise a family and we are left with more women who become susceptible to housing stress and homelessness with age. It’s a nationwide

tragedy that the average superannuation of women at retirement is about half of men (46.6 per cent), according to a study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2016). With figures as startling as this, where on earth do we even start? THE SOLUTION HORIZON seeks to provide the affordable housing to those disadvantaged in our community. However, demand for services is – and will continue to be – staggeringly high. The Affordable Housing Portfolio has a waiting list reviewed every three months with an average of 250 applicants. About 16 per cent of our 2500 properties across the Horizon Housing portfolio are tenanted by people over the age of 55. Of this number, 60 per cent rely on government assistance as their main source of income, with little money to spare by the end of the week. The solution is three-fold. Increased, diverse affordable housing options, better support to age in place and an increased financial assistance for our pensioners is key. Easier said than done, yes, but I am confident that it can be done.







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NO: Former prime minister Paul Keating speaks out against a report which proposed increasing the retirement age.

to help.

Keating slams age increase to retirement

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FORMER prime minister Paul Keating has blasted a report that supports raising the retirement age as having a “miserable view” of society. The Grattan Institute has recommended that the Australian government scrap plans to raise compulsory super payments from 9.5 per cent to 12 per cent and, instead, increase the retirement age to 70. However, the report, and Grattan Institute chief executive John Daley, came under heavy fire from Mr Keating, whose government introduced compulsory superannuation contributions, when he appeared on the ABC program 7:30. Mr Keating said Mr Daley’s “miserable view about having two Australias” was out of

touch with everyday Australians. “The privileged Australia where the wealthy people can have all sorts of assets but ordinary people are condemned to the pension,” he said. “This is $460 a week. I mean don’t whoop it up on 460 bucks a week. This is the John Daley view of the world. “Daley’s recommending people work till 70, put their house in the assets test where now it isn’t. In other words, you eat your house. “Work till 70, eat your house, and then basically find yourself at a certain point in your life where you just don’t have financial assets.” However, Mr Daley hit back at the former prime minister, claiming on social media that “most

Australians die with savings almost as large as when their (sic) retired”. “If Paul Keating actually read our report rather than disparaging anyone who disagrees with him, he would know there’s lots of evidence that a higher Super Guarantee will lead to lower wages, including the Henry Tax Review, the Fair Work Commission, and leading academics,” he wrote on Twitter. But the report and Mr Daley weren’t the only ones in Mr Keating’s crosshairs. He said the current proposal of raising compulsory payments to 12 per cent “barely cut it”. “When I introduced super 32 years ago, people retired at about 65 and they died about 83 or 85,” Mr Keating said.





Identifying how improved public transport could impact

INCLUDING YOU: Mayor Jane Smith and Central Coast Council staff relax in the new Including You tent, which will provide shade, time out and resources at various major council functions, such as here at its Lakes Festival launch, for the aged and disabled, their carers and family. It's all part of the council's focus on increased accessibility for everyone.

Best ways to park and ride Alison Houston SENIORS are urged to have their say on parking and public transport as part of a community-wide survey by Central Coast Council on how to handle that aspect of the region’s growing population needs. “We are undertaking this survey to better understand the challenges faced by different sections of our community,” mayor Jane Smith said. “We want to better understand what parking and public transport connections our seniors need.

“This is a unique opportunity to tell council where the issues are so we can make parking better for everyone.” Acting director, Assets, Infrastructure and Business, Boris Bolgoff, said the Central Coast was forecast to grow to over 415,000 people by 2036. That meant painting a picture of how people move around the Central Coast, developing parking solutions and identifying how improved public transport could impact the community, potentially helping people to leave their cars at home, was vital. Solutions needed to

address the needs of residents and visitors of all ages and abilities, as well as businesses. “Are they seeking parking for longer periods whilst they are at work or conduct business, or are they seeking parking for shorter periods of time whilst they attend personal appointments, enjoy leisure activities or dine out?” Mr Bolgoff asked. Identified “pinch points” for parking include town centres in Gosford, Wyong, The Entrance, Woy Woy and Terrigal and commuter parking at Gosford, Warnervale, Tuggerah, Wyong, Lisarow and Woy Woy, but the

survey is not limited to these areas. Commuters have increasingly complained about the lack of parking after about 6.45am weekdays, saying more free parking is needed urgently. The Central Coast Regional Parking survey is open until Friday, December 7, go to yourvoiceourcoast.com /parking, with a draft strategy to be developed and go on public exhibition in 2019. However, in the meantime, realising all-day parking supply is at capacity, and parking in general at “a critical point”, the council is

moving ahead with shortterm solutions with an eye towards revitalisation of Gosford city centre. It has approved $1.4 million for design and construction of a short-term car park at 10 Racecourse Rd, West Gosford, and has also identified potential short-term solutions, including spare capacity at Baker St and Central Coast Leagues Club, and implementing a park and ride scheme from the CBD fringe. At the same time, the council has released a community report, Making the Coast and Council Inclusive and Accessible, which highlights the first

year’s progress in its Disability Inclusion Action Plan. “Implementing a plan with strategies and actions that enable people with disabilities to participate in all aspects of community life creates a sense of belonging and inclusion, which is one of the key goals from our Community Strategic Plan,” Cr Smith said. Actions implemented include 72 council-owned assets being access-audited, new beach wheelchairs, wheelchair-accessible picnic facilities, a draft Pedestrian and Access Mobility Plan and accessible playgrounds.



Ph 4367 5888

2018 Seasonal Flu Vaccines in stock – free for eligible patients or $10.99 privately Shop 16 Fountain Plaza, 158 The Entrance Rd Erina









Belinda’s great loves are watercolour, graphite, colour pencil

India: Long panel of five different sari pics in watercolour.

INSPIRED: Artist Belinda Biggs shares her dual loves of painting and travel through painting holidays.

France: Pen and wash.

Painting and travel passion Alison Houston HEARING about Belinda Biggs’ life brings to mind images from novels like Under a Tuscan Sky, A Year in Provence and Eat, Pray, Love. The Central Coast artist runs painting holidays and, having recently returned from her first trip to India, is already taking bookings for the next trip there in March next year, and her fourth to Italy in June-July, where she will be artist in residence. In the meantime she has stayed a little closer to home with one of the

trips that started it all nine years ago, a week on Norfolk Island earlier this month. Past painting destinations to which she plans future trips include France, New Zealand and the Cook Islands. “I love travelling, and when I go to new places I’m inspired by them and I want to share that with other people,” Belinda said. The colours, the countryside, people, architecture, sights, sounds and smells, Belinda said, all had to be experienced. The teaching adventure began for Belinda about

21 years ago when she attended art classes at Wyong Community College and her tutor turned out to be none other than highly acclaimed Tuggerah Lakes Art Society founder Robert Doyle. Not only did he give her the breakthrough confidence to believe in her art, he recommended her to take over his teaching position at Tuggerah Lakes Community College, where she has now taught for 17 years, as well as running private classes, one and two-day workshops, and her painting holidays. Belinda’s great loves

are watercolour, graphite, colour pencil and pen and wash, although she also dabbles in pastels and oils, and she teaches everyone from beginners to experienced artists, from 18 to 80 years old. “Once people come to my classes they tend to stay,” Belinda said, adding that her longest-standing student had been with her for 17 years. Her painting holidays are limited to 10 artists, and their non-painting partners if they wish, and she said there was plenty of eating, drinking and sightseeing activities as well as painting and drawing.

The 16-night India trip includes Udaipur, Delhi, Jim’s Jungle Retreat and the Himalayas, while in Italy you stay in a beautiful 200-year-old 12-bed villa on 200 acres in Umbria for seven days, combining painting, drawing and etching with writing, photography and cooking. While Belinda’s work is in public and private collections around the world, her proudest credit is selection for the prestigious Focus on Nature XIII at the New York State Museum, where her painting of a NSW waratah remains in the permanent collection. But she is a firm

believer that everyone is an artist and, having had one student start with her at 80 after a life on the land, says “you’re never too old to learn”. “You have to remember that when we were little kids, everyone could paint and draw with great enthusiasm; it’s just at some stage someone’s told you ‘trees aren’t meant to be blue’ or something similar, and your confidence has disappeared,” she said. For more details about Belinda’s painting holidays, go to belindabiggs.com.

Central Co

Grace Medical Care

ast Highwa



Ph 4332 6000

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Find a better way to retire at Tarragal Glen’s


10am - 1.30pm | 110 Karalta Road, Erina Discover everything you need to make a smooth move to retirement village living at Tarragal Glen’s Retirement Living Seminar on Saturday 24th November from 10am to 1:30pm. Come along and learn more about the maintenancefree lifestyles, beautiful independent living villas and care apartments, and warm and welcoming community at Tarragal Glen. You can also tour the Country Club, facilities and parkland, view a superb range of properties and enjoy morning tea and refreshments throughout.

Enjoy informative and comprehensive presentations by expert speakers, including: TBA Financial Services, discussing making the move when the time is right

Mortgage broker Tony Hopson, discussing finding your ideal finance solution

2GO FM’s Rod Amos, discussing the local real estate market

Conveyancer Bronwyn Smith, discussing retirement conveyancing

RetireAustralia, discussing home care offerings at Tarragal Glen

Transition Angels, discussing downsizing and moving home

Available at Tarragal Glen Maintenance-free living Country Club with dining room & bar 12 acres of beautiful parkland Heated, indoor pool & spa Billiards, bowls & table tennis Village bus

Units from just


Regular activities & events Library, salon & more!


Please RSVP to our friendly team on 1300 68 77 38 110 Karalta Road, Erina | retireaustralia.com.au




The art of life death, beauty Beautiful show at Gosford Regional Gallery

IF YOU were diagnosed with a terminal illness, how would you choose to leave your mark on this world? Faced with his own mortality, local artist and much-loved community member Graeme Balchin chose to share his story through a very powerful exhibition of works that he titled Dying to See before he passed away in July 2018. Known for his mastery of figurative painting, Graeme was one of the Central Coast community’s most talented painters. He was an art teacher at Gosford Regional Gallery for many years, a regular finalist in the prestigious Gosford Art Prize, winning the Viewers’ Choice Award in 2009 and 2012, and a finalist in the 2007 Doug Moran Portrait Prize. He was inspired by European

old masters, using glazing techniques that produced luminous images with luxurious surfaces. In this special, strongly autobiographical display of his final works, Graeme reflects on the emotional turbulence of his diagnosis, while continuing his deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment. Graeme explores themes of life and death, light and shadow, atmosphere and symbolism, nature and beauty, vulnerability and inner power, and when you visit the exhibition you will see one piece in particular Mortality a self-portrait that epitomises his curious state of mind. “I have always had thoughts of being a tree, so in my delusional way of thinking I thought if I swallow some seeds just

before I die I will grow into a tree,” Graeme said. The leafy surrounds of his Central Coast home served as an inspiration for many of Graeme’s drawings and paintings like another piece on display titled Labyrinths End. As you walk through the exhibition you will also notice the common appearance of ravens or crows in a number of the artworks which can be interpreted symbolically as ‘harbingers of death’ but also as a personal reference to Graeme’s own childhood pet. Gosford Regional Gallery invites locals and visitors to the Coast to drop by and share in Graeme’s beautiful story. Located at 36 Webb Street, East Gosford. Dying to See will be on at Gosford Regional Gallery from December 1, 2018 to February 3, 2019.

INSPIRING: The Art Exhibition 'Dying to See' will be showing at the Gosford Regional Gallery from December 1, 2018 to February 3, 2019.



Community notes

Community group guide TO ALLOW for readers’ requests for the publication of more neighbourhood news, please keep notices short and to the point (100 word maximum). If you would like to submit a photo ensure it is at least 180dpi or 500kb to 1mb in size and of faces, in a nice bright setting. Email editor@seniors newspaper.com.au.


OUR last meeting of the year for Dying with Dignity NSW, Central Coast group was on Friday, November 23. For more information regarding meetings in 2019, phone 02 4369 8053 or email centralcoast @dwdnsw.org.au.


LOCAL writers meet monthly to encourage and develop their writing skills. Meeting on the fourth Saturday of each month – arrive at 1.15pm for a 1.30pm start. There is no meeting in December. Meetings are held at Woodbury Park Community Centre, 1 Woolmers Crescent, Mardi. Inquiries with Mei-Ling Venning, president on 07 4333 7489, email meilingvenning @hotmail.com or go wyongwriters.org.


Brisbane Water Evening WORKING for the Smith Family, we hold a monthly dinner meeting in the

Function Room at the Grange Hotel, Renwick Street, Wyoming on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6.30pm for 7pm. New members and visitors are most welcome. Phone Valda on 02 4325 1688 or Helen 02 4367 5670. Toukley WE MEET on the second Friday of the month at Club Toukley RSL at 10.30am. We have lucky door prizes, raffles and lunch followed by guest speakers or members anticipation. We also have outings, Friendship Morning Teas, Soup and Damper days raffles and interesting discussions. Come along and make new friends. VIEW stands for voice, interests, education of women. VIEW is a valued part of the Smith Family and raises money for Learning For Life sponsorship and education of disadvantaged Australian children and young adults. Phone Kathie on 02 4393 0647 or 0413 424 949.

COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS: The Central Coast’s Christmas Fair proudly brought to you by Fixx Events and Colorbomb Decor, is on Sunday, December 2 from 9am-2pm at the Mt Penang Gardens and Event Park Kariong.


U3A (University of the Third Age) Central Coast (NSW) Inc recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary in style at The Panorama Room at The Entertainment Grounds, West Gosford. U3A Central Coast was incorporated in 1998 after breaking away from the Sydney Branch which it had been a member of since 1993. The organisation has grown steadily since that time and now has over 700 members on the Central Coast offering over 70 courses and activities each semester to mature aged people. The celebratory lunch on October 22 was a great success with over 200 attendees enjoying good food, champagne, a celebration cake, stimulating company and a great guest speaker. The NSW Network of U3A was represented by

Hunter and Central Coast regional representative, Laurene Mulcahy who is also the president of the South Lakes branch situated at the top end of the Coast at Morisset. Attendees were treated to a fun and informative presentation by comedian, performer and writer Jean Kittson, who had the audience in the palm of her hand. She certainly knows how to celebrate the Third Age in style. The premise of U3A worldwide is that you are never too old to learn and grow and enjoy life! U3A courses and activities are held at venues all over the Central Coast and range from one-off forums by exciting visiting guest speakers and our own leaders, to six-week courses, play reading groups, drawing classes, card groups, theatre outings, day trips and so much more. Inquiries can be made to our duty

officer on 0408 704 701 or go to u3a@central coast.u3anet.org.au.


THE Central Coast’s favourite Christmas event turns 11 this year and returns to the beautiful waterside and tranquil location of Mt Penang Gardens and Event Park Kariong. There you can enjoy the Coast’s largest free outdoor Christmas shopping experience while chilling-out near the water or under the trees in a relaxing environment with plenty of free parking available across the whole location with the Kangoo Road entry being your easiest and most chilled entry and exit to the venue and setting the tone for a relaxed day! This event is also “Fully Accessible and Inclusive” and has designated disabled parking zones in Kangoo Rd and Festival Dr and quiet zones and

noise-cancelling headphones for those who need some time out and the wonderful students from Options Disability Support Kariong will have a stall on the day with all their treats. Our favourite local foodie Julie Goodwin will make a special appearance and book signing & Star 104.5FM will be broadcasting live through the day and have loads of prizes and interactive promotions in their Live Lounge. Come along and support the Coast’s best Christmas community experience with the whole family at the beautiful location of Kariong and The Christmas Fair proudly brought to you by Fixx Events and Colorbomb Decor. On Sunday, December 2 from 9am-2pm at the Mt Penang Gardens. Gold coin entry. For all event information, go to fixxevents.com.au.

Are your hearing aids no longer enough?

Implant yourself back into life A cochlear implant may help you to hear again when your hearing aid is no longer enough. In a study, people with cochlear implants could understand sentences eight times better than they could previously with their hearing aids. Better hearing may help to keep the mind sharp and may help you have stronger social interactions.1,2 Implant yourself back into life with a cochlear implant

Visit cochlearhelp.com

Mariann, from Port Stephens, has come out of hibernation after five years

1. Runge et al, Clinical Outcomes of the Cochlear TM Nucleus® 5, 2016. 2. Gaylor et al, Cochlear implantation in adults, 2013. Cochlear implants are intended for the treatment of moderate to profound hearing loss. Please seek advice from your medical practitioner or health professional about treatments for hearing loss. They will be able to advise on a suitable solution for the hearing loss condition. Outcomes and results may vary. All products should be used only as directed by your medical practitioner or health professional. Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative. D1546756 ISS1 NOV18 Cochlear and the elliptical logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Cochlear Limited. © Cochlear Limited 2018.




Digital work skills helpers Tracey Johnstone NEWLY launched, the free digital skills program Digital Springboard is helping older Australians improve their workplace and everyday life digital skills. By 2030, about 90 per cent of all jobs will require digital skills, which means that gaining a reasonable level of confidence in using technology is critical to future job survival whether you are employed or volunteering. Developed by the not-for-profit social enterprise Infoxchange and supported by Google, Digital Springboard’s primary focus is on workplace skills. Seniors who already have basic computer skills, some of which may have been gained through programs such as Be Connected or Telstra’s Tech Savvy Seniors, can utilise the Digital Springboard to take the next skill step up. “A great example is my mum who had been working in retail for 15 years with the same organisation,”

WORKPLACE SKILLS: Digital Springboard is a new program targeted at upskilling seniors to prepare them for the future workplace. Photo: Contributed Infoxchange’s Social Innovation and Digital Inclusion Manager Jess Perrin said. “She had not written a CV for 40 years because a lot of the jobs she got through word of mouth. “Then she decided she wanted to try to get a new job. “For her, being in her

60s, going through a course like ‘How to write a CV’ was crucial in helping her take that next step.” There are other program courses such as ‘Skills to boost your career or business’ and ‘Skills for starting your own business’. The program is being delivered by community

organisations. “We have over 50 partners nationally who have come on board as Digital Springboard delivery partners,” Ms Perrin said. “It’s just the beginning.” These organisations – libraries, community centres, The Smith Family, the Australian Red Cross,

neighbourhood houses networks – are provided with Train the Trainer skills and course resources. Each one then delivers the face-to-face training in line with their community needs such as in CALD and indigenous communities. “In terms of the job

market and everyone staying in the workforce longer, some of our content already appeals to that,” Ms Perrin said. “We have courses on how to do work presentations, emails and spreadsheets. If you are moving from what has been a non-digital role, but to stay within your organisation you need to have more digital skills, these ones are a really good starting point for people to evolve in that way.” In the volunteering space, Ms Perrin uses the example of Rotary. To complement the member’s business mentoring activities with refugees, Rotary has partnered with the Australian Red Cross to provide digital skills training to the mentors. They are then able to transfer that digital knowledge to the refugees. To find a Digital Springboard course near you and for more information, go to www.digitalspringboard. org.au.

COTA reports on latest survey

Authorised by Emma McBride, ALP, 204/1 Bryant Drive, Tuggerah NSW 2259

WHAT MATTERS? Ask seniors for their opinion and find their real concerns. Photo: piranka

THE condition of footpaths and the lack of them are among the key concerns of older NSW residents, according to a survey released by the Council on Ageing (COTA) NSW. COTA NSW CEO Megan Lawson said the survey was conducted with focus groups across the state from Bega to the Queensland border and included sessions at Coffs, Gosford and Tweed. In all, 18 focus groups were held involving 300

consumers over the age of 50. Reports of the findings will be released over the next few months in preparation for next year’s NSW state election. Ms Lawson said COTA spoke to people about what mattered to them across the five broad themes of the NSW Ageing Strategy including health, employment, housing, transport and social inclusion. They form part of COTA’s larger engagement with older people,

including a survey of more than 7500 people on housing issues and a recent national survey. She said while issues differed around the state, one that kept popping up across groups was the lack of or the condition of footpaths. Ms Lawson said the simple fact was that if older people couldn’t get out of their front doors and down to the shops or to see friends or keep appointments then they couldn’t engage and be part of the community.

She said a lack of housing and rental properties as well as difficulties in finding jobs were also of major concern to those questioned. Ms Lawson said the findings demonstrated the need to ask older people their opinions. The Engagement Report can be accessed at: https://www.cotansw .com.au/council-on -the-ageing-nsw-news -and-eventsdetails/ engagement-report -2018






SO MUCH MORE: Riverside Park is a one-stop shop for seniors. It is nestled in between Manns Road and the Central Coast Highway (behind Dan Murphy’s), West Gosford.

More new beginnings at Riverside Park Gosford THIS month’s big news at Riverside Park is the opening of Bing Lee. They have moved into the re-purposed Masters’ building alongside Freedom who opened last month. As his late father’s successor, Lionel Lee is proud to see Bing Lee as it is today. After more than half a century, Yenda Lee and her son Lionel continue the traditions of the company, keeping the Bing Lee philosophy of offering fantastic prices and down-to-earth customer service. You can still hear Lionel and Yenda in radio commercials with their humorous banter and

trademark slogan. It is that familiar brand, one that people trust to bring great prices and in-store experience that keeps customers returning. “Along with my son Lionel and a wonderful team of dedicated people, we continue to run Bing Lee as a family business.


... we continue to run Bing Lee as a family business.

The principles with which we established the business over 50 years ago remain as important today as they did back then: Our people are our family. Our suppliers are our family. And we like to think our customers are part of the family as well,” Yenda said. There are so many great reasons to shop at Riverside Park, especially now with great new stores continuing to open. There’s also the brand new Sunday markets. Come along, find an easy parking space and see for yourself why Riverside Park is a one-stop shop for seniors. Phone (02) 4336 2929.

The Forum For Your Two Cents Join our exclusive online community, where you’ll find other seniors ready to socialise and share. Seniors online - connecting you to an exciting retirement.

Like us on Facebook! Visit facebook.com/seniorsnews





More storage, less stress WE KNOW that selling and moving can be a stressful time for most people and the staff at Storage King West Gosford would like to make this process simple. We believe in solving your packing, moving and storing problems. To help you get organised, we offer a large range of storage units to de-clutter your home with, have excellent removalists to help you move and a wide range of packing materials that will get you organised. Best part is that we can deliver to your doorstep free of charge*. From our experience self-storage is often used by clients when either buying or selling their home. Storage King West Gosford often gets positive feedback from clients saying that our service offered is professional, cost effective and also helped to reduce some of the stresses & logistics when buying or selling their property. Storage King West Gosford offers clients a range of storage space

sizes to accommodate their storage needs, often saving them time and money. A small unit about the size of a small bathroom is ideal to de-clutter a home ready for sale. Storage space prices start from as little as $4 a day. All new clients moving in have an opportunity to use our courtesy truck or trailers. We also sell a large selection of boxes, bubble-wrap, furniture blankets and other related merchandise. Our facility incorporates state of the art 24 hour alarm monitoring systems and all our storage units are individually alarmedto provide you peace of mind. We are located in Riverside Park, 376 Manns Rd, West Gosford. Phone (02) 4336 2300. *See in-store for conditions apply.

Go to storageking.com.au /westgosford. CONVENIENT: Storage King West Gosford offers clients a range of storage space sizes, often saving them time and money.

Managing your financial needs

FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES: Our goal at Figtree Financial is to establish a "one stop shop" for all your financial needs, providing down to earth advice which removes the stress from you having to manage your finances.

FIGTREE Financial is proud to be based at the excellent Riverside Park complex. Our financial planners have been here for more than three years, and in July this year we made the decision to relocate our accounting business from Point Clare, where it had been for more than 35 years. The decision to move was based not only on Riverside Park’s central location, but also the ease of access for our

clients in terms of customer parking, pedestrian ramps and lift services. Buildings that can provide all these facilities are hard to come by, and the feedback from our clients has been nothing but positive. Our goal is to establish a “one stop shop” for all your financial needs, providing down to earth advice which removes the stress from you having to manage your finances. Our group currently

includes accountants, financial planners and auditing services. This allows us to assist with your taxation and investment needs, as well as having the expertise to help you navigate the Centrelink, insurance and superannuation/pension maze. We have age pension specialists on hand to assist with everything from application forms right through to a nominee service, allowing us to handle all contact with

Centrelink on your behalf. We can manage all your investment needs, both individually or within other structures such as superannuation, company and trust accounts. With regulations around superannuation forever changing, there has never been a better time to review your situation, thereby ensuring that you are well placed to achieve your goals and objectives. To book an appointment phone (02) 4322 1044.

Contact our office 02 4322 1044 for an obligation free appointment!

Let us help you to identify and reach your financial objectives RETIREMENT PLANNING SUPERANNUATION INVESTMENTS CENTRELINK


Suite 2.5 Office Tower 69 Central Coast Highway West Gosford NSW 2250 www.figtreefinancial.net.au

Let our talented real estate people guide you. Avoca Beach 4382 2222

Gosford 4323 4833

Terrigal 4384 4566

Ettalong 4344 5544

Long Jetty 4331 8000

Toukley 4392 2065





Supporting seniors

CARING FOR THE PUBLIC: NSW Health Pathology services create better care at every stage of life with bulk billing provided to patients.

All your pathology needs NSW Health Pathology is the largest public pathology service within Australia. We focus on supporting medical practitioner and their patients both in hospital and the community. Our pathology services touch people at every stage of life. We provide antenatal screening for expectant parents and diagnose medical conditions throughout childhood, adulthood and into old age. Seventy per cent of medical conditions rely on

pathology. NSW Health Pathology provides bulk billing with no out of pocket expenses, and welcomes any request forms from your doctor. You can find us in more than 200 hospitals and community locations. Our West Gosford Collection Centre in Riverside Park can help make pathology collection easier for patients treated at Gosford Hospital as well as other community patients due to easy parking and the quiet and peaceful environment. We also offer ECGs,

24-hour holter and 24-hour blood pressure services. Our local staff member, Kayna, has worked as a pathology collector in Gosford for 16 years. “My job is very rewarding,” Kanya said. “I enjoy the rapport with my patients, especially when I see the patients come to the collection centre at the end of their treatment. Being happy and having a smile makes all the difference.” For more information, go to pathology.health. nsw.gov.au/.

ACROSS the Central Coast I’m working to guarantee essential services for older Australians, including the almost 31,000 people aged over 65 in the electorate of Robertson. I’m working to deliver more choice, with 14,000 additional high-level home care places by 2021-22, adding to the 6000 places already provided. As well as guaranteeing Medicare and ensuring people across the Central Coast have access to cheaper and better medicines, alongside investing more in mental health services for residents in aged care facilities. We have also recently announced a world-first Elder Abuse Prevention and Support Framework and a new digital aged care staff training system that are underway to protect vulnerable senior Australians. We know that giving a voice to our older Australians and ensuring appropriate aged care advocacy is essential to

LISTENING: Lucy Wicks MP, Federal Member for Robertson.

preventing elder abuse. I’ve also heard from people across the Central Coast that are worried about Labor’s retirement tax which could affect over one million individuals and self-managed super funds. For example, Peter, a self-funded retiree who lives in Springfield, could loose up top 24 per cent of his income if Labor is elected. This means that if you receive the pension, are on a low-income or have a small self-managed superannuation account, you will no longer get a refund from the tax office for tax already paid on

your shares. Labor’s policy hits older Australians particularly hard, as more than half of franking credit refunds are paid to individuals over the age of 65. These Australians have worked hard, taken responsibility and saved for their retirement and should be punched for it. If you would like to know more about any of these commitments and issues, I would love to hear from you. Lucy Wicks MP. To contact Lucy Wicks phone (02) 4322 2400 or email lucy.wicks.mp @aph.gov.au.

NSW Health Pathology Collection Centres

There has never been a better time to get the oral health you deserve & the beautiful smile you've always wanted.

We welcome any request forms from your doctor ECG, 24 hour Holter and 24 Hour Blood Pressure services available West Gosford Collection Centre

Tooth Replacement Options



Crown & Bridge

4323 4323


Kayna has worked as a pathology collector in Gosford for 16 years. “My job is very rewarding. I enjoy the rapport with my patients, especially when I see the patients come to the Collection Centre at the end of their treatment. Being happy and having a smile makes all the difference.” West Gosford Collection Centre 69B Riverside Park (behind KFC) Central Coast Highway West Gosford NSW 2250 Australia Phone: 4322 9777 M-F 8:00am - 4:30pm Sat 8:00am - 12:00pm


2/392-398 Manns Road West Gosford NSW 2250

creating better health & justice systems

We bulk bill

Lucy Wicks and the Coalition Government are delivering record investment in Aged Care 13,500 new Residential Aged Care Places delivered this year 20,000 extra High Level Home Care Packages this year, increasing to 74,000 by 2021


Federal Member for Robertson

$1 billion in additional support for older Australians every year, up $6.5 billion since the Coalition was elected $90 million invested in improving the quality of aged care in regional areas

Level 3, 69 Central Coast Highway, West Gosford NSW 2250 lucy.wicks.mp@aph.gov.au

Authorised by Lucy Wicks MP, Liberal Party of Australia, Level 3, 69 Central Coast Highway, West Gosford NSW 2250.


4322 2400



“What I really enjoy about my job is having the opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives, especially regular patients; from people going through chemotherapy to our antenatal women,” said Kayna.




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Super care for you at our medical clinic RELIANCE GP Super Clinic is a one-stop shop for your medical needs. Reliance Health has three clinics on the Central Coast with the GP Super Clinic at West Gosford being the largest. We are committed to international aid, and in line with this our team has participated in two trips to Indonesia this year with Mercy Indonesia. In West Timor, there is high need for medical support so a team including doctors, nurses, optical dispenser and volunteers visited multiple cities over two weeks. During this time, they were able to provide medical care including minor procedures, health checks and preventative

healthcare advice to many. After the devastating earthquake and tsunami’s in Palu, we were able to send someone as part of a team to support the clean-up efforts, visit refugee camps to help provide clothing and clean water, and help build a toilet and shower block. Our West Gosford clinic is open from 7am to 10pm, 365 days a year. As part of a GP Super Clinic we offer an extensive range of multidisciplinary health services and specialities, including: dietician services, medical imaging and pathology, physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychology, podiatry.

There is also a pharmacy located on the ground floor that is open from 8am-10pm for all your medicine needs, making filling prescriptions and access extremely easy. Ninety per cent of the services offered by our general practitioners are bulk-billed, making it financially convenient for you to visit us whenever you need. Our practices are fully equipped with the latest technology to provide preventative medicine, procedures and treatments. These include: haemorrhoidectomy and injections, health and medical assessments, minor operations and



HAMILTON 3 seat fabric modular with terminal in Marlo steel grey

West Gosford now open!

392-398 Manns Rd Ph: 4365 3166 With all the styles, for all the rooms, all in the one place, freedom West Gosford is the destination for everything home.

HEALTHCARE NEEDS: Reliance GP Super Clinic offers an extensive range of multidisciplinary health services and specialities. Photo: skynesher procedures, immunisation for all ages, cervical screening tests, ECG, and skin cancer checks (to name a few). Our friendly concierge can guide you to where you need to go for your appointment, and the reception team is always willing to help. We also have a rejuvenation clinic on site, for all your

pampering and beauty needs! At Reliance Health everything that we do is focussed on our patients, ensuring that you experience outstanding and professional service every time you use our facilities. We all come from a diverse range of backgrounds with a large range of speciality

services, this means you’ll always be able to see the right person. We look forward to looking after your healthcare needs. We are located on the Ground Floor of the Riverside Park Office Tower, 69 Central Coast Highway, West Gosford. Phone: (02) 4304 1333.



Unexplored Think out places of the box INSIDE

‘The King of Waltz’ will bring his Sydney Town Hall Concert

Take a front row seat and experience this spectacular musical

– An Australian Celebration, recorded live in November 2018,

event on the big screen. Enjoy backstage access, interviews

to millions of fans across the world with Australia being the

with André and his special guests, musical favourites and

first to experience this intimate special event on the 15 & 16

much, much more, exclusive to cinema.

December 2018 at Event Cinemas.

Tickets are on sale now at eventcinemas.com.au or at the

Join the Maestro for a magical special event of music and

box office

dance featuring his world class sopranos, The Platin Tenors

Thanks to event Cinemas, we have 5 double passes to

and plenty of surprises. With show tunes, classical music and

giveaway to this exciting screening. To be in the draw, just fill

plenty of festive fun, it promises a wonderful afternoon.

in our form online!

^Visit seniorsnews.com.au/competitionterms for full competition terms and conditions. Promoter is ARM Specialist Media Pty Ltd of 2 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore Qld 4558. Promotional period 12/11/18-30/11/18. Competition drawn 2pm 3/12/18 at Cnr Mayne Rd and Campbell St, Bowen Hills, Qld 4006. Winners announced in Seniors February Edition 2019. Total prize value $400.00 (including GST). Entry is open to all permanent residents of Queensland, residing in the Gold Coast and Toowoomba Seniors distribution areas and NSW in the Northern NSW, Central Coast and Coffs & Clarence Seniors distribution areas. NSW Permit Number LTPM/18/03133


Win a double pass to see André Rieu’s Concert filmed at Sydney Town Hall at Event Cinemas.



Ann revs up to see Vietnam Ann Rickard EVERY visitor to Vietnam has quaked at the tsunami of motor scooters on the roads – and it’s not just seniors who are frightened. Crossing the roads is a walk towards possible death. You must step into the tsunami of scooters, focus on the footpath across the road and pray. Fortunately, every scooter driver in Vietnam (apart from foreigners) has built-in scooter DNA. They can weave and duck and manoeuvre and merge and zigzag, so you, crossing the road deep in silent prayer, become a boulder in the middle of a fast-flowing river. You must let the rushing current of scooters flow, gush and surge around you. It sounds impossible. But the good news? It works. In Ho Chi Minh City there are 13 million people and 10 million scooters. That’s some hefty ratio. Relaxing on the 38th floor in the Club Lounge of The Reverie Hotel in Ho Chi Minh, watching

thousands of scooters from the luxurious safety of high above is one thing. But being down on the frenetic streets on the back of one of them is quite another. So it was that I found myself in the bustling city of Nha Trang the next day during a stay at The Anam, the luxurious beachfront resort in the southeastern coast of Vietnam. While The Anam is all about swaying palm trees, sandy beaches, luxury villas and indulgent spa treatments, a motor scooter tour in nearby Nha Trang will fulfil all your adventure fantasies, especially The Nha Trang By Night tour which will have you on the back of a motor scooter immersed in the tidal wave of bikes. It’s no good being a sissy, you must put your faith in the driver. You have no control as you approach a frantic roundabout where giving way to your right or left is not a consideration. You just merge with the thousands of other bikes and make it through the roundabout to your exit. There you will be met


with several thousand more bikes weaving perilously around you. How anyone does not receive an unasked-for foot amputation or an unrequested limb removal is nothing short of a miracle. But there is a gentle and unspoken etiquette among the chaos. That locals’ DNA at work. Oh, but the thrill of being among it all, the adrenaline rush, the uninhibited freedom as you let the frenzied traffic have its way with you. Our scooter tour took us first to a bread house – a wall-opening in a large rock on the side of a dusty road – where family members baked baguettes (banh mi) in a pizza-like oven before handing them over to mama squatting on the road who cooled them, put them in a giant bag on the back of her son’s scooter and sent them off to be sold to restaurants and cafes within minutes. Next to the bread house, a locals’ market where tourists rarely venture, the freshest vegetables, fish, noodles,

and live frogs were sold on the road, their vendors squatting comfortably on rocks or tiny plastic chairs while they weighed and sold and laughed and chatted. Shoppers pick up fish, noodles and tofu most nights after work to load on the scooter and take home for dinner. All ready in 10 minutes. Then back on our bikes to a pancake parlour – another opening on the side of another dusty road. Tear off a bit of pancake, wrap it in the delicious greens and herbs, dip it into a chilli sauce – a visit to street-food heaven for a couple of dollars. The ebullient general manager at The Anam resort, Herbert Laubichler-Pichler, will have his team organise a scooter tour for you. We reckon the food and market tours are best, but there are cultural tours if you want to meet local artists and learn religious traditions. Adventurers will love the forest tour, a trek to waterfalls and swimming creeks, and for the

FEEL OF FREEDOM: Ann Rickard on the back of a bike. curious, The Feel and Live Nha Trang tour will introduce you to the countryside to see rural life in Vietnam. After a tour on a scooter among the mayhem, followed by a restorative spa visit back at The Anam, we guarantee you will feel more alive than you ever have before. It beats jumping out of

a plane or climbing a mountain as many seniors seem to think they are obliged to do just because they are seniors. And nothing will make you feel more like a local than being on a motor scooter in Vietnam. For more information on scooter tours and The Anam resort, go to theanam.com.



Expert fisherman Nigel Webster.


The Fitzroy River is now a net-free zone and is full of big, wild barramundi.

Coffee at fishing location at Lake Monduran.

TAKING TIME OUT: Fitzroy River has plenty of barramundi in it.

The Bass to Barra Trail

Nigel Webster I AM fortunate to have a job that enables me to travel and fish throughout Australia and I have found the freshwater fishing options in this country are second to none. My first must-do trip is Bass to Barra Trail, which includes a series of impoundments where it is possible to catch bass and the reputed sports fish, the barramundi. The trail starts to the south at Lake Lenthalls, near Maryborough. This is a camp-only place and comes with restrictions on boat power, but it’s ideal for smaller craft and kayaks. You can camp on the foreshores and it’s full of big bass and barramundi that are pushing the 80cm plus mark. The next dams on the route include Lake Monduran and Awoonga. Monduran, near

Bundaberg, is well equipped with a caravan park or simply stay in Gin Gin. This a big dam and full of very big barramundi. Awoonga, near Gladstone, has accommodation at Gateway Lodge. The barramundi are all in the 50-90cm size and are easy to catch at present. On the way north, if you like your barra fishing, you’d be crazy to bypass Rockhampton. The Fitzroy River is now a net-free zone and is full of big, wild barramundi. There are many guides servicing the river and great places to stay, shop and dine. I stay at the Southside Village Park. Tell Neville that Nige sent you. This is one place where it is possible to catch a metre-sized barramundi in the middle of the town reaches. Heading north, you’ll

find Peter Faust, Kinchant and Teemburra Dams. My favourite is Kinchant at Mackay which is a beautiful, smaller impoundment just loaded with really big barramundi. Mackay is really catering for travellers and there are heaps of accommodation places at all levels. Type of fishing: lure, fly, and bait. Equipment: boats of any size, but four to six metres will cover more water; 4-8kg baitcast and spin outfits; 30lb braid lines and 60-80lb leaders; lures – 95mm vibes, 4-6 inch paddletail softplastics, 4-inch prawn imitation soft plastics, 90-120mm hardbody lures that dive 1-5 metres (suspending preferable). When: September to December, and then March to May.

Cruise Express With over 17 years experience, we are the cruise and travel specialists on the Central Coast

Exotic Destinations

Rail & Sail Journeys

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Unparalleled Experiences

Nigel Webster works for AFN Fishing & Outdoors and presents and produces The Fishing Show on 7Mate.

Book your cruise before 1 January 2019, for complimentary transfers to Sydney cruise terminals - mention this ad to redeem!

Suite 2/26-30 Karalta Road, Erina

w www.cruiseexpress.com.au

T: 1300 766 537

Lake Monduran makes a top fishing location.

* Terms and conditions apply

Photos: Tourism and Events Queensland



Alternative Asia is focus of Intrepid’s Not Hot List

Be brave and and thoughtful take the road less travelled

INTREPID Travel has put together its annual ‘Not Hot List’, focusing on alternatives to Australia’s favourite Asian destinations to coincide with World Tourism Day. Intrepid Travel co-founder Darrell Wade said the second ‘Not Hot List’ was developed in response to concerns about overtourism, with a focus on less frequently visited destinations to support the adventure travel company’s ongoing commitment to responsible tourism. Last year Europe was in the spotlight and, this year, the focus has been closer to home, with beach closures igniting the debate over how tourism can be sensitive to communities and nature. “Recently we’ve seen a number of Asian countries take a proactive approach to combat overtourism,” Mr Wade said. “Australians are increasingly well-travelled and this is about encouraging them to step away from the familiar to approach our neighbours in the most intrepid way possible.” This year Maya Bay, in Thailand, the iconic spot from The Beach, closed for four months. In The Philippines, Boracay was sensationally shut down for six months due to unsustainable

BROADER TRAVEL: Sustainable tourism means trying something new like a Wae Rebo, homestay, Flores.

Photos: Contributed

tourism practises. “Tourism can be a potent force for good, and we believe the broader the travel experience, the better. There are now 3.7 million Australians travelling to Asia each year, and the more tourism dispersal, the better,” Mr Wade said. The Intrepid 2019 Not Hot Travel List: Asia Edition ■ 1. Komodo is the new Ubud Once considered the adventurous alternative to Seminyak, Ubud has flourished in popularity

Samarkand, Registan Square complex, in Uzbekistan.

thanks to its haven of health and healers. The day trip market means a lessened contribution to Ubud’s economy and puts pressure on local infrastructure. Komodo is a viable alternative for travellers who are willing to sail from Bali through the Indonesian archipelago. Komodo is a place where ancient tribes maintain their traditions in deep rainforest valleys. Travellers can snorkel coral reefs, walk across volcanic black sand beaches and watch for the

legendary and fierce Komodo dragons. ■ 2. Bukhara is the new Angkor Wat Central Asia is still as remote as you can be when it comes to Asian countries. The ‘Stans offer a Silk Road experience rich with stories of migration, religion and trade. Uzbekistan’s fifth largest city Bukhara is a UNESCO world heritage site and the entire old city centre and has more than 5000 years of human history. There are over 140 monuments and

historical buildings to explore including Po-i-Kalyan Mosque that, during its 1300 years of history, even survived assault from Genghis Khan. ■ 3. Ladakh is the new Everest While Nepal will always be a must-do for active travellers wanting to challenge themselves, Ladakh is rising in popularity for its hiking and breathtaking scenery of the Indian Himalayas. Break up the hiking with river rafting, visiting remote villages,

monasteries and religious sites. To really appreciate the quiet natural beauty of the Ladakh region, some travellers stay in bustling Delhi before and after their treks. ■ 4. Naoshima is the new Osaka Australians have long been lured to the iconic and future-focused cities of Japan, like Osaka. Intrepid advocates travellers discover the southern islands or ‘lost Japan’. Naoshima Island has been transformed from a sleepy fishing community to a world class art destination with a variety of sleek and stylish museums. Travellers can cycle between galleries, outdoor sculptures and modern architecture. The Southern Islands also house impressive castles and Japan’s oldest hot spring baths – Dogo Onsen. ■ 5. Sumatra is the new Borneo Sumatra is as exotic a destination as Borneo, offering national parks and endemic species. As the world’s sixth largest island, Sumatra made headlines earlier this year with the Mount Sinabung volcano eruption. Despite possible danger, these geothermal activities have created surreal landscapes such as Gunung Leuser National Park, home to one of the richest ecosystems in the world. Sumatra is where travellers have the best chance of spotting wild orangutans in Indonesia.

A baby orangutan in Gunung Leuser National Park, in Sumatra.



Killarney National Park.

Photo: Patryk Kosmider


3000km of dramatic coastline, myth-drenched landmarks

OTHERWORLDY: The dramatic beauty of the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren.

Photo: Contributed

11th century Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Dublin.

An Irish tour with Collette Steve McKenna WITH its radiant green countryside, 3000km of dramatic coastline, myth-drenched landmarks and Guinness and whisky-fuelled craic, Ireland rarely fails to beguile travellers. A brilliant way to explore Ireland’s points of interest is on one of Collette’s six Ireland tours. Offering superbly located four-star hotels, comfy coach travel with Wi-Fi and many fine meals, the tours are boosted by local guides, whose insights are full of quintessential Irish charm and wit.

Here are the highlights from my visit to this charming country. ■ Dublin When in Ireland’s buzzing capital take a visit to Christ Church Cathedral, one of the city’s most beautiful Gothic buildings. We scaled the belfry and tolled the world’s largest collection of cathedral bells, then enjoyed drinks and canapes in the atmospheric crypt, which was constructed over the ruins of an old Viking church. On a walking tour of Dublin, we took in historic sights like Trinity College before rustling up modern twists on classic Irish dishes at a cookery

school. We had Atlantic salmon pate on freshly baked soda bread, chive-infused honey glazed ham with garlicky wok-fried cabbage, and Granny O’Malley’s apple cake with vanilla ice cream, followed by Irish coffee (infused with Bushmills whisky). After dinner, it would have been rude not to check out some of Dublin’s marvellous old pubs. ■ Killarney National Park All of Collette’s Ireland tours visit Killarney, a quaint, friendly town in Ireland’s south-west, where tourists love taking rides in “jaunting cars’’ – horse-drawn carriages that traditionally traverse

the Killarney area. On the town’s doorstep is a majestic national park which in the past has enchanted the likes of Queen Victoria, Charles de Gaulle and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Led by Richard and Charlie, two charismatic guides and their cute dogs, we sailed across the park’s mountain-fringed, trout and salmon-blessed lakes, stopping at tranquil Innisfallen Island, where sika deer roam amid 700-year-old yew trees and the ruins of an ancient monastery. Later, docking by an imposing country manor, we hiked through a bewitching forest to a

waterfall before returning to Killarney for a delicious sit-down meal. Among the popular local dishes are slow-cooked Kerry lamb shank and Atlantic shellfish platters. ■ The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren Ireland has some of the most rugged scenery to explore. Begin with a stirring walk atop the fabled Cliffs of Moher, which tower 200 metres and are constantly lashed by the Atlantic Ocean. Be mesmerised by vistas of the sheer cliffs and the offshore Aran islands. After browsing displays about the cliffs’ birdlife and geology in Moher’s modern visitor centre, we

delved inland to The Burren, a region of other-worldly limestone landscapes weathered by the elements and pockmarked with wildflowers, Iron Age forts and burial sites older than Stonehenge and the pyramids of Giza. ■ Travel Associates Erina is located at: Shop T83 Erina Fair Shopping Centre, Terrigal Dr, Erina. For more information, go to: Travel-assoicates.com.au or phone (02) 4367 7574.

YOUR LOCAL UK & IRELAND SPECIALIST FLIGHTS + CRUISES + TOURS + HOTELS Travel Associates Erina is a specialised travel agency bringing together the most knowledgeable and well-travelled consultants across Australia. We offer the widest range of travel options available and specialise in creating unique and experiential holidays with a difference.

COLLETTE TOURS Discover Scotland 9 days

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We would love to discuss your travel needs. Call us on 1300 132 137 or email erina@travel-associates.com.au Erina Fair Shopping Centre, 620 Terrigal Drive, Erina, NSW 2250 travelassociates.com/erina




Hosted, guided and escorted holidays are also a safe way to plan a trip.

UNIQUE ITINERARIES: My Hosted Holiday plan unique holidays, especially for Solo Travellers over 50 years. Experience some amazing locations like Norfolk Island.

Taking the stress out of your next dream getaway Claudia Slack HOSTED, guided and escorted holidays are quickly becoming the “next big thing” for planning easy, relaxing holidays among people of all ages, and there are so many reasons why touring this way could be just right for you. Planning a large trip with many stops, attractions and activities

can be stressful, frustrating and exhausting. Hosted, guided and escorted holidays take all that stress out of the equation. Through websites like MyHostedHolidays.com, holidays are now easier to book than ever before. You can search, compare and book a range of holidays to cater to any special interest, location or form of

transport. All you need to do when you find a holiday that seems right for you is book! Then you can sit back, relax and have your trip planned for you. Hosted, guided and escorted holidays are also a safe way to plan a trip. By getting in touch with tour operators that you can trust, you know that your trip will be secure. “Something about the

benefits of directly getting in touch with tour operators,” Ash Hayden from MyHostedHolidays. com said. Hosted holidays are also a great way of seeing things from a new perspective. Together with the local knowledge of the tour operators and some flexibility to explore within the trips, you may get to see exciting, unexpected new places you would

have never found otherwise. Meeting new, like-minded, fun-loving people just like yourself is part and parcel with hosted holidays. Not only could you meet life-long friends on your next guided trip, but they also give you the opportunity to meet to meet different and unique people from all over the globe in their home cities, towns and villages.

Finally, escorted, guided and hosted trips are gateways to fun and adventure. Why not take the stress out of your next trip and go on a hosted, escorted or guided holiday? You’ll be glad you did. For more information, go to MyHostedHolidays.com to find out just how easy it is to go on the trip of a lifetime.

Follow the adventurous pathway of the Vikings

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: The trip offers you a chance to explore extraordinary locations. Photo: Contribute

VOYAGE like the Vikings of old on a new 12-night expedition cruise package from Iceland to Greenland next July, with a 15 per cent saving for couples or no single supplement for solo travellers offered by Adventure Canada in partnership with small-ship specialist Cruise Traveller. Guests begin their journey on July 13, 2019, in Iceland, located at the edge of the Arctic Circle and homeland of the

Vikings. After a free night’s accommodation in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, guests will board Adventure Canada’s 198-passenger, eco-friendly vessel the Ocean Endeavour on an 11-night expedition to Greenland. With a short stop at the volcanic Vestmannaeyjar islands of Iceland, the expedition makes its way across the Denmark Strait to the icy realm of

Greenland. The expedition then follows the coastline south and around, slowly making its way towards Kangerlussuaq on the west coast, home to Sondre Stromfjord – at 168km long one of the longest fjords in the world. Offers are subject to availability and conditions apply. Call 1800 507 777 or visit cruisetraveller. com.au/WakeOfViking



COMPaRe huNdRedS

of escorted, guided & hosted


Patti Newton

Brand Ambassador

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SeaRCh. COMPaRe. BO OOK. It’S that eaSy!



Christmas Island a natural wonder

Home of rare wildlife THE natural wonders of Christmas Island are back on the tourism industry radar with the island operators ready to


You can swim, snorkel and scuba dive with whale sharks, rest easy on the glorious deserted beaches

welcome visitors. After a difficult decade of playing second fiddle to national politics, the island’s status has changed which means it is closed to detainees – and only operational should the need arise. Located 2600 kilometres north-west of Perth, it’s a place that savvy travellers will visit soon, before the rest of the world realises the island re-opened for business. Bird watchers, scuba divers, naturalists and eco-tourists will enjoy the experience of Christmas Island. Swell Lodge, a luxury cabin perched atop a sea cliff that is already

VISIT THE WONDERLAND: The Grotto on Christmas Island. attracting international visitors. Extra Divers, a global diving conglomerate, recently opened its first Australian dive centre on the island. National and international icons sing

the praises of the island's stunning marine life. You can swim, snorkel and scuba dive with whale sharks, rest easy on the glorious deserted beaches and watch with wonder the wildlife that exists nowhere else on

the planet. “I've been to many places on this earth and Christmas Island is one of the most fantastic,” adventurer and entrepreneur Dick Smith said. Celebrated naturalist

Sir David Attenborough described the annual march of the island's endemic red crabs as “one of the most spectacular migrations on the planet”. www.christmas.net.au.

Puttingg Fun into Coach Holidays FREE home pick-up & Return fo r our holida y 3 days & ove r

02 4325 8000 6 Day Gold Coast & NEW Outback Spectacular show.

Departing 19th February 2019

Travel via Grafton for a 3 night stay at the Ramada Hope Island, visit Seaworld and enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the NEW Outback Spectacular Show. Be dazzled by the animals and the death defying stunts, not forgetting the special effects and stirring Music. Take a luncheon cruise before taking in the magnificent views over the Gold Coast from the Sky Point Observation deck. Travel home with an overnight stay at Woolgoolga. Tour Price: $1595.00 per person twin share Single rooms available for an additional $350.00

25 Day China Panorama Escorted Holiday

Departing 19th March 2019

This tour starts in bustling Beijing where you visit the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Visit the magnificent Terracotta Warriors and horses in Xian, then it is onto shangahai. Cruise one of the world’s greatest waterways, the Yangtze River, then it is on to the southwest side of China with unique scenery and minorities’ cultures. From the ancient town of Lijiang to Shangri-La and the spectacular Stone Forest in Kumming, and finish your holiday among the beautiful landscape of Guilin. Tour Price: $6880.00 per person twin share including flight with Cathay Pacific & most meals.

Departing: Saturday 2nd March 2019 Returning: Saturday 9th March 2019

Tour Price: $3,850 per person twin share

7 Day Ligtning Ridge & Moree

8 Day Outback NSW Broken Hill

Tour Price: $1460 per person twin share

Tour Price: $1,795 per person twin share

Departing: Thursday 21st March 2019 Returning: Wednesday 27th March 2019 Single Room additional: $297

Departing: Sunday 5th May 2019 Returning: Sunday 12th May 2019

Single Room additional: $399

Single Supplement: $750

8 Day Lord Howe Island “It’s Just Paradise” Holiday Inclusions

Home pick-up for Central Coast & Newcastle passengers, 5-star coach travel with professional and informative coach captain/guide Quality Motel accommodation, 2 course dinners, full cooked breakfasts, all entry fees, attractions, sightseeing and cruises as per each itineraary. m It’s Easy Tours Shop 5A Gosford Central Plaza/153 Mann Street GOSFORD NSW 2250 Telephone: 02 4325 8000 | www.itseasytours.com

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8 Day Lord Howe Island “It’s Just Paradise”



Get your life back



The aim is to make age care services simple to navigate

Alison Houston MOST seniors who have experienced illness, injury or diminishing mobility just want to be able to do the simple things in life they have always done for themselves. Understanding that, and empowering over-65s in regional, rural and remote areas to get back on their feet and live independently, has earned integratedliving Australia the Best Home Care Operator title at “the Oscars of Aged Care” – the Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards. “We’ve got a bit of a different focus to other providers. “For us it’s all about wellness and re-ablement,” said national marketing and communications manager Vanessa Jones of what set the service apart. “It’s less about doing things for people and more about taking a holistic approach to help

them have the confidence do things for themselves and stay in their own homes. “For most people, that’s where they want to be, and research shows it’s better for them.” Social isolation, Vanessa said, had a huge impact. Starting out as Hunter Integrated Care in 1999, integratedliving has grown across the nation’s south-east from far north Queensland to Tasmania, and now services 22,000 people. Making the complex aged care services system as simple as possible, and “holding people’s hand through the process,” Vanessa said, was one of her passions. Research shows that more than 50 per cent of people in non-metropolitan areas have one or more chronic illnesses and the mortality rate for people in remote areas is 1.2 times higher than those who live in major cities.

SMASHING IT: Integratedliving's programs help seniors to build strength and confidence to get back to living independently, as they want to. Through their individual customer-focused approach and innovative programs, including the Short-Term Restorative Care program (STRC) currently being trialled in

northern Queensland, Vanessa said integratedliving was helping to change those statistics. ■ Full story at: Seniorsnews.com.au

For more about the service, which includes the NSW Central, Mid-North, Coffs and Far North Coasts, as well as the Toowoomba, Gold and

Sunshine Coast regions, Go to: integratedliving.org.au or phone 1300 782 896. *For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, service is available from 50 years.

Safe mobility solutions with customised equipment and expert fitting • Department of Veteran Affairs RAP Program •

Phone 4367 5751

The Worlds Lightest Portable Mobility Scooter. Now available on the Central Coast.




Visit our Mobility Showroom, 2/12 Aston Road, Erina





Tips to prevent hayfever A few simple measures can make your life much easier Seniors News THIS is the time of year when hayfever strikes and sufferers often become isolated as they seek shelter from the onslaught, but it can be stopped with some easy actions. Close to three million Australians will try to deal with prolific sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes. Amcal research has found that these symptoms lead to people choosing to put themselves in social isolation to avoid the indignity of the dreaded hayfever ‘shame’. Amcal senior pharmacist James Nevile has six simple tips to help hayfever sufferers find some peace this season. ■ Scrub up: On days with high amounts of pollen in the air, wash your hands more often and clean your

HAYFEVER SHAME: Find some peace this season with these tips. hair each night. This helps to ensure any pollen residue from the air is off

your body and away from your nose. ■ Pollen out: Ensure your

house is free from dust and all the windows and doors are closed to keep


Photo: dragana991

pollen out. Try drying your clothes inside to stop pollen

attaching to them. ■ Stop your symptoms in their tracks: Use antihistamines, nasal spray and eye drops to minimise your symptoms. Your pharmacy is a great place to start. And, remember to take your tablets at the start of each day – this makes sure they reach their peak when you do. ■ Chill out: Stress has been linked with increasing hayfever symptoms. Take a chill pill in the form of herbal tea with ginger and honey. This can relieve symptoms such as congestion and itchiness. ■ Sweet dreams: Stock up on allergy-friendly bedding and ensure it is dust free. This will help to ensure the sniffles are kept at bay as you sleep. ■ Add to your sunglasses: Protect your eyes from pollen through the season to lessen irritation and itchiness. Sunglasses are a great way to do this. Opt for lenses that cover as much of your eye area as possible. Use a small eye bath for high pollen days.

Hunter VA L L E Y V I L L AG E

The Hunter Valley Village is a gated over 50’s community at Neath, near Cessnock, in the beautiful Hunter Valley Region.

Affordable Quality Homes - 1, 2 or 3 Bedrooms - Pet Friendly

56 Carrs Road, Neath NSW 2326 | Ph 02 4930 4565 | www.huntervalleyvillage.com.au

State of the Art Bulk Billing Medical Centres open in Toukley & The Entrance

Bulk Billing 4333 1222

Book online at www.coastalhealthmedical.com.au 213 Main Road, Toukley 2263


New Patients Welcome

Shop 16-17, 78-94 The Entrance Rd The Entrance




Let’s chat about cholesterol By Sara Dawood, a qualified nutritionist with a special interest in cardiovascular and gut health AS a qualified nutritionist, I’m constantly surprised by the amount of misleading information there is about nutrition. No wonder many people feel confused about where to start when it comes to getting healthier. Cholesterol is a perfect example. Even the word makes most people wince, but what is relatively unknown is that

EXERCISE: Moderate exercise five times a week is recommended. cholesterol is a very important substance for the body. It’s time to set the record straight.

Good versus bad Cholesterol is a fat-like substance required for essential bodily functions including hormone production and making vitamin D. A vital component of our cells, it travels in the blood via two main protein transporters known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL), often called ‘bad’ cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or ‘good’ cholesterol. Lipoproteins act as carriers of cholesterol in the blood, but the main difference is that LDL carries cholesterol to the cells while HDL carries

cholesterol back to the liver. High levels of LDL cholesterol have been shown to build up in blood vessels, contributing to plaque formation, hence the ‘bad’. However, both HDL and LDL are necessary so what is important is that they are in the correct ratio, in which HDL is higher than LDL. Aside from genetics, high cholesterol is often thought to be caused by a ‘high cholesterol diet’, but as cholesterol is predominantly made in the liver, high-cholesterol foods such as eggs and meat have little to do

with LDL levels. On the other hand there are foods to be particularly cautious of, including processed fats and sugars found in fast foods and confectionery. The natural approach As most cholesterol is produced in the liver, there may be other factors that need to be addressed such as inflammation, which is the culprit of many diseases and should be taken into consideration in cardiovascular health. Appropriate cholesterol-lowering strategies depend on the underlying causes.

Lifestyle Incorporate moderate exercise up to five times a week and stress-reducing techniques such as yoga or meditation. Supplements Supplementation of Co-enzyme Q10 may assist high LDL levels but should be discussed with a qualified health practitioner, particularly if you have been prescribed a statin treatment. For natural health info, to shop online or find your nearest Healthy Life store, visit healthylife.com.au

Is it time to reassess your alcohol consumption? WHEN you reach 50-plus you may use alcohol in much the way you did when you were younger. You may have a glass of wine with a meal, one maybe two drinks at a family event, or on a Sunday afternoon crack open a bottle to enjoy. And if your doctor says it’s OK for you to drink, then there’s probably nothing wrong with it.

However, problem drinking for the elderly often goes undiagnosed for the simple reason that people tend to live less public lives as they grow older. Furthermore, doctors may not link symptoms that are also common signs of ageing, such as loss of appetite, failing memory, sleep problems, falls or depression, to

alcohol abuse. Here are a few additional tips for building a healthy relationship with drinking later in life: ■ Set yourself short- and long-term goals It’s essential to establish a clear target for yourself and your drinking habits but also set parameters for the day-to-day journey.

■ Log your progress Once your goals are set, keep track of your habits. Whether you’re using an app, a diary or marking a calendar, it is important to monitor your progress and identify further triggers or temptation areas. ■ Get alcohol out of the house Try not to keep alcohol at home and make an

effort to cut back on what you drink at home, if these are habits of yours. ■ Ask for help This may depend on your personal situation, but many people find it helpful to tell their friends, family or carers about their goals to cut back. ■ Join a support group Whether you’re not finding the support you need from your social

circles or you’re looking for something more structured, there are various support groups for people looking to cut back on alcohol consumption. ■ Find alternatives you enjoy If you enjoy your wine, try switching to a non-alcoholic wine such as Edenvale alcoholremoved wines.

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bladder and Prolapse problems Are common and can be most disruptive, however, in most cases there is a satisfactory solution. With state-of-the-art equipment combined with experienced specialist gynaecologists, we can accurately diagnose and appropriately treat these problems. We offer you effective solutions based on experience and world class expertise.

CENTRAL COAST URODYNAMICS Dr Peter Caska – Gynaecologist Ask your GP or call

4324 7478

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35 years central coast owned and operated providing a complete range of dental services 5% Seniors Card Discount On-the-spot Veterans’ Affairs Claims

promotions: New Patients: Comprehensive exam and hygiene $290 OR No ‘gap’ payment with health insurance

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Please note, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Obtain personal advice from a qualified health practitioner.

East Gosford: 02 4323 1933 | Suite 10, 36-40 Victoria Street Kariong: 02 4340 2022 | 11 Mitchell Drive Website: www.vcdental.com.au





BE ALERT NOT ALARMED: Pick up skin cancer in early stages and there is a good chance of a complete cure.

Keep eye on your skin

THE annual National Skin Cancer Action Week, an initiative of Cancer Council Australia and the Australasian College of Dermatologists to raise awareness of all types of skin cancers, the risks of exposure to UV radiation, and the need for sun protection and early skin cancer detection. In Australia, the skin cancer stats aren’t good: two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70, and more than 2000 people in Australia die from skin cancer each year. In addition to the devastating human toll, Cancer Council estimates

that Australia spends more than $1 billion per year treating skin cancer. Education is vital to reducing those figures. GP Paddy McLisky of Cape Byron Medical Centre is a fellow of the Royal Australia College of General Practitioners with Advanced Certificates in Skin Cancer Medicine/Surgery and Dermatoscopy. He says there are some common myths and misconceptions around skin cancer and melanomas. Darker skin is immune to melanoma “Many people believe that darker or olive skin

means you are invulnerable to skin cancer and melanoma,” Dr McLisky said. “It’s simply not the case. “Bob Marley died from melanoma, and many people with very dark skin are diagnosed every year. While it is true that white Australians whose ancestors are northern European have skin that is not accustomed to or designed for this level of UV radiation, skin cancer does not discriminate. Everyone needs to be vigilant, regardless of skin type.” Family history is a risk factor “In melanoma, family

history is also an important indicator. If one of your siblings, children or parents has been diagnosed with melanoma before the age of 50, you should consider having a skin check, regardless of whether you see anything of concern on your skin,” Dr McLisky said. Melanoma is not always in a mole “Most people think melanoma arises as part of a mole, and that isn’t the case,” Dr McLisky said. “At least half of melanomas do not arise as part of a mole, they just grow out of normallooking skin.” It doesn’t have to be

dark, just different “Many people believe they are looking for a dark or black mole,” Dr McLisky said. “That’s not necessarily the case. Many melanomas have been found by using the ‘ugly duckling’ approach – if a spot on your skin looks different to all the other spots or ‘ugly’ (uneven edges, uneven colour), it is worth having it checked.” You might find one yourself While a skin cancer check with your GP is ideal, Dr McLisky said many patients find their own melanoma and skin cancer. “Checking your

own skin is so important.” Here’s what to look for: Dr McLisky says to look for the spot or mole that looks different, or one that has any of these three features: - Pink and shiny; - Pink and scaly; - Brown and ugly (one side is not the same colour as the other side). “However, any firm elevated lump that’s growing anywhere on your body needs to be checked out immediately. Things that are changing such as a spot that changes, should be checked out. This doesn’t mean it is cancer, it just needs to be checked.”

When was your last skin check? • Offering surgical and non-surgical treatments • Skinetics engages the latest technology and clinical practices • Saturday Appointments NOW AVAILABLE

Five Way Roundabout, Suites 1 & 2, 482 Pacific Highway, North Gosford, NSW 2250 P 1300 43 2250 | E admin@skinetics.clinic | W www.skinetics.clinic


• Cosmetic Treatments via Appointment



Coast Community Connections Provider of Disability Services - NDIS

Coast Community Connections is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. We provide support to people living with a disability, their carers and families through individual support plans or under a private or fee-for-service scheme. Our approach is about supporting and enabling independence. We offer a range of supports to people with a disability including:

Coordination of supports

Assistance with daily living

Home modiďŹ cations

Assistance with social & community participation

Home maintenance (fee for service only)

Mentoring & support to achieve your individual plan

Phone our friendly team today to discuss eligibility and requirements

P: 02 4343 1888 W: coastcommunityconnections.com.au






Free respite program for carers and older people extremely rewarding experience, but it also comes with challenges. Respite care, where older people spend a short time at an aged care facility, gives carers a break and a chance to recharge so they can continue their caring role for longer. It also gives older people a chance to socialise and participate in a variety of fun activities at the Home. Respite residents are able to participate in lifestyle and social programs such as art and craft sessions, barbecues, pet therapy, musical entertainment and regular bus outings.

There are also group and individual exercise and therapy programs that aim to prevent falls, increase mobility and maintain and sense of wellbeing. The free respite care program is subject to availability and the discretion of the Home, and is available for eligible older people who have documented approval from an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

For more information about Chamberlain Gardens’ free respite program please phone 1800 246 637, or go to chomes.com.au.

EXPERIENCED CARERS: Nurse Janis Whittaker with resident Dulcie Hubbard at Chamberlain Gardens in Wyoming. Photo: David Henry 6884633aa

A FREE respite program being run by a Wyoming aged care home aims to help support the needs of carers and older people across the Central Coast. Chamberlain Gardens Aged Care is offering up to two weeks free respite care for eligible older people in the community. This includes 24-hour nursing care and accommodation at the Wyoming Home tailored to the specific needs of each resident, with access to specialised care for those with dementia or other cognitive difficulties if required. Caring for an older person at home can be an

Do you or a loved one need help at home?

Free respite care on the Central Coast* Book a tour today! 1800 246 637 | www.chomes.com.au Everyone needs a break sometimes. Christadelphian Aged Care is offering up to two weeks free respite care at Chamberlain Gardens Aged Care in Wyoming. Our respite residents enjoy full residential and nursing care, along with our lifestyle, therapy, dementia and emotional well-being programs. *Conditions apply, please call 1800 246 637 or visit www.chomes.com.au for more details.

Chamberlain Gardens 53-67 Chamberlain Rd, Wyoming

Relative Care Home Support Services is a locally owned and operated Home Care Service Provider with local qualified and compassionate Carers. Relative Care covers the Central Coast NSW. Our services include: • • • • • •

Personal Care Transport Welfare Checks 1 to 24 hour care Meal assistance Wound Care

• • • • • •

Domestic Assistance Social Support/Shopping Sleep Overs Respite in your home Palliative Care Registered Nurses

If you would like more information or would just like to chat to us about how we can help, please contact

Phone: 02 4339 7446

Email: enquiries@relativecare.com.au

Relative Care is Aged Care & NDIS approved





Caring choice at Evergreen EVERGREEN Life Care is a community-based, not for profit organisation located at West Gosford, providing living options from independent living to residential care. Our mandate is placing the needs of residents at the centre of everything we do. Evergreen Life Care believes residents should have access to flexible options of care and support services at any time. Yallambee Village has two bedroom units located within a well maintained community setting located on flat level ground with water aspects and open gardens. Take a walk through the pathways surrounding the Village. Our maintenance team are here to maintain the grounds and attend to maintenance issues when

they arise. Less time you have to spend on maintaining your home. You then have the freedom to take up new interests, meet new people or join in the many activities or outings arranged. Join a walking group, craft, indoor bowls, darts, play a game of cards to name a few. Yallambee Lodge provide residential care for those people requiring extra care and support. Accommodation options available are high care respite, permanent care and dementia care. All rooms at Yallambee Lodge have a private ensuite and many of the rooms have access to a private balcony or patio area. Yallambee Lodge specialises in providing accommodation for couples. We tailor our care to

suit your individual needs and preferences to ensure the continuity of care that makes a difference in each persons quality of life. Residents enjoy freshly cooked meals prepared on site by our chef and there is comfortable café on site where residents, family and friends can sit back and relax and enjoy acoffee, delicious cake or lunch. ■ IF you would like to come along and view available Evergreen Life Care and the accommodation options please don’t hesitate to call (contact details below), staff would love to take you on a tour. Please contact Fiona on (02) 4349 2307 or email fionad@evergreen lifecare.org.au.

SPECIALISED CARE: Evergreen Life Care’s mission is to provide flexible choices in quality residential, care and support services to disabled and aged care.

QUALITY LIFESTYLE AND CARE OPTIONS FOR SENIORS Personal care in a home like environment

Yallambee Village offers 148 wellmaintained, affordable independent living units, all boasting a king-sized main bedroom, the finest of fittings and all the mod cons you need

Yallambee Lodge is a first-class residential care facility. Providing professional care. Staff are committed to giving individual care and supporting each resident’s individual needs

• Variety of plans to choose from • Extensive range of recreational and social groups at your fingertips • Private and secure • Bush or water views • 24/7 emergency call systems • Community Centre for social gatherings • Units located on level grounds • On site cafe for residence and families to enjoy

• Private spacious rooms with own on suite • 24-hour care • Access to many allied health services • Regular GP visits • Variety of recreational activities • Freshly cooked meals prepared on site • Hairdressing Salon on site • On site cafe for residence and families to enjoy

To find out more information about our services please contact us on

02 4349 2300

Yallambee Avenue, West Gosford NSW 2250


Two bedroom Independent Living



aged Care rooms avaiLabLe, enquire now

Caring for the community

WE ARE a not for profit charitable organisation and have two aged care facilities on the Central Coast - Killarney Court at Killarney Vale and Lake Haven Court at Charmhaven. All residents enjoy the comfort of their own room with an ensuite in a private, spacious, bright and airy environment. Our residents are encouraged to make their room as homely for them as possible by bringing in furniture and precious items such as family photos and ornaments. Both facilities have large communal areas and tranquil gardens for both residents and families to enjoy. We recently opened 29 brand new rooms at Killarney Court, which are now available. Our residents are provided with a varied range of activities by our

COMFORT AND SUPPORT: The two aged care facilities on the Central Coast - Killarney Court at Killarney Vale and Lake Haven Court at Charmhaven, have large communal areas and tranquil gardens for both residents and families to enjoy. dedicated Activities Officers, including outings on our company bus. We are committed to keeping our residents as independent and mobile as possible, as well as minimising the discomfort associated with ageing and decreased mobility and offer additional care and services including GP visits, physiotherapy and podiatry. We have staff dedicated

to helping our prospective residents easily understand their financial obligations when entering care. We understand that transitioning from the community to residential aged care can be a daunting experience. Phone 1300 202 290 for more information on our Central Coast aged care facilities.

Lake Haven Court

AGED CARE FACILITY, CHARMHAVEN Large single modern rooms with ensuites, most with external access to courtyards or landscaped gardens, air conditioned, telephone outlets. Centrally located adjacent to Lake Haven Shopping Centre

kiLLarney Court

AGED CARE FACILITY, KILLARNEY VALE Newly refurbished premium or standard rooms available. All rooms are single rooms with ensuites, nestled amongst tranquil gardens. Delicious and nutritious meals and caring staff that make all the difference.

We have staff dedicated to helping our prospective residents easily understand the process of entering into aged care.

Admission Enquiries:

1300 202 290



Join the Festivities

NSW Seniors Festival 2019

From February 13 to 24, it’s NSW Seniors Festival! February 13 to 24 is the NSW Seniors Festival! In honour of the celebration, we will be publishing In honour of the celebration, we will be publishingall allthe the exciting events and news about Seniors Festival in our exciting events and news in our January papers. January papers. Be sure to check out Seniors in print or online for Be sure toso check print orof online coverage you out canSeniors get the in most out your for Seniors coverage so you can get the most out of your Seniors Festival experience. Festival experience.

Grab our January edition or visit seniorsnews.com.au For all advertising queries contact Sue Germany: M 0408 286 539 E sue.germany@seniorsnewspaper.com.au If you have an event to share with our readers, contact: E editor@seniorsnewspapers.com.au 6729615hp




• Delicious Meals • Free Delivery • Community restaurants & lunch groups

New Menu Out Now!

• Social Support • NDIS Registered Provider • Pet Food Delivery (see below)

Contact us now for a free copy of our extensive menu

4357 8444

• • • • • oa C



In support of Meals on

Central Coast

Furry Friends Pet Food

ds n e i Fr


Fu rr y



s e el



Free Delivery Premium Pet Food Low Cost Convenient size portions Suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes

Call 4357 8444 for a Furry Friends Menu or visit coastcuisine.com.au

Flavourful International cuisine delivered to your door! • • • • •

Premium Pre Prepared Meals Extensive Menu Free delivery Coast wide Easy online or phone ordering No contracts, No referrals required

Make dinner time a breeze ......


0427 056 577 www.ccmow.com.au



Proudly supporing Meals on Wheels Central Coast

(02) 4357 8444





Try easy living at the Bay BRAND INSIGHTS RELAXING and enjoying your retirement doesn’t come easier than living on the NSW coast. Salamander Bay by Gateway Lifestyle is a modern over-50s’ community located in Port Stephens. Our residents love the location and all the amenities that community living has to offer. Close to the bay, beach, local social clubs and shopping, our community

is the perfect location to enjoy your time off. The community has been built with locals in mind. Community facilities are brand new and include a fabulous clubhouse with undercover al fresco areas adjacent to the landscaped swimming pool. When you drive through the gates you feel like you have entered a quiet oasis. Whether your retirement dream is to free up money to enjoy travel, socialise or to put

COMMUNITY LIVING: A wonderful location with a great choice of amenities. away for later, Salamander Bay by Gateway Lifestyle may be the right choice for you. With no entry or exit fees plus no stamp duty or council rates payable, there are many good financial reasons why a Gateway Lifestyle community may be right for you. Salamander Bay by Gateway really is for locals. With only 147 homes, there is a fabulous sense of community and social activity. Mel Thornley, our on-site manager, has

helped residents build a fantastic sense of community and is thrilled with how they have settled in and are enjoying making new friends and inviting family and friends to their new home. “Our homes have been very attractive to over-50s who love the location and have been amazed at the transformation that the community has undergone. They just can’t believe that this beautiful community used to be the ‘old caravan park’.” Gateway is running a limited promotion on

select homes in our final release. Choosing your new home before the end of the year could entitle you to up to $20,000 off the current sale price. This offer is limited and expires on December 31, 2018. Come along to our Christmas Open Day on December 15 between 10am and 1pm. Bring your family and friends and enjoy entertainment, refreshments and meet some of our great residents. It is an opportunity to have a look at display homes and find

out about how living in a Gateway community can improve your lifestyle and support financial freedom in your retirement. Prices for new homes start from $299,000. To find out more about what Salamander Bay can offer, phone Mel on 1300 361 311 to book an appointment to view our display home or visit gatewaylifestyle.com.au to inquire online Start living now in your brand new home and enjoy your first summer by the beach.

Embrace your sea change today! Discover this amazing jewel of the Mid-North Coast, call us today for details (02) 6556 0057 Harrington Waters offers you a fantastic coastal

including; the Harrington Waters Golf Course,

lifestyle with picturesque golf course lots in an

Shopping Village, Harrigan’s Irish Pub, fantastic

idyllic community by the stunning Manning River

fishing and boating, community centre, library,

- a gateway to the Pacific Ocean. Live life to the

waterfront walks, national parks, Crowdy Head

full with a wide variety of activities at your doorstep,

Beach and more.






‘Ask Gran, Not Google’

Encouraging young Aussies to find answers from their elders REMEMBER the days before the internet when you had to ask your elders for information to succeed in life? The Australian Government certainly does, and it wants younger Australians to “Ask Gran, Not Google”. The Morrison Government is backing a “ground-breaking” program that will entice millennials to turn off their devices and seek the answers to life’s big questions from their elders. “This is a win-win innovation for young and old, focussing on the fun of generational sharing and the value of personal connections,” said Senior Australians and Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt. “Ask Gran Not Google is a touching reminder to young people and the wider community that the internet is far from the only source of valuable information in today’s world.” Over 22,000 students

from 150 schools across Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania will be able to connect with senior Australians through several mediums of communication. “It combines old-fashioned and high-tech methods to link young and old,” Mr Wyatt said. “While many questions are delivered via written postcards, the new Government-funded Virtual Seniors Centre offers the option of connecting the generations through video conferencing.” Assistant Minister for Children and Families, Michelle Landry, said both young and old will get the maximum benefits from the program. “This exciting project builds social inclusion and a sense of belonging,” Ms Landry said. “By engaging more with older people, children and teenagers gain invaluable insights into the role

ASK YOUR ELDERS: 'Ask Gran, Not Google' is promoting positive interaction between generations of Australians.

Photo: Maria Teijeiro

seniors can play in their lives and in society. “These types of projects inspire young people, enrich our communities, and promote wellbeing and

safety. “Senior Australians in particular benefit from the social engagement and appreciation, while young students broaden their understanding and

develop their communications skills.” The Ask Gran Not Google program is driven by aged care provider Feros Care through the

Brand new homes available and under construction now. DON’T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

No Stamp Duty

No Exit Fees

Retain Capital Gains

Strong and Resilient Communities Grant. Feros Care hopes Ask Gran Not Google will reach 91,000 students in more than 950 schools during the next three years.




Beware suspect sellers Tips to check up on before you go buying and selling online

POLICE are warning seniors to be aware of who they sell items to online as the process can carry an expensive risk for the seller. The scam goes like this: ■ An unsuspecting seller posts an item for sale online, often on the website Gumtree. ■ A purchaser makes contact with the seller and requests to purchase the item sight unseen. ■ The purchaser then insists on transferring the purchase price by electronic bank transfer, straight away. ■ They then become an offender by sending the seller, now a victim, a photograph of a fake online banking transfer receipt and a fraudulently obtained copy of an innocent victim’s drivers licence purporting to be the person buying the item. ■ Then the offender insists on sending a third party, usually a legitimate courier or delivery service,

to collect the item immediately from the victim. ■ The victim parts with the item only to find that the purchase money never reaches the victim’s bank account and all the respective account numbers and references on the transfer receipt are false. The police advise this scam is usually done on higher value items ranging from $1000 to $25,000. Items include cars, machinery and mechanical parts. Some offenders have previously been charged with such offences. Now it appears details of the scam have filtered out to numerous other criminals and it is believed that use of the scam is increasing. Acting Detective Sergeant Russ Connor of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Police warns everyone should be on the watch for this scam, including seniors. Police are urging sellers not to hand over items


3 December, 2018 Take a tour of the first class facilities at Waterford. · · · · ·

Indoor Heated Pool Craft Room On site Café and Gym Library 24 Hour Emergency Call System · Pet Friendly

ONLINE SELLING: Police are urging online sellers not to hand over items until the payment is fully verified.

Photo: herraez

until the payment is fully verified as having actually reached their bank account and not accepting a copy of a transfer

receipt. The police are also asking people to be very careful about who they send copies of their

identification to as these details are regularly ending up in the hands of fraudsters. To report any

information in relation to persons involvement in this type of scam, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

nly From o

0 0 0 , 5 6 $4

Boutique Retirement Living unparralleled on th the Central Coast If you’re looking for boutique retirement living conveniently located close to everything, Waterford Retirement Village is the ideal complex for you.

This unique gated community is just a short drive from Gosford or Erina and only an hour from Sydney. The pristine beaches of Avoca or Terrigal are close-by and Kincumber Shopping Centre with Coles Supermarket, speciality shops, restaurants, bottle shop and a pharmacy are right on the doorstep. Come along to our OPEN DAY on Monday 3 December and experience the ultimate in retirement living.

Mon 3 Dec, 10.30 – 12.30 pm

24 Kincumber Street, Kincumber NSW




Telephone freecall

1800 241 691




Enjoy listening to television together again BRAND INSIGHTS A NEW headset released earlier this year is assisting thousands of Australians having difficulty hearing the TV. The wireless headset was designed by two hearing specialists from Australia and focuses on amplifying speech frequencies, to assist with clarity of TV audio and dialogue. Hearing specialist Don Hudson said the headset was developed using extensive hearing assessment data from over 1000 audiograms, otherwise known as hearing test results. “We needed to address several factors in order to deliver a product which helps Australians experiencing difficulty when it comes to hearing the TV,” Mr Hudson said. “Number one was to address the issue of poor

TV audio resulting in poor television audio clarity. “This is especially true for hearing dialogue. Difficulty hearing the TV dialogue is often not due to the television or surround sound speakers themselves, it’s in fact caused by the original audio mixing for the television show or program.” The wireless TV Voice Pro headset weighs just 70 grams, and allows wearers to listen to TV at their own preferred volume, without affecting

the audio volume for others in the room. It uses RF transmission to allow wireless use from anywhere in the house, up to 20 metres. The audio design and frequency spectrum was developed to specifically assist those with hearing loss. “It’s an all in one solution to assist those with any level of hearing loss, from mild to severe,” Don said. “The user can select from three unique speech clarity settings, allowing

CHRISTMAS CHEER: TV Voice Pro is currently offering free express courier delivery for all pre-Christmas orders. them to adjust the clarity to their preferred setting. “A simple volume dial on the headset allows the wearer to listen at their own volume level.” The TV Voice Pro system is guaranteed to connect in under two

minutes to any TV in Australia. It is a rechargeable device and no batteries are required. The purchase price is $349. TV Voice Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

TV Voice Pro is currently offering free express courier delivery for all pre-Christmas orders. To order, phone 1300 300 446 or go to TvVoicePro.com.au.

Comfort Sale From $1099

Bags full of big savings BRAND INSIGHTS

ONE of the simplest ways we can save money is by reducing our own food wastage. Throwing out just $10 worth of food a week is $520 a year in the garbage. So, how do you take advantage of buying in bulk without the fruit and vegetables going off before they are eaten?

Super Fresh Bags are a food storage system that is easy to use, efficient and relatively inexpensive, taking up little space in the refrigerator. They are made from food-grade materials designed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh as the day they were bought. In most cases, vegetables can be kept two to four weeks and longer, depending on the type of vegetables. The bags can be kept in

any part of the refrigerator, shelves, door and crisper. They are washable in water and reusable and last for more than two years. The bags come in three sizes and are sold in packs. Delivery via Australia Post. Super Fresh Bags can be purchased online at superfreshbags.com.au or (02) 9631 0143 for telephone orders.



From $1899


KEEP IT FRESH - Roslyn Roberts keeps her fruit and vegetables fresh with Super Fresh Bags.


Nordic 60 Chair and Ottoman PRIM LATTE/DARK BROWN RING Standard $1899 Large $1999

Super Centre Tuggerah Bryant Drive Tuggerah

*limited colours, limited stock. Pictures used are for demonstration purposes only.

(P) 4353 4144




JUST a reminder that Coast Shelter provides more than 150 meals each day, including Christmas Day, at its Community Centre at 346 Mann St, North Gosford. Guests range from those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness due to loss of employment, family breakdown, mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues, to those who are socially isolated. You can help support the Christmas lunch by donating food through the Everyday Hero Christmas account, or brighten someone’s Christmas by donating unwrapped gifts for kids, teens and adults by Friday, December 7. Whether you need help, or can give it, phone (02) 4325 3540 or go to coastshelter.org.au.


PHOTOGRAPHER Ken Duncan’s new exhibition World of Light is jawdroppingly beautiful. Images stretch “from the dawn stillness of the

remote outback, to the glorious spectacle of Aurora Borealis in Norway, to magnificent wildlife in Africa and the Arctic”. Entry is free at his Erina Heights Gallery from 10am–5pm. Phone (02) 4367 6701.


LAPIDARY is all about finding, polishing, cutting and presenting stones and gems. Central Coast Lapidary Club will present a large selection of cut rocks, faceted stones, cabochons and gemstones and jewellery in silver, copper or brass at their sale day on Saturday, December 1. The event runs 9am–2pm, with free entry at the club rooms, 10 Ourimbah Creek Rd, Ourimbah. Phone Jenny on 0458 651 111.


THIS 30-day LED light show with animated Christmas stories and sound effects is a first, so well worth a look from 8.30–10.30pm nightly at Waterfront Plaza at The Entrance. Schools and bands will also perform. The big launch night is Saturday, December 1, and a party is planned from 5.30pm, with stilt

walking, candy canes, giant bouncy elves, live entertainment and, of course, Santa. The light show will be switched on for the first time at 8.30pm.


ALWAYS a favourite, the Mt Penang Christmas Fair is back for its 11th year on Sunday, December 2 at Mt Penang Gardens and Event Park, Kariong. It’s gold coin entry to more than 150 hand-picked local arts and crafts stalls, international food zones, local businesses, produce areas, sweets, wines and more. There’s free live music all day and parking is free. (Easiest entry is through Kangoo Rd.) More than 10,000 people attend each year. Phone 0416 923 655.


GEORGE Adams speaks about his new book The Complete Guide to Australian Birds and his concept of creating living gardens that help preserve ecological biodiversity. The book has more than 1400 photographs by some of Australia’s best wildlife photographers. It’s on from 10–11.30am at Kincumber Library on Tuesday, December 4. Book on (02) 4304 7641.



Nothing screams summer quite like a Rooftop Bar FRIDAYS 5pm til late SATURDAYS 2pm til late SUNDAYS 2pm-9pm LIVE MUSIC from 3pm Saturdays & Sundays


UMINA Beach Library is hosting an evening with suspense author Sarah Barrie and historical fiction author Tea Cooper on Wednesday, December 5 from 6–8pm. Tea’s book The Woman in the Green Dress is set between the Hawkesbury River and London and will be released on December 17, so this is a sneak peek. Sarah’s new book Blood Tree River is set against the Tasmanian mountains. Booking is essential. Phone (02) 4304 7333.


RIDING the Waves is something a little different. Described as a concert for harp, guitar and choir, it will feature Michael Johnson (harp), Evripides Evripidou (guitar) and the four-part harmonies of Coastal a Cappella. It’s on Saturday, December 8 at 3pm at Erina Community Baptist Church on Entrance Rd. Tickets are $25. Phone Michael on 0407 302 771.


THESE workshops, held at Erina Library (Saturday, December 8 at 9–11.30am) and Tuggerah Library (Thursday,

Alison Houston Journalist December 13 at 9.30am–12pm), are your chance to learn some simple Christmas money-saving tips for at home and gifts. Call Erina on 4304 7650 or Tuggerah on (02) 4350 1560. Booking is essential.


THE story of two star-crossed lovers who dance beneath the mistletoe, A Taste or Irish Christmas promises to “transport the audience to a time and place where music and dance are the cornerstones of celebration”. Featuring a cast of world, alongside traditional musicians and singers from around the globe, the concert is at Central Coast Leagues Club at 2.30pm on Sunday, December 9. Cost is $39. Phone (02) 4325 9888.


JOIN in singing all your favourite carols on Christmas Eve at

Memorial Park at The Entrance. The carols, including the Tuggerah Lakes Show Band, are from 6–8pm, with Santa at 7pm, then the Waterfront Plaza Luminous Christmas light show.


DRAWN from the National Portrait Gallery’s contemporary collection, Express Yourself celebrates portraits of Australian notables. The exhibition runs at Gosford Regional Gallery from Saturday, December 1 to Sunday, February 3 and starts with a floor talk by National Portrait Gallery senior curator Christopher Chapman. Dr Chapman has worked with artists, written about art, developed exhibitions and presented talks since the late 1980s. His presentation is 11am–12pm on December 1. The exhibition includes more than 30 photographs, drawings and digital works “celebrating Australians whose unique life experiences symbolise social and cultural themes”. RSVP to the gallery on (02) 4304 7550.




Celtic spin on Christmas

NOT three years to the day that Ceili Moore took her final bow as the leading lady in Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, the Aussie born star is preparing to bring her talents home this festive season with her own show, A Taste of Irish Christmas . One of Australia’s most esteemed Irish dancers in both the competitive and professional scene, Moore grew up in Sydney’s south west and had an early knack for winning titles, culminating in 2014 in London, where she was crowned the World Irish Dance Champion. Moore road the coattails of her own competitive success, touring the globe with the acclaimed shows Riverdance , Heartbeat of Home and Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. “It’s just a dream,” Moore says on the experience of performing to sold out crowds around the world.

“I loved every moment of it and I wouldn’t change a thing, but it’s time to bring some of that magic home. It’s time to bring the jigs down under.” Moore will be supported by an allstar cast comprising of fellow champion dancers directly from London’s West End and acclaimed musicians when A Taste of Irish Christmas tours Australia this November and December. “There’s a lot happening on that stage music, singing, dancing, special effects - it’s a really fun night,” says the show’s choreographer, Brent Pace. A Taste of Irish Christmas takes Irish music and dance to new ground, weaving jovial Christmas cheer with the mesmerising traditions of the world’s most beloved nation. The Celtic Christmas Spectacular Tour: Wednesday, November, 28 – Sir Henry Parkes Memorial Theatre,

Tenterfield - Bookings: (02) 6736 6100; Saturday, December, 1 South West Rocks Country Club - Bookings: (02) 6656 6252; Sunday, December 2 - Glen Innes Services Club - Bookings: (02) 6732 1355; Saturday, December 8 Club Forster - Bookings: (02) 6591 6591; Sunday, December 9 - Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford - Bookings: (02) 4325 9888; Tuesday, December 11 - The Q Theatre, Queanbeyan Bookings: (02) 6285 6290; Thursday, December 13 Commercial Club Wagga Bookings: (02) 6921 3012; Friday, December 14 - Souths Juniors, Sydney Bookings: (02) 9349 7555 and Sunday, December 16 Lithgow Workies Bookings: (02) 6350 7777.

For more information and tickets, go to atasteofirelandshow.com.

MUSIC AND MAGIC: Flatley’s Golden Girl Jigs Home for Christmas is coming to the district.


Central Coast Leagues Club Sunday 9th Dec - 2.30pm

Tickets Selling Fast: www.atasteofirelandshow.com

Win a Pocket Square from A Pocket Affair To celebrate our interview with Brendan Harris, the creator of "A Pocket Affair" we are giving away 4 beautiful, unique and easy to wear pocket handkerchiefs - what a wonderful Christmas Gift! To Enter - All you have to do is fill in the entry form on our website!

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Enter online at seniorsnews.com.au/competitions




Christmas time brings change and important decisions BRAND INSIGHTS

Sarah Hall is an #ACSAccredited AgedCareProfessional™.

IT’S DISTRESSING and worrying to accept that your parents who were once vital may soon require help to manage their day-to-day needs. Hard decisions may need to be made and many children and parents will need professional guidance to convert the mountain of data on aged care into meaningful and relevant information, and ultimately, into appropriate decisions. If you are in fact that elderly parent, Christmas time presents you with an opportunity to discuss your care needs with your adult children. Make yourself heard. Have these discussions earlier while you are still able to

maintain your control and independence, as your need for care increases. Christmas time might be one of the few opportunities during the busy year that you have to discuss with all those important to you. It might be time for a family meeting A well-run family meeting can allow parents, children and other family members to discuss issues and preferences, express concerns and make decisions that work for your family as a whole. The earlier you take this step, the better. Planning ahead ensures that your parents are fully involved in the decision making and removes some of the stress from other family members. With a well

organised plan in place, your family can respond more quickly and effectively when an event requiring a move to aged care occurs. Quality aged care advice and guidance will help your family see the big picture more objectively, allowing all of you to consider the best options for your parents’ care, security and happiness. Advice from a professional who is experienced in aged care can help you to make the right decisions. ■ Sarah Hall is an #ACSAccredited AgedCareProfessional™ and can take away a lot of the stress and complexity of the aged care process. Go to tbaagedcare .com.au or Facebook: @TBAAgedCare.

Aged Care Financial Planning Our services include: Aged care financial • Support to assist you and your advisers you can trust loved ones in accessing


Shop 4 Niagara Park Shops 16 Washington Avenue Niagara Park, NSW 2250 P: 02 4320 4000 | E: info@tbaagedcare.com.au tbaagedcare.com.au

government benefits and entitlements

• Planning your financial strategy for a transition to home care, retirement villages orresidential care • Estate and taxation planning TBA Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 46 002 163 886), t/as TBA Aged Care Financial Advisers is an authorised representative and credit representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited, Australia Financial Services Licensee and Australian Credit Licensee.




To advertise, call 1300 136 181 or visit finda.com.au Notices


Congratulations to the winners of Event Cinemas First Man movie competition: Anne Costello

Robyn Webcke

Beryl Rutherford

Rodney Black

Elva Bell

Sonya Nolan

Greg Amor

Sue Savige

Buyers should be cautious when dealing with car sellers that are overseas and should always arrange to view the vehicle prior to the transfer of any money. Be wary if the number in the ad is disconnected. If the buyer/seller says the number is disconnected because they are overseas, ask for a landline phone number at their current location as well as a mobile phone number. All contact details of the person buying or selling the car should be verified to ensure they are genuine.

More information is available at scamwatch.gov.au


Tie up Loose Ends.

Avoid leaving items lying on the floor of your vehicle or in the boot. An unsecured item rolling about during a test drive is unlikely to leave a good impression.

This tip brought to you by www.finda.com.au


Lyn Donald


Buyers and sellers should be cautious of possible scams when buying or selling a vehicle.


Ann Stein


HUMAN RIGHTS MEDAL FINALISTS (L to R) Dr Barri Phatarfod, Father Rod Bower, Antoinette Braybrook, (bottom left to right) The Hon Peter McClellan AM QC, Chrissie Foster and Catherine Barrett.

Amazing work is recognised

THE founder of Celebrating Ageing, Dr Catherine Barrett has been named a finalist for one of the most pretigious awards of its kind Australia - the 2018 Human Rights medal After a long nursing career and with a goal to make older people visible, safe and receive the respect and dignity they deserve, Dr Barrett established Celebrate Ageing. The organisation raises awareness through events, educational services and other programs to draw attention to issues such as elder abuse, sexual assault, dementia, ageism and the media, aged-care facilities and more. Dr Barrett is also a national and international leader in the rights of older people. She has also worked extensively with the ageing LGBTI+ communities. The Human Rights judging panel evaluates over 70 outstanding nominations from around the country to identify an impressive list of finalists. "It is without a doubt that these finalists, along with their supporters, peers and colleagues, have driven remarkable and lasting change to the lives of thousands of individuals of all backgrounds," said Commission President, Rosalind Croucher. "Such achievements must be celebrated and acknowledged and what better way to do this than with the Human Rights Awards and of course, the highly coveted Human Rights Medal," she said. Other finalists are: Antoinette Braybrook Armed with little more than a mobile phone, a laptop and a modest grant, Antoinette

established Djirra (then called the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention Legal Service Victoria) in 2002. She remains the CEO of the organisation and is the national convenor of the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum – which she campaigned to establish. Through her leadership and vision, Antoinette played a key role in the establishment of culturally appropriate legal services and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families


Dr Barrett is a national and international leader in the rights of older people. experiencing violence. Dr Barri Phatarfod Dr Phatarfod founded Doctors 4 Refugees five years ago, with the goal of helping asylum seekers and refugees access quality medical care, both on and offshore. Currently the membership is over 700 with more than 100 of these doctors including specialists actively reviewing the medical records and management of over 400 asylum seekers and refugees. Dr Phatarfod and her group challenged the Australian Border Force Act and its contentious Secrecy provisions, which were eventually removed. Dr Phatarfod was last year recognised by Amnesty as one of Australia’s top human rights defenders. Father Rod Bower

The venerable Father Rod Bower is an Anglican priest and Rector of Gosford where he has served for 19 years and Archdeacon of the Central Coast. The ambassador for the Refugee Council of Australia is also an advocate for a broad range of social justice issues, including marriage equality. Despite attacks on himself and his parish, Father Bower has refused to be silenced and is well-known for the thought-provoking signs outside his church that promote equality, justice and human rights for all. The Hon Peter McClellan AM QC and Chrissie Foster Justice McClellan led the five-year Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. It was unprecedented in Australian history in terms of length, size or complexity and led to the Prime Minister’s National Apology to Victims and Survivors in October 2018. Justice McClellan demonstrated remarkable compassion and leadership in the conduct of these hearings. Chrissie Foster has long campaigned for justice for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Two of Mrs Foster’s daughters were sexually abused by a Catholic priest - one has since passed away. With dignity, grace and strength, Mrs Foster and her family have publicly held institutions to account in the hope that history will not repeat itself. ■ The winner of the 2018 Human Rights Medal will be announced at the Human Rights Awards ceremony on Friday, December 14, in Sydney.




























13 14





19 21




Fill the grid so every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.





Good 16 Very Good 20 Excellent 25+














Can you complete these four words, using the same three-letter sequence in each?

Solve the anagrams. Each solution is a one-word anagram of the letters beside it, and the five solutions are sequential. For example, if the five-letter solution starts with J, the six-letter solution starts with K, and so on. How many words of four letters or more can you make? Each letter must be used only once and all words must contain the centre letter. There is at least one nine-letter word. No words starting with a capital are allowed, no plurals ending in s unless the word is also a verb, e.g. he burns with anger.









cense censer erne incense incise inner INSINCERE irenic nice nicer niece nine nisi rein renin resin ricin rinse risen scene screen seen seine seiner serin serine since sincere sine sinner siren sneer










Across: 6. Enough 7. Tedium 10. Payment 11. Tress 12. Neat 13. Sleep 16. Worth 17. Cove 20. Inept 21. Ovation 22. Extras 23. Sudoku. Down: 1. Response time 2. Copycat 3. Agree 4. Weather 5. Ripen 8. Misdemeanour 9. Stilettos 14. Boatman 15. Horizon 18. Testy 19. Vague.


Down 1. Period taken to react (8,4) 2. Imitator (7) 3. Assent (5) 4. Climatic conditions (7) 5. Mature (5) 8. Minor offence (12) 9. Daggers (9) 14. Bargee (7) 15. Skyline (7) 18. Easily irritated (5) 19. Imprecise (5)




Across 6. Sufficient (6) 7. Boredom (6) 10. Settlement (7) 11. Lock of hair (5) 12. Orderly (4) 13. Slumber (5) 16. Value (5) 17. Bay (4) 20. Incompetent (5) 21. Applause (7) 22. Additional items (6) 23. Number puzzle (6)



The challenge is to rearrange a crossword which has been broken into 25 sections. One letter has been given to get you started. Work out which 3x3 square fits in with that letter and write in the letters. You can also shade the black squares if you find it helpful. After completing the first 3x3 area, work out which square joins on to it, and continue until you have made a complete crossword.








A criminally fresh take on Operatic performance

BAD GIRL: Ashlee Woodgate plays the role of Lucia Di Lammermoor, made famous by Joan Sutherland, in Outlaw Opera’s debut performance. Photo: Rosa Doric

OPERA that “blows your hair back like a wind-machine”. That’s Outlaw Opera founder Christina Henson’s target as she launches the ensemble’s first production live at the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre on Friday, December 7 and 14. “We want to put the excitement back into opera; I want people to say, I didn’t know opera could be like this,” she said. The Julliard-trained New York opera singer and vocal coach, with more

than 35 years’ industry experience, moved to Gosford two years ago with her Aussie husband, and has since been involved in Central Coast Opera and the Lyric Opera. But having found a strong opera community, she decided another avenue was needed to present the number of “fabulous voices at the top of their game” as well as giving new talents an entry point from which to grow. Outlaw Opera was born, with its first fully-staged production being a

compilation of some of the “grittiest, sexiest and most action-packed” opera scenes from Tosca, Lucia di Lammermoor, Carmen and Othello by an ensemble of seven singers. “Our characters are all the villains, the bad boys and the bad girls of opera,” Christina said. “I’d have to say it’s the most fun I’ve had with an opera ensemble.” While their marketing was unapologetically gimmicky to grab attention, she said what they presented would be

“100 per cent unadulterated professional opera; we really want it to have artistic integrity”. Avoca Beach Picture Theatre is described as the perfect venue for the film noir-styling of the performance. “It will change your mind about opera,” Christina predicted. Tickets are $55, available from Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. Go to avocabeachpicturet heatre.com.au or phone (02) 4382 1777.







Profile for seniors

Central Coast, November 2018  

Central Coast, November 2018