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Editor’s Letter

Hello , Seminole State! It’s already the last issue of the semester, which is hard to believe! This may be my last issue with The Seminole Scribe, so it is a bittersweet one for me. I started writing for The Scribe not even knowing what AP Style meant, and I’ve grown much since that time along with the rest of the staff here at The Scribe. Hopefully all the hard work put into the paper is apparent to the reader all year long, but especially so in this last issue. The last issue is always the best for The Scribe because it is the culmination of everything we have learned throughout the year, and this issue is no exception. This issue isn’t only a last issue for the students. It’s also the last issue for our faculty adviser, Ms. Jennifer Sheppard. Ms. Sheppard has transformed The Scribe from a non-descript, plain paper that sat on our racks to the beautiful, full-color magazine type issue you are holding today. On behalf of myself and the entire staff of The Scribe, I say thank you to Ms. Sheppard, both for making The Scribe what it is today and for teaching us the real meaning of the word “journalist.” Thanks, Ms. Sheppard! Also, thanks from me to the rest of the staff here at The Scribe for working hard all semester and making this paper great. Lastly, thanks to you, the reader, for giving us an audience to write for. - Carl Barrett, Jr. @cl2eep


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to College MAD to college success Success DASH SS

By: Alex Sylvia

anford’s CroomsofAcademy of TechInformation anford’s Crooms Academy Information Technology is about to take one college nology is about to take college readiness step readiness further as one students now get their Associate in get their stepcan further as students can now Arts degree while working diploma. Associate in Artstowards degreetheir while working towards their diploma.

“The biggest benefit is that the students [will] learn how to be a responsible college student, in ways like “The biggest benefit is that the students [will] learn monitoring grades and communicating with teachhow to be a responsible college student, in ways ers,” said Crooms AoIT Assistant Principal Michael Hunter. like monitoring grades and communicating with

teachers,” Crooms AoIT Assistant Principal Michael

said. legislation was signed by In June ofHunter 2014, Florida Governor Rick Scott requiring “each school district and its local System In Florida June ofCollege 2014, Florida legislation signed by establish one or moreRick collegiate school“each programs Governor Scotthigh required school district at a mutually location, ” as stated on page andagreed-upon its local Florida College System institution... two of Florida Senate Bill to establish one850. or more collegiate high school

Students will be able to complete 30 credit hours in one year of participation, or 60 hours participating in both junior and senior years.

by Alex Sylvia

Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford, Until now, students were Florida. Photo courtesy of Crooms AoIT. limited to taking Advanced Placement Courses and dualpoint average for those who participate in the enrolling to get college credits ahead of time. opportunity.

Dual enrollment requires the student to travel Some argue that AP courses add too much stress to programs at a mutually agreed-upon location,” to a college campus and take courses there, the life of a high school student. The goal is to expand “the development of Florida stated on page two of Florida Senate Bill 850.Crooms Academy giving studentsTechnology. an opportunity to test the college of Information Sanford, Florida. collegiate high schools and provide[s] an avenue to atmosphere. accelerate academic achievement,” as said on the Lake Brantley High School alumni Caitlin Stone The goal is to expand “the development of Florida Florida Senate webpage. Until now, students were limited to taking Advanced Some argue that AP add too muchAP stress to saidcourses she regrets taking courses in high school. collegiate high schools and provide[s] an avenue to Courses and dual-enrolling to get college Placement the life of a high school student. academic achievement, ” as said oncredits the ahead of time. Already aaccelerate magnet school for students seeking educa“The only thing that really matters is your GPA. If tion in information technology, Assistant Principal Lake Brantley High School alumni Caitlin Stone Florida Senate webpage. you take all standard classes but get a 4.0, you are Hunter said that Crooms AoIT has about 100 students Dual enrollment requires the student to travel to a regrets taking AP courses in high school. likely better off than someone who barely passed looking toAlready participate in the program, which is fullyseeking college campus and take courses there, giving students a magnet school for students their AP matters courses,isgot 3.8, and was stressed the funded byeducation Seminole County Public Schools, relieving an opportunity to test the college atmosphere. “The only thing that really youra GPA. If you in information technology, Assistant ” Stone said.are likely students of having to pay tuition. take all standard whole classes time, but get a 4.0, you Principal Hunter said Crooms AoIT has about 100 Advanced Placement courses, similarly provide better off than someone who barely passed their AP students looking to participate in the program, Participating would mean face-to-face classes with a college-level content, but within the student’s high courses, got a 3.8,Assistant and was stressed theHunter whole time, Principal said” he believes that which is funded Seminole County Public Advanced Placement courses similarly provide college professor as fully well as online by courses. school. said Stone. merging college courses into the students school day Schools, relieving students of having to pay tuition. college-level content but within the student’s high will alleviate some of this stress. school. Francisco Svec IV, a 2013 Crooms alumni and parThere is strong evidence that participation in AP [pro- Crooms AoIT believes that merging college courses would said mean with strongly a ticipant inParticipating its magnet program, theface-to-face only optionsclasses grams] correlates with student achievement, into the students school day will alleviate some of this The expansion may have potential not only to be available while he professor was a student wereas AP and dual andiscollege as reported stress, college as well online courses. college readiness There strongcompletion, evidence that participation in and maintains that the expansion will not only successful but to also motivate students to be more enrollment courses. by the CenterAP for [programs] College Readiness at Rice University. be successful but will motivate students to get a head strongly correlates with student start while still indisciplined high their education. Francisco Svec IV, a 2013 Crooms alumni and achievement, college readiness and college “If the program was there [at the time], it would’ve The center reported on the “largest-ever” study on the participant in its magnet program, said the only completion, detailed in a report done by the Center made college easier and faster for me,” said Svec. usefulness of AP programs and found that there is a The recently hasmagnet recentlyschool had itshas largest ninth had its largest ninth options available while he was a student were AP for College Readiness at Rice University. The magnet school higher graduation percentage and grade point average grade recruitmentgrade class,a spike possibly class,recruitment possibly showing of showing a spike of and dual enrollment courses. Students will be able to complete 30 credit hours in for those who participate in the opportunity. interest in the new opportunity and a new respect byand a new respect interest in the new opportunity The center reported on the “largest-ever” study one year of participation, or 60 hours participating in students towards by college readiness. students toward college readiness. “Ifand thesenior program was there [at the time], it would’ve on the usefulness of AP programs and found that both junior years. made college easier and faster for me,” Svec said. there is a higher graduation percentage and grade

“The biggest benefit is that the students [will] learn how to be a responsible college student,” Hunter said.


Megacon: an anything but conventional convention

Story and photos by: Carl Barrett

Local artist Will Pigg sells art at his booth at Megacon.


ecently fans of comic books, movies, games, meet celebrities, attend panels, shop at vendors, anime, sci-fi and fantasy converged on the or check out artist from artists both famous and Orange Country Convention Center for local. Megacon 2015. The costumes of cosplayers can range from “Wait, what game am I from?” Chris Holliday something as simple as the right t-shirt and jacket asked another guest who wanted to take a picture to something that would be at home on a movie of his costume. “People have been saying Monte set and is completely hand made. Python all day!” Many cosplayers take their hobby seriously, spending considerable time and money to try Holliday was dressed as the character Solaris from the video game Dark Souls which has a cult following. According to Holliday, while not everyone “got” his costume, those who did were very excited. That rush of being recognized is one of the things which drives “costume-players,” better known as cosplayers. Walking into the West Concourse of the convention center, it is immediately apparent that Megacon is not a regular convention. Many of the guests come decked out cosplaying as their favorite characters. Their costumes creating a vibrant crowd full of color, these fans streamed in by the thousands to Chris Holliday, a cosplayer from Orlando, strikes the “Praise the Sun” pose from the video game Dark Souls.

Nick LoCastro and John from the cosplay group “Basterd Brotherhood.”

to get as close to the characters they portray as possible. Because the range of interests covered by Megacon, not everyone may “get” every costume. “Cosplaying is incredible,” said Nick LoCastro, a local Orlando cosplayer. “Not only does it show how much effort, money, time, and creativity one puts into their costume, but it also gives them the rare chance to take a walk in the shoes of the character they worked so hard to represent! And that feeling is truly priceless.” LoCastro attended Megacon with his group dressed as characters from the video game series Assassin’s Creed. He was Nikolai Orelov from Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles and according to him, his costume was a mix of handmade props,

repurposed clothing and items he purchased such as the “hidden blade” wrist daggers he bought from local Gamestop Corp. store. While the cosplayers are certainly a vital component of what makes up the character of a convention such as Megacon, another important part of the cons is the artists. World famous comic book inkers as well as local artists can be found at Megacon displaying and selling their art.

“This is our Daytona 500,” Pigg said.

Though larger artists can be found throughout the convention floor, many of the smaller artists are grouped together in an “artist alley.”

Orlando artist Will Pigg was in one of the artists with a larger booth on convention’s main floor. Though many of the artists attending choose to sell printed reproductions of their work, Pigg was selling many original charcoals originals, vinyl printed on glass, and three dimensional shadow boxes. His work covers a wide range of genres, from Disney movies to comic book characters. According to Pigg, the convention offers many opportunities artists to connect with new costumers. “This is our Daytona 500” Pigg said. “It’s a lot of work, but definitely worth it.”

Untold stories of police brutality


o end up as a hashtag or on a memorial T-shirt has become a grim reality for many minorities in recent years because of police brutality. “I ain’t trying to end up on no T-shirt,” one Seminole State student said who asked to remain anonymous. In the first two months of this year, according to, 176 civilians were killed by police. Another black student who also asked to remain anonymous said he tries to “avoid as much contact with law enforcement as possible.” “We just run...because we know the threat is there,” the student said. “Even if we know we’re doing nothing wrong, that threat is very real.” Similar sentiments were felt among other students on their opinion of the recent occurrences of police brutality in the media. This reluctance from students to speak about the police seems to come from a fear that they might be next.

had broken out earlier in the night and officers pointed guns at my friends and I threatening us we would ‘find out what’s going to happen if you don’t get in your car in 30 seconds.,” Fudge said.

Law enforcement, despite possibly having good intentions, seemed to result to their aggressive force first in order to get civilians to react. This is seen time and again in situations like those Fudge had been in. “When I used to take my friends home on 14th Street in Sanford I was pulled over by police almost every single time,” Alex

“I ain’t trying to end up on no T-shirt.”

“I was walking to my car after a fight

By: Keyla Exclusa

“Once the officer would get up to my window and see that I was white they would end up kind of speechless and never had much to say,” he said. Some students agreed that race seemed to play a role in how police officers do their jobs. Glenn said officers would have treated him differently if he were in that same neighborhood and in that same situation but a different race. Seminole State student Tarus Coleman said he was also targeted and pulled over by local law enforcement based on the neighborhood he was driving in. Except unlike Glenn, Tarus said he was not let go so easily. “I was pulled over in Sanford after picking up my sister from summer camp and they pulled me out of the car and called over two more squad cars when I wasn’t even speeding,” Coleman said. Too often police harassment goes under the radar because our youth and our communities let law enforcement take advantage of their power. Most turn a blind eye to the grim reality of relations between civilians and law enforcement because they feel nothing can be done.

“In high school, a group of my friends and I were pepper sprayed after a football game,” Rese Fudge, a Seminole State student, said. “A fight had broken out but we were just watching and the police harassed us anyway.” Fudge also elaborated on another instance in which he was harrassed and targeted by local police officers.

Glenn, a Seminole State student, said.

Imani Raphael wears her Black Lives Matter T-shirt in support of the lives lost in recent cases of police brutality.

“Information is out there,” Seminole State student Imani Raphael said. “Too many people are ignorant to what is really going on but if we bring more people to awareness then we’ll be able to make a change.”

Background image licensed via Creative Commons


Crashing plates and screaming students By: Ian Finnerty

More like A Streetcar Named Incredible! Director Bobbie Bell opened the play A Streetcar Named Desire, a Pulitzer Prize winning play written by Tennessee Williams, to an auditorium of excited students and proud parents.

Humanities & Languages at Seminole State said he was impressed by how Arroyo portayed his character.

“He made Stanley his own character,” Bell said. “Everyone tries to imitate Marlon Brando, and you can’t.”

“Eric is a phenom!” To prepare for a role like Stella, actress Clark said “it was emotionally Bell said

With the lights off and noises of 1940’s New Orleans rumbling in the background, main character Stanley Kowalski returns home to his wife Stella. When Stella’s sister Blanche Dubois comes to visit, she ends up rattling Stanley’s household and unfortunate events start to unravel and secrets are exposed. Seminole State student Eric Arroyo acts as the lead character, Stanley. Arroyo has only starred in one other production at Seminole State with a small role over summer in “As You Like It.” He also was Assistant Stage Manager in two other productions like “Nunsense,” and “The Dining Room” before his lead role in “A Streetcar Named Desire ,” which Arroyo called ,“A great play to end the year with.” “We are stoked and ready to perform,” Arroyo said the night before the play opened. Students like Amber Lee Clark said the performances “keeps getting better and better.” “We all work really well together and we are all so committed to it, it can only go up from here” Clark said after the fourth performance. Director Bobbie Bell, Professor,


straining to put yourself into those shoes.

“She’s in an abusive relationship and is about to have a kid,” Clark said. “It’s a lot to grasp onto even if it’s just a character.” “The students did wonderful,” Bell said. “They really worked hard.” Bell said he had a hard choice to make when chosing the lead roles.

UCF stages


By: Lauren Seay


olleges across the country are preparing for disater situtions. The University of Central Florida conducted an emergency disaster regional exercise during Spring break. Hundreds of law enforcement from Orlando, Oviedo, UCF and Orange County Sheriffs department, Orange

Christopher O’Brien, program manager of Television and Digital Cinema at Seminole State, was asked to film this two day event. “This was a huge stepping stone for this department,” Professor O’Brien said. “We were able to set the stage and demonstrate what we are capable of here at Seminole State.”

“Each character is three dimensional,” Bell said. “I told my actors, ‘Each one of you could have played the lead,’ so all the back characters were phenomenal actors.”

“It’s a tough play to do,” he said. “Even for professionals and with all student casting, they did great.”

“They definitely sold it,” he said after the performance. Photo of cast by Ian Finnerty

“It was a great experience for me and a great experience for everybody involved,” Seminole State student and operations manager for the Radio and Television Department Marcus Armstrong said. The students who participated will now have this professional experience to add to their portfolios and resumes. Professor O’Brien said he “couldn’t have been happier” with how his students “performed professionally.”

After opening night, Bell said he was pleased with the overall performance.

Seminole State student Brian Tren agreed “the characters were all believable.”


Photo from Twitter @UCFnews County Fire and Professor O’Brien EMS. chaperoned a team The exercises included staged events of mass casualties, campus shooters and the release of a biological weapon. The mock event was intended to improve and change the procedures that emergency responders face during a crisis situation.

of 16 Seminole State students along with 16 cameras to cover the four exercises. The students filmed the emergency responders reacting to a live fire, police using real weapons with blanks to take out campus shooters, as well as HAZMAT responding to a biological weapon

The team of students who covered this event conducted themselves in a productive and professional manner, he said. They have now been given the responsibility to edit miles of footage and complete the video for emergency responders to analyze, learn from and be better prepared for any disasters.

Leelah’s Law

TheBattle battletotoEnd endConversion conversion Therapy therapy The


he tides may be changing for our

country’s transgender population. The tides may be changing for our country’s After After the transgender suicide of apopulation. 17 year old the suicide a 17viral, year the old White transgender transgender girl of went viral,publicly the Whiteannounced House has Housegirl haswent recently recently announced support its support of apublicly petition to enact its “Leelah’s of a petition to enact “Leelah’s Law” and Law” and ban conversion therapy. ban conversion therapy.

By:Castro Tiffany Castro By: Tiffany

well meaning people,” Charlie Higgins, lead pastor Church, lead pastorofofWest WestView View Baptist Baptist Church, said (nottotobe beconfused confused with with Westboro said (not Westboro Baptist Church). Baptist Church).

“Even certifiedcounselors counselors can can say “Even certified say things things that are hurtful. What happened that are hurtful. What happened with with Leelah is a tragic, tragic situation, Leelah is a tragic, tragic situation, and and I don’t know too much about it, “If you“Ifareyou reading this, it means that I I don’t know too much about it, but but I do know that there has been a are reading this, it means that I have committed suicide and and obviously I do that theredone,” has been a lot lotknow of wrongdoing said Pastor have committed suicide obviously failed failed to delete this post from my queue. of wrongdoing done, ” Pastor Higgins Charlie Higgins, “They are trying to to delete this post from my queue. PleasePlease don’t be sad, forit’sthe The The said. “They are trying to to apply scientific apply scientific method something don’t beit’s sad, forbetter. the better. supernatural. Therapysupernatural. will do no good life I would’ve lived isn’t livingliving in… method to something life I would’ve livedworth isn’t worth unless there is ano heart change.” in… I’m transgender,” Leelah because I’mbecause transgender, ” Leelah Alcorn Therapy will do good unless there is a on page. her Tumblr page. wrote Alcorn on her wrote Tumblr heart change.” In December Leelah Alcorn posted In December 2014,2014, Leelah Alcorn posted a suicide note to her personal Tumblr a suicide note to her personal Tumblr page which would soon become viral on page which would soon become viral on varying social media outlets including varying social media and outlets including Reddit, Twitter, Instagram. Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

17-yeaAlcorn, as described 17old yearLeelah old Leelah Alcorn, as described furtherfurther in theinsuicide note,note, experienced the suicide experienced conversion therapy afterafter being denied conversion therapy being denied transition treatment by her parents. transition treatment by her parents.

“Our Sanford/Lake Mary campus is the

students check off ‘male, female, or first toto have gender neutral bathrooms transgender’ dorm applications with more on ontheir the other campuses to infollow. order toUCF keepisthese safe,”to allow alsostudents taking steps Dangleman said, “After supreme court students to check off the ‘male, female, or rules on same sex the applications next thing transgender’ onmarriage, their dorm is the transgender movement. No one in order to keep these students safe,” should be judged by what they look like said, orDangleman what they want to “After be.” the supreme court

rules on same sex marriage, the next thing

AlisForce, District Youth Director for the transgender movement. Nothe one PenFlorida Assemblies of like or should beDistrict judgedofbythewhat they look God, said he want is “fortoconversion therapy what they be.” because its counseling.”

Al Force, District Youth Director for the

movement is concerned, it will be the

“People’s lives can be changed by the PenFlorida District of the Assemblies of presence of God. I’m going to side with God, saidThe while he deals is notwith for conversion the gospel. gospel the therapy, he is for “Christian messy parts of people’s lives andcounseling fixes that leads to heart ” them,” Al Force said, change. “As a church, we have to love people regardless of what “People’s can beWe changed by the they feel or lives understand. have to.”

to the petition which had reached over

According a survey by deals the with side withtothe gospel.conducted The gospel Williams Institute, the messy parts in of collaboration people’s liveswith and fixes the American Foundation Suicide them. As a church, we for have to love people Prevention, 41 percent of trans regardless of what they feel or orgender understand. non-conforming people have attempted We have to.” suicide

As far as what this means for us on

Seminole State has Ascampus, far as what this means formade us onsome strides in favor of transgender rights. campus, Seminole State has made some strides in favor of transgender rights. “I think as far as the transgender

“I next thinkcivil as far as the transgender rights movement,” Danielle movement is concerned, it will be Gay the Dangleman president of the Unity next civil rights movement, ” Danielle Straight Alliance club at Seminole State Dangleman president of the Unity Gay said. Straight Alliance club at Seminole State On April 8 the White House responded said.

presence of God,” Force said. “I’m going to

On100,000 April 8,signatures. the White House responded to According to a survey conducted by the the“As petition had reached over 100,000 Williams Institute in collaboration with part ofthat our dedication to protecting signatures. Pastor Charlie Higgins said, “Regardless America’s youth, this Administration the American Foundation for Suicide ofPrevention, their sexual 41 orientation, we are called supports efforts to ban the use of percent of trans or gender “Asconversion part of our dedication to protecting tonon-conforming love people and treat themhave withattempted respect therapy for minors,” wrote people America’s youth,a senior this Administration human beings.” Valerie Jarret, adviser to president assuicide. Obama.efforts to ban the use of It was not long before LGBT community supports It was activists not longcalled before LGBT to community conversion therapy for minors,” Valerie attention the incident Pastor Charlie Higgins said, “Regardless All photos are screen shots from As far as Seminole State concerned activists attention to the incident Jarret, a senior adviser to is President andcalled the Transgender Human Rights of their sexual orientation, we are called to Danielle Dangleman thinks “the school is Leelah’s Tumblr which has now and the Transgender Obama wrote. Institute started aHuman petition Rights on the White love people and treat them with respect as doing really well.” House web asite to “enact Law to Institute started petition on Leelah’s the White beenbeings. taken down human ” as requested by her As far as Seminole State is concerned all LGBTQ+ conversion therapy” Houseban website to “enact Leelah’s Law to “Our Sanford/Lake Mary campus is the parents. Dangleman said she thinks “the All photos are screen shots from Leelah’s ban all“There LGBTQ+ conversion therapy” by Danielle first to have gender neutral bathrooms has been a lot of wrongdoing school is doing really well. ” Tumblr, which has now been taken down with more on the other campuses to people,” Charlie Higgins, as requested by her parents. “Therewell hasmeaning been a lot of wrongdoing by follow. UCF is also taking steps to allow 7 Conversion therapy or reparative therapy Conversion therapy or reparative therapy as defined by Oxford Dictionaries as defined by Oxford Dictionaries is is “psychotherapy aimed at changing “psychotherapy aimed at changing a a person’s homosexuality and based on person’s homosexuality and based on the view that homosexuality is a mental the view that homosexuality is a mental disorder.” disorder.”

Are you still on Facebook?


By: Lauren Seay

acebook, move over: Instagram, Snap Chat, WhatsApp and Twitter are taking over.

“I deleted my Facebook last week. It sucks,” Seminole State student Quincy Barbosa said. Having more than one social media account is something Facebook saw coming and that seems to be why Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by Facebook. The different social media platforms target different ages as well as social statuses. “I have Instagram, Twiter and Facebook,” Seminole State student Sheryll Mai said,

adding that she prefers using Instagram and Twitter. With the older generation moving in on Facebook, the younger adults are moving away. Instagram is becoming more popular among young adults ages 16 to 29, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. The report also revealed that Instagram and Snap Chat are mostly used by wealthier young adults while Facebook is more popular among lower income teens. “I still check Facebook everyday, but I don’t post much,” Brooke Laird, a Seminole State student said, “I use it to keep up with distant relatives.”

SoundCloud.” Facebook has kept up with this constantly changing society for over a decade and is still hanging on at the top. “I predict that something else will replace Facebook, just like Facebook replaced Myspace,” Seminole State Sociology Professor Kerri Smith said. Facebook remains the number one social media site, however research has shown that the growth of the decade long platform is declining.

Top social media sites Facebook Instagram Snapchat Twitter Google+ Vine Tumblr Other

Other students agreed that Facebook is losing its luster. “Facebook was popular, but now its boring,” Travis Costen, a Seminole State Student said, “I mostly use Instagram and

Electric cars go further than ever E lectric cars (EV’s) and plug in electric vehicles (PEV’s) are becoming more popular and reliable, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Companies such as Tesla Motors are developing more environmentally-friendly cars, and BMW released its first electric car, the i3. Seminole State College recently held a career event at the Heathrow Campus showcasing some of the latest electric cars, including the new BMW i3, the Nissan Leaf, the Chevrolet Volt and the Tesla Model S. The cars were displayed at the front entrance and representatives from both car and energy companies as well as private owners were present. Because electric cars and hybrids are becoming more popular, a few government implications have been made in order to promote cleaner, more efficient car usage. The Sustainability Director for the city of Melbourne, Florida, was tasked with analyzing city vehicles and reviewing them for their efficiency. Melbourne is one of many cities that have started replacing their fleet cars with

electric cars.

According to Thron Crowe, an engineering technician for Florida Solar Energy Center, “the city [of Melbourne] voted unanimously that at the end of life of any city vehicle, they were to be analyzed in terms of their use as to whether or not they should be replaced with electric vehicles, so that showing progress as far as municipalities go.” A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy compared conventional diesel delivery trucks with PEV’s and reviewed their efficiency, noting that each electric car had about 35 percent more fuel efficiency and each PEV could potentially save between $1,300 and $1,600 in annual fuel cost. A few incentives also exist for people who buy electric cars, including a $7,500 tax credit for buying an EV or PEV; all of the above mentioned cars are eligible for this tax credit. Also in the local sector, the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) offers a $750 rebate to people looking to install a charging station at their

Thron Crowe shows off his Nissan Leaf.

The BMW i3 on display at Heathrow.

Story and photos by: Elliot Lee

Studeis show 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size


read a study recently that three out of every 10 women are wearing a bra that has both a band that is too large and cups that are too small. So, I took it upon myself to go get fitted for a bra. According to Medical-News-Today and the study conducted by the Wacoal America Fit company that makes bras, 80 percent of women are at risk of shoulder, neck and back tension. I researched places that offered free bra sizing and found Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, Nordstrom among other retail stores, offer professional bra sizing for free.

business. With the exception of the Tesla Model By: Kimberly Burns S, all current electric cars do not have a single charge range greater than 200 miles. However, there have been several innovations made to remedy the short range of these cars. I was met at the fitting rooms by the store manager. She For example, all electric cars have what is called a motor generator, was wearing a black blouse and black trousers with her which recovers energy used when headset wrapped around her neck. She quickly took my accelerating.

measurements and informed me that I was a 44DD, which I clearly am not. Then she informed me that Victoria Secret doesn’t carry my bra size in stores but it is offered online. Overall, it wasn’t a pleasant visit at all.

Heather Walker a student at Seminole State said she has also had her bra fitting done at Victoria’s Secret. “I don’t think they did it correctly,” she said.

The Wacoal America Fit company, internationally known for the best-fitting, highest-quality bras in the world, links fit to comfort and suggests that in addition to a professional bra fitting, women should choose high quality bras that are made to strict fit specifications.

Tesla owner Mary Weinaug talks with a student at Heathrow.

Another innovation that has been made for electric cars is the inclusion of on-board gas engines that act as backup generators. The Chevy Volt comes standard with one of these generators and it’s is an optional feature for the BMW i3.

On April 14, I visited Kohl’s department store located in Sanford and asked who could assist me with a bra fitting. “There is no one here that can assist you with a bra fitting,” Patrick Satchfield, the area supervisor said. Satchfield informed me that Kohl’s does not offer bra fitting on a daily bases but they try to have a free bra fitting event at least once a week. “The website is kinda misleading.” Satchfield said. Photo of Victoria’s Secret storefront by Kimberly Burns Even though Victoria’s Secret did not do Walker’s bra fitting I politely agreed and Satchfield apologized for the correctly, she said she still buy bras during semi-annual inconvenience and told me that I should visit Victoria’s sales. Secret because they do offer free daily bra sizing. Walker mentioned that at the time of her fitting she was About 30 minutes later, I walked into Victoria’s Secret wearing a padded bra, so she knows that they did not give located in the Seminole Towne Center. I was greeted by her the correct cup size. a young woman wearing a short black dress that clearly showed her purple Victoria’s Secret bra. I asked if I could be “I was buying the wrong bra size for a while,” she said. fitted for a bra. “Yes,” she said.

Crowe elaborated on this technology: “When you hit the accelerator, you use electricity to turn the motor but when you take your foot off the accelerator, the motor becomes a generator, the car will take some of the kinetic energy and covert it back into battery power.”

Copyright-free image under Creative Commons.

Phil Huberts, a representative of General Motors, said, when the battery discharges to about 18 percent, the gas engine automatically kicks in and start generating electricity for the motor. “You’re never using the gas engine as part of the drive train,” Huberts said. “So it never runs at high r.p.m.’s.” A lot of people are still hesitant to buy an electric vehicle, Huberts said. “Because they don’t want to run out somewhere, they want to be able to do more than a quick trip, back and forth, to school, to work the mall without stopping to charge,” he said. “They want a little more flexibility to drive.”


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Happy hour: Monday - Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. $3.00 house wines and $1.00 off all beers

Spring has sprung

Photos by Joseph Meadows

Epcot Flower and Garden festival displays an array of colors that engage the senses now through May 17.


The Seminole Scribe Issue 4  

Spring 2015

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