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Spring Gallery Auction

May 21, 2016

SELKIRK Auctioneers & Appraisers •

SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016


Spring Gallery Auction Fine Art, Asian Art, Jewelry and European & American Furniture & Decorative Arts

Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 10:00 AM Lots 1-560 F eaturing ProPerty From: The Collection of Patricia Battram, Clayton, Missouri The Estate of Roberta S. Dearing, University City, Missouri The Collection of Opal Meyer, Saint Louis, Missouri The Collection of William A. Norton, Marissa, Illinois The Collection of Tom Shaw, Chesterfield, Missouri The Wedgwood Collection of W.C. and Mary Whitlow, Fulton, Missouri and Select Consignments from Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania


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1 a tHin anD FineLY CarveD wHite JaDe LOtus FOrm BOwL. China, 19th century. the deep rounded sides having carved scrolling decoration accented with lotus blossoms and circular florets throughout and rising to a gently flaring rim, the whole raised on a conforming circular foot, together with a carved hardwood stand. 3.25”h. 4.5”d. $8,500-$9,500


2 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

2 meiJi reD LaCQuer anD giLt DeCOrateD inrO. Japan, ca. 1900. of typical form, the exterior depicting a gilt decorated butterfly with mother of pearl eyes on a red lacquer ground, the reverse with a dragon fly, attached wood toggle. 3”l. $500-$700

3 imPOrtant meiJi LaCQuer anD giLt DeCOrateD inrO BY KOHO. Japan, ca. 1900. Comprising five cases depicting applied gilt decorated leaping horses in a landscape setting with river and mountains, the reverse depicting an ox sleeping under a flowering tree, attached lacquered toggle. 4”l. $8,500-$9,500

3 - Closed

3 - Open • 3

4 imPOrtant meiJi LaCQuer anD giLt DeCOrateD inrO signeD asami KagYKu. Japan, ca. 1900. Comprising five cases, depicting a scholar seated, the reverse depicting a samurai with red lacquer highlights, attached horn toggle set with samurai decorated medallion. 3.5”l. $5,000-$5,500

5 meiJi CarveD wOOD inrO. Japan, ca. 1900. Comprising four cases, the exterior depicting Japanese style structures in a lush landscape setting with footbridge, figures, and trees, attached carved wood toggle with structure, trees, and waterfall. 3.5”l. $750-$950


4 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016


6 Fine meiJi CarveD wOOD netsuKe. Japan, ca. 1900. oni, a Japanese demon or troll, seen atop a lotus leaf with a koi carved on the underside. 1.5”w. $1,500-$1,800

7 FineLY meiJi CarveD wOOD netsuKe signeD sHO. Japan, ca. 1900. oni, Japanese demon or troll, seen standing with parasol while playing a drum. 2.5”h. $3,500-$4,500

8 Fine meiJi CarveD wOOD netsuKe signeD minKO. Japan, ca. 1900. A ram seen in a recumbent position. 1.5”l. $3,000-$3,500


8 • 5




imPOrtant meiJi CarveD wOOD netsuKe BY minKO. Japan, ca. 1900. the exterior depicting a dragon-tailed witch encircling a bell set with a window and rotating handle, the interior displaying various faces through window when handle is rotated. 1.75”h. $6,500-$7,500

meiJi Diminutive sPHere FOrm vase. Japan, ca. 1900, mixed metals. the body depicting a dragon and bird over clouds, the whole raised on three short legs. 3.75”h. $900-$1,200

10 CarveD wOOD manJu. Japan, late 19th century. of circular form, the pierced and carved body depicting birds and Japanese maple leaves. 1.5”d. $700-$800 6 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

12 twO irOn tsuBa. Japan, 19th century, iron. each of typical form with dragon decoration throughout, together with a fitted case. Largest, 2.5”h. $400-$600

13 Large PaLe CeLaDOn JaDe vase anD COver. China, 20th century. of baluster form rising from a conforming splayed foot, carved in low relief with scrolling patterns and flanked by reticulated elephant head loop handles.11.5”h. $12,000-$14,000

13 • 7

14 PaLe CeLaDOn QiLin JaDe vase anD COver, Qing DYnastY. China, 19th century. A moon flask form body raised on an elliptical foot, carved in low relief depicting a Qilin surrounded by clouds. the lotus form cover flanked by Qilin head handles. 8.25”h. $5,000-$7,000


8 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

15 CarveD wHite JaDe PenDant signeD Zigang. China, 19th century. of rectangular form, depicting figures in a lush landscape setting feeding ducks, the reverse with calligraphy. 2.5”h. $750-$950


16 CarveD wHite JaDe PenDant. China, 19th century. of rectangular form, depicting stags in a landscape setting, the reverse with calligraphy. 2.25”h. $350-$550

17 CarveD agate PenDant. China, 19th century. Poem depicting front panel with rebus of a monkey on the back of a horse, in Chinese, “ma shang feng hou”, which expresses a scholar-official’s wish for immediate promotion. rebus beneath a flowering plum tree. 2”h. $500-$600

Front - 17 - Back • 9




green JaDeite arCHer’s ring. China, 19th century. of typical form. 1.25”h. $200-$400

CarveD wHite JaDe arCHer’s ring. China, 19th century. of typical form, depicting a figure sitting next to a prunus tree, among rocks and ruyi clouds . 1.25”h. $150-$250

CarveD wHite JaDe arCHer’s ring. China, 19th century. of typical form, a bird in a lush landscape, with calligraphy. 0.75”h. $200-$400







CarveD striateD agate arCHer’s ring. China, 19th century. of typical form, in tones of grey and taupe. 1”h. $250-$450

CarneLian agate arCHer’s ring. China, 19th century. of typical form, in tones of white, red, and black. 1.25”h. $100-$200

CarveD agate arCHer’s ring. China, 19th century. of typical form, with a dancing figure carved from caramel-colored outer skin. 1”h. $250-$350

21 10 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016



24 CarveD agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 20th century. the body having carved decoration depicting a figure seen seated under a tree with bird, turquoise stopper. 3.5”h. $150-$250

25 25

CarveD agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. typical form, depicting figure riding a dragon. 2.5”h. $250-$350


26 CarveD sHaDOw agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. depicts a figure in a boat in a lush landscape setting. 2.5”h. $300-$500

27 CarveD agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, depicting a figure holding a fish. 1.75”h. $300-$500

28 striateD agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, in tones of dark brown and celadon, together with a coral stopper. 2.75”h. $400-$600

29 marBLeiZeD agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, having varying tones of brown throughout, together with green stone stopper. 2.25”h. $250-$350


29 • 11

30 CarveD agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, in tones of brown and having a lightly carved relief butterfly. 2.5”h. $1,000-$1,400

31 CarveD sHaDOw agate snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, having a carved butterfly surrounded by flowers. 2.5”h. $700-$900

32 PuDDing stOne snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, in tones of black, grey, taupe, and white. 2.75”h. $300-$500



33 PeKing gLass snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, red cut to clear depicting a basket surrounded by flowering branches. 2.5”h. $200-$400

34 PeKing gLass snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of typical form, burgundy cut to clear depicting a dragon. 2.5”h. $100-$200



BLue anD wHite DeCOrateD snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. of bottle form, having blue calligraphy on a white ground, with remnants of a wax seal. $100-$200

36 POLYCHrOme POrCeLain snuFF BOttLe. China, 19th century. in the form of a ferret. 2.75”h. $100-$200

37 sterLing siLver snuFF BOttLe. China, late 19th-early 20th century. depicting various foo lions throughout. Approximate total weight, 4.3 oz. 2.5”h. $300-$400 31 37 12 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016






CHinese giLt DeCOrateD Figure OF guanYin. Likely 17th/18th century. Seen seated in dhyanasana while wearing elaborate robes with hands in bhumisparsha mudra. 8”h. $800-$1,200

CHinese Cream gLaZeD FLasK. China, late19th-early 20th century. Mimicking a leather flask or waterbag, having stylized decoration throughout. 10”h.

39 BLue anD wHite BaJiXiang stYLe mOOnFLasK. China, 20th century. of typical form, having various auspicious symbols throughout. 20”h. 14”d. $600-$800

40 BLue anD wHite DragOn CHarger. China, 19th century. of circular form, four four-toed dragons surrounded by clouds, together with a carved wood stand. 14.5”d. ex. Chamberlain Antiques. $1,000-$2,000

ex. James Folden ex. Frank Paricage $800-$1,200

43 tiBetan BrOnZe BuDDHa. Likely 18th century. Figure seen seated in dhyanasana with garment draped over one shoulder and hands in bhumisparsha mudra. 11”h. $1,000-$2,000



ex. Selkirk Galleries, Lot 227, September 24, 1984. $2,000-$3,000

marBLe BuDDHa. indonesian, 20th century. Seen standing. 20”h. $100-$200

CarveD BOXwOOD anD rOsewOOD aLtar taBLe. China, late 19th century. the rectangular top flanked by carved scroll form ends and having Chinese key decorated apron raised on a trestle base. 33”h. 17.5”w. 46”l.

41 CHinese ming rOOF tiLe. Seventeenth century. Grey colored terracotta in the form of a dragon. 8.5”h. 11”w. $1,000-$2,000

45 • 13

50 51







naPOLeOn iii LaP DesK BY aLPHOnse taHan. France, mid 19th century, rosewood. Brass and mother of pearl inlayed to reticulating diamond pattern opening to velvet writing surface and shaped document files. incised lock plate reads tAhAn A PAriS. 8”h. 14.5”w. 12”d.

OUDEGRACHT IN WINTER BY Oene rOmKes JOng (DutCH, 1812-1896). oil on canvas, signed lower left. ice skaters along the canal pass by architecture and a boat docked for the season. 26”h. 21”w., in contemporary frame, 29.5”h. 24”w. $300-$500

tHree rOman gLass vases. 1st century. two of baluster form together with a circular tapering example. Largest, 9.25”h. $100-$200

Alphonse tahan (1830-1880) was the official ébéniste de l’empereur or master cabinet maker to emperor napoleon iii and empress eugénie. Known for beauty and taste, the empress favored the workshop tahan. tahan Fabricant exhibited and were awarded medals at the London Crystal Palace exhibition in 1851 and the Paris exposition universelle in 1855. $500-$700

47 genre sCene (ameriCan sCHOOL, 19tH CenturY). Watercolor on paper, unsigned. Architecture in foreground on historic city corner with figures and buggy. 9.5”h. 14”w., in a modern frame, 19”h. 25”w. $100-$200

49 PORT CLYDE, MAINE BY maDeLine “miCKi” samPsOn (ameriCan, 1926-2013). Watercolor on paper, signed lower left. ohio watercolor society artist. Landscape of lavender field in foreground and house of in the distance. 10.25”h. 14”w., matted in modern frame, 17”h. 21’”w. $50-$100

50 rOman gLass FOOteD COmPOte. 1st century. Green glass, of circular form and raised on a conforming foot. 9”d. $100-$200

51 FOur PieCes OF rOman gLass. 1st Century. the largest having a flared rim over the conforming neck and body, together with three green glass examples in bottle forms. Largest, 4.5”h. $100-$300 14 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

53 tHree rOman gLass vesseLs. 1st century. one a double canister, one a blown glass bottle, and a lachrymatory. Largest, 5.25”h. $200-$300

54 CLassiCaL stYLe mirrOr. 20th century. A circular wreath over garland and swag decoration surmounting the rectangular plate and frame with gilt decoration throughout. 34”h. 24.5”w. $100-$200

55 revivaL stYLe mirrOr. American, 20th century. the broken pediment top over the conforming plate flanked by turned engaged columns. 37.5”h. 23”w. $100-$200

57 Details



56 SET OF ENGRAVINGS OF THE FOUR SEASONS BY WENCESLAUS HOLLAR (GERMAN, 1607-1677). Signed in plate. Four engravings depicting the seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. 10“h. 7”w., framed, 16”h. 13.5”w. $1,400-$1,800

57 INLAID GAMES TABLE IN THE MANNER OF SORRENTO BY NOTTURNO-INTARSIO. Italy, mid to late 20th century. Of square form having a removable top opening to a removable inlaid checkerboard top opening to a fitted roulette wheel, the whole raised on cabriole legs, together with four inlaid side chairs each having a shaped back over the square seat and raised on square tapering legs. 28.5”h. 29”w. 29”w. $1,000-$3,000

58 NEOCLASSICAL STYLE MANTEL. American, late 19th-early 20th century. The stepped molding over applied scrolling decoration above the arch shaped fire box flanked by Corinthian columns. 70”h. 60.5”w. $300-$500

59 NEOCLASSICAL STYLE FIREPLACE MANTEL. American, late 19th-early 20th century. The molded top over the mirrored over mantel above the fireplace opening, the whole flanked by Ionic columns. 90”h. 52”w. $300-$500 • 15


60 STEINWAY GRAND PIANO MODEL M. American, late 20th century. The mahogany ebony case fitted a soundboard reading “Steinway & Sons New York, Steinway Foundry Casting,” serial number “280814,” together with bench. 67”l. 57.75”w. $5,000-$7,000


16 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

63 67 68



LanDsCaPe BY HenrY PiLLeau (engLisH, 1815-1899). Watercolor on paper, initialed lower right. A boat rests lakeside amongst trees. 7.5”h. 10.5”w. Framed and matted, 14”h. 16.5”w. $100-$150

stiLL LiFe BY viLem KreiBiCH (CZeCH rePuBLiC, 1884-1955). oil on canvas, signed lower center right. White and purple lilacs in a pottery vase on green tabletop. 9”h. 13.75”w., in a black molded frame, 17.25”h. 22”w. $400-$600



ALONG THE GULF OF MEXICO BY waLter rOnaLD LOCKe (ameriCan, 1883-1949). etching, signed and dated “‘35” lower right. Landscape of pine and palm trees with sailboat in the distance. 11.5”h. 8.25”w. Framed, 19.25”h. 15.25”w. $50-$100

THE WHITEROCKS AND PORTRUSH AND MOURNE MOUNTAINS BY rOmeO tOOgOOD (BritisH, 1902-1966). each watercolor on paper, signed and dated “Aug, 1932”. A fall landscape with haystacks and the Portrush and Mourne mountain range in the distance. the second example depicts figures along a shoreline with the Whiterocks in the background. 10”h. 13.25”w., matted, 16”h. 20”w. $400-$600

63 THE MERAMAC IN AUTUMN BY FranK nuDersCHer (ameriCan, 1880-1959). oil on board, signed lower left, titled verso. the Meramac river seen winding through an autumn landscape. 19.25”h. 23.25”w., in a gilt molded frame, 25.5”h. 29.5”w. $500-$700

64 nuDe FemaLe Figure BY PauL CHaBas (FrenCH, 1869-1937). Watercolor on paper, signed lower left. nude female figure standing in a body of water with mountains in the distance. 6.75”h. 10”w., in a carved wood frame, 15.5”h. 18.5”w. $400-$600

67 MADONNA BY BamBi (BritisH, 20tH CenturY). Lithograph, signed lower right, numbered “6/49/50” lower left. Madonna seen on a red ground. Framed, 27.5”h. 23.5”w. $500-$700

68 MARISSA BY r. C. gOrman (ameriCan, 1931-2005). Lithograph, signed and dated “1987” lower left, numbered “182/225” lower right. A seated female figure seen wearing a pink dress and blue earrings. 36.25”h. 29”w., in a modern frame, 46”h. 37.5”w. $750-$1,500 • 17




LOuis Xv stYLe DisPLaY CaBinet. French, late 19th- early 20th century, rosewood. rectangular form lit case having double doors with inlay and ormolu decoration throughout, raised on edwardian style footing. 62.5”h. 35”w. 13”d. $200-$400

geOrgian Linen Press. english, early 19th century, mahogany. the shaped cornice over two cabinet doors each having elliptical inlay opening to a fitted interior over two short drawers over three graduated drawers over a shaped apron, the whole raised on splayed feet. 86”h. 52”w. 22”d. $800-$1,200

BaBY CraDLe. American, early to mid 20th century, brass. Accompanied with two older dolls. $100-$200

72 DANCER RELIEF BY gLenna gOODaCre (ameriCan, B. 1939). Bronze, inscribed and numbered “12/12”. Profile of a female dancer seen in relief. 69”h. $1,500-$2,500

73 FemaLe Figure BY KarL Jensen (ameriCan sCHOOL, 20tH CenturY). Bronze. Female figure seen standing while wearing a flowing dress, the whole raised on a square marble base. 26”h. $400-$600

74 TWILIGHT BY BOBBie CarLYLe (ameriCan, B. 1948). Bronze, signed, titled and dated on base “2006”. A female figure in draped fabric. 31.5”h., mounted on black marble base, 33.5”h. $1,500-$2,500

75 THE VALENTINE BY geOrge LunDeen (ameriCan, B.1948). Bronze, inscribed and numbered “44/100”. An elderly couple seen in a loving embrace while seated on a park bench. 17”h. 15”w. 22”l. $2,000-$4,000 72

76 CHEVAL A LA BARRIERE aFter Pierre JuLes mene (FrenCH, 1810-1879). Bronze, inscribed. A horse seen standing alongside a rustic gate and fence, the whole raised on an elliptical wood base. 12.5”h. $200-$400

77 BY A NECK BY niCHOLas D. muFFett (ameriCan sCHOOL, Late 20tH CenturY). Bronze. the head and neck of a race horse seen raised on a rectangular wood base. 13”h. 15”w. $200-$400 70

18 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016


78 HOrse anD riDer aFter CHarLes mariOn russeLL (ameriCan, 1864-1926). Bronze, inscribed. A rider seen while wearing a cowboy hat atop a horse, the whole raised on a green marble elliptical base. 12”h. $100-$300

79 HOrse anD DOg BY verYL gOODnigHt (ameriCan, B. 1947). Bronze, inscribed, dated “99” and numbered “15/48” A horse and dog seen alongside one another, on an elliptical wood base. 26”h. $700-$900




TO DANCE AS ONE BY rOBert “BOB” wiLFOng (ameriCan, Late 20tH CenturY). Bronze. two stylized figures seen embracing, the whole raised on a circular stone base. 32”h. $500-$700

81 RONALD REAGAN BY gLenna gOODaCre (ameriCan, B. 1939). Bronze, inscribed, dated “1997” and numbered “16/70”. ronald reagan seen standing while carrying a cowboy hat, the whole raised on a square stone base. 20”h. $800-$1,200

82 INTERMISSION BY miCHaeL maiDen (ameriCan, Late 20tH CenturY). Bronze, inscribed, dated “93” and numbered “115/650”. An eagle seen with wings spread while perched atop a tree limb, the whole raised on an elliptical stone base. 13”h. 12”w. $200-$400



83 ESPRIT BY rOBert reFvem (ameriCan, B. 1933). Bronze, inscribed, dated “1991” and numbered “14/30”. An eagle seen with wings spread while soaring over a tree limb. 26”h. 13”w. 24”d. $400-$600

84 CURLY BY eLie HaZaK (ameriCan, B. 1945). Bronze, inscribed, dated “90” and numbered “12/99”. A male figure seen standing while wearing western style clothing with a rifle resting on proper right shoulder, raised on an elliptical marble base. “28”h. 10”w. 16”l. $500-$1,000

85 PRICKLY PEARS FOR SUPPER BY eLie HaZaK (ameriCan, B. 1945). Bronze, inscribed, dated “99” and numbered “33/36”. A cowboy seen atop a horse while riding through prickly pear cactus. 34”h. 10”w. 16”l. $1,000-$3,000


81 • 19

86 DEATH VALLEY BY WALTER KING STONE (AMERICAN, 1875-1949). Oil on board, signed lower right. A hilly western landscape in tones of brown, yellow, green, and blue. Title affixed verso. 23.25”h. 23.25”w., in a gilded frame, 26.25”h. 26.25”w. $500-$700

87 MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE BY FREDERICK WILLIAM BILLING (AMERICAN, 1835-1914). Oil on canvas, signed and dated “94”. Cabin in a mountainous landscape alongside a river. 13.25”h. 19.25”w., in a molded and gilded frame, 19.25”h. 25”w. Verso with label from R. H. Love Galleries together with Butterfield & Butterfield invoice. $350-$450

88 COWBOYS BY THROCKMORTON P. SHAW AFTER KENNETH WYATT. Oil on canvas, signed lower right. A group of six cowboys on horseback. 30”w. 60”h. Framed: 36.5”h. 66.5”w. $300-$500



TWO COWBOY PAINTINGS BY THROCKMORTON P. SHAW. Oil on canvas , one inscribed at lower left, “After Kenneth Wyatt.” One showing a single cowboy leaning on a porch post, the other showing a single cowboy standing in a grassy landscape. 36”h. 18”w. and framed: 40.25”h. 22.25”w. $100-$300

90 ROUND UP BY BETTY KRUSE. Oil on board, signed lower right. Cowboy on horseback with lasso and cattle in a landscape. 19.75”h. 24”w. Framed: 26.5”w. 30.5”h. $80-$100

91 TWO COORS BREWING COMPANY COWBOY PRINTS BY GORDON SIDOW. Titled Baked Beans and Beer, signed and dated lower left in plate, 1981, 18.25”h. 14.5”w., framed and matted, 29”h. 25”w. The other titled Good Times, signed and dated lower left in plate, 1983. 17.5”h. 23.25”w., framed and matted, 30”h. 36”w. $100-$200 88

20 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

92 TWO COORS BREWING COMPANY COWBOY PRINTS BY GORDON SIDOW. Titled Taste of the High Country, signed and dated lower right in plate, 1979, 29”h. 17”w., matted and framed, 36.5”h. 24.5”w. The other titled Ain’t No City Beer, signed lower left in plate, 29”h. 17”w., matted and framed, 36.5”h. 24.5”w. $100-$200


93 LANDSCAPE BY GEORGE INNESS (AMERICAN, 1825-1894). Oil on board, en grisaille, signed (illegibly) lower right, circa 1880. Two figures in a pastoral landscape, one holding a bundle, the other kneeling at a washing tub. Identifying label verso with provenance listed. 9.5”h. 15”w., framed, 17”h. 22.5”w. Literature: S. G. W. Benjamin, Our American Artists, 1881 (illustrated, frontispiece). Leroy Ireland, Works of George Inness, #949 Pg. 235. Michael Quick George Inness, A Catalogue Raisonne, #705, Vol. II , pg. 5. $9,000-$12,000 • 21



COBBLERS IN A WORKSHOP BY EDGAR WARD (AMERICAN, 1839 1915). Signed and dated “1885” lower left. Interior with two figures at a work bench. 20”h. 24.5”w., framed, 26.5”h. 31”w. $3,000-$5,000

ALHAMBRA INTERIOR WITH FIGURE BY GONZALES (LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on panel, signed lower left. A view from within the Alhambra complex in Grenada, Spain showing a man seated and a courtyard with fountain. 14.5”h. 11.25”w., frame appears to be original late 19th c. wood with plaster ornament and gold overpaint, 20.5”h. 16.5”w. $500-$800

95 LANDSCAPE BY ALBERTA KINSEY (AMERICAN, 1875-1952). Oil on board, artist name inscribed in pencil verso. A lush landscape, possibly French Quarter in New Orleans, seen from an arched piazza. 6”h. 7.5”w., framed, 7.25”h. 8.75”w. $400-$600

97 FLIGHT INTO EGYPT BY LUCA CAMBIASO (ITALIAN, 1527 - 1585). Brown ink on paper. A man, woman and child seen seated together in a landscape at the base of a tree. 10.5”h. 7.75”w., framed and matted under UV protective glass, 20.75”h. 17”w. $3,000-$5,000



96 22 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016



98 PAIR OF FLORAL STILL LIFES ATTRIBUTED TO MARIO NUZZI (ITALIAN, 1603 - 1673). Oil on canvas. Each depicting large arrangements of parrot tulips, roses, chysanthemums, one with cluster of grapes, both in classical urns on a tabletop or stone ledge. 37”h. 28”w., framed, 41.5”h. 32.25”w. $6,000-$8,000 • 23

24 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

99 EVENING PRAYERS BY OttO PiLnY (swiss, 1866-1936). oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated “1909.” Four figures seen with five camels in the desert at sunset. 31.5”h. 47.5”w., ornate period frame, 41.5”h. 57.5”w. otto Pilny (Swiss, 1886-1936) studied in Prague and lived in Vienna and Zurich. he traveled to egypt several times becoming a court painter to the Viceroy of egypt and working on commission for egyptian King Abbas ii. Pilny was especially intrigued by Bedouin culture in which he found a source of great inspiration becoming one of the best-known orientalist artists of his time. $70,000-$90,000

99 • 25


100 THE LADY IN WHITE BY EMIL ZOIR (AMERICAN, 1867-1936). Oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right “1922.” A full length female figure in white seen standing in profile. Plaque affixed to frame reads “The Lady in White/by Emil Zoir/Presented to Cunnard Rubini/by Henry Malgren/March 11, 1932.” 57”h. 31.5”w. , original frame, 62”h. 36.5”w. $1,500-$2,500

101 BIRDS IN A LANDSCAPE BY MARMADUKE CRADOCK (BRITISH, 1660-1717). Oil on canvas. A group of birds including peacock, hens, chicks, rooster and duck in a natural setting. 18.75”h. 24”w., framed, 24”h. 29.25”w. $8,000-$10,000



26 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

PORTRAIT OF LADY WORTHINGTON BY JOHN OPIE (ENGLISH, 1761-1807). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Depicts Lady Worthington in half-length pose. 23.5”h. 19.5”w., in a carved and gilded frame, 30”h. 26.5”w. $1,000-$3,000

103 DANS UN RAYON BY FRANCOIS EDOUARD ZIER (FRENCH, 1856-1924). Oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated “1902.” Showing a single semi-nude figure in an interior. 51.5”h. 32.25”w., framed 55.5”h. 36”w. $12,000-$15,000

103 • 27

104 SUMMERTIME BY ALFRED AUGUSTUS GLENDENING, JR (BRITISH, 18611907). Signed with initials lower right and dated “1896.” Female figure in a sunny coastal landscape gazing oceanward. 30”h. 20”w., in ornate period gold leaf frame, 39.5”h. 29.5”w. $1,800-$3,200

105 GENRE SCENE BY ADOLF SCHILL (GERMAN, 1848-1911). Oil on board, signed lower left. A young boy and an older gentleman in a winter landscape setting. 11.75”h. 8.5”w., in a gilded frame, 19.5”h. 16.25”w. $350-$550

106 LANDSCAPE (EUROPEAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvasboard, unsigned. Impressionistic landscape with picnickers in the foreground. 16”h. 20”w., ornate frame, 25”h. 29”w. $250-$500 105

107 SEASCAPE BY GIUSEPPE SALVATI (ITALIAN, 1900-1968). Oil on board, signed lower right. Mediterranean buildings and boats along a coast line. 11.5”h. 15.5”w., framed, 19.25”h. 23.25”w. $200-$400



NUDE IN AN INTERIOR BY ALEXANDER BROOK (AMERICAN, 1898 - 1980). Oil on canvas, signed lower left and dated “‘31.” Nude woman seated and facing away from the viewer. 20”h. 16”w., unframed. $800-$1,200

109 ETCHING IN COLOR BY MAX ERNST (GERMAN-BORN FRENCH, 1891 1976) FROM THE MISFORTUNES OF THE IMMORTALS , A VOLUME BY MAX ERNST AND PAUL ÉLUARD PUBLISHED 1943. Signed in pencil lower right and numbered lower left 23/85. Showing an orb in sky over a rocky outcropping landscape. Gallery labels affixed verso, Flair Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio and Nancy Singer, St. Louis, Missouri. Plate 9”h. 6.5”w., framed with silk mat, 21.5”h. 18.75”w. $1,200-$1,800


110 THE LAST LAUGH BY CHARLES MARION RUSSELL (AMERICAN, 1864-1926). Bronze, inscribed “C.M. Russell” and foundry mark reading “B. Zoppo Foundry, N.Y.” on back edge. A cautious wolf circles a human skull. 4”h. 7.5”w. 108


28 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

Born in St. Louis, Missouri - Russell became a legendary painter and sculptor of the American western frontier. Russell created the model for The Snake Priest in 1914 which was first cast by the Zoppo Foundry in 1916. This image celebrates the Hopi villages of New Mexico where every other year the Snake Ceremony took place over a 24 day period. The sculpture depicts the exact moment in the Hopi ceremony when the priest exerts control over the reptile. Similar examples are found in major western museum collections. $2,000-$4,000

111 TWO STILL LIFES BY WALLACE HERNDON-SMITH (1901-1990). Oil on board, one signed verso, one framed. 11.5”h. 13.75”w. and 14”h. 18”w, framed 18.5”h. 22.5”w. $200-$400

112 EARLY GERMAN VILLAGE PRINT. Aquatint, late 19th- early 20th century. Summer landscape with dwellings and a stone bridge along a stream, pencil signed lower right with “35-350” lower left. $200-$400 114

113 ANTON PIECK 3-D COLLAGE. Netherlands, mid 20th century. A stubborn mule stalls as horse drawn omnibus passes. In shadowbox frame, 12.5”h. 14”w. $50-$150

114 TINTYPE PORTRAIT PAIR. American, c.1867. Hand painted tintype pair showing Mr. and Mrs. George Hatfield Wallace. Handwritten identifying labels verso. Each oval, 7”h. 5”w., presented in original frame, 13”h. 15”w.


Ex-collection George Hatfield Wallace. $100-$300

115 RIVERSIDE VILLAGE BY HANS RUNGE (GERMAN,1895-1961). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Village overlooking a river with figure on a bridge. 24”h. 30”w., framed 30.25”h. 42.25”w. $1,000-$1,500


116 WATERCOLOR BY THOMAS SIDNEY COOPER (ENGLAND, 1803-1902). Signed lower right and dated “1865.” Sheep in a rural landscape setting. 22”h. 17.25”w., framed, 30.25”h. 25.5”w. $300-$500

117 GROUP OF TEN VIEWS OF IRELAND. Watercolor and ink wash on paper with rounded corners and handpainted gold boarders. Each inscribed including location and dated either August or September “1859.” Various views of the Irish countryside. Two framed, three mounted on mat board, 5 loose. All sheet size 7”h. 10.5”w. $500-$800

118 PORTRAIT DE DAME EN RICHE COSTUME LOUIS XIV BY NICOLAS DE LARGILLIÈRE (FRENCH, 1656-1746). Oil on canvas. Identified on labels verso. Portrait of a young woman in red velvet drape and embroidered gown with lace ruffle at bodice. Oval, 30”h. 24”w., ornate gold leaf period frame, 35.25”h. 30.5”w. $1,500-$2,500

118 • 29

119 GENRE SCENE BY EMILE AUGUSTE PINCHART (FRENCH, 1842-1924). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Showing family and visitors gathering on terrace overlooking the sea. 37.25”h. 29.25”w., in a carved and gilded period frame, 49.25”h. 41.25”w. $12,000-$15,000

119 30 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

120 BUST OF A LADY AFTER OSCAR SPALMACH (ITALIAN,1864-1917). Marble, signed ‘O. Spalmach, Studio O Andreoni, Roma’. 26”h. 18”w. $2,000-$4,000

121 LADY WITH KITTEN BY GUSTAVE FRANCOIS LASELLAZ (FRENCH, 1848-1910). Watercolor, signed lower left. Reclining woman with kitten and book at feet, framed 23”h. 18”w. $100-$300

122 VISUAL POETRY BY JOHN M. BENNETT (AMERICAN, b.1942). Mixed media on paper, stamped, signed, and dated “NOV 13 1983” lower right. Abstract composition with underwater stamp motifs throughout the experimental technique. 17”h. 14”w., in faux bamboo frame, 20.5”h. 16.5”w. $150-$350

123 THE BOUQUET BY JEAN-LOUIS FORAIN (FRENCH, 1852-1931). Signed in plate, etching depicting gentleman in top hat. 10.75”h. 7.5”w., framed, 20.75”h. 17.75”w. $75-$150

124 TEHUANA BY VALETTA SWANN (MEXICAN, 1904-1973). Pastel on paper, signed and dated (‘63) lower right. Portrait of two indigenous women. 15.5”h. 11.5”w., framed, 21.5”h. 17.5”w. $250-$350

125 PORTRAIT OF A MAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH- EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. A gentleman, possibly a priest, seen seated. 41.5”h. 31.5”w., in a molded black frame, 48”h. 37”w. $300-$500

120 121 • 31

126 mOssant COmPanY POster BY LeOnettO CaPPieLLO (itaLian, 1875-1942). Stone lithograph, printed by edimo, Paris 1938. three arms extending from right margin with gloved hands against a yellow background each holding a hat. 62.25”h. 46.5”w., framed, 71.5”h. 56”w. $1,800-$2,400

127 SONG SAYINGS LimiteD eDitiOn siLKsCreen aFter aLFOnsO ianneLLi (itaLian-ameriCan,1888-1965). Silkscreen on paper, after the 1915 original painting. Published by the Chicago School of Architecture Foundation, 1969, in a limited edition of 1000. 40’h. 30”w., framed, 42.25”h. 32.25”w. $500-$800

128 Bugatti atLantiC POster BY gerarD COurBOuLeiX-DeneriaZ [raZZia] (FrenCH, B. 1950). Giclee print, signed lower right in marker. Green grass landscape with high horizon against a blue sky with a white Bugatti Atlantic automobile in the middle ground, a female figure in black and white with back to the viewer in foreground, and a stately example of architecture on the horizon in background. Printed in 1989. 46.5”h. 58.5”w., framed, 51”h. 63”w. $200-$400

128A manCHe et OCean POster BY LOuis tauZin (FrenCH, 1845-1914). Stone lithograph, printed by Champenois, Paris. “Chemins de Fer de l’etat” across top. night scene of a ship in port. 31.25” x 42.75” framed. $1,000-$2,000

129 HOrse Print BY JOe anDOe (ameriCan, B. 1955). inkjet print on paper, signed and numbered 45/50. Side view of a standing horse. 28”h. 33.25”w., framed, 30.5”h. 36”w. $1,000-$2,000

130 THROBBING HEARTS BY rOss BLeCKner. Color screenprint, edition of 250. An array of red circular marks on a dark background. 23”h. 21”w., matted and framed, 29.5”h. 27.25”w. $1,000-$2,000

131 PASSION VINE, 1998, tOm BariL (ameriCan, B. 1952). Photogravure from wet plate negative, signed lower right “tom Baril” and dated lower left. Close view of a passion flower. Artist Proof, 3/7. $1,000-$2,000

132 126

32 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

ARRANGEMENT BY Ken KOnCHeL (ameriCan, B. 1959). Silver gelatin photograph, signed lower right, titled and numbered “19/100” lower left. A view of St. Louis showing portion of the Pulitzer Foundation’s richard Serra sculpture and the exterior of Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. 21”h. 16.5”w., framed, 37.5”h. 31.25”w. $300-$500





129 130 • 33



PORTRAIT OF THE HOLY FAMILY IN THE MANNER OF BERNARDINO LUINI (ITALIAN, 1480-1531). Oil on board, unsigned. Depicts the holy family in a warm embrace. 36”h. 35.5”w., in a molded frame, 48.5”h. 44.75”w. $1,200-$1,800

GENRE SCENE BY EDUARD VON GRUTZNER (GERMAN, 1846-1925). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. An interior with monks shown socializing in a wine cellar. 22.5”h. 17.25”w., framed, 31”h. 26.5”w. $7,000-$9,000

134 THE VIRGIN MARY GREETING ELIZABETH BY CARL VON BLAAS (AUSTRIAN, 1815-1894). Oil on canvas, signed and dated “Carl Blaas Rom. 1842” lower center. Also signed verso “Carl Blaas/Tirolese.” The Virgin Mary seen flanked by Joseph greeting Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah at their home in Hebron. A scene from the Magnificent or Song of Mary. 28”h. 22”w., in a carved frame, 33.5”h. 28.25”w. $1,500-$2,500






CIRCUS PERFORMERS BY JOSEPH JOHN (JOE) JONES (AMERICAN, 1909 - 1963). Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Circa 1940. An oil sketch of two figures, man in clown costume, woman in leotard with flared skirt, posing together in a dressing room. 40”h. 24”w., original frame, 47.5”h. 31.5”w. $5,000-$7,000

34 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

137 HANGING SCULPTURE BY BROTHER MEL (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 20TH CENTURY). Stainless steel. In the form of an ichthus 22.5”h. $100-$200

138 CARICATURE DRAWING. England, 19th century, graphite on paper, unsigned. Figures seated around a table with a neoclassical hot water urn and portrait in the background. 6”h. 7.5”w., matted and framed, 13.5”h. 15”w. $100-$200


139 THREE HUNTING DOGS EDMUND HENRY OSTHAUS (AMERICAN, 1858 - 1928). Watercolor, signed lower left. A view of three pointer dogs in a landscape. Two gallery labels affixed verso, Kodner Gallery and Noonan-Kocian Galleries (St. Louis). 16”h. 25.75”w., framed, 28”h. 37.5”w. $9,000-$12,000 • 35


140 PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN BY JEAN-AUGUSTE-DOMINIQUE INGRES (FRENCH, 1780 - 1867). Graphite on paper, signed, inscribed and dated upper right, “Jean Ingres/Rom: 1816.” A seated gentleman in three-quarters view. Inscribed with initials (possibly of the sitter), “T. C.” with a faint embossed mark upper left. Sheet, 8.75”h. 7.25”w., in a gilded fluted cove frame, 19th c., 17.5”h. 14.75”w. $30,000-$50,000

36 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

141 WELSH VILLAGE ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN EDWARD BARKER (BRITISH, 1889-1953). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Identified on handwritten label verso. Country landscape with figure and horses on a road. 28”h. 36”w., framed, 34.5”h. x 42”w. $400-$600

142 BLUE YOU BY GIUSEPPE SANTOMASO (ITALIAN, 1907-1990). Lithograph, numbered edition 39/110, signed and dated (‘68) lower right. Abstract composition with hues of blue. 14”h. 12.5”w. in modern frame, 26.5”h. 20”w. $150-$300

143 LANDSCAPE WITH SHEEP BY ETTY HEATON (BRITISH, fl.1882 - 1905). Oil on canvas, signed lower right with intertwined initials and dated 1877. Artist is also known and listed as Etty Horton. Shady landscape showing sheep resting beneath a tree, signed lower right. 14”h. 21”w., framed, 19.25”h. 26.25”w. $200-$400

144 NICOLAS ART DECO PRINT BY PAUL IRIBE (FRENCH, 1883 - 1935). Signed in plate, pochoir illustration. From the Nicolas series titled Un Petit Peu De Blanc depicting a couple seated at a table with server pouring wine. 12.25”h. 9.75”w., framed, 18”h. 14”w. $100-$300



145 AQUATINT BY PAUL COLIN (FRENCH, 1892-1985). Edition 38/50, signed in graphite lower right, numbered lower left. Plate, 10”h. 7”w., framed, 13.25”h. 9.75”w. $500-$1,000



E GLI EROI ALLA FINESTRA BY SANDRO CHIA (ITALIAN, B. 1946). Aquatint, drypoint, scraping and soft-ground etching in colors signed lower right “S.C.,” 1981. Printer’s proof noted lower left “P.P.” Elliot Smith Contemporary Art label verso. 30”h. 22.25”w., framed 32.5”h. 24.5”w. $1,500-$2,500

149 GARDEN PARTY SCENE BY O. FABRO (EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Watercolor and gouache on paper, signed and dated lower right “Oth. Fabro/1904.” Figures in Victorian dress socializing in a garden setting. 18.5”h. 30.75”w., in original Aesthetic style frame, 28.75”h. 41.25”w. $400-$600

147 PAINTING BY CHERYL WARRICK (AMERICAN, B. 1956). Acrylic and mixed media on paper. Composition of forms, still life, landscape, and faces. 13.25”h. 40”w., framed, 17”h. 44”w. $800-$1,200


148 PORTRAIT OF A MAN BY ADA DOUGLAS HARMON (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 20TH CENTURY). Oil on board, signed lower right. A Middle Eastern man seen in profile wearing a red turban. 14.5”h. 11.5”w., framed, 17.5”h. 14.5”w. $200-$400


KENNER TRINKEN WEREF TEE POSTER. Lithograph, circa 1950. A caricature of five Chinese men lined up in profile wearing red and blue, the leftmost holding a cup of tea. 14”h. 21”w., framed, 22.75”h. 30”w. $100-$200 • 37

151 SPAN OF LIFE BY OSCAR THALINGER (AMERICAN, 1885 - 1965). Oil on board, signed lower left and dated “‘61.” Handwritten title verso. Abstract composition 21”h. 30”w., framed, 22.5”h. 32.5”w. $800-$1,200

152 ROCKY COAST, LIKELY CALIFORNIA, BY JACK WILKINSON SMITH (AMERICAN, 1873 - 1949) Oil on canvasboard, signed lower left. Waves crashing on a rocky coastline. 16”h. 20”w., carved gold leaf frame, 25.25”h. 29.25”w. $6,000-$8,000

153 STILL LIFE BY JOSEPH JOHN (JOE) JONES (AMERICAN, 1909-1963). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Stained glass window illuminating and casting shadows of two vases and a sea shell on book. Inscribed verso "Still life by Joseph Jones, American. Still Life, New York, NY." 26.5"h. 30"w., framed, 33"h. 39"w. $3,000-$5,000

154 TWO PIECES OF HINDU ART. India, late 18th-early 19th century, gouache on paper. Interior courtyard scenes depicting attendants paying homage to Krishna and Buddha. Largest 26”h. 21.5”w., framed, 31”h. 26.5”w. $150-$250

155 LAKE AND MOUNTAIN VIEW BY BRUNO CÔTÉ (CANADIAN, 1940-2010). Oil on board, signed lower left and dated “80”. Showing lakeside cabin surrounded by evergreen trees. Titled on gallery label verso, Aube a club des Ilets. 16”h. 20”w., framed 21”h. 25”w. $2,000-$3,000

153 38 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016


156 LANDSCAPE BY GEORGE LORNE HOLLAND BOUCHARD (CANADIAN, 19131978). Oil on board. Depicting a pastoral landscape with trees and a grey sky. 8.5”h. 13.25”w. Framed 15.75”h. 20”w. $300-$500

157 ABSTRACT WOODCUT PRINT BY JOSEPH WEISS (ISRAELI, 1916-2003). Signed lower left and date lower right “1968”. Numbered 94/210 lower left. Abstract forms in blue, orange, black and gold. 14.5”h. 18.75”w., framed, 19.75”h 23.75”w. $200-$400

158 ABSTRACT STILL LIFE COMPOSITION BY WILLIAM PEREHUDOFF (CANADIAN, 1918 - 2013). Oil on board, signed lower right. An abstract table top arrangement in hues of blue, grey, green and peach. 15.5”h. 21.5”w., framed, 24”h. 30.25”w. $2,000-$4,000



PAPIERS COLLÉS 1910-1914 AFTER PABLO PICASSO (SPANISH, 1881-1973). Lithograph, frontispiece for the portfolio Papiers Collés 1910-1914, Au Pont Des Arts, 1966, edition of 300. Reference: Cramer 137. 25”h. 18”w., framed, 31.25”h. 25.25”w. $1,000-$1,500

160 NUDE BY FELIX CONRAD SCHWARZ (AMERICAN, 1906 - 1990). Oil on canvas, signed upper right. Artist identified on frame verso. Nude seated on a rocky coast 40”h. 30”w., original frame, 44.5”h. 34.25”w. $800-$1,200

161 SELF-PORTRAIT BY RED SKELTON (AMERICAN, 1913-1997). Colored marker on a linen napkin, signed and dated lower right “1984.” Clown in green and pink polka dot tie and hat with a butterfly alighting on his finger. Photograph of Skelton holding this drawing affixed verso.18”h. 15”w., framed, 34.5”h. 31”w. $1,000-$2,000

162 PORTRAIT OF EMMETT KELLY BY LANG (AMERICAN, MID-20TH CENTURY). Watercolor on paper, signed lower left and dated “59.” Emmett Leo Kelly (American, 1898-1979), a circus performer, seen adjusting his hat while viewing himself in a handheld mirror. 28.75”h. 20.75”w., matted and framed, 45”h. 35”w. $300-$500



163 PORTRAIT OF A MAN BY EDWARD EVERETT BURR (AMERICAN, 1895-1986). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Artist known for his connection to Illinois and Ohio. Depicting a grey-haired gentleman in a red and gold jacket with black silk tie. 27”h. 20”w., ornate Spanish baroque-style frame, 34.5”h 27.5”w. $500-$800 • 39



Pair OF stiLL LiFes BY F. rOJa (sPanisH, Late 19tH CenturY). oil on canvas. each signed, inscribed and dated “F. roya/1898/Xerez.” one depicting red poppies, blue morning glories and bleeding hearts, the other with white roses, blue cornflowers and white daisies each in a classical form urn seen on a table top with carved and painted edge. 17.75”h. 9.5”w., framed, 21”h. 13.25”w. $500-$900

Pair OF igOrOt wOOD Carvings. Polynesian islands, early to mid 20th century, exotic wood. hanging profiles of men smoking pipes facing one another. $50-$100

165 HOrses anD riDer at a river (ameriCan, 19tH CenturY). oil on canvas, unsigned. one rider and two horses resting at the river edge with foothills in the distance. 10”h. 14”w., period frame, 14.75”h. 18.5”w. $200-$300


166 OaXaCa DriPware Pig PitCHer. Mexico, early to mid 20th century. Sitting pig form with handle in drip glaze shades of blue, green, and yellow. 11”h. $75-$150

167 HinDu FOLK art. india, 19th century, gouache on paper applied to board. image of Jagannath, incarnations of Vishnu. 20.5”h. 28.5”w. $100-$150


168 seateD marBLe BuDDHa. Southeast Asia, early to mid 20th century. Buddha in traditional seated position. 15”h. $100-$200

169 Diminutive stOne HeaDs OF BuDDHa. Southeast Asia, mid 20th century. Five similarly rendered and sized stone carvings. 5”h. $75-$150

170 marBLe BirD Basin. Southeast Asia, mid 20th century. Carved elliptical bath, 5”h. 16”w. 12”d. $75-$150 173


40 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

172 twO navaJO rugs. Mid-20th century, wool. Simple geometric medallions in ivory, beige, red and brown, 28” x 28”, and horizontal line with sawtooth corners, 28” x 61”. $150-$250

173 tOKOname umBreLLa stanD. Japan, late 19th- early 20th century, terra cotta. repeating ruyi form band to rim over gilt dragon amongst swirling clouds all in raised relief. two incised seal marks to underside. 30”h. 12”diameter. $300-$500

174 CHinese BLue anD wHite FLOOr vase. Mid 20th century, porcelain. Slender neck with applied handles conforming to body painted with figures. 24”h. 14”w. $200-$300

175 CHinese arCHaiC COCOOn FOrm vesseL. Likely 20th century, terra cotta. Large rim and body over elevated footing. 20”h. 21”w. 13”d. $100-$250

176 aDam BY rODneY m. winFieLD (ameriCan, B.1925). Mid to late 20th century, walnut. Carved abstracted male figure coiling in seated position. 23”h. 12”w. 12”d. $400-$700

177 BOne KniFe BOX. Likely southeast Asia, mid 20th century. Brass knob handle to rectangular form with lined interior. 5”h. 8”w. 16”d. $50-$100



Large asian siLK Painting. Likely Japanese, mid 20th century, polychrome enamel on silk. Multiple figures on horseback painted on a muted ground. 44”h. 59”w. Framed and matted, 62”h. 78”w. $250-$500

Pair OF imari BOwLs. Japan, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Scalloped rim, lobed walls to decorated well of birds at pond. 2”h. 6”w. $75-$150



CHinese sOaPstOne Carving. early to mid 20th century. Small bird perched below pomegranate branch mounted to rocky mass. 10.5”h. $100-$200

Pair OF imari BOwLs. Japan, mid to late 19th century, porcelain. Scalloped rim, lobed polychrome walls to well with medallions of landscapes and geometric patterns. $200-$400



CHinese HarDstOne BOwL anD CuP. Late 19th- early 20th century, nephrite and agate. nephrite bowl having rolled lip rim, steep walls, shallow well. diminutive agate bowl on slightly raised footing. $100-$300

tiBetan siLver taBLe artiCLes. Late 19th- early 20th century, .800 silver. Pair of chop sticks and two rests in character form, hallmarked. $100-$250

181 Pair OF imari DisHes. Japan, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Lozenge form having multiple geometric decorations to wall and crane to well. 1.5”h. 7”w. 5”d. $75-$150

182 Pair OF LOZenge FOrm DisHes. Japan, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Cobalt walls to white ground well decorated with bird and branches. Stamped to underside. 1.5”h. 6.75”w. 5.25”d. $100-$200

183 Pair OF imari BOwLs. Japan, mid to late 19th century, porcelain. Scalloped rim and lobed walls having three polychrome and gilt decorated frieze surrounding cobalt floral medallion to well. $100-$300

184 Pair OF imari PLates. Japan, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Scalloped rim, white ground having multiple polychromed enamel floral sprays. 1.5”h. 8.75” diameter. $100-$200


188 Pair OF CHinese eXPOrt armOriaL CaCHe POts. Mid 20th century, porcelain. repeating decoration to everted rim over body of peonies and Limb family crest. With identical plates. 10”h. 12”diamter. $200-$400



twO JaDe BangLes. China, mid 20th century. Both having approximately 2.5” inner diameter. $50-$250

190 sanCai gLaZeD rOOF tiLes OF nuwa anD FuXi. China, stoneware, late 1800s. deities nuwa and Fuxi over convex tile with sancai glaze. 13.5”h. 5.5”w. 9”d. $150-$300


191 Pair OF niPPOn vases BY nOritaKe. Japan, early 20th century, porcelain. urn form, gilt rim and handles with landscape painting on body. Stamped to underside. 9’”h. $50-$100

192 seven nePHrite Carvings. China, mid 20th century. Guanyin carved plaque, cicada form belt hook, large carved pebble pendant, and two pairs of carved foo dogs. $100-$300 190 • 41

193 FIVE SNUFF BOTTLES. China, 20th century. Double gourd form stamped silver, painted glass, faux ivory, pair of faux cinnabar stamped Qianlong but not period. $75-$150

194 INSIDE PAINTED CHINESE GLASS BOWL. Early to mid 20th century. Figural scene of women doing housework with calligraphy poem. Silver detail of dragon and phoenix, together with three faux ivory carvings. Bowl, 2”h. 4.5”diameter. $25-$75

195 PAIR OF HEAVY ORANGE PEEL GLAZE MING FORM VASES. China, likely early Republic, porcelain. Grisaille pallet of key fret pattern to neck above exaggerated ovoid body of dragons floating near clouds and flaming pearl. 24”h. 14”diameter. $300-$600 197



PAIR OF YELLOW GROUND FAMILLE ROSE TWO DRAGON MEDALLION BOWLS WITH QIANLONG MARK. China, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Everted rim, milky white well, yellow body having scrolling vines in bloom and two circle medallions encompassing dragon and phoenix. Four character Qianlong mark on underside, but not period. 2.25”h. 4.75”diameter. $400-$700

197 FINELY CARVED PALE CELADON JADE SNUFF BOTTLE. China, late 19th- early 20th century. Floral blossom design carved to both sides separated by crossing line patterns. 2.25”h. 2.25”w. $600-$900

198 SERPENTINE JADE CENSER. China, early 20th century. Foo dog atop lid to similar form censer on wooden stand. 9.25”h. $200-$300

199 ASIAN BIRD PRINT. On silk, showing a heron and lotus blossom motif. Framed, 49.5”h. 23.5”w. $300-$500

200 GILTWOOD THREE PART SCREEN. Continental, mid-20th century. Carved crests over the ornamental needlework with silk background. 54”h. x 53.5”w. $200-$300

201 VENICE BY G. FALIER (20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas mounted on board, signed and dated lower left “1960.” Venetian market scene with canal, bridge and gondolas. 23.5”h. 39.75”w., framed 28.75”h. 44.5”w. $300-$500 200 42 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016



BieDermeier mirrOr. Continental, mid 19th century, maple. transitional form, applied brass plaque of Venus with putti on both side above beveled mirror. 46”h. 28”w. $250-$500

Pair waLL sCOnCes. european, mid-20th century. Gilt metal candelabra form with porcelain flower ornamentation. 16.5”h. 14”w. $150-$250

203 Ornate COntinentaL mirrOr. Mid to late 20th century, painted and gessoed wood. Snake gliding through floral bouquet crest and draped scrolling vines flanking the rectangular pane. 62”h. 33”w. $200-$400

204 POrCeLain vase. Austria. hand painted flowers. 15.5”h. $75-$150

205 PHiLaDeLPHia sHOw tOweL Fragment. American, mid 19th century, linen. embroidered textile with three small grape clusters with vines in post surrounded by alternating heart border. 25.5”h. 17”w. $200-$400

206 mODern DesK LamP. 20th century, white metal. translucent fibrous green shade on painted neoclassical style base. 20”h. 16”d. $50-$100

207 Pair OF COntinentaL sCOnCes. Possibly Belgian, first half-19th century, gilt and painted wood, porcelain. Bow above crossed horn and shovel behind basket of porcelain flowers, electrified. 28”h. 10”w. 4.5”d. $800-$1,200

209 Pair OF FrenCH giLt BrOnZe siX LigHt CanDeLaBra. nineteenth century. Scrolling arms above the horned sheep decorated column supports and tri-form figural base, on scrolling feet. electrified as table lamps. 41”h. $1,500-$2,500


210 Large taPestrY. Continental, 18th century. Figures and animals in a verdure landscape with foliate bouquet borders. 105”h. 78”w. $2,000-$3,000

211 aestHetiC mOvement Cruet anD sugar Canister. American, late 19th- early 20th century, silverplate and glass. Six piece etched glass cruet set with handled stand by derby along with Meriden reticulated glass sugar jar with stand and cube tongs. 17”h. $100-$200



212 aBP Cut CrYstaL COmPOte anD PLatter. American, late 19th- early 20th century. Scalloped rim with fan and starburst cuts slip fit to conical support with associated platter. 9”h. $100-$300

213 Pair OF revivaL CanDLestiCKs. American, early 20th century, brass and enamel. the candle support above bobeche atop female gryphon figure mounted on repeating heart incised socle. 8.5”h. $50-$100 210 • 43

214 near Pair OF FamiLLe rOse vases mOunteD as LamPs. China, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Birds and butterflies throughout baluster form body of paneled interior scenes; faux ivory finials. Vase body 13”h. $200-$300

215 auBussOn Fire sCreen. American, late 19th century. Cheval style screen with floral needlepoint work flanked by turned post. 46”h. 36”w. $100-$200




Pair OF OnYX CanDeLaBra. Continental, late 19th- early 20th century. three arms and a central standard all with bobeche elevated on single onyx column supported by tripod base and socle. 17.75”h. $75-$150

217 enCrier CanDLestiCK. Continental, mid to late 19th century, brass and shell. A nappy form candle holder attached to shell stand supporting inkwell. Along with snuffer and candle. 8.5”h. $100-$300

218 green marBLe COLumn. Spiral fluted column with an octagonal base. 42”h. 12”w. $300-$500



CLOCK garniture set. France, late 19th century, Louis XVi style. Japy Freres movement in the malachite and gilt metal clock case with large full cherub crest holding scientific instruments. Flanked with matching urn form cassolettes. three pieces. 19”h. clock, 17.5”h. cassolettes. $1,000-$2,000

220 FrenCH FiguraL manteL CLOCK. nineteenth century, Louis XV style. Scrolling and foliate gilt metal case with white marble front panel, holds the “Barbot - etablissement de Paris” marked movement. topped with dark brown patina, genre setting of a woman at stove. 18.5”h. $600-$900

221 FrenCH raingO Freres CarteL CLOCK. nineteenth century, gilt bronze, Louis XV style. White enamel dial marked “raingo Fres. - A Paris” and with royal blue roman numerals, covers the “raingo Freres - Paris” marked clock works. Scrolling case depicts orientalist figural crest with woman holding an umbrella, boy with horn and a dog. the bottom showing a stag among scrolling foliate motifs. 28”h. $1,000-$2,000 220 44 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

222 FIGURAL MANTEL CLOCK, A. MOREAU VAUTHIER. France, 19th century, gilt bronze and marble. Fluted white marble column case holds the “A. Marti - Medaille de Bronze” marked movement, “Thiebaut Freres Paris” marks the enamel decorated dial, the case decorated with gilt bronze quiver, ribbon and festoons, topped with Augustin Edme Moreau - Vauthier gilt bronze figure of cupid shooting his arrow, signed “A. Moreau Vauthier” to the ground. 23”h. $3,000-$5,000

223 COUNTRY TALL CASE CLOCK. American, late 18th- early 19th century, pine. The shaped cornice crowns a square face with wooden works flanked by columns above tall case and bracket footing. 83”h. 19”w. 12”d. $1,000-$1,500

224 ANSONIA LOUIS XV STYLE ANNIVERSARY CLOCK. American early 20th century, gilt bronze. Urn form finial over the open escapement and scrolling base. 15.25”h. $200-$300

225 ELABORATE ANSONIA MANTEL CLOCK. American, 1st-half 20th century. Urn form finial over the circular face set with Arabic numerals flanked by scroll form handles over four Corinthian columns raised on a conforming base, flanked by a seated figure. The whole raised on an elaborate shaped base. 22”h. 22.5”w. $200-$500


226 MODERN COFFEE TABLE AFTER ISAMU NOGUCHI. American, 20th century. Triangular glass top on adjustable wood arms. 15.75”h. 36.6”w. 51”l. $400-$600

227 WICKER DIVAN IN THE MANNER OF HEYWOOD-WAKEFIELD. Late 19th C. 16”h. 24.5”w. 74”l. $100-$300

228 CANOPIED GREEN WICKER CHAIR. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Unusual hooded form. 69”h. 27”w. 26”d. $100-$200

229 RENAISSANCE STYLE SIDE CHAIR. Early 20th century. Feather and foliate carved crest, barley twist stiles and oval wicker inset back, with padded seat and matching carved base. 19”h. seat, 48”h. overall. Ex - collection Otto Ercker. $100-$200


223 • 45



uPHOLstereD wingBaCK armCHair. American, 20th century. Camelback with outward armrests, short cabriole legs ending on pad feet. 20”h. seat, 46”h. overall. $200-$400

Pair urn FOrm taBLe LamPs. Continental, 19th / 20th century. double handled, decorated with genre scenes over the cobalt grounds, beehive marks to underside. 28”h.


ex - Collection otto ercker. $200-$400

emPire stYLe COnsOLe. Continental, early 20th century. Marble top on the bronze mounted mahogany console table. 37”h. 46.5”w. 18.25”d. ex - collection otto ercker. $500-$800



238 OaK DisPLaY CaBinet. American, 20th century. three glazed doors, over three drawers with walnut panel fronts. 72.5”h. 90”w. 19”d. $600-$1,000

geOrge iii-stYLe CeLLarette. english, late 19th / early 20th century. oval with fitted brass insert and lion mask handles, Marlborough legs. 21”h. 20.5”w. 29.5”l. $500-$800




vitrine. Continental, late 19th century. Brass gallery top to the serpentine mirror back cabinet with inlaid highlights top and bottom. 55.75”h. 28”w. 13”d. $700-$1,000

COntemPOrarY wOODen CHess set. American, 20th century. By artist daniel McCarthy, ilinois. hand crafted in alternating light and dark woods, 3” to 5.25”h. With matching game board, 19” x 19”. With matching fitted storage box for all thirty-two pieces. $150-$250

234 mODern eXtensiOn taBLe. early dunbar. Circular, with three extension leaves. 29”h. 42”dia. (with 18” leaves). Sold by david rago (rago Auctions) in 2000/01. $300-$600

235 reD LaCQuer CHest. Southeast Asia, 20th century. Brass bound with cupboard doors and an assortment of drawers, on ogee bracket feet. 40.5”h. 36”w. 18”d. $150-$250

236 mODern gLass tOP taBLe. in the manner of Lalique. 16.25”h. 37.75”sq. $200-$400


46 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

COntemPOrarY gLass CHess set. twentieth century. White and blue glass board, 15” x 15”, with white and blue glass chess pieces, 1” to 3”h. Complete. $150-$250

241 Pair OF maCeY seCtiOnaL staCK BOOKCases. American, 20th century. each with three sections and glass doors. 51”h. 34”w. 12”d. $300-$500

242 gLOBe-werniCKe seCtiOnaL staCK BOOKCase. American, 20th century. three sections with glass doors. 57.5”h. 34”w. 15”d. $250-$350

243 MAIDENS FAIR. Fisher, harrison, new york, dodd, Mead & Company, 1912. Fairly clean interior with many lower left corners of images bent. 9.5” x 13.2”. From the library of William h. remy. $75-$150

244 MILTON’S PARADISE LOST, aLtemus eDitiOn. Walsh, henry C., illustrated by Gustave dore, Philadelphia, henry Altemus, 507, 509, 511 and 513 Cherry Street, ca. 1885. Fairly clean interior with images, 319pp. embossed black covers show wear. 10” x 12”. From the library of William h. remy. $100-$200



245 FENDER JAZZ FOUR-STRING ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR. American, 1968. Double cutaway Alder body, 20 fret maple neck, rosewood fingerboard / block inlays, with three ply white pickguard, two J style pickups with two volume & one tone controls, “F” logo bridge cover, and chrome hardware, in original Lake Placid blue finish, now faded to green. Serial number 236705. 46”l. With case. $5,500-$7,500

246 FENDER MUSICMASTER II SIX-STRING ELECTRIC GUITAR. American, 1965. Double cutaway poplar body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, three ply white pickguard, one single coil pickup with volume & tone controls, red finish. Serial number L79190. 39”l. With case. $700-$1,400

247 LETTERS FROM A GLOBETROTTER. Raymond, Elmer D., Written for members of the Round-theWorld Society, bound in original black leatherette showing the faint silhouette of an elephant to the front cover. Image of sketched ship by the author and fold-out map of the world at front, as well as several black and white plates from photographs throughout the book. Thirty-seven bound letters with postage (many of multiple pages), plus fifteen separate postcards with postage, all addressed to Mr. Rex P. Young of Indianapolis Ind, USA. 6.5” x 9.5”. $75-$125

248 THOUGHTS UPON SLAVERY. Wesley, John, London, Printed: Re-printed in Philadelphia, with notes, and sold by Joseph Crukshank, MD, CC, LXXIV. Marbelized end boards with leather corners and ribbed spine. 4” x 6.5”. From the library of William H. Remy. $50-$150

249 COSMOGRAPHY IN FOUR BOOKS. Heylyn, Peter, London, printed by A. C. for P. Chetwind, and A. Seile, and are to be sold by T. Basset, F. Wright, R. Chiswel, and T. Sawbridge., MDCLXXVII. “Containing the Chorography and History of the Whole World: and all the Principal Kingdoms, Provinces, Seas, and Isles Thereof.” All four in one roughly bound leather cover, with tape to the ribbed spine. Additional title pages within for “The Second Book, Containing the Chorography and History of Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Swethland, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Sclavonia, Dacia, and Greece, with the Isles thereof.”, London, printed by Thomas Dawks, Printer to the King’s most Excellent Majesty in the British Language, for Philip Chetwin and Anne Seile, M DC LXX VII; “The Third Book, containing the Chorography and History of the Lesser and Greater ASIA, and all the Principal Kingdoms, Provinces, Seas, and Isles, thereof.”, London, printed in the Year MDCLXXVI; and “The Fourth Book, Part I, Containing the Chorography and History of AFRICA: and all the Principal Kingdoms, Provinces, Seas, and Isles thereof.”, London, printed for Anne Seil, MDCLXXVII. Containing several engraved foldout maps. 9.5” x 14”. From the library of William H. Remy. $1,000-$2,000

250 MEMOIRS OF COUNT LAVALLETTE, WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. Henry Coburn and Richard Bentley, London, 1831. Second Edition in two volumes, (viii) & 392pp and (viii) & 397pp. Marbelized end boards, black leather spine with gilt lettering. 8.5”h. 5.5”w. $100-$200



251 BELTRAMI’S PILGRIMAGE AND DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCES OF THE MISSISSIPPI. Two bound book sets. Both sets identically marked as by J. C. Beltrami, Esq., London, Printed for Hunt and Clarke, York Street, Covent Garden, 1828; Printed by London C. H. Reynell, Broad Street, Golden Square. Full title reads “A PILGRIMAGE IN EUROPE AND AMERICA, LEADING TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCES OF THE MISSISSIPPI AND BLOODY RIVER; WITH A DESCRIPTION OF THE WHOLE COURSE OF THE FORMER, AND OF THE OHIO.”. One set rebound (marked Paul Belard-Relieur) in red leather with ribbed tan leather spine with gilt lettering, holding portrait of the author and diagrams at 218 (torn) and 220 of Vol. I, Map and Plates of Indian Ornaments present in Vol. II. 8.75”h. 5.8w. The other set in older (original?) cloth bindings with paper label to spine, missing portrait, diagrams at 218 & 220 present in Vol. I, Map and Plates of Indian Ornaments present in Vol. II. 9.1”h. 6”w. $400-$600 • 47

252 OFFICIAL SOUVENIR BOOK NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR 1939. Monaghan, Frank (ed.), Exposition Publications, New York, 1939. Hardcover. Orange covers with navy lettering, interior end board clean with animated aerial view of the fair, after Edwin D Mott. Markings on bottom of 1st page read “Copyright, 1939, Exposition Publications, Inc. Thos. R. Gardiner, Pres. 33 West 42nd St., New York, N. Y. Designed by Donald Deskey, Edited by Frank Monaghan”. 10.4”h. 13.9”w. $75-$125

253 ART WORK OF ST. LOUIS, 1895. Published in Twelve Parts. (St. Louis) W. H. Parish Pub. Co., 1895, with 15 single sided text pages and 73 single sided photo plates (some multi-image) illus. folio, modern 3/4 grey cloth and new endsheets with green calf spine label showing gilt lettering. Original titles to each part were pink wraps, are not present. 13.8”h. 11.1”w. $400-$600


257 254 MEMOIRS OF EVELYN. Evelyn, John - Memoirs, Illustrative of the Life and Writings of... Author of the “Sylva” &c. comprising his Diary, from 1641 to 1705-6.. familiar letters (and) the Private Correspondence between King Charles I and his Sec. of State, Sir Ed. Nicholas..also between Sir Ed. Hyde, Earl of Clarendon and Sir Rich. Browne.. from the original MSS in Two vols, ed. by Wm. Bray, Second Edition. London: Henry Colburn (for) John and Arthur Arch 1819, 2 vols (xxviii & 671pp and vi & 336pp) with 12 single sided engraved illus. (includ. 2 frntspc’s) (some foldouts) Folios (in 4’s) contemp. full diced calf, rebacked w/ original spines laid down, minor rubbing to edges of covers. 12”h. 10.75”w. $250-$350

TRAITS OF NATURE. Miss Burney (Sarah Harriet), London: Henry Colburn, 1812. In five volumes, 293pp, 277pp, 307pp, 247pp & 251pp. 7.1”h. 4.4”w. $200-$400


COWLEY’S WORKS. Cowley, Abraham - The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley, consisting of Those which were formerly printed: and Those which he Design’d for the Press, Now published out of the Authors Original Copies. Seventh Edition. London: by J. M. for Henry Herringman 1681 (xlii) & 42pp & 80pp & (iv) & 70pp & 154pp & 24pp & 148pp. Bound With The Second Part of the Works of ... Being what was Written and Published by himself in his Younger Years and now reprinted together. Fourth Edition. London: by Mary Clark for Charles Harper and Jacob Tonson 1681 (vi) & 162pp, 2 engraved frntspc’s, 2 vols in one 4to, old paneled calf, rebacked at an early date, minor shelf wear. 11.6”h. 8”w. $150-$250

TWO EIGHTEENTH CENTURY BOOKS. Zelucu, Various Views of Human Nature, Taken From Life and Manners, Foreign and Domestic, Boston, Printed by Alexander Young, in State Street, for David West, No. 36 Marlborough Street, and Ebenezer Larkin, jun, No. 50, Cornhill, MDCCXCII (1792), 560pp, rebound with olive leather ribbed spine, 5.5”w x 8.5”h. Together with Companion for the Fasts of the Church of England, Eighth Edition, London, W. Bowyer for F. Churchill, 1713, 636pp plus 16pp index, rebound with deep burgundy leather ribbed spine, 5.25”w x 7.8”h. $100-$150




ACCOUNT OF AN EXPEDITION FROM PITTSBURGH TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS, PERFORMED IN THE YEARS 1819, 1820. James, Edwin - London, Printed by A. & R. Spottiswoode, New Street Square, 1823. Volumes 1 - 3. After the above title, title page reads “By Order Of The Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Secretary Of War, Under The Command Of Maj. S. H. Long, Of The U. S. Top. Engineers. - Compiled From The Notes Of Major Long, Mr. T. Say, And Other Gentlemen Of The Party, By Edwin James, Botanist And Geologist To The Expedition. - In Three Volumes. — London: Printed For Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, And Brown, Paternoster-Row. 1823.” Volume I with 7 engraved images and fold out engraved diagram of “VERTICAL SECTION on the PARALLEL of LATITUDE 41 degrees North - VERTICAL SECTION on the PARALLEL of LATITUDE 35 degrees North”. Vol. I 344pp, Vol. II 356pp, Vol III 347pp. Marbelized front and back covers, brown leather 5 ribbed spines and gilt lettering. 8.75”h. 6”w. $1,000-$2,000 48 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

THREE BOOKS. Parecebolae sive Exerpta e Corpore Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis, Oxonii, E. Typographeo Clarendoniano, MDCCCXX (1820), 279pp, brown leather with gold outlining, 4.25”w x 7”h. Together with Correspondance de Fernand Cortes, A Paris, Cellot & Fils, 1778, 512pp, brown leather ribbed spine, 4.25”w x 6.9”h. Together with A History of Transportation in the Ohio Valley, Charles Henry Ambler, Arthur H. Clark Co., California, 1932, 465pp, 3/4 navy leather bound with gilt lettering, 4.25”w x 6.9”h. $75-$125


260 ELEMENTS OF SURVEYING. Davies, Charles, fourth edition, published by A. S. Barnes & Co. Hartford, 1839. “With a Description of the Instruments and the Necessary Tables, Including a Table of Natural Sines”. Six fold-out engraved illustrations at back of book. 5.1” x 8.25”. From the library of William H. Remy. $50-$100

261 LARGE INK ON SILK. Japan, mid 19th century. Depecting multiple floral arrangements in vessels around a woven basket filled with grapes and pomegranate. Seal stamped and calligraphy to left of work. Framed, 63.75”h, 29”w. $1,000-$2,000



CHINESE DOUBLE SPILL VASE. Early to mid 20th century, soapstone. A flowering branch in between two individually sized pots. 4.5”h. 9”w. 2.5”d. $100-$250

TWO SUNG DYNASTY BOWLS. China, 12th century, stoneware. Small lotus form pale glaze bowl, 1.25”h. 4.5”diameter, and blue and white on raised footing, 1.75”h. 4”diameter. $100-$300

263 FUNERARY PROCESSIONAL SCROLL FOR EMPEROR MEIJI. Japan, early to mid 20th century, lithographic print on paper. In depth panoramic rendering of the royal procession with Kanji labeled dignitaries and caravan. Published in Tougai Hall, Tokyo; seal stamped,10”h. 7’l. $300-$500



MEIJI STYLE BRONZE BONSAI PLANTER. Japan, 20th century. Rectangular form, key fret to rim over dragon and cloud medallions to wall, elevated on shaped footing. 3.25”h. 8”w. 5.5”d. $50-$100

BAMBOO CORNER ETEGERE. England, 2nd quarter 20th century. Faux finish and Japanned shelves. 63.5”h. 20”w. $250-$350

265 FAUX CHERRY AMBER CARVING. China, mid 20th century, lucite. A sage stands robed with small foo dog at his feet. 9.5”h. $50-$100

266 PAIR OF FAUX CHERRY AMBER VASES. China, early to mid 20th century. Flared rim and elephant form ringed handles to neck over round body with landscape carving. 9”h. $100-$300

267 JADE AND DIAMOND PENDANT. China, early to mid 20th century. Carved and pierced pendant on gold vermeil bale with five graduating mine cut diamonds. 1.75”h. $150-$300

268 TWO TOKONAME VESSELS. Japan, late 19th century, terra cotta. Vase having dragons amongst clouds along with small bowl having dragon relief and flanked masks. $200-$400

269 MEIJI OWL VASE. Japan, late 19th- early 20th century, bronze. Four proud owls interlock to form vase. Takao mark to underside. $200-$400

CHINESE GINGER JAR. Late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Lidded, ovoid form, blue and white decoration throughout. 8.25”h. $75-$150


273 EARLY DIVORCE DAGUERREOTYPE. American, late 19th century. A scratch defaced daguerreotype with only the husband’s photo remaining, in leather case. 3.5”h. 3”w. $50-$150


274 FOLKSY ROUND TILT-TOP TABLE WITH PINAPPLE FORM BASE. Carved and black painted wood base with round faux marble painted top in grey, black and white. 38”diameter, 28”h. $450-$650

275 BRASS SCALE. American, mid 20th century. Fluted column support with mathcing weight pans. 51”h. $100-$200

276 TERRACOTTA JUG. Circa 200AD. Ancient pouring vessel with bulbous body, simple loop handle opposite the spout. 11”h. $100-$200

277 VERLYS CHINOISERIE VASE. France, early to mid 20th century, glass. Cylindrical body with human figure and plant relief to circumference. 9.25”h. $100-$300


278 TWO SOAPSTONE CARVINGS. China, early to mid 20th century. A ruyi form ash receptacle and desktop letter holder featuring a carved potted plant and bird. $50-$150 • 49



FINELY CARVED BUTSUDAN. Japan, late 19th century, various woods. High relief panels of Apsaras in clouds above detailed and gilded architecture complete with kara hafu roof; reminiscent of the Byodo, Kyoto. Housed in black lacquered cabinet. 63”h. 28”w. 23”d. $800-$1,200

CARVED SOAPSTONE FOO DOGS. China, early 20th century. Large foo dog with two playful foo pups, on carved wooden stand. 7”h. $200-$300

280 A PORTRAIT OF YOUNG EMPRESS DOWAGER CIXI. China, early 20th century. Seated full length figure rendered from canted angle. 45”h. 25”w. $600-$900 281

281 FLORENTINE PORCELAIN PLAQUE TITLED THE PRESENTATION. Italy, 19th century. A dignitary presents a young male companion to an unsuspecting woman in this interior genre scene. Signed on verso by artist, Florenzia. 8”h. 12”w. In ornate Rococo frame, 13.25”h. 17.25”w. $2,000-$3,000



DIMINUTIVE GINGER JAR. China, early 20th century, porcelain. Teal glaze body with mythical creatures on rock masses under flames. $75-$150

283 CHINESE FIVE BATS FLOWER POT WITH QIANLONG MARK. 19th century, porcelain. Canted corner form with cobalt key fret over body depicting a round shou symbol to panels encircled by five bats alternating with shou and two butterflies. With water plate, Qianlong mark to underside, but not period. 4.75”h. 6.25”w. 6.5”d. $1,200-$1,800

284 CHINESE CARVING OF GRAPE VINE. Early 20th century, soapstone. Pierced and carved forming grapes, leaves, and vine. 8.25”h. 14”w. $200-$300


286 50 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

286 PAIR OF CHINESE HEAVY ORANGE PEEL GLAZE PLATTERS. Late 19th early 20th century, porcelain. Elliptical form, rolled lip, scrolling vine polychrome and gilt enamel rim joining four medallions bearing auspicious objects, sloping to well of butterflies amongst peach blossoms, nandina, narcissus and fungi. Marked to underside. 1.5”h. 14”w. 10.5”d. $1,500-$2,500

287 LARGE CARVED SOAPSTONE MOUNTAIN. China, early to mid 20th century. Architecture and landscape scenery carved from in high relief from boulder, 10”h. 18”w. 8”d. In original case. $200-$300

287A CARVED JADE LION. China, mid 20th century. A prominent foo lion crouching with foo lion pup atop. 3”h. 4”w. 1.75”d. $200-$300

287B CARVED JADE SCHOLAR STONE. China, early 20th century. Pebble form depicting pair of cranes under pine trees and architecture, carved in deep relief. $200-$400

287C TWO SMALL PORCELAIN BOWLS, GUANGXU MARK. China, earliest 20th century. Rising from a short foot into a flared rim, with overglaze medallions of dragons, bats, and lotuses. Iron red underglaze Guangxu mark on bottom. 2”h. 3.75”diameter. $200-$400

288 Large HarDstOne Carving OF mOnKeYs. China, 20th century, likely serpentine jade. Multiple monkeys gather in foliage near a large double gourd, on carved spinach jade stand. 14”h. 11”w. 4”d. $100-$300

289 Large HarDstOne teaPOt. China, early 20th century. Gourd form vessel with vine conforming as handle. 5”h. 7.5”diameter. $200-$400




290 Pair OF serPentine JaDe rams. China, early to mid 20th century. Proud rams biting onto branches draped with coins. 8.5”h. 8”w. 2”d. $200-$400

291 mugHaL BOne POrtraiture. Persia, late 19th- early 20th century. reclining lovers embrace on balcony. Matted and framed, 8”h. 7”w. $100-$200

292 art gLass BOwLs BY sam stang, (ameriCan, B. 1959) three colorful hand blown flaring circular footed bowls with applied highlights, signed underfoot and dated 1998. 5.5”h. and 11.5 to12.3”dia. $200-$400

293 Pair staFFOrDsHire DOgs. england, early 20th century, porcelain. A greened copper lustre painted decoration to the iconic form. $75-$150

296 Pair OF sevres stYLe urns. French, early to mid 20th century, porcelain. trophy form with polychrome enameled panels to teal blue ground flanked by ormolu caryatids, elevated on gilt base. $250-$500

297 Pair OF sevres stYLe vases. French, early to mid 20th century, porcelain. Flared rim above bottle form body with polychromed oval medallion of putti flanked by gilt mask handles and lifted on brass footing. $250-$500

298 sevres stYLe taBLe CasKet. France, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. elliptical shape cobalt body having painted decoration to hinged lid opening to white interior and floral motif. underside labeled Chateau des tuberie. 4”h. 11”w. 5.5”d. $400-$700


299 irOn anD marBLe tOP COnsOLe. Late 19th century, probably French. Breakfront shaped green marble top, on the conforming ornate wrought iron base with scrolling supports and flowering basket ornaments. 35.25”h. 86”w. 24”d. $1,800-$2,200

294 grOuP OF BLue anD wHite staFFOrDsHire. england, late 19th- early 20th century, ceramics. eight pieces total including Washington and his mother, the Capture of Vincennes after painting by Frederick C. yohn, homestead of the Fairbanks Family, General Anthony Wayne, John Alden and Priscilla. Along with a pair of Myles Standish Monuments and one black and white Chinoiserie transferware plate. $100-$200

295 staFFOrDsHire geOrgia PLatter. england, mid to late 19th century, ceramic. the commemorative blue and white piece displaying the Georgia Monument at Gettysburg to well. impressed seal and stamped eagle to underside. 2.5”h. 12”w. 9.5”d. $100-$300

299 • 51

the impact of wedgwood on the world of decorative art transcends time and region. For over five decades wedgwood society members, w.C. and mary whitlow of Fulton, mO, scoured north america and europe for pieces which spoke to them. the following lots (300 - 326) selected from their large collection share a small glimpse of their passion for the classical and, sometimes fanciful, patterns. 300 Large COnseCutive COLLeCtiOn OF His anD Her weDgwOOD sOCietY seminar attenDanCe ButtOns. england, mid 20th century, jasperware. A large collection of Wedgwood Society buttons beginning in 1956 and spanning 30 years. Comprising thirty six mounted in oval walnut frame, thirty three loose unmounted, sixty nine pieces total. $500-$1,000

301 weDgwOOD saXOn BLue POrtLanD vase. england, mid 19th century, jasperware. Large version of white on blue urn form vase, double handles. relief decoration to underside, stamped Wedgwood. 10.5”h. $1,000-$1,500




301 52 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016





weDgwOOD COFFee POt. england, ca. 1825. White on deep blue jasper. Spaniel finial lid. impressed “WedGWood” and other markings. 9”h. $200-$400

wegDwOOD & BentLeY variegateD agate LiDDeD vase. england, ca. 1769 - 1780, porcelain. Ball finial a top the deep fitted lid which flips to turn from urn to candlestick, cream finished festoons and matching handles, square plinth. 9.25”h.


Purchased from Sotheby’s on April 24, 1982. $1,000-$1,500

weDgwOOD Parian Bust. england, 19th century. George Stephenson, english railroad engineer. Backside impressed “G. Stephenson - Josiah Wedgwood & Sons - Published July 12, 1858 - e W. Wyon. F.”. on circular plinth. 15”h.


reference: “Wedgwood Ceramics” by Batkin, pp. 16, plate 9. $200-$400

weDgwOOD Crest BasKet anD PLate. england, late 18th- early 19th century, creamware. Woven design open work porcelain leading to basketweave well having crest. Basket, 2.5”h. 9”w. 8”d. Plate, 1”h. 10”w. 8.5”d. $200-$300



weDgwOOD PitCHer. england, 19th/20th century. Jasper white on dark blue dutch jug. impressed “WedGWood” with other markings. 6.1”h. $100-$150

weDgwOOD LavenDer vase. england, ca. 1850. White on lilac jasperware. impressed “WedGWood” to circular base. 8”h.

305 weDgwOOD rHODe isLanD PitCHer. england, 19th century. Jasper white on dark blue dutch jug showing the rhode island state seal, with “1636” and “1790” to the opposing panels. impressed “WedGWood - enGLAnd” with other markings. 5.7”h. $100-$150

306 weDgwOOD FOOteD BOwL. england, 20th century. Black jasper. impressed “WedGWood” and “MAde in enGLAnd”, with other markings. 5”h. 8.5”dia. $200-$300

307 weDgwOOD FairYLanD Lustre CeLestiaL DragOn vase. england, early to mid 20th century, porcelain. Lidded potpourri vase, flambe background and gilt dragon decoration under slightly iridescent glaze. 11”h. $400-$600

308 weDgwOOD tri-COLOr LiDDeD urn. england, 19th- early 20th century, jasperware. yellow jasper with acorn finial and applied black and white decoration, impressed mark. 12.5”h. Purchased from Byron Born at Boston Seminar, 1976. $200-$300

Purchased from Byron Born in San Francisco, 1975. $200-$300


312 weDgwOOD LiDDeD urn. england, ca. 1840. Light blue and grey vertical stripe design, band of festoons. impressed “WedGWood”. Acorn finial possibly replaced. 8.25”h. Purchased from david B. newborn, July 1969. $200-$400

313 weDgwOOD CHestnut BasKet. england, early 19th century, porcelain. Floral finial, reticulated lid covering pierced fretwork dish; cobalt highlights throughout. displayed at the 1979 Jubilee, the 250th Wedgwood anniversary. $200-$400

314 weDgwOOD CHinese PearLware sugar BOwL. england, early 19th century, porcelain. the covered dish touched with gilt highlights and displaying multiple foo dogs, blue mark underside. 5.25”h. 6.75”w. 4”d. $100-$250

315 COLLeCtiOn OF seven weDgwOOD PLaQue meDaLLiOns. england, 19th/20th century. All elliptical shape including George ii and Sir robert Peel in Saxon blue, Lord howe, Queen elizabeth ii, and Christ in powder blue, historian edward Gibbon in 309 creamware, and a white intaglio of classical music figure. $200-$400 • 53



COLLeCtiOn OF weDgwOOD BasaLt meDaLLiOns. england, early 19th- mid 20th century, porcelain. round and elliptical forms spanning 150 years of Wedgwood; includes George Washington, Sophocles, domitilla, duke of Windsor, Prior, Sacrifice to Love, and “Am i not a man” Collectors Society slave plaque. $400-$600

twO weDgwOOD BLaCK BasaLt wine anD water ewers. england, 19th century. each showing mythical figures of satyr or triton, their arms wrapped around the spout, grasping horns and fins, fluted stems on square bases. impressed “WedGWood”. 15.5”h. and 14.75”h.

317 weDgwOOD CaCHe POt. england, mid 19th century, jasperware. Floral relief to circumference of rim above six lion heads draping grapevine garland over classical figures. 9”h. 10”diameter. $100-$300

318 Pair OF weDgwOOD DragOn Lustre vases. england, first quarter 20th century, porcelain. Bottle form, single green stripe to interior of rim, the powdery blue body with gilt dragon and key fret patterning. Portland vase mark underside. 8”h. $200-$400

319 322


weDgwOOD vase. england, ca. 1790. White on light blue jasperware. urn form raised on canted square base. impressed “WedGWood” and “V”. 8.1”h. Purchased from Byron Born in San Francisco 1971. $200-$400

320 weDgwOOD BOne CHina PitCHer. england, ca. 1878. teal blue medallions with cobalt bands, gilt highlights allover. 11”h. $300-$500

321 weDgwOOD CHeese DisH anD DOme COver. england, ca. 1891. dark blue jasper dip. Knob handle to the cover, 6”h. 8.25”dia. With fitted underplate, impressed “WedGWood” and “enGLAnd” with other markings, 11.7”.dia. $200-$400



54 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

Purchased by hensley Wedgwood personally for Little Cote house, and acquired directly by Whitlow’s in 1976. $3,000-$5,000

323 weDgwOOD aPOLLO vase. england, ca. 1930. White on light blue jasper dip with figural finial. raised Latin verse to outer rim. designed by John Goodman to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Josiah Wedgwood. Limited edition, #21/50. 8”h. on wooden plinth. 9.25” overall. Provenance: ex-hensleigh C. Wedgwood personal copy, referenced in “the dictionary of Wedgwood” by reilly & Savage, pp. 222-223. $200-$400

324 weDgwOOD & BentLeY BasaLt LiDDeD urn. england, ca. 1769 - 1780. three Graces in medallion to one side, two double handles leading to satyr mask medallions, square plinth. 9.75”h. $400-$800

325 weDgwOOD PerFume BOttLe in Case. england, late 18th century, jasperware. Venus and Cupid powder blue scent bottle with incised sterling stopper and leather case. 4.5”h. reference “Wedgwood” by Wolf Mankowitz, pp. 97 and “Life of Josiah Wedgwood” by eliza Meteyard, pp.165. $300-$600

326 CLassiCaL geOrge wasHingtOn BY weDgwOOD anD BentLeY. england, late 18th century, porcelain. White on blue jasperware oval medallion portrait of Washington as Caeser from model of Voltaire struck in 1778, 2.75”h. in brass frame. impressed mark to underside. Purchased in Montreal’s China Gallery, 1978. $300-$500

327 LOtus amOngst Leaves anD FLOraL stiLL LiFe BY DaQian ZHang (CHinese, 1899 - 1983). ink on paper, signed. Coupled works framed vertically; the first ink and brush stroke greyscale rendering of lotus with calligraphy notation to right and four seal stamps throughout. Completed at the artist studio in Carmel, California (1956). the second a colored brushwork floral still of blossoming plants, calligraphy to upper left accompanied by two seal stamps and an isolated seal stamp to lower right. Both having identical silk borders. each sheet measuring 18.75”w. x 14.25”h. Framed 35.25”w. x 29.25”h. $40,000-$60,000

327 • 55




engLisH weLsH twO-Part CuPBOarD. northern england, 18th century, oak. early cupboard the upper section with open shelves, the lower section with central short drawer and two panel doors below. heavy wood pin construction. rich, dark surface and finish. 86”h. 73”w. 25”d. $5,500-$7,500

mOnumentaL PennsYLvania masOniC initiatiOn CHair. American, late 19th - early 20th century. rare, possibly unique, carved oak hooded high back chair, carved allover with ram mask arm rests, scenic hunt panel and various mythical creatures. unusual entrapment and lever action seat. 80”h. 45”w. 24”d. $7,000-$9,000

vintage wHite PainteD wire garDen BenCH. American, 20th century. diamond form construction, scrolling feet. 40”h. 43”w. 25”d. $300-$500

328 56 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

331 ameriCan DrOP LeaF taBLe. Mid 19th century. Shaped birch top with drop leaves, on the original red painted base with tapering square legs. 28”h. 37.5”w. 19”d. (closed) 36”d. (open). $500-$700


332 armCHair attriButeD tO HunZinger. American, early 20th century, mahogany. Bronze swan form finials, barely twist supports, metal claw legs holding wooden ball feet, unsigned. 17"h seat, 43"h. overall, 26.5"w. 24"d. $600-$900

333 CHiPPenDaLe-stYLe twO-PieCe HigH CHest. Philadelphia, 1st quarter - 20th century, mahogany. Brokenarch pediment with flame form finials, shell carved drawers top and bottom, cabriole legs with ball and claw feet, twelve drawers. retains original alligatored varnish finish. 88.5”h. 41”w. 24.5”d. $1,200-$1,600

334 POLYCHrOme wOODen manteL. european, 18th century. interesting breakfront form panel with scrolling pilasters, flanking the hand painted prayerful interior scene on board, scrolling panel below with painted inscription. 39.5”h. 53.75”w. 9”d. $4,000-$6,000

335 332

BasKet OF LiLaCs (ameriCan, Late 19tH CenturY). oil on canvas, unsigned. Still life with overflowing basket of white and purple lilacs. Stretcher bears Aaron draper Shattuck metal brackets. 16.75”h. 22.75”w., framed, 23”h. 29.5”w. $300-$500

336 Painting BY aLeXanDer austen (BritisH, FL.18911909). oil on canvas, no visible signature. depicting a seated religious figure raising his glass to the viewer. 20”h. 16”w., ornate frame, 32.25”h. 28.25”w. $400-$600

337 Painting BY aLeXanDer austen (BritisH, FL.18911909). oil on canvas, no visible signature. depicting a seated religious figure enjoying meal. 20”h. 16”w., ornate frame, 32.25”h. 28.25”w. $400-$600 334

338 VANITY FAIR Prints, grOuP OF ten. Lithographs, dated 1869-1872. three Men of the Day numbered 12, 42, and 45 and seven Statesmen numbered 19, 60, 69, 71, 81,120, and 123 in matching frames, 15”h. 10.5”w. $200-$400

333 • 57



339 HAITIAN SCENE ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM EDOUARD SCOTT (AMERICAN, 1884 - 1964). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Four young men gathered along the railroad track, one holding a dog on a leash. 39.25”h. 36”w., original frame, 42.5”h. 40”w. $3,000-$5,000

340 ILLUSION OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD BY CHARLES RENNICK (AMERICAN, EARLY-MID TWENTIETH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower center. Abstract forms in greens, yellows, browns and deep red. Titled on label verso along with a partial label from the Bertha Schaeffer Gallery, New York. 36”h. 28.75”w., original wood slat frame, 36.75”h. 29.25”w. $4,000-$6,000

341 SHEPHERDESS IN A SNOWY WOOD SIGNED E. YELBERG (EUROPEAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas. Young woman with a flock of sheep and herding dog. 36.5”h 25.5”w., original frame, 42”h. 31.75”w. $1,500-$2,500 341 58 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016





TWIN SISTERS BY erte (russian, 1892-1990). Limited edition serigraph, hand signed and numbered 33/99, 1981. two figures in black and fucshia on gold colored background. Framed 46.25”h 61.25”w. $600-$900

gamBLers BY JOsePH maLaCHY KavanaugH (irisH, 1856-1918). oil on canvas, signed lower left. three men at a table in a game of dice with a nearby game bird as the prize. 20”h. 30”w., framed, 27.25”h. 37.25”w. $800-$1,200

343 view OF tHe POnt neuF, Paris (earLY 20tH CenturY). Watercolor on paper, signed with initials “Sh,” inscribed and dated lower right, “Paris, 1911.” 11.5”h. 17”w., matted and framed, 23”h. 29.25”w. $400-$600

344 LanDsCaPe attriButeD tO Harriet maYnarD (BritisH, 1850-1906). oil on board, signed lower right with identifying label verso. Country road with wooden gate, pond and steeple in the distance. 10”h. 18”w., framed, 17”h. 25”w. $100-$300

346 PLOwman (ameriCan sCHOOL, 2nD HaLF-19tH CenturY). oil on artistboard, unsigned. Southwestern farmer with longhorn steer and plow. 12.5”h. 9”w., framed, 14.75”h. 11.5”w. $200-$400

347 LeKYtHOs PainteD urn. Greece, 5th/6th century, earthenware. Wide conical mouth and curved handle over body depicting hercules and the nemean lion. 11.5”h. $5,000-$8,000

347 • 59




ENGLISH SILVER CARD HOLDER. 19th century. Hallmarked for Birmingham, with maker’s mark of “GU” for George Unite. Engraved foliate designs, 2.2oz. 2.6” x 3.75”. $75-$150

UNUSUAL BLACK, STARR & FROST STERLING SILVER BUD VASE. American, early 20th century. Circular tapering form, the body comprising daffodils. 6”h., approximate total weight 5.6oz. $700-$900

COLLECTION OF STERLING SILVER AND SILVERPLATE FLATWARE. American, 20th century. Comprising, four sterling silver tablespoons, two sterling silver teaspoons, three sterling silver corn holders. Together with seven cream soup spoons, six silverplate teaspoons, six, silverplate fruit forks, five fish forks, four silverplate butter knives, one silverplate dinner fork, one silverplate teaspoon. Largest 8”l. $100-$200

349 SILVER DEMITASSE SET. Six spoons and tongs. Hallmarked for Sheffield, early 20th century. Makers mark of “TB&S” for Thomas Bradbury & Sons. 1.6oz. Spoons 3.25”l. $50-$100

351 TIFFANY & CO. STERLING SILVER COCKTAIL SERVICE FOR TWELVE. American, 2nd quarter 20th century. Comprising twelve footed cocktail goblets, cocktail shaker with reverse tapering bowl monogrammed “S” with angular handle, and circular serving tray. Largest, 9.5”h. approximate total weight, 147.1oz. $4,000-$6,000

352 TIFFANY STERLING SILVER PUNCH BOWL. American, early 20th century. The circular rim over the conforming tapering body flanked by handles and raised on a circular foot. 8”h. 10”diameter, approximate total weight 50.7oz. $1,000-$2,000

353 STERLING SILVER PUNCH LADLE. London, 1754. The shaped bowl monogrammed “HSE” with shaped walnut handle. 15”l. $150-$250

354 SET OF WALLACE STERLING SILVER FLATWARE. American, 1934. Rose Point pattern, service for ten. Dinner knives, 9.25”l. Dinner forks, 7”l. Salad forks, 6.4”l. Teaspoons, 6.25”l. And seven serving pieces, 4.75” to 9”l., including serving spoon, serving fork, sauce spoons and more. 48.5oz., not including hollow handled pieces (11). $700-$900

60 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

356 THEODORE HAVILAND LIMOGES ICE CREAM SET. France, late 19th century, porcelain. Large asymmetrical platter having gilded highlights and hand painted polymorphic medallion of winter scenes. 16.5”w. Twelve side plates in similar form having various shaped medallions of winter scenes. 7”w. Resemblance of the Rutherford B. Hayes presidential ice cream set. $400-$700

357 OPALINE GLASS DRESSER ITEMS. France, early 20th century. Sleigh form brass holder holding acorn perfume bottle and egg shaped jewelry dish. $50-$75

358 MT. WASHINGTON PAIRPOINT SUGAR SHAKER. American, late 19th- early 20th century, glass. The conical metal shaker top conforming to clove shaped body having hand painted decoration. 4”h. 3.5”w. $400-$600

359 MT. WASHINGTON RUFFLED BRIDE’S BASKET. American, late 19th- early 20th century, glass. Yellow ruffled rim, over perimeter of cranberry interior with hand painted floral spray to well and white exterior. 4.5”h. 11”diameter. $50-$150

350 351



358 354 • 61

360 PainteD BLanKet CHest. Continental, 2nd quarter 19th century, pine. overall blue ground with floral sprays painted inside red square panels, wrought iron handles, raised on block feet, signed S.e.G. 1835 under lock. 26”h. 55”w. 26”d. $400-$700

361 engLisH OaK COFFer. england, 18th century. Floral carved front showing three arched panels that surround inlaid flowering vases of mixed woods, hinged top over the plain interior. 29”h. 55”w. 22.5”d. $300-$500


362 geOrge iii CHest OF Drawers. england, early 19th century. Mahogany veneer, showing two over three drawers, full length flutes to the canted front corners, on bracket feet. 40.75”h. 47”w. 21.6”d. $400-$600


363 twentY-Five PieCe FisH CutLerY serviCe. england, circa 1900. Large serving fork and knife, twelve knives and 11 forks (and one associated fork). All knives marked “Mappin & Webb”, “S&L”, and “eP”, the twelve dinner knives also marked with an “A”. All blades engraved with fish and flowers. $200-$300

364 361

FOurteen PieCe FisH CutLerY serviCe. england, circa 1900. Large serving knife and fork foliate decorated and hallmarked, the six dinner knives and six dinner forks with etched foliate decoration. $75-$150 367

365 eLite wOrKs LimOges FisH serving set. France, early 20th century, porcelain. elongated platter with scalloped edge and eight plates all having hand painted fish decoration. 21”l. $200-$300

366 engLisH siLver trOPHY CuP. hallmarked for Sheffield, Walker & hall, 1910. Company form with scrolling handles. inscribed “Presented by the - Queenstown dry docks Company - to the Monkstown regatta -1st August 1910.” Approx. 19oz. 8.5”h. $300-$500



siLver COFFee POt. Likely english, late 18th / 19th century. Worn markings include “i.h”. Scrolling and foliate decorations, Poseidon riding a wave with dolphins to one side, wooden handle. approx. 35oz. total weight. 11.5”h. $1,000-$2,000

62 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

368 tOrtOise anD siLver BOX. english, 1921. hallmarked “eSB” for edward Souter Barnsley & Co. Ltd. oval with silver inlaid tortoise lid. 4.5oz. total weight. 2”h. 3.5”w. 2.6”d. $75-$125

369 engLisH siLver tea strainer. hallmarked for London, 1907. Marked “F. Ltd” for Frederick’s Ltd (robert Frederick). in two parts, the base with ivorine handle, holds the strainer. Both pieces marked. 2.3oz. total weight. 6.8”l. $75-$150



FOur siLver BerrY sPOOns. hallmarked for London, 1783. has maker’s mark. engraved floral design. 7.6oz. 8.7”l. $200-$300

internatiOnaL sterLing “rOYaL DanisH” FLatware serviCe. American, mid 20th century. one-hundred and seventy-three pieces including twenty-four dinner knives, twenty-four dinner forks, twentyeight salad forks, twenty-six teaspoons, twenty-three butter knives (sterling blades), twelve iced tea spoons, thirteen soup spoons, three serving spoons, two pierced serving spoons, three sugar spoons, two serving forks, three pickle forks, gravy ladle, sauce ladle, butter knife, butter patty server, cake knife, jelly spoon, and four other royal danish pieces. 227.7oz. (twenty-six knives with stainless blades not included.) $3,000-$5,000

371 FOur siLver BerrY sPOOns. Matched set. three hallmarked for exeter, 1812(x2) and 1820; and one for London, 1800. Maker’s marks of “WW”(x2), “SL” and “Sh” respectively. engraved floral design. 8.5oz. 9.2”l. $200-$300

372 Five PieCes siLver. American, 20th century. Four sterling silver. three weighted compotes, 20oz. With a solid circular tray, 12oz. together with a silver plated oval bowl. $175-$225

373 eigHt PieCe sterLing siLver COrDiaL set. American, 20th century. “el-Sil-Co” marked cordials with threaded glass inserts. 5.5oz. silver. 4.1”h. $75-$125

374 nineteen PieCes sterLing siLver. American, 20th century. Basket, tray, twelve mini shakers, and sugar & creamer, all solid, 18.3oz. together with compote and salt & pepper, all weighted, 11.3oz. $200-$300


379 set OF FranK w. smitH sterLing FLatware serviCe. American, 1901. edward Vii pattern, service for ten. dinner knives, 8.5”l. dinner forks, 7.25”l. Salad forks, 6.25”l. teaspoons, 5.8”l. tablespoons, 7.1”l. two serving spoons, 8.25”l. Ladle, 7.1”l.. Butter knife, 7”l. Jelly spoon, 5.75”l. 55 pcs. 71.7oz. not including hollow handled pieces. $800-$1,200

380 waLLaCe granD BarOQue siLver COFFee anD tea serviCe. Four pieces sterling silver. Coffee pot 10.75”h., tea pot 9.5”h., sugar 7.75”h, and creamer 6.1”h., all marked 4850-9, approx. 104oz. together with the Grand Baroque silver plated tray. 28.75”w. $3,000-$5,000


375 tweLve sterLing siLver BreaD PLates. American, 20th century. Monogrammed “eMS”. 32.3oz. 6”dia. $300-$400

376 siX russian siLver sPOOns. twentieth century. Gold finish with etched design, hallmarked and marked “84”. 3.9oz. 5.3”l. $50-$100

377 geOrg Jensen siLver sauCe sPOOn. denmark, circa 1920. no. 21 pattern. 5.25”l. $75-$125

381 waLLaCe siX PieCe siLverPLate tea anD COFFee serviCe. American, 20th century. “Baroque” pattern. Comprising coffee pot, teapot, covered sugar, creamer, waste bowl and serving tray. height of tallest 11”h. $150-$200

382 HartFOrD siLverPLate tea serviCe. english, late 19th early 20th century. Comprising a teapot, creamer, sugar, and covered waste bowl, together with an associated serving tray. teapot, 7.5”h. $75-$150

380 • 63




FOur PieCe engLisH viCtOrian sterLing siLver tea anD COFFee serviCe. Marked for London, maker’s marks of “rMeh” for Martin, hall & Co appear on the tea and coffee pots, dated 1872 and 1874 respectively and maker’s marks of “JnMGW” for John newton Mappin & George Webb appear on the sugar bowl and cream pitcher, both dated 1877. All have matching rococo scrolling and foliate motifs, in addition the coffee and tea pots have bird head form spouts and full eagle finials. Coffee pot, 10.75”h., teapot, 7.5”h., sugar bowl, 5.5”h., cream pitcher, 5.8”h., total weight approximately 90oz. $2,000-$3,000

Dresser anD mirrOr BY russeLL wrigHt FOr COnant BaLL. American, 3rd quarter 20th century, walnut. Free hanging mirror, 31”h. 47”w., above four pairs of graduating drawers lifted by round tapering legs. Stamped to inside of drawer. 33.5”h. 54”w. 19”d. $200-$400



tOwLe King riCHarD siLver FLatware. American, 20th century, sterling. twelve dinner forks, salad forks, table knives, butter knives, soup spoons, table spoons, and eight serving pieces. Mostly unwrapped in original boxes from towle. 80 pieces total. $2,000-$4,000


tHree FrenCH viCtOrian CHairs. France, late 19th century, ebonized wood. Shapely pierced backs with all over ebonization and polychrome decoration. $50-$150


twentY-FOur PieCes OF BaCCarat “nanCY” Pattern stemware. France, mid 20th century. twelve tall wine glasses, 5.5”h., twelve short wine glasses, 5”h. $200-$300



FiFtY PieCe set CrYstaL stemware. thirteen water glasses, 6.75”h., sixteen tall wine glasses, 6”h., fourteen short wine glasses, 5.25”h., seven champagne glasses, 5.5”h. $200-$300

387 HOuse OF DenmarK Dining suite. teak, 10 pieces including extension dining table, 98.75”l. 41”w., 8 chairs with upholstered seats and a lighted breakfront, 70”h. 66”w. 20”d. $800-$1,200


64 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

rOunD OCCasiOnaL taBLe. english, early 20th century, mahogany. round top and apron over four slightly sabered legs. 28”h. 22”diameter. $75-$150

COLOniaL wiLLiamsBurg tea taBLe BY Kittinger. American, mid 20th century, walnut. rectangular top with opposing candle slide trays raised on four tapered legs and terminating in spoon footing. 26”h. 29”w. 16”d. $200-$300




CHest OF Drawers BY russeLL wrigHt FOr COnant BaLL. American, 3rd quarter 20th century, walnut. Five graduating drawers elevated on round tapered legs. Stamped to inside of drawer. 42”h. 42”w. 19”d. $200-$400

PLant stanD. American, early 20th century, mahogany. round marbled gallery top raised on fluted column and three hooved footing. 40”h. $50-$150

394 HumiDOr. American, mid to late 19th century, walnut. Sheraton form with copper lined case raised on for slender legs. $50-$150

395 LOuis Xv stYLe siDe CHair. France, 19th century. Carved all over with rococo and shell motifs on cabriole legs, allover gilt finish, later upholstery. 20”h. seat, 36.5”h. overall. $300-$500



ITALIAN DECOUPAGE SECRETARY AND BOOKCASE. Early to mid 20th century, painted pine. Broken arch crown atop pair of mirrored doors over slant front writing surface and two oxbow drawers elevated on cabriole legs. 87”h. 34”w. 22”d. $500-$700

397 SUMAC THROW RUG. Persia, 20th century. Geometric and animal motifs on the ivory ground, geometric red and navy borders. 2’4” x 3’. $150-$250

398 PERSIAN THROW RUG. Foliate motifs decorate the navy field and ivory end panels, ivory and red borders. 4’1” x 2’7”. $150-$250


399 TABRIZ ROOMSIZE RUG. Iran, early 20th century. Center medallion on a burgundy ground set within multiple borders. 15’ x 10’8”. $1,000-$3,000

400 TABRIZ ROOMSIZE RUG. Twentieth century, wool. Center medallion surrounded by scrolling decoration on a rust colored ground set within multiple borders. 8.5’ x 11’. $500-$700

401 BOKHARA ROOMSIZE RUG. India, 2nd half 20th century. Repetitive design of gul medallions to the red field within multiple borders. 15’4” x 10’6”. $700-$1,000

402 FIGURAL AREA RUG. Persia, handwoven. Finely woven showing Moses with the Ten Commandments, on a deep red ground, panels of Arabic script to the royal blue inner border, all within a foliate navy border. 4’ x 6’1”. $400-$800

403 HERIZ RUNNER. Four geometric medallions run the soft red/orange field, foliate border. 9’6” x 3’1”. $250-$350

404 CAUCASIAN DESIGN AREA RUG. Persia, 1st half 20th century. Floral motifs decorate the red field, geometric decorated borders. 5’7” x 4’. $300-$500


405 LILIHAN DESIGN ROOMSIZE RUG. American, machine woven. Floral design on the navy field, shows wear. 10’1” x 15’10”. $100-$300

406 SILK WALL HANGING. Persian design. Navy guls and foliate medallions to glossy red field with navy border. 4’8” x 8’11”. $200-$300

407 SILK WALL HANGING. Persian design. Navy guls and foliate medallions decorated the glossy red field, navy border. 4’8” x 8’11”. $200-$300




SILK AREA RUG. Persia, mid 20th century. Repetitive design of flowering vines and tree medallions decorate the navy field, grey border with multiple guard borders. 5’8” x 3’11”. $300-$500

LAVAR KERMAN RUNNER. Persia, early 20th century. Lobed foliate medallion surrounded by matching colorful curvilinear vines and multiple borders. 5’9” x 2’. $300-$400 • 65



411 410





men’s stainLess rOLeX wristwatCH (serial #615601). oyster Perpetual dateJust watch has a silver dial, date aperture, baton markers and the jubilee bracelet. the watch is in good working order. $3,000-$3,500

14K YeLLOw anD wHite gOLD retrO stYLe CHOKer. the center of the wide 14K yellow gold mesh link choker has the necklace secured with a cluster of round diamonds and an angled edging of pave set diamonds. the total diamond weight is approximately 1.00 carats. the fold over clasp is stamped “14K”. the necklace measures 15.75” long, measures .5” wide, and weighs 64.1 grams. $2,900-$3,500

18K wHite gOLD anD PrinCess Cut DiamOnD eternitY BanD. the white gold mounting is stamped “18K” on the inside of the band. the ring is set with twenty-nine princess cut diamonds - approximate total weight is 2.34 carats. the ring is a size 6.5 and weighs 14.0 grams. Very nice open work design on top and bottom of mounting. $1,800-$2,200

18K wHite gOLD, tanZanite anD DiamOnD ring. the center cushion cut tanzanite weighs approximately 7.90 carats and is encircled by pave set diamonds. Pave set diamonds enhance the shoulders and 2 sides of the ring forming a “V” shape connecting the top of the ring to the shank. the total diamond weight is approximately .90 carats. the ring is stamped 18K, is a size 6.5 and weighs 6.9 grams. $3,800-$4,200

411 LaDies’ stainLess rOLeX wristwatCH witH DiamOnD DiaL (serial #u714764). oyster Perpetual dateJust watch has a silver dial with diamond markers, date aperture, and the oyster bracelet. $2,400-$2,800

412 LaDies’ stainLess rOLeX wristwatCH (serial #P828194). oyster Perpetual date watch has a fluted bezel, classic blue dial with alternating black Arabic numerals and white ceramic markers, date aperture, and the oyster band. $2,200-$2,800 413 66 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016








14K YeLLOw gOLD anD Le vian COLOreD DiamOnD BanD. the yellow gold band (stamped 14K on inside) is formed as four slightly domed, stacked bands with diamonds pave set half way around the band. each band is set with a different color diamond - white, champagne, brown and black. the total diamond weight is approximately 3.00 carats. the ring is a size 7.75 and weighs 11.3 grams. $1,600-$1,800

18K wHite gOLD anD FanCY YeLLOw DiamOnD ring (gia CertiFieD). the center diamond in the halo style setting is a 1.44 carat round natural Fancy yellow diamond measuring 7.25mm x 7.42mm x 4.32mm, VVS2 clarity, GiA certificate #1152167120. the “halo” around the center stone and the split shank are pave set with approximately .52 carats of diamonds. the ring is a size 5.75 and weighs 5.2 grams. $9,000-$12,000

417 9K wHite gOLD anD DiamOnD DOme sHaPeD ring. the dome shaped ring has black and white diamonds forming an interlocking design. the round diamonds are pave set and have a total weight of approximately 2.61 carats. the ring measures .75” wide at the front, is a size 6.5, and weighs 9.7 grams. the inside of the band is stamped “.375” $800-$900

418 DiamOnD engagement ring. twentieth century, 14k white gold. A round brilliant cut .75ct diamond in prong setting. $1,000-$3,000

419 14K YeLLOw gOLD DeLiCate reCtanguLar LinK BraCeLet. the open rectangular links alternate with oval ribbed links and is finished with an unusual square link clasp. the bracelet measures 7.5” long and weighs 6.53 grams, stamped “14K italy”. $150-$175

421 18K YeLLOw gOLD ButterFLY earrings. Created using electroform craftsmanship - light and easy to wear, nice details. Posts are stamped “18K” and earrings have Charles Garnier trademark. earrings measure 1.12” tall x .75” wide and weigh 6.20 grams, omega clip backs with silicone donut cushion. $225-$275

422 18K YeLLOw gOLD swan sHaPeD earrings. Created using electroform craftsmanship - light and easy to wear, highly detailed feathers. Posts are stamped “18K” and earrings are marked with the Charles Garnier trademark. earrings measure 1” tall x .87” wide and weigh 6.85 grams, omega clip backs with silicone donut cushion. $250-$300 • 67


423 DiamOnD stuD earrings - 8.32 Carats tOtaL weigHt. exceptional size and matched pair of round diamond studs. each diamond weighs 4.16 carats, L-M color, and Si clarity. one stone measures 10.9mm x 10.83mm x 5.90mm and the other measures 10.83mm x 10.79mm x 6.00mm. the diamonds are set in a 5-prong martini glass mounting. eGL uSA certification. $42,000-$48,000

68 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016




424 14K wHite gOLD anD DiamOnD FLOraL neCKLaCe. the cast gold necklace is designed as a vine connecting small gold flowers. each flower has pave set diamonds and diamonds are interspersed on the vine. the vine curves part way around the neck with one section dropping in the center. the back of the necklace is chain links. the total diamond weight is approximately 1.50 carats. the necklace measures 16” long with the center hinged drop measuring 2.5”. the necklace weighs 28.3 grams. $1,800-$2,200

425 18K YeLLOw gOLD, LaPis, OPaL & DiamOnD “La triOmPHe” BrOOCH/PenDant, 1960-2000. the rectangular brooch is designed with a carved opal cameo set on a rectangle of lapis, framed by a border of gold leaves interspersed with 8 full cut round diamonds totaling approximately .40 carats. the lapis measures approximately 1.37” x 1”; the opal cameo measures approximately .87” x .50”; and the overall measurements of the brooch are 1.87” x 1.37”. $1,500-$2,000

426 14K YeLLOw gOLD, COraL anD DiamOnD BrOOCH/PenDant. designed with an intricately carved coral flower in the center, dark orange/pink color with some white. Slender gold branches form an arch motif above the flower with 5 full cut round diamonds spaced throughout the branches (total diamond weight approx. .18 carats). the overall measurements of the brooch, excluding the bail, are 2.25” x 2.12”‘; the carved flower measures approx. 2.25” x 1.62”. $1,200-$1,700

427 14K YeLLOw gOLD, COraL anD DiamOnD “JaCK gutsCHneiDer” BrOOCH, C. 1950-1960’s. the intricately carved coral flower is light pink and measures 2” x 1.25” and forms the center of the brooch. the flower sits on a rectangular shaped base formed of textured gold leaves with 9 full cut round diamonds interspersed throughout the leaves, total diamond weight is approximately .30 carats. $1,500-$2,000

424 • 69



STERLING SILVER AND TURQUOISE SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE. Traditional Navajo design with the crescent shaped “Naja” at the bottom of the 28” long necklace. The Naja is 3.25” x 2.5” with one large turquoise at the top of the crescent, 2 smaller ones on each side and one dangling in the center. The Naja is attached to the necklace by a double strand of handcrafted hollow silver beads. There are 10 “petals” strung on the chain, each with an irregular shaped bezel set turquoise framed by a scalloped silver border. $200-$400

GROUP OF STERLING SILVER AND AMBER JEWELRY. Including a pair of sterling silver and amber clip-on earrings (.925) measuring 20.5mm x 15.8mm each,11.65 grams; a sterling silver and amber open cuff bracelet measuring approx. 28mm x 22mm x 10mm; and a sterling silver and amber ring (stamped “925”) measuring approx. 25mm x 18.6mm x 8.9mm, size 6. $250-$350



GROUP OF SILVER JEWELRY. Including: a pair of handmade Navajo sterling silver and turquoise Jon McCray earrings measuring 25mm x 20mm, 11.03 grams. The stones measure approx. 17.5mm x 13mm.; a pair of sterling silver and turquoise earrings weighing 8.29 grams. The stones measure approximately 10mm x 803mm.; a pair of sterling silver Mexican clip back earrings stamped 925 Mexico and measuring 1.5’” x .75”, 15.8 grams; a pair of oval hollow earrings fluted on one half and smooth on the other, stamped “925 THAI” on the back, weigh 6.28 grams, and measure 1” x .75”. And three sterling silver and cabochon turquoise bezel set rings: 5.5mm x 3.4mm stone, 3.2mm split shank setting, size 6.5, 6.81 grams; 15.4mm x 9.2mm stone, 3.2mm split shank setting, size 5.5 , 6.78 grams; and 13.4mm x 9.3mm stone, size 4.5, 3.97 grams, wear from ring guard on shank. $175-$250

430 REED & BARTON STERLING SILVER “CHRISTMAS CROSS”. Produced in 1972. Large ornate pendant cross measuring 3.25” x 3.37” and weighing 9.41 grams. 26.5” silver curb link chain (not marked sterling). $35-$50 435

431 STERLING SILVER AND AMBER PENDANT. Free form flower design with polished, abstract shaped Baltic amber measuring approx. 1.25” x 1”. $35-$50

433 LADIES STAINLESS STEEL BAUME & MERCER “CATWALK” WRISTWATCH (MVO45219). Made in Geneva. Quartz movement, 14mm square black dial, stainless link bracelet with signed fold-over deployment closure. $200-$250

434 14 KARAT YELLOW GOLD, SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND RING. The elongated oval blue sapphire is mounted in a 4prong setting and flanked by one shield shaped diamond on each side. The sapphire measures approximately 11.4mm x 7mm x 6mm and weighs approx. 4.5 carats. The total diamond weight is approximately 1.21 carats, SI/I clarity, G/H color. The ring is a size 8.5 and weighs 4.08 grams. $3,500-$3,800

435 PAIR OF 1901 TEN DOLLAR LIBERTY EAGLE GOLD COINS. America, early 20th century. Both 22k coins 1901 with liberty eagle reverse mounted in 14k gold cuff links. 1” diameter $1,200-$1,500

436 DRIVA GENEVE LADIES WATCH. Continental, mid 20th century, 14k white gold. Concave crystal square case mounted with diamonds above and below on a silver and cz band. $100-$200

437 18K MADONNA AND CHILD MEDALLION. American, early 20th century. Yellow gold depiction of crowned child with Madonna on one side and an adult Jesus on opposite. 19g. $200-$400

70 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016







14K GOLD AND DIAMOND RING. Continental, early 20th century. White gold band set with multiple sized round cut diamonds totaling 1.25ct and weighing approximately 6g. $700-$900

PLATINUM RUBY AND DIAMOND BRACELET. Continental, early to mid 20th century. Links of three channel set emerald cut rubies totaling 3ct. alternate with links of three diamonds totaling .75ct and weighing 12g. $700-$900

14K GOLD PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE. Continental, mid 20th century. Yellow gold rope chain and circle pendant having centered diamond surrounded by sixteen pearls and fleur de lis. 7g. $100-$300

WHITE GOLD AND DIAMOND RING. American, mid 20th century. Filigree cluster fancy having two centered round cut diamonds surrounded by ten smaller round diamonds. 3g. $100-$250








14K DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING. American, first half 20th century. White gold band having one round cut 1ct. diamond surrounded by 12 smaller round diamonds totaling .25ct. $1,000-$1,500

14K DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE BANGLE. American, early 20th century. Yellow gold bracelet having one small diamond encircled and flanked by rows of sapphires totaling 2ct. with filigree to band. 18g. $800-$1,200

14K DIAMOND CLUSTER RING. Continental, mid 20th century. Yellow gold Florentine finish band having seven round diamonds approximately .75ct. Weighing 11g. $300-$500

SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND BRACELET. American, mid 20th century. 14k white gold setting including twenty emerald cut sapphires totaling 10ct alternate with .8ct of round diamonds, box clasp with safety. $800-$1,200 • 71

446 446

PLatinum saPPHire anD DiamOnD BraCeLet. Continental, early to mid 20th century. twenty-one checkerboard cut sapphires weighing 6ct. alternate with round diamonds in linked channel setting. 16g. $500-$700

447 gOLD Heart BraCeLet. Continental, 20th century. 14k yellow gold braided rope and linked hearts, 15g. $100-$300 450

448 LaDY’s HamiLtOn DiamOnD BraCeLet wristwatCH. American, early 20th century. 14k white gold case and band mounted with multiple diamonds totaling 1.75ct and weighing 22g. $500-$700 448

449 art DeCO DiamOnD anD emeraLD ring. American, 2nd quarter 20th century, 18k white gold. A pyramid cut emerald above three round diamonds in filigree setting. $100-$200

450 14K nugget PenDant witH CHain. American, mid 20th century. yellow gold heavy rope chain and nugget. 33g. $300-$600 453

451 14K DiamOnD tennis BraCeLet. American, mid 20th century, white gold. thirty nine round cut diamonds weighing approximately 2ct. in individual settings. 5g. $400-$600



YeLLOw gOLD anD ametHYst PenDant. Continental, mid 20th century. emerald cut bezel mount pendant weighing 8g. on a gold filled chain. $25-$75

72 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

453 emeraLD anD DiamOnD ring. American, mid 20th century. White gold band having lab created marquis emerald surrounded by thirty eight round diamond cluster totaling approximately 1.5ct. $500-$700



itaLian renaissanCe stYLe Dining set. American, early 20th century. table and six chairs. Shaped top with twin scrolling legs at each corner. the matching chairs with two armchairs and four side chairs. table 32”h. 48”w. 73”l. two 12” leaves. $700-$1,000

FiguraL taZZa. Continental, late 19th-early 20th century. two nude figures supporting a bowl on shoulders. 16”h. $200-$400

455 twO Part taLL BuFFet. France, late 19th century. Shell and foliate carved highlights allover, glazed door flanked by panel doors with drawers below, on the base with three drawers over panel doors, short scrolling feet. 100”h. 63”w. 23”d. $1,000-$2,000

456 taLL BuFFet. American, 19th century. Flowering urn form finial caps the allover scrolling, foliate and facial carved etagere form cabinet. open shelves flank the mirrored top, bowfront door below flanked by additional open shelves. 101.5”h. 63”w. 21”d. $2,000-$4,000

457 itaLian renaissanCe stYLe inLaiD BuFFet. American, early 20th century. Breakfront form with low backboard to the shaped top, drawers over cupboard doors, on scrolling legs. 45”h. 88”w. $600-$900

458 itaLian renaissanCe stYLe inLaiD CuPBOarD. American, early 20th century. Cupboard doors top and bottom, on scrolling legs. 71”h. $600-$900

459 itaLian renaissanCe stYLe inLaiD server. American, early 20th century. Low back board to the shaped top, single serpentine drawer, on scrolling legs. 40”h. 51”. $400-$500

461 BrOnZe Figure. Continental, late 19th-early 20th century. Seminude warrior at rest on the ground, with sword and shield, unsigned. 23.5”h. $600-$900



462 OnYX PeDestaL. twentieth century. 41”h. $200-$300

463 wingBaCK armCHair. Green leather and brass tack. 19”h seat, 47”h. overall. $300-$400

464 geOrgian stYLe OPen armCHair. Kindel, green upholstered. 18”h. seat 40”h. overall. $200-$400

465 CHiPPenDaLe stYLe settee. Kindel, green upholstered. 20”h. seat, 35”h. overall, 81”l. $300-$500

466 geOrgian stYLe DrOP LeaF sOFa taBLe. American, early 20th century. Mahogany and satinwood crossbanding. two drawers and lyre form end supports. 29.5”h. 48”w. (closed), 69”w. (open), 25.5”d. $400-$600

456 • 73



marBLe tOP anD marQuetrY esCritOire. French, 19th century. Five drawers around the fall front. 54”h. 26.5”w. 13”d. $700-$900

engLisH KneeHOLe DesK. nineteenth century. Leather top, drawers down both towers. 27.5”h. 41.25”w. 22.25”d. $250-$350



angLO-inDian DavenPOrt DesK. Persia, 19th century, hardwood. elaborately carved and pierced backsplash having central medallion of a wild dog over multiple enclaved drawers and hinged slant-front writing surface supported by flanked mythical birds eating serpent whilst standing on the backs of foo dog like creature conforming to foot. the right with cabinet door bearing graduated drawers. 57”h. 27”w. 28”d. $1,000-$2,000

Cast irOn garDen BenCH. elaborate scrolling designs, the seat decorated with rosette medallions, on cabriole legs, all black. 34”h. 45”w. $200-$300

469 argYLe CHair BY CHarLes rennie maCKintOsH FOr Cassina. italy, late 20th century, painted wood. the iconic design from the celebrated designer . 54”h. 19”w. 18”d. $100-$300

470 Pair OF CarveD siDe CHairs. Continental, 19th century. Fruit and figural carved crests, winged griffin form front legs. 21”h seat, 48”h. overall. $400-$700 468

471 marBLe statue. italy. Full figure of a girl holding basket of flowers. 16”h. $400-$600

472 marBLe PeDestaL. running bellflower form column. 38”h. $400-$600

473 CarveD wOODen FLOOr LamP. Continental. three scrolling feet with festoons, spiraling stem. slag glass shade. 73”h. $200-$400

474 reguLatOr waLL CLOCK. Austria, 19th century. ornate cornice, enameled dial with roman numerals, and two-train movement. 41”h. $200-$300

482 74 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

477 geOrgian writing taBLe. english, early 19th century. Crossbanded with two drawers and tapering square legs with spade feet. 32.75”h. 47”w. 22”d. $300-$500

478 genre sCene BY COsta (COntinentaL sCHOOL). oil on canvas, signed lower left. Mid-20th century. Women washing cloths in a stream by an arched stone bridge. 23.5”h. 31.5”w., framed 29”h. 36.5”w. $200-$400

479 HaLL tree. english. Mirror over diamond decorated panel and umbrella rail. 84”h. $200-$300

480 COnsOLe HaLL taBLe. twentieth century. Carved foliate frieze across the front, floor stretcher. 31.25”h. 54”w. 17.5d. $200-$300

481 art nOuveau stYLe CirCuLar mirrOr On stanD. erte, Paris. ornamental figure of a woman swinging below. 17.5”h. $100-$150

482 Pair OF OvaL siDe taBLes. French, mid-20th century. ormolu mounts, two drawers, on delicate cabriole legs. 31.25”h. 20”w. 13.5”d. $400-$600

483 engLisH Partner’s DesK. eighteenth-19th century. Carved to all sides with an assortment of drawers and cupboard doors. 33”h. 40”w. 54”l. $500-$1,000



Pair OF CaseD gLass Lustres. Continental, 19th century. White over green glass. 9.25”h. $200-$300

twO sPeLter FiguraL LamPs. european, late 19th-early 20th century. Both of soldiers in romanesque military garb, holding brass torche form fixtures. 25”h. $200-$300

485 Pair OF marBLe tOP wrOugHt irOn taBLes. Green tops on black bases. 30.25”h. 25”sq. $300-$500

486 marBLe tOP wrOugHt irOn taBLe. Green top on black base. 36”h. 36”w. 15”d. $100-$200

487 art nOuveau FiguraL mirrOr. 20th century. With flowers and figure peering into the mirror from one side. 14”h. $100-$150

494 reCtanguLar DumBwaiter. england, early 20th century. three-tier with allover floral carved highlights. 29”h. 28”w. 19.5”d. $100-$200

495 LOuis Xv stYLe giLt metaL marBLe tOP PeDestaL. France, late 19th century. Brown veined square top, on the rococo and scrolling ornamental standard, onyx finial to the stretcher below. 32.25”h. $200-$300


PrOvinCiaL stYLe twO Part settee. Floral decorated mauve upholstery, short scrolling feet. 31”h. $100-$200

COntinentaL tHree Part FirePLaCe garniture. 20th century. Pair of winged figural chenets and fender. 23”h. $200-$400




tHree CHairs. American, 19th century, walnut. $75-$100

490 geOrgian gainsBOrOugH CHair. england, early 19th century, mahogany. Bee upholstery throughout button tuft back, arms and seat, terminating in squared legs. 36”h. 28”w. 26”d. $100-$300

491 OvaL giLt metaL waLL mirrOr. Continental, late 19th-early 20th century. Scrolling frame with floral bouquets to crest, apron and both sides. 32.5”h. $200-$300

492 BrOwn LeatHer wingBaCK CHair anD OttOman. Lammert’s. Brass tack upholstered, on marlboro legs. 47”h. $100-$200


POrCeLain vase. France, 19th century. old Paris floriform with bent tulip form handles, floral painted frieze panel, burgundy ground, imp. 17.25”h. $100-$150

498 Pair OF POrCeLain Figures. Gold crown over n mark underfoot, mid 20th century. Allegorical figures. 12”h. $100-$150


499 Pair OF POrCeLain urns. Continental, late 19th-early 20th century. Allegorical scenes on the turquoise ground, gilt and burgundy highlights, beehive marked underfoot, imp. 12.25”h. $200-$300

500 giLt metaL enCrier. Continental, 20th century. rectangular tray form with 2 inkwells, lidded box and pen rest. 10.75” x 16”. $300-$500

500 • 75



PLATED SILVER AND GLASS TAZZA. England, early 20th century. Reeded base on animal form feet is marked “HW&Co” with “6898”. With acid etched glass bowl. 6.5”h. $100-$150

REGENCY POLE SCREEN. English, early 19th century. Needlework screen, adjustable brass pole, on the rosewood base. 54”h. $350-$450



CASED GLASS MONTIETH BOWL. America, late 19th century. Pink over white with hand painted flowers. 8.7”dia. $75-$125

CHIPPENDALE STYLE CONSOLE GAME TABLE. Twentieth century. Crossbanded flip top mahogany on acanthus carved cabriole legs ending with claw and ball feet. 31”h. 50”w. 20”d. closed, 40”d. open. $250-$350



WROUGHT IRON CANDELABRA. American. Three-arm with elaborate scrolling decoration, on three feet. 62.7”h. $200-$400

CAMPHOR TRUNK. Southeast Asian, 20th century. Typical rectangular form decorated with shou medallions, open interior with sliding tray. 24”h. 41”w. 21.5”d. $100-$200

504 PAIR OF BACCARAT LOW CANDLESTICKS. France, 20th century. Bambous pattern, with associated hurricane shades. 17”h. $75-$125

505 VICTORIAN ART GLASS BRIDE’S BASKET. America, late 19th century. White and baby blue ruffled bowl, on the “Pelton Bros. - Quadruple Plate” marked basket with scrolling and fruit decoration. 15”h. $75-$150

506 AFTER L F MOREAU, TWO COMPANION SPELTER FIGURES. European, late 19th-early 20th century. Young boy with dog, and young girl with lamb, hand painted highlights. Retour des Champs and L’Ami Fidele. 19.5”h. $150-$250





512 GALLINERA BENCH. Southeast Asian, 20th century. Slat work construction with carved floral highlights to the back, full width cockfighters cage below the seat with sliding door access to front. 37.5”h. 64”w. 23”d. $200-$400

513 CORNER CHAIR. Likely English, 19th century, elm. Pierced double slat back on tapering square legs. 31”h. 26.5”w. 26.5”d. $200-$300

514 SET OF FOUR SIDE CHAIRS. Continental, late 19th- early 20th century. Padded backs and seats, tapering turned front legs. 40”h. 16”w. $150-$250


PAIR OF THREE LIGHT CANDELABRA. European, early 20th century. Scrolling arms, on square bases. 12.25”h. $75-$125

LOUIS XVI STYLE BERGÈRE. American, late 20th century. The upholstered circular back over the upholstered seat flanked by arms, the whole raised on reeded tapering legs. 34.25”h. $100-$200



AMERICAN SPOOL CHEST. Circa 1900. “Merrick’s Standard . . . “ stencil decorated drawer fronts, Merrick’s eagle decals to both side panels. Four long over two short drawers. “17.5h. 29.5w. 18.5”d. $350-$450

FRENCH TWO PART ÉTAGÈRE. Nineteenth century, walnut. Carved upper unit with an assortment of open shelves, black marble top rests above drawers and cupboard doors. 87”h. 41”w. 21.5”d. $700-$900

76 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016



CHinese LaCQuereD Censer. early 20th century, wood. Small carved incense pot with lid having multiple dragons to walls, each with piloted holes in mouth to release smoke. 4.5"h. $50-$100

LOuis vuittOn COsmetiC Bag. under Special License for the French Co., uSA, late 20th century. Brown and tan monogram canvas for Louis Vuitton, tan leather strap. 8.5”h. 15.5”w. 8.75”d. $200-$400



gOLD anD JaDe BraCeLet. American, mid 20th century. 18k yellow gold setting having florets alternating with oval cabochon jade pieces. open block clasp with safety stamped to underside. 11g. $300-$500

CHaneL earrings. France, late 20th century. Small versions of the iconic logo with original pouch and box. $75-$125

519 near Pair OF JaDe BangLes. China, early to mid 20th century. A pale celadon and white jade bracelet. each inner diameter, 2.25”. $100-$300

520 BeLgiOrnO neCKLaCe anD earrings. Argentina, mid 20th century, sterling. double chain necklace with repeating circular medallions and a pair of identical clip earrings. 72g. $300-$500

521 DiamOnD PenDant neCKLaCe. italy, 20th century. Approximately .675ctw pendant on 14k white gold chain. $200-$400

522 tHree gOLD POCKet watCH Cases. Continental, late 19th- early 20th century. Consistng of a monogrammed 14k yellow gold Zenith open face ladies pocket watch, an 18k yellow gold hunter case only, an incised rose gold hunter case only, along with an older Locle 17 jewel movement. $100-$300

523 twO PieCe guCCi traveLers Luggage. italy, 20th century. A folding garment bag with handle and suit case measuring 16”h. 26”w. 9”d. $300-$500


526 CHaneL earrings. France, late 20th century. traditional knot form with faux citrine, clip backs. 1”h. $50-$150

527 PLata meXiCan BraCeLet. Mid 20th century, sterling. Pierced curved panels hinged alternately with ball form plates. 12g. $25-$75


528 32nD Degree gOLD masOniC PenDant. American, mid 20th century, 14k. A pivoting knight’s helmet above raw diamond and garnet encrusted Knights templar medallion of crossed swords and crown backed by onyx inlaid gold formed cross reading in hoc Signo Vinces to perimeter. the back stamped 14k above 32nd degree double headed eagle inscribed “Spes Mea in deo est”. 19g. $800-$1,200



529 32nD Degree masOniC ring. American, mid 20th century, 14kt gold. double headed eagle flanked by guilloche cross and hebrew yud character inside inverted triangle. Stamped insignia to interior of band. 10g. $500-$700

530 gOLD viCtOrian BraCeLet. American, late 19th- early 20th century. 18k braided strand yoked by heart and a pair of bells; stamped barrel clasp with safety. 15g. $600-$800

530 • 77



wOmans gOLD nugget ring. American, late 19th- early 20th century. 12k nugget attached to band. 7g. $50-$100

gOLD neCKLaCe anD earrings. American, first half 20th century. 14k gold necklace spheres strung on link chain with stamped crab clasp, accompanied by a pair of dangle sphere earrings with screw clasp. 16g. $400-$600



gOLD anD ametHYst neCKLaCe. American, early to mid 20th century. 14k yellow gold link chain with six amethyst spheres connecting two carved oval amethyst pendants. 11g. $200-$300

533 gOLD BrOOCH. American, mid 20th century. 14k bouquet of slender gold strands with mounted cultured pearls, rounded C clasp. 9g. $200-$300

534 PLatinum LaDies’ watCH. American, early 20th century. elongated octagonal face of platinum surrounded by round diamonds and rectangular sapphires, on a later added 18k white gold band. 20g. $200-$400 539

535 LaDies’ HamiLtOn art DeCO watCH. American, early 20th century, 12k white gold filled. elongated rectangular face, slightly raised bezel, Forstner band. 13g. $50-$75


536 art DeCO Jet ring anD PenDant. American, early 20th century. 14k yellow gold ring and pendant both mounted with elongated marquis cut jet. 9g. $100-$300

537 BanD OF ruBies. American, mid 20th century. Square cut channel set rubies to circumference of silver band. $100-$300 544

78 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

539 art DeCO CHerrY amBer BaKeLite Parure. American, early to mid 20th century. necklace, bracelet, and pair of dangle earrings all with graduating faceted cut beads. 12k G.F. clasps. 66g. $300-$500

540 art DeCO amBer BaKeLite Parure. American, early to mid 20th century. two identical necklaces, bracelet and pair of earrings all with graduating faceted cut beadwork, sterling clasps. 63g. $200-$400

541 Pair OF gOLD nugget earrings. American, early to mid 20th century. 14k yellow gold nuggets mounted to screw back clasp. 6g. $100-$300

542 garnet Parure. American, mid 20th century. necklace, bracelet, and earrings all having individually bezel mounted garnets in gold tone settings. 25g. $200-$300

543 Pair OF saPPHire anD DiamOnD earrings. American, circa 1960, platinum setting. Floral spray clustering approximately 4 carat total weight round blue sapphires and 2 carat total weight round brilliant cut diamonds; 18k yellow gold clip backs. $1,500-$1,800

544 LaDies DiamOnD anD saPPHire BrOOCH. American, circa 1960, platinum. Floral bouquet consisting of approximately 3.50 carat total weight round brilliant and baguette diamonds and approximately 2.50 carat total weight round blue sapphires. $1,200-$1,500



PAIR OF TOURMALINE EARRINGS. American, mid 20th century. 14k gold mount earrings with Greek key pattern surrounding oval cabochon stone. Stamped to screw back. 2g. $75-$150

14K DIAMOND RING. American, mid to late 20th century, gold. Multiple smaller diamonds spiral toward a round brilliant cut. Approximately .8 total carat weight. $400-$600



ART DECO TOURMALINE RING. American, early to mid 20th century. 14k yellow gold band having a mounted rectangular cabochon tourmaline flanked by guilloche enamel flowers. 2g. $100-$300

14K DIAMOND RING. American, late 20th century, white gold. Two channels of baguette diamonds surround a raised cluster of pave diamonds. Approximately .65ct. $500-$700



GOLD PEARL RING. American, mid 20th century. 14k yellow gold band with prong mounted fresh water pearl. 4g. $100-$300

DIAMOND PENDANT. Italian, late 20th century. An 18k white gold chain holding small octagonal pendant with cluster of nine small diamonds. $200-$300

548 GOLD CHARM NECKLACE. American, 3rd quarter 20th century. 14k yellow gold chain with four freshwater pearls having pendants of 14k charms including an obelisk, the St. Louis arch, heart locket, and pineapple. 16g. $400-$600




AMBER BRACELET AND EARRINGS. American, mid 20th century. Amber fragments strung on double nylon band and pair of tear drop earrings with 12k G.F. screw backings. 17g. $50-$150

HERMÉS FEUX D’ARTIFICE SCARF. France, 3rd quarter 20th century, silk. Figures and shapes on a dark background. Approximately 34”h. 33”w. $100-$300



VICTORIA TAXCO SILVER BRACELET AND EARRINGS. Mexico, mid 20th century. Sterling linked floral necklace with matching screw back earrings. Stamped to interior of bracelet. 55g. $100-$200

FOX BELT BY IMPERIAL. American, 3rd quarter 20th century, patent leather. Two foxes interlink paws to create buckle. $25-$50

551 JEAN LASSALE WRIST WATCH. Swiss, 20th century.18k yellow gold with white dial set with Roman numerals, black crocodile strap. $200-$400

552 CHERRY AMBER BAKELITE BRACELET. American, mid 20th century. Prism cut elliptical graduating beads. $50-$150


LADIES MOSER VANITY SET. Czechoslovakia, early 20th century, crystal. Cobalt panels and gilt highlights to the body of pair of perfume decanters and lidded dish. $50-$150



559 FERRAGAMO HANDBAG. Italy, 20th century, leather. Beige handbag with brass strap, labeled Salvatore Ferragamo to interior. $25-$75


560 DOLL HEAD. American, late 19th- early 20th century, porcelain. Hand painted decoration with original purple velveteen shawl and enameled brooch. In acrylic cube, 8”h. $100-$200

560 • 79

seLKirK POLiCY guarantee: Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers (hereafter “Selkirk”) is committed to providing thorough and accurate descriptions that reflect our belief in service through honesty, integrity and attention to detail. Selkirk guarantees the authenticity of origin as stated in the first bold line of the catalogue description, with the exception of amendments by any oral or written notices or announcements at the time of the auction. “origin” is defined as the creator, period, culture, or source, as set forth in the first bold line of a lot in the catalog. exclusions: notwithstanding any other provision of these terms of Guarantee, Selkirk does not guarantee the names or patterns of any oriental rugs. All rug dimensions are approximate. Selkirk does not guarantee the authenticity of any item created before 1500. regarding jewelry: all weights, grades, sizes, and metal content(s) are approximate. regarding colored stones: purchasers are reminded that colored stones and diamonds may be enhanced by using one or more techniques, including but not limited to: clarity enhancements, resins, and heat treatment. Selkirk makes no warranty, express or implied, to the buyer as to whether a natural stone has been enhanced. Additionally, antiques, by the very nature of their age, have wear that reflects their years of use. As a result, honest wear earned from use is to be expected and is sometimes the proof that an item is an antique. normal wear will not be listed. Buyers who would like to know the fine points regarding condition should call prior to the auction. We would prefer that you examine the items before you place a bid. All other guarantees of authenticity of authorship, expressed or implied, are hereby disclaimed. there is no other warranty, express or implied. each and every lot is sold “as is”.

BuYing FOr Our aCCOunt: the owners and employees of Selkirk believe in maintaining a transparent and fair bidding environment. Because our staff has access to sensitive bidding data for all our customers, Selkirk owners and staff will never buy any item at our auction for ourselves. LiaBiLitY: Selkirk guarantees the authenticity of origin of a lot for a period of twenty-one days from the date of the auction and only to the original purchaser of record. if it is determined to Selkirk’s satisfaction that the first bold line is incorrect, the sale will be rescinded, provided the lot is returned to Selkirk in the same condition in which it was at the time of the auction. it is also Selkirk’s policy to have the purchaser obtain, at the purchaser’s expense, the opinion of one (or two in some cases) recognized experts in the field, mutually acceptable to Selkirk and the purchaser, before Selkirk determines whether to rescind the sale under the above guarantee. the purchaser’s sole remedy in the event of disputed authenticity of origin of any lot shall be the rescission of the sale and return of the original purchase price and premium paid by the purchaser. Selkirk accepts no liability of any kind for an item after the gavel has fallen. witHDrawn LOts: Selkirk reserves the right to withdraw any property before the auction and shall have no liability whatsoever for withdrawal of the property. suCCessFuL BiDDers: the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer is the buyer. the auctioneer is the sole determinant of accepted or rejected bids and successful buyers. once the auctioneer’s gavel falls, the successful bidder immediately assumes full risk and responsibility for the purchased lot.

80 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

DisPuteD anD reJeCteD BiDs: the auctioneer reserves the right to reopen the bidding on any disputed lot. the auctioneer also reserves the right to reject nominal bids and to withdraw from the auction items that do not receive a bid reflective of an item’s worth. We make every attempt, for the benefit of both seller and buyer, to create lots that reflect the quality of an international auction company.

estimates & reserves: Presale estimates are intended as guides and may not be reflective of actual gavel price. Some of the items in this auction are subject to a reserve. the reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Selkirk. the reserve will not be higher than the low estimate. DeFinitiOns OF statements: a) “Attributed to” – work is of the period of the named artist and may be the work of that artist, but not definitely so. b) “Circle of” – work of the period closely associated with the artist or from his studio. c) “School of” – work by a pupil or follower of the artist, in his style. d) “After” – in our opinion, a copy of the work of the artist. e) “Signed” – has a signature that in our opinion is the signature of the artist. f) “Bears signature” – has signature that in our opinion might be the signature of the artist. Previews: We encourage our clients to attend published previews and examine the items before each auction. Preview times are listed in the forward of each catalog. COnDitiOn rePOrts: Absentee bidders should call prior to bidding for an updated condition report. Condition reports will be published to our website throughout the days preceding the auction. Buyers should not assume that the absence of a condition report indicates that a lot is without flaw. it is every bidder's responsibility to request a condition report on any lot you plan to bid. the condition report supersedes the catalog description. More detailed photographs may also available. email

aBsentee BiDs: Selkirk accepts absentee bids in person (during preview), by phone, by fax and on An experienced bidder executes absentee bids competitively, purchasing each lot as inexpensively as possible for the absentee bid. Although our absentee bidding system is 100% honest, it is not foolproof and Selkirk is not responsible for failing to execute any absentee bids. A $50.00 minimum bid is required on all lots. Absentee bids must be submitted using our standard bidding increments. Selkirk also accepts telephone and live auction internet bids.

seLKirK POLiCY (continued) BiDDing inCrements Absentee and saleroom bidders should be aware of the following bidding increments, to which our auctioneers adhere: $0-500 $500-1,000 $1,000-3,000 $3,000-5,000 $5,000-10,000 $10,000-30,000 $30,000-50,000 $50,000-100,000 $100,000-300,000 $300,000-500,000 $500,000 & up

$25 $50 $100 $250 $500 $1,000 or Auctioneer’s discretion $2,500 or Auctioneers discretion $5,000 or Auctioneer’s discretion $10,000 or Auctioneer’s discretion $25,000 or Auctioneer’s discretion Auctioneer’s discretion

BuYers Premium: A buyer’s premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the purchaser as part of the total purchase price. the buyer’s premium (for bids made in person, or by phone, fax or email) is 20% of the successful bid price of each lot up to and including $250,000, and 12.5% on any amount in excess of $250,000. note: Buyer's Premium for all bidding through, or any other live online bidding service is 25% of the successful bid price of each lot up to and including $250,000, and 17.5% on any amount in excess of $250,000. Should you have any questions about the buyer's premium for each of our bidding options, please contact us prior to auction for clarification.

OnLine BiDDing: Selkirk offers online bidding for most auctions. information regarding online bidding options, and links to online catalogs, may be found at

Firearms: Selkirk follows all Federal Firearms regulations. saLes taX: Buyers are required to pay state and local sales tax unless exempted by law. if exempt, buyers must file a tax exemption form with Selkirk before any exemption can be made. PaYment: Selkirk accepts cash, personal and certified checks or ViSA® and MasterCard® as payment for items purchased. Current identification (valid driver’s license) may be required. Selkirk accepts payment in uSd only; any currency-conversion fees are at the expense of the buyer. Wire transfer information is available by contacting our office. items may not leave the premises until payment is made. Selkirk reserves the right to hold merchandise until a check has cleared. A fee of $50 will be assessed on all returned checks. if payment has not been initiated within 10 days after the auction, Selkirk reserves the right to charge the credit card on file. A fee of 1.5% per month of the total invoice, in addition to storage charges, will be charged (minimum finance charge $10) on all invoices not paid by the 28th day after the auction.

sHiPPing: Clients are invited to pick-up purchased items at our gallery during regular business hours or request that items are shipped by a company of their choosing. in both cases, prior notification is appreciated. Should you require shipping assistance, please call us for a list of suggested shipping contractors. if you plan to pick-up your items, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we may have items accessible for you. Purchasers utilizing shipping services will be charged by the company selected for packing, handling, postage and insurance. Selkirk is in no way responsible for the acts or omissions of independent contractors, packers or carriers of purchased merchandise. *note: your winning bid will not be canceled, rescinded, or retracted due to shipping limitations. it is your responsibility to resolve shipping issues prior to bidding in this (or any other) auction. stOrage: due to limited storage space for sold items, Selkirk requires that the arrangements for the pick-up or shipment of purchased items must be completed within 15 days of the auction unless other arrangements have been made. Please remember, once an item has sold, it is no longer covered by insurance and is stored at the owner's risk. A notice of 24 hours must be given before items are picked up. Selkirk reserves the right to charge a fee of $5 per day, per item, if not removed within the requested time frame. items not removed after 60 days, may, at the discretion of Selkirk, be sold without notice to the original purchaser, to cover the cost of the merchandise and/or storage charges. items are stored at the buyer's risk. aCCePtanCe OF terms: Bidding on any item indicates the bidder’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of Selkirk’s policy. We would like to thank you for your interest and participation. Selkirk takes our responsibilities to buyers and sellers very seriously. We appreciate an opportunity to build a relationship with you. Please contact us anytime. OtHer inFOrmatiOn FOr Our CustOmers COnsignments: Selkirk will assist you by selling one item, a collection or an entire estate. For consignment inquiries and appointments, please contact one of our representatives: Jeff Jeffers, Amelia Jeffers, Shane hall or Bryan Laughlin or email trusts anD estates: Selkirk is pleased to work with bankers, trust officers, attorneys and others with the responsibility for dispersing estates. We will work with you and your representative to discuss your estate planning needs. aPPraisaLs: Selkirk provides appraisal services for insurance, estate tax, family division or other purposes. CHOiCe OF Law: these Conditions of Sale shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of ohio. Should any portion of these Conditions of Sale be found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in a local jurisdiction, that part shall be nullified and the rest of the Conditions of Sale shall continue to be valid to the fullest extent permissible by law. DisCLaimer & DisCLOsure: Legacy Auction Group, dba Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers was formed in 2014, when the owners of Garth’s Auctioneers & Appraisers of delaware, ohio, purchased the name & goodwill of the Selkirk Auction Company in St. Louis, Missouri. From 1830, the Selkirk name has been associated with quality auction & appraisal services making it the second oldest name among American auction houses. We are not associated with or affiliated with ivey-Selkirk, the Selkirk family or Selkirk family employees. • 81

DIRECTIONS TO SELKIRK Cwe - 4739 mcPherson avenue, saint Louis, missouri 63108 Phone: 314.696.9041 • website: e-mail: selkirk is located in the Central west end Historic District of saint Louis, missouri approximately 10 miles from Lambert–st. Louis international airport.

FrOm airPOrt Get on i-70 e in Berkeley from Lambert international Blvd. Follow i-70 e to Bircher Blvd in St. Louis. take exit 244A from i-70 e. take n Kingshighway Blvd to McPherson Ave. FrOm inDianaPOLis take i-70W to St. Louis. take exit 244B. Make a left onto n Kingshighway Blvd and then another left onto McPherson Ave. FrOm CHiCagO take i-55S to exit 207B-207C for i-44W on the left. then take exit 287-287A-287B for Vandeventer Ave toward Kingshighway. Make a slight right onto Mcree Ave and turn right onto S Kingshighway Blvd. turn right onto McPherson Ave. FrOm memPHis Merge onto i-64W. Continue onto i-55n and take exit 207B-207C for i-44W on the left. Merge onto i-44W and take exit 287-287A-287B for Vandeventer Ave toward Kingshighway. Make a slight right onto Mcree Ave and turn right onto S Kingshighway Blvd. turn right onto McPherson Ave. FrOm LOuisviLLe Merge onto i-64W and take exit 3B for illinois 3 n toward Kansas City. Merge onto i70W and take exit 244B for Kingshighway Blvd. Make a left onto n Kingshighway Blvd and turn left onto McPherson Ave. FrOm OKLaHOma CitY Merge onto i-64e and continue onto i-35n. take exit 138A toward i-44e/tulsa. Merge onto i-44e and take exit 287A toward Kingshighway. turn left onto S Kingshighway Blvd and turn right onto McPherson Ave. FrOm Kansas CitY Merge onto i-70e and take exit 210A to merge onto i-64e toward Chesterfield. take exit 36A for Kingshighway Blvd and turn left onto S Kings highway Blvd. turn right onto McPherson Ave.

82 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

HOSPITALITY aCCOmmODatiOns Central west end/Forest Park Chase Park Plaza the Parkway hotel holiday inn express St. Louis - Central West end home2 Suites by hilton St. Louis/Forest Park hampton inn and Suites St. Louis at Forest Park drury inn and Suites near Forest Park holiday inn - Forest Park/hampton Ave red roof Plus - Forest Park/hamilton Ave the Cheshire

(314) 633-3000 (314) 256-7777 (314) 361-4900 (314) 531-4446 (314) 655-3993 (314) 646-0770 (314) 645-0700 (314) 645-0101 (314) 647-7300

grand Center hotel ignacio Saint Louis Grand Center inn

(314) 977-4411 (314) 533-0771

restaurants the Scottish Arms Brasserie by niche Scape American Bistro Sub Zero Vodka Bar taste herbie’s Vintage 72 Wild Flower restaurant, Bar & Catering tortillaria dressel’s Public house the Best Steak house Pi Pizzeria drunken Fish Bar italia ristorante rasoi Chi Sushi Sake Little Saigon Cafe diablitos Cantina

(314) 535-0551 (314) 454-0600 (314) 361-7227 (314) 367-1200 (314) 361-1200 (314) 769-9595 (314) 367-9888 (314) 361-4443 (314) 361-1060 (314) 535-6033 (314) 367-4300 (314) 367-4222 (314) 361-7010 (314) 361-6911 (314) 367-2209 (314) 361-8881 (314) 644-4430

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Sale Date:



I have examined these items.


Bidder No.

Street: City:



Telephone #:

Fax #:                                Email:

Selkirk may, on my behalf, enter bids on the following lots to the maximum price I have indicated for each lot. I understand that if my bid is successful, the purchase price will be the sum of my final bid plus a premium (see policy) of the bid and an applicable sales tax. Selkirk will execute these bids competitively and make all reasonable attempts to purchase items as inexpensively as possible. Selkirk absentee bidding system is 100% honest but is not foolproof. Absentee bidders are subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in Selkirk policy in the catalog. S HO RT DES C R IPTIO N  O F LOT


Name of Bank: To allow us to process your bids, bidders not yet known  to Selkirk should supply the following information at least  3 days prior to the auction. We thank you!

QUESTIONS? For bids: For condition reports: or call 314.696.9041

Address of Branch: Contact Person: Branch Phone No.: Branch Fax No.: Your Signature: (I authorize Selkirk Auctioneers to contact the above institution.) Credit Card Number: (Visa & Mastercard Only)

Exp. Date:

Security Code:       • 83




Konchel, Ken


Schwarz, Felix Conrad

Austen, Alexander

336, 337

Fisher, Harrison


Kreibich, Vilem


Scott, William Edouard


385, 504

Forain, Jean-Louis


Kruse, Betty


Shaw, Throckmorton P.

88, 89 91, 92




Frank W. Smith Silver Co.




Sidow, Gordon

Baril, Tom


Glendening, Jr., Alfred A.


Largillière, Nicolas de


Skelton, Red

Barker, John Edward


Globe-Wernicke Company


Lasellaz, Gustave Francois


Smith & Wesson

Baume & Mercer



Belgiorno, Antonio


Goodacre, Glenna

Beltrami, J. C.


Goodnight, Veryl

Bennett, John M.


Gorman, R. C.

Billing, Frederick William


96 72, 81


Locke, Walter Ronald


Smith, Jack Wilkinson


Spalmach, (After) Oscar



Stang, Sam



Lundeen, George

523 448, 535


Mackintosh, Charles Rennie




Stone, Walter King


Hamilton Watches

Maiden, Michael


Swann, Valetta


Harmon, Ada Douglas


Martin, Hall & Co.


Tahan, Alphonse

Bouchard, George L.H.


Hartford Silver Plate Co.


Maynard, Harriet


Tauzin, Louis

Brook, Alexander


Haviland, Theodore


Mene, Jules

Brother Mel


Hazak, Elie

84, 85

Moreau, (After) L. F.

Burney, Sarah Harriet


Heaton, Etty


Muffett, Nicholas D.

Burr, Edward Everett


Herdon-Smith, Wallace


Noguchi, (After) Isamu



Nuderscher, Frank


124 46 128A

Thalinger, Oscar



The Macey Company



Tiffany & Company



Toogood, Romeo






Vauthier, A. Moreau


Heylyn, Peter


Nuzzi, (Attributed) Mario

Carlyle, Bobbie




Opie, John


Vefvem, Robert

Chabas, Paul


Hollar, Wenceslaus


Osthaus, Edmund Henry


Verlys Glass


525, 526

House of Denmark


Perehudoff, William


Von Blaas, Carl





Luini, Bernardino


Cappiello, Leonetto

161 274, 275

Louis Vuitton

Bleckner, Ross




Black, Starr & Frost

Cambiaso, Luca



Chia, Sandro




Picasso, (After) Pablo


Von Grutzner, Eduard

Colin, Paul


Iannelli, Alfonso


Pieck, Anton


Wallace Silver Co.

Cooper, Thomas Sidney


Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique


Pilleau, Henry


Walsh, Henry C.



Inness, George

Pilny, Otto


Ward, Edgar

Côté, Bruno


International Silver Company


Pinchart, Emile Auguste


Warrick, Cheryl

Count Lavallette


Iribe, Paul


Raymond, Elmer D.



Cowley, Abraham


James, Edwin




Weiss, Joseph


Cradock, Marmaduke


Jean Lassale


Reed & Barton


Wesley, John


Davies, Charles


Jensen, Georg


Rennick, Charles


Wilfong, Robert “Bob”

Driva Geneve


Jensen, Karl

Roja, F.


Winfield, Rodney M.



Jones, Joseph John (Joe)

Ernst, Max


Jong, Oene Romkes



Kagyku, Asami

Evelyn, John


Kavanaugh, Joseph Malachy

Fabro, O.


Kinsey, Alberta

Falier, G.




245, 246



73 135, 153 48 4 345 95 392 3

84 • SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016


410, 411, 412

Runge, Hans Russell, Charles Marion Salvati, Giuseppe Sampson, Madeline “Micki”

115 78, 110 107 49

Santomaso, Giuseppe


Schill, Adolf


Wright, Russell

136 354, 380, 381 244 94 147 300-326

80 176 388, 389

Yelberg, E.


Zhang, Daqian


Zier, Francois Edouard


Zoir, Emil




Spring Gallery Auction

May 21, 2016

SELKIRK Auctioneers & Appraisers •

SELKIRK Spring Gallery Auction • May 21, 2016

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