Self Indulged Online Magazine #4

Page 53

OTS WHERE Yangshuo Guangxi Province (Impressions light show) WHEN The light show is currently running everynight and is a production put together by the same guy who did the 2008 Beijng Olympic opening ceremony. It’s all in Chinese but features over 600 performers on the Li River with the stunning Yangshuo limestone mountains lit up in the background. HOW You can get to Yangshuo from Guilin...approx 17RMB for a one hour bus ride. The ticket for the show are between 160 to 200RMB but it is an awesome experience. WHY Because Yangshuo is awesome. Yes, it’s full of Westerners on the aptly named ‘West St’, but it’s also a very beautiful and ‘happening’ place to hang out. Head to Monkey Janes hostel to pick up a huge inner tube and then sail down the Li River with a cold beer in hand. If you’re lucky a bamboo raft will pick you up and, for a few Yuan will take you back up river. SELFINDULGED 53