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“ new home our feel perfect

With flexible payments and easy installation, making the switch to natural gas is the one home improvement that will benefit every room in the house for years to come!


Phoenix makes



Love Your Home Theatre Be inspired by top experts.


Kitchen Theatre Cooking demonstrations & recipes.


Cultivating A Contemporary Family Kitchen


Article by Kitchen Design House.

Meet the experts.

Artist & Makers Village & Artisan Food Shop Buy art & food from local businesses.


Stylish Modern Makeover For Beautiful Banbridge Home Article by Blakely Interiors.


Exhibitor List & Floor Plan A-Z of exhibitors and floor plan map.

EZ Living Inspiration EZ Living Interiors.


1-2-1 Design Clinic



Two Is Better Than One Article by Sonas Bathrooms.


Saving Energy Meet the suppliers who can advise you on how to save energy in your home.



Stylish Storage At The Heart Of New-Build’s Trio Of Bathrooms Article by Bassetts.

Outdoor Living Inspiration Get inspiration for your garden & outdoor space.


Cosy Vibes

Cottagecore and rustic vogue interiors.



to the Love Your Home show, Belfast 2022. If you are looking for advice, information and inspiration on home improvements and interiors then you are in the right place. Whether you are planning a big extension or just giving one room or piece of furniture a new lease of life, Love Your Home has gathered the best companies to help you turn your dreams into reality. All under the one roof. As energy bills continue to rise, we are all seeking out new and more energy efficient ways to heat our homes and keep them warm. The Love Your Home Show brings together knowledgeable suppliers who can advise on how to go about it for your own unique home. Headline sponsor Phoenix Natural Gas will be at the event to give you expert advice on gas installations. Learn first-hand about the many benefits of natural gas and find out why it’s one of the best home improvements you can make. Whatever your project, bring your ideas, bring your plans, bring your photographs, and speak to the experts! The show is hosting free 1-2-1 bathroom, garden and interior design clinics. Just come along and have a chat. The clinics are running throughout the weekend. In the Artist and Maker Village, craftsmanship, skill and creativity abound. With a range of materials and styles, there are pieces of art to suit all tastes. Meet the makers to discuss what inspires them and what techniques they use to create unique pieces from ceramic, wood, glass, textiles and various painting methods. All products are available to buy to add something special to your home or to give as a unique gift. In the Love Your Home Theatre, hear from leading experts about everything from energy saving to interior design and making the most of your outdoor space. And yes, summer is here so don’t forget about the garden. Find out where you should you invest your money, how to best improve the space you have, and where to start. There are experts on hand for every aspect of garden design. With cooking at the heart of any home, experience live demonstrations from Chef Jack O’Keeffe at the Kitchen Theatre. Sit in on live cooking demos, sample the fantastic food and discover Jack’s top tips first hand. You can sample and buy a range of gorgeous handmade local products in the Artisan Food Shop. Chutneys, jams, fudge, sausages and cheese to name a few. Don’t forget there are lots of show special offers to avail of and competitions to enter to help you bring your project to life. Join us on Facebook and Instagram for inspirational articles and special offers throughout the year.


Editorial team Astrid Madsen Astrid Madsen is the editor of SelfBuild & Improve Your Home magazine. She previously held the same role in an Irish trade publication, before that she worked at the National Standards Authority of Ireland. She graduated with a BA in Urban Studies from Columbia University in New York and holds an MBA from the Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles in Madrid. France of origin, she now lives in Portarlington, County Laois, where she’s taken on the task of renovating a listed building! Email:

Claire Savage Claire Savage is a copywriter/editor based near the Giant’s Causeway, with more than 14 years’ experience working in the media. She has written for various newspapers and magazines, including the Belfast Telegraph and Culture NI, and set up her copywriting and editing business, CS Editorial, in 2014. Also the author of three novels and coeditor of an anthology, Claire has been the recipient of various awards from the Arts Council NI to support her work. She also hosts the Giant’s Causeway Book Club for the National Trust. Email:




For expert advice on how to save money and keep your house warm visit us at stand G55 for expert advice on • Reducing fuel bills • Grant programmes • Switching energy providers • Insulation • Damp & condensation • Heating systems • Reducing energy consumption • Renewable energy • Oil savings through the Oil Buying Network FREEPHONE

0800 111 4455


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Mark O’Neill

The Roof Window Specialist

Lachlan Nally

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

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Phoenix Natural Gas

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Robert Clements

Be inspired by top experts. This year hear advice and ideas from some of Northern Ireland’s top interior experts. What’s new in bathroom trends, how to elevate your outdoor space, the best interior tips and tricks and much much more. Meet the experts and be inspired.


Bellissima Garden Furniture


Friday 11:00

Your Health & Your Safety With A Difference Mark O’Neill The Roof Window Specialist






Improve your Energy Efficiency – Save Energy & Reduce Costs Panel Discussion

9 Interior Design Secrets

Robert Clements NIHE

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors



9 Interior Design Secrets

Bathroom Trends of 2022

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

Martin Strutt SONAS Bathrooms

Improve your Energy Efficiency – Save Energy & Reduce Costs Panel Discussion



Robert Clements NIHE


Fuelling the Future with Phoenix Natural Gas

Fuelling the Future with Phoenix Natural Gas

Fuelling the Future with Phoenix Natural Gas

Lachlan Nally Phoenix Natural Gas

Lachlan Nally Phoenix Natural Gas

Lachlan Nally Phoenix Natural Gas




Bathroom Trends of 2022

9 Interior Design Secrets

Your Health & Your Safety With A Difference

Martin Strutt SONAS Bathrooms

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

Mark O’Neill The Roof Window Specialist




Improve your Energy Efficiency – Save Energy & Reduce Costs Panel Discussion

Five Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

Bathroom Trends of 2022

Robert Clements NIHE

Lindsey Mueller Bellissima Garden Furniture

Martin Strutt SONAS Bathrooms





Jack O’Keeffe Former Head Chef of one of Ireland’s top cookery schools and having worked in some of the countries top restaurants has led Jack to the current position of Executive Head Chef at one of Ireland’s leading food and restaurant groups along with being a regular on Ireland AM - Ireland’s longest running morning talk show.

Cooking demonstrations. Chef Jack O’Keeffe will be cooking up a storm with demonstrations each day of the event including plenty of audience interaction and fun. There will also be a Q&A discussion on each day with the local artisan food producers.


Jack has an impressive collection of foodie accolades, but as he says himself, “I just love food, everything I love revolves around taste and smell, it drives my fiancé crazy”. Jack believes that food is the greatest catalyst in the world for conversation, whether it’s oysters on a rain soaked beach in Connemara to a bowl of baba ghanoush in sun bleached Lebanon, it’s something every culture in the world has in common.



Goats Cheese and Pea Ravioli with the Simplest Sauce



Korean Fried Chicken Burger with Kimchi Slaw, Bacon & Secret Sauce & Cheese covered Homefries

15:15 Slow Cooked Lamb Balti


Wholegrain Rice, Homemade Mango Chutney, Riata & Toasted Almonds 11B Woodhill Commercial Park, Ballymena Road, Cullybackey, BT43 5QS 028 2556 8401


Goats Cheese & Pea Ravioli with the Simplest Sauce


Pasta Dough




The Rest

� 440g 00 Flour (Pasta/Pizza Flour), plus extra for dusting

� 150g Goats Cheese

� Pinch of Salt

� 1 Sprig of Fresh Parsley

� 1 TSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

� 1 Cup of Defrosted Garden Peas � 1 Sprig of Fresh Mint � 1 TSP Cracked Black Pepper

� 4 Whole Eggs

� 2 Large TBSP Butter

� 2 Egg Yokes

� 4 Large TBSP Fine Grated Parmesan � ½ A Lemon � Salt and pepper

Method � Firstly start by making your dough. � You can do this by hand or alternatively use your stand mixer. A stand mixer will make this job so much easier and a lot less messy, just grab the flour and place into the bowl followed by the salt, olive oil and whisked eggs. Attach the spade attachment and turn on the machine to the first speed setting. Let this run for 1 minute then turn up to the second speed setting. Run this for another minute. The mix should start to turn from a crumble like mix into a rough dough ball. If not add a splash of water and continue mix for another minute. Once a rough dough ball is formed replace the spade attachment with a dough hook and work the dough on the first speed setting for 2 minutes. Remove from the bowl to a floured work surface and slightly knead rounding out the dough. Wrap in clingfilm and allow to rest for at least 30 minutes. � While the dough is resting, mash half the peas into a course paste add to a bowl with the goats cheese, chopped parsley and mint. Mix together, season with salt and pepper and a splash of lemon juice. Set aside. � Remove the dough from the fridge and set aside while you set up your pasta machine. Dust the work surface, a rolling pin, the pasta machine and your hands with the extra flour. Unwrap the dough and divide into 4 even pieces. Using the rolling pin, roll out a dough ball into a rectangular shape roughly the same width as your pasta machine. � Open your pasta machine to its widest setting and turn onto a low speed. Pass your pasta through the machine, then fold in half and pass through again. Repeat this step 10 times, passing and folding the pasta each time until the dough feels smooth and silky – almost like the smoothness of a candle stick. Now, drop the machine down to its next level and pass through again. This time don’t fold the dough which is now becoming a pasta sheet. Pass the pasta sheet through each setting twice making sure not to rush or skip any step. Once the pasta reaches a thickness where you can see your hand under the sheet or even see the grain/design of the worksurface, its ready (this should generally be the second last setting on the machine). Now you are ready to make ravioli. Using a sharp knife trim up the sides and ends of the pasta sheet making it into a lovely neat rectangle. � Brush the pasta sheet with a light layer of water and using a spoon and your fingertips add a large grape size ball every 1 inch down the centre of the sheet. Fold over the sheet making sure to push out as much air as possible while sealing the ravioli together. Now cut in-between each ravioli and set aside on a floured plate or tray and continue the process with the rest of the dough. � To finish the dish, place a large pot of water onto a high heat. Once boiling add a good 2 to 3 TBSP of salt. Pop the ravioli into the pot and cook for 5 to 7 minutes depending on the size. While the pasta is cooking heat a heavy based pan on a medium heat and add the pepper. Keep tossing the pan for 1 minute to gently toast the pepper then add one ladle or around 200ml of the pasta water and a splash of lemon juice, return to the heat. When the ravioli is ready carefully add them to the pan followed by the butter and remaining peas. Using a wooden spoon or tongs toss the pan until the butter emulsifies, now add the cheese keeping some back for garnish. Toss the pan and mix in the cheese. � Splash the ravioli and some sauce onto your serving plates and garnish with some cheese and freshly cracked black pepper.


Korean Fried Chicken Burger with Kimchi Slaw, Bacon & Secret Sauce & Cheese Covered Homefries






� 8 Boneless Chicken Thighs � 250ml Buttermilk � 200g Store Bought Kimchi � 1 Egg � Tbsp Soy Sauce � 250g Plain Flour � 80g Cornflour � 2 Tsp Baking Powder � 2 Tsp Cracked Black Pepper � 1 Tbsp Sesame Seeds � 2 Tbsp Korean Chilli Flakes Or Normal Chilli Flakes � 2 Tsp Garlic Powder � 1 Tsp Salt � 1 Litre Deep Frying Oil


� 2 Tsp Sunflower Oil � 3 Garlic Cloves, Minced � 1 Cm Ginger, Minced � 4 Tbsp Ketchup � 2 Tbsp Honey � 3 Tbsp Gochujang (Korean Chilli Paste) Or Sriracha � 2 Tsp White Vinegar

Fries � 4 large handfuls of baby potatoes

Burger � ¼ Iceberg Lettuce, Shredded � 1 large carrot grated � 6 tbsp Mayo � Bunch Of Coriander, Leaves Picked

� 1 tbsp olive oil � Salt and pepper � Any additional ingredients such as; Chinese 5spice, garlic, thyme etc

Method � Place the buttermilk, egg, and soy sauce into a bowl. Open the kimchi’s packaging and strain the juice into the bowl with the buttermilk – 3 tbsp of kimchi juice is perfect. Set the kimchi aside. � Whisk the contents of the bowl together until a smooth mix forms, now lower the chicken into the marinade and allow to marinade for at least 2 hours but overnight is perfect. � Now take the kimchi and chop it up with a knife, set it aside in a bowl along with the shredded iceberg, grated carrot and 2 tbsp mayo. Mix and set aside. � In a bowl or tray combine the flour, corn flour, baking powder, black pepper, sesame seeds, Korean pepper flakes, garlic powder and salt. Remove the chicken pieces from the marinade allowing the excess to drip off before adding to the flour mix. Toss around the chicken pieces in the flour until evenly coated. � Pour the frying oil into a deep fat fryer or large pot with the oil being 2 inches deep. Heat the oil to 160°c, test the temperature of the oil by dropping in a pinch of flour – it should sizzle immediately. � Carefully lower the chicken into the hot oil in batches and only cook half the chicken at a time as you do not want to over crowd the oil. Cook the chicken for 6 minutes or until slightly golden. Remove on to a wire rack or kitchen towel while you cook the other batches. Once all the chicken has got its first fry, reheat the oil and cook the chicken for another 4 minutes until golden and super crisp. � While the chicken is cooking prepare the sauce in a large frying pan or wok. � Over a medium heat add the oil followed by the garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds. Stir in and cook for 1 minute before adding the rest of the ingredients. Reduce the heat and simmer until a thick sauce is formed. Toss in the chicken pieces and mix to evenly coat every piece. � Toast the burgers and start building them, spread the remaining mayo across all the buns, add two chicken thighs to each bottom bun followed by the kimchi slaw and a couple sprigs of coriander. Close the burger and serve up with some fried rice or loaded fries! For the Fries � Place the potatoes in a pot of salted water and bring to the boil. Cook the potatoes for 10 minutes or until all the potatoes ala dent or just barley cooked. � Place the pot under cold running water until the potatoes are cool enough to handle. � Cut the potatoes into wedges while you preheat your oven to 220˚c. Grab a large oven tray and add the olive oil, followed by the wedges. Season with salt and pepper plus any additional ingredients you wish to add. � Place the tray into the oven for 10 minutes or until the potatoes are super crispy and golden.


Slow Cooked Lamb Balti

Wholegrain Rice, Homemade Mango Chutney, Riata & Toasted Almonds



Balti Spice Mix



� 3 Tbsp Coriander Seeds � 3 Tbsp Cumin Seeds � 1 Large Cinnamon Stick, Crumbled � 1 Tbsp Fennel Seeds � 1 Tbsp Black Pepper � 6 Cardamon Pods, Just The Seeds � 1 Tbsp Fenugreek � 1 Tsp Onion Seeds � 1 Tbsp Cloves � 1 Tbsp Turmeric Powder � 2 Tbsp Garlic Powder � 2 Tbsp Ginger Powder � 1 Tbsp Chilli Powder � 30 Curry Leaf’s


� 600g Diced Lamb � 1 Cup Of Natural Yoghurt

Mango Chutney

� 4 ripe mangos � 100ml white wine vinegar � 100g caster sugar � 1 tsp garam masala � 1 tsp turmeric powder � 1 cm fresh ginger, finally chopped


� 3 Large Onions, Sliced Thinly � 1 Bulb Of Garlic, Cloves Peeled And Finally Chopped � 1 Large Thumb Size Piece Of Ginger, Finally Chopped � 2 Cans Of Good Quality Chopped Tomatoes � 2 Tbsp Tomato Paste � 1 Beef Or Chicken Jelly Stock Pot � Salt And Sugar For Seasoning � Juice And Zest Of One Lemon � 4 Tbsp Ghee Or Sunflower Oil


� 1 bunch of fresh mint � 1 bunch of fresh coriander � 2 cloves of garlic, finally chopped � 1 cm of ginger, finally chopped � 2 cups of Greek yoghurt � Salt and pepper � Lemon juice and zest

The Rest

� 4 Cups Of Wholegrain Rice � 1 Cup Of Flaked Almonds � Couple Sprigs Of Coriander


� Grab a large dry frying pan, place on a medium heat and add the coriander, cumin, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, cardamon and cloves. Toast carefully for 2 to 3 minutes until fragrant. Place into a spice grinder or pestle and mortar along with the remaining spice ingredients. Blend into a course powder and set aside – you won’t need all this spice so keep it in a clean jam jar or air tight container. � Place the lamb and yoghurt into a bowl with a tbsp of the curry powder. Mix together and allow to marinade for 30 minutes to an hour. While waiting you can toast the flaked almonds in a dry pan over a medium heat until golden. Set aside. � Grab a wide based saucepan and place on a high heat, when hot add half the ghee followed by the diced lamb – shaking off excess yoghurt. Keep stirring the lamb to get it evenly browned and charred – just like a steak. Once browned off well, remove the lamb and set it aside. Now add the remaining ghee followed by the sliced onions, reduce the heat to medium and sauté the onions for a couple minutes or until they soften. Now add the chopped ginger and garlic, stir in and cook gently for 2 minutes before adding 5 tbsp’s of the spice mix. Cook the spices gently for 2 minutes before adding the tomato paste. Stir in the tomato paste and once it beings to cook add the chopped tomatoes. Bring this to the simmer and return the lamb. Add the jelly stock followed by roughly 200ml of warm water. Bring the curry to the simmer, cover the pot with a lid and allow to stew slowly for about 1 to 2 hours. Every 15 to 20 minutes stir the curry to make sure it’s not sticking. � The curry is finished when the lamb easily beings to break apart when poked with a spoon. While the curry is cooking its ok to adjust the thickness with more warm water or if it’s too thin increase the heat and remove the lid for a moment. adjust the seasoning with salt and sugar, finish of the curry with a splash of lemon juice and zest. � For the rice, rinse it under cold water and place in a sauce pan and add 9 cups of water. Place the rice on a medium heat and once simmering cover with a lid. Reduce the heat and allow to cook for 15 minutes. After this the water should have evaporated, remove the pot from the heat and allow to sit with the lid for 5 minutes. � Before serving, fluff up the rice with a fork and add to a large serving dish. Scoop the curry out into a warm dish and garnish with the crispy almonds and some coriander. Place the rice and curry into the centre of the table for everyone to share. � For the mango chutney, peel and dice the mangos. Place a saucepan on a medium heat and add the vinegar, sugar, spices and ginger. Bring to the simmer and when the sugar dissolves add the diced mango and cook gently for 30 to 40 minutes or until a thick syrupy chutney forms. Set aside and allow to cool, add the jam jars for storage. This will last about 2 weeks in a fridge. � For the riata, remove the leaf’s from the herbs and finally chop. Add the herbs to a bowl along with the ginger, garlic and yoghurt. Mix together and adjust the seasoning the flavour with salt, pepper and lemon juice & zest. Add to an airtight container and this will be good for 3 days in a fridge.



Design Clinic

Meet the experts Bring your ideas, plans and photographs and speak to the experts about your bathroom, garden or interior design. FREE 1-2-1 clinics running throughout the weekend.


Love the look. Love the price. Have a seat in our Belfast Store, 49 Boucher Road, Belfast BT12 6HR

per month over 4 years 0% APR

Featuring the Cordelia 3 Seater Sofa, £1399 or £140 deposit and 48 monthly payments of £27 (0% APR). 0% finance available upon a minimum spend of £600 with flexible monthly payment options and terms up to 4 years. Deposit payable of 10% of the order value or £100 whichever is greater. Credit subject to acceptance. Finance is provided by Sofology approved lenders. Sofology, Golborne Point, Ashton Road, Warrington, WA3 3UL.

Your Ultimate Home Improvement

Discover how natural gas can open a world of opportunity in your home and why it’s the ultimate home improvement you can make. Speak with our Energy Advisors today at stand H45 who are on hand to give expert advice on the installation process, energy efficiency tips and how switching to natural gas can help reduce your carbon footprint.


£400* Cashback Offer

Love your home this summer and connect to Phoenix Natural Gas with an exclusive £400* cashback offer only available at Love Your Home Show. * Terms and conditions apply

What’s it like to switch to

Natural Gas? Lauren and Chris from Belfast are first-time homeowners and installing Phoenix was at the top of their to-do list when renovating their new home. What prompted you to make the switch to natural gas?

We knew from the start that we were going to get gas installed. We just wanted to modernize everything about the place including our heating and we felt Phoenix was the way to go. Nowadays, we’re so used to having everything in an instant, and gas heats up so much quicker than oil. We’ve both had experience of oil before and felt it was just a bit of a slow process to heat up so we just wanted to make sure that it was quick and easy for us to get the house nice and warm when we needed it to be.

Now that your oil tank and hot press are gone, what are you going to do with the extra space?

With the oil tank gone, we’ll probably make it into a seating area for friends and family for when they come around. In the bathroom, we were able to remove the hot press which allowed for a lot more space, we actually reconfigured the whole room.

What do you love most having Phoenix in your home?

My favourite thing about having Phoenix is definitely the hot water. As soon I come in and if I’ve been to the gym or been at yoga or something like that, I can just jump in the shower and that’s me sorted. Chris loves the flexibility of having the app to control the heating on his phone. It’s brilliant because if we’re out somewhere or at work, we can turn it on as we head home and the house is so cosy by the time we arrive. It’s also good to know that gas is a better fuel choice for the environment. We want to try and make small changes wherever we can, so knowing that by switching from oil to gas we could reduce our carbon footprint was a big positive for us.

Would you recommend it?

I would say if you’re thinking about it, definitely go ahead and do it. We’ve been talking to all of our friends about the benefits, how good it is to have instant heating and hot water at your fingertips.

Switching from oil to gas

we could reduce our carbon footprint


Visit our facebook page to see Lauren and Chris’s video story for yourself

Lauren + Chris x

Artist & Maker

Village Craftsmanship, skill and creativity will be on display in the Artist & Maker Village. Covering a range of materials and styles there will be pieces of art to suit all tastes. Meet the makers to discuss what inspires them and the techniques they use to create pieces from ceramic, wood, glass, textiles and various painting methods. All products are available to buy to add something special to your home or to give as a unique gift.


Clémence Prosen Art & Design

Peter Thomas Photography

Innocent Chaos


The Wild Butterfly

Reuben’s Rural Crafts

Art by Pete

Lorraine Fletcher Art Studio

Leo & Lyn Candles

Don’t Forget The Dog

Millbee Studio

Jude Fenton Art

Uptown Framing

Phelim Donfield Arts

The Lampshade Jungle 19

Artisan Food

Shop At Love Your Home we love to support local cottage industries and what more important industry is there in Ireland than food! In the Artisan Food Shop you can try and buy a range of gorgeous handmade local products. Chutneys, jams, fudge, sausages and oils to name a few. Chef Jack O’Keeffe will also show you ways to use these great products in the Love Your Home Kitchen Theatre.


Barry John Sausages

Gran Grans Foods Ltd

Erin Grove Preserves

Dolce Sofia dolci e prodotti Italiani

Bró Coffee

Granny Shaws Fudge Factory

Burren Balsamics Ltd

Gold & Brownes

The Brownie Barn

Blackfire Food

Irish Black Butter Ltd


Stylish modern makeover

for beautiful Banbridge home

When it came to refurbishing this spacious home in County Down, creating a timeless, classic look was at the heart of the brief for Blakely Interiors. The final result is a luxuriant design which cleverly combines textures and tones to create rooms with depth and an elegant style that can be enjoyed for years to come. The project, which featured on BBC NI’s ‘Beautiful Interiors Northern Ireland’ programme back in March, was a complete ‘design, manufacture and fit job,’ says Stephen Blakely from the Banbridge-based interiors company. “The house really dictates the brief,” he adds. “For this project we wanted to make it look richer, with a more classic feel. Timeless, but with that modern vibe.”

A lounge full of luxury

Tasked with creating a unique look for the lounge – highlighted along with the bedroom design in the Beautiful Interiors Northern Ireland programme – Blakely Interiors made bespoke furniture to meet the client’s specific requirements. The feature piece for the room is a handcrafted wing-back chair which sits in the alcove by the window, complemented by an oversize footstool upholstered in matching fabric with a 3D artistic tile pattern. This contrasts with the woven-style chenille fabric of the two sofas – also made by Blakely Interiors and in block silver tones. Made to specific dimensions, the wing-back chair has a unique concave-shaped back which curves inwards at the top. Meanwhile, piping around the edge helps to define its shape and adds texture to the piece, while the patterned fabric adds a further depth to the design. “The brief was to have something that wasn’t going to date and that they would still love in 10 years’ time,” says Stephen. “When they said they wanted something timeless I wanted to create a design that gave a classic style but with a modern twist. For us, that was the use of texture – fabric that gave us a combination of matt and shiny finishes. Something more deflective.” This texture is carried through in the quality


and detail of the furniture, with silver slippercup legs on the sofas and piping on the cushions, as per the feature chair. The handstitched curtains, also made bespoke, have silver thread woven through the fabric for extra richness, again creating layers of texture within the room. The artwork, mirror and carpets were also supplied by Blakely Interiors, adding those final finishing touches and connecting the overall design. The effect is, says Stephen, “a transition through space” which weaves together warm tones of taupe and mushroom – lifts and dips of colour which combine for a seamless finish.

Dining room

The dining room design subsequently flows on from the lounge, with a similar brief resulting in more of that luxury style, while also maintaining everyday functionality. The chairs here are upholstered in a fabric with a similar, though slightly more geometric, design than the lounge chair, while the table and sideboard are both bespoke pieces from an independent furniture designer. “Straight away we knew we wouldn’t get something off the shelf that would work as we wanted,” says Stephen. “So we contacted a company to make the table and sideboard and then we designed and manufactured the chairs. We also made the curtains and again, supplied the artwork.” Natural light enters the room through double patio doors, while the rich tones and textures of the furniture and soft furnishings add depth of colour. The kitchen design also embodies a classic, timeless look, but has added pops of colour in the bespoke bar stools, with their fresh citrus tones. This is continued in the pelmets, made bespoke by Blakely Interiors, which give the room “that little bit of a lift,” says Stephen. As the client didn’t want the room to have one continuous colour, these accent tones break up the design and add vibrancy to the space.

boudoir vibe, creating a deluxe space that combines both comfort and style. An eyecatching six-foot headboard makes a feature of the bed, the frame once again a bespoke design from Blakely Interiors, while the double roll-top chaise longue at the foot of it adds a further touch of splendour. Two handcrafted chairs by the window in darker tones complement the lighter colours of the bedlinen and headboard, adding depth and contrast to the room, these darker hues also picked out in the scatter cushions. “We worked off a single colour design plan for the master bedroom, working mid-tone to light tone down through that,” says Stephen. “We used an antiquity colour, so the walls are

a rich purple tone – which is striking against the white ceiling and skirting boards – and then the rest of the colour palette runs down through that. For example, the headboard is a grey printed velvet with a pink undertone. “That’s what I mean by a single colour built with tone to create depth in the room. There are various lifts and tones of colour alongside drops in tones. It adds dimension, so you feel the room around you, creating that warm, comfortable boudoir style. “The client really trusted us in the design process. They knew what they didn’t want too and that’s always a bonus. Ultimately, they had really good taste.”

Opulent boudoir-style for master bedroom In the master bedroom, the luxurious theme continues with a design that evokes a hotel-


Exhibitors A

Aaron Dickson Photography


Aaron Kearney Design

Blackfire Foods


Blakely Interiors

ADS Mechanical Ltd

Bro Coffee

Alderwood Studios

Budget Energy

Art By Pete

Burren Balsamics


Butternut Box

AXA Insurance DAC

Buttonhome Artist and Maker B41 Artist and Maker D43 Furniture H24 Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving H42 Furniture E4 Artist and Maker D46 Garden and Outdoor Living H26 Finance H23


Ballylisk of Armagh Artisan Food Producer G44

Barry Johns Sausages Artisan Food Producer F37

Bassetts Bathrooms D10

Beam Vacuum & Ventilation Ventilation E20

24 Garden and Outdoor Living D30 Artisan Food Producer F34 Interior Designers G24 Artisan Food Producer G42 Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving E1 Artisan Food Producer F39 Home Accessories E18 Artist and Maker A27

Buttonmoon Buttonmoon-325079547536274 Artist and Maker A24


Carlanto Internal Finishes B19

Catherine Swan Artist Artist and Maker D40

Charles Hurst Group Home Accessories C13


Clemence Prosen Art & Design

Fernhill Stone Ltd

Graham Crichton - Pet Photographer

Crown Paints

firmus Energy

Gran Grans Foods

Foam 2 Home

Granny Shaws Fudge Factory Artist and Maker B46 Internal Finishes F33


Desie O’Reilly Contemporary Landscapes Artist and Maker A23

Dolce Sofia Dolci Artisan Food Producer F46

Don’t forget the Dog Artist and Maker B44

Dream Designs NI Furniture B17


Easigrass NI Garden & Outdoor Living B25

East Down Building ltd Building Contractor A14

Electric Ireland in NI Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving C10

ElectriCast Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving H32

Erin Grove Preserves Artisan Food Producer F42

Euro Garden and Home Garden and Outdoor Living G18

EZ Living Interiors (NI) Furniture E35 & E36 Stone and External Finishes H16 Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving G54 Internal Finishes F4

Francis McCrory Art Artist and Maker C43

Future Renewables Energy Systems Ltd Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving D6


Garolla Holding Ltd Garden and Outdoor Living F24

George Nelson Plumbing & Heating Ltd Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving G52

Gillian Boyd Art Artist and Maker C38 Home Accessories A15 Artisan Food Producer G43 Artisan Food Producer F40


Habitat for Humanity Charity B26

Home by Innov8 Furniture B2

House Proud Furnishings Furniture D27


Innocent Chaos Artist and Maker C34

Irish Black Butter Artisan Food Producer F45


Glacier Water Systems Ltd

Janet Morris Fine Artist Environmental Systems F31 Artist and Maker B43

GMS Intelligent Systems

JRH Harvey & Co Ltd Security and Home Automation F16 Building Supplies H19

Gold & Browne’s

Jude Fenton Artist Artisan Food Producer F35

Grace Scott Pastel Paintings Artist and Maker C35

Graf Ireland Environmental Ltd Garden and Outdoor Living D1 Artist and Maker C33


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Mud Ireland Artist and Maker B34 Artist and Maker A25 Artisan Food Producer F41

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Killymoon Bespoke Living Artist and Maker C32 Finance F9 Artist and Maker B39


Nature’s Breath Home Accessories B10 Insulation F2 Artist and Maker A37


P & M Contemporary Doors Internal Finishes B9

Paint Once Building Supplies E7

NI Climbing Frames

Papa’s Mineral Company

NI Refinishing Services

Patricia Logue Fine Art


Peter Thomas Photography

Leo & Lyn Candles


Phelim Donfield Artist

Lorraine Fletcher Art Studio


Phoenix Natural Gas Ltd Furniture D18

Kitchen Academics Home Accessories A19

Kukoon Belfast Ltd Internal Finishes E14

L Artist and Maker C31 Artist and Maker D44

Louisa Kelly Art Artist and Maker A34

Lucia McIlMunn Garden and Outdoor Living F11 Kitchens F29 Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving G55 Garden and Outdoor Living A1 Home Accessories F20


Oh So Fabulous Artist and Maker A36 Artisan Food Producer F47 Artist and Maker C37 Artist and Maker B35 Artist and Maker D42 Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving H45

Precise Protect Finance A10


Olah Products LTD

Rachel Julca Design

Mango Crafts

Old Irish Creamery Cheese

Reuben’s Rural Crafts

Michelle Wilson Art

On the Square Emporium

RNLI Artist and Maker C39

M Furniture E46 Artist and Maker D48

26 Home Accessories B12 Artisan Food Producer F36 Furniture E40 Artist and Maker B33 Artist and Maker A40 Charity H33

Rubys Fine Foods Artisan Food Producer G50


Sandra Shaw Art Artist and Maker D37

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Shambles Workshop Artist and Maker D38

Sheldon Galleries

Stira Folding Attic Stairs Ltd

Trustee Safe Company

Storm Hall Ltd

twospoons Internal Finishes E6 Home Accessories A17


The Bath Bubble

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Uptown Framing Gallery Artist and Maker B37 Bathrooms F19 Artisan Food Producer G48

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SONAS Bathrooms Bathrooms G24

Sorrel Wills Art Artist and Maker B42

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Ulster Bank Artisan Food Producer G45 Power and Technology D5 Artist and Maker B45

Tandem Photography Artist and Maker A39 Home Accessories A8 Security and Home Automation A2 Garden and Outdoor Living C3 Artist and Maker C36

The Roof Window Specialist Windows and Doors F8

The Wild Butterfly Artist and Maker C30

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Toastabags Ireland Home Accessories H29 Finance C14 Charity C20 Artist and Maker D36


Vantage Health & Life Finance D32

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Whiterocks Home Accessories A9

Willoughby Bespoke Protection Finance F22

Willow Moon Ireland Artist and Maker D35

Wilson Handcrafts Kitchens C17

Worcester, Bosch Group Heating, Renewables & Energy Saving E24


Xpress Lifts Lifts and Access E8


Welcome to fine organic craftsmanship Explore a fusion of Venetian plaster and ready-made artwork created by expert artisans. �






g52 g54

F46 F47

F44 F45


D43 D44 EXIT

A39 A37 A36

g48 g50 artisan food shop F41 F39 F42 F40 E40 E36

D42 D46 D48


Artisan Food Producer Blackfire Foods Gold & Browne's Old Irish Creamery Cheese Barry Johns Sausages Burren Balsamics Granny Shaws Fudge Factory Ke Nako Biltong Erin Grove Preserves Kennedy Bacon Irish Black Butter Dolce Sofia Dolci Papa's Mineral Company Bro Coffee Gran Grans Foods Ballylisk of Armagh The Fluffy Meringue The Brownie Barn Rubys Fine Foods

Artist and Maker A23 A24 A25 A27 A34 A36 A37 A39 A40 B33


A27 A25

Desie O'Reilly Contemporary Landscapes Buttonmoon Kathryn Callaghan Fine Art Buttonhome Louisa Kelly Art Oh So Fabulous Outlaw Woodshop Sheldon Galleries Reuben's Rural Crafts Rachel Julca Design

B34 B35 B37 B39 B41 B42 B43 B44 B45 B46 C30 C31 C32 C33 C34 C35 C36 C37 C38 C39 C42 C43 D35 D36 D37 D38 D40 D42 D43 D44 D46 D48



Kate Whiteman Art Peter Thomas Photography Tandem Photography Mud Ireland Aaron Dickson Photography Sorrel Wills Art Janet Morris Fine Artist Don't forget the Dog twospoons Clemence Prosen Art & Design The Wild Butterfly Leo & Lyn Candles Millbee Studio Jude Fenton Artist Innocent Chaos Grace Scott Pastel Paintings The Lampshade Jungle Patricia Logue Fine Art Gillian Boyd Art Lucia McIlMunn Serenity Candles Francis McCrory Art Willow Moon Ireland Uptown Framing Gallery Sandra Shaw Art Shambles Workshop Catherine Swan Artist Phelim Donfield Artist Aaron Kearney Design Lorraine Fletcher Art Studio Art By Pete Michelle Wilson Art



g44 g42 g45 g43 F36 F35 F37 F34 E35



F29 love your home theatre

D37 D35 D40 D36







b25 b26 A21 a19



F34 F35 F36 F37 F39 F40 F41 F42 F44 F45 F46 F47 G42 G43 G44 G45 G48 G50



C34 C33 C31 C42 C39 C38 C30 C35 C36 C32 C43 C37 artist & maker village b35 b34 b33 b43 b42 b41 b39 b46 b37 b44 b45

A40 exhibitor lounge






D10 Bassetts F19 The Bath Bubble G24 SONAS Bathrooms

Building Contractor & Building Supplies A14 East Down Building ltd E7 Paint Once H19 JRH Harvey & Co Ltd


B26 Habitat for Humanity C20 Ulster Wildlife H33 RNLI

Environmental Systems E3 Kangen Water Better Living F31 Glacier Water Systems Ltd

Finance A10 C1 C14 D32 F22 F9 H23

Precise Protect Spectrum Mortgages & Protection Ulster Bank Vantage Health & Life Willoughby Bespoke Protection Mint Mortgages and Protection AXA Insurance DAC






g24 design clinic



F22 F20 F19



kitchen theatre cafe

F8 F9

F16 F11

F4 F2

F24 E8

E18 E14

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E3 E4



E24 E20 E22

entrance main exit 


D6 D5

27 C17 C20


C14 C13


C1 C3








a10 a9


b12 b10





Furniture B2 B17 D18 D27 E4 E35 E36 E40 E46 F26 H24

Home by Innov8 Dream Designs NI Killymoon Bespoke Living House Proud Furnishings Alderwood Studios EZ Living Interiors EZ Living Interiors On the Square Emporium Mango Crafts Sofology abode16

Garden and Outdoor Living A1 B25 B29 C3 D1 D30 f11 F24 G18 G40 H26

Nii-Clean Easigrass NI Starview Hot Tubs NI The Garden Design Shop Graf Ireland Environmental Ltd Bellissima NI Climbing Frames Garolla Holding Ltd Euro Garden and Home Thistlewaite House and Home Autolawns

Heating Renewables & energy saving

C10 Electric Ireland in NI D6 Future Renewables Energy Systems Ltd E1 Budget Energy

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Worcester, Bosch Group George Nelson Plumbing & Heating Ltd firmus Energy ElectriCast ADS Mechanical Ltd Phoenix Natural Gas Ltd NIHE

Home Accessories A8 A9 A15 A17 A19 A21 B10 B12 C13 C15 E18 F20 H29 H34

Shop4Choice Limited Whiterocks Graham Crichton - Pet Photographer Storm Hall Ltd Kitchen Academics Scented Home Biz Natures Breath Olah Products LTD Charles Hurst Group Karcher Belfast Butternut Box Norwex Toastabags Ireland Thermomix

Insulation F2

One Step Insulation Ltd

Interior Designers G24 Blakely Interiors

Internal Finishes B9 B19 E6 E14 E22 F4 F33

P & M Contemporary Doors Carlanto Stira Folding Attic Stairs Ltd Kukoon Belfast Ltd Victoria Du Monde Foam 2 Home Crown Paints


C17 Wilson Handcrafts F29 NI Refinishing Services

Lifts and Access E8

Xpress Lifts

Security and Home Automation A2 Trustee Safe Company D5 Smart Systems NI F16 GMS Intelligent Systems

Stone and External Finishes H16 Fernhill Stone Ltd


E20 Beam Vacuum & Ventilation

Windows and Doors F8

The Roof Window Specialist

Cultivating a contemporary

With a sophisticated style that effortlessly combines traditional aesthetics with a more modern twist, this spacious open-plan kitchen in Newcastle, Co Down is perfect for relaxed family living. Delivered a detailed brief in terms of overall style and concept, Deborah McParland from Kitchen Design House in Belfast was tasked with creating a practical, contemporary space which embraced an open-plan design. “The client had a clear idea of the style and finish they wanted so it was just a matter of translating their concept into a practical kitchen that would function as well as it looks,” she says.

Custom design

Having discussed the option of a grey colour palette, with a dark graphite shade for the cabinetry, it was decided to incorporate brighter accent colours as a contrast to this darker tone. This involved adding pops of colour in the form of brass handles for the cupboard doors, with gold also appearing discreetly elsewhere, to bring the concept together. The result is a calming space with an underlying theme of luxury and elegance. As a new extension to the property, the kitchen was to be a dual living-dining area, with all cabinetry subsequently created bespoke to fit the space. “The client wanted more of a modern look, but with a traditional effect, so we suggested two options for the cabinetry doors – solid oak or a veneer oak,” adds Deborah. “When you get a project like this, for a young family with a child and animals, you have to brainstorm around the concept and come up with more practical suggestions.” The client opted for a more functional, durable style of door in the oak veneer option, which was also scratch-resistant, combining this with the contemporary brass handles. Once the door design and colour palette is settled, says Deborah, then you can easily build the rest of the design around these key features.

Secret storage

A core requirement for the kitchen was ample internal storage, so everything could be conveniently hidden out of sight. As a result, there is lots of storage contained within the


kitchen units, which all have pull-out doors to maximise the use of space, including a tailormade food cabinet complete with solid oak spice racks. The kitchen also has a built-in single oven and microwave. Meanwhile, to evoke that traditional feel, all internal storage is made from Cambrian Oak, with solid oak dovetail drawers.

Central socialising space

As the client enjoys cooking and entertaining, an island unit was another key element of the design, as they were keen to have a communal ‘hub’ area where people could congregate. Creating a central focus within the kitchen, the island is of significant size, at 2.4m long, with room for four bar stools along one length – perfect for socialising. There is also additional space at the back of the kitchen for more formal, sit-down dining. “We wanted to create a bold feature point with the island and didn’t want it looking lost in the room, as the kitchen is 10m long,” says Deborah. “The client wanted a wine fridge as well, so we incorporated that into the design too. You have to consider what the client wants and smartly design around that.” The island also has an Elicia NikolaTesla downdraft hob, along with internal bins for practicality, while the worktop has waterfall gables at each end, giving it a more luxurious finish. Meanwhile, the bar stools – sourced independently by the client – have a neutral brown tone which ties in neatly with the overall colour concept.

Streamlined sink

Directly opposite the island is the sink, an under-mount Blanco Subline Silgranit Grey style which gives a sophisticated, streamlined look without the visible lip surround. An instant boiling water tap with gold fixtures again complements the brass and gold accents


elsewhere, including the overhead spotlights here and the island’s drop-down lighting. The worktop around the sink and on the island is a premium 20mm Calacatta Gold Silestone surface, with a minimal grey grain and gold fleck running through it, which again ties in with the main colour theme. The sink splashback continues in this same stone, running from the sink right up to the lower tier units. A two-tone colour palette above the sink further incorporates a top level of graphite which then runs down into the oak effect. “The client wanted oak in the design, but we didn’t want it to be too overpowering, so this is an effective way of incorporating it into the design and giving a luxurious finish,” says Deborah. The ceiling above the sink is also plastered to give the illusion of a drop-down style, avoiding any gaps at the top of the units due to the unique height of the room.

Naturally lit space

As a large room dominated by dark graphite tones, lighting is key in such a space, says Deborah. Luckily, the kitchen has bi-fold sliding doors which extend along the full length of one side of the room, which helps to brighten it up. “There’s a lot of natural daylight, so they get away with the dark colours,” she says. “That’s one of the first things I look for when designing a space. If there’s no natural light, it can be too disjointed and dark. But with the bi-fold doors and the room painted white, it works.” Completed on a budget of £21,000, this is a kitchen space which more than fulfils its brief


of being a modern, open-plan space suitable for a sociable family lifestyle. With ample room for entertaining and dining – and with a separate utility room at the far end – the result is a design perfectly proportioned to suit the space. “We wanted to create a visually stunning space with a mix of materials that were both effective and striking and worked well in a large open space room,” says Deborah. “Together, we created a design that achieved functionality with a luxurious finish.”

Experts on Motorised blinds, wooden venetians, rollers, romans, curtains, verticals & much more..

Crossgar& Downpatrick servicing areas Co Down & Co Antrim 028 4375 8025 |



As energy bills continue to rise, we are all seeking out new and more energy efficient ways to heat our homes and keep them warm. The Love Your Home Show brings together knowledgeable suppliers who can advise on how to go about it for your own unique home.

Heat Pumps Boilers Gas 36

EXHIBITORS Heating Renewables Energy Saving

Efficiency Solar Panels Costs 37

Outdoor living


Do you want to make the most of your outdoor space? Where should you invest your money? What are the best improvements to make? Where do you start?

Furniture Hot Tubs Outdoor Tech 38

EXHIBITORS Designers Products Services

Garage Doors


Luxury Interior Design Service

Luxury Interior Design Service

Pure Interiors is a leading Interior Design Studio situated in Hamiltonsbawn in Co Armagh which is afrom leading Interior Design situated in Hamiltonsbawn in Co Armagh which is a 45 minute drive isPure a 45 Interiors minute drive Belfast. Pure Interiors hasStudio clients and customers from right across the North and from South of Ireland. Belfast. Pure Interiors has clients and customers rightsituated across the and South of Ireland. Pure Interiors is a leading Interior Design from Studio inNorth Hamiltonsbawn in Co Armagh whic Pure Interiors is owned by Dawn Duke & Pauline Johnson, they are specialists in Interior Design is a 45 minutewithin drive from Belfast. Pure Interiors has clients and customers from right across the andPure have Interiors over 20 years experience trade. is ’owned by Dawnthe Duke & Pauline Johnson, they are specialists in Interior Design and have over 20

North and South of Ireland. years experience within the trade. With two very unique styles, Dawn & Pauline have many years of experience on Dawn is passionate Pauline isyour a individual projects help create a bespoke home suited toJohnson, needs. in Interior Purevaried Interiors is to owned by Dawn Duke & Pauline theystyle are and specialists and

about classic, traditionalist and have over 20 years’ experience within the trade. minimalist, clean loves bringing an and sleek looks in antique, vintage both a modern and and retro vibe to a traditional sense. Dawn is passionateprojects.

Luxury Interior Design Service


Pauline is a about classic, traditionalist and With two very unique styles, Dawn & Pauline have many years of experience on varied projects Purehome Interiors isyour a leading Interior Armagh which an minimalist, cleanStudio situated in Hamiltonsbawn in Coloves bringing to help create a bespoke suited to individual style andDesign needs. Dawn is passionate about is a 45 minutePauline drive Belfast. Pure Interiors has clients and customers from right acrossvintage the is afrom traditionalist and loves and sleek looks in antique, classic, minimalist, clean and sleek looks in bringing an antique, vintage and retro SERVICES PROVIDED: North and South of Ireland. both a modern and a traditional sense. and retro vibe to vibe toboth projects.a modern and Pure Interiors is owned your by Dawn Duke & Pauline Johnson, they are specialists in Interior Design - Soft furnishings - Co-ordinate project a traditional sense. projects. and have -over 20 years ’ experience within the trade. - Bespoke upholstery Furniture + accessories - Bespoke joinery - Little Greene paint stockists With two very unique styles, Dawn & Pauline have many years of experience on varied projects Dawn is passionate Pauline is a - All flooring - Wallpaper library to help create a bespoke home suited to your individual style and needs. about classic, traditionalist and minimalist, clean loves bringing an SERVICES PROVIDED: and sleek looks in antique, vintage both a modern and and retro vibe to - Soft furnishings - Co-ordinate your project a traditional sense. projects.

- Bespoke upholstery - Furniture + accessories With two very unique styles, Dawn & Pauline have many years of experience on varied projects - Bespoke joinery - Little Greene paint to help create a bespoke home suited to your individual style stockists and needs. - All flooring - Wallpaper library SERVICES PROVIDED: - Soft furnishings - Co-ordinate your project Visit Us: Pure Interiors - Bespoke upholstery Furniture Unit 8, 13- Main Street+ accessories Studio Opening Hours 1LP, paint stockists Tuesday to Friday 10:00am-4pm - Bespoke joineryHamiltonsbawn, - LittleBT60 Greene E: Saturday 10:00am-2pm - All flooring - Wallpaper library Call Us: 028 3887 2222

SERVICES PROVIDED: � Soft furnishings

� Co-ordinate your project

� Bespoke upholstery

� Furniture & accessories

� Bespoke joinery

� Little Greene paint stockists

� All flooring library Call Us: 028 3887 2222 Visit Us: Pure� Wallpaper Interiors Unit 8, 13 Main Street Studio Opening Hours BT60 1LP, Tuesday to 2222 Friday 10:00am-4pm CALL US: 028 3887 VISITHamiltonsbawn, US: Pure Interiors E:13 Saturday Unit Visit 8, Main Street Call Us:10:00am-2pm 028 3887 2222 Us: Pure Interiors

Studio Opening Hours Unit 8, 13 Main Hamiltonsbawn, BT60Street 1LP Studio 10:00am Opening-Hours Tuesday to Friday 4pm Tuesday- 2pm to Friday 10:00am-4pm Hamiltonsbawn, BT60 1LP, Saturday 10:00am E: E: Saturday 10:00am-2pm


Vibes After the plasterboard is up and the white paint is layered on, your newly built house will need a little TLC to elevate it into a home. Here are some tips to get the homely feel through the latest interior design trends. Whether you’ve just built your house and are wondering how to go from clinical to magical, or you’re renovating an older property and are on the hunt for a new look, the latest interior design trends are here to get you to cosy up in a flash.


First up is cottagecore, a traditional farmhouse aesthetic that celebrates simpler times – nostalgic countryside scenes, peasant dresses, homecrafts and upcycling. It’s a continuation of the movement towards a slower, more thoughtful life and its popularity has soared since the start of the pandemic. All the things we thought we didn’t have time for – gardening, crochet, sourdough starters – became coping mechanisms in

Recycled furniture


Top tips

for a cottagecore vibe:


Make the most of the bones of your house.


Reuse discarded materials.


Buy second hand.


Seek one off items.

5 6

Sand floorboards and doors, expose wooden beams, restore fireplaces and stone or brick walls.

Make shelving or side tables from pallets, make cushions or napkins from old clothes. The bigger and bolder the patterns, the better.

Gingham & dried flowers

Ireland doesn’t have the same culture of vintage markets as other European countries but you can strike gold in flea markets, charity shops, and free and swap websites.

You can spend any amount of money on handmade, artisan goods but in the true spirit of cottagecore, you should upcycle, recycle and make and design your own furniture, ceramics and textiles.

Tend a small garden inside and outside your home.

Plant window boxes, pots and planters, cultivate a herb garden.

The ultimate cottagecore hideaway is the pimped up garden shed.

Paint it a pastel colour, adorn it with bunting, surround it with potted plants, fill it with old furniture and fabrics and lay down a deck with discarded timber.

the face of uncertainty. We started to look inwards, towards solace and comfort and we began to realise just how important the home environment is to our sanity and wellbeing. Cottagecore is, in theory, driven by an underlying notion of social consciousness, a rebellion against consumerism. The focus is on repurposed and restored furniture and fabrics, vintage dishware and crockery. Think gingham and dried flowers, willow-patterned plates and mismatched dining chairs. Most of these can be fashioned into one-of-a-kind items and all of them can be found in the garden, the attic or in salvage yards, flea markets and charity shops. It’s no coincidence that this nostalgic yearning has been inspired by a global crisis. The Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the twentieth century was a response to the Industrial Revolution and it was the inspiration for designer William Morris’ golden rule: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Cottagecore, along with its big sister, rustic vogue, challenges us to seek out both beauty and utility. From tables to tea towels, shelves to sinks, everything we choose can be simple, joyful and unique.

Pallet table

Vintage shed


Timber features with industrial lighting

Top tips

for a rustic vogue ambiance:

Restored features with industrial light

Exposed brick with modern lighting



Take on board the cottagecore tips.


Balance contemporary and vintage pieces.


Keep it simple.


Create cosy corners.

Use industrial lighting and accessories as contrast to restored and upcycled furniture and fabrics.

If you have beautiful original features such as timber floors and exposed beams, don’t hide them with clutter. Use rugs, paintings and accessories sparingly to draw attention to them.

Natural materials such as wood and metal can feel hard and unwelcoming. Balance them with fabrics that serve an aesthetic and a tactile purpose. Velvet, silk and cotton are beautiful and comforting, cosy and inspiring.

Rustic vogue

In reality, most of us do not live in charming country cottages and even if we love the concept, our homes need something a little more sophisticated. Rustic vogue is an elegant take on cottagecore, one that emphasises original features and adds contemporary elements for a more glamorous, modern look. Take your original floorboards, fireplaces and restored furniture and add concrete pots, metal lighting and cashmere cushions. Statement pieces such as artwork and mirrors focus the eye and take the cutesy edge off the rustic tones.

Vintage drawers

Modern kitchen with vintage vases

Where craft

meets art

Tanya Varcada explains how the fusion of craft and art just might be the hottest design trend in Ireland today. She shows us how she interprets the brief. With the rise in popularity of concrete and modern materials, traditional crafts like Venetian plastering and fresco art fell off our radars. Traditional materials like earth plasters

and other natural materials like hemp, straw and wood to name a few, succumbed to the same fate. But these art forms are becoming relevant and practical again. A house may be built with modern materials, yet the finishes require a softer touch. Through my practice, Vacarda Design, I now have commissions from architects, designers and private collectors from all over the world, from Canada to Dubai and Hong Kong.

My love affair with Italian plaster

My practice focuses on Italian plaster, often referred to as Venetian plaster, polished plaster and stucco. It’s a material that has been used to create intricate decorative surface finishes and fresco artwork since the times of the Roman Empire. It has amazing expressive possibilities and, more relevant than ever, beautiful tactile qualities. Texture and authenticity of the material is what attracted me to it in the first place. There’s an undeniable artisan quality to it. Take this material outside its traditional context by experimenting with the techniques and you touch on art. And that’s exactly what I do.

By mixing materials like cotton and plaster, textures and techniques, by using a plasterer’s trowel like a paintbrush, the studio creates original pieces of fine art, shippable fresco murals, embroidered multi-layered fresco pieces and artisan wall coverings. In fact, Vacarda Design is the only maker of ready-to-use 100% Italian plaster textured wallpaper and re-usable wall art tiles. Reusability, the mindful approach to the material and how we use it in our spaces is part of our authenticity. It was important for us to make sure our products live long and offer a lifelong value to our customers. Our plaster sheets can be removed and repurposed so no material goes to waste. We are now also launching a new collection of Italian plaster wall art tiles that can be used as artwork and wall coverings, giving multiple creative options for self-expression.

(or £43.32* per month APR 0%)

Create the perfect relaxing space with a plush Willow Fabric Bedframe that adds both comfort and a dash of decadence to the boudoir. With a tall, wide-ribbed headboard perfect for reclining against, the clean lines of the design make this a stylish piece of contemporary furniture which feels opulent without being too over the top. The slightly out-turned wooden legs evoke a classic vibe which works seamlessly with the more modern look of the overall frame, while the headboard extends forward at each side as a handy headrest, if desired. Available in a range of colours, there’s a willow fabric bedframe to suit every taste.

This beautiful Scott Burnt Orange Velvet Sofa Collection will brighten up any living space, adding luxurious style and comfort – perfect for relaxing on with a coffee and good book, or for chatting with friends. With a pair of matching cylindrical bolster cushions and tufted seating, the corner-blocked wooden frame creates clean lines and a modern look, while the tapered wooden legs add a touch of vintage style. Two soft, comfortable back cushions make this a statement sofa worth sinking into…

Bring the freshness of coastal living to your home with this energising Sea Salt and Oak Moss Candle from Living Interiors. Carefully hand-poured, this is a candle which captures the wildness of the ocean and blends it beautifully with the rich, earthy undertones of oak moss. Bringing all the best of the outside inside, this refreshing natural blend of aromatics will create the perfect ambience in your home. The sea-blue frosted glass with gold-trim interior also exudes luxury style, while the long-burn guarantee will ensure hours of invigorating fragrance.


The Diablo Outdoor Corner Group and Dining Table set is just what you need for outside entertaining this summer. The elegant design of the set, which comes with comfortable bench cushion seating, masks the hardiness of the furniture, which is waterresistant and hard-wearing. The sofa has a distinctly contemporary look, with the frame accented in grey rope accessories and featuring sloped arms, while the table is a sturdy square shape with slightly out-turned legs, adding quirkiness and an upmarket picnic vibe to the set.

Cushions add instant colour and comfort to your home and the great thing is, they come in a variety of styles, shapes and shades, so can enhance any space. Create a vibrant look with patterned throw cushions in the bedroom, or use quirky boxed cushions in the living room to add texture to your interior design. Available in everything from calming nature-inspired patterns and seascapes to artistic geometric designs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to these inspiring soft furnishings. Select a soft cotton or linen blend for that cool, understated style, plush velvet or quilted fabric for a hint of luxury, or why not go for a multimaterial and combine different textures for added depth and character? The choice is yours…

If you want a stunning centrepiece for your kitchen or dining space, then the Beachhouse Oak Dining Table delivers on all fronts. Crafted from high-quality solid oak with a natural oiled finish, it seats eight comfortably, so there’s ample room for entertaining family and friends. With stylish angular legs arranged in a striking V-shape at either end of the table, the timber itself adds further character with its natural woodgrain design – enhanced by that oil finish. As a result, each piece of furniture will be slightly unique, adding to its appeal. Contemporary and yet with an old-world charm, this is a table for celebratory feasts and family mealtimes – for catchups over coffee and everything in-between.


Also Available in NAVY

TURBO Velvet 2.5 Seater Sofa RRP £1899, Now Only £1299 (or £43.32* per month APR 0%)

Stand Number E35 & E36

Also Available in GREY


Fabric 5ft King Bedframe RRP £1249, Now Only


(or £29.97* per month APR 0%)

Holywood Exchange, 304 Airport Road West, BT3 9EJ

Shane Retail Park, Boucher Road, BT12 6HR


Two is better

than one For those who get inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest the rise of double basins and vanities cannot be denied. Certainty, SONAS Bathrooms, Ireland’s largest supplier of bathroom products, have noticed an increase in interest in double basins, especially with self-build customers who are specifying larger bathrooms in their plans In busy family homes, especially at morning time, before work or school, bathrooms can get particularly busy, so double basins come into their own. Not only functional in shared bathrooms, double basins and vanities can be really stylish and add the wow factor to a bathroom.

Featuring two SONAS FREYA 60cm Cashmere Pink Matt Vanity Units (RRP €995 each). Look designed by Aoife Tobin, Style So Simple.

Interior Designer Aoife Tobin of Style So Simple commented on the benefits that double basins brings to a bathroom “For many couples, double basins and vanities are a real-life saver and lead to more harmonious relationships! They can really simplify the morning routine when people lead busy lives and need access to the bathroom at the same time. You can put either two units together side by side or a double vanity giving twice the space in this high use area. You can also put your own personal possessions, like toothbrushes or shaving brushes beside your own basin. And you will also have more counter space and elbow room!!”

Featuring SONAS SKAL Round Countertop Double Basins (RRP €375 each) in Night Sky Blue on a custom-made unit. Look designed by Aoife Tobin, Style So Simple. 50

Double basins and vanities are having a moment in Irish bathrooms.

The addition of a double vanity unit can create more coveted storage space in this high-use area. If you are designing a new bathroom or remodelling an existing space and have the option to incorporate a double basin and vanity unit it can be both a smart and stylish choice for your home.

Featuring SONAS LYON 120cm Gloss Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit, with two basins included (RRP €1795), coordinated with SONAS LYON 35cm Gloss Grey Wall Hung Wall Column (RRP €595)

For further information see

Featuring two SONAS AVANTI Satin White Rectangle Countertop Basins (RRP €395 each), on a custom-built counter. 51

Northern Ireland (and the rest of the world) at its best

Our aim is to provide specific advice to meet your needs and we will only recommend products and providers after evaluating all the options available.

Natalie Charleton (Mortgage & Protection Adviser) Lisa Trainor (Director/ Mortgage & Protection Adviser) Lisa Poland (Mortgage & Protection Adviser)

We are focused on building long term relationships with all our clients, we will help you protect your lifestyle both now and in the future. We will therefore provide ongoing support in the form of annual reviews and meetings.

Trust Accuracy Confidentiality

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Stylish storage at the heart

of new-build’s trio of bathrooms With modern life increasingly busier than ever, when it comes to bathroom design, the growing trend is for a more practical space offering plenty of storage with minimal maintenance. This is exactly what a County Armagh customer was looking for when she approached Bassetts Bathrooms to design her family bathroom, master ensuite and shower room. With a clear vision of what she desired, her brief was to create beautiful rooms within her new-build home, including furniture that was both easy to maintain and of excellent quality. Indeed, it was important that the design would work for all the family, both now and in the future, says Tracey Hendron, part of the Bassetts Showroom Consultant, Portadown. “My customer wanted timeless products that were going to stand the test of time, with the view that things wouldn’t have to be updated in a number of years,” she says. “She also wanted maximum storage, which is key to any bathroom in our eyes, keeping surfaces and windowsills clutter-free.” “The best way of utilising space is in the form of a vanity unit under the basin, where you can store toiletries and towels etc. It is tidier and much more hygienic. That featured highly on the customers list of needs – a clutter-free bathroom with everything stored away tidily and out of sight. This was the brief for all of her bathrooms. The customers vision was to create rooms, not just a ‘hard’ bathroom, and everything else was designed to complement her vanity units, as these are the key feature in every space.” With similar styles applied throughout the three bathrooms each is, however, distinct in its appearance, with items sourced from different brands and the décor adjusted to suit the spaces. As the customer was very clear in her brief, Tracey was ultimately there to give expert guidance on the quality items she could use to bring her vision to life. “The key to getting any bathroom right is the measurements of the room,” says Tracey. “The customer here had the architect’s plans and we worked from the scale drawings, ensuring all items chosen worked within the spaces. This is primary information for all bathroom advisers – bring along a sketch with the measurements of the chosen bathroom.”

Seamless style for family bathroom

In the main bathroom, used primarily by the customers children, the design combines traditional elements with a distinctly modern


look to create a stylish and practical space. As per the brief, the vanity unit is a key feature in the room. It sits adjacent to a wall with two tall windows, so is in the direct path of natural light, as well as having two wall-mounted sidelights on either side. “The customer saw the vanity unit in our showroom and fell in love with it,” says Tracey. “The pair of lights on either side – which the customer also wanted as a feature – gives ambient lighting in the bathroom. It just adds another dimension to that wall. There isn’t a huge choice of lighting for bathrooms, so it’s nice to put something different other than spotlights.” Sourced from Burbidge, The Bathroom Furniture Company, the stunning Tetbury curved vanity unit includes an integral basin, designed to sit seamlessly within the solid floor tiles we colour-matched the shower tray. She wanted a seamless look which complemented the floor tiles and tray so we used ‘Showerwall’, decorative MDF laminate panels which are fitted inside the shower and run from floor to ceiling, without any grout lines to clean.” Future-proofing, meanwhile – another key element of the brief – comes via the comfortheight toilets in each bathroom, which are more convenient for those who are taller, as well as being more manageable as people get older.

Utopian master ensuite

worktop. The effect is both aesthetically pleasing, giving those clean modern lines and smooth presentation, while also serving a practical function, as a lack of visible joints means no spaces for dust and dirt to gather. The Tetbury range is manufactured from solid timber and available in a wide range of painted finishes, with the dovetail-jointed drawers ensuring strength and stability. The vanity unit is therefore a high-quality piece of furniture that will stand the test of time – exactly what the customer was looking for. It is also equipped with two deep drawers to the front, along with curved cupboards to each side, providing lots of storage for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. The unit is further made a feature of with a wall-mounted sconce on either side of the mirror which hangs above it. The sconce hardware matches that of the tap and towel rail and each one is fitted with a tall, upwardfacing opulent glass pendant light.

Freestanding bath and wet-room style shower

Another core feature of the room is the seamless floor-standing Carissa bath, which sits in between the two vertical windows. With a smooth, curved design the bath once again

embodies those clean lines and a minimalist style, presenting a modern twist on the traditional free-standing tub. “In the main bathroom the layout was to include the feature of the two long windows that were specifically designed so the bath stood central between them,” says Tracey. “The customer opted for a seamless bath as she wanted something more clean-line. She also didn’t want to go down the traditional route of claw feet, as they incur maintenance of dusting and polishing. The bath is tanked down to the floor, so no dust will gather underneath. “People don’t have as much time to clean these days, so we want clean edges that don’t gather dust. Modern design is all about keeping bathrooms clean.” The bath has a practical hose attachment, another convenient feature in what is the children’s bathroom, while the room also includes a walk-in shower with glass surround. This is fitted with a stylish coloured slate shower tray from Doccia, which creates more of a wet room look, the flat, smooth texture giving the appearance of real stone, while also preventing against leaks. “The slate shower trays come in a variety of standard colours,” says Tracey. “Once the County Armagh customer picked her

When designing the master ensuite, the layout was influenced by the room size, says Tracey, which, with a width of four feet, offered plenty of space. The shower extends wall-to-wall in this room and is fitted with a sliding, levelaccess door without any bottom trim – again future-proofing for later years by preventing trip hazards. Once more, the shower makes use of a Showerwall rather than tiles, which continues the aesthetics and practicality from the main bathroom, while another comfortheight toilet sits beneath the window. A small


heated towel rail runs alongside this. Again, the vanity – a Utopia Roseberry wall-mounted unit in a dove-grey shade – takes centre-stage in the room. With a 20mm white worktop, a countertop bowl and Utopia’s tall Regent traditional tap, the Roseberry is a modern interpretation of the traditional luxury painted timber furniture with cup handles. “The customer wanted neutral colours that weren’t going to date and tire,” says Tracey. The customer added soft textures to the room with beautiful thick towels, flowers and luxurious wallpaper. The sidelights fitted at the ensuite vanity unit are downward-facing this time and come from the Burlington ornate lighting range. Once again, they are used to enhance this area of the room, creating softer lighting within the space.

Textured shower room

Adopting a slightly different approach to the design of the shower room, this space contains more fitted furniture, which is something the customer was keen to include here, says Tracey. As a result, the vanity unit, WC and a small cupboard are all contained within one piece of furniture which runs seamlessly along one wall of the room. “The customer likes to have surface area so she can decorate using her own personal items,” says Tracey. “She wanted a worktop that she could dress – a design element very specific to her – so she has a solid worktop running along the length of the unit, which is ideal.” The vanity unit has a rectangular semicountertop basin, the rear of which is contained within the unit design, while the rest of the basin overhangs at the front. Beneath this is a cupboard for storage, with additional cupboards and drawers also appearing along the length of the unit. Again, on either side of the vanity mirror above the unit, sconces are fitted, with downward-facing clear glass pendant lighting. Texture is further added to the room with a plush buttoned fabric pelmet over the window to the left of the vanity unit, which softens the décor and adds a cosy touch to a usual clinical


space. Further along the unit, a back-to-wall toilet pan is fitted discretely to the furniture, the cistern concealed within the cupboard behind. This once again avoids that ‘hard’ bathroom look, creating a room that can be enjoyed as more than the utility space it might otherwise be. The shower enclosure, situated at the end of the room, has been designed to create a large walk-in area and is fitted with a Mira Sport Airboost Electric Shower. The air-boost feature subsequently circulates air to create a more powerful electric shower experience. This is a useful second shower for the family home, as the main bathroom and master ensuite were installed with the Grohe Rainshower systems and use hot water from the pressurised

system. Another feature in the shower room is the radiator, which differs from the other bathrooms, in that it has the more traditional white column radiator style, with chrome supports and towel rail – the Georgia Traditional Towel Rail. “It’s just a wee bit more traditional and different from the other rooms,” says Tracey.

Softening spaces

The final finish to any bathroom design, she adds, is the personal touch that comes with dressing the room once the design is done. For example, as seen here, the customer used plants and flowers to add ambience, along with various accessories placed around the rooms. “You can soften and enhance any bathroom with plants such as orchids, ferns, peace lilies and snake plants,” says Tracey. “Real plants will add to your décor whilst some can also improve air quality. We aren’t all green-fingered and artificial plants are more life-like these days, so it can be hard to tell the difference. It’s also exciting going to pick new towels and accessories to dress the bathroom and create your own individual style. “The customer for this project had a vision – not everybody can visualise the finished product, but she was a creative person; she could visualise what her rooms would look like. Her bathrooms are just stunning and a credit to her. I was happy to help her on the journey to creating her forever home.”

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