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Advances in technology are integrating scents into the home

Aromatherapy The smart home fragrance diffuser that spritzes rosemary, lavender, peppermint or honey and cherry blossom depending on your mood and time of day.

Scented mirror A collection of handwoven organic linens infused with plant powder that release scents when wearing or touching the textiles. The first iteration is of a scarf but cushions or other ‘homewares’ could follow suit. Inspired by a 19th century holistic health cure for stress that uses therapeutic plants and water to balance body and mind.

When activated, the Lenticularis mirror perfumes the air through a water particle cloud “to dress the body in scent and enhance the interior smell landscape”. Like an open fire, it is mesmerising and hypnotic.

Fleshy seats Pheromones are impregnated into these leather and silicone seats by Gigi Barker to really experience what it’s like sitting on human flesh. The dress is made of the same material.

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Flat packed IKEA is also apparently researching how to integrate scents in their collection with a fragrance player and scent tapes for picture frames.

Herbal fabrics

Selfbuild Autumn 2018  
Selfbuild Autumn 2018