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Kitchen Theatre & Recipes

Savage Salvage

Cooking demonstrations from Chef Jack O’Keffee plus the recipes he will be cooking

Article on how to upcycle old furniture



Artist & Maker Village & Artisan Food Shop Areas within the show with the opportunity to buy local art & artisan food


Show Floor Plan Floor plan of the Love Your Home show

Smart Heating Controls Article on how to save energy with different heat controls

Love Your Home is not only the perfect place to get advice and inspiration for your home improvement project but it’s also the ideal stomping ground for anyone who wants to know what’s new in the world of interiors today.

So go on, browse what’s on offer to your heart’s content. There’s no doubt you’ll find inspiration in the Artist and Maker Village (see pg 15) and great advice in the HomeStyle and Love Your Home Theatres which feature experts talks, tips and top tips (more info on pg 2 & 6). For a basic guide to upcycling that’ll get you reaching for the paintbrush in no time, turn to pg 33. With cooking at the heart of any home, Chef Jack O’Keeffe will be at the Kitchen Theatre displaying his wares in association with Cooks Academy. He’ll be working with the fabulous producers from the Artisan Food Shop and doing live demos. For more about the artisans go to pg 15, for more about the cooking demonstrations see pg 10. Rush on to pg 11 where you’ll find Jack’s mouth watering recipes. For more of a flavour of things to come and to get your creative juices flowing, flick through our inspiration pages starting pg 24 and read up on our no-nonsense guide to understanding wall finishes (pg 30). Without putting a damper on the bright mood, in a climate like Ireland’s any home upgrade should consider heating controls; turn to pg 36 for a quick introduction to the topic. Last but not least don’t forget there are lots of special offers from exhibitors so make sure you enter the competitions to be in a chance to win marvellous prizes.

Enjoy the show! The Love Your Home Team Join us on Facebook for inspirational articles & special offers throughout the year

HOMESTYLE THEATRE Be inspired by top experts. Get tips and advice including architectural inspiration, considerations when replacing your kitchen, interiors advice, tips and tricks, how to choose your window, how to save money and much more.


Noel Murphy Futuretek

Patrick Shea Oknoplast Windows & Doors

Vicki McGahon CREATE by kld

Brian Carey EBS

Josh Maguire The House Architects 02

Noelle O’Donoghue Noelle Interiors

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

Ben Browning

Carmel Hearty Fabric Outlet

Oliver Hynes Hub Controls


Kitchen Renovations




Ben Browning



An Oasis For Fabric Enthusiasts Carmel Hearty Fabric Outlet

An Oasis For Fabric Enthusiasts

Building Methods For Your Extension Or Renovation

Oliver Hynes Hub Controls

Carmel Hearty Fabric Outlet

Noel Murphy Futuretek

Home Extensions The Whole Story

How To Save Money On Your Heating

Make Your House A Home With Our Expert Advice!

Josh Maguire The House Architects

Oliver Hynes Hub Controls

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

LUNCH Make Your House A Home With Our Expert Advice! Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

Become Your Own Designer with CREATE by kld Vicki McGahon CREATE by kld



How To Save Money On Your Heating




Become Your Own Designer with CREATE by kld Vicki McGahon CREATE by kld

Home Extensions The Whole Story Josh Maguire The House Architects

What Determines The Quality Of Windows? Patrick Shea Oknoplast Windows and Doors

Kitchen Renovations Ben Browning

Building Methods For Your Extension Or Renovation

Why Choose An Interior Designer

Noel Murphy Futuretek

Noelle O’Donoghue Noelle Interiors

Why Choose An Interior Designer

What Determines The Quality Of Windows?

EBS Mortgage Masters

Noelle O’Donoghue Noelle Interiors

Patrick Shea Oknoplast Windows and Doors

EBS Mortgage Masters Brian Carey EBS

Brian Carey EBS


Need a new boiler? Talk to us today on 01-8285721

Home Design Tips Gerry Condon Design Think Twice - Act Once The old adage “talk is cheap” is never more appropriate when it comes to making a decision about modifying or extending your home, talk might be cheap but mistakes can be very costly and worse still you may loose the opportunity to really make the most of your home. A well designed extension will add value to your home, but an inappropriate extension will not only cost you money, lessen the value of your home but it may create a whole range of new problems. A new extension might be the only solution to fix your shortage of space, but not always, before you start any new work to your home you should get a second opinion and consider all options, maybe there is another way !! There are many reliable ways of getting the right information and helpful advice, attending Design Shows such as “Love Your Home” Design Seminars and making an appointment for a Home Consultation are all good places to start.

Some design considerations Wish List Start with a “Wish List” decide what you really need to make your home better, take a fresh look at everything, if you have lived in your home for many years you may be too familiar to appreciate the true potential and miss some simple solutions, you may know all the bad points of your home, but not how to solve the them, however, you will recognize the right solution when it is put before you. Reliable down to earth information that you can trust and not sales talk is vital. Is an new extension the only solution! Many houses have wasted corridor space, unused rooms and cupboards that are so full they are no longer fit for purpose, by tweeking the layout it may be possible to create the necessary space without the expense of a new extension. Be aware of the orientation of your house, this will determine how you

approach the design and location of the new work. Check that it really will do the job your are hoping for and not create other problems further down the road. Will the new space intergrate with the existing layout of the house or Will it turn the adjacent rooms into internal spaces with limited natural light, or become a corridor. Natural light to all areas of the house is important, it is vital to our well being and comfort.

Planning for the Future Are the changing needs of the family and also the future health restraints, considered and incorporated in all the new modifications An important aspect to be considered when modifying or extending your home is function and circulation and how your home will work after the new work is complete. Getting the right advice is not a luxury, think twice and act once. Gerry Condon is an Interior Architect and Lecturer with almost 40 years experience in all aspects of design and many years lecturing at Griffith College Dublin. He will be presenting a design seminar at the “Love Your Home” show every day and his “Home Design Consultations” will be located at Stand No 16.

LOVE YOUR HOME THEATRE Seminars and demos. Learn about tiling, making the best use of your space and furniture, get tips on lighting and interior design, discover how best to finance your project and have your questions answered by the expert speakers.



Elaine Butler Living Lightly in Ireland

Grainne Cassidy

Gerry Condon Gerry Condon Design

Ed Donnelly Home STREET Home

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

Anne Marie Hamill Hamilton Interiors

Friday 11:00







Home Design Consultations

A Place For Everything

Gerry Condon Gerry Condon Design

Unique Timeless Interiors On A Shoestring Elaine Butler Living lightly in Ireland

Top Tips For Infusing Vintage & Modern Upcycled Designs Into Your Home Ed Donnelly Home Street Home

Grainne Cassidy Pieces

5 Minute Mortgage Chat AIB Bank

How To Tile On To Problematic Surfaces

How To Tile On To Problematic Surfaces

How To Tile On To Problematic Surfaces

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles




LUNCH How To Avoid Cracked Or Debonded Tiles - Demo

How To Avoid Cracked Or Debonded Tiles - Demo

How To Avoid Cracked Or Debonded Tiles - Demo

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

A Place For Everything

Lighting Your Home

Home Design Consultations

Grainne Cassidy Pieces

Anne Marie Hamill Hamilton Interiors

Home Design Consultations

A Place For Everything

Gerry Condon Gerry Condon Design

Lighting Your Home Anne Marie Hamill Hamilton Interiors

Grainne Cassidy Pieces

5 Minute Mortgage Chat AIB Bank

Gerry Condon Gerry Condon Design

Unique Timeless Interiors On A Shoestring Elaine Butler Living lightly in Ireland

Top Tips For Infusing Vintage & Modern Upcycled Designs Into Your Home Ed Donnelly Home Street Home 07



INTERIORS � GARDEN � KITCHEN � BATHROOM � ARCHITECTS � FINANCE Not to be missed, this is an opportunity to speak 1-2-1 with experts in their fields including interior designers, architects, kitchen & bathroom designers, financial experts and garden design. The experts are there to discuss your project so bring your drawings, plans and pictures to get the most from your free 1-2-1. Booking not necessary, appointments on a first come first served basis.


Noel Murphy Futuretek

Annemarie Hamill Hamilton Interiors

Ray O’Leary Tile Haven

Brian Carey EBS 08

Christopher Boylan Plantech Building Design

Stephen Blakely Blakely Interiors

Ben Browning

David Dempsey Noel Dempsey Design

Josh Maguire The House Architects

Sean Keighran Creative Garden Design

Damian Groarke Tubs and Tiles

278 Killaughey Rd, Donaghadee, County Down, BT21 OLY 028 9182 0892

Beautifully handcrafted kitchens and furniture created for you by our experienced and skilled team of cabinet makers. Unique and individual pieces that will stand the test of time.

KITCHEN THEATRE Chef Jack O’Keeffe will be cooking up a storm with demonstrations each day of the event including plenty of audience interaction and fun. There will also be a Q&A discussion on each day with the local artisan food producers.

Chef Jack O’Keeffe Former Head Chef at Bulgaden Castle and Sous Chef at Longueville House, along with a stint at Patrick Guilbaud’s led Cork man Jack O’Keeffe to the position of Head Chef at Dublin’s esteemed Cook’s Academy. His former accolades include Unilever Young Chef of the Year and Foodie Forum and Food Festival Young Chef of the Year, and it’s easy to see why this 25 year old is a already a formidable force in the culinary world.


Super crispy pan fried trout with a delish garden herb risotto and a few dollops of roast garlic aioli


Crispy fried pork chops, lavished in a brown butter and caper sauce, and a super crisp salad of apple and celeriac on the side


Local Food – Jack meets our local artisan food producers, followed by a middle eastern spiced carpaccio of beef with a crunchy radish slaw and a creamy yoghurt dressing

in association with


Super crispy pan fried trout with a delish garden herb risotto & a few dollops of roast garlic aioli Serves 4 For the fish � 4 x 200g trout fillets, scaled & pin boned � 1 clove of garlic, peeled � 1 sprig of thyme � 2 tbsp of butter

For the risotto � 1 onion, finally diced � 1 clove of garlic, pureed � 2 cups of Arborio rice � 150ml artisan pale ale or white wine � 600ml vegetable stock � 1 large bunch of parsley � 1 large bunch basil � 1 large bunch dill � 250ml rapeseed oil � 1 tbsp honey � 100g mature cheddar or parmesan � 50g butter � 1 lemon, juice and zest

For aioli � 3 free range egg yolks � 1 roasted bulb of garlic � ½ lemon, juice only � Salt & freshly ground black pepper � 150ml rapeseed oil � Cooking oil � Sea salt & pepper � Extra cheese & herbs for serving

Method 1. Grab a wide based sauce pan and place on a medium heat, add a little oil followed by the onions. Cook the onions until soft and translucent, add the garlic and the rice. Stir until the garlic becomes fragrant. Add the ale and reduce by half. Add the stock and allow to simmer. 2. While the risotto is cooking place all the herbs into a jug along with honey, oil and a pinch of salt. Blend using a stick blender until a green sauce is made, it doesn’t have to be smooth a pesto texture is perfect. Set this aside until needed. 3. Squeeze out the roast garlic puree into a bowl, along with the egg yolks, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Whisk this together, and slowly poor in the oil while continuously whisking until a thick sauce is formed. 4. When the risotto is al dente fold in the cheese and some of the herb oil, adjust the thickness with a little extra stock if needed. Finish the risotto by folding in the butter, lemon juice and zest. Set the risotto aside while you prepare your fish. 5. For the fish, place a non-stick pan on a high heat, season the fish with a little salt and once the pans hot add a splash of oil and place the fish fillets skin side down. Turn down the heat and cook the fish on its skin for 2 minutes, add the butter and garlic, and flip the fish over. Remove the pan from the heat and baste the fish with the foaming butter. 6. Place a generous scope of the risotto onto a plate, lay the fish on top followed by a few small dollops of the aioli. Drizzle some of the extra herb oil around the plate, along with some herbs and cheese.


Crispy fried pork chops, lavished in a brown butter & Caper sauce, & a super crisp salad of apple & celeriac on the side Serves 4 For the chops

� 2 tbsp sunflower oil � 2 12oz pork rib chops bone in. � 4 cloves of garlic, skin on & crushed � 8 large sage leaves � 2 tbsp butter � 4 tbsp capers � ½ lemon, juiced

For the salad

� 1 head of frisée lettuce, roughly torn � 1 head of romaine lettuce, roughly chopped � ½ small celeriac, peeled & grated � 2 apples, grated � 2 celery sticks, thinly sliced, leaves reserved � 4 heaped tbsp crème fraiche � 1 lemon, juice & zest � 1 tsp grated horseradish � 1 tbsp honey � A small handful of Pecorino Romano shavings � Salt

Method 1. Place the pork on a tray and give it a good dusting of sea salt all over, leave on the tray for at least 5 minutes to marinade. 2. Meanwhile grab a good heavy pan. Place it on a high heat, when it starts to smoke add the sunflower oil, carefully place the pork chops into the pan and cook for one minute then turn to the other side for another minute, every minute turn the pork until it is super crispy, it should take about 6 to 8 minutes – depending on the thickness. Don’t forget to brown around the edges. 3. Once the pork is lovely and crispy remove the pan from the heat, add the butter, sage and garlic. Using a table spoon start basting the meat with the foaming butter until the butter turns nut brown then add the capers and a splash of lemon juice. Remove the pork from the pan to rest. 4. While the pork is resting, grab a small bowl and add the crème fraiche, lemon juice and zest, honey, horseradish and salt. Whisk together till smooth. In a salad bowl add the lettuce, grated apple, celeriac and the chopped celery, toss in the dressing, adjust the seasoning with a little salt and top with the pecorino shavings. 5. Carve the meat and spread it out across a sharing plate, pour over the brown butter sauce and throw the celery leaves across the plate. 6. Serve with the salad on the side.


A middle eastern spiced carpaccio of beef with a crunchy radish slaw & a creamy yoghurt dressing Serves 4

For the beef

� 2x 200g Beef fillet steaks � 2 tsp Zaatar

For the slaw

� 8 baby radish, thinly sliced � 1 kohlrabi, grated � 1 bunch of parsley, finally chopped � 1 bunch of mint, finally chopped � 1 lemon, juice & zest � 1 tbsp honey � 4 tbsp, natural yogurt � 3 tbsp, extra virgin olive oil � Sea salt & pepper � Cooking oil

Method 1. Grab the steaks, place them on a tray and generously season with salt and the zaatar. Set them aside until ready to cook. 2. Get a heavy based frying pan onto a high heat, when the pan smokes and your fire alarm rings its ready cook, add a good splash of oil, followed by the steaks, cook the steaks for approx. 1 minute on each side until dark and crispy all round. Remove from the pan to rest. 3. In a bowl add the radishes, kohlrabi, herbs, lemon juice and zest, honey, yoghurt, olive oil and a good pinch of salt and pepper. Mix together and set aside. 4. On a chopping board use a very sharp knife to cut very thin slices off the steaks. Lay the slices out on the board and using a rolling pin or a meat hammer push the meat outwards making the slices much thinner. 5. Lay the slices across a plate, place a nest of the slaw on top followed by an extra drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of sea salt and cracked black pepper.


Dublin’s Premier Cookery School 19 South William Street, Dublin 2

� 8 & 4 Week Certificate Courses � Over 50 Short Courses � Corporate & Group � Cookery Events � Venue Hire � Gift Vouchers � � tel: 01 6111 667

ARTIST & MAKER VILLAGE Craftsmanship, skill and creativity will be on display in the Artist & Maker Village. Covering a range of materials and styles there will be pieces of art to suit all tastes. Meet the makers and discuss what inspires them and the techniques they use to create unique pieces from ceramic, wood, glass, textiles and various painting methods. All products are available to buy to add something special to your home or to give as a unique gift.

ARTISAN FOOD SHOP At Love Your Home we love to support local cottage industries and what more important industry is there in Ireland than food! In the Artisan Food Shop you can try and buy a range of gorgeous handmade local products. Chutneys, jams, fudge, sausages and oils to name a few. Chef Jack O’Keeffe will also show you ways to use these great products in the Love Your Home Kitchen Theatre.




with Chef Jack O’Keeffe

K13 K14 K15 K16 K17 K18 K19 K20


K12 K11



J26 J29 J30



H21 H24 H22 H23


G26 G29

K9 K8





H20 G22


J13 J12


J16 J14




H8 H7

H9 H10


H16 G10

J7 J9 J8 J6















G1 K2


















D25 E22



F14 F10

D18 D19






C28 C26

A14 A13

C24 C25 C20 C16



D6 D5 F5 F1


C32 C30




C34 C38






E5 E2


D7 D8

A12 A11

C18 C15 C12 C10




D3 D1 A1

C11 C9


D4 D2 A2

C4 C2 A3


C5 C3



O1 17

EXHIBITORS Artist & Maker

Garden & Outdoor Living

Internal Finishes


Rachel Webb Ceramics

ATE Creative Garden Design


Living Earth Photography

C32 Garden FX



Gra agus Sonas Creations

E20 Gareth’s Garden Furniture


Berry Be Beauty

F14 Caragh Nurseries Ltd


Ratty Tat Hats

G22 Oasis Leisure


Rachel Julca Design

J18 Platinum Paving


Belfast Candle Company



Baavet Cyf Ltd - The Wool Duvet Co.

A10 Aimee Gillen Art A11

Glasshammer Designs

A12 Norman McCloskey Photography A13 PQ Glass Design A14 Serenity Candles C2

Kopper Kreation


Chris Quinlan Art


Catherine Swan Artist


Corran Crafts


Grant Designs

C10 Kaiko Studio C11 Creative Clay C12 Aaron Dickson Photography C15 Emma Campbell Art C16 Meltz Candles C18 Grace Scott Pastel Paintings C20 Chris O Hara Art C24 Quin Art Shop C25 Alis Crafts C26 Nigel Allison Art Gallery C27 Ambrose & Brid C28 Sweet Jewels C30 Elwira Bernaciak Artist

Food Producer

H21 Rodrigo’s Fine Foods H22 Rubys Fine Foods H23 Merci Beaucoup Cakes H24 Flavours Food Store H19 Granny Shaws Fudge Factory H26 Barry Johns Sausages J19

The Fluffy Meringue

J25 Mr Muffin Man J26 Burren Balsamics J28 The Brownie Barn @ Baked by Design J29 Ballylisk of Armagh J30 Bayin Oils J31

Bart’s Belgian Chocolates

J32 Taste with Gusto J27 Erin Grove Preserves K9

Nature’s Pharm


Harnett’s Oils

K10 Irish Gourmet Butter K12 Cocoa Couture K13 Gran Grans Foods K15 Irish Yogurts Clonakilty K16 Peppup

D36 Material World E26 Fabric Outlet G2

Shades of Dublin Blinds


Elephant Beanbags

H18 Thomas Sanderson Blinds J12 J&F Chair Covers Ltd J14 SN Blinds J17 Wall Stickers for Kids

Furniture D10 Mango Crafts D34 Smart Storage E4

Magic Decor

F3 + Sofa Galaxy E5 F19 F5

Home Street Home


D40 Studio

G29 Craftwood NI H5

Health Options


T&G Timberworks

Heating A19 Activ8 Energies D19 Heating F1

Warmflow Engineering Co Ltd




Replace My Boiler

J22 Worcester Bosch Group

K17 The Busy Botanist


K19 Flavour Safari



Michelle Wilson Art


A little Irish Birdie told me


Eclectic Lens Photography


Watch Doctor Creations Ltd



Holly Somerville, Botanical Artist


DesignWorks Photography



D’ink Studio


Artist Karen Hickey

Home Accessories

K20 Old Irish Creamery Cheese The Soul of Crete

H16 Storm Hall Ltd J20 Tara Crystal Chandeliers



D23 Network F32 GoKonnect H9



Trustee Safe Company

Cleaning A17 Shop4Choice

E22 Gas Networks Ireland

A42 Whiterocks

F30 Perfect Water Systems Ltd

Smart Home

H10 Energy Wipe

G26 Craft Art Olive Wood

C38 Michael Kavanagh


Tile and Grout Solutions


Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

A16 Nature’s Breath


Charles Taylor Trading Ltd

Baavet Cyf Ltd - The Wool Duvet Co.

D15 Sienna Shutters


Kitchen Academics


Greenans Products Limited

D22 GMS Intelligent Systems J6

HUB Controls Ltd.





A little Irish Birdie told me Bart’s Belgian Chocolates ALittleIrishBirdie/ J31 D2 Bayin Oils Aaron Dickson Photography J30

ATE Tile Haven ATE Tubs & Tiles

Kitchens ATE Kitchens4u ATE Noel Dempsey Kitchen & Bedroom Design



Acorn Insurance H4

A37 EBS d.a.c. Swords E2


Berry Be Beauty Activ8 Energies A5 A19 Blakely Interiors AIB Bank Ask the Expert Zone G10 Burren Balsamics Aimee Gillen Art J26

G10 AIB Bank H4

Acorn Insurance

Energy Saving A33 U Value Spray Foam C34 Complete Insulations D14 Woodco-Energy F10

GMS Insulations Ltd

F40 Elite Energies J7

LVP Renewables

Windows & Doors


E30 MBC Project F22 Cardinal Windows Eco Window Concepts Ltd

Interior Design

Ambrose & Brid C27

ATE Blakely Interiors ATE Hamilton Interiors D16 Home Consultations D18 Noelle Interiors F36 Create by KLD G1

D40 Studio

External Finishes A32 Fernhill Stone Ltd H17 Evertex Coatings J9

Paint Once

Architects ATE FutureTek Homes ATE The House Architects D16 Home Consultations G6 + Nuhaus Ltd ATE J4



Alis Crafts C25

D13 Mourne Windows & Doors F8

Belfast Candle Company belfastcandlecompany/ A8


Artist Karen Hickey D8 Baavet Cyf Ltd - The Wool Duvet Co. A1

Caragh Nurseries Ltd F14 Cardinal Windows F22 Catherine Swan Artist C4 Charles Taylor Trading Ltd K2 Chris O Hara Art C20

Ballylisk of Armagh J29

Chris Quinlan Art C3

Barry Johns Sausages barryjohnsbutchers H26

Cocoa Couture mountmellickchocolatelaois/ K12


EXHIBITORS Complete Insulations C34

Elephant Beanbags H6


Garden FX C32

Gareth’s Garden Furniture Corran Crafts Elite Energies C5 F40 garethsgardenfurniture E20 Craft Art Olive Wood Elwira Bernaciak Artist Gas Networks Ireland wood C30 G26 E22 Emma Campbell Art CREATE by kld Glasshammer Designs EmmaCampbellArt F36 C15 A11


Creative Clay C11

Energy Wipe H10

GMS Insulations Ltd F10

Creative Garden Design Ask The Expert Zone

Erin Grove Preserves J27

GMS Intelligent Systems D22

D’ink Studio Evertex Coatings GoKonnect D7 H17 F32


Fabric Outlet D40 Studio E26 G1



Gra agus Sonas Creations graagussonascreations/ A4

DesignWorks Photography D6

Fernhill Stone Ltd A32

EBS d.a.c. Swords A37

Flavour Safari K19

Eclectic Lens Photography D3

Flavours Food Store H24

Eco Window Concepts Ltd F8

Flexi-Fi E2

ElectriCast H7

Grant Designs FutureTEK Homes C9 Ask the Expert Zone

Grace Scott Pastel Paintings C18 Gran Grans Foods foods/ K13 Granny Shaws Fudge Factory www.grannyshawsfudgefactory. H19



Greenans Products Limited J5


Mi-Flues O1

Hamilton Interiors Ask The Expert Zone Ask The Expert Zone

Michael Kavanagh C38

Harnett’s Oils K11

Kitchen Academics H8

Michelle Wilson Art D1

Health Options H5

Kopper Kreation C2

Mourne Windows & Doors D13

Living Earth Photography A3

Mr Muffin Man mrmuffinmanbakery J25

Heating D19


Kaiko Studio C10


Holly Somerville, Botanical Artist N LVP Renewables D5 Nature’s Breath J7 A16 M Home Consultations Magic Decor D16 Nature’s Pharm E4 K9 Home Street Home Mango Crafts F5 Network D10 Homextend D23 Material World J4 Nigel Allison Art Gallery D36 HUB Controls Ltd C26 MBC Project J6 Noel Dempsey Kitchen & E30 Bedroom Design Irish Gourmet Butter Meltz Candles Ask the Expert Zone K10 Noelle Interiors Irish Yogurts Clonakilty C16 D18 K15 Merci Beaucoup Cakes J&F Chair Covers Ltd J12 MerciBeaucoupCakes CreationNavan H23

Norman McCloskey Photography A12



Norwex Quin Art Shop J13 C24




Nuhaus Ltd G6 & Ask The Expert Oasis Leisure G22

Rachel Julca Design julcadesign A7

Sofa Galaxy F3 + E5 Storm Hall Ltd H16

Rachel Webb Ceramics A2

Old Irish Creamery Cheese K20

Ratty Tat Hats A6

Replace My Boiler Paint Once J11 J9


Sweet Jewels handmadesweetjewels/ C28 T&G Timberworks J3

Rodrigo’s Fine Foods Peppup H21 K16

Tara Crystal Chandeliers J20

Rubys Fine Foods Perfect Water Systems Ltd rubysfinefoods/ F30 H22

Taste with Gusto J32

Phonewatch H9 F19 Platinum Paving J18 PQ Glass Design A13 Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning www. J8


SN Blinds J14


Serenity Candles www.serenitycandlesni.bigcartel. com A14 Shades of Dublin Blinds G2

The Brownie Barn @ Baked by Design bakedbydesignni/ J28 The Busy Botanist K17

Shop4Choice A17

The Fluffy Meringue J19

Sienna Shutters D15

The House Architects Ask The Expert Zone

Smart Storage The Soul of Crete D34 K8

Thomas Sanderson Blinds H18 Tile and Grout Solutions J2


U Value Spray Foam Woodco-Energy A33 D14 Wall Stickers Online J17

Worcester Bosch Group J22

Tile Haven Warmflow Engineering Co Ltd Ask The Expert Zone F1 Trustee Safe Company J1

Watch Doctor Creations Ltd D4

Tubs & Tiles Ask The Expert Zone

Whiterocks A42


Sliderobes a Speciality

T: 046 9557367 • M: 086 2367159 • E: •


KITCHENS Photography: Christopher Hill

Lighting Natural light and artificial lighting work hand in hand; here spotlights and LED strip lighting under the cabinets complement the views. Photography: Paul Lindsay at Christopher Hill Photographic

r hoods



tor hood ur extrac from o y r e h t Whe ging pic (han is telesco ) or downdraft g the ceilin e island), make n o th nce for (pops up n in adva ics. la p u o y e ctr sur g and ele in t c u d e th


Photography: Emma Stewart

Kitchen Planning Tips On A Budget

Choose appliances early. Thin king about your choice of electrical appliances will avoid panicked decisions in a busy showroom , blurting out that you want a range when what you really needed was a hob. Approximately 75 per cent of our time in the kitchen is spent arou nd the sink; choose it wisely.


Forego the island if you don ’t have the space for it. There is nothing worse than seeing a narrow, ill proportioned island shoehorn ed into the middle of a kitchen, with the bare minimum of space to walk around it. You need at least one meter to get around comforta bly, and only after other kitchen units on walls are factored in.

3 4

Set a budget on your choice of materials. The budget can quic kly spiral out of control if you fall in love with a marble worktop and solid oak doors. Storage. Simple storage solu tions needn’t break the bank, e.g. tamb our units and a large food cupboard . In kitchens where corner units are required there are no perfect solutions; pull out shelves and carousels might be cumbersome and expensive so a diagonal corner unit (she lving with triangle at the back blocked off) might be the best compromise.

Appliances For a seamless look consider concealed sockets (which you get easily get with USB charging points) and handless drawers with push fit mechanisms or if the drawer is heavy, with a mechanised system.



Shop around. A kitchen man ufacturer will struggle to give you a quot e without room measurements and your electrical appliance list. Typically, a basic kitchen might come in at €3,000/£2,800 but when the cost of fitting and electrical appliances is added it could incre ase to €8,000/£7,500 to €10,000/£9,5 00 and well beyond depending on your choi ce of materials.

Looking for the finishing touch for your Glam Station? Look no further than Glam Doll for the best in Hollywood Glam Mirrors

Glam Box Cosmetic Organisers

Speciality Lighting Vanity Tables



BEDROOMS Materials Wood is a good material to use in a bedroom as it conveys ‘warmth’.

obes Wardr obe can

rdr ard -in wa A walk out of awkw d e e d ve be car and don’t n s to shape oo big to be t tional. c be fun

Soft furnishings Cushions and rugs set the tone and add texture, and are easy to change if you want the room to undergo a makeover.

Photography: Dermot Byrne Photography


State of the art bathroom showroom


Follow Us A: Niko Bathrooms Unit 5, Broomhill Business Complex, Broomhill Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24 D24x270. W: E: Opening Hours Monday - Friday: 10am- 4pm Saturday: 9am - 1pm




Storage is essential in a bathroom but if you have open shelves, know that you’ll need to keep them neat and tidy at all times to avoid spoiling the look.

Bathroom Tips For Easy Living


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Photography: Christopher Martin

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Wetrooms Wetrooms are ideal for a shower after a long day out in the muck, to get children and even pets hosed down and of course are ideal for wheelchair users.

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Plants add a sense of relaxation to the bathroom and are easy to accessorise with pots of different colours.

Large format tiles can work well on walls but check whether they’re for both floor and wall use as installation could get tricky if they’re too heavy.

Photography: Paul Lindsay at Christopher Hill Photographic


Wall to wall style guide Choosing wall and floor coverings Words: Andrew Stanway


n inexpensive way to start thinking about wall finishes is to see what you can do using your existing structural materials. Shuttered concrete is a relatively inexpensive option but it will cost more than putting up some simple blockwork and will need protecting during the construction process. Discuss this option with your designer early on as it throws up all kinds of junction issues and finishing detailing that will need careful thought before you start the build. Exposed brickwork can work well for the odd feature wall to give an instant ‘olde-worlde’ or farmhouse look. Bricks ‘slips’ that are a fraction of the thickness and weight and simple to install (a bit like tiling). On completion, use a suitable sealant so the brick dust doesn’t rub off on people’s clothing. Be prepared to vacuum the surface every few months with a soft brush head as brick and stone finishes seem to be dust magnets. Exposed stone is more expensive but can be great for a feature or fireplace wall.

An inexpensive way to start thinking about wall finishes is to see what you can do using your existing structural materials. Cheap and cheerful are sand and cement finishes, often called ‘plaster’ even though it isn’t gypsum plaster. It takes paint well but it is very hard (unlike plaster), so when hanging anything on it every hole must be drilled and plugged. If the trowelled finish on your walls is good enough (perhaps after some additional rubbing down) you can leave gypsum or lime plaster as a finish in its own right. A more expensive variant is polished plaster, from highly-polished Venetian plaster to various textured finishes. Some of them resemble polished marble or travertine. On cement and gypsum plaster there are numerous possible coatings,


from transparent sealers to normal paints. A note about paint; if you’re decorating a whole new build spraying is worth considering. Professional painters aren’t as dear as they used to be. Today’s multi-surface formulae allow you to paint on metal, wood, plaster and masonry. A recent development is graphene paint which is harder and provides better coverage. A step up from using the wall surface as-built is microcement. This

is an expensive but stunning finish suitable for contemporary designs, both on walls and floors. It can be applied very thin (3-4mm) so doesn’t change floor-screed heights or alter the heights of fixtures. It can be applied almost anywhere around the house but is popular for bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchen floors, kitchen worktops and feature walls. It is very hard, flexible, waterproof, has a good grip on almost any surface, and is very thin. Because it’s so thin it’s vital to prepare the underlying surface very carefully indeed. This can add to the already high cost. Wallpaper creates an instant finish that is usually straightforward to achieve directly onto a plastered surface. When buying, be sure all your rolls are from the same batch or there could be tricky colour problems at joins. Cheap wallpaper is often thinner and much harder to hang. If the wall surface isn’t that great to start with, use a strong lining paper. Almost any timber can be used for panelling but it’s sensible to take advice from your supplier. If you use softwood panelling, this can be painted in the normal way. Be sure to cover the back of such timber with at least two coats of paint. This prevents moisture ingress and thus warping. Solid timber can warp easily in centrally-heated homes. Fixing most timber panelling involves first battening the wall, then fitting the strips or panels to the battens. This means timber panelling is pretty expensive but for a feature

wall the cost can often be justified. Matching your doors to your timber panels is a luxury but looks great. The choice of tiles, be they porcelain or ceramic, is truly dazzling. In general, porcelain tiles are heavy and best suited to heavy traffic floors but can used on wall if they’re strong enough (this usually means masonry or a backer board). Simple tips include making sure to get at least 10 per cent more than you need for cuts, breakages and replacements in the future. Many grout colours are available and careful colour choices can make all the difference between a good enough job and a brilliant one. If your wall area involves lots of tile cuts, use a smaller tile, or even a mosaic.

For the more adventurous the possibilities are almost limitless: � Glass can look fantastic, for example as splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms. � Sheets or panels of thin stone or porcelain are effective and practical in wet areas. � All kinds of metals can be used as panels. Corten steel and endless variations of aluminium are just two examples. � Fabrics, too, can look luxurious. Batten the wall first then stretch the fabric over the area. � How about preparing the wall then getting an artist to make a one-off mural or even some bespoke graffiti? If you have the skill you might want to create your own collage of photos or your own artwork for a feature wall. This can work especially well in children’s rooms. 31

Revamped Furniture and Home Upcycling Furniture Giftware Home Decor Accessories Drogheda, Co Louth

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Savage salvage

How to upcycle that dated piece of furniture Words: Aileen Hogan


pcycling is not just about painting furniture, it also includes refreshing the original finish or creating a new finish using different products and techniques. It’s about saving money but also saving quality furniture that may not look its best right now. Many of the pieces we see thrown aside are often wonderfully carved solid mid-century mahogany. When these are restained or painted they look so much better than any modern furniture bought today. All it needs is a little imagination. The one thing that stops people giving upcycling a go is fear. Fear of getting it wrong and messing it up. This fear is alleviated by using he right products for the job and participating in workshops that will guide you, online or in person. To get you started here is an example of a fireplace I recently upcycled for a video tutorial and blog.

It’s about saving money but also saving quality furniture that may not look its best right now.

There are four basic steps to follow:


Cleaning. I cleaned the surround with a mix of methylated spirits and water (50/50 mix) in an old shower bottle. Methylated spirit is a very strong cleaner which will not leave any residue to bleed through your water based paints. I sprayed it straight onto the wood, scrubbed with a sponge and wiped off the dirt with kitchen roll. 33


Sanding. I rubbed down the surround with a medium grade sandpaper. This is not hard and gives a lot of adhesion/durability to your finish. This is called scuff sanding and all it does is create millions of little scratches in the surface which gives your paint/primer something to sink into. I am not trying to take the factory finish off this piece. My millions of little scratches will cover it up instead.


Applying the primer. I always say ‘your Prep is your Finish’ and you will get the best finish by applying a primer first. Now choosing your primer/undercoat is very important. If you don’t have any knots or potential for anything to bleed through, you can just roll on a water based primer but for the fire surround I used an oil based one as it gives super adhesion to shiny surfaces and it seals in knots and nasties. Very good for painting mid-century mahogany. I used a mini roller to apply the primer and it was very quick and easy and gave a super flat finish.



Painting. This is actually the easy bit. For a fireplace surround choose a hard wearing washable paint, applied with mini roller and a small craft brush for the smaller areas. Make sure you buy a paint that goes on easily, adheres well, gives a really smooth professional finish and looks as good in 12 months’ time as the day it was applied. For this project I chose a type of paint referred to as satinwood. For furniture I would choose a lower sheen finish known as eggshell. Once you are very clear on the products you are using, why you are using them and how to apply them you have the confidence to start. People message me so often with before and after photos and they are still in shock that they achieved this themselves. The sense of satisfaction is incredible. Painting furniture is also proven to be extremely therapeutic and let me tell you… quite addictive! You will soon find yourself looking around for the next project.

OKNOPLAST IRELAND - MBC Project Unit 14 Primeside Park Ballycoolin, Dublin 15 D15 WV97 Ph: +353 01 559 8806


Smart heating controls

It’s time to get smart about saving energy Words: Paul O’Reilly


djusting your heating controls can have the single biggest effect on the amount of energy you use in the home. According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) heating controls that are intuitive to use can save up to 20 per cent of energy in the home. They have two simple functions, firstly they act as the on/ off switch. Secondly they set the temperature. How well they perform depends when they turn the heating on and off and at what temperature. The kind of house you live in will play an important role in your choice of heating controls. As a general rule, the older and more traditional the property and the heating system are, the more the controls should lean towards manual/programmable rather than smart.

A simple on/ off programmable control can often present the best method of adjusting internal temperature needs to match comfort levels required in older draughtier homes. This can sound counter intuitive because an old draughty house would benefit from greater heating control but the smart systems are still not smart enough to account for the multitude of changeable weather conditions that play havoc with temperature control in older houses. The algorithms in smart heating devices have a limited number of variables based on mimicking occupant preferences and then adjusting internal temperatures to suit. Hence the smart control system could potentially consume more energy as it reacts to every change in internal temperature scenarios. The modern energy efficient home is better controlled by full smart systems because the indoor climate is less influenced and changed by outside weather conditions. Hence the thermal envelope, i.e. the building’s insulation 36

Heating controls that are intuitive to use can save up to 20 per cent of energy in the home.

� low cost option smart home � next day delivery in Ireland � works with Alexa, Google Home and Nest


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Order now from and airtightness standards should be taken into account before selecting the type of new heating control upgrades. A cost effective solution in an existing house that has some form of insulation and a compatible condensing gas boiler is to install weather compensation controls that monitor the weather outside via an outdoor sensor and adjusts the temperature of the hot water going to the radiators. If the temperature outside drops then the radiators will run hotter, however if the outside temperature is milder, the control will tell the boiler or heat pump to supply less heat, boosting energy efficiency by up to 15 per cent and extending the life of your heat source. As for grants, heating controls upgrade grants are available from the SEAI directly to a maximum value of €700. It’s worth checking with your energy supplier as they regularly have incentives for heating control upgrades. They can also provide them on a reduced rate monthly charge, which obviously locks in some customer loyalty and the company can claim energy credits associated with your energy savings. 37

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