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aternal lines have always been critically important when sourcing the right sires for Select Sires’ Showcase™ lineup. Influential mothers are the backbone of our listing and should be credited for the incredible success that their lineage achieves in the showring and beyond. We are proud to offer multiple sires from some of the strongest maternal lines of past and present.

S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET (EX-96-EX-MS) is making history not only due to her record-breaking sale price, but because of her highly influential progeny that are sure to impact the Holstein breed for generations to come. The ability to compete at all levels makes her a one-of-a-kind cow. Find her sons 7HO16295 HAS IT ALL and 7HO16791 HOMER in our lineup today, with more to come in 2024.

Quickly following in Have Not’s footsteps is Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317-ET (VG-89-EX-MS). The Hanker branch of the Dellia family has been prominent in Showcase for several years, but 33317 levels up by adding traits like Red factor and Polled to her profile. As an established contributor to Showcase, she is the dam of five lineup standouts including Red Carrier 250HO16498 HULU, 250HO16492 HARPY, and her three Polled sons: 7HO16387 HANX-P, 7HO16493 HAKAN-P and 250HO16388 HANSKE-P.

Siemers Lmda Paris 27856-ET (EX-91-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) is another example of a cow that makes prestigious sons. 250HO16115 PAZZLE calves are creating a buzz across the country as they exemplify the flashy eye-appeal of the Paris family. Her genetics have proven to be chart-topping as her son 7HO15085 PARFECT has been a leading GTPI® sire since his proven debut.

Townlineacre King Doc Lena (EX-92-EX-MS) is a newcomer to the exclusive club of influential dams. Tracing through the Goldwyn Locket branch of the Roxy family, she has two sons available: 7HO16491 LEGENDAIRY and 250HO16490 LOMBARDI. Her ability to transmit balance in her sons makes her a logical fit for Showcase.

The same maternal praise can be applied to each breed in the Showcase lineup. Dams like Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET (E-95%), River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (E-93%) and Random Luck B Tea Rose “4E95 4E95MS” anchor the Jersey and Brown Swiss offerings.

Great sires always receive praise and the limelight for their contributions to the breed, but without a strong matriarch, they would have never had the opportunity to shine. This is why MOTHERS will always MATTER in our Showcase lineup.

Thank you for your continued support of Showcase. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional breeders that put their confidence in Select Sires’ Showcase lineup. The unprecedented growth of the past five years would not have been possible without you.

Durham Treasure (EX-963E-EX-MS), Mike and Julie Duckett, Rudolph, WI, Herges photo; S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET (EX-96-EX-MS), Mike and Julie Duckett, Tim and Sharyn Abbott, AOT Genetics, Kings-Ransom, Rudolph, WI, Bullvine photo; Siemers Lstr Hanans 333317-ET (VG-89-EX-MS), Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc., Newton, WI, Farmgirl Photography photo; OCD Delta Missy 4212-ET (EX-94-E2-EX-MS), NDIRA, Inc., FBO 9005532, Galt, CA, Ashton photo. Back Cover: Cutting Edge Thunder Faye “3E95 96MS”, 7BS849 THUNDER daughter, grand champion, International Brown Swiss Show, 2021, 2022, Ken Main and Kenny Joe Manion, Copake, NY, Cowsmo photo. 7 = Select Sires, 9 = Universal Marketing Code, 250 = GenerVations

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L-R: Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET, Fisher photo; Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317-ET, Farmgirl Photography photo.
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Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J (E-97%), Arethusa Farm LLC, Litchfield, CT, Fisher photo; Vangoh



TATOO is a time-tested source of great young cows that mature gracefully. Currently the No. 1 Conformation sire in Canada, his list of show-winning daughters continues to grow every day!

L-R: TATOO Erbsen photo; Esperanza-CC Thunderstruck (EX-92), fourth place junior three-year-old, International Holstein Show, 2022, Jim Butler, Chebanse, IL, Fisher photo; Tree-Hayven Tatoo Last Song (EX-93), Michael and Julie Duckett, Rudolph, WI, Herges photo. Top-Bottom: Dappleview Tatoo Ella (VG-88), first place junior 3-year-old and intermediate and grand champion of the Wisconsin Summer Championship Junior Holstein Show, 2023, and reserve intermediate champion of Wisconsin Summer Championship Holstein Show (WSCHS), Tristen Ostrom, Kaukauna, WI; SS-Maplecrest Tatoo Jasmine (EX-92), fourth place four-year-old, WSCHS, 2023, Jasmine Syndicate, Pulaski, WI; Hertiage Drive Me Crazy-ET, second place summer yearling, WSCHS, 2023, Madison and Melanie Sarbacker, Whitewater, WI; Dappleview Tatoo Ella; Cowsmo photos.

HAKAN-P hails from a family that boasts 12 generations of Very Good and Excellent dams and two Global Cows of the Year. He offers elite production and a flawless linear profile. HAKAN-P is one of the highest Polled sires for PTAT and is A2A2 Beta-Casein.

This world-leading Red Carrier with an Applefree pedigree is a heavily used sire father that checks every box! HULU’s dam is one of the greatest young cows ever bred by Siemers Holsteins.

7HO16493 SIEMERS WOLF HAKAN-P-ET  250HO16498 SIEMERS WOLF HULU 37006-ET Wolfgang P x LUSTER-P x DOC L-R: Siemers Lstr Hanan 33317-ET (VG-89-EX-MS), dam of HAKAN-P, HULU, HARPY, HANSKE-P and HANX-P, Farmgirl Photography photo; HAKAN-P and HULU Thomas photos.

HARPY sires great production with incredible fitness traits. He defines balance. Look at his linear profile! HARPY follows the lead of many of the ‘H’ family members as he is an A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein sire.

HANSKE-P is a double-digit component improver that sires moderate stature, while improving all frame traits. He specializes in Type and is an A2A2 Beta-Casein Polled sire.

HANX-P’s first calves are hitting the ground and the reports are phenomenal! This Polled sire has the right caseins, elite Type, and is a mastitis resistance rockstar.



DOC has consistently created balanced cows that have the style to win in the showring and the capacity to thrive in the modern dairy. Hailing from the Roxy family with a contemporary sire stack, his elite production and Type blend perfectly into one complete package.

WOODCREST KING DOC (EX-90) KINGBOY x MACK x Snowman L-R: DOC, Thomas photo; Peace&Plenty Doc Jubie 16-ET (EX-94-EX-MS), first place senior three-year-old, intermediate and grand champion, Southern Spring National, 2022, Mike and Julie Duckett, Tim and Sharyn Abbott and MilkSource LLC, Rudolph, WI, Hetke photo; Luck-E Doc Azacaboom-ET (EX-92-EX-MS), Matt L. Engel, Hampshire, IL, Herges photo; C V F King Doc Sunset (VG-88-VG-MS), first place winter junior-two-year-old, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, 2022, Dalton J. Faris, East Gwillimbury, ON, Fletcher photo.

HAS IT ALL is the highest production 7HO15085 PARFECT son available and is Have Not 8784’s most complete son. His early calves are turning heads and garnering interest!

Like his dam, it is hard to find a fault in HOMER’s profile. He will sire moderate stature while adding above-average frame width. He’s an easy-to-use sire that will complement Goldwyn bloodlines.

7HO16295 DUCKETT PFCT HAS IT ALL-ET PARFECT x DOC x JEDI 7HO16791 DUCKETT DOC 8784 HOMER-ET HOMECOMING x DOC x JEDI L-R: HAS IT ALL and HOMER, Thomas photos; S-S-I Doc Have Not 8784-ET (EX-96-EX-MS), dam of HAS IT ALL and HOMER, Fisher photo.


An easy choice, HANCOCK is the highest proven Udder Composite sire in the breed! His production proof contains thousands of daughters that confirm his ability to transmit high milk and extreme type. Additionally, he adds positive teat length and is an A2A2 Beta-Casein sire.

SIEMERS DOC HANCOCK DOC x Monterey x MOGUL L-R: HANCOCK, Erbsen photo; Kings-Ransom Hancock Rapp (VG-89), second place junior three-year-old and honorable mention New York intermediate champion, Northeast Spring National Junior Holstein Show, 2023, Lauren King, Schuylerville, NY, Fisher photo; Ryan-Vu Hancock Simple (EX-91), honorable mention intermediate champion, Wisconsin Summer Championship Junior Show, 2022, fifth place junior two-year-old, International Holstein Show, 2022, Alexys Gaedtke and Mercedes and Jadelynn Kroll, Luxemburg, WI, Fisher photo.

Early reports of HANANS milking daughters are fantastic! Siring straight-lined heifers with eye-catching style, HANANS is off the charts for improvement in all udder traits.

HARDY combines the great Paris and Hanker families at Siemers Holsteins. Hailing from back-to-back Excellent dams, HARDY adds positive teat length and extreme strength.

7HO16116 SIEMERS PFCT HARDY 35126-ET PARFECT x ALVAREZ x DOC 7HO15325 SIEMERS EXC HANANS 31753-ET EXCALIBUR x DOC x Monterey L-R: HANANS, Thomas photo; Erbacres Sidra (VG-86), HANANS daughter, Connor K. Erbsen, Lanark, IL, Erbsen photo; HARDY, Thomas photo; Siemers Doc Hanan 28286-ET (EX-92-EX-MS-GMD), grandam of HARDY, Fisher photo.


Avalanche x Doorman x G W ATWOOD

You’ve seen the reports from summer shows and it’s evident that daughters of WARRIOR-RED have consistently dominated their classes! Another banner may be in the future for this World Dairy Expo premier sire. WARRIOR-RED also excels for calf wellness traits.

L-R: WARRIOR-RED, Thomas photo; Apple-PTS Cranapple-Red-ET (EX-92), first place junior two-year-old, International Red & White, 2022; grand champion, Illinois Championship Holstein Show, 2023, Travis and Megan Schafer and Colganados Genetics, Lanark, IL, Herges photo; WOCC Warrior Edith-Red, first place fall calf and junior champion, Midwest National Spring Red & White Show, 2023, first place fall calf and reserve junior champion, Wisconsin Summer Championship Junior Red & White Show, 2023, second place fall calf, Wisconsin Summer Championship Red & White Show, J, L and M Harbough and D and C Ryan, Marion, WI, Fisher photo. Top-Bottom: Kozak Warrior Bombshell Red (VG-88-VG-MS), first place milking yearling, International Red & White Show, 2022 and Royal Winter Fair Red & White Show, 2022, R&F Livestock and William Schilling, Cudworth, SK; Apple-PTS Cranapple Red-ET; Bella-Ridge Wr Madrigal-Red, first place spring calf, Wisconsin Summer Championship Holstein and Red & White Shows, 2023, J, L and M Harbaugh and A and A Loehr, Eden, WI, Cowsmo photos.


Unstopabull x Byway x G W ATWOOD

ANALYST-RED creates beautifully uddered young cows with exceptional balance. His early daughters are currently in their first lactation and expected to have incredible futures due to their youthful look. ANALYST-RED’s nine nearest dams average a score of 92.7. Don’t miss adding this sire’s lineage to your show string!

L-R: ANALYST-RED, Thomas photo; Betley Lionlike-Red-ET (VG-86), first place winter yearling and reserve junior champion, Wisconsin Summer Championship Show, 2022, Starlight Genetics, IN, Herges photo; Ms Analyst She Got It-Red, first place spring calf, honorable mention junior champion, International Red & White Show, 2022, Graisson and Mandy Schmidt and Arizona Dairy Company, Delavan, WI, Fisher photo. Top-Middle: Ms Analyst She Got It-Red, Cowsmo photos. Bottom: Waybru Analysts Allure-Red, first place senior two-year-old and grand champion Red & White, Ontario Summer Holstein Show, 2023, William Schilling, Decatur, MI, Cowsmo photo.

Lightning will strike when THUNDER STRUCK daughters enter the ring. His show-winning heifers are now debuting as cows and making a bold statement! Banners could be in the future for him and his daughters. THUNDER STRUCK’s DOC-free pedigree make him an easy-to-use sire.

His early daughters have created a lot of buzz. MYSTIC CRUSH was bred to sire show-winning heifers, with back-to-back Excellent (94) point dams that descend from the worldrenowned Gold Missy. His high Udder Composite matches his pedigree!

250HO15329 OCD THUNDER STRUCK-ET Thunder Storm x Delta x MCCUTCHEN 250HO15236 OCD MYSTIC CRUSH-ET Crushabull x Delta x MCCUTCHEN L-R: THUNDER STRUCK, Thomas photo; Duckett Tstruck Hannah-ET, first place milking yearling, Wisconsin Summer Championship Holstein Show, 2023, Mike and Julie Duckett, Tim and Sharyn Abbott, AOT Genetics and Kings-Ransom, Rudolph, WI; MYSTIC CRUSH, Thomas photo; OCD Delta Missy 4212-ET (EX-94-2E-EX-MS), dam of THUNDER STRUCK and MYSTIC CRUSH, Ashton photo.


ROZLINE x Delta-Lambda x Denver

PAZZLE is the most successful Showcase mating sire since DOC. Breeders love the balanced style and strength that PAZZLE calves add to their programs! He is a true balanced sire with his elite GTPI and fancy Type.


HANANS x Delta-Lambda x Denver

Sired by HANANS, PEVE is a half brother to the world-renowned PARFECT. He combines the Paris and Hanker cow families and has back-to-back Excellent (91) point dams.


HANANS x Delta-Lambda x Denver

PARTAKE is an exceptional fertility sire with great conformation. He will make moderate cows with exceptional milk production.

Top-Bottom: PAZZLE, Jordan photo; PEVE, Thomas photo; PARTAKE, Jordan photo. Siemers Lmda Paris 27856-ET (EX-91-EX-MS-GMD-DOM), dam of PAZZLE, PEVE and PARTAKE, Farmgirl Photography photo. Townlineacre King Doc Lena (EX-92-EX-MS), dam of LEGENDAIRY and LOMBARDI, Jordan photos.



Looking for a picture-perfect sire? Add LEGENDAIRY to your lineup! LEGENDAIRY offers a near-perfect linear profile and is a Type leader in the U.S. and Canada. His dam is a max score Excellent (92) point cow that thrives in a robotic milking system. She is the modern kind!



Delta-Lambda x DOC x Doorman

LOMBARDI is a rare Delta-Lambda son that combines extreme Type and Udder Composite numbers. He hails from the popular Goldwyn Locket branch of the Roxy family. His elite calf wellness and robust fitness traits are an added bonus to an already loaded profile.




CADILLAC is a linebred DOC son hailing from the wellknown Mogul Cleavage (EX-95-EX-MS-DOM) branch of the Roxys. His eye-catching yearling heifers have a sharp cut and garnered many blue ribbons in 2023.


SPARTACUS x Delta x Day

A successful sire father for the Showcase program, HOMECOMING offers a DOC- and Lambda-free pedigree with positive daughter fertility. If these attributes aren’t enough, add in his dam, the ever-popular Delta Habitan.

L-R: CADILLAC, Jordan photo; Kings-Ransom Canteloupes-ET (VG-89-EX-MS), dam of CADILLAC, Fletcher photo; Cookiecutter Dta Habitan-ET (EX-90-EX-MS-DOM), dam of HOMECOMING, Fisher photo; Ms GS Caught You Staring-ET, AOT Genetics, Valley Falls, NY, Fisher photo.

PARFECT x DOC x Crackshot

A unique PARFECT son from the Debutante Rae branch of the Roxy family, DRPERFECT will add milk and positive daughter fertility to your herd. He ranks high for Type in the U.S. and Canada.


COMBINATION’s Excellent (93) dam just keeps getting better! He is a favorite among technicians for his sire conception rate; one of the highest in Showcase. He combines valuable component yields with positive daughter fertility.

250HO16377 TERRA-LINDA DRPERFECT-ET 7HO16105 EXELS COMBINATION-ET L-R: DRPERFECT, Thomas photo; Terra-Linda Doc 794-ET (VG-88-EX-MS), dam of DRPERFECT, Thomas photo; COMBINATION, Thomas photo; Den-K Doc Jeanette 458-ET (EX-93-EX-MS), dam of COMBINATION, Robinson photo.

PARFECT x Artist x DOC

From the same family that produced Dundee, DOUBLESHOT improves all linear traits and offers a boost of components. He meets herd management goals with his high CDCB mastitis value, and is a popular PARFECT son.

LAWFUL is an early HANANS son that hails from an outstanding maternal line. His first three dams are each classified Excellent. He fits the direction of the future with his balanced Type and mastitis resistance traits. He is exceptional for Milk and Protein yield.

7HO16289 LADYS-MANOR HANAN LAWFUL-ET HANANS x JEDI x KINGBOY 250HO16378 HIL-PORT DOUBLESHOT-ET L-R: DOUBLESHOT, Thomas photo; Agresti Doc Dymond-ET (EX-91-EX-MS), grandam of DOUBLESHOT, Thomas photo; LAWFUL, Thomas photo; Ladys-Manor Jed Lalique (EX-92-2E-EX-MS-DOM), dam of LAWFUL, Herges photo. Dymond and Lalique photos reversed.

Hailing from three generations of All-American dams and World Dairy Expo winners, EYE CANDY daughters are sure to capture the attention of judges. His early calves have highlighted sales coast to coast. Semen availability is limited. Place your order before it’s too late!

7HO16104 MB-LUCKYLADY EYE CANDY-ET Delta-Lambda x Unix x Doorman L-R: EYE CANDY, Thomas photo; Ladyrose Caught Your Eye-ET (EX-92-EX-MS), dam of EYE CANDY, Herges photo; Caught Your Eye, back-to-back class winner at International Holstein Show, 2021 and 2022, Cowsmo photo.


Lead your show string to victory! VICTORIOUS sires tremendous udders with unwavering reliability. His daughters are appearing in the center of the ring around the world!

VICTORIOUS is transmitting the consistency for which the Veronica family is known for!

L-R: Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J (E-97%), fourth dam of VICTORIOUS; Paullyn Victorious Maya (E-91%), fourth place junior three-year-old, All American Jersey Show, 2022, third place junior three-year-old, International Jersey Show, 2022, River Valley Farm, Tremont, IL; Pine Haven Victorious Margaret (E-93%), second place senior two-year-old and honorable mention intermediate champion, All American Jersey Show, 2022, River Valley Farm, Tremont, IL, Fisher photos.

Top-Bottom: Margaret, grand champion, Illinois State Fair, 2023; Margaret, honorable mention intermediate champion, All American Jersey Show, 2022; Sterlings Victorious Sunset (VG-88%), second place senior two-year-old, International Jersey Show, 2022, Natalie and Mia Berry, Sherwood, OR, Cowsmo photos.

x Iatola x Duaiseoir

Word is spreading that JOLIN’s early daughters have been uniform with great dairyness and beautiful udders. His grandmother is the well-known Fermar Paramount Joy (E-95%). JOLIN offers the best of both worlds, combining production with elite fitness traits and true Type. He will sire cows that meet the demands of all breeders.

250JE1778 AUDIBEL DISCO JOLIN-ET DISCO x Premier x PARAMOUNT L-R: Sleegerholm Jolin Salsa (VG-85), Mike Sleegers, Belmont, ON, Jones photo; Lorivale Jolin Salara (VG-86), Milky Hills Farm Inc., Elora, ON, Jones photo.


Craze x Excitation x Response

A son of world-famous Flawless, this elite pedigree combines two influential maternal lines to bring you a sire that can be used by all breeders. RECKLESS is an outstanding JUI™ sire and it shows through his early daughters.



CANDYMAN combines positive production and extreme JUI into one complete package. His daughters have an identifiable sharp cut and outstanding udders. He is a unique mating, blending 7JE5004 CHROME and the Chili family!

L-R: RECKLESS, Thomas photo; Rollingriver Pickles, John and Tiffany Hartman, Milladore, WI, Jordan photo; Lorivale Candyman Siria (VG-86), Lorivale Farms, Marmora, ON, Jones photo. CANDYMAN is JNSC.


Bancroft x Lexicon x SAMBO

BIG RED is a sire that can benefit any breeder! He is the perfect blend of positive production and Type. Following in his mother’s footsteps, you can expect his daughters will have extreme dairy quality and impressive udders!




From one of the most influential cows in the breed, COMMISSION uniquely combines Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET (E-95%) with leading Australian genetics. This family is known for their ability to transmit. You can expect COMMISSION to carry out the legacy of his maternal lines!



SKYFALL has a unique sire stack and traces back to the Mischief family at Avonlea on his maternal side. He is an udder specialist that will improve dairy strength and maintain production.

L-R: Suess Lexicon Rhonda (E-93%), dam of BIG RED, Jordan photo; COMMISSION Thomas photo; Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET (E-95%), dam of COMMISSION, Fisher photo; SKYFALL, Jordan photo; Redhot Matt Skyline ET (VG-87), dam of SKYFALL, Jones photo.


Biver x Wonderment x SUPREME

Just like his dam, the 2017 All-American aged cow, RAMPAGE daughters are getting better with age! They have an identifiable cut that makes them stand out in the showring and they consistently place at the top of their classes with ease. RAMPAGE is A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein.

L-R: RAMPAGE, Thomas photo; Brown Velvet Rampage Fall “E91”, first place senior three-year-old and grand champion, Ohio State Fair, 2023, Elaina, Ava and Audrey Lahmers, Marysville, OH, Thomas photo. Top to Bottom: Clover Lane Zoe, Brad Kishman and Family, Monona, IA; Black Ridge R Look My Way, third place spring calf, International Brown Swiss Show, 2022, Hayleigh Geurink and Kevin Webster, Blue Mounds, WI; Hi-View Rampag Pixiestix, fifth place summer yearling, International Brown Swiss Show, 2022, Dylan and Cameron Ryan, Fond du Lac, WI, Cowsmo photos.


RAMPAGE x Bonanza x Premium

Combine the consistent cut of RAMPAGE with threetime All-American Random Luck B Tea Rose “4E95 4E96MS” and the results are sure to be good! ALL THE RAGE’s flashy Type and extreme Productive Life will create cows that have a component merit class in their future.


Carter x Ensign x Formula

POWERBALL comes from a long line of Excellent and Very Good dams. He combines stylish Type, high daughter fertility and robust health traits into one complete package!

9BS923 L-R: ALL THE RAGE, Thomas photo; Random Luck B Tea Rose “4E95 4E96MS”, dam of ALL THE RAGE, Jordan photo; POWERBALL, Thomas photo; RNR Peanut EN Peppermint ET “3E91 3E92MS”, dam of POWERBALL, DeBruin photo.

The sire of champions! REAGAN hails from a heavily proven maternal line and is the back-to-back premier sire of the cow classes of the International Ayrshire Show. He’s improving the breed’s udder quality and dairy strength.

REYNOLDS has a show-winning sire stack and hails from the great Palmyra Berkely P Ruth-ET (EX-94-2E-ELITE), multiple grand champion of the International Ayrshire Show. His calves are hitting the ground and are very impressive!

L-R: REAGAN, Erbsen photo; Old-Bankston JC Banner (EX-91), first place five-year-old and reserve senior champion, International Ayrshire Show, 2022, Glamourview, Iager and Walton, Walkersville, MD, Fisher photo; Miss Malibu Mimosa (EX-93), second place four-year-old and honorable mention senior champion, International Ayrshire Show, 2022, Duane Cole, Michelle Wolf and Melissa Burns, Epworth, IA, Fisher photo; REYNOLDS, Thomas photo; Palmyra Berkely P Ruth-ET (EX-94-2E-ELITE), dam of REYNOLDS, Fisher photo. 9AY133 PALMYRA LOCHINVAR REYNOLDS-ET LOCHINVAR x BERKELY x Poker 7AY111 PALMYRA BERKELY REAGAN-ET BERKELY x Poker x L HELIGO



No stranger to the colored shavings, STRYKER is destined to help you win in the ring with his proven maternal lines. His dam, Mowry’s Burdette Summer (EX-94), has multiple All-American nominations.


Gentleman x DEMPSEY x Pardner

GENTLE BEAST offers breed-leading Type and hails from a deep maternal line backed by eight generations of Excellent dams.




x Calimero

Tap into the genetics of DYNAMIC’s outstanding dam, Grand-View HP Gibbs Dips-ET (EX-93), by adding him to your breeding program! His early daughters have impressed judges across the U.S.

L-R: STRYKER, Thomas photo; Mowry’s Burdette Summer (EX-94), dam of STRYKER, Fisher photo; Grand-View Dempsey Blackberry (EX-94-2E), dam of GENTLE BEAST, Jordan photo; DYNAMIC, Thomas photo; Grand-View HP Gibbs Dips-ET (EX-93), dam of DYNAMIC, Fisher photo. Blackberry photo reversed. REGAN, REYNOLDS and STRYKER are purebred Ayrshires. GENTLE BEAST 98.84%, DYNAMIC 98.26%.
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