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RIVER HILLS REALTY NEWS ™ A Special Report for the Residents of River Hills Country Club

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MAY 2013

Five Tips To Take Your Home From 'For Sale' To 'Sold' If you have been thinking about selling your home, there is no time like the present. House hunters come out of the woodwork in warm weather months and "for sale" signs pop up everywhere. Your job is to set your home apart from all the others. In most areas around the country, it is a sellers' market. So how do you get a leg-up on the competition? The Real Estate Market Is Blooming…

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Here are the top five tips you can really use to turn that "for sale" sign into "sold." 1. Detach - You may love the outdated recliner that was passed down from grandpa. You may also think that lime green and fuchsia are the foundation for a great color scheme. But others may not. Before you put it on the market, emotionally detach from your home. Look at it from the buyer's point of view. Figure out what needs an update, a touch-up or an overhaul and then do it. 2. De-clutter - You want to open up the space to make it feel larger. While it is fine if your home has the "lived in" look, all the extra knick-knacks should be put away. Rent a storage unit if your place is small. If you have got a garage or an attic, store your items there in plastic bins. But do not shove all the extra stuff in your closets. People look in there and a messy closet tells potential buyers that there will not be enough room for their things either.

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The same goes for drawers and cabinets. Tidy them up and organize them neatly. Make sure your belongings are not packed tightly because it will make the cabinet space look smaller. Free up the space on your kitchen countertop. A coffee maker and toaster are fine. But put away the blender, stand-mixer and popcorn maker. You might as well tidy up the bathroom counter while you are at it. 3. Go neutral - Neutral colors allow house-hunters to visualize what the space will look like with their belongings. Heavily saturated colors are overwhelming and do not go over well with prospective home owners. If they dislike the colors, they will be put off by the space. While sellers should paint neutral colors that blend room-to-room, make room for exceptions: If you are living in a trendy area where something out of the norm is expected, then a bright wall could be a welcome feature. 4. A little rehab and some heavy lifting - Does the carpet need to be replaced? Better yet, is there hardwood under the carpet you can refinish? Go for the latter, if that is an option. Buyers love a good hardwood floor. Get the fresh coat of paint on the walls if they are chipping or peeling.

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Move furniture away from walls. A big couch against a wall looks frumpy and is not aesthetically pleasing. And remove extra furniture. It is good to see baseboards and corners, which gives the room a more open and spacious feel. 5. Before the doorbell rings - Clean. Then clean some more. A dirty, dusty house is a huge turn-off. Do not forget to clean the light fixtures on the ceiling. And after you have done all that, do a quick 15-minute spruce-up before potential buyers walk through the door. Open the curtains and blinds. Let natural light in. It makes the home seem cheery and bright. Of course, make sure the windows are clean too. Keep fresh flowers in a vase. And do not forget the smell. A freshsmelling home is a big plus. Open windows to air the home out. Do not cook potentially pungent foods - like fish or garlic - before a showing. Instead bake some cookies or use an air freshener that smells like baked goods. ™

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Digging Soon? Call 811 First! Across the country, homeowners and professionals alike will plan landscaping and home-improvement projects that require digging this season. Common Ground Alliance (CGA), the association dedicated to protecting underground utilities and the people who dig near them, reminds homeowners and professional diggers that calling 811 is the first step towards protecting you and your community from the risk of unintentionally damaging an underground line. Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants a free call to 811. Calling this number connects you to your local one-call utility notification center. Here's how it works: 1. One free, simple phone call to 811 makes it easy for your local one-call center to notify all appropriate utility companies of your intent to dig. Call a few days prior to digging to ensure enough time for the approximate location of utility lines to be marked with flags or paint. 2. When you call 811, a representative from your local one-call center will ask for the location and description of your digging project. 3. Your local one-call center will notify affected utility companies, which will then send professional locators to the proposed dig site to mark the approximate location of your lines. 4. Only once all lines have been accurately marked, roll up those sleeves and carefully dig around the marked areas. To find out more information about 811 visit ™

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Spring Cleaning Spring is the time to shed your winter layers, dust off the cobwebs, open the windows and embrace the beginning of a new season. Aside from spending more time outdoors, the sunshine and warm weather often energize us to do the things we put off during the cold winter months, such as cleaning and organizing. Spring cleaning does not need to be a daunting task. The key is to take small steps and designate time to complete them - do not try to do it all in one fell swoop. Try these tips for conquering spring cleaning: ± Reorganize - It is easy to get caught up in cleaning all the nooks and crannies of your house, but, it is equally important to tackle organizing! Whether it is arranging your DVDs in alphabetical order or digitizing that box of photos that has been sitting in the attic, a little rearranging can make a big difference! Your belongings are meant to be enjoyed, not collect dust! ± De-clutter - Smartphones and computers help us be productive, efficient and stay on top of hectic schedules. Download an organizational app to manage your to-dos or a maintenance app to dump junk files and defragment your drives. Cleaning up your computer desktop and archiving emails will allow you to find things with ease. Having an organized device will allow you to take full advantage of these great tools! ± Go Digital - Keeping finances organized throughout the year will make doing taxes more bearable. Scan documents onto your computer to save space and avoid overwhelming amounts of paper. ± Re-purpose - Do not blow your budget on pretty boxes and labels. Shoeboxes make great storage containers for miscellaneous items such as TV remotes, cords, letters and cards, and other items. You can disguise the shoebox with wrapping paper or by painting it. Think about what other items in your home that can be used for alternative purposes and save a few dollars by getting creative. ± Donate - Closets can very easily become packed to the brim with items you do not wear or even know you have! Take everything out of your closet and go through it with a critical eye - if you have not worn something in the past year, it is time to get rid of it. Donating clothing to organizations such as Goodwill is not only a noble act; it is a tax deduction as well! Follow these tips to conquer spring cleaning! ™


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