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An work of art is much more than a simple aestetic creation. It’s a mix between its history, its creator, galeries who trusted him , collectors who have supported him, institutions who exposed his art and transactions the art piece has been into. And if every movements of a work of art could be traced and preserved in a secured environement ? It’s in that context that we created Seezart.

VISION PROTECT WORKS OF ART Today, art’s transactions are most of the time on paper documents. They can easily be lost, falsified, copied or stolen… The only story of a work of art can be found in a fragile piece of paper, which can cause many problems in terms of traceability or origin. AT SEEZART, WE USE NEW TECHNOLOGIES TO GUARANTEE A DIGITAL ORIGIN TO PHYSICAL WORK OF ARTS.

MISSION Take up to the challenge of origin by making the path of work of arts traceable

Use technologies to improve the art industry Strengthen trust and transaction security Insure a better protection and respect artist’ rights Fight against fakes, fakes’ use, copies and counterfeits

Seezart created the first mobile application allowing you to build and guarantee perfect treacability for every work of art.

WHO CAN USE SEEZART ? EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE ART BUSINESS Let’s protect together unique histories of every art pieces Artists, gallery owners and collectors... JOIN US and discover the mobile application SEEZART in exclusivity !

HOW ? Thanks to the app, Seezart allows artists to create a certificate of authenticity digital and secured. Every movements of your work of art will then be recorded thanks to an innovative technology. CHECK


• Check every infor- • Record and cermations related to tify interactions the work you’re and movements interested in of your work of art, since their creation


• Follow the evolution of works of art you’re interested in and reinforce their values thanks to a flawless origin





JURGEN DSAINBAYONNE Chief Executive Officer

SANDRA DSAINBAYONNE Chief Operating Officer

NELLIE JEANNIN Chief Communication Officer


Because Jurgen is fascinated by the art business and how it’s operating. This digital entrepreneur, former jurist, is methodical, rational and steady. He knows how to lead a team to achieve his objectives. His mission is clear : take up to the challenge of traceability by making the path of an art piece easy to find. Because Sandra knows the workings and the specificities of the art market as his pocket. During projects with an international dimension, she has collaborated with many contemporary artists and knows their concerns. Organized, enthusiastic and federative, she represents Seezart in the art business. Because Nellie has been for a long time in the corporate sphere. She knows all the arcana of communication and press relations. She’s an outstanding writer and loves to connect ideas and people, she reconnects with her first love for art. Its mission is to gather and disseminate the values of Seezart.


GUILHEM DELEBECQUE Enterprise architect & CTO Capgemini

MONIR MOROUCHE CEO & Directeur Cyber-Sécurité Suricate Concept

CLÉMENT FRANCOMME Expert Blockchain Blockchainiz / Utocat


Based on innovation and new technologies, Guilhem has more than 15 years of experience as IT Consultant and CTO. This company architect defines himself as a provider of solutions on the complex and transversal problems of Information Systems. He has acted on various topics, for Altran, Sopra Steria, Capgemini, Syneriance and for SME / VSE in SI transformation contexts. Familiar with complex architectures, he wished to help Seezart personally in his development. French champion of ethical hacking and perfect self-taught, Monir has forged a recognized expertise in cyber security and programming. Specializing in security audits and intrusion testing, it intervenes upstream of incidents or in case of disaster, but also as consultant-lecturer in computer security through spectacular demonstrations-formations, such as the piracy of a Pace-maker connected, electronic payment systems and even the algorithm of the world’s first search engine Google. Thanks to his experience as IT Manager at Safran (Morpho) and Thales Raytheon, Clément is one of the main references of Blockchain technology in France. For Seezart, he offers his expertise in the banking and insurance sectors, as well as digital identity management issues, whose security and confidentiality issues also apply to the art market as a class of « Active in its own right.

CONTACT To benefit from an invitation to discover Seezart, Please visit Questions, comments? Let’s talk about it ! +33 6 23 12 15 52 Join us on social medias ! teamseezart seezart_ @teamseezart Seezart


Press Kit Seezart - Check, certify and trace the artworks you love


Press Kit Seezart - Check, certify and trace the artworks you love