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Greetings Readers, Autumn is our favorite time here at Sedona Conscious Magazine. It's a time when the crisp air greets us in the mornings and the temperatures are still lovely and warm during the day here in Sedona. As the sun sets behind the majestic red rocks the evening breeze moves in and provides us with cool nights, gently preparing us for the winter season. Familiar smells at this time of year start to drift through the open windows, coaxing us to start cooking with the fresh fall flavors that await at the farmer's market. This is definitely a time of bounty. During this time of harvest we find that there is an abundance of wonderful articles and information sources finding their way to us, and it is our job to share it with you. In this issue we've explored feminine presence with Rachael Jayne Groover in a one-on-one interview, discovered natural and effective ways to maintain gorgeous locks throughout the aging process, and enjoyed reading Marianne Williamson's latest book dedicated to Divine Compesation. We know that you are a diverse and well-informed audience so we hope you find this issue to be as enjoyable as we enjoyed creating it for you! Bountiful Harvest Wishes, Holly & Brad Luky





his salad is extremely simple to make, yet the flavors are bold and delicious. My mom, who doesn’t much care for carrot salads, absolutely adores this one … I think it’s the mint. This is a great salad for a warm summer evening, but also it pairs well with Moroccan or Tunisian spiced stews and grilled meats. Serves 4 1 lb. carrots, peeled and grated (about 3 ½ cups) ½ cup chopped fresh mint 3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice (or to taste) 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil salt

Peel and grate the carrots, either with a box grater or a food processor fitted with a grating disc. Remove the mint leaves from the stalk and chop the leaves. Combine the carrots with the mint in large bowl. In a small bowl, whisk the lemon juice with the olive oil and salt. Toss the salad with the dressing and enjoy.




he Astrology of October features Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday, October 6th, squaring Neptune as it does, while Saturn draws closer and closer in trine with the mystical numinousity of Neptune as the month gets underway, forming its exact connection as Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5th. This first week of the month is therefore particularly fraught, confusing and shimmering with shape-shifting possibilities as unbridled illusion and even deliberately deceptive behavior take center stage. This is the third month in a row that Uranus and Pluto have been prominent. The late Virgo New Moon from the middle of last month triggered their square just as it reached a second completion two days afterward, and then the September 29th Full Moon conjuncted Uranus and squared Pluto. The radical transformation symbolized by the dynamic alignment of these two powerhouse planets, strongly present for us in this fall timeframe, caps the symbolic effects that we have been feeling all spring and summer. Much as in the violently revolutionary sixties, we are in a process of discarding what no longer works for us, both as individuals and as a society, although old and outworn habits obviously die hard. Chiron, the Wounded Healer has been in the mix with the three outer planets all this time, being at roughly the same degree of Pisces as Pluto occupies in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, indicating that the painful necessities we collectively face are very alive for us now, as we attempt to modify existing potential outcomes. Venus is opposite to Chiron during the first weekend of the month, and we may find at this time even greater poignancy in the dislocation between our ideals and the reality on the ground. We win when instead of turning away we face our pain and come to accept it as a neglected but valued part of ourselves, for it is only in this way that we become truly free of its grip on our lives. With Saturn moving into Scorpio, a Water sign, and thereby coming into alignment with mystical Neptune in Pisces, the Water sign that Neptune rules, we are far more conscious of our emotional nature than we have been thus far in the yearly cycle. Since the Sun is coincidentally moving into Scorpio this month as well, we are in for quite a ride. We have the stability of the earth ruler Saturn holding us down to do our inner work, and the watery fuzziness of the Scorpio-Pisces pairing to pull us into spinning circles of passional whirlpools that could instead flood us out. As we strive for balance between the rocky shore and the hard emotions that, though difficult to deal with, still we must manage to surmount and withstand, we win by riding the wave to its utmost and possibly beneficial conclusion – standing as firm as we can, aided by everything that we can bring to bear and by embracing a maximum of faith in ourselves and in our process.

Henry Seltzer, transformational astrologer and creator of the TimePassages astrology software, is based in Santa Cruz, California. An extended look at this month’s star signs is available on his website. Holding degrees from MIT and the University of California-San Diego, Henry is a popular speaker and also offers life enhancing private astrological counseling. Call him at 831-425-3686, or visit his website at


astrology ARIES (March 20-April 19) Your roller-coaster ride continues, Aries. Just as you begin to find some answers, further questions emerge. Everything is mystical and vague; this could all be perceived as less than useful, but once you let go of your preconceptions and stay in beginner’s mind, you find it to be an extremely exciting time to be alive. As you recognize that you are voyaging further into wholeness, you can better enjoy the scenery flying past when refusing to engage in concerns regarding your ultimate destination. You may be suffering, but breakdown leads to breakthrough. Partners in your life are important now, and helpful in allowing you to make your stand, even when in seeming conflict. You might seem stuck at times but then again, that could be just another illusion as you continue your journey. TAURUS (April 20-May 19) Your world is turning, Taurus. A true feeling of spiritual connection is suddenly possible, while still not taking anything away from the achievement-orientation that puts you squarely within the mainstream of duty and financial reward. Only a gesture is needed, a figure-and-ground reversal of sensibility that while forcing nothing in any obvious way, changes everything. There is a unique destiny all your own that you currently participate in. You could encounter tremors within your psyche corresponding to ancient trauma coming to light, but these difficulties can be faced down with courage and with the application of effort. Partners in your life are helpful in their own way. While firmly standing their ground they are actually helping you to define what it is that you are truly after. GEMINI (May 20-June 20) You are in a good place, Gemini, as you continue attempting various approaches in order to find out what direction you need to go. Your optimism is flourishing, along with your strong creative output. If you have been doing your homework and saving up your good karma you have come to the cusp of decision on how to respond to changes that you feel tugging at your feet to move them on down the line. Service to your higher Self is service to everyone around you. Curve balls to existing plans could be disconcerting, or might be experiments on the part of your inner nature, trying to get the key to fit the lock. Depth researches that take you down below your conscious mind will form an all-important backdrop for everything that you say and do. CANCER (June 21-July 20) This is simultaneously a dreamy and an active time, Cancer. Your career and private life are concurrently set in motion, as startling insights and unexpected revelations continue to pour out of an expanding cosmos to your inner eye. The effect of relationship awareness looms as a powerful and transformative influence. It is not so much the actions of others but rather your own in response that helps you gain from the experience of being with them. Your recognition of differing points of view – and even of the painful realizations that could also arise – allows you to tap into deeper layers of your core being. Play is serious and work is play for cosmic stakes. All your ups and downs are incredibly fruitful in opening you up to the perspective of your inner world.


LEO (July 21-Aug. 21) You find yourself at a unique crossroads, Leo. The times are ripe for change, as is becoming more and more apparent, perhaps to the point of desperation. You need a way to get over but the best and perhaps the only pathway that you can utilize is down and through. Philosophically grand gestures take you to surprising places that you never expected, while your ordinary world is suffused with light and filled with transformative energy. Your emotional depths speak important truths. What seems like limitation turns into something far richer and yet again more strange. These trials provide important lessons of great depth as you ride the wave of your future to an illogical conclusion. Home and family issues could open you up to a larger picture viewpoint once you make the necessary adjustments. VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 21) You are going through a major alteration of identity, and even of self-expression, Virgo, but it’s stealth. In the grip of such far-reaching change, you cannot quite comprehend its full import. In fits and starts you are seeing into your own unrecognizable future, delving deep down inside yourself to find your way forward and through. There is mystification on the relationship front, and perhaps this is just the other side of the very same coin. Your values could be also subject to illusion, confusion, and ultimately, resolution. You are seeking to find yourself in others, and through serious communication attempts to discover and convey your own inner truth. In the end you might succeed, although the harbor that you sail into is a far different one than from where you started. LIBRA (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) Your future is calling, Libra, although it might not turn out to be the one that you had in mind as recently as a few short months ago. This remains a powerful time of inspiration and change as core issues continue to arise. You have plenty of energy in any case for forging ahead, in this, your birthday time of the year. Your hopes and plans have been partly based on idealized dreaming and partly on hard-nosed reality. Adjustments are required before you can spiritually prosper. In this fall season this is more true than ever, as you face unexpected challenges together with surprising and even startling revelations. This has the blessing for you of allowing you to become even more aware of what you are experiencing, in terms of both outer event and inner truth. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You are in an essentially good place right now, Scorpio, with your mentality fixed on the future as you explore your inner depths. A difficult time has its great advantages in terms of lessons learned. You are coming into yourself in a new way, and you might find that you will never be quite the same as when you started. There is progress to be found with your endeavors, but it is progress of a rare and different kind. The key to all your researches is greater awareness of the power of your inner world to guide your process. You are searching for applied madness, a way to ground your wildest fantasies of creativity and of service into a functional beauty of practicality that can more fully be shared with others around you.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) The world beckons to you softly, Sagittarius. You are full of verve and vitality, but there has to be a strong mystical component to all that you say and do in order for you to feel truly satisfied. This is so because you are intent on inner rather than outer priorities. Finances remain a pivot point, especially when their fluctuations can come to be seen as symbolic rather than literal, as just an especially poignant part of the dream that you and everyone else around you inhabits. You could be actively energized in relationship right now, but even this area reflects back to your own ideal of spiritual transformation. What you are primarily concerned with is the transmutation of your values and of your sense of psychological security. Everything else must take second place. CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) The drum beat of your transformation continues, Capricorn, in the midst of a season of change that has only increased in intensity over recent months. Difficulties might be able to be surmounted with a change in attitude. As you forge your way forward and deal with obstacles that you encounter, you are attuned to intimations referencing dimensions of experience beyond the purely physical plane, and you are beginning to take these far more seriously. You are essentially functioning in an optimistic and energetic manner as you explore the more profound truth of what makes sense for you as mission statement going forward. You are serving yourself by serving others and it opens you up conceptually to exciting and novel worlds to conquer, from the inside out. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 17) This is a thoughtful period of time for you, Aquarius. Although you are in many ways coming into your own, the question lingers of what you are attempting to engender. As much as you are engaged in practicality, a spirit of enquiry and of personal development remains paramount. Information out of your deeper Self can no longer be ignored, and provides glimpses of a further reality that takes you beyond the world of simplistic manifestation. This is a doorway to which there is no key, a mystery that cannot be entirely solved, although the angst and pain that you might sometimes encounter are clues. This exploration is all-important, and helps to explain how the difficulties that you encounter can lead in the end to riches of an internal and nonobvious kind. PISCES (Feb. 18-March 19) This may be a time of trial, Pisces, but it is also one of renewed hope and of ultimate possibility. Although you have spent months in self-examination, you are now exploring your depths in a different way than before. Limitation brings important lessons. Perhaps, along the path, you might encounter issues of old wounds that have never been fully healed. This trauma could stem from your early years, but it remains palpably present for you, and will continue to haunt you and possibly even sabotage your best efforts unless and until you can confront the past with a fresh attitude. Acceptance of yourself at all levels is key. Then, you must be brave and willing to go wherever your process takes you. Like a persistent diver you will be able to eventually bring up treasure.



Excerpt from


Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras Chapter 12 Toning Practices for the Chakras

human being can be likened to a fine musical instrument that must be kept in good condition. In order for a piano to project its beautiful sounds, it has to be tuned regularly and as well as possible. As all of creation is in a state of vibration, with myriad frequencies, it follows that the principle of resonance is a fundamental modality for healing, using sympathetic vibrations that mirror what is to be healed. The object is to get the receiver, in this case the chakras, to recognize their sonic nature by sending out specific frequencies to which they will attune. This process is a kind of vocal homeopathy based on the principle that “like cures like.” The most effective and immediate resonator we have is the voice. However, the chief obstacle in using the voice as the resonator is the very thing we want to alter—our psychology. There are many who are not comfortable with their voices or their breathing and are reluctant to make sounds other than ordinary speech. In such cases it is necessary to overcome the limiting idea that they cannot be self-empowering, and thus self-healing. While it is helpful to work with an alternative health practitioner at times, it is more effective to take control of the healing process on a daily basis through toning. The way through the obstacle lies in the heart’s desire for change, and with that 12

the suspension of judgment about one’s voice. When the intent is sincere, the real self responds. For it is not the quality or power of the voice that matters, but a great desire for change. When that is present, the chakra will respond no matter how inadequate the voice might seem to be. Toning the Consonants

The consonants L, V, R, Y, H, S, K, and M are drawn largely from the seed syllables of tantric yoga. The L through H consonants are extracted from the first five tantric syllables for the chakras, as explained in chapter 3. The S and K have been intuitively assigned to the brow and crown chakras, respectively. The M has great power as the concluding sound of all the seeds. The aim of using these consonants as sound entities in their own right is to gain more of their healing juices. It is comparable to extracting the vitamins and minerals from foods to obtain a concentrated form. The practices with the consonants are described as sound rituals because the word ritual is derived from the Sanskrit word rita, meaning “universal order and harmony.” These rituals can be done for their own sake and benefit but will also help to intensify the consonant when used as part of the complete tantric yoga seed. The consonants, like consorts, are the complementary aspect to the vowels for

featured books toning the chakras. They are not refined like the vowels with their overtones, but they are effective in their power to cut through deep rooted impediments. The following ways of toning the consonants are twofold, one that includes movements and sometimes a concluding sound, and one quite similar to that of toning the vowels. The movements created for this toning are to inspire, encourage, and direct the intention of the ritual. Ritual for Toning the L Consonant (Root Chakra)

The meridians within the human body as given in Chinese medicine have two major channels. The yin channel starts at the perineum, travels up the front of the body, and ends at the tip of the tongue. The yang channel begins at the same place, goes up through the spine into the brain, and ends at the roof of the mouth. These two circuits can be linked by placing the tip of the tongue to the mouth’s roof. The whole circuit is sometimes called the “microcosmic orbit.” This is exactly what happens when the L, pronounced as AL, EL, or UL, is sounded. The tongue’s tip rises up to meet the mouth’s roof. Thus it is possible to circulate the energy around the microcosmic orbit while engaged in this ritual. The pulsations will be done on the sound of UL as in “ultimate.” Do it slowly so each UL takes about four seconds. Imagine the tongue to be a shovel digging into the earth as it moves to the roof of the

mouth. L represents the earth element. As follows: ULLL ULLL ULLL ULLL and so on (LAH) With Movement

Take a standing position with one foot slightly forward and the other off to the side, so that the two feet almost create a 90-degree angle. While pulsating the L sound, bend over the front leg as though you want to scoop up some earth. Bend forward only as far as your body will allow. Take the earth in your hands and lift it up. As your hands reach the level of the face, turn them over so that the earth falls out. Carry the hands on up above the head, palms facing the heavens on either side of the body. At this point the pulsation phase ends and a LAH is produced on a descending sliding sound to the bottom of your voice. During this slide, let the hands come down in a circular motion and stop in front of the genitals. Here hold a small ball of energy with your hands. This is the active part of a cycle. While in this passive position holding the ball, very quietly and slowly pulsate the L to yourself. It is under the breath like a kind of muttering. At this point the microcosmic orbit can be put into practice. That is, hold the tongue in place at the roof of the mouth and experience a flow of energy beginning with the eyes, moving down the front of the body to the tailbone and then up the spine and into the head. One circuit equals one sounding of UL.

James D'Angelo, Ph.D. is an American musician, composer, educator, and workshop leader based in the United Kingdom. Since 1992 he has developed and led therapeutic sound and movement workshops in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States, and he is considered an authority on sound healing therapies. Availability: Usually ships within 1-2 business days Price: $ 14.95


B&,,, or your local bookstore. Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras by James D’Angelo, Ph.D. © 2012 Destiny Books. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. or visit



Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans


Sophie Rose

in the present, and let go of fear. In other words, behaviors we have not been taught growing up, so deconditioning is necessary. Learned behaviors are often a source of false security and self-limitation. Unfortunately, any mind work on deconditioning will only take us so far: “you cannot remove a thorn with a thorn� as the Buddhists say. The egomind will always fight its way to the director seat, reverting to its lower patterns as soon as it is threaten by change. To get rid of the ego is impossible, to put it as a servant of this higher intelligence is the answer. Trust is the first step: Faith is beyond the ego-mind. By trusting something unknown, limitless and wise, you jump over the illusory self-limitations of the mind, hence opening the door to higher guidance and purpose. The place you create from is no longer the result of years of self-definition but the unlimited potential this higher intelligence has in reserve for you. So co-creation happens at a different level: not the level where your thoughts create your reality 14

but the level where your alignment with the higher intelligence of your life allows you to receive its energy. What you manifest then is no longer the fruit of an illusion, the product of something as fleeting as the mind. You manifest from the higher intent behind your life. True purpose lies outside of the ego-mind’s grasp. Living in the present is a necessary condition for this higher intelligence to manifest. Calling on past experiences to evaluate something only brings more mind in and ego tries to direct the game again. Wondering about the future makes us want to control it. To live in the present means to not resist life’s experiences, even the painful ones. The wisdom behind most spiritual practices is to see pain as a teacher of letting go. Whether it is the pain of sitting in meditation, of constant thinking or of emotional upheaval, the realization that these pains disappear in an awakened state of consciousness is a perfect training ground for daily life. As we develop this simple awareness of the present moment and the willingness to experience life without the veil of mind, our fears evaporate. We go from the realm of ego to the realm of being, we surrender to the music and we become the dance. Life happens. Sophie Rose is a spiritual counselor and the author of The Way of The Heart, Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, 2012 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist. She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating your Future. Sophie is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition and has always favored a direct experience of spirituality. She can be contacted through

resides inside of me. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you look beyond the hair on my chin?" she says grinning, flicking her fingers under her chin in a most unladylike manner. "Can you forgive the places where my scalp shines through? Can you find the truth of my beauty, the beauty of age, which is so different from the beauty of youth?" Her eyes grow fierce, but sparkle with amusement. "I know you can, for I know how beautiful I am." Grandmother Growth takes your chin in her strong hand and looks at you with eyes so intense you fear you may catch on fire. She commands: "When you look into your mirror, I ask you to look deep into your own eyes and to acknowledge your own inner beauty.

Hairy Problems


By Susun S. Weed

earest granddaughter, come close and look into my eyes." Grandmother Growth beckons and her voice grows deeper and more resonant. "Look deep into my eyes and acknowledge the beauty there."

"I know, I know, metamorphosis is changing you and you don't like it. Like a teenager, you peer and peer into the looking glass, noting every new wrinkle, every hair on your face (and other new places). Counting each grey hair as it grows. Worrying that your hair seems to fall out by the handful.

"Dear one, my most precious child, take care, but do not fret. And do not tell yourself that you are becoming ugly. I know it is difficult, in fact it may be one of the most difficult tasks of your menopause, but you "Yes, my skin is wrinkled. My face is the must recast your own opinion of beauty so face of age, and to many, that is fearful. that it includes old women who have hairy But my beauty, like my wise blood, now problems and live well with them - like you!" 16

wise woman

Too much hair (on the chin), too little hair (on the scalp), falling hair, thinning hair, greying hair - no matter what the complaint, many women notice something happening to their hair during menopause. As hormone levels shift during the menopausal years, hair responds to the changing hormones by changing texture, falling out, or by growing in "odd" places. Here are remedies for those who want more hair, and for those who want less.

gradual. Sudden unexplained loss is not normal. Events which can trigger hair loss include pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, severe emotional stress, rapid or profound weight loss, thyroid disorders, pituitary problems, malnutrition, iron deficiency, lack of protein, large doses of vitamin A, chemotherapy, radiation, general anesthesia, chronic illness, scarlet fever, syphilis, certain medications (see Step 5), and hair abuse including bleaching, permanents, tight braids, tight pony tails, tight wigs, and tight hats.

HAIR LOSS (ALOPECIA) & GREY HAIR STEP 1. COLLECT INFORMATION (The National Alopecia Areata Foundation, 710 C St, Menopause does not cause grey hair; Ste 11, San Rafael, CA 94901 (415-456-4644) can taking hormones doesn't stop it. Greying, help you contact a local hair loss support group, and thinning hair is a normal part of aging. gather more information.) Women whose menopause is induced in their 20s and 30s do not suddenly go grey. STEP 2. ENGAGE THE ENERGY Homeopathic remedies for women with Hair loss at mid-life (androgenic alopecia) hair loss include: is more strongly linked to genes than diet Lycopodium: loss precipitated by hormonal or lifestyle. Those of European origins are fluctuations. far more likely to experience it than Asians, Sepia: especially for menopausal women Native Americans, Africans, or African- who have sweaty flushes and heavy Americans. Hair loss starts earlier and bleeding becomes more extreme on men's heads, Phosphoric acid: loss after grief or extreme but just as many women deal with receding emotion, accompanied by exhaustion. hairlines and balding patches. Roughly half of all women experience some hair STEP 3. NOURISH AND TONIFY loss during their menopausal years. Two- Infusion of stinging nettle, 2-4 cups a day, thirds of post-menopausal women deal strengthens hair and checks falling hair with with thinning hair or bald spots. And no one its superb supplies of protein, B vitamins, likes it. Americans spend a billion dollars a vitamin E, iron, and other minerals. Regular use restores thickness, body, shine and year trying to regrow their hair! sheen to hair. If you have any infusion left Normal hair loss (50-100 hairs a day) is over, pour it on your head and rub it into


your scalp for faster results. Every grey hair represents a day with too few minerals," a wise woman said to me. Actually, the color of hair is produced by special cells which gradually die as we age. But it is true that hair is loaded with minerals, and getting extra minerals may keep those color cells alive longer. To increase my mineral intake, and keep my hair healthy, I eat more yogurt, drink more nourishing herbal infusions, prepare more mineralrich soups, use more herbal vinegars, and increase the amount of seaweed in my diet. Lack of minerals, especially iron, can cause hair loss. Yellow dock is one of my favorite iron-tonics. Natural hair dyes can cure the grey blahs. Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a plant that is easily purchased ready-to-use to change the color of your hair, and you are not limited to carrot-top red. So long as it is not overused (less than four times a year) henna is strengthening to the scalp and hair.

I know you know, but let me say it again, exercise! Yes, it can make your hair healthier too. STEP 4. SEDATE/STIMULATE While some temporary loss of hair at menopause is considered normal, something worse may be brewing. Thin, dry hair is one of the first signs of an underactive thyroid. Hair loss is also an early sign of lupus, an autoimmune disease. Chugging down a gulp of cod liver oil or wheat germ oil every day for six weeks could help your hair. Menopause sends lots of energy to the crown of your head. That can overstimulate the scalp and cause hair loss (and/or headaches). Get your energy moving with a scalp massage. Let your head calm down and your hair cool off.

Blow dryers, dyes, perms, and other harsh treatments damage hair and scalp. Other natural hair dyes include coffee, Rosemary essential oil, a few drops rubbed black walnut hulls, or infusions of sage or into the scalp several times a week, repairs rosemary herb. the damage, increases hair growth, and improves hair texture. Herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford suggests using lemon balm or lemon grass Other essential oils which improve hair infusion as a hair rinse to prevent hair loss. growth and reduce hair loss include Burdock seed oil, one of the best selling lavender oil, lemon oil, thyme oil, sage oil, hair tonics in Russia, is especially and carrot seed oil. You can mix 10-20 recommended for those with thinning hair drops of any of these into 4 ounces of plain or hair loss. Apply to your hair and scalp, olive oil, infused burdock seed oil, or jojoba leave on overnight and shampoo it out the oil. Other essential oils said to reduce hair following day. Repeat as needed. loss include birch, calendula, chamomile, Just plain olive oil is also a tremendous cypress, rose, and yarrow. hair tonic. So is jojoba oil. Apply a handful of either to hair and scalp, wrap well and Avoid chlorinated water on your hair. A leave on overnight, washing it out the next shower filter is more important than a morning. drinking water filter. And cut down on the 18

Usher In The New Golden Age December 19-21, 2012

On December 21, 2012, people from all over the planet will gather in Sedona, Arizona, USA to birth the Fifth World, which is the Hopi name of a new 26,000 year cycle that is prophesied to be a new Golden Age on Earth. Beginning on December 19, 2012, people from around the globe will come together in Sedona, the Root Chakra of Mother Earth, for lectures about the Fifth World, as well as rituals to purify themselves and alll humanity in preparation for the new high frequencies of spiritual energy coming from the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Then, at Sunrise on December 21st we will strategically situate ourselves at the numerous vortexes in Sedona and, as conduits and vessels, move the new incoming frequencies through ourselves and into our planet. Afterwards, we will come together as one united Earth Tribe, the new Tribe of all Nations, and officially begin the Fifth World.

Native American Sweat Lodges * Vedic Fire Ceremony * Sanscrit Chanting Vortex Meditation * Sacred Dances Mark Amaru Pinkham * Dennis Harness * Alfred Webre * Hopis * Andrea Mikana-Pinkham Sandra Sabatini * Master Kuo * Frater Corvus * Mirza Ismail * Jean Eilerman Kawwal Hasan * Faqir Kamal Kaso * Brenda Templar Witness The Retun on Palatkwapi The Sacred City of the Kachinas that Sedona sith upon. Also.... Special Initiations on the 12.12.2012 into: The Ancient Tratition of Taoism The Most Acient Order of the Peacock Angel.

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number of times you wash your hair. Once Minoxidil (Rograine) dilates blood vessels, every 5-10 days is ideal for healthy hair. encouraging baby-fine hair. Only the 2% solution is approved for women. Of Avoid cayenne. Heroic herbalists say it those who use it only 19% achieve even increases hair growth by improving blood moderate regrowth; 40% have minimal circulation to the scalp. But when there is regrowth. Meanwhile, 40% of the women hair loss, says Janet Roberts MD, specialist using the placebo had regrowth!CAUTION: in women's hair loss and member of the Side effects in women include unwanted Oregon Menopause Network, there are hair growth on the face, heart disturbances, inflamed follicles. Cayenne increases and dizziness. inflammation, ultimately increasing hair loss. Fertile women are not allowed to use (or even touch) finasteride (Propecia) for fear STEP 5A. USE SUPPLEMENTS of the severe birth defects it causes. This Dry, brittle, thin hair is often due to a is probably a blessing in disguise, as the deficiency in one or more of these nutrients: side-effects (loss of libido, lip swelling, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin breast engorgement, birth defects) are C, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids. Food not pleasant. Finasteride is completely and herbal sources of these nutrients are ineffective in reversing hair loss for preferable to pills. postmenopausal women. Tell your men friends a dose of 0.2 mg (one-fifth the Avoid hair weaving, a cosmetic treatment normal dose) works just as well, costs less that weaves replacement hair in with the ($10 a month instead of $50), and is gentler still existing hair; it actually causes more on the liver. loss (by creating traction alopecia). Hormones, including ERT, HRT, birth control STEP 5B. USE DRUGS pills, and anti-androgens (cypoterone Hair loss can be caused by drugs, including: acetate, spironolactone, and fluramide) birth control pills, anticoagulants, diet are used singly or in combination to treat pills, thyroid medications; non-steroidal women with androgenic alopecia. anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin, ibuprofen, and Aleve; cholesterol-lowering STEP 6. BREAK AND ENTER drugs such as clofibrate and gemfibrozil; Hair transplants can cover a bald spot but arthritis medications such as gold salts are far less successful on women than on (auranofin), indomethacin, naproxen, men. Micrografts do a better job of dealing sulindac, and methotrexate; beta-blockers with women's diffuse pattern of hair loss. such as atenolol (Tenormin), metoprolol "Scalp lifts" tighten the scalp, making hair (Lopressor), nadolol (Corgard), propranolol appear thicker and fuller. (Inderal), and timolol (Blocadren); and ulcer drugs such as cimetidine (Tagamet), HIRSUTISM/TOO MUCH HAIR ranitidine (Zantac), and famoridine STEP 0. DO NOTHING (Pepcid). And, of course, chemotherapy. A few brazen souls just grin and bear it. 20

Seriously, does anyone else notice that extra hair? Ask a few people who will tell you the truth. Perhaps you are making a mountain (beard/moustache) out of a molehill (a couple of extra hairs)?

STEP 4. SEDATE/STIMULATE Natural bleaches, like lemon juice or sunlight (or both together), are generally safe even for use on the sensitive skin of the face.

STEP 1. COLLECT INFORMATION It is not at all unusual to find extra hairs growing on the chin, upper lip, breasts, and legs during or after menopause. It is thought that menopause makes some hair follicles more sensitive to testosterone's hair-promoting effects. However, sudden hair growth can be caused by a tumor on the ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, or pituitary.

Shaving, plucking, and waxing are minimally invasive means of removing excess hair. Such means may increase the rate of hair growth, however, or make the texture of the hair coarser, or cause hair follicle inflammation and ingrown hairs.

STEP 5B. USE DRUGS Hirsutism may be caused by corticosteroids and medications for high blood pressure. STEP 2. ENGAGE THE ENERGY (Rograine was originally a blood pressure Visualize a large mirror. Look at yourself drug.) in this mirror. When you see something you don't like, ask the mirror how you can Drug treatments - which are 80% change. Finish by telling your image how successful according to one MD - include much you love her. Repeat frequently. the corticosteroids prednisone and dexamethasone. Hormones, including STEP 3. NOURISH AND TONIFY birth-control pills and anti-androgens such Oatstraw infusion tends to increase the as spironolactone, are occasionally used. activity of testosterone; increased levels of testosterone contribute to excess hair STEP 6. BREAK AND ENTER growth during menopause. It's a long shot, Electrolysis is expensive, painful, tedious, but avoiding oats, oatmeal, and oatstraw must be done several times over, and infusion may help eliminate or reduce those can cause scarring. Most sources advise extra hairs. against home electrolysis. _____________________________ Author Bio: Vibrant,

passionate, and involved, Susun Weed has garnered an international reputation for her groundbreaking lectures, teachings, and writings on health and nutrition. She challenges conventional medical approaches with humor, insight, and her vast encyclopedic knowledge of herbal medicine. Unabashedly pro-woman, her animated and enthusiastic lectures are engaging and often profoundly provocative. Susun is one of America's best-known authorities on herbal medicine and natural approaches to women's health. Her four best-selling books are recommended by expert herbalists and wellknown physicians and are used and cherished by millions of women around the world. Learn more at



An Avocado a Day Keeps Body Fat Away Dr. Tricia Pingel

eople are terrified to eat fat. Calorie counting, non-fat diets are a craze in the dieting world, but they make no differentiation between calorie sources. In these diets all calories are created equal, but this is a dietary falsehood. Our bodies need fat. The key to overall health is to consume a certain amount of good fat everyday. The outer layer of each cell in the human body is a fat layer, which makes up the cellular wall and helps with absorption. Without this layer, the body is unable to effectively absorb vitamins and minerals. Many people who are being treated for vitamin and mineral deficiencies are also suffering from a fatty acid deficiency. Fatty acids also boost metabolism. An increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids can help balance sugar levels, control appetite and reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that stores fat. Four important fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, E and K. The body needs fat in order to absorb these vitamins, improve metabolism and lose weight. Some common symptoms and health problems associated with fatty acid deficiency are: • Skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis • Dry mucous membranes • Hair loss • Changes in blood pressure and cardiovascular health • Thyroid problems • Immune system dysfunction • Joint pain • Brittle and cracked toenails and fingernails • Fatigue • Constipation • Allergies


The best detection test for fatty acid deficiency is to run a hand on the back of the arms or side of thighs to feel for tiny bumps. If these bumps are present, there is usually a fatty acid deficiency. Consuming omega-3 will usually make these bumps go away within a few weeks. However, in the case of a more severe deficiency, further testing may be required. Fatty acids also improve brain function and development, and there is some evidence that ADHD may be associated in part with fatty acid deficiency. Studies have found that some children with deficiencies in omega-3 have more difficulty concentrating, more behavioral problems and more health problems than other children. Where calorie-counting diets go wrong is counting all calories equally. They make no differentiation between good and bad fats. The secret to balanced health is in the nutrient value of each piece of food a person eats. A bag of Doritos may have the same caloric number as an avocado, but the avocado is loaded with good fats that help boost metabolism and absorption.

nutrition Good fat and omega-3 sources for a well-balanced diet: • Avocados: Avocados are packed with 20 vitamins and minerals, and with carotenoids such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein. 85 percent of their caloric count comes from good fat. Eating one avocado a day supplies the body with essential fatty acids needed for cellular absorption. • Nuts: walnuts, almonds and butternuts are excellent sources. Any nut is good other than peanuts and cashews, which only contain trace amounts of fatty acids. • Salmon: Salmon and other fatty fish supplies the body with a blend of omega 3 fatty acids and minerals. • Oils: Olive, grape seed, avocado, hazelnut, almond, flaxseed and evening primrose oil. • Fish oil. Fish oil is a rich source of omega-3 and is often taken as a supplement The Mediterranean Diet: This diet is a healthy option for well-balanced nutrition. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes the use of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats such as olive oil and fish. For people who are deficient in fatty acids, supplements may be the best option. The amount of omega-3 supplementation may vary depending on how deficient a body is. A person may consume between one and eight grams of omega-3 every day depending on the needs of his or her body. Please consult your naturopathic doctor, herbalist or health care provider for your correct body dosage. When purchasing omega-3 supplements or fish oil, it is very important to look at the label. Most supplements purchased through conventional stores and pharmacies are 99.9 percent pure. This is not pure. A supplement needs to be 100 percent pure and free of toxins such as mercury and PCB’s. Pure supplements may be found at a naturopathic doctor’s office or nutrition store. For more information on Licensed Naturopathic Physician Dr. Tricia Pingel, visit:



edona Conscious Magazine: The Art of Feminine Presence – For those that aren’t familiar with your work, Rachael, can you please give us an overview of how this work started? Rachael Jayne: As far as the presence piece goes, I’ve always been fascinated with why some people could walk into a room and have a magnetic presence and others don’t. Why some dancers’ performances popped and some didn’t… What I found out is that the same practices one performs to work their on outer presence is that same work they do for their inner presence. SCM: Why do you think some people’s inner work doesn’t translate?

The Art of Feminine Presence™ Interview with Rachael Jayne Groover

Founder of The Yin Project and Author of Powerful and Feminine


RJ: vIt’s a whole different journey to have your actual work transforming into your outer expression: your gestures, your voice, your heart energy etc. For those that only focus on the inner work without working on the embodiment, their outer expression is never going to match. SCM: So how do you increase this outer expression? RJ: Take up dance, or singing – this will force you to express yourself in a big way and force you to face your inner work. I want this journey for myself, to keep embodying my inner work so that it’s palpable in my outer expression for all the women around me.


Beginning with the feminine work- I was going along in my life with a lot of good things happening, but the pain of this question kept recurring, “Where are the good men?” I went on the quest to find out what was going on in me and found that I was not connected with my feminine. When I was able to turn that around, this work led me to meet my husband Datta and even found that I had less competition from other men and women around me, and I was able to really embrace that feminine essence. These two pieces were what came together: feminine + presence. It’s about how to feel centered, confident and in-the-moment. I created 44 practices that are about how to get women into their body. SCM: How could you apply this to a competitive environment? This is really prevalent in the dance community, so how could this alleviate it? RJ: My main practice is to get women to come from their center. Not the muscle group, but by paying attention to your inner core. When you are here, self-consciousness or performer-consciousness cannot exist. When you are in this mode, you are not in your feminine presence. There is a sensual joy that bubbles up when you are in this center. This is why we love dancing so much, because the dancer is in-themoment. When we see a woman who is in her center, we are in awe. RJ: As a dancer, you want to fast-track your presence so that your dance is noticed

even more. I have a friend who is a dancer and always has this amazing presence. She had an audition for Mission Impossible 2 and went up against Flamenco dancers who were really well-trained but it was her presence that got her the part. SCM: On the other side of the equation, how can we apply this presence to a women's business network? We all know that women operate differently than women in business and the paradigm for a long time was that women should act like men to get ahead. How can you expand upon this with regard to your own work? RJ: Well, it comes down to the inner, conscious work that you do. A truly authentic woman in her authentic essence is in her feminine. It's really about personal growth. A women in her personal power will be feminine and people will want to work with her. Most people can hold their center until they are asked, “What do you do?” And then they go into performance consciousness (and give their rehearsed answer) or they almost shut down and become quiet. So it's important to be in your center, especially before a meeting. I do this all the time, before I open that door I ask myself “Am I home?” Then you need to pay attention to how you speak. You need to be the loudest in the room, the most confident. Not shouting, but solid. Because the person hiring you wants to know: 1- is she going to solve my problem? And 2- is she confident in solving my problem? If you can speak in a strong voice, that tells the person you can help them. Women are confident! Do it with 25

enthusiasm and passion, be in your center, in those instances, but the more I perform and don't project your energy out by trying (as a singer) the more I notice people are too hard. Those are my three main tips. looking to me, and they will look to dancers as an example of a woman in her feminine SCM: What is the quickest way for a woman power. So I feel it's important that I show to access her feminine energy? them who I am so they can feel comfortable. RJ: I have three main activation points for this work: 1: Activate the womb space by coming in to your center. This will ground you. 2: Feel sensuality in your movement. Bellydancers move their hips in a way that activates feminine power/energy. But if you aren't a dancer you can still move the hips and sway, moving the energy to get into the feminine juiciness. 3: Operate from your heart center. If we see a woman we want to work with or watch, we want to see her come from her heart. Otherwise she comes across as insincere or closed. If I come into the room with an open, vulnerable presence, people will be drawn to me. Be open in your center, feel the watery presence in your hips, and be open from your heart. These three together are a million-dollar energetic boost!

SCM: It often comes down to a balance of being strong and vulnerable at the same time. A lot of women struggle with that. RJ: Yes! That is why I call my book Powerful and Feminine. That “and” portion amplifies the meaning because it makes your expressive range greater. When a dancer/ singer can express a wide range, the more ability they have to express and wow their audience. It’s the same with women- the more range we can express: the vulnerable to the powerful, the better the response we will receive from others.

SCM: When you talk about people's light globes, it's almost like a person's intimate little dance that is happening between two people. Here is Sedona we have a lot of hyper-sensitive people responding to others' energies because they are SCM: When being more open from the clairvoyant etc. heart/vulnerable it can be a little unnerving at time.s How can we let our guard down? RJ: We do pick up energies from the etheric realm but we also pick up a lot more RJ: Feel where your energy stops and accurate information the more I go inside. where another's begins. With any woman The boundary you put up will not lesson your that is a leader, it is important that they intuitive ability, it will heighten it. But it will create their outer field/light globe that keep you from becoming drained by doing creates a boundary but also lets the your work. I am heightened immensely other person in enough so they feel your when I do this work so if I don't have my openness. Bellydancers are going to have light globe up I am incredibly drained. And people project ideas upon them regardless by doing so, I can hear them more. It's also of what is true. The antidote is to respond a good practice if you aren't in-tune with with open heart energy. It's taken me a long other peoples energies at all. Be “home,” time to feel safe enough to open my heart check in and see if there is a red flag. This


can be helpful on a date!

neutral environments can water down the feminine energy. So it's important for SCM: We talk a lot about tapping in to our independent, strong, women to keep this own source, but what are your ways to in mind. We need to do our work in our release energy? feminine to meet the masculine. (And men, vice-versa.) RJ: Yes, any way to ground yourself. For me, it's by going for a walk or doing something in SCM: What do you have coming up so that nature. I just get out of the room/house and people can learn more about you and your let Mother Earth do her job. If you can't get work? outside, even for 5 minutes, do some sort of movement: dance or jumping jacks, or RJ: The book is the best place to start use an instrument that will get your energy because there are 35 individual practices to moving. help women get in touch with their feminine and empower their energetic presence. SCM: How does working with feminine ____________________________ energy affect personal relationships? RJ: Immensely! Which part do I share? {laughs} The masculine essence wants to pursue and the feminine essence wants to be pursued. We don't want to have to call him all the time. When you are in your feminine presence, it's going to drop you into more of a receptive mode and he's going to feel it and want to pursue. You need to be in your joy and he needs to be in your joy. But he will feel it when you are in your feminine. It will inspire him into his masculinity. Or if he doesn't, you will realize quickly that he's not there and needs to do his work. But oftentimes a woman will step into the masculine role to compensate but that doesn't help. SCM: So this is a great tool for rekindling a relationship? RJ: Absolutely. Opposites only attract PURCHASE NOW in sexual essence but that is the only o learn more about Rachael Jayne Groover aspect. For a relationship you will want to T and The Art of Feminine Presence™ visit: complement. We always want to be mindful of creating that polarity. On the other hand, 28

Jesus, King of Edessa 30


his is it. This is the book that will end Christianity as we know it. Sorry about that, but every deceit eventually unravels and comes to an inglorious end, and the deceit known as Christianity is no exception to this rule. And it is merely fortuitous that this is all happening in the run-up to the 2,000th anniversary of Jesus' true birth-date in AD 14. In fact, this book not only proves that the Catholic Church deliberately set out to deceive its followers, it also proves that they were simultaneously mocking and laughing at their own gullible followers, for not realising that they were being duped. In short, this gargantuan cover-up just has to be the work of Saul-Josephus, the quicksilver-quilled historian who wrote most of the secular and the spiritual accounts of 1st century Judaea. Therefore this will be a very challenging book to many readers, not simply because of the sometimes complex evidence that will be explored, but also because this book really does overturn all our preconceived ideas about the New Testament and the history it was trying to tell (or indeed, sell). Readers of Ralph's previous works will understand that Saul (St Paul) was actually Josephus Flavius, the 1st century Jewish historian. This was proposed some 15 years ago in Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs, but since there was so much opposition to this amalgamation of characters this claim was eventually re-explored and proven many years later in the book King Jesus. But this radical conflation of characters is not merely an interesting aside, it is central to understanding who Jesus really was; for perhaps the most important result of this new identification was the troubling fact that all of the gospel accounts actually occurred in the AD 50s and 60s - some 20 or 30 years later than the orthodox chronology would suggest. This dramatic reevaluation of biblical chronology has been vigorously challenged, by a diverse array of both orthodox and freethinking critics, but time after time the ancient texts have backed up this claim - including the Vulgate Cycle of Arthurian legend. When writing the history of Joseph of Arimathaea, the author(s) of this vast Arthurian tome came across an insurmountable chronological problem, for Joseph also needed to be active during the siege of Jerusalem, and so the laughable literary solution to this conundrum was to make Joseph go to sleep for three days and yet wake up forty years later. Such are the many problems that the orthodox biblical chronology imposes on the true history of this region.

featured writer Then we had the illumination provided by the book Cleopatra to Christ, which proposed that Jesus was a descendent of Cleopatra of Egypt. More radically, it would appear that he was a direct descendent of Queen Thea Muse Ourania, who had been given to King Phraates IV of Parthia (Persia) as a diplomatic bride by Emperor Octavian. But Queen Ourania was exiled from Parthia in AD 4 and made her way with 200 courtiers and 600 cavalry to Syria. And they did so just as the Star Prophesy gained popularity in Rome - the prophesy that claimed a new king would be born under an eastern star, an eastern monarch who would rule the whole Empire. So in AD 4 we do indeed

have a royal family who were on a journey and living in a state of poverty, perhaps in a stable, whose new infant son was born under the Eastern Star and would have been visited by the Magi. Remember that the Magi were the Parthian priesthood and king-makers, and so they would only be interested in an infant who had an element of Parthian royal blood. And when tracking the history of that same infant within the many chronicles of Saul-Josephus, it was apparent that he grew up to become Jesus of Gamala, who is also called King Izas of the Adiabene. And so we at last knew who Jesus was - he was Jesus-Izas, a minor prince of a land called Adiabene.

Busts of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and Queen Ourania of Parthia. Note the similarity between these queens, which is not so surprising if they were mother and daughter. However, although these identifications were hugely radical and thoughtprovoking, eliciting a great deal of debate in conferences and within the blogsphere, there was nothing tangible to really challenge the traditionalist believer here, because you could not put a historical finger on any of these characters. Jesus of Gamala and King Izas had


no city, no palace, no mosaic images, no records, and not even a contemporary coin to their name. And where was this mythical land called Adiabene? It certainly did not sound like the location in Iraq, to which it was ascribed. Thus Jesus of Gamala and King Izas were merely phantoms of literature from the not entirely reliable quicksilverquill of Saul-Josephus, and as such they could be dismissed by the Christian faithful as literary apparitions created by SaulJosephus for his own nefarious purposes.

and explain. But that key would not have been of any great use without the lubricant provided by the mournful melodies of Enya, who brought this key to life. Thus in the introduction to this book, it is Enya who provides us with the beauty and wonder that this enigmatic key deserves. But if the hymn 'Emmanuel' was the key to unlock the secrets of the gospels, then the new chronology that the previous books in this series provided was the locking mechanism itself - for there is absolutely no point in having a key if one is trying to unbolt the wrong lock. Readers could use the 'Emmanuel key' for an entire lifetime on the classical AD 30s date for the gospels, and find absolutely nothing. It is only when we try to rotate this key in the AD 60s lock that the mechanism will slide open, and the new golden-rayed vista of the historical Jesus-Emmanuel will become apparent. And so the identification of Jesus in the historical record that will take place in this new book is utterly dependent on this late AD 60s date for the gospel events, that has been painstakingly explored and explained in the previous books in this great series.

However, Jesus, King of Edessa, Ralph's new book out in October, is a radically different prospect for both the theist and the secular rationalist alike, and so readers will have to brace themselves for the secrets that lie within the many pages of this new book. Just imagine being able to visit the city that Jesus governed; to stand on his citadel; to look at contemporary images of Jesus himself and of his direct descendants. Impossible? Not at all. One just needs to have the key to unlock this historical vista, and that key was provided for us many centuries ago by an unknown author who wrote the haunting hymn 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel'. This hymn calls Jesus 'Emmanuel', a little-used name King Abgar of Edessa for Jesus that is only mentioned once within So who was Jesus? Well, without giving the gospel accounts, in Matthew 1:23. too much away, and so detracting from the exciting historical treasure-hunt in the new The Emmanuel key book, perhaps we can explore and explain But why did Jesus have a name that he never who this Jesus character really was. In used? A name that was shoehorned into the short, the previous books in this series were gospel accounts in a most unsatisfactory perfectly correct, and so this new book manner? Was this simply a scribal error represents a rather satisfying confirmation or oversight, or was this a deliberate ploy that all of the previous research was based - a secret code or key that would conceal upon solid foundations. So yes, Jesus the true identity of Jesus from all but the was indeed descended from Queen Thea truly enlightened and initiated? That, is the Muse Ourania; and this Egypto-Parthian central mystery that we need to explore queen did indeed get exiled from Parthia 32

in AD 4; and her husband-son was indeed the semi-mythical monarch called King Monobazus-Izas of Adiabene. The crucial difference, however, is the new evidence that the lands of Adiabene were not in Iraq, where Saul-Josephus appeared to be pointing. In fact, Saul-Josephus was being ingeniously duplicitous here, as he was in all his other works, in concealing the true location for his semi-mythical land called Adiabene. In reality Saul-Josephus' character called King Monobazus-Izas of Adiabene was a delightful but incredibly deceitful hypocorism or nickname for King Abgarus of Edessa.

powerful and influential city of Edessa - a city that became the first and the greatest center of early Nazarene Christianity. But how can this be? It is inconceivable that Saul-Josephus did not know of Abgar and the exploits of his famous wife and sons, and their many connections to the biblical story, so how it is possible that he does not mention them? Well he does mention them, on numerous occasions, but he calls this Edessan monarch King MonobazusIzas of Adiabene. Why? Because the true history of King Abgar was deeply troubling for the new fairy-story that Saul-Josephus was peddling to the gullible faithful: the disingenuous and mendacious fable that we now call the New Testament.

The once wealthy and influential city of Edessa, looking from the citadel above the city. Abgar who? - readers might exclaim. Precisely. Readers are probably unaware, but King Abgarus of Edessa was a central character within 1st century Syrio-Judaean history and within the biblical accounts, and so they must ask themselves why they have never heard of this king or this city. Why is this so? Because both Saul-Josephus and the Catholic Church did not want anyone to know anything about King Abgar, and so he has been deleted from history. SaulJosephus, for instance, writes an entire An image of a son of King Abgar. This is exhistory of 1st century Judaeo-Syria, but actly what he looked like, and how he dressed. never once mentions King Abgar or the This, therefore, is an image of the biblical Jesus.


Crown of Thorns And how do we know that these Edessan monarchs were connected with the biblical family and with Jesus himself? In fact, readers of this new book will find that the evidence is both comprehensive and overwhelming, for once we start making this comparison a veritable Niagara of information pours forth from that region to confirm this connection. Ralph had no idea, before starting this investigation, how prolific and authoritative the Armenian and Syriac Christian chroniclers were. Forget the PC claims that Islam maintained the enlightenment through the Dark Ages, in reality the science, astronomy and philosophy of Greece was maintained by the Syriac intellectuals who lived as dhimmi serfs under their Muslim overlords. And so this identification for Jesus is not merely an interesting possibility, this will be an incontrovertible proof that Jesus was a son of King Abgar - a prince of Edessa. But this radical new identification gives us so much more information about the biblical Jesus, including contemporary coins and even a contemporary statue that show exactly what he looked like. And one of the interesting aspects of this new pictorial evidence, is the astonishing fact that the Edessan monarchs always wore a ceremonial Crown of Thorns. Thus the famous crucifixion scene for Jesus was not a simple mockery of a carpenter who claimed to be a king, it was actually a mockery of an Edessan monarch who had lost a battle with Rome. And to emphasize who was right and who was wrong in this dispute, the Romans dressed Jesus up as a defeated Edessan monarch, complete with his rather peculiar-looking Crown 34

of Thorns - a crown that is central to the true theology and beliefs of this Edessobiblical family, and is intimately linked to the Scottish Stone of Scone. This is why this crown was being denigrated in this fashion, it was not simply because it looked strange, it was because it was symbolic of an ancient belief system that had emerged from Egypt thousands of years ago and had matured in Greece for hundreds more years. This was a creed that was envied and feared in equal measure, and has left its mark on lands as remote as Ireland and Scotland.

As we can see, the gospels were not wrong in what they recorded. In fact, the revised history of this region demonstrates that they are almost entirely correct - it is simply our perception of these events that is wrong. In reality, all of the gospel events happened in the turbulent AD 60s, and not during the comparative tranquil of the AD 30s. More importantly, Jesus was not a paupercarpenter he was a king, for that is what the titles 'christ' and 'messiah' mean: they refer to an anointed king of Israel, which is why this great leader was called the King of the Jews. In reality, Jesus was an Edessan prince who was taking advantage of turmoil

within the Roman Empire, to advance his and could potentially have united the claim to rule the world. entire known world into one vast empire. And who would be the leader of this great The Star Prophesy empire? Well, in Judaic traditions this same In AD 65 Nero had kicked his wife Poppaea prophesy was known as the Star Prophesy to death, and so from that time on he was a of the East; but who was born under the dead man walking and everyone knew it; and Eastern Star at this very time? The gospels so many influential and powerful Romans say of these same events: began jostling for power and for the Throne of Rome. One of those contenders for the There came Magi from Parthia to Jerusalem, imperial throne was Jesus-Izas, the prince saying: "Where is he that is born King of of Edessa. How do we know this? Because the Jews? For we have seen his star in the the great oracle that was being spread in east, and are come to worship him." Math the corridors of power in Rome at that time 2:1-2 was the Star Prophesy, which foretold that a star from the east would become the The unmistakable conclusion to this Emperor of Rome. The Roman chroniclers ground-breaking book will be that Jesus report this oracle rather more soberly, and was a king of Edessa in the AD 60s, who the following is a conflation of the reports very nearly became the emperor of Rome. by Suetonius and Tacitus. Roman propaganda In most (Jews) there was a firm persuasion, But this historical truth undermines that in the ancient records of their priests everything the Church has been trying to was contained a prediction of how at this peddle over the last 2,000 years, about very time the East was to grow powerful, and their pauper prince of peace. In reality, rulers coming from Judaea were to acquire Jesus-Izas was was warrior prince of great a universal empire. This prediction referred wealth and even greater ambitions. And so to a Roman Emperor, as events showed, the New Testament's distorted version of but the Jews applying it to themselves broke Judaean history was not simply a parody out into rebellion. (Tacitus, The Histories, of the true history of this region, devised 5:13) (Suetonius, The Lives of the Twelve for literary amusement, it was also Roman Caesars, Vespasian IV) propaganda. Rome was exasperated with Judaeo-Nazarene agitation in its eastern The rebellion mentioned here is the great provinces, and having comprehensively Jewish Revolt of the late AD 60s, the revolt wiped Judaea off the map it decided to that was led by both Jesus of Gamala and give the surviving populations in that by King Izas of Adiabene-Edessa (who region a political double-punch - courtesy were, in reality, the same person). And the of Emperor Vespasian's quicksilver-quilled 'universal empire' that this quote refers to, wordsmith, Saul-Josephus (the biblical is the vast pan-national empire that Jesus Saul, or St Paul). wanted to establish. Remember that this princely Jesus-Izas was directly related to In a triumph of mendacity over honesty, the royal lines of Egypt, Rome and Parthia, Saul-Josephus produced the Jewish War;


a secular history of Judaea which basically said that Rome was grievously provoked and was therefore just in destroying Judaea. But there were also the divisive creeds of Orthodox and Nazarene Judaism to tame and quell. Thus Saul-Josephus also wrote and edited a religio-spiritual history of 1st century Judaea, which eventually became Judaism Lite or Simple Judaism - a new Rome-friendly version of Judaism that any Roman Gentile could join, which is now known as Christianity. And who could SaulJosephus employ as the hero figure of Judaism Lite? Well, this just had to be the infamous hero-villain of the Jewish Revolt,

who we know from the historical record was called King Jesus-Izas and who we now know was an ambitious king of Edessa. But to counter any further thoughts of revolution, Saul-Josephus ensured that this spiritual hero-villain had been deliberately detached from his homeland and emasculated from his imperious role. The true history of a warrior king had become a fallacious cult of a prince of peace, and Emperor Vespasian must have laughed heartily at the many gullible adherents who believed the propaganda that SaulJosephus had so expertly crafted.

Jesus , King


Edessa by

Ralph Ellis

This is it - the book that ends Christianity Sorry about that!

PURCHASE NOW The cover image for Jesus, King of Edessa. This is an image of the biblical Jesus, taken from contemporary coins and a contemporary statue. Jesus, King of Edessa, by Ralph Ellis Available on iPad and Kindle Publishing date 1st October © Ralph Ellis

The Catholic Church has lied to its followers from day one. Jesus did exist, but he was the King of Edessa, a minor monarch of northern Syria with big ambitions. This identification means we now have contemporary statue and King Jesus wearing his coin images of Jesus, so we know Crown of Thorns exactly what he looked like. We also know that his political goal was to become both King of Judaea and Emperor of Rome. If books were valued on ‘eureka moments’, this book would be priceless. If you are open minded, enjoy the journey. If you are a Christian, please do not read this book - not unless you want your entire world-view to change forever. Available on your favourite tablet, including iPad and Kindle. The video will not play on Kindle. r.r.p. Cover image based on King Jesus’ statue and coins.


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Psalms of Sex Link to video: Between the Notes continues our Psalms of Sex series with Dawn Cartwright, a Tantra teacher from Los Angeles. Dawn integrates the principles of Tantra and presents them in a direct, experiential way that can be understood in the west. We can say that the ultimate aim of all branches of Yoga, from Hatha to Bhakti to Tantra, is to unite the consciousness of the individual being with the Infinite Source of Being - the Divine, God, Goddess, Allah, the All. The mystics say it is like a drop of water merging back into the ocean. The Tantric path teaches that all the manifest Universe is Shakti--the body of the Divine Mother--and thus our own bodies are microcosms of the Divine. Physical life and desires are not to be avoided or denied (as in some more ascetic branches of yoga) but to be celebrated and employed with reverence as a gateway to experience union with the beloved AS the Divine. When Dawn speaks about re-discovering love, she invites us to feel deeper and wider than our habitual comfort frequencies and to resonate, express and trust more of ourselves. As she explains, our bodies intuitively know and understand the rhythms and vibrations of the Infinite--this is, after all, what we are composte of! It is our conditioned minds, and our limited sense of identity which must expand and release. Union with the Divine is the full experience of Love . Rediscovering love is ReUnion with the Divine, and the ultimate Self Love. Resonate deeply and BE the vibration of Love you are ! Philippo, the Musical Alchemist 38


Philippo Franchini is a world-renowned musician and pioneer in bringing Nada Yoga to the West. He has been called "the Ram Dass of meditative music." Ram Dass made meditation popular in the 70s via his book, Be Here Now, and Philippo is bringing Nada Yoga to the West via his CD, Magic & Grace, which, you could say, is the result of "being here now" for three decades! Philippo is one-third yogi, one-third rock star, and one-third Pied Piper; an "Innertainer" whom audiences love to follow as he creates an atmosphere of “Om Sweet Om” wherever he goes. Philippo is based in Los Angeles, California. However, you’ll have to roll up your yoga mat and put on your running shoes to keep up with his travel schedule. He is in high demand and performs regularly throughout America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. You will find him dazzling audiences at yoga retreats, Kirtan colleges, and in traditional music venues everywhere.


Presented by Adrienne Goff, Catherine Kominos, & Linda Robinson & with very special guest speaker, James Tyberonn


The Hathors are from the inter-dimensional intergalactic realms and bring a message of joy and love.

November 10th-11th, 2012




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