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La Crosse's Free Press VOLUME 11, NO. 28 | AUGUST 11, 2011

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So This Is What Democracy Looks Like PHOTO BY ASHLY CONRAD

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2// August 11, 2011

Second Supper


Letter From the Editor

Opening COnCert Friday:

34th Annual

Loudon Wainwright III

Dear Reader:

I spent Tuesday evening at what turned out to be the victory party for the Jennifer Shilling campaign. I don’t usually attend these sorts of affairs — my place is back at the newsroom, typing up articles — but on this historic night I wanted to be there as the votes rolled in. The energy in that hotel ballroom was infectious. Although I had stayed on the sidelines during the campaign, I could feel palpable elation as the crowd cheered each new update from MSNBC. When the news network declared Shilling the victor shortly after 10 p.m., the packed ballroom erupted into the sort of cheers I hadn’t heard since SAt & SUn: more concerts, artisan crafts, children’s area, ethnic foods, dance tent the Super Bowl — although people in attenFor complete list of performers & for tickets: dance actually had something to do with the Second Supper ad 2011.indd 1 8/7/11 9:03:38 PM outcome. Shortly thereafter Jen strutted in from a side door, pumping her fist and sharing hugs all around. For 20 glorious minutes the room was pure euphoria, but the good vibes didn’t even make it to midnight. Despite the huge victory, the real serious political types were caught up in the other races, those GOP recalls that actually took place in Republican districts. I must confess that prior to last night I didn’t pay much attention to those elections. Why should I? I didn’t have any extra votes to cast, and besides, this was supposed to be my summer vacation. By the end of the night — one that saw the first defeat of an incumbent senator in the 32nd District in exactly 75 years — half the wednesdays 6pm–8pm room at River Jack’s acted like world-weary soldiers marching home from a bloody stale$8 public mate. I didn’t understand that emotion then, and I certainly don’t get it after a Wednesday’s $5 members/students worth of collective soul-searching and analysis. I think most people, national pundits especially, wanted these recall elections to be LA CROSSE’S NEWEST & TRUEST PUB so much more than they really were. They & EATERY WITHOUT THE FRANCHISE! wanted a “referendum on Walker,” a “rebuke of the Republicans,” or some other easy shorthand, when in fact these were six very differMonday: ent local races buoyed by 12 very different All U Can Eat Wings includes candidates. choice of potato, slaw and a Here in the Coulee Region, we voted $8.99 frosted Pint. 4-9:30 our politics. Some pundit on the Daily Kos Tuesday:

Friday, Aug. 26, 7:30 pm / UW-L Cartwright Center /$23

Aug. 26–28 UW-La Crosse

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Dear Editor:

(lime or strawberry)

Karaoke on Thursdays

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129 s. 6th st. la crosse

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— Adam Bissen

Letter to the Editor

The billionaires and their corporations are very pleased with their Republican foot soldiers. Their three-decades-long struggle to pay no tax and get subsidies is reaping unimaginable wealth and power. During this period the real gains produced by the economy progressively flowed to the very pinnacle of those who already have extreme wealth. This supply-side trickle-down fraud has been so successful that our economy has diverged into two distinct economies. A robust economy for the jet-set billionaires who no longer have an allegiance to America and a faltering economy for the dwindling working class. It is more than income redistribution. It is beyond a disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street. It is wholesale redistribution of economic opportunity Budgets have become more vulnerable to

economic downturns as the revenue burden is increasingly born by those most vulnerable to economic turmoil — us, the working class. It is no wonder that we always fall for the rhetoric of more tax cuts. The propaganda is so effective that we have ignored the lessons of the Great Depression in favor of ideological lies. The public believes the preeminent economic problem is debt when the truth is that first and foremost we must restore lost consumer demand. That’s where the economy has stalled. That will release the 4 trillion dollars that banks and corporations have squirreled away. Republicans are no longer free market capitalists. Their purpose is to inject profit margins into the transactions of their truest constituents — Godzillionaires.


400 Lang Drive, La Crosse (Across From Menards) 784-2242

this morning claimed these recall battles were all fought in districts that were the “reddest of the red.” I literally burst out laughing when I read that statement, such was the ignorance that has been on display by national commentators. At best, the 32nd District is deep purple, with a long history of Democratic representation. Dan Kapanke knew this in February. He was the last Republican to announce his opinion on the state budget and especially collective bargaining rights, and I truly feel that he weighed the opinions of his constituents against his own beliefs. He knew the governor dealt him a losing hand, yet he voted his heart, knowing there was an excellent chance this would cost him his seat. He said as much in his concession speech on Tuesday, so you’ve got to respect the man for doing what he believed in. As for those four Republican victories — well, call me a bad journalist but I don’t have any overarching insight. I’d imagine those voters just supported Republicans more. It was pretty disgusting that outside groups spent $36 million in these races (with a cool $2 million dropped in our district), as I don’t particularly care for outsiders meddling in our affairs — be they corporations, unions or know-it-alls on the Internet and MSNBC. Back at Shilling’s shindig, I spent a lot of time chatting with the wire reporter from Reuters. He had a cool efficiency and a great mind for elections, yet he openly admitted to knowing nothing of our neighborhoods. All he wanted was to get the final vote tally and be on to the next story — as if this story wasn’t actually written 6 months ago. Kapanke sealed his fate this spring when he cast his vote for the governor’s budget. I knew Shilling would win then, by pretty much the same margin she pulled on Tuesday night, but that shouldn’t have detracted from her well-earned victory party. Th was just what Democracy looked like.

In our Aug. 4 issue, we misspelled the last name of Kevin Fanshaw, an actor in the UWLa Crosse play “Dog Sees God."

— Jack Degnan

Also last week, our Top 7 list erroneously reported baseball’s most annoying fans. Those are actually fans of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Second Supper

Have a little fun on the Prairie

Things To Do

Let’s roll!

Do you remember the days when La Crosse was just a logging town where thousands of fresh cut trees were set south down the Mississippi? Neither do we, but we do know that anyone who can run on spinning log floating in the water is either incredibly talented or a bit insane, but likely a combination of the two.Well if you are still wondering what to do on Saturday head up to the Greath River Landing in Onalaska on Saturday for the 4th annual Three River’s Roleo, where you can see professionals and amateurs roll their way to victory. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and park along the bike trail off Hwy. 35 and Irving Street in Onalaska.The rolling starts at 10 a.m.

The Top Grill meats 1. T-Bone steak 2. Russian boar ribs 3. Usinger's Sausage 4. Salmon 5. Beer can chicken 6. Soft-shell crab 7. Duck Worst Movies of 2011 (so far) 1. The Hangover 2 2. The Mechanic 3. Source Code 4. Transformers 3 5. No Strings Attached 6. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 7. Smurfs 3D

NAME AND AGE: Michelle Jerome, 34

August 11, 2011 // 3



Get Iri’

Whether you’re an O’Brien or an O’Conner or not Irish at all, put on some green and a few clovers and jig your way down to the southside Oktoberfest grounds this weekend for Irish Fest. If you are into Irish music there will be bands a’ plenty like The Elders, Enter the Haggis, Seamus Kennedy and many more. Plus if you have a hankering to tug some strings there will be a Celtic Harp contest for professionals and amateurs. If you’ve got a few Wee ones at your side there will be a kids area with sheep sheering demonstrations and Irish dance lessons. This is an even not to be missed. Festivities kick off at 3 p.m. on Friday, 11 a.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday.



After you have had your fill of log rolling at the Great River landing why not head a bit further north and check out Rockin’ the Prairie out on Brice Prairie this Saturday. Gates open at 4:30 and music will get rockin’ at 5 with Tunnel Vision followed by The Freezers at 8. There will also be tip boards, raffles, great food and of course drinks. The best part of all of this is that it’s a benefit for the Price Prairie First Responders.

Let your kids get high

This Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon, Chapter 307 of the Experimental Aircraft Association is hosting a Young Eagles aviation event. The Young Eagles are aimed at getting youngsters from the age of 8 to 17 interested in the wonders of flight. Sure wish they had one of these events when we were that age. Flights are conducted by licensed volunteer pilots from around the area, and are totally free. According to the Young Eagles Web site, the flights last 10 to 15 minutes and the pilots might even let you take the controls for a bit. One more reason being a kid is pretty much the best thing in the world.


See the Muse’s newest

Just a forewarning, "The Housekeeper," a comedic play opening today at the Muse Theatre and running this weekend, doesn't do windows. A two-person show, "The Housekeeper" tells the tale of what happens when a frustrated writer hires an incompetent housekeeper to look after his home after the death of his mother. Laughter, tears, fights and just a few sparks all seem to end up flying. Tickets are $22. The show runs Thursday through Sunday with evening shows at 7:30 p.m. today through Saturday and a 3 p.m. matinee on Sunday. For more information, visit www.


Social Networking

WHERE WERE YOU BORN? St. Francis Hospital in La Crosse CURRENT JOB: Wildlife Naturalist at Mississippi Explorer Cruises DREAM JOB: Running a place-based organization of a cooperative of folks who teach skills to adults and children to live from the land. LAST THING YOU GOOGLED: Whole Trees Architecture IF YOU COULD LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Nowhere. I would be a voyager. WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: Voyage WHAT IS YOUR PET PEEVE? Nasty smells. Forgetting to pour macroinvertebrates back into the river after work (creates a nasty smell). Poor man’s mocha without the swirl. WHAT IS YOUR BEVERAGE OF CHOICE? Tempt Chocolate Hemp Milk...mmm CELEBRITY CRUSH: Ben Harper & Regina Spektor WHAT BOOK ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING? Back to Basics: How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills

WHAT IS YOUR GUILTIEST PLEASURE? Warm showers TELL US A JOKE: Two muffins are in an oven. One says, “Don’t you think it’s hot in here?” The other one looks over and says, “Holy crap! A talking muffin!”


WHAT'S THE LAST THING YOU BOUGHT? Triple Mocha Latte from Jules’ WHAT'S IN YOUR POCKET RIGHT NOW?: Flash drive with files for the Great Pumpkin Chase 5K for WisCorps & Burts Bees Hibiscus for lips IF A GENIE GRANTED YOU ONE WISH, WHAT WOULD YOU ASK FOR? To have as many more wishes as I want WHAT PERSON, DEAD OR ALIVE, WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH? Mahatma Ghandi FIRST CONCERT YOU WENT TO: Tesla & Firehouse...and then Lollapalooza 2. I used to love Eddie Vedder and Flea. They were both there. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF SECOND SUPPER? The Advice Goddess HOW DO YOU KNOW SHUGGYPOP? I was introduced to him by Mr. Jason Larsen — Compiled by Shuggypop Jackson,

The Smokin Bandits Sterus Ya See Three Brent Brown Mr. Blink The Kokopellians Saturday, August 13, and more! 3:00pm - 2:00am

4// August 11, 2011

Second Supper





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Second Supper

August 11, 2011 // 5


So This Is What Democracy Looks Like

ad tr ip! i rolocal a min& Takelive EVERY Thursday Night

Or, Fear And Loathing in the Mayfly Hatch By Bob Treu Special to Second Supper The mayflies hatched the week before the recall in the 32nd Senate district. When the hatch happens it happens suddenly and with such force snowplows are called out to scrape the grease of a million insects from the surfaces of the bridges, and drivers on the river road have their windshields darkened as suddenly as if they had fallen behind a spreader. People tend to have strong feelings about the hatch, and it’s hard not to see the thing as some sort of omen, even if we can’t always decide whether it’s a good one or something else. On the one hand they are an annoyance, but they are proof of the relative health of he river. I did a bit of door-to-door canvassing Sunday, and I saw plenty of mayflies. Their dead bodies clung to the windows of houses and littered the floors of entryways. On the other hand, the heat wave was finally moderating, and the people I talked with seemed upbeat and excited about the local recall election just two days away. I had been lucky enough to draw my own area to canvass, an old neighborhood of defunct bait shops and a growing number of empty houses. It’s a complex neighborhood, multilayered and multicultural. Meticulously kept homes end up next to places where a concrete stoop has gone catawhompers in separating from its building, tending to limit visitations. My sonin-law describes it as a once nice neighborhood fallen on hard times. As evening fell and the lights came on the mayflies began to swirl in the luxuriant cones of light in the parking lots of convenience stores. They swarmed in mindless movement towards some goal they had no interest in understanding. If in the morning the pavement was littered with bodies, it wouldn’t matter much. It slowly dawned on me it was no accident the hatch was taking place during the mendacity and meaninglessness of the debate over raising the debt ceiling. To top things off, Standard & Poor’s had lowered our country’s credit rating from triple- to double-A. Sunday night, when folks are supposed to drift into dreamless sleep and gather strength for the coming week, we went to bed nervously, wondering what the stock market would do on Monday. And then we watched as the stock market continued to lose steam, dropping more than 600 points, which made it the worst day on Wall Street since the disaster of 2008. Mitch McConnell had proclaimed his party’s first priority was making Barack Obama a one-term president, and so it would go. No stock market crash, no loss of a few million more jobs, not even the spread of our own manufactured crisis to the rest of the world meant much to his party, not compared to destroying a president. The question was, how would all this play out in Wisconsin, where the nine recall elections were taking us into uncharted

waters, something like navigating the Flambeau at midnight. What we knew for certain was that passions were high and the interest was national. Senator Jon Erpenbach has been on Rachel Maddow’s show so frequently people are beginning to wonder if they’re secretly, you know, seeing each other. And the spending has been astronomical, with money rolling in from everywhere. Apparently the GOP’s war on spending doesn’t apply to their campaigns. Their ambitious plan for Wisconsin, as revealed by the Governor’s budget bill, was something like the Bush administration’s plan for Iraq after the invasion. Privatize everything and sell off what’s left at bargain basement prices. So it should be no surprise voter turnout also ran off the charts, especially for an offseason election like this one. So much was at stake, and both sides had plenty of cash. Also, there was something else new on in these campaigns, at least to me. In the old days (as recently as the 2008 presidential race) canvassers were allowed to engage in conversation with any interested voter, no matter what the person’s political persuasion. No longer. Canvassers are now told not to waste time and to move on quickly if the person is not already a supporter. The purpose is not to convert but to motivate the base, whatever that is. In my case, I did not receive any mail or fliers at all from the candidate I wasn’t voting for. Of course careful vetting allows more efficient campaigning, but it also reflects the nation we’ve become: two camps, staring suspiciously at the folks on the other side of the fence and making up unchallenged stories of their vileness. Even as I write this I find myself wanting to write: “Yeah, but the other guys are worse.” Well, maybe. It turned out to be a good day for an election. The temperature had dropped into the low 60s overnight, so people opened their windows and slept the sleep of the innocent and enjoyed victory celebrations in their dreams. So they came to the polls in a good mood. Republicans and Democrats smiled at each other with the easy affability of people who taste victory. Maybe it was the mayflies, but I didn’t share the mood. I had covered the Kennedy-Nixon election for my university newspaper, a race that wasn’t decided until 5 a.m. the day after. Notes in hand, I went over to something your grandparents called a typewriter and did a story. Then I filed it and went to classes. I wasn’t sure I’d be up for that sort of thing after such long layoff. Indeed, the returns of the Shilling-Kapanke race did come in very slowly, at least in the beginning. This didn’t seem to dampen the mood of the crowd milling around River Jack’s, where people had come in the hope of celebrating together or, in the worst case, of consoling each other. They did diminish my tendency to brood. For the first hour or so Shilling held a disquietingly slim lead of 2

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Supporters cheered the new senator at River Jack's on Tuesday

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Shilling becomes a state senator after 11 years in the Assembly points, but then a friend who works for Wisconsin Public Radio explained these early results were largely rural, and that meant Shilling was doing fine. Across the rest of the state things were not going so well. The first winners were two Republicans (Olsen and Harsdorf), followed by the Democrat Jennifer Shilling, and at 10 p.m. three races were still undecided. About that time John Medinger, former assemblyman and La Crosse mayor, told me, “Two would be a moral victory, three a real victory, and four would be a landside.” Unfortunately I associate moral victory with softball teams that play hard, have fun, and lose. Then Jennifer Shilling appeared with her husband and two sons in tow to address her supporters. The crowd greeted her with wild shouts of Jen! Jen! Jen! She is an excellent speaker, a clear thinker and a maker of eloquent sentences. “We survived a tornado in May, a fire in July,” she reminded us, “and


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6// August 11, 2011

Second Supper


Today's Tom Sawyer’s serves weak, weak fries

By Marcel Dunn Special to Second Supper

Tom Sawyer’s Bar and Grill, located out on French Island, is one of La Crosse’s more popular new restaurants. It is connected to a small marina, which has made it a favorite of those who spend a lot of time out on the river. This proximity to the river has clearly influenced the aesthetic that the owners are going for, which lies somewhere between Jersey Shore and Wisconsin sports bar. Adorning the lime green walls are the obligatory flat-panel televisions, random knick-knacks specifically designed to look like they were made by a crafty 12-year-old and assorted marina paraphernalia. In other words, it’s kind of tacky. But I’ve never been one for that whole water sports, boating culture, so who am I to judge? What matters here is the food. Unfortunately, the food of Tom Sawyer’s was a larger culprit than the tacky interior decorating. Their menu included your standard bar and grill fare of burgers, sandwiches and pizza that one finds at just about every single restaurant in town that has the words “bar” and “grill” in the name. But like any food critic, I can forgive a lack of variety if the options that are offered really stand out. After all, so many restaurants tend to cater to a certain style of food that it is unfair to judge any of them based simply on their menu being one-sided. Nevertheless, at Tom Sawyer’s the words on the menu did not manifest into anything that transcends the basic options offered. At times, I struggle with not recycling the descriptive lexicon of a food critic, but there

are a few words that show up time and again and with good reason. No restaurant likes to be told that their food is underwhelming or bland but those were the words that came to mind after finishing my first go-round with Tom Sawyer’s. I had to order the cheeseburger after reading in several pieces about the restaurant that the owner is confident they are the best in town and I couldn’t pass up the Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich. Both meals came with shoestring fries, which were mostly limp imitations of McDonald’s fries. In fact, I felt like I would have been better off running to the drive-thru of the worst fast food chain in the universe to get better fries. Yet the fries were not even the biggest disappointment. That honor goes to the cheeseburger, which was a bafflingly bland for what has been advertised as the “best cheeseburger in La Crosse County.” As was the case with the jerk chicken sandwich, the bun was soggy and tasteless, not the bun that one hopes to find wrapped around the best burger in town. In between the buns I found an uninspired patty of beef with some cheese slapped on it. There were no spices or really any distinct flavors of any kind. It was pretty much just a plain old burger. The jerk chicken sandwich suffered from the same blandness. In my mind and in my experience, a chicken sandwich with jerk in the title should be coated in jerk spices and cooked over an open flame. This might have been the case here, I certainly didn’t watch them prepare it, but the chicken lacked that jerk taste of black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. I did pick up on a hint of lime and black pepper,

but it was as if everything else was simply forgotten. Based on my small sample of experience, I really can’t find any reason to recommend a trip to French Island for the food at Tom Sawyer’s. It was a pretty big let down to hear an owner with some balls say he has the best burger in town, then find out that said burger is no better than any other grill in town. But as I’ve been stressing time and again in these reviews, go check them out for yourself if you have an afternoon free. The patrons were nice, the service was warm and friendly, and the river is beautiful. There are worse ways to spend an hour of your summer. Like an episode of Jersey Shore.



Our reviewer found the decorating at French Island's Tom Sawyer's Bar and Grill to be a bit tacky. But that wasn't the worst of it.

Revelers took in the sun and the show at last Saturday's Rock n' the Docks, a benefit for the La Crosse Area Family YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

Bands who performed at Huck Finn's on the River included Abbey Lane & the Backbone, Unity, T.U.G.G. and the Remainders.


Second Supper

August 11, 2011 // 7


By Jason Crider It’s been difficult for me to tear myself away from my Spotify account these past few weeks, but up-and-coming post hardcore outfit We Paint the Sky made my most recent departure a worthwhile one. Founded by members from the late screamo/”pop-core” group Gun Barrel City, We Paint the Sky is a young five-piece band that falls into the category of what I’m just going to call post-hardcore, because the distinguishing features between genres like screamo, hardcore, metalcore, metal, etc. have become increasingly more arbitrary and nitpicky over the years. The group will be releasing its self-titled debut EP this fall, a five-track glimpse into the intense musicianship that this group is capable of. The album is simultaneously poppy and heavy, going from catchy melodies to chunky, math-y guitar breakdowns quite effortlessly, while all of the fiery screams and ardent singing provide a form of stability amongst the controlled chaos. The vocals, especially on the track “Rick Steves” and the beginning of “Bonneville”

are somewhat reminiscent of the sing-a-long, emotional style of groups like Scary Kids Scaring Kids or Circa Survive, while the instrumentation resembles everything from the epic, dance-y feel of groups like A Skylit Drive to the unnerving breakdowns of newer (but not too new) Underoath. That’s enough senseless namedropping; the point is We Paint the Sky has all of the youthful romanticism, eclectic musicianship, controlled angst and unbridled passion necessary to stand out from the majority of bands in this genre that remain stagnant from their cookie cutter approach to this style of music. Fans of the now-defunct Gun Barrel City (last namedrop I promise) will be thoroughly pleased with the poppy energy found on this new manifestation of the band, and should be delightfully surprised with the newfound heaviness and maturity that We Paint the Sky have brought to the table. Due to how unfortunately small La Crosse’s hardcore scene has become, I’m excited for a band like this to come along and hopeful for a fresh new start. Now, back to Spotify…

We Paint the Sky EP

We Paint the Sky will be playing their debut show on Friday, August 12 on day three of the Warehouse’s annual music festival “LaCrossaPaLooza” alongside local hardcore/metal acts Before We Fall and Befriend and Betray. The We Paint the Sky EP will be available this fall.

The Paulie Report

Oh stock market. You’re a cruel, withholding thing with a terrifyingly high amount of volatility. If you had a drinking problem as well, we’d probably date you. Or at least make out. Anyway, this week saw the stock market go to hell faster than “Glee” during a summer hiatus as Standard & Poor’s downgraded the United States debt; the market promptly responded to this news on Monday by the Dow having its biggest one-day loss since December of 2008 and its sixth biggest drop in its history. So, you know, just another cheery piece of news for the United States economy. The downgrade hasn’t gone without controversy, and you know we just love us a good scandal, whether it be fiscal or merely physical. So we’ve put together this Mixtape in honor it all we’re dubbing, “Don’t Think of It as Downgrade; Think of it as an Upgrade in Reverse.” One of the most intriguing things that has come out of this whole downgrading situation is the fact that the S&P was off in its math by some $2 trillion. Maybe they were too busy spelling BOOB and HOBO upside down on their calculators. But the fact that you can

Buy: Michael Ian Black, “Very Famous” YouTube: Work Drugs’ cover of “Rolling in the Deep” Read: Metacritic Get your daily dose of all the wig-snatching antics of The Majak Mixtape at The Majak Kingdom blog,

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By Paulie Special to Second Supper

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One-man-band wonder/guitar wiz Paulie (a.k.a. Paul Matushek) delights audiences every Tuesday night at the Popcorn Tavern. He employs complicated and diverse soundscapes that typically leave the audience pleasantly confused and wanting more.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Set One (1:06) Jam-> Butterfly-># Destiny Unbound The Bridge-># Wanted Dead or Alive

Come in and relax with us at ~ Secret Sun Salon ~ where the sun is always out! 1910 Campbell Rd • La Crosse 608-782-7696 •

Set Two (1:13) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Story** Distance-># Tangerine->$ Psycho Killer%

M-Th 8am-10pm; Fri 8am-8pm; Sat 9-5; Sun 12-5

Set Three (:41) Reuben and Cherise-> Riverside Jive@ Full Circle# # Paulie original $ Included a stunning “Eyes of the World” jam ** Paulie started out set two with a story of renting the directors cut of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This version had an alternate ending consisting of Indy grabbing the Holy Grail, then, taking a bite of a sandwich he also saw sitting on the table. The night then told Indy he has chosen wisely, but he ate some of his sandwich, after which he calls him broseph. The night then tells Indy he has been waiting for several hundred years and wants to party. Then, an ‘80s

The Majak Mixtape

By Jonathan Majak

be way off on your math and still downgrade a country leads us to our first song, “Who Gon’ Stop Me” from rap superstar duo Jay-Z and Kanye West and their joint album “Watch the Throne.” And while the math may be fuzzier than some of the pizza leftovers in our fridge, that didn’t stop the S&P downgrading the United States because they wanted to make a point about the current climate of politics in the U.S. This leads us to our next song, “Fallout” from Neon Indian. People behind the S&P have come out and said that chaos surrounding the process of raising the debt ceiling was one of the reasons why they downgraded the United States. Who knew that bringing the country within a few hours of completely defaulting on its loans might, you know, make people a tidbit nervous about dealing with us. Shocking, right? As the United States deals with its downgrade, the markets shifted their focus to the magic that is gold. This leads us to our last song “Glitter and Gold” from Jem and the Holograms. Oh yeah, we’re putting a cartoon band in this mixtape. The Misfits ability to nearly kill Jem every episode and not go to jail is no more truly outrageous than our politics. Scary isn’t it?


comedy movie style montage happens including redecorating the cave. % Psycho Disco jam including psycho chants and replacing the verses with just the word psycho. Also, a monologue of how, despite the notion that people thought he possibly forgot the lyrics, he did in fact know them.

8// August 11, 2011

Second Supper


music directory // August 12 to August 18


August 12

4TH COAST // August 15 Alchemy • Free

JB'SSPEAKEASY // 717 Rose St. Stumpwater (country rock) • 10 p.m.

LYLE LOVETT AND HIS LARGE BAND // August 19 Overture Center for Arts • $55 - $45

LA CROSSE QUEEN // Riverside Park Journeymen (classic covers) • 7:30 p.m.

THE MIGHTY SHORT BUS // August 19 Memorial Union Terrace • Free

MOOSE LODGE // 1920 Ward Ave. The Buckhollow Band (country, rock) • 6 p.m.

Dave Orr (man about town) • 5 p.m.

EUFORQUESTRA // August 24 High Noon Saloon • $6 This Saturday, attend a benefit for Tim Powers (of Smokin’ Bandits and Ya See Three fame), who lost virtually all his possessions in a recent fire. The benefit begins Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Joint and will feature sets by The Kokopellians, Burnt Brownies, Actual Size, Mr. Blink, Sterus,Ya See Three, and the Smokin' Bandits (pictured).A $10 cover includes food and beer.

POPCORN TAVERN // 308 S. Fourth St. DUBLIN SQUARE // 103 N. 3rd St. PIGGY'S BLUES LOUNGE // 501 Front St. S. Som'n Jazz (jazz) • 10 p.m. Doghouse Jon & the Misbehavers Coulee Celtic Band (Irish) • 3 p.m. (blues) • 8 p.m. THE JOINT // 324 Jay St. FIELD HOUSE // W5450 Keil Coulee Rd. Mike Droho & Derek Ranmarace (pop, Adam Palm, Dave Orr, Dave ArmPOPCORN TAVERN // 308 S. Fourth St. strong (Palm Sunday) • 4 p.m. rock) • 8 p.m. The Adam Palm Band (rock) • 10 p.m. FREIGHT HOUSE // 107 Vine St. SHER BEARS // 329 Goddard St. The Stoney Ridge Band (classic rock/ Dan Sebranek (folk) • 7:30 p.m. country) • 8:30 p.m. JB'SSPEAKEASY // 717 Rose St. Trap Stars (hip-hop) • 10 p.m. THE WAREHOUSE // 324 Pearl St.

TREMPEALEAU HOTEL // 150 Main St. YAZMIN, The DitchLilies (roots) • 3 p.m. SCHMIDTY'S // 3119 State Rd. Dave Kerska (oldies) • 5:30 p.m.

August 15

Before We Fall Befriend & Betray, We MONDAY, Paint the Sky, Fail to Decay (La Cros- PIGGY'S BLUES LOUNGE // 501 Front St. S. Doghouse Jon & the Misbehavers sapalooza) • 6 p.m. (blues) • 8 p.m. DEL’S BAR // 229 Third St. Open Jam with Cheech • 10 p.m. THE WATERFRONT TAVERN // 328 Front St. POPCORN TAVERN // 308 S. Fourth St. Costello & Hipps (folk/lounge) • 8 p.m. Sterus (face-melting jamband) • 10 p.m. POPCORN TAVERN // 308 S. Fourth St. Shawn’s Open Jam • 10 p.m. VARSITY CLUB // 1920 Ward Ave. THE JOINT // 324 Jay St. Cheap Charlie Band (country) • 9 p.m. The Kokopellians, Burnt Brownies, Actual Size, Mr. Blink, Sterus, Ya See TUESDAY, SATURDAY, Three, Smokin' Bandits (Tim Powers POPCORN TAVERN // 308 S. Fourth St. benefit) • 3 p.m. Paulie (one-man band) • 8:30 p.m. CAVALIER LOUNGE // 114 5th Ave. N. Misgenre Mixtape, I Am Daniel and Sam Demerit (acoustic pop) • 11 p.m. WEDNESDAY,

August 16

August 13


DEWEY'S // 621 St Paul St Brad & Dan Show • 7 p.m.


TAKI ALLSTARS // August 12 Memorial Union Terrace • Free

FREIGHT HOUSE // 107 Vine St. Dan Sebranek (folk) • 6:30 p.m.

PEARL STREET BREWERY // 1401 St. Andrew St.

Madison population

BLK RIVER NEIGH CENTER // 1433 Rose St. Prairie Smoke (folk, Celtic) • 7 p.m.

NIGHTHAWKS TAP // 401 S. Third St. Cheech • 10 p.m.

just a roadie away

August 14

FIELD HOUSE // W5450 Keil Coulee Rd. Michael Patrick (acoustic jam) • 6 p.m.

August 17

BOOT HILL PUB // 1501 St. Andrew St. Jerry Anderson & Neil Duresky (variety/lounge) • 5:30 p.m.

THE EUGENE SMILES PROJECT// August 28 The Brink Lounge • Free

DEL’S BAR // 229 Third St. Baron Von Volume (rock) • 10 p.m. POPCORN TAVERN // 308 S. Fourth St. Dave Orr (man about town) • 10 p.m. RECOVERY ROOM // 901 7th St. S. Kin Pickin' (jam grass) • 5 p.m.


August 18

BOOT HILL PUB // 1501 St. Andrew St. Gary Urness & Paul Leithold (jazz) • 5:30 p.m. DEL’S BAR // 229 Third St. Andy (from T.U.G.G.) • 10 p.m. DEWEY'S // 621 St Paul St Randy’s Corner (songwriters) • 6 p.m. NORTH SIDE OASIS // 620 Gillette St. Shawno & Echant (acoustic jam) • 9 p.m. SOUTHSIDE NEIGH. CENTER // 1300 S. 6th St.

Hornissimo • 12:30 p.m. THE STARLITE LOUNGE // 222 Pearl St. Kies & Kompanie (jazz) • 5 p.m. TREMPEALEAU HOTEL // 150 Main St. Simple Rouges (Irish folk) • 7 p.m.

Second Supper

The Beer Review La Crosse Lager City Brewing Company La Crosse, Wisconsin If I know one thing about unseating a state senator through grassroots campaigning and union support, it’s that it sure builds up a thirst. Just moments ago I returned from Jennifer Shilling’s victory party where the energy was high and the good spirits were flowing. Of course I’m a consummate professional, so I refrained from drinking (more than one) while on the clock, but it was hard to resist the siren song of free beer. That it was City Light made my resistance slightly easier, but I just had to ruminate on the politics of keg beer. The Shilling cam-

paign found its strength in union support. Granted, her wedge demographic was public unions, but the good folks at City Brewery are unionized as well, and they still manage to crank out beer at less than 50 cents per can. That’s only one reason why I don’t believe the “workers are bankrupting Wisconsin” argument. But thankfully this review isn’t about City Light — it’s actually about La Crosse Lager, which is also flowing freely tonight. Right around the time polls closed, the Bodega announced on Facebook that it would be giving away free Lager “if and when” Shilling won her race. Think what you will about the Bodega, the business has never been shy about its beliefs, and I think that’s where the party’s going to be tonight. It’s always been the place newspaper reporters go after fin-

ishing an issue, and now that my reporting is done for the evening it’s about time for me to get out there and see what I can discover. Hopefully it’s more than cheap beer. Purchase: One pint of La Crosse Lager from the Bodega Brew Pub, free Style: American pale lager Strength: 4.8 percent ABV Packaging: I don’t remember what a can of La Crosse Lager looks like, but the handle is a rather striking red color with “Lager” labeled in a classy Germanic font. Appearance: The beer pours a pleasing enough gold color, mostly transparent, but that’s what you get with this style. There is absolutely no head to speak of. Aroma: This is odd, but I detect pretty much no aroma. If I take a deep whiff I do catch the faintest hint of malts, but as some-

The Best Food & Drink Specials in Town LOCATION




306 Pearl St. 784-0522


$5 domestic pitchers

1914 Campbell Road 782-7764


W3923 State Highway 16 786-9000


Bar Menu



2-Fers, Buy any regularly priced food item and get one of equal or lesser value for free

$4 Rueben Sliders

$1 Wells, $5 Domestic pitchers All specials 9 p.m. to close

Wristband Night: AUC2D domestic taps, rail mixers, Long Islands. All specials 9 p.m. to close

15-cent wings, $1.50 Keystone Lights, $1.50 rail mixers; $2.50 call drinks. 2 For 1 Captains All specials 9 p.m. to close.

Wristband Night: AUC2D, Domestic taps, rail mixers and Long Islands. $2.50 SoCo & Jack. All specials 9 to close.

Mug Club 9pm-12:30pm $5 for filled mug $1 Domestic Taps, Rail & Long Islands 12:30-Close Ladies night Free Taps Rails & Long Islands *excludes premium long islands.

Mug Club 9pm-12:30pm $5 for filled mug $1 Domestic Taps, Rail & Long Islands 12:30-Close Ladies night Free Taps Rails & Long Islands *excludes premium long islands.

5 domestic taps for $1; $2 domestic pitchers

$2 domestic pints and $2 rail mixers; $1 shots of Doctor (3 flavors);

All specials 9 to close.

$3 Bacardi mixers; $3 Three Olives vocka mixers (8 flavors); $2 domestic pints and $2 rail mixers


1125 La Crosse St. 784-7400


214 Main St. 782-6010

Free Beer: 5:30-6:30 p.m. Free Wings: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Free Bowling: After 9 p.m.

Taco buffet 11-2; $1 Pabst bottles and $1 bowling after 9

All you care to eat pizza buffet, 11-2 (Holmen)

All you care to eat fish fry 4-10; un- Prime rib dinner 4-10; limited Glow-N-Bowl $9.99 unlimited Glow-N-Bowl $9.99

Bar Menu

La Crosse's Best Tacos: Beef $2, Chicken $2.50

La Crosse's Best Tacos: Beef $2, Chicken $2.50 Dog in a Diaper, $5

Fish’s Fish Taco $3.50

La Crosse's Best Tacos: Beef $2, Chicken $2.50 Chimis and Burritos, $5

9 p.m. to close: $1.25 rails, $1.75 bottles/cans

9 p.m. to close: $2 Captain mixers, $2 bottles/cans, $3 Jager bombs

9 p.m. to close: $2 Bacardi mixers, $2 domestic pints, $1.50 shots blackberry brandy

Free Wing Night (while supplies last); $5 AUC2D wristbands: domestic taps, rail mixers, Long Islands, 9 p.m. to close ($7 after 11p.m.):; live DJ

$5 AUC2D Wristbands 9 p.m. to close ($10 after 11p.m.): Domestic Taps, Rail Mixers, Long Islands; Live DJ, Dancing 9 p.m. to close

$5 AUC2D Wristbands 9 p.m. to close ($10 after 11p.m.): Domestic Taps, Rail Mixers, Long Islands; Live DJ, Dancing 9 p.m. to close

Happy Hour 5 to 7 p.m.

Happy Hour 5 to 7 p.m.

Happy Hour 5 to 7 p.m.

Bar Menu

Ladies Night, $1 off all drinks, 4 to All you can eat boneless wings, inclose; Pint-Aritas $3 (lime or straw- cludes a choice of potatoe, slaw and berry) a frosted pint, 4-9:30 p.m., $8.99

Happy hour 4 to 9 p.m.; 9 p.m. to 9 p.m. to close: $3.50 domestic 9 p.m. to close: $1 rails, $2.50 pitch- $5 all you can drink close: Night Before Class - $3 pitch- pitchers ers, beer pong ers of the beast CLOSED


Fish Tacos: 1 / $2.50, 2 / $5.00, 3 / $6.50.

Happy Hour: 2 for 1 domestic bottles Karaoke 9 p.m. to close and rail drinks, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

All you can eat wings, includes a Wisconsin cheese steak sandwich choice of potatoe, slaw and a frosted with a pint of beer, $8.99 pint, 4-9:30 p.m., $8.99

400 Lang Drive 784-2242




$1.50 domestic taps and rail drinks, Bird Brain Trivia 8 p.m.; $1.50 do- Wing Night - 25-cent wings (dine- $1.50 domestic bottles and rail 4 p.m. to close mestic bottles and rails 4 p.m. to in only); $1 Miller High Life silos and drinks, $2 craft bottles, 4 p.m. to close PBR silos; $1.50 taps and rail drinks; close $2 craft taps. All specials 4 to close.

1452 Caledonia St. 782-6446


— Adam Bissen

$2 BBQ Pork Sliders


115 3rd St. S 782-7550


one who has spent a solid year driving past Second and Jackson streets, I was quite surprised. Taste: For some reason I remember this beer tasting awful, but it really doesn’t taste like anything. Well, I suppose there is a bit of a sour corn taste, some grassy hops and loads of that fresh La Crosse spring water. Mouthfeel: Thin-bodied and watery, but it has a dry finish. Drinkability: If flavor weren’t an issue, I could drink these beers all night. I do have taste buds, however, so I think one’s enough. Ratings: BeerAdvocate grades this a C+, while RateBeer scores it a less-than-charitable 20. I'd recom — hey, is that Jennifer Shilling across the bar? Cheers, Jen!


122 4th St. 782-0677


August 11, 2011 // 9



$5 AUC2D wristbands: domestic taps, rail mixers, Long Islands, 9 p.m. to close; ($7 after 11p.m.): karaoke 10 p.m. to close

$5 AUC2D wristbands: domestic taps, rail mixers, Long Islands, 9 p.m. to close; ($7 after 11p.m.): karaoke 10 p.m. to close


$1.75 domestic bottles, $1.75 Dom Monday Madness: $1.75 domestics bottles and rails, $2.50 Bombs and rails, $2.50 Bombs, $1 off all top shelf and specialty beers


$1.79 burger (after 8 p.m.) Breakfast 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

SLOOPY'S ALMA MATER 163 Copeland Ave. 785-0245

$1.50 Tacos, $4.99 nachos;: $11 Tacos: $11 buckets during pro and 12-inch pizza $8.99 buckets during pro and college foot- college football games. Happy Hour Happy Hour 2 to 6 p.m. ball games. 2 to 6 p.m.; $2 pints all day

14-inch pizza, $2 off; Wings Happy Hour 2 to 6 p.m.

$1.89 hamburger + toppings Ladies Fish Dinner Special-$7.89 night, 2 for 1 drinks (6-close), Happy Hour 2 to 6 p.m. Happy Hour 2 to 6 p.m.

$1.50 Tacos, $4.99 nachos; $11 buckets during pro and college football games.


Wristband Night

$5 Wristbands and $2 Cherry Bombs

$2 bottled beer, double rail mixers & JUMBO long islands, $3 double call mixers & $2.50 shots of Jack Daniels, SoCo & Tuaca

$5 Mug Club (gets you a cup and first drink) with $1 refills & $2.50 Miller Lite bottles and 16oz. silos Ladies Night after 12:30AM, Check it out!

$5 Mug Club (gets you a cup and first drink) with $1 refills & $2.50 Miller Lite bottles and 16oz. silos Ladies Night after 12:30AM, Check it out!

TOP SHOTS 137 4th St. 782-6622

$5 Pitchers/$2 bottles of Miller prod- $1.75 Miller/Bud Light Taps, $2.25 $1.75 Rails, $1.50 Domestic Taps, $2 domestic bottles, $2.50 Skyy/ ucts (11-4pm) $2 Corona Bottles, $2 MIcro/Craft Taps, $2.50 Cherry $3.50 Jager Bombs Absolut mixers, $2 Dr. shots (7-1 Kilo Kai Mixers , $3 Bloodys (7-1 a.m.) Bombs (7-1 a.m.) (7-1 a.m.) a.m.)

5 Domestic Bottles for $10, $5 $2 Captain Mixers, $2. Long Island Micro/Import Bottles $11.50, $7 Mixers, $3 Effen Vodka Mixers (7-1 Micro/Craft Pitchers (7-1 a.m.) a.m.)

$5 Miller/Bud Light Pitchers, $2.25 Leinies Bottles (7-1 a.m.)


$2 Lost Lake cans

$1.75 PBR Bottles $2 Lost Lake cans

$2 Miller Light Bottles $2 Lost Lake cans

$2 Grain Belt $2 Lost Lake cans

$2 Coors & Coors Light Bottles $2.50 Skyy mixers $2 Lost Lake cans

$2 Lost Lake cans

$2 Lost Lake cans


Happy Hour until 10 p.m. $1.50 domestic taps, $2 rails from 10 to close

$1.50 taps PBR, $1.50 rails

$2 domestic bottles, $3 call doubles

$2 taps, $3 Jack and Captain doubles

$2 Miller products, $8.50 fish bowls

$2 domestic taps, $3 Three Olives products

717 Rose St. 796-1161

3119 State Road 788-5110

Hat Night: Buy 1 drink, get 1 free w/ Rail drinks $2 (4:30 to close); Buckets of beer $10, Boston Bobby's Margaritas $4 (Straw, rasp, mango, hat (4:30 to close); $1.50 chili dogs After 8 p.m. specials: $5 skewer of drummies 10 for $2 (4:30 to close), peach and reg); After 8 p.m. specials: (after 8 p.m.) shrimp,l $1.79 burger, $1.50 chili dogs $1.79 burger (after 8 p.m.) $5 skewer of shrimp, $1.79 burger

$1 domestic taps and rail mixers and 1/2 price tequilas

123 3rd St. 784-8020

308 4th St. S. 782-9069

126 3rd St. N. 782-9467

Tuesday Boozeday $1 off all liquor Happy Hour 5 to 7 p.m. drinks and 50 cents off all shots, $2 Bombs

Breakfast 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.; lunch buffet 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., $6.99

10// August 11, 2011

Maze Efflux

By Erich Boldt By Matt Jones

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August 11, 2011 // 11




we now ride a wave in August.” The wave would not be large enough for surfing, but she was able to make her audience feel they were living through and contributing to a defining moment in Wisconsin history. Not a word about mayflies. As if on cue, she ended just as the big screen showed Jessica King was defeating Randy Hopper in the 18th District and claiming a second Democratic victory. That left Sandy Pasch (Dem) and Alberta Darling (GOP) locked in combat in the 8th District, which includes a bit of Milwaukee and some north shore suburbs, including Waukesha County. No, it couldn’t be. Not again. The glacially slow vote count was happening partly in the county where Clerk Kathy Nickolaus lost 7,000 votes in the recent supreme court race. And so the party ended, with only a percent or two separating Pasch and Darling, and with Democrats still hoping for a third win. Outside the air was pleasantly cool, and I couldn’t find a single mayfly to consult with. Thus, I learned the truth at home, bent over the computer and watching the final result on my small television alone: Alberta Darling had held on to her seat. I could have used some company. Some years ago I attended a Greg Brown concert in Lansing. In the middle of one of his songs the mayflies hatched, filling the air, covering the field around us an inch deep, and making the bridge over the main channel slippery. Greg never stopped

singing and playing. Occasionally a mayfly would find its way into his mouth and Greg would spit it out without missing a word. The crowd quickly divided itself into two groups. Some folks grabbed their loved ones and coolers and headed shrieking for their cars, while the rest of us stayed, because a concert celebrating the river ought to include mayflies. Years later I described this incident to a woman I know in Paris and she made the wonderful French ooo sound and said, “It is like the end of times.” People are going to have different reactions to last night’s elections. Scott Fitzgerald, the Senate majority leader, will hold his position, so naturally he described the night as a victory for the taxpayers. Several Democrats also claimed victory. While they didn’t regain a majority in the Senate, they came close. Also, there is Senator Dale Schultz, the one Republican who broke ranks with his party to vote against the budget repair bill. His party pretty much shuns him, but he may well give the Democrats the majority on certain votes. Thus the two wins may be more than the moral victory John Medinger promised. Of course Alberta Darling’s very squeaky victory, along with the two Democratic wins, might send a message to the Governor to ease off his program of destruction. But then this governor and the Republican leadership are not famous for responding to messages. In fact they are still misinterpreting the Kapanke and Hopper losses, blaming them on the underhanded conniving of organized labor. And oh how I wish this analysis were complete, but it’s not that simple. Next week two Democratic Senators will stand recall


Governor Scott Walker will need to declare a special election to fill Shilling's newly vacant assembly seat. elections initiated by Republicans. Should they both hold their seats, the last paragraph holds. If one of them loses, things become murky; and if they both lose, things will be as they were, with the Republicans holding a two vote majority. That may account for the headache I’m developing as I write this. There are lots of reasons why independents, if there are any left, should abhor that outcome. It would mean that we will be a one-party state, with the Republicans controlling both houses, the governor’s office, and the supreme court. While we were all busy voting, Governor Walker quietly signed a redistricting bill which, along with the voter identification law, is designed to keep his party in power for the foreseeable future. So, Wisconsin’s short time in the limelight is over for now. People like Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow were eager for an enormous Democratic victory, a resurgence of the wild old LaFollette days when Wisconsin showed the nation how to stand up to cor-

porate interests. That didn’t quite happen. Not exactly. But we did show the nation that progressive politicians can win in the most difficult of situations. And something else happened. Young people (and some older ones) learned what can be accomplished by working together. Some of them learned the words to “Solidarity Forever” and have met their first union organizers, people whose lives are committed to winning better conditions for their members and, as it turns out, for the rest of us. They learned that the public schools systems and the teachers they value so highly are not immune from destruction. And they learned that social security and other programs they depend upon are not going to be defended by the new extremists in the Republican Party. So no, neither side should think of dancing in the end zone. On the other hand, the direction of American politics is shifting rapidly, and Wisconsin voters have contributed substantially to the process.


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STARTING: Monday, April 18, 2011 TIME: 6:30 Sign-up, 7:00 Start FEES: $7.00 Entry, $3.00 Greens Fee FORMAT: Handicapped by the ball. Race to 5 - Double Elimination. Player Ratings may change based on performances. 6-7 Rating Levels. 16 WEEK TOURNEY: All who play in at least 6 Weekly’s will be eligible for cash added tourney after 16 weeks.

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12// August 11, 2011

The Advice Goddess By Amy Alkon Frozen dude section Men’s magazines and blogs always have some article telling guys to pick up women at grocery stores. Really? I’ve actually never heard of a guy successfully asking a girl out in the vegetable section. The meat counter doesn’t seem all that conducive to romance, either. What’s the real deal on meeting women at the supermarket? — Cleanup In Aisle Two There’s all this breathless encouragement for guys to go meet women at the supermarket, as if the place is the key thing. As if a guy who always strikes out at the bar just needs to lurk in the organic lettuce section and picking up women will play out like the deer trotting up to the hunter and saying, “Hi, my name’s Tiffany, and I’ll be your dinner.” The guy most likely to score at the supermarket is one who has the mojo to score at a wake, while leaning over the embalmed dead body. Sure, if you spot

Second Supper

THE LAST WORD some babe foraging in the probiotic dairy products, try your luck. But, as the author who calls himself “Mystery” points out in his book “The Pickup Artist,” the supermarket is a poor place, statistically speaking, to go to meet women. You might see one hot one there some night, but, in his words, “Why run around searching for one woman at a time when you can wait in a valley where all the animals will come to drink from the water hole?” Although Mystery tries to pick up women everywhere he goes, he finds there’s no “water hole” that compares to clubs. (In his definition of “clubs,” he includes bars, “social restaurants,” and parties.) Even if you don’t like venues like these, they’re the best training ground for a guy who needs to get game, because there are lots of women who are single and looking, and not just for fresh cilantro. Having lots of women to hit on is how you get practice, which is how you get good. (Essentially, you fail your way to success.) The high volume of women in a club also helps keep you in a more positive mindset. If one disses you, it’s just a sign to move on to the next — in an environment conducive to approaching them. There’s sexy music and lighting, and you can ask a woman to dance, buy her a drink afterward, and talk. What do you say in the supermarket, “Lemme buy you that head of cabbage”? Part of what you need to practice is having the right stuff going on in your head. Mystery talks about conveying personality rather than convincing a woman you’re worthy of her. This takes having fun trying

to meet women. You do that by making your goal going out and having a good time working on your mojo instead of being on some grim life-or-death mission to score. Once you get good at hitting on women in clubs, you increase your chances of success everywhere…increasing your chances that some woman will follow you out of the supermarket, determined to get into your pants, and not just because she saw you on the security tape sticky-fingering a box of Pop-Tarts.

Senior momentum Since I’ve been online dating, I’ve noticed a shocking trend: old men hitting me up for dates. I’m 24, and my profile states that I’m seeking men ages 24 through 35. Yet men my father’s age and a few close to my grandfather’s have “winked” at me and asked me out. Gross. Men this old never approach me in “real life.” Why do they do it online? — Icked Out When you’re 24, an “older man” is probably 36, not somebody who used to enjoy “long walks on the beach” but now enjoys long walks to the salad bar. (If you listen closely, you can hear his pacemaker.) An old dude who hits on you may have a distorted sense of his attractiveness (charming at any age). He may think that if he can just get you out on a date, his timeless sex appeal will make you go deaf when the waitress offers him the senior citizen discount. And who knows … maybe you’re looking for a sugar grandpa. Doesn’t

hurt to ask! Well, not nearly as much as if the old coot were doing it while looking down your cleavage at Starbucks: “Hey, baby, I could tell you stories about the days before voicemail.” Online, however, you and the other 3,126 young chickies he hits on will probably just delete him. But, there’s always that chance that one will be drunk, crazy, or desperate enough (in his mind, smart, insightful, and adventurous enough) to meet him and see that he looks not a day over 40 … in the right light. (Unfortunately, the right light would be near-pitch darkness 20 years ago.) Got a problem? Send an e-mail to AdviceAmy@aol. com (

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Vol. 11, No. 28  

So This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Vol. 11, No. 28  

So This Is What Democracy Looks Like