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… the Fusion of Business and Pleasure™ SpaCapsule® System from Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. makes easier and faster the expansion and development of your business. It is the hottest new tool available today. Create services that feature powerful techniques for customers’ satisfaction and retention. Deliver engaging, profitable experiences, create customer loyalty and repeat business. SpaCapsule® is a self-contained, full body massage system, aroma-therapy unit, audio and video entertainment system packaged into one futuristic capsule-shaped relaxation station. It requires: standard electric service, no plumbing, easy set-up and implementation, 15 minutes from box to making money. UNPARALLELED BUSINESS ADVANTAGE As a business owner you will be more productive and more effective. With SpaCapsule® you will generate more money and greater customer satisfaction.

Added Revenue Stream SpaCapsule® transforms your existing business, it adds another revenue generating business line. With SpaCapsule® you now have two businesses in one; all in the same space with the same expenses. In 15 minutes you will be generating more cash and greater customer satisfaction.

Create New Customer Base

Top Features: • Reclaims empty or wasted space • Generates new revenue • Customer pleaser • Creates and expands new customer base • Easy set-up, learn, and operate • Multi language support • Built-in accounting and usage tracking system

Easily create a new customer base. The possibilities are endless. Adding massage to any business transforms it to a new customer generating enterprise. You can empower your existing customers to become your sales agents for the new line of business. Also, you can now attract your customer’s spouses, friends, associates, and co-employees to your business by simply offering massage and relaxation service. Isn’t everyone tired these days?

Easy Integration into any business environment Easily integrate SpaCapsule® into any business environment. SpaCapsule® fits into virtually any business. It can be self-operated by your customers with minimal instruction. SpaCapsule® is fully self-contained. It operates from standard electrical service. Does not require any plumbing. Fits into a small room and combines the flexibility of intuitive computer with a broad reach of traditional massage experience.

RAPIDLY LEARN, INSTALL, AND DEPLOY Becoming productive sooner and delivering profitable services to your customers, while at the same time reducing costs of overall operation and reducing stress of your employees means that SpaCapsule® is extremely easy to install, learn, and place into

money generating service.

Easy to learn and operate SpaCapsule® is equipped with a touchscreen control that’s intuitive and selfguiding. It takes about 15 minutes to learn all the functions and operation of SpaCapsule®. By reducing repetitive commands into a “one-button-touch” our engineers created an intuitive interface that can be displayed in any language.

Maintenance 100% fiberglass construction means 100% ease of maintenance. There are no metal structural components. It means that no rust or degradation will ever affect your SpaCapsule®. Completely closed, recalculated system means that there is no clean-up or mess. SpaCapsule® requires only general cleaning and maintenance of water level.

Deploy high-performance massage, aroma, audio, and video relaxation system All of the SpaCapsule® components are heavy-duty, designed for non-stop operation. Fiberglass, space-age plastics, electronic components, and fabrics are designed and tested to ensure many years of continuous service. SpaCapsule® will continuously make you money and attract new customers.

CREATE NEW CLASS OF SERVICE Move beyond standard industry offerings. Create groundbreaking opportunities for yourself and your business. Incorporate SpaCapsule® into your existing business structure and create new business opportunities.

Instant revenue generation – easily create new streams of revenue. Unlike any other system, SpaCapsule® begins to generate money immediately. Many business owners create teaser campaigns to generate excitement

Page o generate excitement before installation; after installation customers are excited to try and keep on using the new relaxing and invigorating services.

Space Requirements: Minimum Room Space: 10’ x 8’ or 3.35 x 2.75 m2 Preferred Space: 12’ x 9’ or 4 x 3 m2 SpaCapsule® Dimensions: Length: 96 in or 244 cm Width: 35.5 in or 90 cm Height: 48 in or 122 cm Weight: 450 lbs or 204 kg

Services combination If you ask your customers, 60% are looking for something new and exciting. Are you listening to them? Do you want to keep your customers? SpaCapsule® gives you an opportunity to combine your existing services with new exciting offering. You can sell your high priced-high-margin services by adding discounted or free massage. SpaCapsule® engages your customers and keeps them excited.

Customer first Electric Requirements: 220 or 110 volt 25 Amps 50 or 60 Hertz Water Requirements: 20 Gallons or 70 Liters of Distilled or Purified Water. No plumbing required. Shipping Dimensions: Length: 110 in or 279 cm Width: 40 in or 101 cm Height: 62 in or 157 cm Weight: 787 lbs or 357 kg (Packaged to be lifted with a forklift) Available Options: Any Color Operation and control in any Language Chiller System Token accepter Any Currency Acceptor 100% T-Max Compatibility Wireless Remote Control The Fusion of Nature and Technology™

Greatly improve your customer’s experience. Stop wasting time and money on offerings that don’t work. SpaCapsule® has a proven track-record of services that excite and stimulate your customer base.

GREAT USER EXPERIENCE By engaging all of your customer’s senses you create an unforgettable experience. Associated pleasurable feelings keep the customer preoccupied with relaxation and enjoyment.

Massage: massage is a powerful tool in maintaining a good quality of life. Therapeutic massage is especially effective in addressing painful and stiff joints, muscle tension and muscle pain, poor circulation, decrease in mobility and inability to exercise regularly. Everyone is seeking a consistent and reliable massage experience. SpaCapsule® is the answer. Aroma-therapy: Aroma-therapy is used to relieve pain, alleviate tension and fatigue, and invigorate the entire body. Essential oils can affect the mood, alleviate fatigue, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. When inhaled, they work on the brain and nervous system through stimulation of the olfactory nerves.


Futuristic, 21st century, ergonomic design makes SpaCapsule® a uniquely beautiful competitor in a field of personal services. It took two years to develop the stunning look of the SpaCapsule®. By incorporating SpaCapsule® into your business you immediately make the statements that “I am …”: • Modern • Forward-looking • Technologically Advanced • Progressive • Care about my customers • The customers’ wellbeing is my top priority

SPACAPSULE® - A WINNER IN THE FOLLOWING INDUSTRIES: • Spa / Salon • Tanning Salons • Retail / Mall Locations • Airport Lounge • Medical:

• Chiropractic • Physical Therapy • Rehabilitation • Pain Management • Plastic Surgeons • Dental Offices • And many others • Corporate Environment • Bar / Club • Health Clubs • Personal Use • Hotels

Audio: Pleasant music creates an enjoyable experience. Music can relax, invigorate, and improve mood.

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. 20229 NE 15th Court Miami, Florida 33179 USA

Video: Pleasant video images create feelings of euphoria. In combination with audio and aroma, video delivers a powerful and engaging simulated environment for complete relaxation and wellbeing.

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SpaCapsule® Datasheet  
SpaCapsule® Datasheet  

SpaCapsule Data Sheet - SpaCapsule® System from Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. makes easier and faster the expansion and development o...