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DEAR SCDS FAMILIES AND FRIENDS, Everyone has experienced the delight and pleasure of an enjoyable book.

EDITOR Andrea Sanders DESIGN/PRODUCTION Christa Fleming Design CONTRIBUTORS Brenda Ajbour, Tamarin Camp, Brian Crawford, Thanh Dinh, Mark Holtzen, Sheena McFerran, Michael Murphy, Erin Perry, Sabina Petersen, Charlie White, and Marcella Wilson. COVER SCDS grade 7 students Carter Vu, Anya Shukla, and Tamarin Camp work on their Kinyarwanda with their new classmates at GPS Nyamata EPR. Photo credit: Brian Crawford

KINETICS is produced by the SCDS Advancement Office for its current—and former—families and friends. Inquiries may be sent to:

I have always thought the reason a book is often better than its movie adaptation is because the reader construes the author’s story so personally. The book’s story, resolution, and message depend on the reader’s individual reception and interpretation. Someone else’s take on the book is often not as good because, perhaps, the reader and author have already created a unique partnership. While reading is a personal and individual experience, one’s comprehension, understanding, and meaning is enlightened by sharing one’s thoughts. The sharing of insights, ideas, and interpretations with others—in a book club, in a classroom, or casually in conversation—often provides the individual reader with new perspectives, deeper questions, and a richer experience. Such partnerships can improve the reader’s depth of understanding. At Seattle Country Day School, we look to our mission, vision, and values to provide inspirational and aspirational guidance in what we do. Our core values include a student-centered approach, an emphasis on the whole child, a firm belief in the spirit of inquiry, a school where students can be their authentic selves, and healthy relationships. This last value, relationships, is thus described: Our collaborative culture builds trusting relationships, embraces a wide diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, and fosters a spirit of group innovation. By encouraging others to contribute and exchange suggestions, ideas, questions, and experiences, everyone’s learning is improved—whether discussing a work of literature or exploring a creative solution to a math problem.


Inspiring gifted children to reach their potential through inquiry, curiosity, and wonder.

In this issue of Kinetics, we hope you enjoy the latest news from SCDS, where our partnerships enhance meaning and outcomes. From sharing a book, to a service learning trip to Rwanda, we learn from—and grow with— others. There is power in partnerships.


Michael G. Murphy HEAD OF SCHOOL

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