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Do You Have The Tools To Get To The Top? The Trigger Management Method ® is a training and accountability program. At this two day workshop, you will learn proprietary proven concepts and techniques that will enable you to create a Championship Psychology everyday like other successsuccess ful high performance entrepreneurs and business leaders and athletes.

Change your life forever by learning to recognize and change psychological triggers. Discover your ability to diffuse negative triggers while using positive triggers to enable you to quickly overcome challenges and break through to even greater contribution, personal success and balance. You will also create an amazing mastermind peer group who will become close friends and provide amazing support going forward in your life.

February 15-16, 2014 F Seattle F $1495 Doctor Tom Duncan, M.D. is a practicing physician who focuses on his patients as “complete individuals” and seeks the root cause of their symptoms rather than simply masking them with medications. In addition to his full time private practice, Dr Tom is a passionate speaker, devoted father and husband, and author.

Penny Zenker, CPC, ACC is an entreprenuer, productivity expert, strategic coach, international speaker and trainer, radio personality, and author. She is creator of Take Charge of Your Productivity Assessment and The Quantum Productivity System, a time and energy management system that teaches people about the 10 essential elements and the role that energy management plays in our productivity and fulfillment.

Seattle limited. Space Enroll today at




elcome to the January issue of Seattle Natural Awakenings! This month marks a massive milestone for the nationwide Natural Awakenings family: the 20th anniversary of the founding of Natural Awakenings magazine. While we have been publishing three years in Seattle this coming March, the very first Natural Awakenings magazine hit the street two decades ago this month in Naples, Florida, the beautiful brainchild of our CEO and founder, Sharon Bruckman. Today, we have 90 editions publishing across the United States and Puerto Rico, with a combined monthly readership of nearly 4 million (our Seattle edition has 50,000 monthly readers). “Since the decision to franchise Natural Awakenings in 1999, I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to support our expanding publishing family busily working to bring the advantages of natural healthy living alive in their local communities,” writes Sharon in her letter from the publisher this month. “Much teamwork has gone into developing and providing the tools needed to support their success. Sharing ideas on what naturally works provides us all a rich, inspiring perspective on the creative solutions and collaborative initiatives that are helping people around the country.” I’m so grateful to Sharon, the staff, publishers and readers who have created the community that represents Natural Awakenings. I know that Sharon never imagined her community publication blossoming into the national magazine that is the Natural Awakenings franchise in those early days, but the world was ready to honor her leap of faith, and I believe that 20 years later, we are ready to take the next step into an increasingly sustainable and healthy world. Challenges abound, but so does the courage of people like you, committed to healthier lifestyles, greener living, and a better planet. This month, as Natural Awakenings has nationwide for 20 years, we bring you great articles to help inspire a healthy, happy lifestyle: “Build Your Own Wellness Dream Team” (page 14) will give you ideas for integrating your health care among various practitioners. “Whole Food” (page 24) draws on research to offer a caution against separating out nutrients from their source and encourages whole food nutrition. “Ever More Green In 2014” (page 18) has some easy and creative ways to reduce your impact on the planet this coming year.

Publishers Ann Dorn David Seregow National Editor S. Alison Chabonais Account Manager Dena Marie 425-350-5448 Design & Production Patrick Floresca Franchise Sales 239-530-1377 To Advertise: 206-788-7313 or 425-350-5448 3815 S Othello St. 100-186 Seattle, WA 98118 Phone: 206-788-7313 Fax: 877-531-7691 © 2014 by Natural Awakenings. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted, we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. Natural Awakenings is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected stores, health and education centers, healing centers, public libraries and wherever free publications are generally seen. Please call to find a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business.

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January 2014


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by Dena Marie



Easy Ways to Go Eco Right Now by Avery Mack



Indoor Air Quality Protects Health by Eric Thomas



Greater than the Sum of its Parts

by Margie King



A Health Coach Helps Us Change For Good by Lauressa Nelson


Dr. T Returns To Bellevue for Skin Blemish Removal

newsbriefs Salt Mine Arium Celebrates First Anniversary


he Salt Mine Arium of Bellevue is celebrating one year of business this month with an open house on Jan. 11 from 2-5 pm featuring complimentary food, drinks and 20 percent off salt products. “We would like to say thank you for your support in our first year of business,” owner Annett Riebe says. “Our promise to you is to always seek to satisfy you, our customer.” Halotherapy is the use of salt to treat a range of conditions, including asthma, allergies, eczema and others. At Salt Mine Arium, customers sit in one of several rooms lined with blocks of Himalayan salt, listening to the sounds of a waterfall installation and watching soothing lighting effects for their 45-minute session. Children can play in a salt-filled sandbox. The Salt Mine Arium has added a number of classes and services, such as massage and yoga, that also take place in the rooms. Thirty-eight thousand pounds of salt cause the air in the spa-like rooms to be charged with negative ions, which function similarly to antioxidents to support health and wellness, according to local physician and Salt Mine Arium enthusiast Melinda Beck. “During my post-doctoral studies and experience in European hospitals, I became fascinated with several spa medicine techniques that were being practiced throughout the continent,” Dr. Beck explains. “One of these treatments was salt therapies. Salt was being used in the treatment of a multitude of common ailments, from asthma and allergies, to eczema and rheumatic conditions.” Dr. Beck says she became impressed with the results of halotherapy after seeing it help numerous patients. “The wonderful part of halotherapy is that there are no negative side effects and people of all ages can benefit from this marvelously simple treatment,” she continues. The Salt Mine Arium is offering specials throughout January in celebration of their first anniversary. The Salt Mine Arium is located at 1850 130th Ave NE, Suite # 4, Bellevue. Open house takes place Jan. 11 from 2 - 5 pm. For more information: Info@SaltMineArium. com or 425-497-9666.

Workshop to Teach Self-Healing Methods Based On Chinese Medicine


workshop offering insights and techniques into self-healing through Chinese medicine will take place January 18 and 19. The MindBodyChi Health workshop is led by Master Shan-Tung Hsu, founder of Blue Mountain Feng Shui institute. “You will learn breathing techniques, meridian awakening exercises, chi energy exercises, acupressure techniques to alleviate pain, nutritional guidance, how to use food as medicine and more,” Dr. Hsu says. “This workshop is a combination of lecture and actual practice. These methods are simple, easy and economical, and can immediately be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.” Dr. Hsu holds a Ph.D. in science earned from the University of Washington and has served as a board member of the International Medical Qi Gong Association. Comfortable, loose clothing is recommended. The MindBodyChi Health workshop takes place from 9am-4pm on Saturday, January 18 (lunch provided) and 9am-1pm on January 19 at Belltown Community Center, 415 Bell Street, Seattle. $250. Registration required. For more information: 425-4443046 or


r. Adiel Tel-Oren, known as Dr. T, returns to Bellevue on January 18 to offer skin blemish removal using a proprietary technique he calls painless and non-surgical. “Keratoses, skin protrusions, aging skin, moles, growths, tags, spots and blemishes—we all have them, and they often go neglected until it is too late,” Dr. T says. “In some cases, they morph into malignant growths requiring medical intervention.” A medical doctor trained in Europe, Dr. T urges individuals to avoid risks and get rid of everything suspicious and unwanted. “The procedure involves application of proprietary acetic compound, which restricts the lesions’ nutrition,” he explains. “As a result a scab forms and drops off, leaving clear, new skin with minimal scarring and excellent results on the face in particular. There is no cutting, stitching, burning or freezing involved, and there is no risk of infections and ugly scars.” There is no charge for evaluation and re-treatment, if necessary. All net income is donated to the Everest Learning Academy, a humanitarian organization providing education to the poorest of the Nepali children. Dr. T will be in Bellevue for skin blemish treatment on January 18. Appointments required. For more information: 425-753-0634. For more information about the Everest Learning Academy:

natural awakenings

January 2014


Professional Life Coach Training Course Set to Begin


100-hour life coach certification program begins this January 17 in South Seattle. Offered by Seattle Life Coach Training, the program will teach students to master a professional coaching system, experience coaching themselves, and attain Certified Professional Coach credentials, meeting one weekend per month in a classroom setting. “SLCT’s training incorporates a connection to spirituality, intuition, higher power and your own inner knowing,” says Richard Seaman, founder of Seattle Life Coach Training. “You will receive unparalleled life coach training, find your voice, and show up in the world in a different, more powerful way.” The life coach certification program starts January 17 and continues through May 18 at Seattle Life Coach Training. 650 South Orcas St., Suite R-203, Seattle. S1,995. For more information: 480-440-2401 or Info@SeattleLifeCoachTraining. com.

New Feminine Paradigm Announces “Life of Your Dreams” School


r. Karen Fox of New Feminine Paradigm has announced a new free interactive online school to help women create happy, successful lives. “This will be an opportunity for exploring all areas of our lives, changing paradigms, delving into what our desires really are, creating a healthy, uplifting life of success, pleasure, abundance, joy, and valued real life experiences and exchanges within the group members,” Dr. Fox says. “By changing our paradigm, we learn and create the attitude of gratitude, starting from this moment, knowing we have all we need, to create a life that brings joy, abundance and pleasure,” she continues. The class will take place in a closed Facebook group starting January 1. The class is free, with an option to purchase additional materials if desired. To enroll, Dr. Fox requests that attendees message her through her Facebook page at For more information: 360-269-4955 or

”I have been using Songcroft Naturals’s Nourishing Night Cream for over a year now, and can attest that no other moisturizer compares! I feel like I’m adding something healthy to my body when I apply this moisturizer, because its ingredient list is so short and the ingredients themselve so pure - many of them are grown on their own farm.” - Sandra

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Seattle City Reiki Now Open at The Healing Tree of West Seattle


ocal Reiki master Diane Larson is now offering Reiki treatments at The Healing Tree of West Seattle through her practice, Seattle City Reiki. “Reiki is the life force energy which sustains and restores us, bringing us back to optimum health and balance,” Larson says. “When the body becomes depleted of this healing energy, imbalances and energetic blocks began to occur.” Larson says sessions are usually 60 minutes, and recommends committing to at least four sessions to start. “By restoring the body with Reiki, one’s energy begins to flow uninterrupted,” Larson says. “This is the point where vibrant health of the mind, body, spirit and emotions becomes present. Reiki heals the root cause of unwanted symptoms.” Larson has provided both hands on and distance Reiki treatments since 2006 and practices full time. In addition, she teaches classes in Reiki in Seattle and around the United States. The Healing Tree is located at 3225 California Ave. SW, Seattle. For more information: 808-385-4661 or Reiki@


Energy Healing

Treatments and Training

Reiki is a precise method of Energy Healing that sustains & restores on all levels, bringing one back to optimum health and balance. Diane Larson, Reiki Master||808-385-4661|The Healing Tree|3225 California Ave SW


Natural Iodine Supplementation W

A Must for Most Americans

e all need iodine, yet most of us don’t get enough of it through our diet. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that iodine deficiency in the developed world has increased fourfold in the past 40 years and now affects nearly three-quarters of all adults. Numerous U.S. practicing physicians quoted widely in the media estimate that the incidence of hypothyroidism in our adult population may be between 30 and 70 percent. Thus, we can’t efficiently produce the thyroid hormones that serve as chemical messengers triggering nearly every bodily function. The presence or absence of iodine affects our every cell.

Be Aware of Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Symptoms can range from extreme fatigue and weight gain to depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fibrocystic breasts and a variety of skin and hair problems. Hypothyroidism can further cause infertility, joint pain, heart disease and stroke. Low iodine levels also have been associated with breast and thyroid cancers. In children, insufficient iodine has been strongly linked with mental retardation, deafness, attention deficient and hyperactivity disorder and impaired growth, according to studies by Boston University, China’s Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and France’s National Academy of Medicine.

Low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism, is the most recognized and obvious indicator of low iodine intake because the thyroid gland contains more concentrated iodine than other organs.

The answer is simple: Taking the right kind of iodine in the right dosage can rebalance thyroid function and restore health to the thyroid and the whole body.

A Few Drops Can Change Your Life! You could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or on your skin when used as directed. An essential component of the thyroid, iodine replacement has been reported to give relief from: • Depression • Fibromyalgia • Hypothyroidism • Radiation

• Weight Gain • Low Energy • Hyperthyroidism • Bacteria & Viruses

4-6 week supply ONLY $19.99

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Natural Awakenings Detoxifed Iodine is 100 percent natural, raw iodine in an ethyl alcohol solution. We thank all those that are benefiting from this product and enthusiastically telling us their great results.  Available only at  My wife, who suffered from extreme fatigue and other symptoms, saw a dramatic increase in energy after just a few days of taking the natural iodine drops. Now if she misses a day, she’ll end up falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, like she used to do before taking the iodine. It works! ~ Aaron My doctor told me that I had a hypothyroid condition, prescribed medication and was happy with the follow-up test results, yet I noticed no positive effects on my overall wellbeing. Within two weeks of using the Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine, I had more energy, felt more awake and enjoyed clearer thinking and greater peace of mind. People even comment that I look younger. I am a fan! ~ Larry

Reasons Behind Iodine Deficiency Radiation: Almost everyone is routinely exposed to iodine-depleting radiation emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and other electronic devices. Iodized table salt: The human body cannot utilize the iodine added to this product. Low-sodium diets: Failure to use healthy salts to fulfill sodium requirements, plus overuse of zero-nutrient table salt in foods, leads to iodine depletion. Bromine: This toxic chemical overrides iodine’s abilities to nourish the thyroid, adrenal and other hormone-producing glands. A known carcinogen, it is used as an anticaking ingredient found in almost all baked goods, unless the ingredients specifically cite unbromated flour. Iodine-depleted soils: Due to poor farming techniques, iodine and other minerals in soil have declined, so most foods today are devoid of naturally occurring iodine. Proper iodine supplementation with a high-quality product like Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine can prevent harm by protecting the thyroid and other endocrine glands and restoring proper hormone production.

natural awakenings

January 2014



Mammograms Carry Cancer Risk


here is growing evidence that mammograms, which are the primary screening tool for breast cancer, may cause it. Scientists have long known that radiation causes cancer, and now research published in the British Journal of Radiobiology reports that the so-called “low-energy X-rays” used in mammography are four to six times more likely to cause breast cancer than conventional high-energy X-rays because the low-energy variety causes more mutational damage to cells. Mammograms led to a 30 percent rate of over-diagnosis and overtreatment, according to a study published in the Cochrane Review. Researchers wrote in the study, “This means that for every 2,000 women invited for screening throughout 10 years, one will have her life prolonged and 10 healthy women, who would not have been diagnosed if there had not been screening, will be treated unnecessarily. Furthermore, more than 200 women will experience important psychological distress for many months because of false positive findings.” Many women and functional medicine doctors are now choosing noninvasive and radiation-free annual thermograms as a safer alternative. Those at high risk for breast cancer may choose to do periodic MRI screenings, a recommendation supported by research at Britain’s University Hospitals Birmingham.

Produce Banishes the Blues


ew research from New Zealand’s University of Otago shows that consuming more whole fruits and vegetables increases peacefulness, happiness and energy in one’s daily life. Scientists discovered the strong relationship to be particularly apparent in countering winter blues. A total of 281 college-age students filled out an online food diary and mood survey for 21 consecutive days. Results showed that eating fruits and vegetables one day led to improvements in positive mood the next day, regardless of other key factors, such as body mass index. Other types of food did not produce the same uplifting effect. “After further analysis, we demonstrated that young people would need to consume approximately seven to eight total servings of fruits and vegetables per day to notice a meaningful positive change,” says Tamlin Conner, Ph.D., with the university’s department of psychology. “One serving of fruit or vegetables is approximately the size that could fit in our palm, or half a cup.” Study co-author Bonnie White suggests that this can be accomplished by having vegetables comprise half of the plate at each meal and snacking on whole fruit like apples. The American Psychiatric Association acknowledges that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects, at least mildly, as many as 20 percent of Americans.



Heal Soft Tissue Injuries Naturally


ge and certain injuries can hinder efficient repair of damage to soft tissues including tendons that attach muscles to bones, ligaments that hold bones and tendons in place and fascia that help guide muscle groups and allow them to slide over other structures. What they all have in common is they predominantly comprise collagen and several herbs can eliminate inflammation and pain and help speed the healing process. Arnica montana is an herb that may assist the healing process by breaking up micro clots in damaged tissues through enzymatic action. Arnica also contains prostaglandin-blockers that relieve pain. According to Terry Willard, Ph.D., a leading clinical herbalist and author of Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains and Neighbouring Territories, when arnica is combined with the natural salix of white willow bark, the pain relief is great. Applying comfrey and plantain for four to six weeks should generate complete repair to soft tissues. This is because they contain allantoin, which stimulates collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts, notes Andrew Chevallier, a fellow of the National Institute of Medicinal Herbalists, in the Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine. In The Complete Medicinal Herbal: A Practical Guide to the Healing Properties of Herbs, with More Than 250 Remedies for Common Ailments, medical herbalist Penelope Ody writes that when applied to tissues, rosemary and thyme increase circulation and witch hazel increases flexibility. Increased circulation delivers more nutrients needed by the cells that are rebuilding. Combining these herbs—arnica, comfrey, plantain, rosemary, thyme and witch hazel—with a little peppermint leaf for soothing makes a powerful blend to reduce recovery time and heal damaged tendons, ligaments and fascia. The herbs can be decocted in water or blended into a gel for easy application. Primary source: Steve Frank, founder and managing partner, Nature’s Rite LLC. For more information, email or visit See ad, page 23.



aking vitamin C before engaging in physically demanding activities helps keep colds away for people that are heavy exercisers, say Finnish researchers at the University of Helsinki. While their meta-study showed that non-exercisers that took vitamin C daily gained little or no protection from colds, the story for marathoners, competitive skiers and soldiers on subarctic assignments was much different. The study, published in the Cochrane Review, found that the 598 heavy exercisers cut their risk of colds in half.

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January 2014




s the evidence of the harmful effects of Tylenol increases, there is a growing call for it to be removed from the market. Its active ingredient, acetaminophen, once thought to be an effective and safe pain reliever for adults and children, turns out to have dangerous effects. A related study by University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center researchers leads with the fact that each year, acetaminophen causes more than 100,000 calls to poison control centers, 50,000 emergency room visits, 26,000 hospitalizations and more than 450 deaths from liver failure. The U.S. Acute Liver Failure Study implicates acetaminophen poisoning in nearly half of all cases of acute liver failure in this country. When taken with alcohol or without food, the effects on the liver are multiplied. Doctor of Naturopathy Michael Murray, of Phoenix, Arizona, reports in that regular use of acetaminophen is linked to a higher likelihood of asthma, infertility and hearing loss, especially in men under 50. Last summer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning linking acetaminophen use to three rare and sometimes fatal skin conditions. “Can you imagine if the side effects and risks associated with acetaminophen were associated with a dietary supplement?” opines Murray. “It would be yanked from the market immediately.”



ust 20 minutes of yoga postures, breathing and meditation are valuable tools for bolstering mental functioning. A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reports that a single, 20-minute hatha yoga session significantly improved participants’ speed and accuracy on tests of working memory, focus, retention and ability to absorb and use new information. Study participants didn’t get the same positive brain buzz from 20 minutes of aerobics. The study appeared in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

Mental Health Counseling Special rates for caregivers and community service professionals

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ADAM DREAMHEALER Experience 2 unique group energy sessions coordinated by ADAM DREAMHEALER; International author, speaker, Molecular Biologist, Native American healer and most recently a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Adam McLeod (pen-name Dreamhealer) will be presenting a full-day conference at Bastyr University on MARCH 8. Maximize your own healing potential as you learn techniques to focus intentions embracing self-empowerment. Over 40% of registrants are health care practitioners incorporating these skills into their practices. All registration at

More Bok Choy, Sweets Sour Brain Power Less Ice Cream B Boosts Breast Health


howing down on cruciferous veggies reduces the risk of recurring breast cancer, say Vanderbilt University researchers, while consuming too many high-fat dairy products produces an opposite effect, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The paper on veggies presented at the American Association for Cancer Research showed that the more cruciferous vegetables a woman ate in the first two years after her breast cancer diagnosis, the lower was her risk of the cancer returning or death from the original cancer. Eating broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy and cabbage worked to reduce the rate of recurring breast cancer by 35 percent and the risk of death in the following nine years by 62 percent. On the other side of the coin, the NCI study showed that women treated for early stage breast cancer that regularly ate one or more servings of highfat milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream increased their risk of dying of breast cancer by 44 percent and of earlier death from all causes by 64 percent.

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can all influence your life by 30 to 50 years. ~Deepak Chopra

inging on sweets and soda in an effort to bone up for exams or presentations probably has the opposite effect, according to a new animal study from the University of California, Los Angeles. Researchers found that eating or quaffing too much fructose, like that found in cane sugar and the highfructose corn syrups permeating many processed foods, can cause unclear thinking, poor learning and impaired memory. Scientists have long known that high-fructose diets increase the risk for diabetes, obesity and fatty liver. Now the UCLA team has discovered that only six weeks of a highfructose diet slowed the animals’ brains. The good news is that eating omega-3 fatty acids like those found in cold water fish appear to counteract the negative effects of fructose, enabling the animals to think more clearly.

Art Heartens Seniors


ust looking at a painting by Picasso, Dali or Warhol can brighten the world for seniors, according to researchers at Britain’s Newcastle University. After just three visits to a gallery, the researchers found positive changes in the participating seniors’ opinions about their life experiences and abilities in light of their ages. The gallery visits further inspired participants to become more involved with others and their communities.

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January 2014


globalbriefs Grassroots Gumption

Citizen Action Wins Against Monsanto and More

Experience in every

moment Reveal

your innate balance, poise & vitality

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The Center for Food Safety (CFS), a national nonprofit advocating in the public interest, works to protect human health and the environment by curbing the use of harmful food production technologies and promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. It confirms that actions such as signing petitions really do make a difference. For instance, the CFS cites a hardfought campaign that pushed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to respond to a lawsuit and remove arsenic from chicken feed. They credit the thousands of consumers that joined the effort, saying, “Together, we forced the FDA to remove arsenic ingredients in animal feed used for our nation’s chickens, turkeys and hogs, and 98 of the 101 drug approvals for arsenic-based animal drugs will be withdrawn.” More recently, CFS reports that half a million citizen phone calls and emails had a significant effect in killing an extension of the so-called “Monsanto protection act” in the Senate. Formally named the Farmer Assurance Provision, the measure undermined the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s authority to ban genetically modified crops, even if court rulings found they posed risks to human and environmental health. Source:

Yogic Milestone

Smithsonian Exhibit Highlights Storied History This month’s exhibition at the Smithsonian’s Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Yoga: The Art of Transformation, comprises the museum’s first presentation of yogic art. Temple sculptures, devotional icons, vibrant manuscripts and court paintings created in India more than 2,000 years ago will be on view, as well as early modern photographs, books and films. The Washington, D.C., exhibition borrows from 25 museums and private collections in India, Europe and the United States. More than 120 works, from the third to the early 20th century, illuminate yoga’s central tenets, as well as its obscured histories. Through masterpieces of Indian sculpture and paintings, the exhibition explores yoga’s goals; its Hindu, Jain and Sufi manifestations; its means of transforming body and consciousness; and its philosophical foundations. For more information, visit YogaExhibit.

Smoke Choke

Big Coal’s Big Plans to Hasten Climate Change Environmentalists are mounting an effort to stop the coal industry from exporting millions of tons of coal to China and keep the coal in the ground by halting the construction of huge new coal export terminals at ports in Oregon and Washington. The nation’s two largest coal companies want to stripmine vast reserves in Wyoming and Montana’s Powder River Basin, and then ship the coal by rail to the ports. “Based on our back-of-the-envelope calculation, the burning of this exported coal could have a larger climate impact than all of the oil pumped through the Keystone pipeline,” says Kimberly Larson, a spokesperson for the Power Past Coal campaign, a coalition of more than 100 environmental and community groups that oppose the coal terminals. Many U.S. coal-fired power plants still operate, but they’re being squeezed out of business by new federal standards for mercury, arsenic and other toxins that take effect in 2016. Also, the price of natural gas in America has fallen below that of coal. China already accounts for almost half of the world’s coal consumption, and demand continues to skyrocket for cheap, coal-fired electricity to power its growing industrial parks and mega-cities. Source:

Learn more about plans for local coal exports:

Global Watchdog

United Nations Panel Zeroes in on Sustainability The United Nations (UN) has created a new scientific advisory board under the aegis of UNESCO, mandated to advise UN executives, participating countries and other stakeholders on the use of science, technology and innovation in achieving sustainable development. The 26 international experts appointed to the board span a broad spectrum of disciplines including: basic sciences; engineering and technology; social sciences and humanities; ethics; health; and economic, behavioral and agricultural sciences, as well as the environmental sciences more commonly associated with sustainability. The board’s inaugural meeting in December focused on outcomes of the 2013 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), and from other large-scale interdisciplinary processes, such as the 2012 Planet Under Pressure Conference, held in London, and the Future Earth 10-year international research initiative.

Thermography Screening • Breast / Half Body / Full Body • Radiation-free • No compression/painless • Safe and effective at any age • FDA registered Gilman Village #44 Issaquah, WA 98027 425-677-8430 Thermography


Breathing Mandala Balancing Your Outer Life Begins With Your Inner Life

“The breath is a doorway to your evolution. It takes you past figuring it out, releases the baggage, and awakens you to the path in front of you.”

Join Tracey for illuminating workTracey Stover, MA shops and professional trainings in Breathing Mandala 206-769-0040 inner discovery, breathwork, magical lyre sound healing, and breathe new life into your body & soul!

natural awakenings

January 2014


queries and more. Finding the right mix of treatment and preventive measures requires some creativity and self-knowledge. The experts Natural Awakenings consulted maintain that it is both desirable and possible to assemble an affordable and effective personal health care team that focuses on optimum wellness.

a form of psychotherapy. Ideally, he says, conventional and integrative medicine, plus complementary practitioners, work together to provide the total care an individual patient needs. “Any problem on one level affects all levels, so we assess patients on all three with whatever tools we have,” he says. While conventional medicine may be able to treat structural problems well and biochemical problems to a certain extent, it falls short on the energetic level. That’s when it’s time to expand the team, counsels Yang. “‘Know yourself’ is the watchword. Get to know what to use and when to use it. It’s the practitioner’s job to educate patients in this way.” Dr. Andrew Weil, renowned as the father of the integrative medicine movement in the U.S., has remarked, “If I’m in a car accident, don’t take me to an herbalist. If I have bacterial pneumonia, give me antibiotics. But when it comes to maximizing the body’s natural healing potential, a mix of conventional and alternative procedures seems like the only answer.” Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, founding director and president of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America, turns to the integrative realm of ayurvedic medicine for healing and wellness. The 5,000-year-old Indian healing tradition incorporates lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation, detoxification, herbs, massage and various other individually targeted healing modalities, depending on the patient’s diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.

Integrative Approach

Customized Team

Build Your Own Wellness Dream Team

Take Your Health to the Next Level by Kathleen Barnes


onventional doctors too often dispense vague, boilerplate health advice, urging their patients to eat a healthy diet, exercise and take helpful supplements. Some are lucky enough to also be directed to detoxify their body and manage stress. That’s typically the best most people can expect in terms of practical advice. It is rare to receive specific, individualized answers to such burning questions as:

“We need to understand the value What is the best diet for this specific of an integrative approach because no problem or my body type? single modality treats everything,” says Dr. Jingduan Yang, the PhiladelphiaWhich exercise will work best for based founder and medical director of me—yoga, running, tennis or somethe Tao Integrative Medicine. By way of thing else? example, he maintains credentials as a Why do I feel stressed so much of the physician, a board-certified psychiatrist time, and what can I do about it? and an internationally recognized exWhat supplements are best for me, and pert on classic forms of Chinese herbal which high-quality products can I trust? medicine and acupuncture. Integrative practitioners see the human body on three levels, Yang explains: Complementary natural healing structural; biochemical; and bioenergetic, modalities can address all of these 14


“Wellness is a team effort,” advises integrative medicine specialist Dr. Vijay Jain, medical director at Amrit Ayurveda for Total Wellbeing, in Salt Springs, Florida. It’s not only a matter of knowing what needs the practitioners will address at specific times, it’s also knowing who can help when the going gets tough. “Modern medicine has the edge for early detection of disease,” Jain notes. “However, Ayurveda is excellent in determining the earliest imbalances in the mind and body that eventually lead to disease.”

Health insurance may not cover the services we want, and high deductibles may pose a financial challenge in maintaining comprehensive health care, so we need a personal wellness plan. Most experts consulted agree that a personal wellness program should include a practitioner that acts as a gatekeeper and coordinates a care plan to meet individual needs. Jain recommends that the foundation of the team be a licensed medical professional such as an integrative physician (MD), osteopathic doctor (DO) or chiropractor (DC). In most states, any of these professionals can function as a primary care doctor, authorized to order and read laboratory tests, prescribe drugs and access hospital services. In some states, a naturopathic physician (ND) can perform the functions of a primary care doctor in ordering and reading laboratory tests. As part of a personal wellness team, consider a functional medicine or integrative physician, chiropractor, osteopath, doctor of naturopathy, ayurvedic practitioner, nutritionist, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor/acupuncturist, herbalist, craniosacral therapist, massage therapist and energy practitioner (such as in Reiki, medical qigong or polarity therapy). It’s not necessary to see all of them, sources say. Sometimes, one practitioner will be skilled in practicing several modalities, a bonus for patients. Other complementary practitioners may form a supporting team that works with the primary care team, depending on the challenges a patient faces. They will be identified as treatment unfolds and the team evolves over time.

Contributing Specialists

An ayurvedic practitioner likely will begin by helping to define healthful lifestyle changes, depending on one’s dosha, or energetic temperament. Yoga and meditation would be a likely recommendation, plus specific herbs and perhaps detoxification, says Annambhotla. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture often go hand-in hand with Ayurveda in accordance with the view that illness and disease are caused by imbalances in the body’s energetic flow. Diagnostic techniques employ intuition and pulses to assess and smooth blocks in energy circulation. Craniosacral therapy is another way to unlock energetic blockages caused by lifestyle stress and other factors that restrict and congest the body’s innate ability to self-correct and remain healthy, says Joyce Harader, a registered craniosacral therapist in Cave Creek, Arizona, and secretary of the board of the Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy Association of North America. She relied on a whole team to realize a natural way back to health after being diagnosed with lupus in 1992.

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A personal wellness program should include a lead practitioner that acts as a gatekeeper and coordinates a plan of care that meets the individual’s needs. “Members of my health team fluctuate, depending on what is going on in my life and where I am focusing,” comments Harader. She points out, for example, that nutrition education and general deep-tissue massage can both be helpful as part of a foundational plan toward obtaining and maintaining optimal health. In fact, many of our experts recommend both a monthly chiropractic adjustment and/or massage, as well as daily yoga and an ongoing meditation practice for wellness and total wellbeing. Naturopathic practitioners operating in states where they are licensed can be good sources of nutrition counsel and often recommend herbal remedies for relief. “For chronic illness, you need a chiropractor or drug-free physician like a naturopath on your team. Conventional medicine is generally poor at dealing with chronic illness,” observes Naturopath and Chiropractor Michael Loquasto, Ph.D., who practices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Loquasto should know. He has practiced integrated modalities for 50 years, employing the knowledge gained through his practice and triple

doctorates, which include one in nutrition. Also a master herbalist, he strongly advocates that people start by working with a good integrative or functional medicine medical doctor. “In some states, like Pennsylvania, chiropractors and osteopaths can perform routine diagnostic work, but in many states they cannot,” he notes. “I recommend undergoing a physical every six months and regular bone density tests, plus colonoscopies.” Loquasto is not in favor of mammograms because of the radiation exposure associated with them, but supports routine breast screening using ultrasound or thermography.


Intuitive listening and observant selfknowledge are crucial parts of any wellness plan. Most people are aware when something doesn’t feel right in their body. “Libido is a great barometer of health,” suggests Dr. Diana Hoppe, an obstetrician, gynecologist and hormone specialist in San Diego, California. “If you’re not interested in sex, it’s probably a sign that you need to do some investigating.” Reasons for such

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a decline of interest are wide-ranging says Hoppe. “For men and women, it might be due to hormonal changes, lack of self-esteem, medications, stress, relationship issues, job, family life or lack of sleep. It means that somewhere, things are out of balance,” she says.

Funding a Plan

A personal multifaceted wellness program can be expensive, but there are ways to minimize the cost. “In the new world of high insurance deductibles, people get more for their money from an alternative doctor, especially one knowledgeable in a variety of healing therapies, than a conventional one,” Loquasto advises. Costs for tests may also be lower; plus patients are not expected to pay $150 or more just to walk in the door. A current trend has medical doctors and chiropractors participating in “umbrella” practices and wellness centers, where several types of practitioners collaborate in one facility. They find that sometimes insurance will pay for certain complementary services, including massage and nutrition education, when doctors or chiropractors prescribe them. Maintaining wellness in an environment filled with chemical, biological and mental toxins is a substantial, yet worthy, investment. It’s far better than the costly alternative of dealing with regular bouts of sickness or escalating disease. In that light, maintenance looks affordable: an ayurvedic diagnostic session starts at around $100, a consultation with a licensed naturopath at $75 and acupuncture at $100; a massage typically costs about $80 an hour. While insurance is unlikely to pay for treatments outside the realm of conventional medicine and sometimes, chiropractic, “The cost of these preventive therapies will be much less than the cost of treatment for a serious disease,” advises Loquasto. “You’re worth it.” Kathleen Barnes is author of more than a dozen natural health books. Her latest is The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know with Dr. Robert Thompson. Connect at

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in m o C

g February

n a t u ra l



a w a k e n i n g s ® o f s e a t t l e

Sustainable Living Guide Connecting the natural, built, & personal environments

S u s ta i n a b l e

Easy Ways to Go Eco Right Now by Avery Mack



ew Year resolutions can be a distant memory by mid-January, due to unrealistic expectations, slow results and distractions that sideline good intentions. Yet we may still reap the rewards of a greener, healthier lifestyle by progressively adopting small, doable changes.


Nifty Switches Make Your Connections in the

Sustainable Living Guide Education and Resources for the NW Sustainable Lifestyle It’s where inspired cutting-edge content connects to Puget Sound consumers. It’s where sustainable local businesses create connections.

It’s just around the corner. February 2014. Join us. Contact Cate O’dahl | 425-670-1342 Visit us at Powered by


naa t u ra l wakenings of seattle

Connecting the Natural, Built, & Personal Environments

Sustainable Living Guide


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Puget Sound Special Edition 2014


Residential & Light Commercial Remodeling



January white sales present a prime opportunity to change to organic cotton sheets and dry-fast towels to reduce energy usage. Local animal shelters welcome old towels and blankets. Homeless shelters also accept gently used clean linens and outgrown coldweather gear. Replace family toothbrushes with eco-friendly models made from renewable castor oil plants instead of petroleum. The Naturally Clean Toothbrush is BPA-free and recyclable ( Each day, Americans use 500 million disposable straws, reports Milo Cress, founder of the Be Straw Free Campaign ( Discarded plastic straws and stirrers are on the Ocean Conservancy’s top 10 list of debris littering beaches. Cindy Schiff Slansky, CEO of GreenPaxx, in New York City, suggests using a reusable silicone straw. “The bright colors help keep track of each person’s drink. They’re in my purse for when I eat out with my kids,” she says. “We always say no to dispos-

able straws.” Also consider paper straws that compost within 45 to 60 days. Plug electronics into power-saving energy strips that can be turned off when machines aren’t in use. Completely shutting down computers saves more energy than using sleep mode. When it’s time for a more energyefficient fridge or freezer, call the electric company. The Appliance Recycling Centers of America work with utilities to pick up and recycle working appliances. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers are accepted with a qualifying fridge or freezer. Alternatively, call a local recycling company for a curb pickup of broken appliances; even easier, confirm that the company delivering a new appliance will take away and recycle the old one. Upgrade to a greener model when the need arises to change cars. California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont have pledged to speed the construction of charging stations in their states and project collectively having 3.3 million battery-powered cars, plug-in hybrids and other clean-burning vehicles on their roads by 2025. To make clean and renewable home energy affordable and increase property values, Sunrun installs and maintains home solar power panels in 1,000 cities in 11 states for low and

predictable monthly rates ( Choose green products carrying the 1% for the Planet logo. Identify participating companies at

Table Tips

One-pot, slow-cooked hearty stews and soups—especially made with seasonal, locally grown vegetables— use less energy and need less water to wash. A slow cooker can also steam rice, make yogurt or bake simple, whole-grain breads (VitaClayChef. com). Dave Feller, CEO of Yummly. com, in Redwood City, California, adds, “Slow cooking tenderizes meats and brings out flavor, even in less expensive cuts. It’s also a timesaver.”

Yummly recipes detail ingredients, cooking times and nutritional values. For family snacks, Terry Walters, the Avon, Connecticut, author of Clean Food and Clean Start, advocates going untraditional. “Get closer to the green plant than the processing plant,” she advises. At least once a week, she likes to try a new food. “Roasted chick peas, kale chips or a ‘pizza’ made from a rice tortilla, pasta sauce or pesto, and veggies all make ‘clean-food’ snacks.” (Recipes at Keeping produce fresh can be a challenge, especially when the average fridge can harbor millions of bacteria, according to testing by Mi-

croban Europe, UK. The BerryBreeze in-fridge automated device periodically circulates activated oxygen to prevent mold, keeping produce fresh longer and reducing spoiling to save grocery dollars ( Hannah Helsabeck, president of eco-friendly, shares can-free meal tips online. “It takes a little planning, but we can now avoid all the toxic chemicals used in processing foods and making cans. Let’s kick the can!” Also, check out local food Meetup groups. Penny Miller, of Wichita Falls, Texas, says, “At our first meeting, we saw examples of raised-bed gardens, rainwater harvesting, composting, native landscaping and container plants.” Avery Mack is a freelance writer in St. Louis, MO. Connect via AveryMack@



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A Breath of Fresh Air

Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment by Eric Thomas


magine waking up every morning with a headache, sinus congestion and a cough. While these may sound like the symptoms of a cold or the flu, the real culprit for many Americans is poor indoor air quality, a top environmental health risk according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. While there may be no cure for the common cold, homeowners can begin taking simple steps right now to improve the quality of the air they breathe ... and their overall health.

Measuring Air Quality

When it comes to assessing whether an air quality problem exists at home, it is important to pay attention to our surroundings and to the signals our own bodies are sending us. Experiencing persistent cold- and flu-like symptoms is an indication that something may be wrong, especially if those symptoms seem to worsen at home. Other clues are visual. With careful observation we can spot problem areas that may indicate an air quality issues. Moisture condensing on windows and walls, mold and mildew 20


spots, and visible signs of water leakage all point to problems. Our sense of smell can also be a good guide, but it is important to pay special attention during the first moments after stepping indoors. “When I first come back from a trip, I try to smell for off odors, before my nose becomes acclimated,” says Jon Alexander, a Seattle-based builder and owner of Sunshine Construction who teaches healthy homes courses in conjunction with the American Lung Association, Built Green, and the Northwest Eco Building Guild. Other potential air quality issues may not be readily apparent. If poor air quality is suspected, it’s a good idea to get an expert assessment. Luckily, that service can be as free as the air we breathe. As part of its Master Home Environmentalist program, the American Lung Association offers Seattle residents home inspections at no cost. Trained volunteers identify problem areas in homes and apartments that could be making the occupants sick. The volunteer then develops an action plan to create a healthier home environment,

focusing on low-cost or free solutions. Those living outside the city of Seattle and those who want more indepth advice can work with a private contractor. Jon Alexander, who offers healthy home assessments, notes that he often finds large, easily correctible problems right away, as was the case when he visited a chemically sensitive client’s home in Tacoma. “She had flexible ducts in her crawlspace that had become disconnected, her furnace filter hadn’t been changed, and air was leaking from her garage into her bedroom. It was a nightmare.”

Stop Pollution At The Source

If a home assessment or simple observations suggest that an air quality problem exists, it’s time to take action. Start by eliminating indoor air pollutants at the source. One rule of thumb is to avoid introducing unnecessary chemicals and contaminants into the home environment. Things like cleaners and air fresheners can contain toxics and irritants and should be avoided. Recently dry-cleaned clothes should be aired out before they are brought indoors.

Other toxics may already be inside the home. Almost any house built prior to 1978 will likely have lead paint. Most hardware stores stock inexpensive testing kits. Asbestos, which was commonly used around ductwork and in flooring in older homes, is also a potential health hazard. It must be contained or removed by a professional abatement company. Thankfully, radon contamination is relatively rare in Seattle homes, but it’s still a good idea to test for it.

important. Trade out electrostatic filters for 2-inch pleated media filters. “Electronic ones are worse than having nothing if not cleaned once or twice a month,” says Alexander. Pleated filters need only to be replaced once or twice a year and offer superior filtration. Likewise, air ducts should be professionally cleaned once a year. Simply keeping a clean house goes a long way toward reducing allergens such as pet dander and dust mites. Choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter. “Many of the normal vacuums will just stir up dust and put particulates out in the air,” says Alexander.

Doable DIY Steps for Cleaner Indoor Air

The easiest and lowest cost thing people can do to improve their indoor air quality is to simply take off their shoes, says George Ostrow, president of Velocipede Architects. “Think about everywhere your feet have been just today. Would you want that inside your bedroom?” Controlling moisture is key to keeping mold and mildew at bay, and it’s important to keep indoor humidity levels in the 30 to 60 percent range. “Moisture is the enemy, and show-

Build it Tight. Vent it Right.

ers are the biggest offenders,” says Ostrow. He advises people to always run their bathroom exhaust fans during and after a shower and check to make sure that the fans are properly vented outdoors. Regularly checking and replacing furnace filters is also extremely

Eliminating sources of pollution is the first step, but it’s also important to provide a supply of fresh air to dilute and disperse any pollutants that linger indoors. Many older homes leak enough air to provide sufficient ventilation. However, newer homes, and those that have undergone an energy retrofit, need to have a mechanical system in place to bring in fresh air. As builders are succeeding at


Residential & Light Commercial Remodeling

Photo by Miguel Edwards

“This was my third major house remodel, and my very best experience by far!” Julie P., Queen Anne

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“On-time and under budget! Robert and his team were delightful to work with to build our dream kitchen.”

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making homes more and more air tight, many are turning to heat recovery ventilator (HRV) systems, which act like the lungs of a house. By using the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air, these systems can supply a steady stream of fresh, filtered outdoor air with very little heat loss. Another advantage of routing ventilation air through a dedicated system is that the source can be much cleaner. Often, if an old house has not been sealed, air will seep in from all over, including undesirable locations, such as garages and crawl spaces, which Ostrow describes as “nasty, forgotten places.”

Choose Wisely When Hiring a Professional

Unfortunately, not all architects and builders are equally

knowledgeable about indoor air quality, and jobsite practices can vary greatly. Seattle builder Mike Vacirca, owner of LastingNest, advises homeowners thinking about planning a renovation or construction project to ask lots of questions and demand best practices. Vacirca, who says he’s “one of the few builders around who’s actually asthmatic,” points out that good indoor air quality begins during construction. Employing special exhaust fans and plastic barriers are some of the ways responsible builders keep contamination in check. Using such containment methods, Jon Alexander and George Ostrow recently collaborated on a major renovation of a 1904 house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, which will be open to visitors April 26, during the NW Green Home Tour. They created a “clean room” on site to keep all ductwork pristine, so the ventilation system was completely clean when the owners moved in. In addition, they vacuumed the studs before installing insulation, ventilated the house regularly, and used only low-toxicity cleaners, caulks, adhesives and finishes.

Don’t Forget the Furnishings

No matter how much care was taken during the construction or renovation of a home, the choices homeowners make in furnishings can have a major impact on air quality. Whenever possible, choose hard flooring surfaces, like wood or tile, which harbor less dust, mold, heavy metals and other toxins than carpets. Mass-produced furniture is often made with particleboard containing formaldehyde glues, which can release toxins into the air. Choose solid wood furniture instead.

We All Deserve a Healthy Home Environment

Most air-quality issues are simple and inexpensive to correct, but it’s up to all of us to be vigilant and advocate for ourselves when changes need to be made. This is especially true for those living with allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. Find building professionals who are willing to listen and, if needed, evaluate construction materials before they are ever brought into the home. “The main goals,” says Jon Alexander, “should be to create homes that don’t hurt your health but actually enhance your health.”

t s e w h rt

NoGREEN HOME To u r 2O14

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January 2014



WHOLE FOOD Greater than the Sum of its Parts by Margie King


estern science is obsessed with deconstructing food, researching and analyzing its component parts, isolating the active ingredients, repackaging them in pills or powders and prescribing them in daily doses. But according to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of Food and Healing, this chemistry-based theory of nutrition is upside-down. Colbin, founder and CEO of the

Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, in New York City, has crafted her own nutrition theory based on more than 30 years of nutrition practice, teaching from a foundation that a whole food, like the complex human being consuming it, is greater than the sum of its parts. She defines whole foods as “those that nature provides and all the edible parts.” She limits them to those com-

You are unique.

That’s why the wrong vitamin is a waste of time and money.

The right one can change your life. 24


“There are 6 hidden causes to many of your health problems, and once you know what is causing YOURS, you know what to do to feel better. My examination specializes in finding the cause of your health problems and what you can do to feel better now.” Schedule today. Call (206) 523-0121

Green Lake Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing 9750 3rd Ave NE, Suite 103 Seattle, WA 98115

Dr. Steve Polenz DC, CN

prising one ingredient, such as plants, whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Animal foods are more challenging to categorize. Eggs are a whole food, but steaks are not, because they are one part of the entire animal. She includes small fish if we eat the head and bones, and small birds like quail. Whole milk is included, but not low-fat dairy. Colbin maintains that our bodies know the difference between a whole food and an aggregation of isolated nutrients. We have evolved over thousands of years to eat the food that nature presents to us, and if that food has been fragmented, the body realizes it and seeks what’s missing. For example, if we eat fragmented wheat like white bread, in which the bran and germ of the whole grain have been removed, the body will still be hungry and seek the missing part of the food, something with fiber or crunch. Likewise, health enthusiasts that devour wheat germ or wheat bran in isolation will also feel something is missing and may find themselves craving refined flour in the form of cake or other baked goods. Table sugar is another example, a fragment of sugar cane. Colbin calculates that it takes 17 feet of sugar cane to make one cup of sugar. What’s missing is mostly the cane’s water content and the result, she says, is that sugar makes you thirsty. It’s a big reason why when we drink a soda, ingesting an average equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar, we’re thirsty afterward and drink even more, creating a vicious cycle. Fruit juices are, by definition, a fragmented food. When we drink orange or grapefruit juice, all or most of the fiber from the raw fruit is obviously missing. Craving something to chew, we may reach for chips or something crunchy. Vegetable juices may yield the same result. Colbin cautions that while vitamin and mineral supplements can be helpful in treating specific conditions or deficiencies, they nevertheless comprise fragments of food at best. She notes that the body may have difficulty processing these isolated nutrients outside of the whole food.

Supportive studies include Kentucky’s University of Louisville School of Medicine comparison of the effects of the spice turmeric with those of its active ingredient, curcumin. Adding the whole food turmeric to the diet of rats reduced inflammation significantly, while curcumin alone was ineffective. Results suggested the difference may be explained by turmeric’s higher bioavailability. A Pennsylvania State University research review determined that although population studies consistently report that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables protects against cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, studies of antioxidant supplements did not show the same benefits. The difference may be that a whole foods diet naturally contains not only antioxidants, but a wide range of nutrients and compounds that may act synergistically to protect against diseases. Colbin goes further, suggesting that supplements may even make us less likely to want to eat vegetables and set us up for junk food cravings to balance out too many vitamins or minerals. Her advice is to use vitamins and supplements if medically required, but not every day and not for a lifetime. Her views are all about maintaining the natural balance in the foods that nature provides without worrying about striving for perfection or radical changes in diet. Colbin recommends aiming for 70 percent whole foods overall to keep everything in balance. Start by taking a few small changes, listen to the body to see if there’s a noticeable difference and adjust accordingly. Margie King is a former corporate attorney now working as a holistic health and nutrition coach and natural health copywriter from Philadelphia, PA. Connect via

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January 2014



Caring, Steering, Cheering

A Health Coach Helps Us Change for Good by Lauressa Nelson

A health or wellness coach integrated into a personal healthcare team can be critical to catalyzing sustainable change. Many people understand they need to modify their self-care, yet fail to take the optimal steps to make such a transformation happen.


hat we’ve discovered is that people don’t routinely change behavior due to education alone or out of fear. They change through partnership,” explains Linda Smith, a physician’s assistant and director of professional and public programs at Duke Integrative Medicine, in Durham, North Carolina. Coaching partnerships supply a supportive bridge between provider recommendations and patient implementations, she says, “significantly increasing the client’s ability to make changes successfully.” “Health coaching was absolutely essential to my health,” says Roberta Cutbill, a 72-year-old retired registered nurse in Greensboro, North Carolina, who considered her lifestyle relatively healthy when in her late 60s she experienced autoimmune and cardiac problems. “I have an excellent primary care doctor who, when these issues came up, told me that I needed to change my diet, thoughtfully down26


loaded a list of recommendations and sent me on my way. I still needed help with many things in order to make the changes,” recalls Cutbill, which is why she turned to a health coach at Duke Integrative Medicine. Margaret Moore, founder and CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, in Belmont, Massachusetts, identifies two primary forces that enable behavioral change: autonomous motivation (people want to do something for their own reasons, not because someone tells them to) and confidence (they believe they can do it). “The most powerful motivating forces of all are what you treasure most in life, your life purpose and contribution,” she remarks. Both Smith and Moore emphasize that the priorities in any health coaching relationship are client driven, based on the client’s chosen goals and

Hallmarks of a Good Health Coach by Margaret Moore In the past 10 years, approximately 10,000 health professionals have become coaches through dedicated training schools and university programs focused on life, corporate or health and wellness coaching. The selection of the right partner to help in the quest for lifelong wellness entails assessing the following qualifications. Credentials and training: A reputable health and wellness coach training program typically requires six months to two years of education, skills training and practice with clients, followed by a certification process that tests for knowledge and core competencies. Employment background: Additional desirable credentials in the medical, physical or mental health fields will likely include exercise physiology, physical therapy, psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, nursing or medicine. Structured relationship: A coach should be able to explain how coaching works and why successful results are more likely with a coach. Coaching sessions are typically conducted by phone and last between 30 and 60 minutes. Coaching services are generally not covered by insurance. Personal character: Effective health coaches are good listeners, interested in clients’ unique stories. They foster self-acceptance and self-respect, pointing out personal strengths, values and desires. Coaches engage, energize and challenge clients through a positive, non-judgmental focus, while at the same time asking courageous questions. As skilled partners, they help clients become clear about personal motivations and an overall vision for life, so that they can help design a detailed, attainable plan that successfully moves them toward fulfilling their goals. Margaret Moore is CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation and holds a master’s degree in business administration. Email her at or visit or

personal intrinsic motivators. Confidence in attaining ultimate success is built through positively framed experiments and experiences. “A health coach is trained to help clients break up their goals into manageable steps, focus on strengths, track progress and identify and overcome personal roadblocks,” explains Dr. Karen Lawson, an integrative physician and director of integrative health coaching at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, in Minneapolis. A helpful approach sets goals that can be met and exceeded, not insurmountable ones. “The key is always keeping a positive lens, helping clients see the progress they achieve,” continues Lawson. This involves speaking in terms of growth through trial and error, in which outcomes are explored without judgment and clients feel empowered to modify. This is vital, explains Moore, because experiencing at least a three-to-one ratio of positive to negative emotions creates the conditions for the brain to learn, change and thrive, making people feel more capable of taking care of their health. Mindful awareness is another essential tool; being self-aware and reflecting on what we are doing while it is happening. Unlike thinking, analyzing and planning, mindfulness involves observing while experiencing. During sessions, coaches use it to give their full attention in a non-judgmental way, modeling how clients can bring such compassion to themselves. A mindful state calms mental noise and puts reflective distance between individuals and their beliefs, emotions and behaviors. It improves their ability to handle negative emotions and to make a conscious choice to respond with a different attitude or new behavior, according to Moore. For Cutbill, maintaining a personal relationship with her coach over time has been the most significant factor in the improvement of her health. “The relationship was healing, because my coach regularly pointed out my progress with profound encouragement and validation. I wish all primary care doctors had health coaches on staff to help them and their patients attain the success they both are aiming for.”

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Weekend Certificate Programs & Seminars • Aromatherapy • Hypnotherapy • Indigenous Wisdom Teachings • Medical Qigong • CranioSacral Therapy • Homeopathy Acute Care Plus many other mind-body-spirit seminars

FREE Info Session

Wed, Jan 8 or April 9, 6-9 p.m. 425.602.3152

Lauressa Nelson is an editor and contributing writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

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January 2014


calendarofevents NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by the 12th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. Alternatively, visit to submit online.



Sahaja Meditation – Ongoing Thursdays. 7-8pm. This workshop helps one relax while being guided in meditation. Community Room, Crossroads Mall, Bellevue.

Inner Illumination - An evening of Meditation – 6-7:30pm. Join Jenn Hill for an invigorating evening of restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation in an illuminated relaxation room made entirely of Himalayan crystal salt. Breathe the salted air, absorb the warm glow, enjoy the quiet of the cave and meditate and practice restorative yoga together. Register: 425-497-9666.

Affirmations for a New You – Thursdays through January 16. 7:30-9pm. Learn to foster and support intentions with affirmations in this 3-week class. Study and practice the techniques from Paramhansa Yogananda’s popular book, Scientific Healing Affirmations. $30 plus text. Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell. Registration required. 425-806-3700.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 3 Write Yourself a Love Letter to Awaken Your Best Life – 7:30-9 pm. Mary Anne Radmacher will read from her latest book, She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman. Radmacher will also discuss the importance of Love Letters in an extraordinary life. $10 or Free with Saturday Workshop. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle. 206-523-3726.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 5 Sunday Morning Meditation Class – Ongoing Sundays. 10-11:30am. Classes include clear teachings, meditations, and prayers in the inspiring Kadampa World Peace Temple. All are welcome. Donations accepted. Kadampa Meditation Center, 6556 24th Ave NW, Seattle. 206-526-9565. Meditation Hour – Ongoing Sundays. 11am12pm. Every Sunday a guided meditation is presented by a CDM minister or guest presenter. Spiritual techniques such as grounding, centering and focusing in the present are taught and everyone can participate. Topics include creating change in one’s life, changing energy to heal one’s self and owning one’s space. Free. CDM Spiritual Teaching Center, 2402 Summit Ave, Everett. 425-258-1449.

Love Without Fear – Tuesdays through January 21. 7-8:30pm. January 7: Love with Confidence: Know Thyself. January 14: Love without Attachment: Support. January 21: Loving the Journey: Forgiveness. $40/series or $15/class. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt, Seattle. Registration required. 425-806-3700.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8 Free Program Info Session – 6-9pm. Spend an evening exploring a variety of our new non-credit programs. Meet the instructors. Ask the questions and enjoy mini-workshops on two of the topics of your choice. Topics include: CranioSacral, Hypnotherpay, Indigenous Wisdom Teachings, Medical Qigong, Homeopathy Acute Care, and Aromatherapy. Free. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152. Breath Series – January 8, 15, 22. 6:15-8:15pm. The Breath Series is the opportunity to breathe with a small group of people: learn about breath patterns, increase breath capacity, clear past traumas and stagnant energy. Support health, vitality and inner peace by working on breath, the fundamental building block of life. Prerequisite, Breath Session. $150. 1415 NW 70th, Ste 200, Seattle. Registration required. 206-769-0040.

tHURSDAY, JANUARY 9 Women's Breath Series – January 9, 16, 23. 9:45-11:45am. The Women's Breath Series is the opportunity to breathe with a small group of women: learn about breath patterns, increase breath capacity, clear past traumas and stagnant energy.

Natural Choice Directory of Puget Sound

Support health, vitality and inner peace by working on breath, the fundamental building block of life. Prerequisite, Breath Session. $150. 1415 NW 70th, Ste 200, Seattle. Registration required. 206769-0040. Energy Meditation Workshop – 11am-12:30pm. Connect with tarot, crystals and gemstones in the salt crystal temple. Through the energy of the tarot cards embark on a guided meditation that will lead to self and environment balancing. Please bring a stone or crystal to purify and charge. 425-497-9666. Essential Oil Lotions for Healthy, Youthful & Clear Skin – 6-9pm. Essential oils offer luxurious healing and protective properties for skin and beauty health. Learn to use the anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, anti-microbial and detoxifying properties that go beyond the superficial results of most commercial products. $35-$65. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 10 Herbs and Healing for Longevity – 7:309pm. Ancient healing traditions and modern science come together in this engaging presentation by K.P. Khalsa, American Herbalist Guild President. Khalsa will show how herbs can help improve circulation and resistance to disease, heighten brain function and increase energy and vitality. $20. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle. 206-523-3726.

SAtURDAY, JANUARY 11 Reiki Energy Healing Class – January 11-12. Learn to heal with one's hands, bringing one back to optimum health and balance. Learn self-healing and to provide reiki treatments for people and animals. 12 CE Credits offered to Massage Therapists. $250. West Seattle. Registration required. 808-385-4661. Food and Mood: An Exploration of the MindBody Connection – 10:30am-12:00pm. With Christy Hofsess, PhD, and Amy Frasieur, MS. Explore which nutrients are essential in regulating health and wellness and how mindfulness supports optimal well-being. Free. Bastyr Center for Natural Health, 3670 Stone Way N, Seattle. 206-834-4100. Whole Foods: Vegetarian Basics & Beyond – 1-5pm. Join us in this “basics and beyond” class as we de-mystify how to healthfully eat a whole foods diet as a vegetarian. $45-$65. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 12 Transformational Breathing Workshop – 121pm. Transformational Breathing, is a complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life. In learning how to relax and open breath, facilitate the natural healing process for all types of trauma, change how one responds to life and experience greater joy and inner peace. 425-497-9666,

Green Resources • Natural Health Food & Supplements • Mind & Spirit

Your Choice for a Sustainable Future 425.373.1987 28


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Intro to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction – 6:30-8:30pm. Meditation can help one feel, sleep, and cope better while improving self-esteem and renewing enthusiasm for life and work. Bring a friend for an interactive and informative evening to learn what Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is all about. This is also an orientation to the popular MBSR class which runs on Tuesdays, Jan. 21 to March 18. Free. Bastyr Center for Natural Health, 3670 Stone Way, Seattle. Registration required. 425-602-3152.

MindBodyChi Health Workshop, Ancient Eastern Wisdom of Self-Healing – January 1819. With Master Shan-Tung Hsu, Ph.D. Discover ancient wisdom of self-healing through breathing techniques, meridian awakening exercises, chi energy exercises, acupressure techniques to alleviate pain, nutritional guidance and more. $250. Belltown Community Center, 415 Bell St, Seattle. Registration required. 206-523-3946.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15 Free Meditation Class – 6-7pm. With Mary Davis RN. Learn the mind body health benefits of meditation, and leave with an easy daily practice. Davis brings to the class a background of 35 years in Family Practice, 40 years of meditation, and Chopra Center Teacher Certification. Free. Seattle Healing Arts Center, 6300 9th Ave NE, Seattle, WA. 206-679-9620. Weigh to Go! – Wednesdays through March 12. 6-7pm. Weigh to Go is a nine-week weight management and lifestyle program that combines individual counseling with weekly group sessions to help one meet their personal goals for a healthier lifestyle. $300 for nine weeks. Bastyr Center for Natural Health, 3670 Stone Way N, Seattle. Registration required. 206-925-4662. Vegetarians of Washington Monthly Dining Event – 6:30pm. One does not have to be a vegetarian to enjoy delicious vegetarian food. Enjoy a gourmet, multi-course vegetarian dinner catered by a different restaurant or chef each month, hear an insightful speech on a key vegetarian topics and meet lots of interesting people. Children are welcome. $15 plus tax for members, $20 plus tax for guests and non members. The Mount Baker Club. Registration required. 206-706-2635.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 17 Self Care for the Self Aware – 7:30-9pm. Dave Markowitz, author of Healing With Source, will explain how sensitivities may be the root cause of pain or illness. He has intuited a 5-step process that helps empaths see their gifts as a blessing and not a curse, and also helps them give back what isn’t theirs. $15. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle. 206-523-3726.

Revitalize Your Life - Holistic Health Retreat – January 18-23. Lodging, meals, classes, workshops, excursions and personalized health assessments included. Sponsored by Lime and Lotus and Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen. $1995.00. L'Auberge de Sedona Resort and Spa, 301 L'Auberge Lane, Sedona. 714-465-9045. Learn to Meditate – 9am-12pm. Take a break and enjoy a morning of meditation and quiet. Course includes instructions on calming the mind and turning it in a positive and optimistic direction. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience necessary. $20. Kadampa Meditation Center, 6556 24th Ave NW, Seattle. 206-526-9565. Introduction to Homeopathy – 9:30am-5pm. Learn the knowledge and tools to quickly, safely and inexpensively treat acute illnesses and injuries for one's self, family members or patients with homeopathy. $45-$95. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152.

West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt, Seattle. 425-8063700.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22 Indigenous Wisdom Teachings: Energetic Armour - Protecting & Strengthening Your Energy Body – Wednesdays through February 5. 6-9pm. In a world where people encounter negativity, toxicity and misuse of power, one must be attentive to protecting their self and environment from intrusive energies. Attain ancient knowledge shared by the medicine men and women of the Americas which will support one in personal life. $125$205. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152. Tuning Fork Meditation – 6:30-8pm. An energy meditation that will utilize the power of sound through vibration. Using tuning forks as a tool we will tap into the bodies healing centers. 425-4979666.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 The Toltec Path of Transformation – 7:30-9 pm. Through their ability to perceive energy directly, the Toltec created specific techniques for opening up the heart and intuition. HeatherAsh Amara will discuss how to use ancient shamanic wisdom to experience more love and unconditional acceptance and how to "see" and work with the underlying energetic patterns that create struggle or foster ease and ow. $10 or Free with book purchase. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle. 206523-3726.


Yogasana Intensive #4: Yoga for an Active Lifestyle – 1:30-4:30pm. This is the 4th in a series of 9 workshops designed to explore the physical, astral, and causal aspects of yoga postures. Appropriate for all levels and for students considering Yoga Teacher Training. $50 or $225 for 5 workshops. Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell. Registration required. 425-806-3700.


FREE FREE Certification Training USUI REIKI 1 I USUI REIKI Certification Training

Certification Learn Energy Medicine at the Reiki Ranch Training

Learn Energy Medicine MONDAY, JANUARY 20 at the Reiki Ranch Attract Health & Wealth With Ease Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi – 7:30-9:00pm. The message of nonviolence as a means of achieving social justice grows each year in relevance and importance to the world today. In this annual tribute to these two great souls, we combine music with selected readings to tell their personal stories of courage and of faith. Presented by East West staff members and members of Ananda Meditation Temple. Free. East

FREE Usui Reiki 1 Certification Training: s 3ATURDAY 3EPTEMBER  6ALUE OF CLASS  ˆ 9OUR COST :%2/ • 2EGISTRATION For yourself and others! AT  AM #LASS AT  AMn PM

• Reiki Find and delete energy blockages in moments 1-2-3Training: Weekend: FREE Usui Reiki 1 Certification a Reiki Master for only $200! • Become Get rid of ancient family curses 3ATURDAYn3UNDAY 3EPTEMBER n s 3ATURDAY 3EPTEMBER  • s Find the root cause of any disease and delete it • Improve relationships and/or attract a mate Laser Reiki:%2/ Basics – 4-days of hands-on 6ALUE OF CLASS  ˆ 9OUR COST FREE Usui Reiki I Certification Training: 2EGISTRATION AT  AM #LASS AT •  Saturday, February 8 AMn PM Taylore and Roi have been training Reiki Masters since 1994. 16 hours of CEUs available.

Attract Health and Wealth with Ease



Reiki 1-2-3 Weekend: Reiki 1-2-3 Weekend: Become a Reiki Master for only $200! Become a Reiki Master for only $200! • Saturday-Sunday, February 8 s 3ATURDAYn3UNDAY 3EPTEMBER n Taylore and Roi have been training Reiki Masters since 4HURSDAY 3UNDAY /CTOBER   s WWWLASERREIKICOM

Reiki Ranch is located near Chehalis, WA ˆ ONLY  HOURS NORTH OF 0ORTLAND AND   SOUTH OF 3EATTLE Email: s (360) 748-4426

1994. 16 hours of CEUs availlable.

Taylore and Roi have been training Reiki Masters since 1994. MONTHLY DINING 16EVENT hours of CEUs available.

Wednesday January 15th, 6:30pm at the Mount Baker Community Club, Seattle

Reiki Ranch is located near Chehalis, WA - only 1.5 hours south of Seattle and 1.5 hours north of Portland.

Laser Reiki Basics – 4-days of hands-on

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to enjoy a delicious multi-course vegetarian dinner. Catered by a different restaurant or chef each month. $15 plus tax for members, $20 plus tax for guests, children half-price. or 206 706 s 2635 for YOURSELF reservations.AND OTHERS &OR

Attract Health and Wealth with Ease Email: Call: (360) 748-4426



SAtURDAY, JANUARY 25 Explore Bastyr Open House – 8:30am-3:00pm. You're invited to our biggest event of the year for prospective students. Spend the day at the most respected school of natural health arts and sciences meeting our faculty, students and staff and learning about our degree and certificate programs. Free. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3108. Understanding ADHD and Treatment Options – 10:30am-12pm. Katherine Raymer, MD, says natural medicine can offer a helpful perspective on behavioral disorders, along with alternatives or additions to conventional medical care. Free. Bastyr Center for Natural Health, 3670 Stone Way N, Seattle. 206-834-4100. SewUpSeattle Free Sewing Session – 11am-1pm. Bring your own project and machine or create with our donated fabrics and machines. Men and women of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Free. Sewing Room in Denny Park Lutheran Church, 766 John St, Seattle. Registration required. 206784-7117. Heart Centered Meditation – 2:30-4pm. Learn easy to do quick meditation techniques to help center, calm and focus the mind and bring one into deeper connection with spirit. 425-497-9666.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 26 Breath & Sound Healing Introduction – 5-7pm. All are welcome to attend the Breath and Sound introduction. Learn the importance of breath and enjoy a full breath session while bathed in the healing sounds of the Tao Lyres and metal gongs. $40. Soma Yoga Studio, 1423 NW 70th St, Seattle. Registration required. 206-769-0040.

MONDAY, JANUARY 27 Prenatal Meditation – 11:30am-12:30pm. In this time in the salt room be led through breathwork, meditation and focus energy on one's womb. This event is led by a birth doula that can safely guide in healthy connection with one's body and baby. 425-497-9666.

tHURSDAY, JANUARY 30 Raja and Hatha Yoga Intensive – Thursdays through April 17. 6-9:15pm. Learn how to meditate and how to practice the yoga postures in the way they were originally intended: as a priceless aid to inner unfoldment. Also offered on Tuesdays, January 28 through April 15 in Seattle. Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell. Registration required. 425-806-3700.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 31 Free Meditation Talk – 7-8:30pm. With Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Khedrub. Learn simple and practical advice about how to use mindfulness to cultivate. Sponsored by Kadampa Meditation Center. Free. Bellevue Art Museum, 510 Bellevue Way NE , Bellevue. 206-526-9565. Evolution, Regression and Now – 7:30-9pm. Dr.



Linda Backman will show how Soul Regression Hypnotherapy can shine a light on one's past and relate to one's current life contract. $15 or Free with Saturday workshop. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle. 206-523-3726.

SAtURDAY, FEBRUARY 1 Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals: Health Impacts & How to Reduce Exposure – 9am-5pm. Scientific evidence indicates that endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) that mimic estrogen contribute to the increased incidence of breast cancer in women and decreased fertility in men. These dangerous chemicals are everywhere in our lives. Find out where they are, what they do to our bodies, and how to avoid them. $125. Kenmore WA, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152. Hypnotherapy: Awareness & Integration – February 1-2 and 22-23. 9am-5pm. Focus on the mind/body connection. Discover the root cause of unwanted behaviors, resolving inner conflict, receiving wisdom from the subconscious mind, and making better life choices. $575$685. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3059.

save the date SAtURDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Massage Made Easy – 9:30am-5:30pm. Learn the basic massage strokes to relieve aching muscles, relax a tense body, or just offer comfort. Receive hands-on experience giving simple massage to the neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, hands and feet. Enroll at full price and a friend or partner enrolls free. $125/couple. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9 Tracking Energy: Awakening the Seer & Healer Within – 9am-6pm. Enrich one's orientation to life by facilitating personal healing and growth. Engage the four archetypal animal energies of Amazonia Cosmology as one accesses and explores the energetic soul stories that seek to be heard and healed. $175-$205. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr. NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-6023152.

SAtURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 The Garden as Healer: Cultivating a Children's Growing Garden – 10am-5pm. We'll discuss the cultivation of medicinal non-toxic edible plants used in the treatment of many simple childhood woes. Follow each species from seed to medicinal application, and through growing a garden teach children early in life to love the earth, and develop respect for plants and nature. $85. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152.

SAtURDAY, FEBRUARY 22 "JoyIAm" Training for Overcoming Stress, Anxiety & Depression Naturally – February

22-23. 9am-4:30pm. Treating stress, anxiety or depression with psychotropic medications can do incredible harm to long-term physical and mental health. Learn an integrated method of mind-body-spirit psychotherapy that will support one or their clients to naturally overcome these challenging emotional issues. $225-$275. Bastyr University, 14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore. Registration required. 425-602-3152.

SAtURDAY, MARCH 1 Shamanism, Dying & Beyond – 9:30am-4pm. With Beth Beurkens, M.A. Learn how to deal with the issue of dying and the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective. The workshop is both for those who wish to learn for themselves, and for those who wish to help others. Sponsored by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. $235. Seattle. Registration required. 541-708-0473.

SAtURDAY, MARCH 8 Adam Dreamhealer – International author, speaker, Native American healer and doctor of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Adam McLeod, will be presenting a full-day conference at Bastyr University. Maximize one's own healing potential and learn techniques to focus intentions embracing self-empowerment. Registration required. The Keys to Health and Happiness – Saturdays through April 5. 10-11am. With Mary Davis, RN. This 5-week class is designed to teach simple techniques to improve health, decrease stress and increase overall happiness. $150. Meditate Seattle Studio, 2145 Boyer Ave E, Seattle, WA. Registration required. 206-679-9620.

SAtURDAY, APRIL 26 The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild sponsors the fourth annual Green Home Tour. Site hosts are now invited to feature their homes. For more information:


Natural Mattress 100% Natural Latex Organic Cotton Chemical Free “Locally crafted, these beds give full body comfort and support. Earth’s best mattress at Seattle’s best price.” TL

4033 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle 206-419-9550

naturaldirectory Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Natural Directory, email to request our media kit.


Manufacturer and retailer of natural, chemicalfree latex mattresses designed to provide a comfortable and supportive alternative to traditional spring mattresses. See ad page 30.


Committed to providing 100% pure cotton diapers for your baby. Convenient weekly pickup and delivery of cloth diapers and accessories. Better for baby’s skin, more sustainable than washing at home. See ad page 19.

dentists INTEGRATIVE DENTISTRY 9730 3rd Ave NE, Suite 205 Seattle, WA 98115 206-367-6453

We are a holistic dental practice specializing in safe mercury filling removal, non-surgical periodontal care, and TMJ/ orthodontic treatments. We welcome new patients!


6921 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115 206-525-0363 At m’illumino, we are dedicated to your transformation through movement. Take a class, try private sessions, discover your own innate grace. See ad page 12.

Fee for classifieds is $1.00 per word per month. To place listing, email content to Deadline is the 12th of the month.


503-282-0436 Live more sustainably with GladRags washable menstrual pads and menstrual cups. Join the community of women who have decided to make a lower carbon footprint every month!




MASSAGE Tui Mullein LMP – Licensed Massage Practitioner has ten years experience integrating Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Acutonics and herbal therapies in the Seward Park area. Schedule an appointment at 206-721-1165. MA18798.

QIGONG Five Mountains Institute of Qigong and Taijiquan – Live Healthier. Sustain Vitality. Classes in Embracing the Taoist Tradition. Dennis Sharp, Certified Instructor. 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle. 425-775-9609.



Kaitlyn Mirison Bring your heart to light. Individually designed program to connect with the essence of you and contribute that unique element into the world. Free online community call open to everyone. Explore topics relevant to bring your heart to light. Go to website for registration and details:

Lift Your Spirits With Dena Marie!

425-350-5448 Dena Marie is an author, Reiki master and teacher, focusing on personal development and spiritual growth using the Chakra system. She has a passion for teaching Reiki to both adults and teens. She enjoys giving Reiki treatments, Chakra readings, Feng Shui consultations and workshops that will Lift Your Spirits! Individual sessions by appointment 425-350-5448.

Transform your life with Reiki! $20 off your first Reiki visit or class. 206-285-8350.


Jeri Warlick Holistic energy work, crystal healing and aromatherapyprivate and group sessions. Sacred design services residential/commercial, indoor/ o u t d o o r. S p e c i a l i z i n g i n meditation spaces.Custom Intuitively designed talismans/healing jewelry.


206-722-2665 Kanjin Yoga is a path to abundant health and wellness helping people live better inside their bodies. Specializing in Yoga Nidra, Gentle Hatha Yoga, we offer classes and workshops for groups and organizations.

natural awakenings

January 2014


“Taking Raja was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was life changing! Just do it!” C.R. “This course has been very beneficial in deepening my yoga and meditation practice. It really goes beyond words! The staff at Ananda are warm, friendly and good at what they do. I am thankful to have been part of this course!” K.T. Taught by Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway & Muralic Venkatrao in Bothell; Nayaswami Susan McGinnis & Michelle Marshall in Seattle

Ananda The Art & Science of

Raja Yoga Three-Month Intensive in Meditation, Yoga, & the Eight-Fold Path Begins January 28 in Seattle; January 30 in Bothell • 425-806-3700

January 2014 - Seattle Natural Awakenings  

January 2014 issue

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