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February 2018 | Seattle Edition |


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elcome to the February issue of Seattle Natural Awakenings magazine! Why do some people rise above adversity, finding purpose and a path in the midst of hardship, while others succumb to self-pity or doubt? I’m not going to suggest that it’s always because of inner strength, or the right mindset. I think our material circumstances have a lot to do with our choices, and it’s natural to feel frustrated or held back by a run of bad luck, or a lack of privilege. However, within the hand of cards that we’ve been dealt, there are a few tricks for making the best of a setback. One is what I used to tell students when I taught horse riding lessons, which is to keep your vision soft and take in everything–when I taught riding lessons, this was literal; today, I remind myself of the metaphorical applications of this idea. Too often, fear pushes us into survival mode and results in “tunnel vision,” which allows us to focus on what we need to do next to make it through our harrowing ordeal, but cuts us off from a fuller and bigger understanding of our conditions. When we soften our gaze, perhaps literally and most certainly metaphorically, suddenly more options become available to us, and opportunities or alternatives that were hiding in the shadows become drawn into our field of vision. Simply quieting the nervous system, taming our fear responses, and developing a centering practice (mediation, yoga, etc) can help in overcoming adversity, because it softens our vision and helps us take in the entire holistic world in front of us, and from that we can create new possibilities. There’s lots to explore in this issue–enjoy! To your health and happiness,

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natural awakenings

February 2018


news briefs

Gina Sala Leads Power of Love Sound School

Author and Teacher Jack Allis to Present at East West Bookshop


ocal chanting practitioner and teacher Gina Sala will lead a yearlong school over four immersive weekends beginning Feb. 24 and 25 at a private home in Shoreline, plus teleconferences, called the Awakening Voice Power of Love Sound School. “This is a year long program that includes a rooted, systematic approach to gaining tools for balance and transformation, freedom and stability, awakening to bliss and peace in turbulent times,” Sala says. “I’ll guide you to use the power of your inner and outer voice to bring more wholeness, joy, empowerment, love, to yourself, and to those around you as you are called.” Sala says that participants grow in confidence and clarity, feeling the joy of sharing, and shining their unique gifts in ways some never expected to feel. “These practices are here to help you live more freely as who you are,” she continues. Sala, who began chanting as a child, has been leading retreats and classes for over 20 years in empowering, heart opening and healing sound practices. Her repertoire spans 23 languages and her performance credits include Cirque du Soleil, the U.N., and festivals internationally. Sala will also lead a retreat to Yelapa, Mexico, March 10-17 called the Ocean of Devotion Sound Wellness Retreat. For more information and program costs: Info@GinaSala. com or 425-238-3805.

AMETHYST BY THE SEA Asian Abdominal Healing; Chi Nei Tsang B. Brennan Energy Medicine (in person and long distance). MELT Hand and Foot treatments and classes. Distributor of Amethyst Far InfraRed BioMats.

Caryn Boyd Diel | 505-670-3538 Offices in Bellingham and Mt. Vernon 6



ack Allis, author of Creating the New World According to the Ancient Wisdom, will offer a ceremonial presentation at East West Bookshop on Feb. 22 from 7-8:30 p.m. Admission is $20 and registration is required at This ceremonial presentation by Jack Allis is based on his new novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, a story from Hopi prophesy about the coming of the Blue and Red Kachinas. According to Allis, this signals a paradigm shift, and opportunity to learn about creating the new world according to this ancient wisdom. “We’ll explore this ancient wisdom and discuss what forces must come into play, plus talk about how we defeat the old paradigm matrix,” Allis says. “There’s a question here about the part that each of us plays, and we’ll address our role in this world too,” he continues, explaining that he’ll also demonstrate the power of ceremony to make this happen, with prayer, chanting and music offered for audience participation. Allis, who practices living sustainably in the remote mountains, has written several other books and produced two DVDs. His most recent novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, tells the epic story that follows ancient Hopi prophesy about a small sustainable community in the remote mountains, which survives economic and climate devastation to see the dawning of a new world, the world of the Fifth Sun. Allis was in private practice in cognitive psychotherapy in Santa Barbara and Ventura from 1989 until 2001, when he moved to Wisconsin, before later moving to Shasta, California to focus on writing and teaching. Register at For more information:

Systemic Dentist Offers Free Dental Screenings


Salt Mine Arium Celebrates Five Year Anniversary With Specials


ellevue’s Salt Mine Arium has a lot to celebrate at this month’s upcoming five-year anniversary on Friday Feb. 23 and Saturday, Feb. 24. To thank their loyal, devoted clientele, owners Annett and Matthias Riebe will offer full-length salt therapy sessions in the salt chambers for only $15 with a reservation, and their huge selection of Himalayan Salt Lamps and candles will be 50 percent off. Relaxing in zero-gravity recliners to breathe tiny salt crystals is mostly what happens in the spa’s beautifully designed, glowing salt chambers. This passive healing process is called ‘halotherapy,’ and it is a holistic approach to healing the respiratory tract and nervous system. This treatment is beneficial for clients with allergy, cold cough, bronchitis, asthma and more but also for clients who just want to relax. Ann, please check this sentence of grammer!!! Thanks Annett In addition to this uniquely peaceful experience, spa clients may also now enjoy massage, reiki, and a variety of special events including meditations, reiki, sound healing, and couples massages. The Salt Mine Arium invites clients, friends, and neighbors to shop the especially low prices on anniversary days as a way to thank their repeat clients for five years of exceptional support and return business. Shop around and relax, bring your friends - the Riebes have created an architectural masterpiece and are always focused on giving their clients a memorable, satisfying experience. Salt Mine Arium’s fifth anniversary celebration takes place Friday Feb. 23 and Saturday, Feb. 24, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Salt sessions are on sale for $15 (reservations required). Salt Mine Arium is located at 1850 130th Ave NE, Suite 4, Bellevue. For more information: SaltMine or 425497-9666.

r. Panahpour of Systemic Dentist has announced Dental Cultures for Healthy Hearts, a free monthly community screening to check for the bacteria present in both heart and gum disease. Patients will be able to view the live bacteria swimming in their teeth and learn if they are the same kinds of bacteria that are also present in patients suffering from heart disease. “Scientists and the medical community agree the same bacteria are present in both heart disease and gum disease,” Dr. Panahpour explains. “Since heart disease is the number one killer worldwide, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we had a way to talk about heart disease regularly, before some of the more grave symptoms appeared?” Dr. Panahpour, considered by many to be a leader in holistic, systemic dentistry, is also the author of The Good Dentist. His goal is to show that dentists can be a more integrated part of every person’s overall medical care team, and that heart disease conversations can happen as conveniently as a six month teeth cleaning. Dental Cultures for Healthy Hearts appointments will be offered the last Tuesday of every month from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Systemic Dentist, 14205 SE 36th Street #365, Bellevue. Free. Appointment required. or 888-338-6336.

Glass Quest Returns to Camano Island and Stanwood


he Great NW Glass Quest returns to Stanwood and Camano Island Feb. 16-25. Visitors from all over the region are invited to search for “clue balls” that can be redeemed for a unique, handblown glass ball created by world-renowned glass artists, Mark and Marcus Ellinger. Over a dozen of these balls will be hidden throughout Camano Island and Stanwood, with their release spaced out during the course of the event. Clue balls redeemable for a glass hand-blown ball may be found in parks, stores and shops, restaurants and other public locations. The event offers the opportunity to explore Camano Island while enjoying the extra adventure of Glass Quest. The Great NW Glass Quest takes place Feb. 16-25. Free. For more information: natural awakenings

February 2018



A study of more than 50,000 people in the Czech Republic by the Seventh-Day Adventist Loma Linda University, in California, found that those that made breakfast their largest meal of the day had lower body mass index (BMI) levels. Lunch as the largest daily meal showed the next best results. The researchers concluded that timing and frequency of meals play a role in predicting weight loss or gain. The two factors associated with higher BMI were eating more than three meals a day (snacks were counted as extra meals) and making dinner the day’s largest meal.

Moderate Exercise Guards Against Depression In Exercise and the Prevention of Depression, a study of 33,908 adults in Norway by the University of New South Wales, researchers found that one hour of exercise a week reduced depression in 12 percent of the subjects. The purpose of the study was to address whether exercise protects against new-onset depression and anxiety and if so, the intensity and amount of exercise required. They concluded that regular leisure-time exercise of any intensity provides protection against future depression, but not anxiety. Thus, increasing the population of people exercising may provide public mental health benefits and prevent a substantial number of new cases of depression. Seattle 8

Chocolate and Olive Oil Help Heart Health Cardiologist Rossella Di Stefano, with the University of Pisa, in Italy, led a study of 26 people and determined that eating a combination of dark chocolate and olive oil improved cholesterol levels and blood pressure after 28 days. She says, “Fruits and vegetables exert their protective effects through plant polyphenols found in cocoa, olive oil and apples. We found that eating small, daily portions of dark chocolate with added natural polyphenols from extra-virgin olive oil was associated with an improved cardiovascular risk profile. Our study suggests that extra virgin olive oil might be a good food additive to help preserve our ‘repairing cells’.”



Research from the University of Texas at Arlington reported in The FASEB Journal, published by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, has found that zinc supplements can inhibit or slow the growth of esophageal cancer cells. The research also found that zinc deficiency is common among throat cancer patients. Zinc-rich foods include spinach, flax seeds, beef, pumpkin seeds and seafood such as shrimp and oysters.

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Zinc Inhibits Throat Cancer


health briefs

MaxFXBillion Photos

Antidepressants in Pregnancy Linked to Autism A study by the University of Bristol, England, of 254,610 young people from Stockholm showed that children born to mothers taking antidepressants during pregnancy had more than a 4 percent risk of autism, compared to less than a 3 percent risk in children born to mothers with psychiatric conditions not on antidepressants. Depression is common in women of childbearing age, with 3 to 8 percent of pregnant European women prescribed antidepressants. But with 95 percent of them bearing children without autism, the risks and benefits must be carefully weighed, say researchers.


Mindfulness Reduces Alcohol Cravings In a randomized, double-blind experiment published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, University College London researchers found that among 68 heavy drinkers, just 11 minutes of recorded mindfulness training reduced drinking. Subjects were closely matched with an active control group that was taught relaxation techniques. Seven days later, the mindfulness group on average drank 9.3 fewer units of alcohol, roughly equal to three pints of beer, while the relaxation group showed no drop in alcohol consumption.

THIRD-PERSON SELF-TALK AIDS IN EMOTIONAL CONTROL As reported in Scientific Reports, two studies of 37 and 52 people at Michigan State University have discovered that talking to ourselves in the third person using statements like, “Why is John upset?” instead of, “Why am I upset?” can help improve our ability to control our emotions. Everyone occasionally engages in internal monologue, an inner voice that guides our moment-to-moment reflections. Now, scientists believe that the language used in the process influences actions differently. The premise is that third-person self-talk leads us to think about ourselves similarly to how we think about others, which provides the psychological

Thermography Screening • No Compression/Painless • Safe/Radiation Free • M.D. Interpreted • FDA Registered

Half Body - $350 | Full Body - $430

317 NW Gilman Blvd. #44 Issaquah, WA 98027 425-677-8430 |

Ingrid Adams, CCT, Ursula Walker, CCT Thermography

“This is a comfortable experience that provides fabulous information for taking charge of your health.” -Jenny L.

Includes breast, dental/sinus, full back, uterus, intestines, most major organs, etc.

Breast - Initial/Yearly $225 Breast - 90 Day Baseline $175

“I had an excellent experience. What a joy to have scans that aren’t painful!!!” -Jane H.

natural awakenings

Thermography February 2018


global briefs

Range Brutality

Renewable Payoff Germany Undergoes an Energy Renaissance

Last May, Germany’s renewable energy mix of solar, wind, hydropower and biomass generated so much power for a few hours that customers actually got paid for using electricity. The country’s renewable power sources generate 88 percent of total electricity demand, and growing wind power assets alone are expected to make the phenomenon a regular occurrence. When this happens, commercial producers either close power stations to reduce the electricity supply or pay consumers to take it off the grid.

Anastasija Popova/

As we went to press, the fate of 90,000 wild horses and burros depended on Congressional action, as the U.S. Senate and House were hammering out differences in the delayed 2018 spending bill. The Senate version vowed to fund “humane and viable options” to the animal euthanasia allowed in the House bill. Last October, the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board recommended that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) achieve its on-range population goal of 26,715 wild horses and burros while also phasing out the use of long-term holding facilities within three years. Killing tens of thousands of healthy animals would “be a betrayal of millions of taxpayers that want wild horses protected as intended in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act,” says Neda DeMayo, president of Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation. BLM has been tasked by Congress with the responsibility of protecting wild horses and other wildlife. The agency has balked at using affordable fertility control, despite ample

xujun /

Shooting Wild Horses and Burros

Auto Revolution

China, the world’s largest car market, is planning to stop production and sales of traditional energy vehicles in favor of electric vehicles (EV), and the decision has sped up competitive development by U.S. automakers. General Motors is promising to launch at least 20 new electric vehicles in the next six years. “General Motors believes the future is all-electric,” says Mark Reuss, the company’s head of product development. The falling cost of lithium-ion batteries also brings a tipping point into view, observers say. By 2025 it’s possible that electric drivetrains will have no cost disadvantage compared with internal combustion engines. Technology is fast resetting the outlook for what cars can do, how consumers use them and how much an EV will cost. Tesla, Ford and Japanese and European companies are also responding to what’s being called both “the age of electricity”, and “the age of personalized transportation”. 10


andrea lehmkuhl/

Industry Revs Up for Electric Car Future

Bureaucratic Bungle



Yongyut Kumsr/

Monsanto Still Gaming the System

Sealife Sanctuary Greenpeace Lobbies to Create Huge Antarctic Preserve

The South Pole is Earth’s last uninhabited outpost, and Greenpeace seeks to establish an Antarctic sanctuary of almost threequarters of a million square miles in the Weddell Sea adjacent to the vast continent that would protect whales, penguins and other wildlife. The nonprofit has called for governments to show greater vision and ambition. Frida Bengtsson, head of the Greenpeace Antarctic campaign, states, “Over the next 12 months, we have an opportunity to make history: to create an Antarctic Ocean sanctuary which would be the largest protected area on Earth.” She notes that it would also ensure healthier oceans that soak up carbon dioxide to moderate climate change. The proposal, submitted by the European Union and promoted by the German government, will be considered in October by the governmental bodies responsible for managing the Antarctic marine environment. It follows the successful adoption of the Ross Sea sanctuary in 2016.

Monsanto, the company that makes the controversial weed killer Roundup, is setting farmer against farmer and state against state with its newest product, dicamba. Amid claims and counterclaims over effectiveness and safety of crops and humans, the debate is shedding new light on how new agricultural products are introduced, tested and regulated. One major difference with dicamba is the gaseous vaporization it uses to treat crops, causing the poison to spread onto neighboring plants via wind. Brad Williams, a Missouri farmer, says that leaves on trees were “so deformed you couldn’t even really identify the differences between them.” The manufacturer claims that proper usage protocols are not being followed. Some farmers agree, while others report crop damage and human health issues. One pivotal point of debate is which federal and state agencies have jurisdiction and the power to set enforceable guidelines. At stake are millions of acres that have already been sprayed, along with the future of non-GMO farms inadvertently contaminated by the dicamba sprayed on genetically modified crops that need the poison to survive.

Bottle Buyback

Britain May Charge Deposit to Reduce Bottle Litter

Britain only recycled 57 percent of the plastic bottles that were sold there in 2016, and is considering charging a deposit fee to reduce litter. Scotland is also introducing a deposit return policy for cans and bottles. Denmark recycles 90 percent and South Australia 80 percent by using deposits as an incentive. UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove says that almost 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the world’s oceans each year, with up to 80 percent washing out to sea from land. Gove is consulting with the industry to determine the advantages and disadvantages of different types of reward and return systems for plastic, metal and glass drinks containers. Britain’s decision to charge a deposit for each plastic bag in 2015 has slashed usage.

AMETHYST BY THE SEA Asian Abdominal Healing; Chi Nei Tsang B. Brennan Energy Medicine (in person and long distance). MELT Hand and Foot treatments and classes. Distributor of Amethyst Far InfraRed BioMats.

Caryn Boyd Diel | 505-670-3538 Offices in Bellingham and Mt. Vernon natural awakenings

February 2018


community spotlight


oaring Heart Natural Beds first opened their doors in 1982. Since then, their goal has been to provide the highest quality, most comfortable natural and organic mattresses, futons, shikibtuons, and bedding available; many handcrafted locally in their Fremont production facility. They also carry organic sleep accessories, such as comforters, mattress pads, and a huge selection of pillows to fit every sleep style. In contrast to other mattress manufacturers, Soaring Heart Natural Beds is committed to using only sustainable, natural and ethically sourced materials.

Soaring Heart Natural Beds by the Numbers 0: cost of shipping on orders over $300 1: the percentage of gross income Soaring Heart is committed to giving to charitable causes each year, including community scholarships, as well as donations and employee time to support nonprofit events 5: the number of styles of mattresses Soaring Heart Natural Beds offers, including latex, inner spring, zoned (offering varying levels of firmness for people sharing a mattress), shikibuton and futon 5-7: the average number of years Consumer Reports says mattresses should last. Soaring Heart guarantees their mattresses for 20 years from the date of purchase (conditions and restrictions apply) And they offer a unique rebuild program, saving hundreds of old mattresses from junk yards each year. 15: the number of minutes Above: Soaring Heart founder Mike Shafer pictured at a charitable pillow building event for United Way. per day a tree is tapped for

sap, which is then processed, certified and turned into all-natural latex used in the creation of organic Soaring Heart mattresses 30: the number of days customers have to modify their sleep system after making a purchase from Soaring Heart, to ensure it fits their needs perfectly 30: the percent that wool can stretch and still return to its original shape, making it a resilient, biodegradable, dust mite-resistant fiber perfect for organic, all-natural bedding 35: the number of years Soaring Heart Natural Beds has been handcrafting organic beds and bedding, right here in Seattle 80: the number of pillows built and donated last June during an annual event with Soaring Heart and children attending school at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center while a loved one undergoes treatment 100: the number of hours that artisan craftspeople spend creating an organic Soaring Heart futon

Soaring Heart Natural Beds has locations at 101 Nickerson St., Suite 400, Seattle (206-282-1717) and 10000 Main St., Suite 103, Bellevue (425-502-7087). natural awakenings February 2018


Reconnect and Recharge in Paradise Kauai Retreats Create Space for Play, Healing and Joy


adio host, author and teacher Dena Marie has announced a new offering this year giving guests an insider’s experience in one of her favorite corners of the planet. Dena Marie works closely with Jeanne Russell, owner of Dolphin Touch Healing Center. Russell is a Reiki master and intuitive healer and caters to visitor’s personal preferences at Dolphin Touch, where retreat goers typically stay during their time in Kauai. “You can receive daily healing sessions, such as crystal bowl and tuning fork sound therapy sessions, massage, acupuncture and more,” Russell explains. “We also offer fun and interactive trips to beaches, go whale watching, paddle boarding, play Kauai disc golf or view sacred sites,” she finishes. Dena Marie uses a highly personalized approach to retreat planning in order to match an individual with experiences that will be right for them. “I start with a conversation about why they want to visit Hawaii, and their goals for their trip,” she says. “We talk about their preferences for everything like activity levels to dining options. Depending on their goals and history, Dena Marie might recommend a particular healer, destination or activity. Once the planning is completed, Dena Marie makes arrangements for airport pick ups, overnight stays at Dolphin Touch Healing Center, and schedules healing sessions, excursions and more.



Tune in Every Friday from 8–9 am on KKNW 1150 AM!

Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie – 8-9am. Discover fascinating people, inspiring activities and places that will lift one’s spirits in this radio show. Tune in to 1150 AM KKNW Alternative Talk Radio every Friday at 8am. 425-350-5448. To listen to archived shows, go to

Guests are responsible for booking their own airfare, but all other costs are included in the price of the retreats. “Dolphin Touch Healing Center is the perfect setting for this amazing experience,” Dena Marie says. “The beach is only one block away. There is a lovely bike path waiting to be explored.” For more information, call Dena Marie at 425-350-5448 or visit

Safe removal of amalgam/mercury fillings TMJ and headache pain treatment Orthodontics with a focus on jaw and cranial balance Non-surgical periodontal care to reduce inflammation Snoring and sleep apnea Ozone therapy Non-metal dental implants Myobrace jaw growth for kids

natural awakenings

February 2018


ADVERSITY How to Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle by April Thompson

At one time or another, an estimated 70 percent of people experience a life-altering traumatic event, and most grow stronger from surviving it, according to decades of research by leading institutions like Harvard and Yale universities and the University of Pennsylvania. We can prepare now for life’s inevitable hurdles and setbacks by developing the skills and tools of resilience.


City, has experienced more than her share of challenges: developing cerebral palsy as a toddler, enduring 12 childhood surgeries, losing her mother at age 11 and four years ago, her husband. “All of the struggles and losses brought me here, now,” says Eckhoff. “Nobody ever said life was easy. We have greater appreciation for the things that we had to struggle to achieve.” Choosing self-directedness instead of self-pity in the face of challenges differentiates those that thrive from those that merely survive, observes Catherine Morisset, a life coach from Ottawa, Canada, who specializes in resilience. “It’s taking responsibility for life and managing the way you want to live it. We all have choices, even in the face of difficulty,” she says.

t’s an incredibly hopeful message: We can go through the most terrible things imaginable and still get through to a better place,” says David B. Feldman, associate professor of counseling psychology at California’s Santa Clara University and co-author with Lee Daniel Kravetz of Supersurvivors: The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success. Such researchers have found that, like elastic stretched beyond its normal limits, people often don’t just bounce back to their old form, but stretch and expand in new ways. The pair conducted indepth case studies of survivors of extreme traumatic experiences that went on to do bold things. Just one case in point: After losing a leg in a car accident, college basketball player Casey Pieretti reinvented himself as a successful Hollywood stuntman. According to many studies, 60 to 80 percent of people grow in some way from personal trauma, known as “post-traumatic growth”, according to Feldman. “It can be as simple as appreciating each day more. It can mean deepening relationships. It may result in a renewed sense of spirituality. Or, it might take one’s life in a dramatically different direction,” he says. Ila Eckhoff, a financial executive in New York



Mastering an Optimal Outlook



“Challenges don’t define you. How the past two decades, Southwick and you respond does,” remarks Doug his colleagues have studied three Hensch, an executive coach and augroups that have come through harthor of Positively Resilient: 5½ Secrets rowing events: being Vietnam War to Beat Stress, Overcome Obstacles, prisoners, Special Forces instructors and Defeat Anxiety. He attests that and civilians. They found people that having a growth mindset is vital, rebounded strongly often shared comfocusing on strengths without disremon attributes, including embracing a garding areas needing improvement. spiritual outlook and social network. Maintaining a balanced outlook In 2013, Damon Redd, of Boulthat’s realistic, yet posider, Colorado, awoke tive, enables individuals Parents do a to a severe flooding to move on from trauma. event, with his home disservice to their and business buried For supersurvivors, being pragmatic serves kids when they under five feet of mud them far better than a and water that nearly false sense of optimism try to remove wiped out his clothing about bad situations, business, Kind Design, adversity from Feldman found, saying, overnight. “It was the “They grieved losses, hardest thing I’ve ever their lives. When but thought realistically gone through, to lose little things go about what to do next.” everything I had built. “Optimism in the wrong, rather than It also gave me a new best sense is focusing perspective on what’s rush to fix it, let on the positive without important. It made me denying the negathe kids figure out aware that you can tive, while focusing on replace physical things, what’s in your control,” a solution. They’ll but you can’t replace notes Hensch. memories. My mind was realize it’s not the Martin Seligman, blown away by the supknown as the “father of port I received.” positive psychology”, found that when Redd ended up paying forward the people take setbacks personally, kindness. “We cleaned and repaired viewing them as permanent, pervasive 1,500 pairs of gloves in our inventory and personal, they develop a sense that were damaged that day, and are of learned helplessness that inhibits donating them to search-and-rescue growth and happiness. “It’s important teams and ski patrols. The more good not to ‘catastrophize’ or generalize a you do, the more good other people failure and extend it to other areas of will do,” Redd professes. life,” says Dr. Steven M. Southwick, a Altruism and owning a moral code professor of psychiatry at Yale Univeris another common characteristic sity School of Medicine who focuses of resilient individuals, according to on post-traumatic stress disorder and Southwick. Having a purpose is a huge resilience. indicator of whether a person will rise to the occasion. “You can endure almost anything if you have a mission, or beMake Caring Connections lieve what you are doing has meaning. It Social networks are critical in the face gives you great strength,” he says. of challenges, resilience experts agree. In 2016, Bobbi Huffman lost her “When we are wronged or feel unsafe, high school sweetheart and husband it’s natural to withdraw when we should to suicide a few days before Valendo the opposite,” says Feldman. “It’s tine’s Day. As she began to process also not the number of friends you have, the tragedy, she saw two choices or even how much time you spend with ahead: “Drop into a deep depresthem, that matters. All you need is at sion and give up or focus on our deep least one person you can count on.” love for one another, get into therapy, “We are built to be connected and make a difference by inspiring, with others. It has a significant impact encouraging and helping others,” says in regulating stress,” says Southwick, Huffman. a co-author of Resilience: The Science She chose the latter, asking for of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges, professional help and signing up from West Haven, Connecticut. Over

RESILIENCE RESOURCES Helpful Organizations provides a supportive space online for survivors of trauma and adversity to share stories, connect with others and get help from experts. LearningConnection.Stanford. edu/Resilience-Project normalizes setbacks and failures as part and parcel of professional and personal growth, and provides Stanford University students and faculty a platform to swap stories and coping strategies. Resilience.Education.UTexas. edu conveys an interactive e-learning platform developed by the University of Texas at Austin to foster a better understanding of resilience and develop related skills.

Films and Books

Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story documents the journey of chef and outdoorsman Eduardo Garcia, whose life changed irrevocably when he was jolted with 2,400 volts of electricity while hiking in Montana. Garcia lost his hand, ribs and muscle mass, but survived the injury with the help of his former partner, and became an athlete and speaker for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Unbroken depicts the life of Olympian and war hero Louis Zamperini, who survived 47 days on a raft after a near-fatal plane crash in World War II, only to be captured by the Japanese Navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp. The film is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Laura Hillenbrand, herself the survivor of a disabling chronic illness. The 33 tells the true tale of 33 miners trapped inside a mine in San Jose, Chile, for more than two months, the longest such entrapment in history. All were rescued alive. Wild is based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir of her solo hike of 1,000-plus miles on the Pacific Crest Trail without any training, following the loss of her mother and marriage.

natural awakenings

February 2018


for the 16-mile Overnight Walk for Suicide Prevention, in New York City. “Getting into the best shape of my life at age 50 became my passion. As I walked through the night, I reflected on our beautiful memories as a couple. It was an amazing, healing experience,” reflects Huffman. Forgiveness—whether for others or ourself—is another key to help us move forward, reports Feldman. “Often, people can get stuck in blame, but resentment keeps people shackled to the past. If and when a person is ready to forgive, widespread research indicates that it can lead to better health outcomes.” Strengthening Our Resilience Muscle Experts point out that there isn’t any one perfect formula or single musthave trait for building resilience, and none we can’t develop. Learning a skill like mindfulness is an easy place to start. “Resilient people don’t try to avoid stress, but learn how to manage and master it,” says Southwick. “Mindfulness meditation requires

practice, but through it, you can learn to regulate emotions and relax the nervous system.” Eckhoff practices mindfulness several times a day with a one-minute gratitude meditation. “I have five things I am most grateful for. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and say them. It brings me focus, reduces stress and reminds me of how lucky I am,” she says. Morisset suggests making incremental changes to strengthen our resilience muscles. “Success builds success and failure builds failure, so do something you know you can accomplish and build on that,” she counsels. Writing can also be a good coping tool, according to Hensch. “Just write about your emotions. It’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself and how calming it can be.” Good times are the best times to begin “resilience training” notes Hensch. “I sought out a therapist once I had turned the corner after my divorce and was dating someone and my business was taking off. It was precisely because I knew something

else would likely happen, and I wanted to be better prepared for it,” he recalls. Applying positive self-talk when something blindsides us helps, as does not expecting to handle things perfectly. “There’s nothing wrong with just staying afloat when you’re in the middle of trauma or adversity. One key to happiness in life is just managing expectations. It’s okay to be anxious, sad and worried at times—in fact, it’s healthy,” says Hensch. Hardships are just that: hard. However, with time and experience, resilient individuals come to trust their ability to get through them, large and small. “Resiliency is not about how you bounce back from a single traumatic event; it’s how you respond every day to the challenges that life presents,” Eckhoff has learned. “Repetitive use of this ‘muscle’ builds strength and enables you to do more and sometimes, the impossible.” Connect with April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

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Dean Drobot/

healing ways

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


~Winston Churchill

Tips for Finding the Right Practice


by April Thompson

ore Americans than ever before are seeking the benefits of meditation, which notably improves mental, physical and spiritual health. Choosing from its many styles and traditions can be daunting for a new meditator, as is figuring out how to incorporate such a practice into a busy life.



Universal Appeal “Meditation is for people of all spiritual backgrounds. As a tool to develop awareness, it can enhance what you already believe and practice,” assures Diana Lang, the Los Angeles author of Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach and a spiritual counselor who has taught meditation for 37 years. For Jackie Trottmann, a Christian author from St. Louis, Missouri, there is no contradiction between a meditation practice and her faith; rather, they complement one another. For her, “Prayer is like talking to God, whereas meditation is listening to God. Before I came to meditation, I had been doing all the talking.” She came to meditation during a trying period working in sales and marketing. “When a friend gave me a

meditation CD, I popped it in after a stressful conference call and felt instantly calmed. Ten years later, meditation has gone beyond quieting the mind; it’s sunk into my heart and spirit,” says Trottmann, who went on to publish her own CDs at “I came to meditation tired of habitual suffering and stress, and wanting to be happier,” says Bill Scheinman, a coach in MindfulnessBased Stress Reduction (MBSR), which he refers to as “mindfulness practice without the Buddhist jargon.” The Oakland, California, instructor has taught mindfulness in settings ranging from corporations to prisons, drawing from a range of meditative disciplines and 23 years of intensive practice. Begin Modestly “Millions are seeking more mindfulness through meditation, but don’t know how to go about it,” says Sean Fargo, a Berkeley, California, meditation instructor and former Buddhist monk. “The key is to take baby steps, like going to the gym for the first time. Start by practicing a few minutes a day; just pay attention to something

such as the sensations of breathing, without judgment.” “Having taught meditation to tens of thousands of people, I would say the most common issue is that beginning meditators don’t think they’re doing it right. It’s important not to judge yourself or have loaded expectations about the experience,” notes Lang. She suggests starting wherever we are right now, adding, “Whatever book, class or teacher you first stumble upon is a clue.” But that doesn’t call for rigidly adhering to a particular type of meditation forever. Assess Benefits “Shop around and try different things, but at some point, you will begin to discover what works for you,” advises Scheinman. In trying to decide which meditation practice is right for us, “Go with what feels juicy,” says Fargo, who founded, offering 1,500 free mindfulness meditations, worksheets and talks. “You’re more likely to do what feels alive and enlivening.” The act of meditating can be uncomfortable, but the challenges are part of its power. Scheinman remarks. “If you establish a daily practice, eventually, you will become more clear-headed, kinder and happier. That’s how you know your practice is working—not how you feel during meditation itself.” Consistency is key. It’s not effective to only meditate when you feel good, he says. Overview of Options Mindfulness practices go by many names, from vipassana to MBSR, and can be done sitting or walking, but all are focused on cultivating moment-to-moment awareness. “Mindfulness is about being aware: deliberately paying attention to body sensations, thoughts and emotions. Focused attention is on the body, heart and mind,” explains Scheinman. Guided visualization differs from most forms of meditation in that the meditator is intentionally creating a mental image, typically one of a peaceful, beautiful place. Typically, the goal of a guided visualization is deep relaxation and stress reduction. Mantra meditations involve continuous repetition of a word, phrase or sound, drawing spiritual power from the sound’s vibration, as well as its meaning. Many mantras are uttered in a tradition’s native language, such as shanti, meaning peace in Sanskrit. Teachers like Lang prefer to use mantras in English that meditators can more easily grasp, such as, “Love is the way.” Breathing meditation. Meditation experts say our ever-present breath is a sound foundation for a meditation practice, as well as an easy place to start. “Tapping into the power of our breath is vital; it cleanses our system,” says Trottmann. Connect with April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

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February 2018


for a tasty, heart-healthy dessert,” she advises.

conscious eating


Anna Hoychuk/

Foods Our Heart Will Love

Top 10 Heart Healthy Choices by Judith Fertig


ow do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning once penned this unforgettable line to her husband and fellow poet, Robert Browning. Let us also count the ways to improve our loved ones’ heart health: Lower blood pressure. Modulate irregular heartbeats. Avoid plaque build-up in arteries. Improve blood flow to the heart. We can love our hearts with 10 superfoods that just might make perfect ingredients for a Valentine’s Day meal, starting with dark chocolate.


Cocoa powder. Cacao’s

flavanols lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke and act as antioxidants to prevent inflammation. Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, a physician, doctor of public health and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School affiliate Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, confirms, “Between 400 and 900 milligrams (mg) a day of cocoa flavanols may favorably affect several mechanisms and pathways 22


related to cardiovascular disease prevention.” Not all chocolate is created equal. Manson recommends chocolate with cocoa or cacao as the first ingredient, not sugar. She and her colleagues are currently conducting the Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study, a large-scale, randomized study of 18,000 U.S. men and women testing the benefits of ingesting 600 mg per day of cocoa flavanols.


Raspberries. Just one-

half cup of berries a day can provide plenty of phytonutrients and antioxidants for decreasing inflammation and preventing heart disease, says Wendy Bazilian, a doctor of public health and registered dietitian in San Diego, and author of The SuperFoodsRx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients. “Whirl them into a breakfast smoothie, add them to a green salad or combine them with dark chocolate

Salmon. Full of omega-3

fatty acids, wild-caught salmon (about two six-ounce weekly servings) helps reduce systemic inflammation and risk of developing atherosclerosis, hypertension and stroke, according to Dr. Josh Axe, of Nashville, Tennessee. Beyond prevention, omega-3s in oily fish are also widely known to treat atherosclerosis, normalize heart rhythms and help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as significantly lower the risk of stroke.


Pumpkin seeds. High in mag-

nesium—about 764 mg per cup— roasted pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, top the list of heart-healthy nuts and seeds. Magnesium is an important electrolyte that helps the heart fire on all cylinders and not skip a beat. Improvements in lipid profiles can occur with a daily intake of 365 mg, or about a halfcup, of pepitas. Enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack or scatter them in a salad, bowl of chili or soup for a delicious crunch.


Avocados. Fresh

avocados supply magnesium, plus they’re a good source of potassium, another electrolyte the heart needs for optimum functioning. “You probably know bananas and citrus fruits are top sources of potassium, but I like avocados because they also supply healthy fats,” says Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, a board-certified cardiologist with the HeartMD Institute, in Manchester,






Almonds. Sinatra recommends a

handful of almonds a day to raise HDL, a form of “good” cholesterol he likens to a “lipid garbage truck” that picks up oxidized “bad” LDL in the bloodstream and carries it to the liver for processing.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Cold-

pressed extra-virgin olive oil with a high phenol content can help lower blood pressure (via about two tablespoons daily), make more efficient and protective HDL cholesterol, and protect the inner lining of arteries.


Beet Juice.

Garlic. Allicin, the sulfur compound

that gives garlic its distinctive aroma, helps keep blood thin and flowing optimally, says Sinatra. The freshest chopped garlic offers the best benefits, according to a study from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Pomegranate. Drinking about one cup of

pomegranate juice a day for three months can improve blood flow to the heart, reports a study in the American Journal of Cardiology.

A 2015 study in the journal Hypertension found that two daily eight-ounce glasses of beet juice can help reduce high blood pressure. Beets contain a natural dietary nitrate found in previous studies to lower high blood pressure. Enjoy beet juice in smoothies, as a tart drink known as a “shrub” (beet juice with raspberry vinegar) or in soups like borscht.

The ultimate reason of all to keep our hearts in good working order was voiced by Helen Keller: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Judith Fertig writes cookbooks

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If You Are Reading This, So Are Your Potential Customers.

CITY HOMESTEADING Creating Sustainable Urban Living by Randy Kambic


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omesteading is a broad field. “Along with planting produce, we encourage people to compost, change how they use water, learn about biochar—a long-term soil amendment that returns carbon to the earth—and employ creative economics, including bartering and food-sharing systems,” says K. Ruby Blume, of Grants Pass, Oregon, who founded the Institute of Urban Homesteading, in Oakland, California, a decade ago (iuhOakland. com). She’s also co-author of Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living. Blume was recently engaged to invite speakers and coordinate presentation content for the three-day online Gardening and Homesteading Skills Summit hosted by The Shift Network. Last October, 20 leading farmers, master gardeners, homesteaders and other experts shared innovative, environmentally friendly advice for providing food and adopting eco-friendly practices. Blume, who grows fruit and vegetables and raises chickens, sheep and bees on 22 acres, plans to launch her Fantastic Farm Store this month, and will offer spring classes at her institute, as well as at the

Rogue River Community Center, in southern Oregon. “Everyone should grow their favorite vegetable from seed; think about the animal if eating meat; and take a nature field study class. These all connect us to nature and our world,” advises Blume.

Food as Medicine David Crow, teacher, author of In Search of the Medicine Buddha and founder of Floracopeia Aromatic Treasures (, is a leader in research and development of growing herbs for medicine, working from Grass Valley, California. He extols the importance of gardens of all types—backyards, schools, neighborhoods and public spaces. “They can strengthen communities, beautify life and reduce crime,” he says. In his home state, he helped launch The Learning Garden, at Venice High School, in 2001. “It’s an eye-opener for youngsters, and they take pride in ownership.” People without a garden plot can place a pot inside or on a balcony or find a community garden. “Medicinal plants don’t have to be a luxury of the wealthy. You can spend a fraction of the $30 for a drug prescription in growing most of

Ye Liew/

green living

them, and then trade for others with neighbors,” says Crow. He particularly values oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender and basil. To increase yields, home gardeners may consider daily drip irrigation—a system of tubes positioned just above the soil, with tiny holes spaced at regular intervals. It can conveniently work on a timer with an automatic shutoff during rain. Other benefits include water conservation and better soil structure by avoiding puddles from manual watering. “Drip irrigation can be especially helpful during dry spells, which can run two to four weeks in many climates,” says Robert Kourik (, landscape consultant, horticultural researcher and author of Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and Climate, and last year’s Understanding Roots. “It can be effective for virtually any fruit or vegetable, except water crops like rice and cranberries.”

ny, in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, as a green building leader who “brings a soulful approach, as well as engineering, data and technology efficiencies, to a project.” Along with green building goals like zero net energy, Rosenbaum strives to create homes that are healthy, comfortable, resource-efficient, durable and adaptable by the people that inhabit them. Along with being part of the slow food movement and do-it-yourself trends, Blume believes, “Homesteading gives people the feeling they are making a positive difference by making sustainable changes in their lifestyle and home.”

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because

beauty comes from the inside out. ~Jenn Proske

For summit recordings or transcripts and notices of upcoming events like the online annual Plant Medicine Telesummit in March, visit

Green Living Carol Venolia, author, speaker and architect in Santa Rosa, California, ( has designed homes of straw, earth and sustainably sourced and reclaimed wood throughout the West. She consults on greening schools, healing centers, camps and ecovillages, and stresses the benefits of sunlight as in her new e-book, Get Back to Nature Without Leaving Home. She says, “Sunlight’s many wavelengths, shifting directions and intensities render biological effects that keep us functioning well. Watch how it enters your home; changes occur daily and seasonally.” It’s easy to move furniture to align with sunshine. In warmer climates, attach plant trellises or fabric awnings outside windows to filter or direct reflected light. “Add a potted plant to a window and a picture of a natural scene on a wall. Take the time to get out into woodlands,” advises Venolia. She commends Marc Rosenbaum, of South Mountain Compa-

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calendarofevents NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by the 12th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. Alternatively, visit to submit online. ing library will be available for members, or you can always bring your own carrier for assistance. Meetings are free and open to all. If you would like to borrow a carrier, please consider becoming a member. Free. Hearing Speech & Deaf Center, 1625 19th Ave., Seattle.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 21 Acres: How Sweet It Is: Love Chocolate and The Planet–10-11a. Local chocolatier, Kevin Miodonski, will provide some fascinating insight into our favorite indulgence in this FREE one-hour presentation on chocolate. We will dive into what chocolate is, where it comes from, and how commercial chocolates are made. Explore different cocoa beans; white, milk, and dark chocolate; what “Fair Trade chocolate” is and why it is important to cacao growers. Free. 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living, 13701 NE 171st St. 425-481-1500.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training–10am5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday. Learn how to teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation to kids in schools, at home, and within community settings in one weekend. Open to all. $595. Eka Yoga, 621 5th Ave. N, Suite B, Seattle.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Zen Eating with Make-Ahead Dishes–6-8:30pm. Join Asako Sullivan from the 21 Acres Kitchen to explore how to cook and eat more thoughtfully for your busy weekday nights. Asako will help you navigate how to plan family meals more effectively, without breaking your back or the bank, using makeahead recipes. Asako’s Japanese heritage plays a large role in this eating style; although the recipes we will create are not necessarily Japanese dishes. The menu will include make-ahead mushroom veloute, carrot and apple hazelnut rappe salad, roasted vegetable salad, leek mimosa salad, and a make-ahead marinade sauce for meat and vegetables. $69. 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living, 13701 NE 171st St. 425-481-1500.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11 Gina Sala and Friends: Be Loved World Chants – 7-9pm. Join global vocalist Gina Salā and friends for an evening of heart-opening world chants, love songs, poems and other delights to experience directly the palpable inner vibrations of divine love from within. $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Amazing Grace Spiritual Center, 2007 NW 61st St, Seattle. For more information:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 The Great NW Glass Quest–Feb. 16-25. Join us for the greatest treasure hunt in the Pacific Northwest as almost 400 clue balls are hidden throughout Stanwood and Camano, WA. Find a clue ball and win an hand blown glass ball. Free. For more information:

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 Babywearing International of Seattle: West Meeting–10-11am. Come join us for help with your carrier or try on one of ours! The WEST lend-

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Vegetarian Dining Event – 7-8:30pm. Come join us at The Upper Crust in Seattle to enjoy a delicious, vegetarian, multi-course meal, hear an insightful speech by our president Amanda on a key vegetarian topic, enjoy live guitar music, and meet lots of interesting people. Registration required. $12.95 + tax for members, $16.95 + tax for guests. Children 6-12 are half price, and children 5 and under are free. The Upper Crust Catering Co., 8420 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle. 206-706-2635.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Creating the New World According to the Ancient Wisdom – 7:8:30pm. A ceremonial presentation with Jack Allis, spiritual teacher and author of the recently released Blue Sun, Red Sun. Allis will discuss how ancient indigenous prophesy holds the key to creating the new world and demonstrate how to raise the power of our vibration with prayer, music and chanting. $20. Registration required. 206- 523-3726. For more information:

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Our Energy Matters Certification Course – 11am-3pm. Dena Marie leads this class, which includes the book Our Energy Matters and a set of 21 polished stones. $80. Registration required. Camano Island, address given upon request. 425350-5448.

SATURDAY, MARCH 3 Bastyr University: Yoga Teacher Training with Liz Doyle–8am-6pm. The first day in an 8 week course, this Certificate Yoga Teacher Training course includes 200 hours of instruction and culminates in a Bastyr/Yoga Alliance Registration. In only 8 weeks, trainees will receive a certificate of completion which they can then register with Yoga Alliance. $3200. For more information:

Creating the New World According to the Ancient Wisdom A ceremonial presentation with Jack Allis Jack Allis, author of the recently released Blue Sun, Red Sun, discusses how ancient indigenous prophesy holds the key to creating the new world and demonstrates how to raise the power of our vibration with prayer, music and chanting. February 22 at East West Bookshop from 7-8:30pm. $20. Register at 206-523-3726 or



ongoing THURSDAYS Free Meditation Happy Hour – 3-4pm. Learn more about the Happiness Program and how Sudarshan Kriya can have a lasting impact in your life. During our Free Meditation Happy Hour we’ll explore the ancient science of the mind, learn powerful breathing-techniques that infuse the body with energy, and experience a deep, guided meditation. Free.

Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful. ~Zig Ziglar

FRIDAYS Lift Your Spirits with Dena Marie – 8-9am. Discover fascinating people, inspiring activities and places that will lift one’s spirits in this radio show. Tune in to 1150 AM KKNW Alternative Talk Radio every Friday at 8am. 425-350-5448. Community Coworking at OmCulture–1-5pm. Being a heart-centered entrepreneur can be lonely. There’s lots of work to do, but most work spaces just replicate the 9-5 corporate office most of us want to avoid. Om Culture will have tables and chairs, beanbags, yoga props, wifi, a donation based coffee station, and lovely people. $8. OmCulture, 2210 N Pacific St., Seattle.

SATURDAYS Sew Up Seattle – 11am-1pm the fourth Saturday of the month. Bring your own project and sewing machine or create with our donated fabrics and machines. Men, women and children of all ages are welcome. Beginners too! Please use 8th Ave. doors. To help those with sensitivities, please come fragrance-free. Free. Sewing Room in Denny Park Lutheran Church, 766 John St.,Seattle. For more information:

SUNDAYS Hillman City Meditation at Kanjin Yoga Center – 4-5:30pm. Silent meditation 45 minutes followed by group discussion 45 minutes. Comfortable seating, calm setting, discussion topic changes weekly. $10/suggested donation. Kanjin Yoga, 5701 Rainier Ave S. Suite B, Seattle. Free Meditation Happy Hour – 6:30-7:30pm. Learn more about the Happiness Program and how Sudarshan Kriya can have a lasting impact in your life. During our Free Meditation Happy Hour we’ll explore the ancient science of the mind, learn powerful breathing-techniques that infuse the body with energy, and experience a deep, guided meditation. Free. Tiger Mountain Room, Meadow Creek Business Center, 22525 SE 64th Place, Issaquah.

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Natural device stops a cold before it starts

New research: Copper stops colds if used early.


ew research shows you can stop a cold in its tracks if you take one simple step with a new device when you first feel a cold coming on. Colds start when cold viruses get in your nose. Viruses multiply fast. If you don’t stop them early, they spread in your airways and cause misery. But scientists have found a quick way to stop a virus. Touch it with copper. Researchers at labs and universities worldwide agree — copper is “antimicrobial.” It kills microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, just by touch. Four thousand years ago ancient Greeks and Egyptians used copper to purify water and heal wounds. Now we know why it worked so well. Researchers say a tiny electric charge in microbe cells gets short-circuited by the high conductance of copper. This destroys the cell in seconds. Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show germs die fast on copper. So some hospitals switched to copper touch surfaces, like faucets and doorknobs. This cut the spread of MRSA and other illnesses by over half, and saved lives. The strong scientific evidence gave inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When he felt a cold coming on he fashioned a smooth copper probe and rubbed it gently in his nose for 60 seconds. “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold went away completely.” It worked

Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if they use it just before bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had in years.” Users also report success in stopping cold sores when used at the first sign of a tingle in the lip. One woman said, “I tried every product on the market over 20 years. Some helped a little, but this stopped it from happening in the first place.” The handle is sculptured to fit the hand and finely textured to improve contact. Tests show it kills harmful microbes on the fingers to help prevent the spread of illness.

again every time he felt a cold coming on. He reports he has never had a cold since. He asked relatives and friends to try it. They said it worked for them, too. So he patented CopperZap™ and put it on the market. Soon hundreds of people had tried it and given feedback. Nearly 100 percent said the copper stops their colds if used within 3 hours of the first sign. Even up to 2 days after the first sign, if they still get the cold it is milder and they feel better. Users wrote things like, “It stopped my cold right away,” and “Is it supposed to work that fast?” Pat McAllister, age 70, received one as a gift and called it “one of the best presents ever. This little jewel really works.” Sinus trouble, stuffiness, cold sores. People often use CopperZap Copper may even help stop flu if for prevention, before cold signs apused early and for several days. In a pear. Karen Gauci, who flies often for her job, used to get colds after crowded lab test, scientists placed 25 million live flu viruses on a CopperZap. No viruses flights. Though skeptical, she tried it were found alive soon after. several times a day on travel days for The EPA says the natural color 2 months. “Sixteen flights and not a change of copper does not reduce its sniffle!” she exclaimed. ability to kill germs. Businesswoman Rosaleen says CopperZap is made in the U.S. of when people are sick around her she pure copper. It carries a 90-day full uses CopperZap morning and night. money back guarantee and is available “It saved me last holidays,” she said. for $49.95 at or toll“The kids had colds going around and free 1-888-411-6114. around, but not me.” ADVERTORIAL

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February 2018


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10623 NE 8th St Bellevue, WA 98004 425-454-8727 The Eastside’s largest selection of nontoxic and organic mattresses. Find the one that fits your lifestyle and budget! Featuring adult and child natural and organic mattresses, adjustable beds, organic and natural pillows, comforters, toppers and more.


101 Nickerson St #400, Seattle 206-282-1717

10000 Main St, Bellevue 425-502-7087


Gayle Picken 425-359-7974 Event promotion and marketing services including web sites, social media management, event planning, press releases and strategic marketing plans.


ECOLOGIC um recession rejuvenation DENTISTRY

8412 Myers Rd E, Ste 301 Bonney Lake, WA 98391 listic Dentist 253-863-7005

Our dental practice integrates ancient wisdom with leading edge science. We use advanced technology and materials that are least toxic to your body and to the environment. Dr. Yamashiro Seattle 30WA 98391 1, Bonney Lake,

approved for assessment & monitoring of many conditions, but best known for earliest detection of breast disease.


Gilman Village, 317 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027 425-677-8430

Radiation and compression free breast and body screening.Thermography or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a non-invasive test of physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection, or a vascular disease.



For over 30 years we’ve been handcrafting allorganic mattresses and bedding in our Seattle workshop using the very finest organic cotton, wool, and latex.



values patient connection and trust and strives to make you feel comfortable with your dental care options.

Dena Marie is a speaker, author of Our Energy Matters and host of Lift Your Spirits With Dena Marie, a radio show airing Fridays from 8–9 a.m. on 1150 AM KKNW.For upcoming classes and events: LiftYourSpiritswithDenaMarie. com.


Located in Mill Creek and Redmond 425-440-0404

Providing medical thermography: including breast series, full/half body, or target area of concern. Non-invasive: radiation-free & no body contact. Using the most advanced equipment, FDA-

Caryn Boyd Diel Offices in Bellingham and Mt. Vernon 505-670-3538

Asian Abdominal Healing; Chi Nei Tsang and B. Brennan Energy Medicine. In person and long distance, MELT Hand and Foot treatments and classes.


206-722-2665 Kanjin Yoga is a path to abundant health and wellness helping people live better inside their bodies. Specializing in Yoga Nidra, Gentle Hatha Yoga, we offer classes and workshops for groups

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February 2018


February 2018 Seattle Natural Awakenings  
February 2018 Seattle Natural Awakenings