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By Dr. Lalith Mendis

Now not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. -- Albert Einstein Robert Oppenheimer, after the test explosion for the atom bomb 15th July 1945- "I am become Death," he said, "the destroyer of worlds." We are all saddened by what happened to Japan, the nation that became the miracle of Asia, arising from the ashes of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Sri Lanka has every reason to be grateful to Japan that has generously helped our nation, in gratitude to the Colombo Plan of 1950, which proposed reconstruction of Japan after the Second World War. This is the time all kinds of people ask, “Where is God. If He is there and if He is all good, why didn’t He stop tsunami and radiation leak?” BP drilled for deep oil in the Gulf of Mexico and caused billions of barrels of deep high density oil (responsible for stability of tectonic plates) to leak. This obviously destabilized the Tectonic arrangement resulting in the worst quake in Japanese experience and the tsunami. Why was it the worst? Because Deep oil drilling, adversely affected an ageing tectonic system. The Bible claims that the earth will become old like a garment.

Mother Chance & Father Time If God is and created the world, since it had a beginning, the globe must have an end. This is no doomsday prophet. It’s common sense. Earth tectonics, eco balance systems, ocean warming, ice caps melting, consumable resources dwindling, human genome’s increasing instability – they all say one thing – time is up we are hanging up – humans get ready for D day. Even human morals, disruption of family, disuse of marriage institution, abuse of sex, increasing suicide, child violence – all say time is up. Those who do not believe do not acknowledge creation and have to logically posit that cosmos had no beginning. No end. Therefore no God. They have to posit billions of years as the father of creation. “Father time & mother chance begat Earth & all”, says evolution. If you are happy with the latter belief system, work with it and do not ask

“Why God?”, when you believe no God. God did not split the atom - man did. God made the atom as the basic building unit of matter. Of course man had the intellectual ability to split the atom. Man was not satisfied with eating from the tree of good & life but he wanted to eat from the tree which makes good evil. What was an attempt to stop Hitler ended up with bombing of Japan. It is ironical that Japan has begun the nuclear holocaust. What if we opted not to use nuclear energy but conserve other energy sources? What if we had cut down on unnecessary high turnover, high consumerist industries viz. armament, motor vehicles, toys, cosmetics, confectionaries, fashion? It is not God who destroys; man chose destructive consumerism. He is now consumed.

THIS IS NOT GOD BUT MAN When we search & research knowledge and apply without heart wisdom and no reference to God given boundaries, we reap disaster. Obviously nuclear stockpiles and nuclear disasters can bring the apocalypse. Besides this man has done few other things that has endangered life on planet earth. 1. Deep oil drilling was one such disaster. This no doubt has caused instability of Tectonic Plates. Enormous deep oil lacunae act like hydraulic and heat absorbers. 2. Meddling with the human genome is another disaster waiting to happen. Human Genome shows instability which has resulted in increase of cancer 3. Creation of viruses for biological warfare is another scientifically engineered disaster. Some claim AIDS virus was created this way. Brilliance of man destroyed him. 4. Nanotechnology will also produce monsters and monstrous irreversible effects. 5. Trans-genes in corn (bacterial gene spliced to the corn genome) probably produced prion particles, that were responsible for mad cow disease. (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis). 6. Agricultural disasters - Genetically modified seeds substituting natural seeds – promotes plagues, famine, agrochemical poisoning. Substituting cash crops for grain. Will you insist on worshipping human ingenuity? It is a strange coincidence or a God action that the Year 1859 in which satan notched up Darwin’s Origin of Species and Karl Marx’s EconomicTheory to be published, the most potent solar flare ever happened disrupting the telegraph system for 6 days and the Great Awakening of 1859 commenced.

STRANGE 2012 NASA scientists predict that solar flares of an intensity not seen yet will happen. The “hole” in the magnetosphere, above the Atlantic Ocean will expose earth to serious disruption of electrical & telecom grids. Dr Simon Day of London Geological Inst explains how a rock is ready in the Canary Islands (Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the Island of La Palma) to fall into the Atlantic, triggering the monstrous Atlantic Mega-tsunami. The end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 Dec 12th and the prediction of John Jenkins that galactic alignment will produce terrestrial upheavals are scientifically non validated speculation

Interesting - from the UK's Telegraph - Why no looting in Japan? A truly deserving testimony to a disciplined people.

Why is there no looting in Japan? The landscape of parts of Japan looks like the aftermath of World War Two; no industrialized country since then has suffered such a death toll. The one tiny, tiny consolation is the extent to which it shows how humanity can rally round in times of adversity, with heroic British rescue teams joining colleagues from the US and elsewhere to fly out. And solidarity seems especially strong in Japan itself. Perhaps even more impressive than Japan’s technological power is its social strength, with supermarkets cutting prices and vending machine owners giving out free drinks as people work together to survive. Most noticeably of all, there has been no looting, and I’m not the only one curious about this. This is quite unusual among human cultures, and it’s unlikely it would be the case in Britain. During the 2007 floods in the West Country abandoned cars were broken into and free packs of bottled water were stolen. There was looting in Chile after the earthquake last year – so much so that troops were sent in; in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina saw looting on a shocking scale. Why do some cultures react to disaster by reverting to everyone for himself, but others – especially the Japanese – display altruism even in adversity? A few of the comments posted by readers are also interesting: While in Tokyo last year, I felt a strange sense of absolute security and serenity that I never felt before, having lived in NYC all my life. I could walk anywhere at 4 in the morning and not even think twice. The only threatening looking people were the immigrant blacks who acted as bouncers/pimps in Shinjuku harassing passers-by. The answer is very simple. Japan is devoid of a public which is entitlement minded, who see themselves as above the law. They are hard working and predominantly honest. They don't sit around waiting for the government to redistribute the wealth from those who produce, to those who refuse to and lastly they don't vote for people who promise them something for nothing under the guise of Hope and Change. Japanese and Asian culture has a collectivist attitude, ingrained over years of commitment to family, society, and the emperor. Unlike the rabble and human garbage in other societies where people will riot at the first sight of anarchy. Yes, certain people are prone to rioting and rebellion. Having spent time in Japan on business I can tell your readers the Japanese are a very disciplined, organized and paternalistic culture. Committing crimes such as looting would reflect horribly on their family and village. Japanese still have a holistic mentality, meaning they

do what is in the interest of Japan, the company they work for and their family, rather than the individual - the exact opposite of most others. Thank you, especially as I rarely look at the Telegraph, finding its mind set as unappetising as that of the Guardian and generally sticking to the Times (i.e. The Telegraph’s Communist cousin) or Independent (i.e. The Guardian’s Nazi nephew). I think the main point is very true but first a reality check on the Japanese:

BAD Whilst admirable for internal harmony, their record of dealings with foreigners is, to put it mildly, uneven. This goes back much further than the Second World War. More recently,compare the local reaction to a native son misbehaving abroad: a) Fading British Rock Star Gary Glitter was found to be travelling frequently to South East Asian countries to have sex with children. After he was released from a Vietnamese jail, he came back to a further trial and universal opprobrium. b) A Japanese in Paris who was jailed for killing and eating a girl, was brought back to Japan to serve his sentence, got early release and became a must-have on the TV chat show circuit. Unlike the Germans, the Japanese are still kept in blissful ignorance of their foreign atrocities (e.g.: The Rape of Nanking in which they managed to execute (i.e. not kill in battle) as many people as those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together). When they can’t ignore their misbehaviour (sic) (e.g.: Comfort Women i.e. women and girls, married and single, forced into brothels to comfort members of the Imperial Japanese armed forces) they first try to deny any wrongdoing and then drag their heels on paying any compensation. Apologise? You crazy? As they were imperial troops, that would dishonour the emperor. One Japanese Prime Minister was stabbed to death in public for trying to acknowledge that they had not been exactly nice to the Chinese. Corruption tends to be high end rather than low end. Take the long history of safety record falsifications of Tokyo’s main electricity suppler, now coming to light in the wake of 4 potential Chernobyls. For well over a century, Japan has had its own Mafia style gangsters, of mainly Korean (i.e. out caste) origin. Like Latrine coolies, the rich and powerful use them to perform unsavoury but essential duties.In return they are given a certain leeway. Its the quid pro quo of a well ordered society you see. Can you get me a taxi? Hai. Can you get me a plumber? Hai. Can you get me a geisha? Hai. Can you get me a thug? Hai.

DIFFERENT Whilst Japanese workers are very loyal to their employers, often considering the latter’s interests as their own, this is reciprocated. With some noble exceptions, especially of some Quaker, Methodist and Jewish (e.g.: Marks & Spencer's – until the family was bought out, I.C.I.) companies, workers have been treated as just another commodity, hence the growth of the trade unions, which especially after WWII, swung the balance in the opposite, equally unsuitable direction.

GOOD Environment in which one feels as well as are, safe. In any social unit from the family upwards this sort of cohesiveness comes from one of two ways or a combination of both – a) Deterrence, knowing that wrong doing will be punished, unpleasantly, or b) Team spirit. I think what endemic corruption is to a depressingly large section of the Third World, unilateral Entitlement is to some Western countries. Everyone has a right to food on the table. How it gets there and who does the washing up, is not their problem. “Duty” is very important but only applies to others. While appreciating both views expressed about Japan, someone.. quick.. please show me a place where all good or all bad exists... Every society, every individual, every circumstance has the positive and negative associated with it. This is the complexity of our world As individuals, individuals have the choice of supporting win-win situations..power of man made political systems are inherent with the element of corruption. Power given to any person will carry with it the element of corruption. I stand corrected if anyone can give me the answers Is that an issue here? No, but what I aim to say is that power, and ultimate corrupts every individual, every society, and there is an associated loss of sanity and responsibility for societal welfare anywhere, be it Japan or UK or Netherlands.. and we are all as good and as bad as anyone else.. it is God's MERCY that redeems... Japanese, likle any other Nation, suffered their losses and gains, and are horrible and great at the same time. Only Humans can be this way. We are \constantly of need of God's mercy.. even AFTER redemption.. this is true for individuals and societies AS for me,, I read,and shrug my shoulders about most written stuff.. they are as correct or wrong as I am!!!!

And if you salute your bretheren only,what do ye more than others? do not even the Gentiles the same? (Matt.5; 47) I wasn’t slagging off the Telegraph or the Japs. It was just that in the sympathy for Japan’s present probs, I thought the Telegraph was being too gushy in extolling all things Japanese. What we read, see and hear, is like the TV program, printed page of e-mail equivalent of a rambuttan seller, thrusting a hundred through the windows of our minds. To accept his sales patter is as misguided as assuming that he is a crook and closing the window. One has to pick and choose. It was ever thus. Its not that Life was simpler when we were young, only that we thought less. I think Mathew puts his finger on the mind set which the West has accepted, even when rejecting Christianity. It has a definite answer to Cain’s question: Yes you are your bother’s keeper, in the widest sense. Other religions and the cultures stemming from them, use more limited definitions of the term. To generalise, to Hindus its fellow believers of one’s own and higher castes. Jews accept equality within their own religion but apart from not being too beastly to pagans, one doesn’t really need to bother about them. Islam takes an avid interest in non-believers, but not as independent entities, but potential converts. Buddhism has kindly feelings towards everyone but in an impersonal theoretical sense. For all its Buddhist trappings, the deepest influence on Japan is Shinto ancestral worship, just as China has Confucianism mixed with Buddhism. Their mind set is akin to a traditional small village down south, held tightly by bonds of caste and clan, or that of Boer farmers in the Transvaal.

Exodus & End Time God intervened dramatically to deliver Israel from Egypt after 400 years of Bondage to Pharaoh. Over the Last 40 years the Market has developed a Pharaoh order in global commerce and work fields. Child labour of the Cocoa plantations of South America is only one example. Increasingly believers are selling their time, body and values to this mess of pottage serving the omnipotent Market. The Market makes anything from love, lust to veneration of the dead a consumable product. Will the Lord manifest the signs & miracles of Exodus, as He moves to deliver His Bride from Pharaonic tyranny depicted by the apocalyptic horses of Revelation chap six? Revelation chap 11:1-3 indicate that Signs of Moses’ ministry will manifest during the endtimes. Of all the world’s nations, I estimate Japan to be the most severely oppressed by work place tyranny of a spiritual Pharaoh. God is saying again to Japan, “Let My people go, that they may serve Me”. While efforts of workers of TEPCO to put the nuclear reactor back on track are called “heroic”, I cannot help but see how human lives were sacrificed to save the nuclear reactors rather than safely & quickly encase them in concrete. This should have been the lesson learnt form Chernobyl. It is clear that if Obama in his first term facilitates the crash of the dollar, with his dollar printing spree under the guise of social welfare, he would have achieved the purpose for the Global Planners. In fact Global Planners may move fast in the USA, seeing that Obama may not get a second term. Recently the Leader of the US Senate asked Obama, “Are you the President or just a printer?” Obama will also move to remove strong Heads of State who will not sell their nations to Global Predators. So Gadaffi has to go. Of course these Heads have been corrupt too and violation of Human Rights is the excuse for Global Predators to invade sovereign nations. This is why US pushes alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka before a UN forum. US needs a toehold in the Indian Ocean. Some expect a dollar crash as early as April 2012, given the recent negative rating of US debt liability by S&P.

Sri Lanka & UN Report As for Tamil speaking believers who support Sri Lanka being dragged before a War Tribunal, the word of the Lord, is that, “would we like ourselves to be taken before Him for all our iniquities or would we prefer the mercy throne?” When we prescribe justice for others, we too get justice and wrath. Mercy triumphs over justice when Christians reconcile with the message of Jesus’ cross. The continual bickering that Tamils bear towards Sri Lanka that has wronged them, has caused much splintering, fractionism in their own life, church & in politics. The word of the Lord for Sinhala speaking believers is, “If we ignore sin and feign ignorance and practise euphemism with our child or our race and ignore oppression of the other race, we shall reap death and not life, for we would have sown to the flesh”. Gal 6:11. The Sinhala fraternity reaps violence and oppression of one another as they have done for their brothers, the Tamils. When will the Church mediate reconciliation and a true truce? Can we transform politicians without criticizing them? What we sow in Church politics , we reap in secular politics. Assemblies where Sinhalese are the majority must involve themselves in reconstruction of Vanni, without waiting for NGO money. Shall we request every Sinhala speaking believer to give 1% of income monthly for this purpose?

Prediction of Earthquakes. Prediction of earthquakes is based on the original work of Dr Venkatnathan & Rao – Indian Geologists. They came to notoriety by accurately predicting the Sumathra earthquake of Dec 26th 2004. Planetary alignment that induces maximum angular traction on tectonic plates is when the Sun, Jupiter and earth are all in one alignment. Depending on earth’s position at that time, one could predict between which two tectonic plates there would be maximum traction and where the earthquake may occur. Even the strength of the earthquake can be mathematically predicted. However the accuracy is 75% only. When all known parameters for an earthquake are present 1 out 4 will not happen. Whether this is because there are unknown mitigating factors, such as Sun’s diurnal influence or God prevents according to the prayers of the saints of the nation which was supposed face the disaster, one does not know. We know that Christ’s prediction that the frequency of earthquakes will increase is being fulfilled now because the earth is ageing and her foundations are creaking as predicted by Ps 102:26.

Japan & World Dominion My heart is sad and heavy for God’s son Japan. It looks to me that he was used by others and he abused himself with workaholism, no God and self sacrifice, performance for proof, all the signs of fatherhood fracture, emperor worship and Pharaoh domination. Now Japan is becoming the problem child wanted by none but God. His former friends are despising him and blocking his exports. The Global Corporate has no time for weaklings. It is important to understand Japan in their historical role. Japan always had world dominion in its sights. Japan readily did lend herself to Hitler’s expansionist agenda because it blended well with their intention. After Hiroshima, world dominion shifted to the economic realm. US economy was in Japanese hands and that looked like sweet revenge for Hiroshima. It was China’s investment that saved US from Japan. Japan was a key player in the trilateral Commission. Wittingly or unwittingly, global planners used Japan’s technology & work drive to economically subjugate USA and other nations. West lost out to Japan and had to play along. The superrich of these countries Japan included, especially Bankers planned the Global Economic Order. Every nation’s wealth was to get into the hands of the global planners. Japan’s technological supremacy was singly used for this end more than any other factor. The moral collapse in the west which contributed to deteriorating work ethic, made Japan the invincible hero. A US Presidential plant was needed to agree to globalism. It is ironic that in abstaining, both Russia and Germany read the UN sponsored French led strike on Libya, as dangerous meddling with nationally sovereignty. BRICS has condemned the Libya strikes. A weakened Japan plays into the hands of European global planners, who cannot have any one strong nation. USA had to be made weak. Japan is now weak. Global planners will work on Germany & China to make them weak. I expect Japan to have their eyes opened when killer sharks attack her after she has been weakened by the tsunami crisis. Already they are planning how to get the Japanese & Saudi savings into the mobile global liquidity market, to promote which the global casino called the stock market was launched. It exposes nations’ wealth to global buccaneers.

Japan will back out of the global monster she helped form and will be saved by the Lord. That is the blessing of the disaster. Global planners will say it is too costly to rebuild Japan. Let’s just get their saving for more profitable “global development”, which is the euphemism applied to projects that drain national wealth to global coffers in the guise of development. China will oppose the global economic tyranny and will even be helpful in saving Israel. Dan 11:44

Trilateral Commission & Japan There is also a dark & mysterious side to Japan’s prosperity. Japan has been and is the driving force of the Trilateral Commission established in 1973. TC sought to streamline world economies through a global strategy to be followed by all nations. Three sides of the TC were to be North America, Japan & Western Europe. Japan had effectively strangulated the US economy until China arose the sleeping giant. Some think this was Japan’s sweet revenge for Hiroshima, American cruelty to Japan. In actual fact China saved the US economy from Japanese strangulation. Japanese soul has a penchant for world domination which fitted well with the European agenda of the Axis forces.

Japan & Honourable Death We also know Honourable death, work excellence & sacrifice are the trinity of gods Japan worships. They have an obsessive phobia about dishonourable death. This is why suicide was very high in Japan in spite of development & affluence. Suicide is honour. So hara-kiri. Good death is venerated as is long life. That Japan is not only without spirit but are also soulless you already know. While all of earth’s tectonic plates are ageing (according to Ps 102), there was a reason why the disaster struck Japan with hundreds of aftershocks. Psa 102:26 "Even they will perish, but You endure; And all of them will wear out like a garment; Like clothing You will change them and they will be changed. Please remember that Tectonic plates are only a theory to explain geological phenomena. No one can say they are here. The dichotomy is so great that some famous geologists believe in Vertical Tectonics and others in horizontal tectonics. So much for science. It is a relevant question to ask which FINGER decides which inter-tectonic area will become seismic. WHY NZ & Japan and not San Francisco. The work of Indian Scientists has given a mathematical formula by which on can know which planetary alignment provokes an earthquake in a given tectonic boundary. Even the present swearing, “we will get back”, is the old Japanese honour code which becomes their word. This honour code worked well for Ceylon whom they helped ad lib because of what JRJ proposed for Reconstruction of Japan in 1950 Colombo Plan.

However the window of opportunity of 1945 – post Hiroshima, is non existent at present. That was the window of maximum growth of unsustainable development. All non renewable resources have dwindled to irrecoverable levels. It is impossible this time around for the proverbial Phoenix to arise from the ashes. There are no more space or raw material. Furthermore Japan has bought US treasury bills to keep US economy afloat. They have to withdraw that to keep Japan afloat. So dollar will come down precipitously. It is in US interests to downplay the disaster. Both BBC & CNN play down death statistics and radiation danger. Japanese are very disciplined to carry on. The same self discipline closes their heart to God. Our Mahindasiri has seen an aluminum plated horse coming to Trincomalee. He thinks it is the Pale horse of death in Rev chap 6. he was gathering pastors for the conference we hope to have in April 4,5. it was then that he realized the peril of Trinco and drove out the horse in prayer. But it returned. Can we drive it away. It’s time for great humility. Prepared all the time. Sports & entertainment gone out of headlines tho’ news media do their best to tell all, “planet earth is laughing even in adversity!” How long? With or without tsunami Lord said, “Watch & Pray to escape” LK 21:36. Shall we do that? We in Sri Lanka are especially sad that a true friend like Japan suffered. Would to God we could tell her about the Saviour. What Japan can do for SL in AID will drastically reduce. In that light President’s gesture of help to Japan is praiseworthy. How soon the other nations are pulling out of the darling of the West! Thank God who cares for every nation as a Father.

Human Greed & Disaster BP drilled for deep oil in the Gulf of Mexico and caused billions of barrels of deep high density oil (responsible for stability of tectonic plates) to leak. This obviously destabilized the Tectonic arrangement resulting in the worst quake in Japanese experience and the tsunami. Why was it the worst? Because Deep oil drilling, adversely affected an ageing tectonic system. The Bible claims that the earth will become old like a garment. God did not split the atom - man did. God made the atom as the basic building unit of matter. Of course man had the intellectual ability to split the atom. Man was not satisfied with eating from the tree of good & life but he wanted to eat from the tree which makes good evil. What was an attempt to stop Hitler ended up with bombing of Japan. It is ironical that Japan has begun the nuclear holocaust. Who will apologise to Japan? The history of the development of the atom bomb is cloaked in mystery. Now man will pay for the greed with which they thought they could use nuclear power at will. It is not Iran that has endangered human species but the darling of the technological revolution – Japan. What if we opted not to use nuclear energy but conserve other energy sources? What if we had cut down on unnecessary high turnover, high consumerist industries viz. armament, motor vehicles, toys, cosmetics, confectionaries, fashion? It is not God who destroys; man chose destructive consumerism. He is now consumed.

We can be thankful that Sri Lanka in April of 2009 averted UN action like the one at present underway in Libya. An excuse was found to invade a sovereign nation. Will the next UN sanctioned invasion be Israel? Strong national leaders are being removed by a global agenda. Japan’s economy is now weakened and vulnerable for takeover by those who wait like vultures to attack wounded nations

Nations & Market god Written in 2007 - “Japan is hovering on the brink of utter chaos. Its once-proud people are now turning to unbridled sin to quell their anxiety. Pornography flourishes. Alcohol and drug abuse are rampant. The people are trying to numb themselves, but when the party's over they're still filled with fear. Meanwhile, their joy has dissipated. Russia is a wounded bear, licking its open sores. Alcoholism has made slaves of multitudes of unemployed men in that crippled nation. You see them sitting forlornly in city parks, a hollow look of despair in their eyes, their lives lost to vodka. In just ten years, the average life span of the Russian male has dropped from sixty-something to fifty-four years of age. Gladness has vanished from their lives. In China, the world's most populous nation, men now outnumber women six to one. This is the outcome of the government's decision to stop population growth by forcing abortions of female babies. Now millions of adult Chinese men are in despair, because they know they'll never marry. They'll never get to experience the joy of having a family. And their despair has slowly turned to.” (Source unknown) “Omniscience is a little harder to gauge than omnipotence. Maybe The Market has already achieved it but is unable—temporarily—to apply its gnosis until its Kingdom and Power come in their fullness. Nonetheless, current thinking already assigns to The Market a comprehensive wisdom that in the past only the gods have known. The Market, we are taught, is able to determine what human needs are, what copper and capital should cost, how much barbers and CEOs should be paid, and how much jet planes, running shoes, and hysterectomies should sell for. But how do we know The Market's will? The diviners and seers of The Market's moods are the high priests of its mysteries. To act against their admonitions is to risk excommunication and possibly damnation. Today, for example, if any government's policy vexes The Market, those responsible for the irreverence will be made to suffer. That The Market is not at all displeased by downsizing or a growing income gap, or can be gleeful about the expansion of cigarette sales to Asian young people, should not cause anyone to question its ultimate omniscience. Like Calvin's inscrutable deity, The Market may work in mysterious ways, "hid from our eyes," but ultimately it knows best”. (Harvey Cox) The president of the World Bank has warned that the world is "one shock away from a fullblown crisis".

Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk "losing a generation". IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn raised particular concerns about high levels of unemployment among young people. "It's probably too much to say that it's a jobless recovery, but it's certainly a recovery with not enough jobs," he said. "Especially because of youth unemployment... there is now a risk that this will be turned into a life sentence, and that there is a possibility of a lost generation," he said. This is because fathers & grandfathers consumed more than they ought. 02.05.2011 Egypt supports UDI of Palestinian State. Will US coerce Israel? Mississippi river floods. It is reported that a fault line under the river bed could be the earthquake predicted by David Wilkerson in his book Vision in 1973. Springfield is one of the few towns that will be spared in this huge catastrophe. Springfield was a land gift by an Indian chief to a pioneer evangelist. Springfield was also a bastion of the Pentecostal revival. 11.05.2011 Earthquake in Spain – makes the Atlantic Mega tsunami consequent to volcano on Canary Island erupting more probable and nearer.

Japan's Sorrow is Our Sorrow  
Japan's Sorrow is Our Sorrow  

Japan's Sorrow is Our Sorrow