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Public Relations Chairwoman Hiawatha Jones reported that this committee’s mission is to regain, understand and support our active, future and retired members. The committee will meet in January ahead of the opening of the General Assembly. Objectives: • Promote the interest and function of SEANC • Cultivate and enhance the SEANC community • Build a relationship with each legislator • Serve as a source of action with the staff lobbyists • Serve as a liaison The committee will work with Government Relations and Communications on preparing members to meet legislators. Scholarship Chairman Mike Bell announced that based on better than expected returns on investments and interest earned, the board added $2,000 in scholarship awards for next year. Thus, the total scholarship awards will be $40,500, as follows: • Four-year Merit - (16) $1,000 • Four-year Financial Need – (16) $1,000 • Two-year Merit – (4) $500 • Two-year Financial Need – (4) $500 • Member Only – (9) $500 The bowling tournament/silent auction fundraiser will be on May 20 after the May BOG meeting in Raleigh. Now is the time to solicit items for the silent auction. The scholarship schedule will be the same as in past years, with April 15 as the deadline for scholarship applications to be submitted to SEANC Central Office. The annual judging for statewide winners will be conducted May 23-25, 2017. He encouraged districts to complete the forms correctly. The Piedmont region needs a replacement. If you have members from your district/region who are interested in being considered, please have them submit an email with a short biography to President Drewery (and copy Mike Bell) as soon as possible. The board would like to have this position filled before the annual judging. The Scholarship Board would like the members’ input/feedback on the format and scheduling for the annual scholarship training. The training was held on Friday at last year’s convention. It was well-attended, but it was very expensive.


November 2016 Spotlight