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Reports Treasurer’s Report Second Vice President Darius McLaurin reported on the final finance report for the 2015-16 fiscal year. SEANC ended the year with a surplus with all accounts in good standing. General Treasurer Chevella Thomas presented the report for 2016-17, which contained little information because the fiscal year is only a month old. President’s Report President Drewery asked that all board members be unified with one goal of bettering the lives of SEANC members. He asked that everyone work together over the next year for that purpose. He asked district chairpersons to get more people involved in their districts so they don’t have to serve in several different roles. He commended District 25 Chairman and Piedmont Region Representative Kirk Montgomery for taking an active role in SEANC. He closed by asking members to leave the BOG this weekend with one thing on their minds: Accomplishing something for our members. At the beginning of the meeting, Drewery also presented Past President Ross Hailey with a photo album recognizing his time as president. Executive Director’s Report Mitch Leonard reported that he will be attending a meeting in Chicago in early December to help SEIU set up its new retiree program. SEANC’s retiree involvement will be a model for the group. He commended the whole staff for spending a tremendous amount of time with the election since convention. He said he was proud of the work SEANC and EMPAC did in the election. He was disappointed that we couldn’t move enough seats in the House, but overall we did surprisingly well. He played a “Thank you” video message from Treasurer-elect Dale Folwell. He also recognized the MPOs, saying they played a crucial role in the election, especially in the governor’s race. He expects the General Assembly to return for a special session in early December. Although their purpose in the special session will be emergency funding for Hurricane Matthew relief, Leonard said that members should be ready to come to Raleigh to advocate for your payroll deduction rights. With McCrory likely losing thanks in large part to our support, there’s no telling what could come up. The upgrade of the audio equipment in the conference rooms will begin Dec. 19. The firm has been chosen to study IT needs, and that process is underway.


November 2016 Spotlight