Sea History 172 - Autumn 2020

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statement from the Archaeology Superintendency of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism suggests that the wreck might be the galleon Santo Spirito and Santa Maria di Loreto, one of the largest Italian merchant vessels of the period. Santo Spirito and Santa Maria di Loreto was underway out of Genoa, carrying almost 2,000 tons of bronze cannons, ammunition, and shipbuilding nails, when it was wrecked in a storm on 29 October 1579, crashing against the cliffs between Camogli and Punta Chiappa. The crew was rescued. Divers have been searching for the remains of the ship for half a century. Divers Succi and Sbaraini located another significant site in 2018, a Roman shipwreck and its cargo of 2,000-year-old amphorae off the coast of Portofino. … The Door County Maritime Museum has new bragging rights—the tallest building in Door County. On 2 July, a construction crew placed the 18’ x 18’ two-ton beacon room

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THE HISTORIC NAVAL SHIPS ASSOCIATION Door County Maritime Museum atop the museum’s lighthouse tower. Now officially “topped,” the tower is 118 feet tall. The tower’s individual floors will house creative interactive displays devoted to Our Working Waterfront, Our Maritime Environment, Maritime People, Maritime Navigation, Maritime Commerce, Shipbuilding, Recreational Boating, Fishing, and Shipwrecks and History. The beacon room will be an open observation level; the building will be accessible to all visitors, regardless of physical ability. The official groundbreaking for the $7.5–8 million project was held in November of 2019; the Maritime Lighthouse Museum is expected to be completed in May of 2021. (Door County Maritime Museum & Lighthouse Preservation Society, 120 N. Madison Ave., Sturgeon Bay, WI; … (continued on page 52)









THE FLEET IS IN. Sit in the wardroom of a mighty battleship, touch a powerful torpedo on a submarine, or walk the deck of an aircraft carrier and stand where naval aviators have flown off into history. It’s all waiting for you when you visit one of the 175 ships of the Historic Naval Ships Association fleet.

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