SH 171 Summer-2020

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Society of Marine Artists’ 18th National Exhibition After Hours by Christopher Groves, oil, 20 x 20 inches “I love Chris Groves’s After Hours. This painting combined the abstract with deft draftsmanship. The artist puts you right there in late light that you can feel.” —Bill Farnsworth

The Perfect Cover

by Joyful Enriquez, oil, 22 x 28 inches An exceptional painting, and a great example of the transportive power of art to bring the viewer into a world few of us ever have the opportunity to see.” —Russ Kramer

Salty Sisters by Judy Saltzman watercolor, 30 x 30 inches “Judy has simplified this painting into panels of bright harmonious color, which surround the two figures. The boat and sail are abstracted such that, without the figures, we might not even recognize these is full of life and motion.” —Sheri Farabaugh

You can view the exhibition catalogue on the ASMA website: www.american Russ Kramer is a Fellow and past president of the American Society of Marine Artists.