Sea History 169 - Winter 2019-2020

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A CAUSE IN MOTION 2019 NMHS Annual Awards Dinner Celebrates Extraordinary Vision by Burchenal Green, NMHS President


ith so many good friends and respected colleagues in attendance at this year’s National Maritime Historical Society Annual Awards Dinner, it was sure to be a festive and fun gala, as well as a significant testimonial to some important contributions in the maritime field. Thanks to this year’s awardees’ persistence, hard work, talent, and teambuilding, more people have access to the water and the world of sailing and seamanship, and have gained a deeper understanding of our maritime heritage, and an internationally famous historic racing yacht was saved from deterioration and returned to the top of the racing circuit. Chairman Ronald L. Oswald remarked from the podium that “the National Maritime Historical Society was founded in 1963 and since then has worked diligently to bring about a greater appreciation for America’s maritime heritage. We recognize extraordinary achievement and contributions to the maritime heritage community to both give credit where credit is due, and to inspire others.” (below) American Society of Marine Artists: (standing, from left) Len Mizerek, Russ Kramer, and Nic Fox; (seated) ASMA president Lisa Egeli and Patrick O’Brien

photos by allison lucas

Before taking to the podium (back row, from left) Admiral Robert Papp, Ronald Oswald, Christopher Culver, George Carmany, Gary Jobson, and Richard du Moulin; (seated from left) Matt Brooks, Pam Rorke Levy, Jean Wort, and Burchenal Green The husband and wife team Matt Brooks and Pam Rorke Levy received the NMHS Distinguished Service Award for their restoration of the historic Olin Stephens-designed Dorade and returning her to blue water racing, and for supporting young sailors at all levels of the sport through the St. Francis Sailing Foundation. “It’s been a great honor to be the custodian of Dorade and to meet so many wonderful people involved in the boating comA great gathering of old friends (from left): munity.” —Matt Brooks Howard Slotnick, Linda Papp, Admiral Pam Rorke Levy: “Middle-aged Robert Papp, and Rick Lopes.

novices can get a classic boat, restore and repair it to race again, and go out on the ocean and win. I represent the middle-aged novice who got involved with sailing in my fifties. If I can do it, it’s not too late for you.” “We love recognizing sailors and boats, and there is none better than the trio of Pam, Matt, & Dorade, the greatest ocean racing boat in history,” said Master of Ceremonies Richard du Moulin. After watching the Richard du Moulin (left), Chris Culver (second from right), video presentation about them produced by Rick and Alessandro Lopes, and George Carmany (far right) present the Distinguished he quipped, “It is nice to see this footage of Dorade from the front. I too often see the stern of her as I try to catch up.” Service Award to Matt Brooks and Pam Rorke Levy. Dinner Chairman Christopher J. Culver: “I had the honor of sailing aboard Dorade for a week with Pam and Matt when Dorade won the Astor Cup and got to see the incredible job of restoration they accomplished. NMHS is passionate about restoration and preservation, but we can never save every ship. When individuals spend their time, energy, and capital to save a great boat, we respect that effort and recognize those who made it possible.” 8