Sea History 165 - Winter 2018-2019

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Martha’s Vineyard Surf, oil, 10 x 20 inches. Painted on location. “Being a professional illustrator taught me how to be prolific. Painting outdoors requires the mixing of color and finding the right value fast. It also imbues your painting with freshness and spontaneity.”

Through the Channel, Martha’s Vineyard 10 x 20 inches “The background of this scene was painted on location and the catboat was added later. Most of the time the paintings that I do on location do not require additional elements. This painting was strong enough by itself, but I chose to add the boat after the piece was dry.”

Three Cats, oil, 24 x 36 inches “Painted plein air on Martha’s Vineyard. In my early years right after art school, I worked as an illustrator doing freelance work for art directors. They were very demanding about meeting deadlines, but not nearly as demanding as the sun, which forces you to complete a study before the shadows change.”

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