Sea History 156 - Autumn 2016

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DECK LOG American Society of Marine Artists Hosts the First N ational Maritime Art Conference s this issue of Sea H istory reaches your mailbox, our chairman, Ronald O swald; editor, D eirdre O 'Regan; trustee, Admiral Robert]. Papp Jr, 24th commandant of the U S C oast G uard and America's Special Representative to the Arctic; and I will venture to W ill iamsburg, Virginia, to participate in ASMA's first National Maritime Art C onference on 8- 11 September. Admiral Papp, a featured presenter at this inaugural event, wi ll give a talk on "The Arctic Ocean- The Case fo r Maritime Governance." ASMA is debuting its 11 '" National Exhibition at the M uscarelle Museum at the C ollege of William and Mary on the second day of the conference. M arine art chronicles maritime history in a way that enables us to visualize our past and present relationship with sh ips and the sea. In Ian M arshall 's portrayal of the merch ant vessels at the Eas t A frican port of Kilindini, he brings to life a world from a half century ago, of which few survive who have direct memories . M arin e ar t can also transport us into a scene in a way the written word or even photography cannot. In v iewin g Ron ald Lent's work, B reezing up at Ten Pound Light, a catboat sails Shipping at the Port of Kilindini, Mombasa 1953 up to a lighthouse on a by Ian Marshall, 14 x 21 inches, watercolor sunny afternoon; suddenly I find myself back aboard my own catboat, catching the breeze and relish ing the sun with my children in a season some yea rs back before they grew up and spread their wi ngs fa r fro m home. From our recent reader survey, we learned th at our members look forward to marine art features and rake extra time to study and enjoy the images and commentary that artists share with us in the pages of Sea H istory. Be sure to read this issue's marine art feature on painting en p lein air by artist Neal Hughes on pages 34-37. M r. Hughes will be presenting at the ASM A conBreezing up at Ten Pound Light by Ronald Lent, ference on this topic. 21 x 28 inches, transparent watercolor W e are very excited about attending th is inaugural ASMA conference in Williamsburg and meeting many of the artists whose works we have featured and admi red for yea rs. We are particularly appreciative that ASMA is awarding its first Lifetime Achievement Awa rd to M ary Burrich ter and Robert Kierlin, founders of the Minneso ta M arine A rt M useum. This couple has spent many years collecting important works of m arine and folk art and serving the museum they fou nded to share them with the public. See "M ari ne A rt News" on pages 38-39 (as well as the ASMA website at www. for derails on the dares and venues for 11'" N ational Exhibition. Between reading about it in Sea H istory and , perhaps, traveling to one of the exhibition sites in person, you are sure to be captivated- for all the right reasons. - Burchenal Green, president





'V' HISTORICAL SOCIETY PUBLISH ER'S C IRC LE: Perer Aro n, G uy E. C. Maidand, Ronald L. Oswald OFFI CERS & T RUSTEES: Chairman, Ronald L. Oswald; Vice Chairman , Richardo R. Lopes; President, Burchenal G reen; Vice Presidents, Deirdre O 'Regan, Wendy Paggiotta, Nancy Schnaars; Treasurer, Howard Slotnick; Secretary, Jean Wort; Trustees: Charles B. Anderso n; Walrer R. Brown; W illiam S. Dudley; D avid S. Fowler; W illiam Jackson Green; Karen H el merson; Richard M . Larrabee; Guy E. C. M aidand; Capr. Brian M cAllisrer; CAPT Sally Chin M cElwreath , USN (Ret.); M ichael W Morrow; Richard Patrick O 'Leary; Erik K. Olstein; ADM Robert J. Papp Jr. , USCG (Rer.); Timorhy J. Runyan; Richard Scarano; Philip ]. Shapiro; Capr. Cesare Sorio; Roben a Weisbrod; W ill iam H . W hite; Chairmen Emeriti: Wal ter R. Brown, Al an G . C hoate, G uy E. C. Maidand, Howard Slotnick FOUND ER: Karl Kortum (19 17-1996) PRESIDENT (1927-201 6)



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OVERSEERS : Chairman, RADM D avid C. Brown, USMS (Rer.); RA.OM Joseph F. Callo, USN (Rer.); George W. Carm any Ill; James J. Coleman Jr. ; C live Cussler; Richard du Moulin; Alan D . Hucchison; Jakob Isbrandrsen; Gary Jobson; Sir Robin Knox-Johnston ; John Lehman; Capt. James J. McNamara; H . C. Bowen Smirh; John Srobarr; Phili p J. Websrer NMH S ADVIS ORS: Chairman, M elbourne Smi rh; Geo rge Bass, Oswald Brett, Francis Duffy, John Ewald, Timothy Foote, Steve n A. H yman , J. Russell Jinishian, Gunnar Lund eberg, Conrad Mi lsrer, W ill iam G . Mu ller, Smart Parnes, Nan cy Hughes Richardson, Bert Rogers, Joyce Huber SEA HISTOR Y E DI TO RIAL A DVISORY BOARD: Chairman, T imorhy Runyan; Norm an Brouwer, Robert Brow ning, W illiam Dudley, Dani el Finamore, Kevin Fosrer, John Jense n, Joseph M eany, Lisa No rli ng, Carl a Rahn Philli ps, Walrer Rybka, Q uentin Sned iker, Wi ll iam H. W hire NMH S STAFF : Executive Director, Bu rchenal Green; Membership Director, Nancy Schnaars; Marketing Director, Sreve Lovass-Nagy; Comptroller, Anjoel ine O suyah; Staff Writer, Shell ey Reid; Director of Public Relations, Li sa Fin e; Membership Coordinator, Irene E isenfeld; Charles Point Council Coordinator, Barbara Irry SEA HISTORY: Editor, Deird re O' Rega n; Advertising, Wendy Paggiotta Sea History is printed by The Lane Press, South Burlingto n, Vermont, USA.