Sea History 156 - Autumn 2016

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Maritime History sponsored by the National Maritime Historical Society Maine (continued) Junior 1st Place-Paper: "Exploration into Atlantic Sturgeon Populatio n" Student: AlecJansujwicz, James F. Doughty School, Bangor. Teacher: Ka thryn Kennedy Massachusetts Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: The Nantucket Whaling Industry Students: Grace Moroney and Grace Tymann, Hamil ton-Wenham Regional High School, South H amilton . Teachers: Robert Emmet & Johann Knees Senior 2nd Place-Website: "Charles Darwin: Explorer \Vho Started a Revolution" Students: Caroline Conway & Elizabeth Ehl, School: W inches ter High School, W inchester. Teacher: Katherine Donahue Junior 1st Place- W ebsite: "Boston Tea Parr y: Exchange of Goods; Encounter Leads to Confl icts; Exploration of Liberty" Students: John Lessard, Dylan Liu, and David Yu, Applewild School, Fitchburg Teacher: Todd Goodwin

Mississippi Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: Croatian Immigrant Exploration of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Hardships They Encountered Students: Grace Cuevas and Nya Laurie School: Pass Christian H igh School, Pass Christian. Teacher: H eidi Byrd Junior 1st Place-Website: "Jean Lafitte: The Pirate Patriot G roup" Students: Haley Mager and D'Asia Williams, Trent Lott Academy, Pascagoula. Teacher: Jana Ha rry

New Jersey Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: Jacques Cousteau: Exploring and Protecting the Ocean Realm. Students: Trusha Gavankar and Kaylyn Tong, Freehold High School, Freehold. Teach er: Carissa Sandoval Senior 2nd Place-Documentary: Vikings: Scourge of the North. Student: Justin Dorsch, International High School, Paterson. Teacher: Christopher W irkman SEA HISTORY 156, AUTUMN 201 6

New Jersey (continued) Junior 1st Place-Exhibit: Exploration of North Carolina (continued) Antarctica. School, G reenville. Teacher: Stepha nie Srudent: Amanda Dunleavy, Woodglen Noels M iddle School, Califon. Teacher: James Peralta Junior 1st Place-Website: "Mys teries of The Bermuda Triangle Group" junior 2nd Place- Documentary: Jacques Students: Brady Farlow and Lauren FritCousteau: Surfacing the Secrets ofthe Ocean zsche, Oak Grove Middle School, W inston Students: Annika Agarwal, James Tang, Sa lem. Teacher: Kim Vines Sophie Zhang, and Annie Zhou, Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro. Junior 2nd Place- Documentary: From Teacher: Lisa W ittman Savings to Saving History: Save Our Ship Campaign New York Students: Frederick Brooks Meine, Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: Shackleton's William Lewis, and Evan Zhang, Cape Incredible Voyage: Exploring the Limits of Fear Academy, W ilmington. Teacher: N athan Gergel H uman Possibility and Endurance Student: Eleanor Lavin, H ome School, New York C ity. Teacher: Lisa Greenwald Rhode Island Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: Commodore Senior 2nd Place-Exhibit: Through Matthew Perry the Eyes of an Underwater Lens: Jacques Srudents: Matthew Marshall and Molly Cousteau Whitaker, Rogers H igh School, Newporr. Student: Charles Ehrman, H untington Teacher: Coleen Hermes High School, Huntington . Teacher: Kenneth Donovan Junior 1st Place-Exhibit: The Panama Canal: Conduit to Becoming a World Junior 1st Place-Documentary: Charles Power. Students: Joel Brady, James FioDarwin: From the Finches ofthe Galapagos rillo, and Matthew Rocchio, Narragansett Pier School, Narragansett. to the Theory ofEvolution Student: Benjamin Joseph, Stimson Mid- Teacher: Vanessa M iller dle School, Huntington Station. Teacher: Karen Schmitt Junior 2nd Place-Exhibit: Ellis IslandExchange, Encounter and Exploration Junior 2nd Place-Perfo rmance: "Roa- Srudent: Macie Donahue, Saint Philomena School, Portsmouth . noke: Exploring a Lost Colony" Students: Shane Beckwith, Christopher Teacher: Mary Fitzgerald Chin, Josh Phillip, and Tyler Wilcox, Nyack Middle School, Nyack. Teachers: Virginia N ina Labrada and Robert W isner Junior 1st Place- Documentary: Into the Unknown: The Beginning of Deep Sea Exploration North Carolina Senior 1st Place-Exhibit: Navigation Student: Reesey DuPont, George Washington M iddle School, Alexandria. Through Time: Stars to Satellites Students: Parker Chatham, Jessee Steele, Teacher: Stacy Palmer and Taylor Steele, Swain County High Junior 2nd Place- Performance: "DigSchool, Bryson City. ging the Big Ditch: Exploration, EncounTeacher: Billie Clemons ter and Exchange in the Panama Canal Senior 2nd Place-Websi te: "Matthew Zone." Student: Evan Lankford, Mary Perry: Paving the Way fo r Japanese Trade" Ellen H enderson M iddle School, Falls Student: Sam O'Rourke, J. H. Rose High Church. Teacher: Rory Dippold 45