Sea History 156 - Autumn 2016

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National History Day Prizes in



atio nal History Day (NHD) is an educational program for middle and high school students in which students prepare a history project on a designated theme. Each year, more than half a million students, encouraged by thousands of teachers nationwide, participate in NHD contests, starting at the regional level with opportunities to advance to the state and national competitions. Students select historical topics related to the theme and conduct primary and seco ndary research through libraries, archives, museums, oral history interviews, and historic si tes. Students present their original work in papers, websites, exh ibits, performances and documentaries-either individually or in gro ups. This year's theme was "Exploratio n, Encounter, Exchange." To encourage students to learn about maritime history, the National (left to right) Evan Lankford of Ma ry Ellen Henderson Maritime Historical Society offers special prizes for maritime-related projMiddle School in Falls Church, Virgi nia;]ean Wort, NMHS ects in several National History Day state contests. We at the National Trustee; Reesey DuPont ofGeorge Washington Middle School Maritime Historical Society wo uld like to extend our congratulations to in Alexandria, Virginia; and Ron Oswald, NMHS Chairman, this year's winners and a shout-out to all the hard-working teachers, coorat the conclusion ofthe Virginia National History Day event dinators, and judges who make the events such memorable and rewardi ng on 23 April 2016 Lankford and DuPont were the winners experiences. of the NMHS prizes in maritime history. Prizes are awarded in both seni or and junior categories for high school and middle school students. Award winners in each category get a one-year membership in the National Maritime Historical Society (that includes Sea History magazi ne!), a certificate of achievement, plus recognition in Sea History and on the NMHS websi te. The mentoring teacher also receives a one-year membership in NMHS and recogni tion in Sea History. In addition, first-place prize winnining projects receive a $ 150 scholarship. The 20 17 National History Day theme is "Taking a Stand in History." Now is the time co get started! The National Hiscory Day competition finals will be held on 12-15 June 2017 at the University of Maryland, but the preparation starts now. Regional competitions are held between March and May, depending on the state. The coordinacors fo r each state are listed on the N HD website at www., which is also the best place co find resources for students and teachers, from how to pick a copic, co how co conduct research, and much more. Students: as k yo ur hiscory or social studies teachers if they will help yo u. If yo u choose a maritime-related copic, yo u'll aucomatically be considered for the National Maritime Hiscorical Society's special prize at the state competitions in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington. If yo ur state is not listed here, please contact NMHS to get your state involved . Historians and educacors-if yo u wo uld like co learn abo ut how yo u can participate (volunteer as a judge, for example), please contact NMH S at 1-800-22 1-NMHS (6647), or via email at

Congratulations to the 2016 National History Day Maritime History Prize Winners Delaware Senior 1st P lace-Website: "The Shacklecon Expedition" Students: R ebecca Green a nd Owen H ughes, Cab Ca lloway School of the Ans, Wilmingcon. Teacher: Erin Sullivan

Florida Senior 1st Place-Paper: "Deutsches Kolonialreich: Exploring the Lesser-Known Colonial Power" Student: Lucas Broems, State College of Florida Collegiate Sch ool, Bradenton. Teacher: Latonia DeCambre

Junior 1st Place-Documentary: Depths ofthe Bermuda Triangle Unleashed Student: Ryana R ajesh, Dupont Middle School, Wilmingcon. Teacher: Kelly Whitaker

Junior 1st Place-Website: "Beacons of Hope: Lighthouses of Southeast Florida" Students: Alexander Kolondra and Rishi Patel, American H eri tage School, Plantation. Teacher: Leslie Porges


Maine Senior 1st Place-Website: "Jacques Cousteau" St udents: Azalea C or m ier and Jaco b Hackett II, Buckfield Junior/Senior High School, Buckfield. Teacher: Linda Andrews

Senior 2nd Place-Website: "Cod-The Fish that Changed History" Students: Ray Horne, Jaxson Monroe, and Jarrod Rudis, Noble H igh School, North Berwick. Teacher: Adina Hunter