Sea History 155 - Summer 2016

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time, th e director of the Galata Sea Museum, a maritime museum in Genoa, has submi tted a request to take custody of the document and display it in an exhibit highlighting Columbus's achievements . (www. ... In April, the SS United States Conservancy announced that the Mariners' Museum is donating more than 600 artifacts from SS United States to the Conservancy, which is developing a land-based museum and exhibitions about the ship's history and broader themes of design and innovation. T he donation includes art, furniture, silverware, advertisements,


OSWEGO - "oldest U.S. freshwater port' Open Mon - Sun 1-5 pm July & Aug 10-5 pm

West 1st Street Pier, Oswego, NY www.hlwmm .org


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MAINE MARITIME MUSEUM This is Maine. The rest is history.

Lightho use cruises. Trolley tours. Historic shipyard.

glassware, historic documents, and other artifacts related to the famous record-setting ocean liner. Much of the collectio n was donated to the M ariners' Museum in 200 8 by the late Dr. Sarah Fo rbes, who had incorporated many of the pieces in her renowned W indmill Point Res taurant on No rth Carolina's Outer Banks. "After reviewing the entirety of our SS United States collection, we fel t that these arti fac ts would better serve the SS Uni ted States Conservatory in telling the sto ry of this historic ship," said Elliot Gruber, president and CEO of the Mariners' Museum. T he SEA HISTORY 155, SUMM ER 201 6

Offering an extensive selection of documented, one-of-a-kind ship models by internationally acclaimed marine model artists.

AMERICAN MARINE MODEL GALLERY 20 Pleasant Street, P.O. Box 6102 Gloucester, MA 01930

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