Sea History 155 - Summer 2016

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Marit1e Art News Natiot1al Marit1e Art Cot1feret1ce • S-11 Septet1tber 2016 • Williat1tsburg, Virgit1ia Regisrrarion is open for rhe upcoming National Marine Arr Conference, sponsored by rhe American Sociery of Marine Arrisrs (ASMA). Some of rhe nation's top marine arrisrs and premier aur horities on maritime arr and history will offer live demonsrrations and lecrures on maririme history and arr. Arrisrs, collectors, and rhose who appreciare marine arr won'r want to miss rhis event, rhe firsr of irs kind offered by ASMA. The conference will kick off on Thursday morning, 8 Seprember, with a painting demonsrrarion by Neal Hughes, as he explains how ro caprure rhe essence of a subjecr quickly, while emphasizing srrong design when painting en plein air. Len Tantillo will follow wirh a program rhar will explore rhe process and rechnical aspecrs of re-crearing history rhrough a painting, when historical records are "skerchy" at besr. Tantillo will share his experience of some of rhe daunting challenges he has encountered when reconsrrucring historical scenes. Larer rhar day, Peter Trippi, editor of Fine Art Connoisseur, will moderare a panel discussion on how marine arr fits in as a viral parr of today's arr scene. Highlighrs for Friday begin wirh Len Mizerek, wirh a plein air painting demonsrrarion, covering palerre colors and Len Tantillo early preparation for blocking in a good composirion. In rhe afternoon, internarionally renowned wildlife and monument sculptor Kent Ullberg will give a special presentation highlighting some of his sculprures displayed in sires around rhe world. Past ASMA president Russ Kramer will give a sneak preview of works from rhe ASMA 17' 11 Narional Exhibition, which will open later Friday evening ar the M uscarelle Museum on the grounds of rhe College of William and Mary. ASMA will hold its annual meeting Saturday morning, and then travel to Jamestown Serrlement for a large Plein Air paint-our event along rhe scenic warerfront. In the afternoon, Manhattan Sunset keynore speaker John Stobart, felby Len Tantillo, Fellow, ASMA; 14 x 21 inches, oil low emeritus and found ing member of ASMA, will speak abour his fifty-year career painting rhe narion's historic porrs, vessels, and warerways, and how he developed a passion to supporr young and aspiring arrisrs rhrough his Stobarr Foundarion. Thar evening, ASMA will award irs firsr Liferime Achievement Award to Mary Burrichter and Robert Kierlin, founders of rhe Minnesora Marine Arr Museum, for rheir dedication and ourstanding contriburions to rhe preservarion of marine arr, whi le selflessly crearing public awareness for furure generarions. Sunday evening, the conference will close wirh a special presentation from NMHS rrusree Admiral Robert]. Papp Jr. , USCG (Ret.), 24th Commandant of the US Coast Guard, regarding rhe Arcric Ocean and rhe commirment rhar we, as a maririme narion, have raken on to ensure safe commerce, prorect rhe environment, and creare responsible policy to assure security in rhe Arcric, which is now open to marine rraffic in ways never before possible. These are jusr some of rhe highlighrs, and many more arrists of nore will be arrending and presenting. To view rhe full conference program and to regisrer, visit rhe ASMA website: We invite yo u to meer NMHS leadership at Havsvhtd by Kent Ullberg, polished rhis firsrASMA conference. Chairman Ronald Oswald, chairman emeritus Howard Slornick, stainless steel on granite, 23 feet president Burchenal Green, and Sea History editor Deirdre O 'Regan will cover rhe conference and look forward to ralking to you about marine arr. ASMA is offering two levels for registration: limited-event and full-event registration, rhe larrer of wh ich includes ren additional arr-relared programs and demonsrrarions during rhe conference weekend. ASMA is extending its special member price to the members of the National Maritime Historical Society. You must use rhe code NMHSASMA when registering (be sure to use all capiral lerrers for rhe code). Registration is on a firsr come, firsr served basis. Due to rhe special narure of the presentarions, spaces are limired and will fill quickly, so make yo ur reservations early. For more information, please call Daven Anderson at 314 241-2339 or Kim Shaklee ar 303 654-1219. j;