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The SS JOHN W BROWN ;, one of the la" operat;ng '"rv;vo,, from the great of over 2,700 War-bu;/f Uberfy Sh;p, and the la,f aperaf;onal lroop'h;p of World War//. The 'h;p ;, a mar;,;.,. "'"'-um and a memor;al lo the 'h;PYard Worke,, who bu;11, merchant mar;ner, who ,a;led, and lhe U.S. Navy Armed Guard who defended the Uberfy ,h;p, dur;ng World War//. The JOHN W BROWN;, fully '"'fared and ma;nla;ned a, cfo,. a, po,,;ble lo her World War// configuraNon. V;,;,or, mu,f be able lo walk up ''•p, lo board /he ,h;p.


This exciting 6 hou,. doy Cf"Uise ;nclud., lunch, mu,;c of the 40',, Per;od enferta;nmenf and flyby, (cond;t;on, P•rmHt;ng) of warNme afrcraft. Tour on-board "'"'-um,, crew quarte,,, br;dge and much more. See lhe magm°ficenf 140.fon lr;ple-expan,;on ''•am •ng;ne a, ;, power, the 'h;p through the Wat.,


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