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Inspires Chicago Doctor to Design I Cell PhoneAffordable Hearing Aid Outperforms Most Higher Priced Hearing Aids Reported by }. Page CHICAGO: A loca l bo ard-c e rtifi e d Ear, Nose, a nd Throa t (ENT) phys ici a n, Dr. S. Ch e rukuri, has just sha ken up the hearing a id industry with the invention of a medi cal-gra d e, a ffordable hea ring a id . This revolutionary hearing aid is designed to help millions of people with hearing loss who cannot afford-or do not wish to pay-the much higher cost of traditional hearing aids.

"Perhaps the best quality-toprice ratio in the hearing aid industry" - Dr. Babu,

• Designed by a Board-Certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Doctor • Doctor-Recommended, Audiologist-Tested • ***** Top Rated Hearing Aid OnlineThousands of Satisfied Customers • Batteries Included! Comes Ready To Use • FDA-Registered • Save Up To 90% • Free Shipping Available • 100% Money-Back Guarantee affordable device like an iPhone® for about $200 that could do all sorts of things, I could create a hearing aid at a similar price."

Board-Certified ENT Physician

Dr. Ch e rukuri knew that unt rea te d hearin g lo ss could le a d to d e pressi on, social isola tion, anxiety, a nd symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease. He could not understand why the cost of hearing aids was so high when the prices on so many consumer electronics like TVs, DVD players, cell phones, and digital cameras had fallen. Sin ce Medicare and m os t priva t e in s ura nce pl a ns do not cove r th e cos ts of h ea rin g a id s, whi ch tra dition a lly run between $2,000-$6,000 for a pa ir, ma ny of the doctor's p ati e nts could not a fford the expense . Dr. Ch eruku r i's goa l was to find a reasonabl e s olution th a t would h e lp with th e mo s t common typ e s of h earing lo ss a t an a fford a ble pri ce, s imilar to the "one-size-fitsmost" reading glasses ava ila bl e a t dru g s tores . He eva lua te d num e rous h earing d evices a nd sound a mplifi e rs, including those seen on television . Without fa il, a lmo st all of these were found to a mplify bass / low frequencies (b elow 1000 Hz) and were not useful in a mplifying th e frequencies related to th e huma n voice.

Inspiration from a Surprising Source Th e doctor's in s pira tion t o d e fea t th e powe rs-that-b e th a t ke pt in exp e nsi ve h e aring a ids out o f th e h a nd s of th e public a ctually ca m e from a n ew ce ll phon e h e had ju s t purch ase d. "I felt that if someone could devise an

Affordable Hearing Aid with Superb Performance The high co s t of h ea ring aids is a res ult of laye rs o f middl e m e n a nd exp e n s ive unne ces s a ry fea tu res. Dr. Ch erukuri conclud e d that it w ould be p oss ibl e to deve lop a m e di ca l- gr a d e h ea rin g aid without sacrificing th e qu a lity o f compon e nts . Th e r e sult is th e MDH earingAid PRO, under $200 e ach wh e n buy ing a p a ir. It has been declared to be the best low-cost hearing aid that amplifies the range of sounds associated with the human voice without overly amplifying background noise.

Tested by Leading Doctors and Audiologists Th e MDH ear ingAid PRO h as b ee n rigorously t es t e d by leading ENT phy sici a ns a nd audiologi s ts w ho h ave un a nimou s ly ag r ee d tha t th e sound quality and output in many cases exceeds more expensive hearing aids.

MDHearingAid® ~PRO


"/have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years and th ese are the best behind-the-ear aids I have tried. Their sound quality rivals that of my $3,500 custom pair of Phonak®Xtra digital /TE." -Gerald L.

"!have a $2,000 ReSound ®live hearing aid in my left ear and the MDHearingAid PRO in the right ear. I am not able to notice a significant difference in sound quality between the two hearing aids." -Dr. May, ENT Physician

''They work so great, my mother says she hasn't heard th is well in years, even with her $2,000 digital! It was so great to see the joy on her face. She is 90 years young again." -Al P.

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