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pri nted the enlargem ents on vinyl mesh using a 16-foot-wide printer. I n July, a crew from the R ich ard Honan Sign Co., of W inth rop, MA, installed the prints our on the wharf. Norma H olt's negatives are held by the Pilgrim M onument and Provincetown Museum . ... The US Postal Service has issued a new postage stamp h onoring the US C o ast Guard. The image is an oil painting on m asonite by W illiam S. Phillips, depicting th e USCG cutter Eagle and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter. Th is year is the 225'h ann iversary of the origin al U nited States Revenue

C utter Service and the lOO'h anniversary of the merging of th e Revenue Cutter Service with the US Lifesav ing Service to fo rm the US Coas t G u ard . . . . Applications for the John Carter Brown Library Fellowships for 2 0 16 are being accepted now through 15 December. Approxima tely 40 fellowsh ips are awarded annually to adva nced graduate students and independent sch olars for resea rch and residency periods ran ging from 2 to 10 months. The m ai n criteria for awards are the merit and significance of the proposal, the qualification s of the candidate, and the relevance of th e library's holdings to the proposed research proj ect. The library's close association w ith Brown Un iversity, its location near other major research collections, and its links with scholars and institutions in this country and abroad offer a network of resources invaluable for JCB fellows. (JCBL, POB 1894, 94 George St., Brown University, Provid ence, RI , 029 12; Ph. 401 863-2725; www.brown. edu and do a search for "fellowships .") ... The Natio nal Museum of the Royal Navy opened the monitor HMS M.33 on 6 August. Callled the " lucky ship" for having no casuall ties , M.33 was rushed into service so qwickly she wasn't given a name. Launched in May of 1915, she is the only surviving ship fro m the Gallip oli campaign. Accompanying the new ship